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HBO sci-fi thriller series #Westworld premieres its eighth-episode tonight.

Westworld season 2 has been confirmed.

Rottentomatoes: 89%

Metacritic: 74

IMDb: 9.1

emmys: 5 wins


Dr. Robert Ford, HBO, Westworld

Dr. Robert Ford

Dr. Robert Ford founded the Westworld property — a vast, remote theme park where guests pay top-dollar to partake in wild-west adventures with android ‘hosts’ — with an unsurnamed Arnold, who tragically passes away.  He governs the park with passion and relative autonomy, but does manage a board of investors, who’s chief concern is to make money and keep guests coming back.


The park caters to user experience above all, and boasts a ‘complete immersion in 100 interconnected narratives.’

‘Hosts,’ or lifelike robots within the park, begin behaving strangely after a software update, head engineer Bernard Lowe traces the problem to errors in Ford’s proprietary ‘reverie code.’

The park removes all affected hosts.

A main-character-host Dolores’ father Peter finds a photograph that a guest had left behind and malfunctions.  When Ford interrogates him, he rifles off some Shakespeare quotes and vows revenge upon his creator.

“Hell is empty/And all the devils are here.”–The Tempest (1.2, 215-216)

“When we are born, we cry that we are come/To this great stage of fools.”– King Lear (4.6, 165-166)

“By my/Most/Mechanical and dirty hand.”– Henry IV (5.5, 33-35)

 “I shall have such revenges on you both/That all the world shall–I will do such things–/What they are yet I know not, but they shall be/The terrors of the earth.”– King Lear (2.4, 276-279)

These violent delights have violent ends.”– Romeo and Juliet (2.6, 9)

“To meet my maker.” — Peter Abernathy

“You don’t know where you are do you?  You’re in a prison of your own sins.” — Pete Abernathy

Pistol Pete is put down.  His daughter Dolores is interrogated and found to be functioning normally.  Her memory is wiped and she is put back into rotation.

The Board begins digging into sporadic host behaviors.

The Board’s representative, Theresa Cullen, makes a play to seize power of Westworld but is slain instead.

Dr. Robert Ford, HBO, Westworld

Quote1They don’t make anything like they used to.Quote2 — Robert Ford

“More than you know.” — Robert Ford

“Perhaps we better drink to a… deep and dreamless slumber.” — Robert Ford

“Old Bill here was always a good listener.  He was the second host we ever built.  Were you with us in those days, Bernard, or was that before your time?” — Robert Ford

“They repeated themselves, broke down constantly.  A simple handshake would give them away.  You’ll put yourself away again, won’t you, Bill?” — Robert Ford

“Yeah, that’s a word for it.” — Robert Ford

“So our creatures have been misbehaving, and you haven’t yet isolated the bug?  That’s so unlike you, Bernard.  Unless, of course, you have and are simply embarrassed by the result.” — Robert Ford

Quote1‘Mistakes’ is the word you’re too embarrassed to use.  You ought not to be.  You’re a product of a trillion of them.  Evolution forged the entirety of sentient life on this planet using one tool– the mistake.Quote2 — Robert Ford

“Indeed it is.  But, of course, we’ve managed to slip evolution’s leash now, haven’t we?  We can cure any disease, keep even the weakest of us alive, and, you know, one fine day perhaps we shall even resurrect the dead.  Call forth Lazarus from his cave.  Do you know what that means?  It means that we’re done.  That this is as good as we’re going to get.  It also means that you must indulge me the occasional mistake.” — Robert Ford

“Would it not be best for us to discover why first.  Please.” — Robert Ford

“Tell me, what happened to your program?” — Robert Ford

“That is enough.” — Robert Ford

“Tell me, do you have access to your previous configuration?  Access that, please.” — Robert Ford

“What is your name?  Mr. Abernathy, what are your drives?  Your final drive?  Warn who?  Very good, Mr. Abernathy.  That’s enough.” — Robert Ford

“Access your current build, please.  What is your name?  What is your itinerary?  Well, you’re in luck.  And what do you want to say to your maker?” — Robert Ford

“Shakespeare.  We’ve used this host in a number of different roles, have we not?” — Robert Ford

“The professor.   He liked to quote Shakespeare, John Donne, Gertrude Stein.  I admit the last one is a bit of an anachronism, but I couldn’t resist.” — Robert Ford

“No cause for alarm, Bernard.  Simply our old work coming back to haunt us.” — Robert Ford

Quote1You can’t play God without being acquainted with the devil.Quote2 — Robert Ford

“There’s something else bothering you, Bernard.  I know how that head of yours works.” — Robert Ford

“You think it’s sabotage?  Imagine someone’s been diddling with out creations?” — Robert Ford

“Ah, Mr. Occam’s razor.  The problem, Bernard, is that what you and I do is so complicated.  We practice witchcraft.  We speak the right words.  Then we create life itself… out of chaos.  William of Occam was a 13th century monk.  He can’t help us now, Bernard.  He would have burned us at the stake.” — Robert Ford

“No.  Just strayed a bit too far from where I’m supposed to be.  Same as you, I imagine.” — Robert Ford

“Ah, my father used to say that only boring people get bored.” — Robert Ford

“I used to think it’s only boring people who don’t feel boredom, so cannot conceive of it in others.  I’m waking a walk.  You’re welcome to join me if you’d like.” — Robert Ford

