Yasuke, Netflix, Mappa

Shogun Warrior

Netflix original series Yasuke dropped April 29th, 2021.

🔥#Yasuke is a Netflix original anime.

rottentomatoes: 91%

metacritic: 72

imdb: 6.3

Yasuke, Netflix, Mappa, LaKieth Stanfield
Yasuke, Netflix, Mappa, LaKieth Stanfield


Eusebio Ibrahimo Baloi battles antiquated cultural barriers outside of feudal-era Kyoto, Japan.

Yasuke, Netflix, Mappa, LaKieth Stanfield

“The Dark Army approaches, my lord. But there is still time for us to escape. Mitsuhide’s prejudice goes beyond repair. Hojo Daimyo warped his mind and fed his anger with power and corruption. We do not have time for this. I– what is there to celebrate, my lord? Your forces are scattered. Your dream of a unified Japan is gone. The temple walls burn as we speak– he was smuggled out on the last ship, just as you requested. No, he was strong. My lord, if we barricade the side entrance and force them to enter through the halls, we can bottleneck their forces and then cut them down in waves. What? I don’t understand. We could still fight back. No, there is no honor in this.” — Yasuke

“Stop bothering me. I don’t care. Mm. A true warrior, above all else, prays for peace. Not war. An empty bottle. I’ve failed you. Hmm. You would have done better with your bokken. I made that myself. You’re not strong enough to split it in two. Yes, I know who you are. You have a… …lovely voice. You have a daughter? The village here has a doctor who can provide care. There’s no need to travel upstream. She will die if we go. No one returns from the north. The journey would be suicide. The warring territory is too dangerous. Just take her to the village doctor. You have no idea what honor is, boy. Honor is not willingly giving up your life. I said it’s too dangerous.” — Yasuke

“Wait! What honor is there in striking down a child? Leave the boy alone.” v

“No, I was born with black skin. Yes. Eusebio Ibrahimo Baloi. Eusebio Ibrahimo Baloi.” — Yasuke

“You’re right o leave now. Patrols are light at this time. It’s wise to gain ground before dawn. You were there that day. Where I’m from, it’s everyone’s duty to protect the children of the land. You’re a samurai, yes? Is it common in this country for a woman to gain such a high military rank? Impressive. You could have defended your brother yourself. Why didn’t you? And whose respect do I have? Yasuke.” — Yasuke

“Hm– what’s her name? Does she always sweat like this? I’m just a boatsman. Nothing special about me. He’s just impatient to become a man. The necklace you wear. That symbol is familiar. I-I’ve seen it before. Doing what? One village. Where I’m from, every man and woman cares for every child. It is our duty to make sure every child is safe. I’ve seen many illnesses but nothing like this. Huh? I am not stopping.” — Yasuke

“Why are you here for this child? So be it, indeed. ‘No honor to be had here. Only pain and blood.’ Yes. I spoke Japanese.” — Yasuke


“Take off that silly mask. Ichiro, I’ve already seen your face. So, Mr. Samurai, did you finally land an attack on Yassan? I know you will. I don’t know. Ah! I’m so sorry. I– I don’t know what happened. I’m okay, mother. What’s wrong, mother? But you always said the doctor was a great journey away. I like it here with my friends.”

“Mother. Someone is here. Is Yassan taking us, mother? Mother! Leave us alone!”


“Saki, are you all right? You’re on fire. Here, take this. What happened? I think it’s time I take you to see the doctor. There will be no discussion on this. A week on foot. The black boatsman? A child who thinks he’s a samurai.”

“Black boatsman. This little one here says you can help my daughter. My name is Ichika. I sing here sometimes. Thank you. Yes. My daughter has grown very ill. We must travel upstream a few days’ journey for her to be cared for. This is a special doctor. If we don’t go, she will die. The risk of the journey is worth saving her life.”

“Make sure you have everything. If we leave now, we can avoid the patrols. Yes.”

“You snore. Saki. She’s gotten worse in the past few weeks. The sweating is new. You should get more rest. The boy wants to be a great warrior. He looks up to you. Why? Who are you? Well, I’ve seen the way you move to avoid his attacks. I hear the things you say, the way you yell out in your sleep, like man haunted by the past. Why are you doing this? Helping us. Why did you change your mind? And what does that mean? It’s okay. She’s a special child. She requires special care. That is all you need to know. Why are you stopping?”


“Vodka. I’m looking for someone. A woman with child. A little girl. Come with me. We have some fun.”

“The child, Chernyy. So be it, Chernyy.”

