The White Lotus, HBO Max, Rip Cord Productions

White Lotus

HBO Max original drama The White Lotus concluded its second season December 11th, 2022.

#WhiteLotus has been renewed for a third season.

rottentomatoes: 91%

metacritic: 82

imdb: 7.8

emmys: 10 wins

golden globes: 2 wins

SAG awards: 4 nominations

Harper Spiller, The White Lotus, HBO Max, Rip Cord Productions, Aubrey Plaza
Harper Spiller, The White Lotus, HBO Max, Rip Cord Productions, Aubrey Plaza

Harper Spiller

A litany of guests arrive at a five-star hotel San Domenico Palace in Taormina, Sicily, Italy.
Harper Spiller, The White Lotus, HBO Max, Rip Cord Productions, Aubrey Plaza

Best Supporting Actress – Television Limited Series/Motion Picture

1 nomination: 2023

“No, thanks. I think I’ll just wait. No. I don’t want one. I haven’t eaten in six hours. I don’t need any more drinks. No, no, it’s fine. Thank you.” — Harper Spiller

“No, no, that’s okay. I doubt we’ll use that. I mean, it’s possible at some point. I don’t know. It’s good to have the option, yeah? Yeah, totally. What?” — Harper Spiller

“I just think it’s like, you sold your company, you got rich, and now he’s your best friend? That’s just… are you taking that side of the bed? I always sleep on that side. Yeah, I wanna sleep on my side of the bed. Yeah, I think that’s better. Also, they’re so touchy-feely. Right? Like, do you notice that? It feels performative. Like, who does that? Couples that have been married for five years? No way. It feels fake.” — Harper Spiller

“Yeah, people that brag about taking helicopters to the Hamptons and being friends with Jeff Bezos. I mean… a consistent douche? Was he like that in college? Why were you even friend with him? At some point, he is gonna approach you with some kind of money-making scheme or some kind of favor or something. There’s a reason they invited us here. Well, that’s my prediction. So, we’ll see. When do I ever make things awkward?” — Harper Spiller

“Yeah, yeah, sure. Um, tell him I said hi, and congrats on not getting disbarred. Mm-hmm. Um, we, you know, we take on clients that are suing their employers for discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, stuff like that. What? What is that face? Ah! Hmm. Mm.” — Harper Spiller

“Well, they’re not all bogus. No, no, no. It’s fine. All good.” — Harper Spiller

“Totally disregard my text about the Ambien. I have located my Ambien. Thank God. Oh, really? You guys don’t take sleeping pills? Ever? Mm. Yeah. Yeah, but also just… I don’t know, just everything that’s going on… …in the world. Oh, I don’t know. Just, like, the end of the world. Mm. Okay, so you guys don’t watch the news. Um… what do you do, like, all day? Oh, right. Of course. Right.” — Harper Spiller

“Why are we all looking at you? Mm. I don’t watch Ted Lasso. Too much. It’s too much. It’s like we’re all entertaining each other while the world burns, right? Hmm. I don’t. Yeah… oh, yeah.” — Harper Spiller

“I think he put them in here. Yeah. Yes. Well, thanks for inviting us. It’ll be fun. I’m gonna get the sunscreen. What do you think? I think they’re fine. Can’t find the sunscreen. I’m gonna keep looking. Hmm.” — Harper Spiller

“Well, he’s still like that. Okay, I think we should split the arugula salad and the beet salad, and then maybe get the raviolo and the vitello. The whitefish? Hmm. No, I feel it’ll be too fishy. Well, you can get it tomorrow. We’re gonna be here all week. Or we can have the whitefish. Let’s do it. I just don’t like when it’s too fishy. Great. It sounds good. Let’s do it.” — Harper Spiller

“Is he hurting her? They don’t vote, Ethan. They don’t read the news. they don’t read. It’s like, what do they even talk about? Is that what happens when you’re rich for too long, your brain just atrophies? No way. It’s a front. Yeah, I think we’re their diverse friends. Their White-passing diverse friends. When we came up here to get the suit, he just took all his clothes off in the middle of the room. Like, naked. In the bathroom.” — Harper Spiller

Ethan Spiller, The White Lotus, HBO Max, Rip Cord Productions, Will Sharpe

Ethan Spiller

“Harper– you don’t want one? They wanna do a toast. Can you hold the glass for me? Sorry. Just hold it. Sorry. Cheers. Mm. Thank you.”