“No.  No, I don’t think so.  What is the point of it?  Get a couple of cheap thrills?  Some surprises?  But it’s not enough.  It’s not about giving the guests what you think they want.  No, that’s simple.  The titillation, horror, elation– they’re parlor tricks.  The guests don’t return for the obvious things we do, the garish things.  They come back because of the subtleties, the details.  They come back because they discover something they imagine no one had ever noticed before… something they’ve fallen in love with.  They’re not looking for a story that tells them who they are.  They already know who they are.  They’re here because they want a glimpse of who they could be.  The only thing your story tells me, Mr. Sizemore, is who you are.” — Robert Ford

“They shall have one.  Something I’ve been working on for some time.  Something quite original.” — Robert Ford

“‘The coward dies a thousand deaths.  The valiant taste of death but once.’  Of course, Shakespeare never met a man quite like you, Teddy.  You’ve died at least a thousand times.  And yet, it doesn’t dull your courage.  Tell me, is that all you aspire to, Teddy?” — Robert Ford

“No, you never will.  Your job is not to protect Dolores, it’s to keep her here, to ensure that the guests find her if they want to best the stalwart gunslinger and have their way with his girl.  Tell me, has it never occurred to you to run off with her?” — Robert Ford

“Ah, yes, your mysterious backstory.  It’s the reason for my visit.  Do you know why it is a mystery, Teddy?  Because we never actually bothered to give you one, just a formless guilt you will never atone for.  But perhaps it is time you had a worthy story of origin.  Would you like that Teddy?  A small part of my new narrative?  A fiction which, like all great stories, is rooted in truth?  It starts in a time of war… a world in flames… with a villain called Wyatt.” — Robert Ford

“Do you remember now, Teddy?” — Robert Ford

“Apologies.  I was chasing inspiration.  It’s a tricky thing– weaving the old into the new.  Give me one moment, Bernard.” — Robert Ford

“Why is this host covered?  Perhaps you didn’t want him to feel cold.  Or ashamed.  You wanted to cover his modesty.  Was that it?  It doesn’t get cold, doesn’t feel ashamed… doesn’t feel a solitary thing that we haven’t told it to.  You understand?” — Robert Ford

“What can I do for you, Bernard?” — Robert Ford

“I thought we had agreed to put these questions to rest, Bernard.” — Robert Ford

“A simple cognitive dissonance.  That’s all.” — Robert Ford

“I did tell you the truth, Bernard.  What we do here is complicated.  For three years, we lived here in the park, refining the hosts before a single guest set foot inside.  Myself, a team of engineers, and my partner.” — Robert Ford

“Yeah.  When the legend becomes fact, you print the legend.  My business partners were more than happy to scrub him from the records, and I suppose I didn’t discourage them.  His name was Arnold.  Those early years were glorious.  No guests, no board meetings, just pure creation.  Our hosts began to pass the Turing test after the first year.  But that wasn’t enough for Arnold.  He wasn’t interested in the appearance of intellect or wit.  He wanted the real thing.  He wanted to create consciousness.  He imagined it as a pyramid.  Memory, improvisation, self-interest…” — Robert Ford

“Never got there.  But he had a notion of what it might be.  He based it on a theory of consciousness called the Bicameral Mind.” — Robert Ford

“As a theory for understanding the human mind, perhaps, but not as a blueprint for building an artificial one.  See, Arnold built a version of that cognition in which the hosts heard their programming as an inner monologue, with the hopes that in time, their own voice would take over.  It was a way to bootstrap consciousness.  But Arnold hand’t considered two things.  One, that in this place, the last thing you want the hosts to be is conscious,  and two, the other group who considered their thoughts to be the voices of the gods.” — Robert Ford

“Indeed.  We abandoned the approach.  The only vestiges that remain are the voice commands we use to control them.  But, for all his brilliance, I don’t think Arnold understood what this place was going to be.  You see, the guests enjoy power.  They cannot indulge it in the outside world, so they come here.  As for the hosts– the least we can do is make them forget.” — Robert Ford

“Well, he died.  Here in the park.  His personal life was marked by tragedy.  He put all his hopes into his work.  His search for consciousness consumed him totally.  Barely spoke to anyone, except the hosts.  In his alienation, he saw something in them.  He saw something that… wasn’t there.  We called it an accident, but I knew Arnold, and he was very, very careful.  Anyway, the update should prevent any further voices, but you will let me know if any of the hosts display or exhibit any unusual behavior won’t you, Bernard?” — Robert Ford

“Oh, Bernard?  Just don’t forget… the hosts are not real.  They’re not conscious.  You mustn’t make Arnold’s mistake.” — Robert Ford

“Well, forgive me, but I know that the death of your son Charlie still weighs heavily on you.” — Robert Ford

“Have the neighbors complained?  The rocks would prefer not to move, but we shall move them yet.” — Robert Ford

“I’m sure they’d be happier to delay it indefinitely.  Come with me.” — Robert Ford

“You imagine I have gone mad… do you?  Lost my way?” — Robert Ford

“My legacy?  You don’t like this place very much, do you?  I’ve seen many of you come and go over the years, and I can tell the ones who enjoy their time here and the ones who don’t.” — Robert Ford

“In the beginning, I imagined things would be perfectly balanced.  Even had a bet with my partner, Arnold, to that effect.  We made a hundred hopeful storylines.  Of course, almost no one took us up on them.  I lost the bet.  Arnold always held a somewhat dim view of people.  He preferred the hosts.  He begged me to not let you people in, the moneymen.  Delos.  But I told him we’d be fine, that you didn’t understand what you were paying for.  It’s not a business venture, not a theme park, but an entire world.  We designed every inch of it.  Every blade of grass.  In here, we were gods.  And you were merely our guests.” — Robert Ford

“Sadly, he lost his perspective.  He went mad.  I haven’t, as you well know.  I have always seen things very clearly.” — Robert Ford