Lord Oda Nobunaga

“Why do you think he did it? I offered him land to last his families a lifetime over. How could one be so stupid? I was referring to me. And look at you, Yasuke. From servant to samurai. The only one who didn’t betray me. We should drink to that. The Daimyo is going to bring hell through those doors. They are the guest of honor to our little party. Yasuke, take it. Drink with me. Celebrate this moment. I am still your lord. If I die here, perhaps Mitsuhide will let Ranmaru live. Are you sure he mad it out in time? Was he afraid? Good. Now, all that is left for me is an honorable death. I appoint you, Yasuke, as kaishakunin. This is my final command of you, my friend. This is the only way to save Ranmaru. Thank you, Yasuke. What are you waiting for? Do it! Do it! What are you waiting for? Do it!”

“Ranmaru. What do you think? I’ll take it. Show me more. What’s going on here? Wait. This could be interesting. No need. He fought well. A man deserves to be clean. Wash him. Why is he not clean?

“Did you ink your skin black? You were born with black skin? Interesting. What is your name? Eu– I– hmm. Yao. How about Yasuke? I like him. I’ll take him too.”


“Yassan! I almost landed my attack this time. How do you grow your hair like that? Where do you come from? How did you get here? Who taught you how to fight? Can they teach me? Can you teach me? I wanna fight in battles like the great samurai warriors before me. I will succeed where they failed and defeat the Daimyo. War brings peace. Peace brings freedom.”

“Hyah! Ha! Hah! I will save the land from the evil Daimyo. Who am I? I’m the greatest warrior in all the land. Huah! Ow! Practice? I’m a master. Yep. Two soldiers outside the village. Had them running scared. I’m dangerous too.”

“A samurai never shows his face. No, but I came really close this time. I approached from his blind side, but he felt me coming. I’ll be better next time. Here, you try. It’s okay. You’ll get your strength back soon enough. My bokken. Yassan gave me this. Saki was holding it, and it just split in two. How will I train? How long is the journey? Yassan could get you there in a day or two. Yes. He will be your guide, and I will be your protection. I will be one, one day.”

“How did I do, Yassan? I’m sorry. It split in two. I didn’t break it! That’s who broke my bokken. You have no honor! Please, Yassan, save her.”


“Beautiful land and home. Lord Nobunaga shows favor. Impressive, especially for an outsider such as yourself. Indeed. You save my little brother here. For that, you have my gratitude. Onna Bugeisha. No. No, it is not. Nobunaga awards those who have proven themselves. As you can attest. The code of the samurai forbids me to interfere when honor is challenged. My brother made a grave mistake. What you did was honorable in its own right. You have my respect. I am Natsumaru. And what do they call you, the samurai that was once a servant?”


“I think it’s beautiful, my lord. I shall stop this at once. Of course.”


“He’s black. I thought you were the only black man in Japan. Are you two related? Your attraction to him is illogical. The black man spoke Japanese?”


“We can see that. What was that? You speak Japanese and recite ancient proverbs.”


“Apparently not. He’s kinda cute for an old man. He just spoke Japanese.”

Samurai 1

“Shut up. Stay right there! Who goes there?”

“Black boatsman! What do you have for us today? Oh… mm. Next time, black boatsman. Next time.”

Samurai 2



“Praciticing your swordplay again? Master? Of what?”

Village Girl

“Hey, Ichiro. Fight any bad guys today?”

Villagewoman 2

“Those soldiers are dangerous.”

Village Person 1

“It’s that samurai kid.”

Village Person 3

“Ah. Hey! Come back here. Damn it!”

Village kid 1

“Yes, you are!”

Village kid 2


Village kid 3

“Get him!”

Village Person 2

“Can anyone help? Whatever you can spare. Mercy. Thank you.”


“Ichiro, I told you, no training in my bar. You’re scaring away the customers.”

“Huh? Uh… what’s that? Well, there’s plenty of women and children here. Yeah, sometimes they piss themselves whenever they get too drunk. Wait, no drink? Uh… I guess that’s a vodka.”

Bar Patron

“Me? Uh…”

Bar Patron 2

“Me? Ah–“

Kyoto family

“Over here! Yassan! Over here! Whoa! Thanks!”

Nobunaga Attendant

“It is not dirt. It is the color of his skin, my lord.”

Kyoto Merchant

“You will love what we brought. These items come from far and wide. You will be the only man on this side of the world to claim such treasures. I apologize for his slippery tongue. I am so sorry, Lord Nobunaga. He will not go unpunished.”

“I– I apologize for his rudeness. The Yao people have a… …strong cultural identity.”

Kyoto Merchant 2

“What did you say, boy? You tell me I have no honor? You will pay for your insolence. You dare speak to me? You allow your servant to speak? He should know his place, shut his mouth. Guess I’ll have to shut your mouth for you.”

Kyoto Merchant 3

“Get back, get back.”

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