“Hey, what is with these head things? We keep seeing them everywhere. Testa di Moro? Oh. So if you put one of those outside your house, what are you saying? You never know. It’s gonna be great. Later.”

“Okay. Which is it a big deal? Okay. I’ll sleep over there. Happily married couples? You’re so quick to judge people. Look, Cameron is the kind guy who, if you can put up with him for five minutes, you can put up with him forever. He is consistent. Yeah. He’s crazy, it’s funny.”

“Way worse. We weren’t friends, we were roommates. And then, you know how it is. You kind of become friends, and now we’re friends. Can you just please try to make an effort? Or else this is gonna be a very awkward week.”

“No. She’s like the star of her firm. Wins every case.”

“Mm-hmm. You don’t follow the news? What?”

“Uh, what do we watch? Like, documentaries. Ted Lasso, sometimes. Oh, you like it? So much content now. It’s like there’s billions of shows, everyone’s trying to keep up. It’s kinda suffocating, honestly. Yeah. We’re all just zombies, you know, like… hey, you know you can just borrow one of my suits. Yeah? Weren’t you gonna go up to get some sunscreen anyway? You could grab it for him. Sure, I’m on it! Another round?”

“Really? What are you talking about? No, I wasn’t. I kinda wanted to try the fish, but… yeah. Okay. I mean, it’s whitefish, it’s pretty light. It’s not very fishy fish. Okay. All right. Yeah. Great. Neat.”

“No. Thanks for making more of an effort. I mean, yeah, they kind of live in a bubble, but… they’re fun, right? I know. What the fuck? I mean, they seem happy. It’s good to have, you know, diverse friends, I guess. Yeah, you’re right. And then you– like, where were you? Doesn’t seem that weird. Just getting changed.”

Daphne Sullivan, The White Lotus, HBO Max, Rip Cord Productions, Meghann Fahy

Daphne Sullivan

“Did you guys get here? Oh, I’m so jealous. We leave in a few hours. We had the best time. Have you guys been here before? The hotel’s perfect, and the staff is excellent. The food is amazing. And the wine. I mean… Italy’s just so romantic. Oh, you’re gonna die. They’re gonna have to drag you out of here. Well, I’m gonna get in the water one last time. But… you guys are gonna have such an amazing trip. You too. Thanks. Bye!”

“Oh, what the fuck was that? Holy fuck. Oh, my fucking God. Holy fucking shit. Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help!”

“It was fine. But they did lose Cameron’s bag in Rome. Oh. Thank you. That’s okay.”

“Wow. This hotel is so cool. Whoa, is that a volcano? It’s a warning to husbands, babe. Screw around and you’ll end up buried in the garden. Yeah. Yeah! Oh! I’m so happy we’re here. Yeah!”

“So, you do employment law. So interesting. What is that exactly? Amazing.”

“I bet you’re really tough. I bet your clients are really happy to have you in their corner. Of course you are.”

“Oh, my gosh! I’m so glad. ‘Cause we don’t have any, so I’m sorry about that. No. You have trouble sleeping? Just, like work stuff? What do you mean? What’s going on? Oh. No, Harper! The world’s not ending, it’s not that bad. Honestly, Cam and I don’t even watch the news anymore. No. They’re just trying to freak everybody out. Yeah. And even if it was as bad as they sat it is, I mean what can you really do, you know? We vote, we donate money. You can’t obsess. I did. I voted. Didn’t I? I think I did. I did. Oh. Well, I mean, I’m– I’m home with the kids. I mean, mostly. Yep.”

“We do a lot of Dateline. I love it. Husbands murdering their wives. Happens a lot on vacation. Scuba diving. He’ll just unplug her oxygen while she’s underwater. Happens more than you think. Cameron really like to watch macho reality TV. The guys are really ugly. Oh, my God. That sounds so bad, but they are. At least they’re murdering each other. What do you watch, Ethan? We love Ted Lasso. Yes, of course. Yeah. No? Yeah. I love a binge. Anyway… yeah, he likes to order ’em before they’re gone.

“Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah, me too. Yes. I like white.”

“She was definitely more talkative by the pool. And at dinner, she was actually kinda nice. Cam, I wanna FaceTime them again. Please? I know, but I miss Emma so much. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Okay. Ooh. What? Mm-hmm. No! No! Please! Stop! No, stop it! No! No… no!”

Cameron Sullivan, The White Lotus, HBO Max, Rip Cord Productions, Theo James

Cameron Sullivan

“Yeah. Oh. Thanks for the tip. Let’s toast, people. Cheers. We made it. Okay. Okay, thank you.

“Honey, check out this view. Mount Etna. Jesus. If you come into my house, don’t fuck my wife. Uh-oh. Cool. Oh! Yeah, cool. Yeah. Guys, we did it! Come on! We’re finally here! We’ve been talking about this forever. This is awesome. Yeah. Yeah! Yeah. See you.”

“Hey, Harper, I just realized. I know someone that knows you from law school. Uh, Kevin Kourepenos. He actually says hi. Do you want me to say hi? Okay. I’ll tell him. No, no, no. Nothing. Just, um… we’ve been dealing with a bunch of bogus claims lately. I mean, everyone has. I mean, even when they have zero merit and they get thrown out in summary judgment, you still have to go through all the deps and the internal investigations. It’s a total time suck. Not to mention a huge waste of money. I mean… God.”

“No! God, no. Fuck. Of course they’re not. Harper, no, of course they’re not. I’m sorry. Sorry. Yeah. God, wouldn’t wanna mess with you.”

“Nope. Why? Why can’t you sleep? Oh, come on! Yeah. Like, I’m just so over the whole news cycle, you know? It’s– it’s like, gimme a break. Yeah. They’re just polarizing society by making us glued to their apocalyptic soap opera, you know? It’s like… right. Did you vote, babe? Be honest. Doesn’t matter. I don’t think you did. I don’t know.”

“Why– why are you looking at me? Yeah. Honey, the people on Dateline aren’t exactly attractive either. Love Ted Lasso. Gotta. Yeah, man. So likeable, right? I love it. Yeah, such a good guy. Okey dokey. Well… if I can’t get a swim in, I may as well get a tan, right? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I’d love a swim-in. That’d be great. Oh, yeah. I’ll come up with you actually, ’cause I gotta change into it anyway. Another round of Spritzes, E?”

“Oh, washing bag? Hey, uh listen. I know we don’t know each other that well, but I really appreciate you being here. You know, it means a lot. Ethan never really brought around a lot of girls, so I’m just happy that he found someone. I think it’s great. Sure. It will be. Yeah. Hey. What do you think? Little snug, right? Yeah? Hmm. You know what? They probably have a bunch of that by the pool. Yeah. Hey, I’ll see you down there.”

“Hookers. Oh, yeah. Come on, man. You don’t recognize a hooker? So innocent, man. Just like in college. Ethan was the original incel. Yeah, you were. Come on, man. No, I’m– I’m kidding. I’m kidding, man. I’m joking, all right? Look, you could have gotten laid. He’s a handsome guy, right? Jesus Christ, look at you. You’re a handsome guy. I’d do ya. You’re just such a workhorse, man. You never came out of your room. Yeah, sure. Wine, people? What do we want? Me too. I prefer white.”

“Well… …now that he’s loaded, do you think he regrets marrying such a dud? What? Honey, come on. We just hung up. I know. Of course you do. But that’s not the point, all right? The point is… …we’re in Italy, honey. Okay? We’re on vacation. Just you and me. We need to enjoy it. Just me and my baby. You know what that means. You need something. You need… …a tickle attack. Tickle, tickle, tickle. I got you! Hey, hey! Hey! Tickle attack! Monkey man! Monkey man! Baby, come here! Baby, come on.”