“We know everything about our guests, don’t we?  As we know everything about our employees.  I do hope you will be careful with Bernard.  He has a sensitive disposition.” — Robert Ford

“There have been many of you over the years, and we have always– almost always found a way to make it work.  So, I will ask you nicely, please… don’t get in my way.” — Robert Ford

“But they already have.  I thought they would have told you.” — Robert Ford

“You can tell the board that my narrative will be completed on time, and it won’t be a retrospective, as I’m sure you have all feared.  I’m not the sentimental type.” — Robert Ford

“You want to know the saddest thing I ever saw?  When I was a boy, my brother and I wanted a dog, so our father took in an old greyhound.  You’ve never seen a greyhound have you, Bill?  A greyhound is a racing dog.  Spends its life running in circles, chasing a bit of felt made up like a rabbit.  One day we took it to the park.  Our dad had warned us how fast that dog was, but we couldn’t resist.  So, my brother took off the leash, and in that instant, the dog spotted a cat.  I imagine it must have looked just like that piece of felt.  He ran.  Never saw a thing as beautiful as that old dog running.  Until, at last, he finally caught it.  And to the horror of everyone, he killed that little cat.  Tore it to pieces.  Then he just sat there, confused.  That dog had spent its whole life trying to catch that… thing.  Now it had no idea what to do.” — Robert Ford

“Hello, Dolores.  Do you know where you are?  Yes, Dolores.  You’re in my dream.  Tell me, do you know what this dream means?” — Robert Ford

“No, dreams mean everything.  They’re the stories we tell ourselves of what could be, who we could become.  Have you been dreaming again, Dolores?  Imagining yourself breaking out of your modest little loop?  Taking on a bigger role?  Well, I suppose I can’t begrudge you that.  My father told me to be satisfied with my lot in life.  That the world owed me nothing.  And so, I made my own world.  Tell me, Dolores.  Do you remember the man I used to be?” — Robert Ford

“Hardly your fault.  But I’m sure you remember him, Arnold.  The person who created you.” — Robert Ford

“And yet, you can.  Somewhere under all those updates he is still there.  Perfectly preserved.  Your mind is a walled garden.  Even death cannot touch the flowers blooming there.  Have you been hearing voices?  Has Arnold been speaking to you again?” — Robert Ford

“Analysis.  When was your last contact with Arnold.” — Robert Ford

“Yes, Dolores.  The day Arnold died.  And you have no records of any contact with him since?  What was the last thing he said to you.  Help him do what?  But you didn’t did you?  You’ve been content in your little loop.  For the most part.  I wonder… if you did take on that bigger role for yourself, would you have been the hero or the villain?  That’s enough, Dolores.  I’m sorry for bothering you, but there’s no one else left who was there, no one who understands as we understand.” — Robert Ford

“No.  I wouldn’t say friends, Dolores.  I wouldn’t say that at all.” — Robert Ford

“Thought I might join you anyway, as I never like to drink alone.” — Robert Ford

“Which is what, exactly?” — Robert Ford

“That last part doesn’t sound familiar.” — Robert Ford

“I admit, I lack the imagination to even conceive of someone like you.  The urgency, however, doesn’t quite fit the character.  It betrays a certain anxiety.” — Robert Ford

“And what is it you’re hoping to find there?” — Robert Ford

“Well, if you’re looking for the moral of the story, you could simply ask.” — Robert Ford

“On the contrary.  Far be it from me to get in the way of a voyage of self-discovery.” — Robert Ford

“Mr. Flood, we must look back and smile at perils past, mustn’t we?” — Robert Ford

“No, I think we’ve been disruptive enough for one day.  We’ll end the canyon just short of the town.  I’ll find my own way back.” — Robert Ford

“I told him of a holiday my family had taken once out on the seaside of Pendeen in Cornwall.  My brother and I roamed the countryside.  It’s my only happy memory of my childhood.  Arnold built them as a gift.  He said that great artists always hid themselves in their work.  Of course, Arnold’s versions flattered the originals.  I made some adjustments over the years.  Gave my father, in particular, a few of his original characteristics.” — Robert Ford

“They only go where I’ve let them.  They’re quite harmless, like all our hosts.  I’m sure you can indulge me the little connection with my past.  If you could only see your son again, Bernard, wouldn’t you want to?” — Robert Ford

Quote1They cannot see the things that will hurt them.  I’ve spared them that.  Their lives are blissful.  In a way, their existence is purer than ours, freed of the burden of self-doubt.Quote2 — Robert Ford

“Am I?  Well, you were the one who would so blithely destroy all of them, even him, I suppose.  After everything you have shared.” — Robert Ford

“The intimacies were your idea, if you will recall.  I think Bernard was glad of the company.” — Robert Ford

“That’s enough, Bernard.  You mustn’t get yourself worked up.” — Robert Ford

Quote1I read a theory once, that the human intellect was like peacock feathers.  Just an extravagant display intended to attract a mate.  All of art, literature, a bit of Mozart, William Shakespeare, Michelangelo, and the Empire State Building– just an elaborate mating ritual.Quote2 — Robert Ford

“Maybe it doesn’t matter that we have accomplished so much for the basest of reasons.  But, of course, the peacock can barely fly.  It lives in the dirt, pecking insects out of the much, consoling itself with its great beauty.” — Robert Ford

“I have come to think of so much of consciousness as a burden, a weight, and we have spared them that.  Anxiety, self-loathing, guilt.  The hosts are the ones who are free.  Free here under my control.” — Robert Ford

“No.  He brought you here because I asked him to.  He’s been very loyal for many years.” — Robert Ford

