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Butterfly Effect

Netflix original drama Dark dropped its third and final season Saturday June 27th, 2020.

#DarkNetflixcreators are working with Netflix on a new project ‘1899.’

rottentomatoes: 95%

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narcissistic dating behavior: 8.8

http://brainsandcareers.com/kids-dating-app/Jonas Kahnwald

Jonas Kahnwald and his compatriots try to prevent an apocalyptic scenario outside of Winden, Germany.

houston hookup sites“Wait.  Martha, this can’t be.  I don’t understand… what time are you from?  How did we get here?  I asked how we got here!  You’re not Martha.  Who are you?  What’s that supposed to mean?  Your world?  What do you mean, your world?  Wait!  Where are you going?  Why am I here?”c

“I’m Jonas.  A signature was missing.  You didn’t tell me why I’m here.  You have no idea who I am.    What day is it today?  What year?  Mom?  Martha.  Please listen to me.  Maybe you don’t know who I am.  But today is November 4, and Mikkel– Michael Kahnwald, Hannah’s husband.  He’s not who you think–” — Jonas Kahnwald

“I wanted to know if someone was buried here.  Kahnwald, Michael Kahnwald.  Maybe that’s why I’m here.  So that it doesn’t happen.” — Jonas Kahnwald

Martha Nielsen, Dark, Netflix, W&B Television, Lisa VicariMartha Nielsen

“We have no time.  The question isn’t from what time, but from what world.  Today’s the day it all began.  The day we first met.  That you and I… your world and my world… form a knot that is inextricably intertwined.  I’ll make it right.  I promise.” — Martha Nielsen

“Mikkel, put that away.  No wonder you can’t sleep at night.  What’s up with him?  Mikkel, that’s enough.  Maybe it wasn’t a dream.  But the here and now is one.  And one of us are real.  Ever thought about that?  The bowl!  No idea.  Are you nuts?  Asshole!  Idiot.  It’s supposed to rain later.  No, I’ll be home late today.  Play rehearsal.  Man, mom, that sucks.” — Martha Nielsen

“Just because you’re too pea-brained to see education is the only way out of this dump doesn’t mean we all share your retarded opinion.  Don’t forget to think.  Hey.  Have you seen Kilian?  Are you sure you’re not adopted?  Dumbass!  Kilian.” — Martha Nielsen

“Something up?  Do we know each other?  ‘From then on, I knew that nothing changes.  That all things remain.  The spinning wheel turns.  Round and round, in a circle.  One fate tied to the next.  A thread, red like blood, that connects all our deeds.  One cannot unravel the knots.  But they can be severed.  He severed ours with the sharpest blade.  And yet, something remains behind that cannot be severed.  an invisible bond.  On many a night, he tugs at it.  And then I wake with a start, knowing that nothing ceases to be.  That all remains.’  I have no idea what you want from me, but I want nothing from you, okay?  So get lost.  What?  Mikkel?  Hannah’s husband?  Are you joking?  I don’t know any Michael Kahnwald.  Hannah’s husband is my dad and his name is Ulrich.  I don’t know what your deal, is but just fuck off already, okay?” — Martha Nielsen

Mikkel Nielsen, Dark, Netflix, W&B Television, Daan Lennard LiebrenzMikkel Nielsen

“No wonder you can’t sleep at night.  Ha-ha!  Very funny.  Pass the butter.  I just wanted to see if you were real.” — Mikkel Nielsen

Katharina Nielsen, Dark, Netflix, W&B Television, Jördis TriebelKatharina Nielsen

“The same nightmare he always has.  Oh, the damn electricity!  Come on, Mikkel.  Go get ready now.  Is Magnus up yet?  Martha, is Magnus up yet?  Magnus!  Magnus!  You’re going to be late!  Hello!  Magnus, either you get down here or I’m coming up!  Shall I give you a ride?  Don’t forget, starting tomorrow you guys are at your father’s place.” — Katharina Nielsen

“What are you doing here?  Uh-huh.  That’s very generous of you.  Bring what by?  No.” — Katharina Nielsen

Magnus Nielsen, Dark, Netflix, W&B Television, Moritz JahnMagnus Nielsen

“I’ll be down in a sec.  Race you to school.  Morning, mom.  Morning.  I win.  Welcome back to hell.  Don’t forget to breathe.  Why all the effort?  We all die in the end.  Are you sure you don’t have a stick up your ass that needs surgical removal?  Dumbass yourself!  It’s all pretty creepy.  It’ll be about your brother.  Let’s go.  Otherwise mom will be angry.” — Magnus Nielsen

Ulrich Nielsen, Dark, Netflix, W&B Television, Oliver MasucciUlrich Nielsen

“Good morning, sleepy head.  First day back at school.  Long line at the baker’s.  The apocalypse is coming.  I’m running late.  I’ll see you this evening, okay?  You’re beautiful.” — Ulrich Nielsen

“Erik Obendorf has been missing since October 22.  That’s almost two weeks now.  No traces, no witnesses.  Questioning the neighbors didn’t bring any new evidence to light either.  So, do you have any ideas?  All right, then follow up on that.  Go see Tiedemann. Woller, look into the tire treads.  Jankowski, talk to the Obendorfs again.  Maybe he just took off.  It wouldn’t be the first time.” — Ulrich Nielsen

“Charlotte?  That’s not what you were saying this morning.  What is it?  Yes.  What do you want me to do with that?” — Ulrich Nielsen

Hannah Kahnwald, Dark, Netflix, W&B Television, Maja SchöneHannah Kahnwald

“I was awake half the night again.  Why did it take so long?  Stay awhile.  Ulrich?  I love you.” — Hannah Kahnwald