Tanya McQuoid-Hunt, The White Lotus, HBO Max, Rip Cord Productions, Jennifer Coolidge

Tanya McQuoid-Hunt

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie

1 win: 2022

Best Supporting Actress – Television Limited Series/Motion Picture

1 win: 2023

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Limited Series

1 nomination: 2022

“Okay. Okay. Thank you. Ah! Ah! Oh. You guys just really– just pull out all the stops. You really do. Whenever I stay at a White Lotus, I always have a memorable time. Always. Mm. But I was a Petal, and I’ve worked my way up to Blossom. Yeah. Good. Because… …he hasn’t been responding to my texts. Yeah, okay. Okay, Portia, do you get service here? Maybe we could take it to AT&T or something.”

“OH, my God. Really? Oh! I missing you so much. Hey, uh, yeah, you know I texted you a bunch of times. And you never texted me back. Oh. Yeah, definitely. What? Yeah, uh, well, look. I’m traveling by myself– well, I just don’t know what the big deal is. I mean, I don’t know why you’re so bothered. I mean it’s– I mean, it’s not like she’s, like, gonna be in our bed and stuff, you know? I mean, she has her own room. All right, I’ll get rid of her. I’ll get rid of her. All right? All right.”

“Hey. Um… you’re gonna have to get lost. No, no, no, no. I want you to stay– stay close, ’cause I might need you. But just lay low and– and not come out of your room. Okay? I gotta go. I gotta go! I did it. I did it. I’m hungry.”

“Hi. Hey, where you going? God, he’s always thinking of me.”

“Yeah. Oh, my God. I… I… I must have been disassociating. I was seeing all these faces of men with these very effeminate hairstyles. And then… I saw you, and your eyes were like shark eyes, like just completely dead. Just like, dead. Must have the Bonine that I took before the flight. I need to take a breather. Yeah? What Macaroons? There were only three.”

“Hi. Hi. Oh. One sec. I told you to stay in the room. Oh, my God. He’s gonna flip the fuck out. What are you– shit! Here. Hold that. Sorry. Okay. Oh, my God. Thanks, I love it. Go to your room. Go. Your room. Your room. How was your caprese? I was told that the cheese here was made by a blind nun in a basement.”

“Wow. Hi. Who are you talking to? Oh, Bob. Well, why were you whispering? Oh, well. Guess what? Look what I found. Two macaroons! Yeah. I really did only eat three. Well, eat them, ’cause you wanted ’em. Why? Yeah, take them, they’re good.”

Greg Hunt, The White Lotus, HBO Max, Rip Cord Productions, Jon Gries

Greg Hunt

“Oh, ho! Hi! How was the flight? Mm. I know, I know. I’m sorry. We just had a flare-up at work, it was– what the hell is she doing here? You bring your assistant to a vacation with your husband? Because I said no! Because it’s supposed to be romantic. Because it’s a vacation, in Sicily, for us. Tanya. Get rid of her. Put her on a plane.”

“Oh. Hi, Portia. Do you want a drink? Well, we have these little– little things here.”

“Right now? Oh, don’t you want me to wash up first? It’s hot out! I got swamp crotch. Yeah.”

“What are you– what the fuck? Well, you really know how to pump a guy up. I didn’t get to finish. ♪ Making love In the afternoon with Tanya… ♪. Tanya? You ate all the macaroons, didn’t you? How do you expect to lose weight if you inhale five macaroons and not even remember? There were five. Did you drink the champagne, too?”

“Ah, Mikael. This is my wife, Tanya. Oh, it was a– it was a– it was a good day. No, well my country has a whole different kind of football. Anyway. Here she is. Yeah, why not? Let’s eat. I got it, I got it. Hmm.”

“All right, look. Look. Listen, I don’t wanna fucking talk about this right now, okay? Yes, I’m not going to. Yeah. This is not the time. Yes. Fuck. Hey. It’s work. It’s Bob. I– I thought you were trying to get ready for bed. Huh? Oh, okay. Yeah, great. Oh. Well, great. You had a whole panna cotta at dinner. I don’t want them now. Tanya, I just brushed my teeth. I’m on the phone. Uh, Bob, I gotta go…”

Portia, The White Lotus, HBO Max, Rip Cord Productions, Haley Lu Richardson


“Yeah, I think we both have full service.”