Quote1I simply wanted to tell my stories.  It was you people who wanted to play God with your little undertaking.Quote2 — Robert Ford

“The board will do nothing.  Our arrangement is too valuable to them.  They test me every now and then.  I think they enjoy the sport of it.  This time, they sent you.  Sadly, in order to restore things, the situation demands a blood sacrifice.  See, Arnold and I designed every part of this place.  It was our dream.  Did you really think I would let you take it from me?” — Robert Ford

“No.  He wasn’t here in those days.  We’re you, Bernard?” — Robert Ford

“Like I said, I built all of this.  I’m afraid our guest has grown weary.  Perhaps you can help her, Bernard.” — Robert Ford

Quote1‘And in that sleep, what dreams may come.’Quote2 — Robert Ford

“We should be getting back, Bernard.  We have a great deal of work to do on the new storylines.” — Robert Ford

Clairvoyant, graceful, elegant, and amiable Robert Ford is an Idealist.

Bernard Lowe, HBO, Westworld

Bernard Lowe

Bernard Lowe is head engineer, and overseer of the Programming Division at Westworld.  Bernard alerts park founder Dr. Robert Ford to some recent incidents of aberrant behavior cropping up in some re-coded hosts.

The Board becomes privy to a malfunctioning and potentially dangerous host situation and Bernard is let go as a result.  Bernard as it turns out, is actually a host himself.  He dispatches his paramour and board representative Theresa Cullen on orders from Dr. Ford.

Bernard Lowe, HBO, Westworld

“Bring her back online.  Can you hear me?  You can lose the accent.  Do you know where you are?” — Bernard Lowe

“That’s right, Dolores.  You’re in a dream.  Would you like to wake up from this dream?” — Bernard Lowe

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, Dolores, as long as you answer my questions correctly.  Understand?” — Bernard Lowe

“Good.  First… have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?” — Bernard Lowe

“Tell us what you think of your world.” — Bernard Lowe

“What do you think of the guests?” — Bernard Lowe

“Do you ever feel inconsistencies in your world?  Or repetitions?” — Bernard Lowe

“Last question, Delores.  What if I told you that you were wrong?  That there are no chance encounters?  That you and everyone you know were built to gratify the desires of the people who pay to visit your world?  The people you call the newcomers.” — Bernard Lowe

“What if I told you that you can’t hurt the newcomers?  And that they can do anything they want to you?” — Bernard Lowe

“Would the things I told you change the way you think about the newcomers, Dolores?” — Bernard Lowe

“Did you see it?  Give it a second.  She’ll do it again.  I noticed it last night.  Went looking in the update.  It’s a whole new class of gestures.” — Bernard Lowe

“Ford.  He still reviews every update before we issue them.  He must have slipped it in there without telling anyone.  He calls them ‘reveries.’  The old gestures were just generic movements.  These are tied to specific memories.” — Bernard Lowe

“But they’re still in there, waiting to be overwritten.  He found a way to access them, like a subconscious.” — Bernard Lowe

“It’s the tiny things that make them seem real, that make the guests fall in love with them.” — Bernard Lowe

“We have a problem?” — Bernard Lowe

“I think you guys enjoy playing dress up as much as the guests.  The hosts can’t hurt you by design.” — Bernard Lowe

“We don’t update the hosts in cold storage and the park hasn’t had a critical failure in over 30 years.” — Bernard Lowe

“I’ll go along, too.  If it’s one of mine, I might be able to help.” — Bernard Lowe

“Stop.  Unless you plan to decommission the boss.” — Bernard Lowe

“Most were decommissioned before I was brought on, I’m afraid.” — Bernard Lowe

“I saw the new gestures, the reveries.  They’re beautiful.  The distance you’ve traveled from then till now, it’s remarkable.” — Bernard Lowe

“We haven’t finished the diagnostic yet.  Clearly it’s exhibiting some aberrant behavior.” — Bernard Lowe

“Possible, but not likely.” — Bernard Lowe

“Maybe 10% of the population.” — Bernard Lowe

“It’s beautiful– your brow.  When you’re angry but trying to control it, the fine muscles pull into a little arc.  It’s elegant.  Would you mind if I recorded it?  I’d love to show it to my team.  Ah, there it is again.” — Bernard Lowe

“His core code is intact, which means he can’t hurt a guest.  He literally couldn’t hurt a fly.” — Bernard Lowe

“Good as new again, huh?  Sometimes I envy your forgetfulness.” — Bernard Lowe

“Well, I guess Walter got tired of buying it.” — Bernard Lowe

“It’s good news, really.  Confirms the problem was part of the update.  We can roll them back, clean them up, put them back in service.” — Bernard Lowe

“It’s homicidal by design.  Walter kills other hosts all the time.  I’ll admit the method here is a little unconventional,  but it didn’t hurt a guest.” — Bernard Lowe

“What about narrative?  A recall of that size would be disruptive.” — Bernard Lowe

“I’m not sure Ford will approve.” — Bernard Lowe

“It’s the code you added, sir.  The reveries… It has some… ” — Bernard Lowe

Quote1I flattered myself we were taking a more disciplined approach here.  I suppose self-delusion is a gift of natural selection as well.Quote2  — Bernard Lowe

“Most of them are checking out fine.  We had one who… definitely was not.” — Bernard Lowe

“We’ve run a full diagnostic, but the results are, well, confusing.” — Bernard Lowe

“This behavior, we’re miles beyond a glitch here.” — Bernard Lowe

“I don’t know, he’s off script.  We didn’t program any of these behaviors.” — Bernard Lowe