“I wanted to see you.  I don’t know… I know you and Ulrich.  Ulrich and the kids… I know they’re part of him.  And I want you to know I won’t stand in the way of that.  Did Ulrich stop at your place this morning?  He wanted to bring something by.  I don’t know.  Something for school.  For the kids.  Then maybe he forgot.  Pardon?  Are you okay?  Can I help you?” — Hannah Kahnwald

Bartosz Tiedemann, Dark, Netflix, W&B Television, Paul LuxBartosz Tiedemann

“Hey.  Nope.  Is there any news about Erik?” — Bartosz Tiedemann

“Well, a black hole… forms when a central region collapses upon itself.  Well, more like neutron matter.  But not enough of it.  So when the light of a star three times the mass of the sun goes out, then it explodes.  No it implodes.  And that is a black hole.  And… mm-hmm.  So then we have a black hole.  And it has a huge gravitational pull.  Everything flying around the hole is drawn to it and somehow dragged inside.  Other stars, planets, and even light.  The gravitational force is so strong, that even light is pulled into it.  Nothing can escape once it’s inside.  Basically, no one knows what’s behind it.  Maybe nothing.  Or maybe a new world.  A world in which nothing as it is in ours.” — Bartosz Tiedemann

Kilian Obendorf

“Hey, Martha.  No.  It’s been two weeks already.  He’s never been away this long.  He’d always send me a message whenever he couldn’t stand it at home anymore.  But this time, nothing.” — Kilian Obendorf

“You coming?  ‘And because their eyes and hearts were blind, they were punished for their sins.  Here and now.  And what flew plummeted to Earth.  And what was on Earth changed its shape.  Revealed its grotesque face, which was nothing but blasphemy made flesh.’  Nine o’clock tonight by the bridge.  Don’t forget that.” — Kilian Obendorf

Franziska Doppler

“I love you.” — Franziska Doppler

Winden High

“Good morning.  We request all grades to gather in the gym for first-period assembly.”

“A quick reminder that all afternoon activities after four o’clock are canceled to the parents’ meeting.  Except theater, which will go on as planned but vacate the auditorium an hour earlier.  The school newspaper will meet in the youth café today under the supervision of Mr. Hopf.  Katharina.”

Winden High Teacher

“Can I help you?  Hello?  Are you new?  Are you sure this is your class?  I wasn’t notified of any new students.  Bartosz, please continue.”

“Please don’t forget to turn in your presentations next week.  No exceptions!  Jonas, right?  Everything okay?  November 4.  2019.  I don’t understand…”

Winden High Theater

“Great.  We’ll stop there.  Unfortunately, we have to finish early today.  Please put everything away for the parents’ meeting tonight.  Thanks.”

Charlotte Doppler

“Fine.  Just a check-up.  I have to go.  I’m running late.  I just forgot something.  We still haven’t got the shift schedules from the nuclear power plant.”

“All I’m asking is to review your employees’ shift schedules.  Erik was last seen on the forest road.  The schedules will allow us to check employee vehicles with the tire treads we found.  this is a request.  Not an order.  How are you?  Okay, then.  I was wondering… do you think Erik could have made his way onto the grounds?  The caves are partly located under the nuclear power plant.  Okay, then.”

“We have to stop this.  Ulrich, not here.  I got the power plant shift schedules.  We can run a check.  Woller.”

Peter Doppler

“He hasn’t said anything else all morning.  How’d it go at the doctor’s?”

“Can I help you?  Are you looking for something in particular?  Who?  No, we have a Daniel Kahnwald, died in ’64, but no Michael Kahnwald.  What happens?  Do I know you?  I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before.  Hey, wait!  What’s your name?”

Aleksander Tiedemann

“Do you have a court order?  I’ll have someone search them out.  Holding up.  That’s impossible.  The access points were sealed up years ago.  No one can get in that way.”

“The police were here today.  You know what you’ve got to do.”

Bernd Doppler

“It will happen again.  It will happen again.  It will happen again.  It will happen again.  It will happen again.  It will happen again.  It will happen again.  It will happen again.  It will happen again.  It will happen again.  Tick, tock.  Tick, tock.  Tick, tock.  Tick, tock.  Tick, tock.  Tick, tock.”

“It will happen again.  It will… happen again.  It will happen again.  It will happen again.  It will… happen again.  Tick, tock.  Tick, tock.  Tick, tock.  Tick, tock.  The beginning is the end.  And the end is the beginning.  Tick, tock.  Tick, tock.”

Elizabeth Doppler

“Mom?  Dad?  Grandpa, is everything okay?”



“Oh… I’m sorry.  Um… the… the tire treads.  Forty-seven cars and two trucks.  In Winden alone there are 21,000 registered vehicles.  I… no idea.”




“Hello?  Can I help you?  You must be lost.  Is this a joke?  Do you think this is funny?  If you don’t leave, I’ll call the police.  What do you want from me?  Who the hell are you?”

Unknown Young

“The master key.  For the nuclear power plant.  You kept it.”

Unknown Adult

“Nothing is in vain.  No breath.  No step.  No word.  No pain.  An everlasting miracle… of the One.”


“If we knew how things would end… where our journey would take us… would we still make the same decisions?  Or would we choose a different path?  Could we even escape our fate?  Or would something deep within us lead us to the same end, like an invisible hand?  Does it matter which path we choose, when we end up standing before ourselves again and again?”

“Man can do what he wills, but he cannot will what he wills.” — Arthur Schopenhauer

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dark season 3 – now available on netflix 🖤

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