“Okay. Yeah. So, what do you mean? I’d see you in a week, then?”

“Could you put these– these are hers. Just put them on the couch or the… anywhere. Thank you. Grazie! Thank you!”

“This is such a fucked situation. I feel like I’ve just been stuck at home, just doom-scrolling on my phone the last three years and I finally get out of there… …and I’m in Italy, and she just told me that I have to stay in my room the whole time? They’re both fucking psycho. It’s fucked! Like, the job is a joke! She’s a f– she’s a mess. She’s a miserable mess. If I had a half a billion dollars, I would not be miserable. I would be enjoying my life! It’s… so unfair, and I’m so tired. I know! That’s… I know! That’s what I– that’s what I wanted. I wanna do… get thrown around by some hot Italian guy, and now I’m just gonna be sitting in my room eating pasta. The menu’s all pasta! I’m gonna be so bloated. This sucks. Oh, right. Okay. Love you. Text you later. Bye.”

“Yeah, I’m– I’m fine. I– I just am dealing with some… …work stuff. It’s… it’s nothing. It’s dumb… thank you for asking. I think I saw you and your cute grandfather on the boat on the way in. Yeah. I’m Portia. Hey. Yeah. Where are you from? Cool. San Francisco. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah? What school? Don’t be so ashamed. I went to Chico State, so… yeah. ‘Cool.’ Cool. Uh, what do you do now? Yeah. Hmm. So you can go on vacation for a week and no one gives a shit. Oh. There’s your grandfather. He’s truly such an adorable man. Cool. That’s… so nice. Oh, my God! Your grandfather just fell! Oh, no. Oh, my gosh. Your hand, it’s… are you okay? Hi. Are you– are you sure you’re good? I mean, I’m so sorry you fell. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, I’ll– I’m just… …gonna get a drink.”

“I had to eat.”

Bert Di Grasso, The White Lotus, HBO Max, Rip Cord Productions, F. Murray Abraham

Bert Di Grasso

Best Supporting Actor – Television Limited Series/Motion Picture

1 nomination: 2023

“Ah. It was bellissimo. Why are you impressed? Oh. Thank you, dear. You’re a sight for sore eyes. Hello, darling.”

“Oh. I should tell you. Both my parents were born in Sicily. Yeah, they came to the States as children. Yeah, so we are Sicilian, just like you. Oh, you do have more of a Northern look. Beautiful hazel eyes. Wonderful smile. You must be very popular. Ah. Oh, you should come, Isabella. You could be our translator. We need you. Hmm? I’d like to know. Where is this button, Isabella? You’re very lovely. They are lucky to have you working here. Be our translator– you slammed the door in that poor girls’ face! How? I was not. It’s the Prosecco. Uh…”

“Huh? Yeah, no, no. I’m fine. I– I tripped. No, no. No, no. It’s fine, it’s fine. Uh, oh, no, darling, thank you. Hello. Just came to see the view, I mean… huh? Okay. Oh, my hat. No, I’m fine. I’m fine. Who’s the girl?”

“We just flew all the way in from Los Angeles. Just to be here in Sicily. Because we are Sicilian. Are you Sicilian? Ah. Are you married? My son is a big muckity-muck in Hollywood, so he’s very impatient. Thank you. Oh. What’s the problem? Flirting is one of the pleasures of life. Oh, don’t be rude. Well, I’m still a man. And I get older and older, but the women I desire remain young. Natural, right? You can relate to that. What? Hard? Sure. Like that.”

“Doctors say you need to release once a day… otherwise you get backed up. That’s right. That’s right. You need to drain the sack. Mm-hmm. Common knowledge. I’m still virile, by the way. I could still impregnate a woman. It’s not like it was ever so beautiful to look at anyway. I mean, it’s a penis. It’s not a sunset.”

“Looks like a couple of locals. I don’t know what they’re clapping for. This singer’s abominable. Head is fine. And it’s not gonna happen again. All right.”

“Good night.”

Dominic Di Grasso, The White Lotus, HBO Max, Rip Cord Productions, Michael Imperioli

Dominic Di Grasso

“Cheers. Yeah. Thanks.”