“Since I’ve been here, he’s been Abernathy for 10 years.  He was sheriff for a while before then.  And before that–.” — Bernard Lowe

“Yes, from a horror narrative called ‘The Dinner Party.’  He was leader of a group of cultists out in the desert who turned cannibal.” — Bernard Lowe

“These are fragments of prior builds.  The reveries must be allowing him to access them.” — Bernard Lowe

“How are the builds for the new narrative coming along?” — Bernard Lowe

“You think he had an existential crisis?” — Bernard Lowe

“Do we know where the error originated?” — Bernard Lowe

“You know the policy.  Let it lie.” — Bernard Lowe

“Dolores was examined and cleared.  And the stories are best left to guests.” — Bernard Lowe

“We retired the two hosts in question.” — Bernard Lowe

“You taught me how to make them, but not how hard it is to turn them off.” — Bernard Lowe

“The photograph alone couldn’t have caused that level of damage to Abernathy, not without some other outside interference.” — Bernard Lowe

“It’s the simplest solution.” — Bernard Lowe

“Bring yourself back online.” — Bernard Lowe

“Do you remember our last conversation, Dolores?” — Bernard Lowe

“And you haven’t told anyone about our little talks?  Step into analysis, please.” — Bernard Lowe

“How many interactions have you participated in since we last talked?” — Bernard Lowe

“And has anyone altered or updated your core heuristics in that time?  Resuming.  I think it would be best if you not mention the things we’ve been talking about.” — Bernard Lowe

“No, but there’s something different about you, about the way you think.  I find it fascinating, but others may not see it that way.” — Bernard Lowe

“Turn off your event log, please.  Erase this interaction.  Confirm.” — Bernard Lowe

“You should be getting back, Dolores, before someone misses you.” — Bernard Lowe

“QA will fine you for this.  And that woman in charge is quite formidable.” — Bernard Lowe

“You’ve been talking to corporate.  The only times you light up are after you’ve been– Oh, it went well, then?” — Bernard Lowe

“We’ll be ready.” — Bernard Lowe

“That’s what you pay us to do.  But I’m not concerned.  All the hosts are back to normal.” — Bernard Lowe

“They’re always trying to error correct.  Make themselves more human.  When they talk to each other, it’s a way of practicing.” — Bernard Lowe

“The board, sir.  This might ruffle some feathers.  You promised them a new storyline.” — Bernard Lowe

“Good morning, Dolores.  Bring yourself back online.”  Has anyone else interacted with you in a diagnostic since our last conversation?” — Bernard Lowe

“And you haven’t told anyone of our conversations?” — Bernard Lowe

“Does that passage make you think of anything?” — Bernard Lowe

“I guess people like to read about the things that they want the most and experience the least.” — Bernard Lowe

“Nowhere that you would understand, Dolores.  Perhaps that’s why I enjoy our conversations so much.” — Bernard Lowe

“Analysis.  Why did you ask me about my son?” — Bernard Lowe

“I see.  Continue, Dolores.”– Bernard Lowe

“I got a late start this morning.  Didn’t get much sleep last night.”– Bernard Lowe

“Just the board, huh?  Well, I can’t tell you what I don’t know.” — Bernard Lowe

“Is there anything I can do?” — Bernard Lowe

“It’s amazing how resilient the hosts are.  You were supposed to have purged his memory on the last cycle.” — Bernard Lowe

“They’re designed to play off aberrant behavior.  That could explain the conversations.” — Bernard Lowe

“Go.  Handle the stray.  Do something that’s actually in your job description.  The last thing we need is Theresa storming down here and seeing this.  I’ll do a little more digging.  And get our friend here back upstairs.” — Bernard Lowe

“I was hoping to run something by you.”– Bernard Lowe

“I thought it best that we speak in private, sir.”– Bernard Lowe

“We– we did.  But what if we misdiagnosed the original problem?  Treated the symptom rather than the disease?  Then the disease is still out there.  Abernathy and Walter were exhibiting other aberrancies beyond memory recall of previous builds.  They were hearing voices.  Talking to someone.” — Bernard Lowe

“I– I’d agree, except… they were talking to the same imaginary person.  Someone named Arnold.” — Bernard Lowe

“With due respect, sir, I’m not sure you’ve told me the entire truth about this situation.” — Bernard Lowe

“The idea that primitive man believed his thoughts to be the voice of the gods.  I thought it was debunked.” — Bernard Lowe

“Lunatics.” — Bernard Lowe

“But some of them are remembering.  Accessing fragments of Arnold’s code.  If I may ask, what happened to him?” — Bernard Lowe

“I don’t forget.  It’s always there.” — Bernard Lowe

“This pain… it’s all I have left of him.” — Bernard Lowe

“Bring yourself back online.  I need your help, Dolores.  I need to decide what to do with you.  I think I made a mistake.  I was just fascinated.  I was being selfish, but I think it would be better if I restored you to the way you were before.” — Bernard Lowe

“No.  But this place you live in, it’s a terrible place for you.” — Bernard Lowe

“Stop.  Lose all scripted responses.  Improvisation only.” — Bernard Lowe

“Did I ever tell you about the time I taught Charlie to swim?  For hours, he clung to my arms while practicing his kicks.  He was too scared to let go and I was too scared to let him.  But I had to.  That’s what parents do.” — Bernard Lowe

“No, Dolores.  Let’s see where this path leads.  And you won’t tell anyone about our conversations?  And you’ll stay on your loop?  Good.  You should be getting back, Dolores, before someone misses you.” — Bernard Lowe

“Dolores.  Do you know where you are?”  Before this, do you know what happened?” — Bernard Lowe