“All right, Dad. Anyway, we’re here because we’re gonna visit the town my grandmother’s from. It’s a little town, uh, Testa dell’Acqua. Hopefully, um, we can find some people there who can speak English, you know, maybe help us track down some distant relatives. ‘Cause we definitely don’t speak Italian. Dad. Leave her alone. We’ll take it from here. Okay, thank you. That’s okay. We’ll figure it out. Dad! I’m gonna help you find it, okay? Thank you very, very much. Thank you. You were harassing her. Okay. Albie and I are gonna go to our rooms. We’ll come back for you in a bit. You gonna be okay? Great.”

“Why did we do this? I got a migraine. I’m gonna go lay down.”

“Well, we got here in one piece. My Dad’s not in the best shape and he’s already getting on my nerves, but– okay. Um, well… I was thinking of you. You know? We planned this together and I, uh, just really wish you were here. No. Not whatever. Okay. Um, listen, Cara is not answering my calls. Well, you should encourage her to talk to me. But you are getting involved, or why else would she be mad at me? Do you really think you should be telling her all this? Well, Albie’s here. He’s not upset. Okay. Jesus. Um… I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything. And I still love you– okay. I’ll let you know how it all goes.”

“Hi. What? Yeah. Good idea. Um… uh, we’ll put him in your room. I got work stuff. L.A. will still be up. I’m gonna be up and around all night. So let’s just, uh… we’ll put him in your room. Okay? Anything else? What do you say, dinner at 8:00? All right.”

“Dad, why don’t you let her put our order in so I can get a drink? Thank you. Dad, you gotta knock it off. What are you doing? I mean, what’s… the point? Do you actually think you have a chance with any of these women? I’m just saying, you’re 80 years old. Albie.”

“Wait a second. Doctors say you need to jerk off once a day? Which doctors say that? They say that? Fifty? Fifty’s not that old. Oh. You should sleep with Albie anyway.”

“Here you go. Cheers. What’d you think? Thank you. You should go. You seem like a very nice person. Um… I’m just going through a lot right now in my life. So, it’s– it’s, um… hard for me to make conversation right now. But you are very, uh, beautiful. I’m glad you’re here.”

Albie Di Grasso, The White Lotus, HBO Max, Rip Cord Productions, Adam DiMarco

Albie Di Grasso

“Thank you. You kinda were. And farting. It’s nice, Dad. It’s the nice thing to do. Okay. Well, I’m probably gonna head down to the pool. Um, and then what time did you wanna meet up for…”

“Are you okay? Yeah. I– I saw you, too. Albie. Hey. Los Angeles. Yeah. What about you? I love San Francisco. It’s beautiful. I– I actually spent a lot of time there because I went to a school nearby. I… went to… Stanford. Wha– I– I’m not, it’s just… oh, cool. Um, for work? I… I act– I work for this company that does urban planning consulting. I’m just an intern at this point, so… basically. Yeah. Yeah. He’s a lot… my dad and I brought him here because we’re Sicilian– or we have Sicilian heritage. Um, our last name’s Di Grasso. And we’re taking him to the town there his, um, grandmother was born. Nonno! Nonno, are you okay? You okay? Did you hit your head or anything? Yeah, I’ll… I’ll walk with you, Nonno. There’s a good view this way. Come on. Oh, I’ll get– yeah. Oh. Here you go. Uh, maybe I’ll see you around. Okay.”

“Hey, um, Nonno fell by the pool. He’s fine. Um, but I think he hit his head. He could have a concussion. I’m thinking someone should sleep with him tonight. Keep an eye on him. Okay. No. Yeah. Sure.”

“Thanks. Sorry. Can you still get… or– do you still get… …erections. Really? Do you still, like, jerk off? God. It just seems like the body would naturally stop getting horny once you’re past the age of procreation, you know? Like at 50, you would just stop.”

“It just seems undignified. No girl should have to be exposed to an old guys junk. Sounded okay to me. You’re not feeling sluggish or not concentrating?”

“You know, I– I think you’re fine. You– you didn’t hit your head that hard or… you know, so, I should– I’m just gonna go. So, I’ll see you in the morning. Good night, Nonno. Sleep well.”

Lucia Greco, The White Lotus, HBO Max, Rip Cord Productions, Simona Tabasco

Lucia Greco

“Allora! Mia. What’s wrong? Huh? Mia, still with Massimo? Enough! Don’t think about it. Come on, let’s go… the boat’s here. Come with me!”

“No. Just said he’d be on the 12 o’clock boat. Could be any of them. Don’t think so. They can. Sometimes I’ll give them a pill.”

“Cute. Wouldn’t be the first time. Maybe she’s moving to Italy.”

“We’re here to meet a guest. He’s American. His name is Tom Cruise. Jealous? You don’t know what pleasure is, it’s written in your face. Who’d pay money to have sex with you? Uptight, ugly bitch!”

“This guy is such a drag. On the internet… I have a profile. Someone DM’d me once on Instagram… and offered me 50 Euros for a photo of my feet. That’s when I realized I can make a lot of money… whenever I want. Let’s do a threesome. We charge him double. It’ll be easy. I’ll do all the work. Don’t be such a romantic. Be practical… get what you can from them while you’re young. You need the money to make music… you’re so talented. Niente. So? You wanna do it? Mia. Mia, he’s gone.”

“Go away! Go shit somewhere else! Mia. You look amazing! Exactly. No. You’re beautiful.”

“Bueno sera. I’m going. Stay safe.”

“Buona sera. Mm-hmm.”

“Thank you. Cheers. I went down to the dock when your boat arrived. I wanted to see what you looked like. Very handsome. And you’re from Los Angeles. It’s amazing. I always dreamt of going to Los Angeles. It is my dream. Uh, I mean… I don’t have the money.”

Mia, The White Lotus, HBO Max, Rip Cord Productions, Beatrice Grannò


“Oh. Massimo has a new girl. What boat?”

“Do you at least know what he looks like? Not the real old one? Are they ever this old? Can they…? Disgusting Luci. Oh. These two aren’t bad.”

“Oh no… they’re with the wives. Men are so disappointing.”

“That’s a lot of fucking bags.”

“Luci, how did he find you?”

“Hmm. No I can’t do that. I can’t be with another man. I’m still in love with… Massimo. Hmm. Thanks, Luci. Ok… I’ll go with you, but no threesome.”

“Hmm? Really? Oh god! I look like a whore. You’re crazy.”

“Grazie. Yes. You’re really great. She’ll be back soon. Mia. I’m a singer too. My dream is to be a musician… write songs and perform. It’s amazing this is your job. For me it would be crazy. I can play the piano. Hmm? No. No, no, no, no. You mistake me.”

Valentina, The White Lotus, HBO Max, Rip Cord Productions, Sabrina Impacciatore


“Why is your face like that? What? It’s fine, the ocean is not hotel property. We can’t be liable for what happens in the Ionian Sea! What other bodies? What the fuck are you saying Rocco, what do you mean other bodies? Rocco, how many dead guests are there? Fuck…”

“Greet them together with the same right hand. Why such a small tray? Rocco, there’s 10 people arriving! Such a tiny tray! You think that’s normal? A tiny tray… Rocco, we’ll talk later… you make everything impossible!”

“Signori Di Grasso. Welcome to the White Lotus. I am Valentina, the resort manager. How was your boat ride? I mean, I’m impressed that you are even here. It’s a long trip from Los Angeles, and you are quite old, no? Anyway, Isabella here will take you up to the hotel… …and bring you to your beautiful rooms. You like it?”

“Hey. Welcome to Sicily. Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan. You must be Mr. and Mrs. Spiller? How was your flight? Oh, never transfer through Rome. Fiumicino always loses bags. You should have flown through Munich. Yeah. Next time. You’re welcome. Please, some Italian Prosecco? Welcome to the White Lotus in Sicily. If your bag will ever arrive, we’ll let you know right away. If you believe in miracles. You’re welcome. So, you don’t like Prosecco? Yeah.”