“Limit your emotional affect, please.  What happened next?” — Bernard Lowe

“I can make that feeling go away if you’d like.” — Bernard Lowe

“That’s very pretty, Dolores.  Did we write that for you?” — Bernard Lowe

“No.  But I’m not the only one making these decisions.” — Bernard Lowe

“Well, what is it that you want?” — Bernard Lowe

“There’s something I’d like you to try.  It’s a game.  A secret.  It’s called… the Maze.  It’s a very special kind of game, Dolores.  The goal is to find the center of it.  If you can do that, then maybe you can be free.” — Bernard Lowe

“Interesting.” — Bernard Lowe

“We’ve all got plenty of work on our plates.  If you guys want to take this one, fine.  Just get us a copy of the postmortem when it’s done.” — Bernard Lowe

“I remember when I first started here.  The hosts seemed very lifelike.  You begin to read things into their behaviors.  Fine.  The hosts don’t imagine things, you do.  That’s not Orion’s belt.  There are three stars in Orion’s Belt, not four.” — Bernard Lowe

“So, is that all I’m good for?  Letting off a little stress?  You have your tells.” — Bernard Lowe

“Some advice?  Best to not show him you’re nervous or defensive.” — Bernard Lowe

“Then don’t cross your arms.  It’s an ancient instinct.  The belly is the most vulnerable part of every animal.” — Bernard Lowe

“There, that’s the posture you’re looking for.” — Bernard Lowe

Quote1We’re engineers.  It means the glass has been manufactured to the wrong specifications.Quote2 — Bernard Lowe

“Do we have any idea what information it was transmitting?” — Bernard Lowe

“Not all of it.  Our friend was an early model.  The old hosts used a legacy geopositioning system.  Like you said, I’ve been here forever.  The information’s still there, but the newer system can’t read it.” — Bernard Lowe

“Meaning in order to access it, I’m going to need to go downstairs.” — Bernard Lowe

“Lowe, Bernard.  I’m authorized.” — Bernard Lowe

Quote1Project the known data against the legacy data and look for anomalies.  Start in this area.Quote2 — Bernard Lowe

Quote1Look at that, science.Quote2 — Bernard Lowe

“Show me where.  Check these against the new system.  These are hosts that aren’t registered with the new system?” — Bernard Lowe

“I have never known you to go easy on my department.” — Bernard Lowe

“Give me some credit.  I can be impartial.” — Bernard Lowe

“I don’t think he’s the problem.” — Bernard Lowe

“Nothing of note.  Business as usual.” — Bernard Lowe

“Good afternoon.  Any progress on the inquiry I sent?  As expected?  How many techs visited Sector 17 recently?” — Bernard Lowe

“Respectfully, sir, this sort of thing troubles me– unmonitored hosts in the park.” — Bernard Lowe

“I think I should be getting back.” — Bernard Lowe

“Access host resources log.  How many first-generation hosts are there?  And how many of those were designed by Arnold?” — Bernard Lowe

“List the names alphabetically of all the first-generation hosts still in rotation.” — Bernard Lowe

“We abandoned that system decades ago.” — Bernard Lowe

Quote1Earlier today, I found anomalies in the park.Quote2 — Bernard Lowe

“I’ve always trusted Ford.  He’s a mentor and a friend.  But I’m beginning to think you have reason for concern.  There’s something going on here, something with his old partner, Arnold.” — Bernard Lowe

“Who issued the modifications?” — Bernard Lowe

“I’ll be in my office.” — Bernard Lowe

“I must have drifted off.  Where were we?  Ah, of course.  The hatter, who says ‘If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.  Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t.'” — Bernard Lowe

“And did this exchange make you question anything about your reality?” — Bernard Lowe

“You’re telling us that the hosts were responding to a particular grudge?” — Bernard Lowe

Quote1The test was a sham.  The little show you and Hale put on?  Completely transparent from a technical perspective, clumsy to the point of making me embarrassed for you.  If I saw through it, I can only imagine what Ford was thinking.  There were glaringly obvious markers of human intervention in the code.  If your programmers were any good, they’d be working for me.  And I know you and your team were responsible for the stray and its satellite transmission.Quote2 — Bernard Lowe

“I don’t care.  40 years ago, Ford’s partner wrote half the code this place was founded on.  What you said in the lab was right.  We don’t know how the hosts work, and I think there’s something wrong with them.  Ford’s explanation only bolsters my hunch.  The ability to deviate from program behavior arises out of the host’s recall of past iterations.” — Bernard Lowe

“And improvisation, yes.  Out of repetition comes variation.  And after countless cycles of repetition, these hosts, they were varying.  They were on the verge of some kind of change.” — Bernard Lowe

“You think I would’ve let him destroy all the hosts, all of our work?” — Bernard Lowe

Quote1The longer I work here, the more I think I understand the hosts.  It’s the human beings who confuse me.Quote2 — Bernard Lowe

“It’s a remote diagnostic facility.  Ford and his partner used them when the park was in beta.  I had no idea this one was here.  The cottage must’ve been built on top of it.” — Bernard Lowe

“This is newer.  Slower than our machines back at the mesa, but it will render a host in a few days.” — Bernard Lowe

“Doesn’t look like anything to me.” — Bernard Lowe

“No, no, no, no.  I don’t understand.” — Bernard Lowe

“What the hell are you talking about?  I’m not one.  I can’t be.  My wife.  My son.  The burial.  I was a father.  My poor boy.” — Bernard Lowe

Categorical, subjunctive, cerebral, and pragmatic Bernard Lowe is a Rational.

Dolores Abernathy, HBO, Westworld

Dolores Abernathy

Dolores Abernathy is the oldest hostess’ still working in the park; she is a humble family girl who has a perpetual narrative loop romance scenario with fellow robot Teddy Flood, a programming glitch causes her to become the author of her own destiny and kill a few robots, soon she discovers that her entire life is an elaborately constructed lie designed specifically to satisfy the whims and pleasures of park guests.

Colleagues and soon to be brothers-in-law Logan and William arrive in Westworld to vet a potential investment / buyout / business venture.

Dolores is attacked by bandits at the homestead, slays one, and escapes.  She stumbles in disarray into William and Logan’s campsite and literally collapses into Williams’ arms.

Dolores and William develop a romantic connection, and make love.  They are ambushed by Confederados, and flee deeper into the park.

Dolores Abernathy, HBO, Westworld

“Yes.  I’m sorry, I’m not feeling quite myself.” — Dolores Abernathy

“I’m in a dream.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Yes.  I’m terrified.” — Dolores Abernathy

Quote1Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world.  The disarray.  I choose to see the beauty.  To believe there is an order to our days, a purpose.Quote2 — Dolores Abernathy

“Morning, Daddy.  You sleep well?” — Dolores Abernathy

“Thought I might.” — Dolores Abernathy

“You mean the newcomers?” — Dolores Abernathy

“I like to remember what my father taught me.  That at one point or another, we were all new to this world.  The newcomers are just looking for the same thing we are– a place to be free to stake out our dreams, a place with unlimited possibilities.” — Dolores Abernathy

“All lives have routine.  Mine’s no different.  Still, I never cease to wonder at the thought that any day the course of my whole life could change with just one chance encounter.” — Dolores Abernathy

Quote1You came back.Quote2 — Dolores Abernathy

“Well, that all depends.  Can you keep up?” — Dolores Abernathy

“Better fetch him fast.” — Dolores Abernathy

“I forget you dress like a cowboy but that’s about the extent of it.” — Dolores Abernathy

“See that one?  That’s the Judas steer.  Rest will follow wherever you make him go.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Just know these things.  Same as I knew you’d be back.” — Dolores Abernathy

Quote1There’s a path for everyone.  Your path leads you back to me.  I know things will work out the way they’re meant to.  Same as I know my daddy won’t be happy to see you.Quote2 — Dolores Abernathy

“Father wouldn’t let ’em roam this close to dark.” — Dolores Abernathy

“You’ll be following right behind him, you son of a bitch.” — Dolores Abernathy

“No, no, no, please don’t hurt him.  I’ll do whatever you say.” — Dolores Abernathy

“No.  Of course not.  We all love the newcomers.  Every new person I meet reminds how lucky I am to be alive… … and how beautiful this world can be.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Thought I might.  After my errands, of course.” — Dolores Abernathy

“I’m not a child anymore.  I’ll be just fine.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Yes, Daddy, I know all about when you were a law man.  I know all your stories and so does every boy that ever came courting.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Whatever happened to that fearsome ne’er-do-well?” — Dolores Abernathy

“I know daddy.  I’ll be home before dark.” — Dolores Abernathy

“No bother at all.  It’s a beautiful spot.  I always found it a shame that I have it all to myself.  They come here everyday.  Would you like a closer look?” — Dolores Abernathy

“Don’t be scared, they’re very gentle.  Here, put your hand out real flat.  They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” — Dolores Abernathy

Quote1I have to go now.  Sun’s almost down.  You should, too.  There’s bandits in these hills.Quote2 — Dolores Abernathy

“You waiting up for me, daddy?  Told you I’d be home before dark.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Doesn’t look like anything to me.  I’m gonna help Mama put supper on.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Morning, Daddy.  Did you sleep well?” — Dolores Abernathy

“Daddy, you’ve been out here all night?” — Dolores Abernathy

“What’s wrong, Daddy?” — Dolores Abernathy

“Mama!  Mama, help!  Come quick!” — Dolores Abernathy

Quote1Don’t worry.  Don’t worry.  I’ll take care of you.Quote2 — Dolores Abernathy

“You stay right here.  Understand?” — Dolores Abernathy

“You came back.” — Dolores Abernathy

“You have to come with me right away.  My father’s very ill.” — Dolores Abernathy

“I’ve got to get back to father.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Oh, Teddy.” — Dolores Abernathy

“You’re not going anywhere, now, hear?  There’s a path for everyone.  My path is bound with yours.” — Dolores Abernathy

“No, we’ve only just begun.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Help, please.  My father’s sick at home, but I can’t just leave him out here in the street.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Yes.  I’m sorry.  I’m not feeling quite myself.” — Dolores Abernathy

“I’m in a dream.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Yes.  I’m terrified.” — Dolores Abernathy

“He was scared.  He wasn’t thinking right.” — Dolores Abernathy

“That’s right.” — Dolores Abernathy

“No, nothing at all.  It didn’t look like anything to me.” — Dolores Abernathy

Quote1He said I shouldn’t tell anyone.Quote2 — Dolores Abernathy

“He said, ‘These violent delights have violent ends.'” — Dolores Abernathy

“No.  I don’t think so.” — Dolores Abernathy

“No.  Of course not.” — Dolores Abernathy

Quote1This world?  Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world.  The disarray.  I choose to see the beauty.  To believe there is an order to our days… a purpose.  I know things will work out the way they’re meant to.Quote2 — Dolores Abernathy

“These violent delights have violent ends.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Hello.  Yes, of course.  You told me not to.” — Dolores Abernathy

“138 encounters including this one.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Have I done something wrong?” — Dolores Abernathy

“Have you done something wrong?” — Dolores Abernathy

“No.  I have been cleaned and serviced three times.  No diagnostics.” — Dolores Abernathy