“Mrs. McQuoid-Hunt! Welcome to the White Lotus in Sicily. And you are in our Blossom Circle. So, you are very important to us. You know that your husband is already here? Shall we?

“The most ancient art is 14th century. Yeah. Oh. Your missing husband is here. Shall I show you your room, or… anything you need, I’ll be there. Okay?”

“Marco… it’s Valentina. Excuse me one moment. Rocco… would you like a cup of tea? I was saying… I find it unacceptable the guest in 222… called to say they found a wet rag in the closet. Hold on a sec. Excuse me, girls? Hey! Can I help you? What’s the name? We have many Americans here… name? The hotel is for guests only. So please Antonio… escort these ladies out. I know you… I know why you’re here. Not in my hotel. At least I don’t have sex for money. Is no one monitoring the entrance here? Or the exit?”

“This isn’t your grandma’s Bed & Breakfast. It’s a 5 star hotel… you understand Patrizio? Hey! She disappeared. She’s one fast slut.”


“Valentina. One of the guests has drowned. You don’t get it… Salvatore says other bodies have been found. Other guests have been killed. I don’t know… a few?”

“Well, originally, it was a convert. Testa di Moro. Yeah. Well, the story is a Moor came here along time ago and seduced a local girl. But then she found out that he had a wife and children back home. So, because he lied to her, she cut his head off.”

“Oh, before I forget. I’ll show you a special feature. If I open this door, you can connect the two rooms. Should I show you? Okay. Let me show you your rooms. Let’s go.”


“Can I offer you a glass of Prosecco? Thank you. Oh.”

“Although I’m not from Sicily. I am from Milan. You’re very kind. Oh! Yeah, that sounds very special. Shall I show you how to close the curtains? there’s a button over there on the– thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you.”


“♪ Non dimenticar ♪ Means don’t forget you are ♪ My darling… ♪ Only just tonight dear ♪ Just because you’re here ♪ Non dimenticar ♪ Although you travel far My darling ♪ It’s my heart you own ♪ So I’ll wait alone ♪ Non dimenticar ♪”

“Did you enjoy the concert? Oh, grazie. Your friend left you alone? Hi, I’m Giuseppe. Oh yeah? To work in such a place… you must be exceptional. Hmm. Do I have to pay? How much? How much do I need from the bank? I know why you’re here. I know a quiet place we can go. I just need to be home by midnight. Hmm?”

Abby Di Grasso (Laura Dern)

“What? I’m in the middle of something, Dom, okay? I’m gonna go. Yeah, right. Okay. Whatever, Dom. Yes, whatever. Just fuck off! Well, she doesn’t want to talk to you, so, I… I don’t know. You know what? I’m not getting involved in that. Because of this latest fucking bullshit, Dom! And everything else over the last ten fucking years! Why not? I have nothing to be ashamed of! And I’m honest. I don’t keep fucking secrets from my family! You should try it sometime! Yes, he fucking is! He’s just– he just doesn’t want to fight you. He’s a sweet, sensitive young man. And I honestly don’t know how it happened. Sure as hell didn’t get it from you. Shut the fuck up, Dom. Shut up with the fucking sorrys already, okay? Enough! I don’t fucking care, Dom! I’ve wasted enough of my life. I don’t want you calling me anymore! Oh, my God, please. It’s fucking done! Okay? Leave me alone. Seriously! Fuck you! Go fuck yourself. You fucking piece of shit!”


“Then quit. Oh, don’t worry about her. Just go get some dick. Oh, shit. Portia. Portia, I gotta get to work. Bye!”

The White Lotus

“Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Hunt. Welcome. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Tanya. How are you today? I heard a lot about you. Nice to meet you. How was your day today? Did you watch the football today? Shall we go to the table? Please. I’ll take you to the table. Follow me, please.”

“Yes, from Catania. I’ll bring you your drinks.”


“You must stay behind there.”

American Tourists

“Anyways, I feel like I can’t even go back and get married to him. Pretend like we never have to go back to America. I think so. I know, I think– yeah, we– we just flew in this morning. So, did you have a good time? No. I’ve heard. We are so excited. Oh, I’m sure. Thank you. Nice to meet you. Thanks. Safe travels. Bye!”

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