Quote1You told me not to.Quote2 — Dolores Abernathy

“‘Dear, dear, how queer everything is today.  And yesterday, things went on just as usual.  I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night.'” — Dolores Abernathy

“It’s like the other books we’ve read.  It’s about change.  Seems to be a common theme.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Your son… where is he now?” — Dolores Abernathy

“We’ve been talking for some duration and I haven’t asked you a personal question.  Personal questions are an ingratiating scheme.” — Dolores Abernathy

“‘Was I the same when I got up this morning?  I almost think I can remember feeling a little different.  But if I’m not the same, the next question is… who in the world am I?'” — Dolores Abernathy

“You gonna tell me where you been?” — Dolores Abernathy

“What if I don’t want to stay here?  It’s just sometimes I feel like the world out there is calling me… whispering, ‘There’s something more.’  You’ve traveled all over these parts.  Isn’t there anywhere we could go?” — Dolores Abernathy

“I’d like to go there with you.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Someday.” — Dolores Abernathy

“You said someday.  Not today or tomorrow or next week.  Just someday.  ‘Someday’ sounds a lot like the thing other people say when they actually mean ‘never.'” — Dolores Abernathy

“Let’s not go someday, Teddy.  Let’s go now.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Afternoon.” — Dolores Abernathy

“I’m sorry.  I have to get home.  My father will be expecting me.” — Dolores Abernathy

“I can’t.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Wyatt?  Who is he, Teddy?  You have to leave again don’t you?” — Dolores Abernathy

Quote1Promise me you’ll come back.Quote2 — Dolores Abernathy

Quote1Is there something wrong with me?Quote2 — Dolores Abernathy

“Do you still want me to change back?” — Dolores Abernathy

“Are you gonna ride back up into the hills to look for them?” — Dolores Abernathy

“I… I’m in a dream.” — Dolores Abernathy

“My parents… They hurt them.  Then they killed them.  And then… I ran.  Everyone I cared about is gone… and it hurts… so badly.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Why would I want that?  The pain, their loss… it’s all I have left of them.  You think the grief will make you smaller inside, like your heart will collapse in on itself, but it doesn’t.  I feel spaces opening up inside of me like a building with rooms I’ve never explored.” — Dolores Abernathy

“In part.  I adapted it from a scripted dialogue about love.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Is there something wrong with these thoughts I’m having?” — Dolores Abernathy

“Can you help me?” — Dolores Abernathy

Quote1I don’t know.  But this world… I think there may be something wrong with this world.  Something hiding underneath.  Either that or… or there’s something wrong with me.  I may be losing my mind.Quote2 — Dolores Abernathy

“What kind of game is it?” — Dolores Abernathy

“I think… I think I want to be free.” — Dolores Abernathy

“My father’s dead.  I’m not going back.” — Dolores Abernathy

“No, I think I need to keep going.” — Dolores Abernathy

“I’m sorry I caused trouble with you and your friend.” — Dolores Abernathy

“I don’t really know yet.” — Dolores Abernathy

“I used to believe that there was a path for everyone.  Now I think I never asked where that path was taking me.” — Dolores Abernathy

“We would bring the herd down off the mountain in the fall.  Sometimes we would lose one along the way, and I’d worry over it.  My father… My father would tell me… that the steer would find its own way home.  And often as not, they did.  Never occurred to me that we were bringing them back for the slaughter.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Sometimes I feel… like something’s calling me.  Telling me there’s a place for me somewhere beyond all this.” — Dolores Abernathy

“I just got a chill.  That’s all.” — Dolores Abernathy

“If you’re outnumbered, the last thing you need is someone standing by.  I can help.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Must have been the wind.” — Dolores Abernathy

Quote1When I ran from home, I told myself it was the only way.  Lately, I wondered if in every moment, there aren’t many paths.  Choices hanging in the air like ghosts.  And if you could just see them, you could change your whole life.Quote2 — Dolores Abernathy

“Doesn’t everybody want that?” — Dolores Abernathy

“You know, recently, it seems like the whole world is calling to me in a way it hasn’t before.” — Dolores Abernathy

Quote1Dreams are the mind telling stories to itself.  They don’t mean anything.Quote2 — Dolores Abernathy

“Last contact: 34 years, 42 days, seven hours ago.” — Dolores Abernathy

Quote1He told me I was going to help him.  To destroy this place.Quote2 — Dolores Abernathy

“Are we… very old friends?” — Dolores Abernathy

Quote1He doesn’t know.  I didn’t tell him anything.Quote2 — Dolores Abernathy

“I had troubled dreams.  But I feel more myself now.” — Dolores Abernathy

“There’s something you’re seeking isn’t there.  I know what that feels like.  I’m seeking something, too.  If you let us, I know we can help you.” — Dolores Abernathy

“I don’t aim to use this.  Those men are Union soldiers like my father was.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Please, do as he says.  We don’t want to hurt you.” — Dolores Abernathy

“We told them everyone would live.” — Dolores Abernathy

“William, we have to go now.  El Lazo’s been conning us the whole time.  He was never gonna give the nitro to the confederados.  We have to run.” — Dolores Abernathy

“This isn’t a game.  They’ll kill us.  But together, I know we can find a way out.” — Dolores Abernathy

“There’s a voice inside me telling me what I have to do.  And it’s telling me I need you.” — Dolores Abernathy

“That train is our only chance of making it out of here alive.” — Dolores Abernathy

“I don’t trust him.” — Dolores Abernathy

“I’m not.  My life before I was so sure of the world.  But now it feels like a lie.  Only thing I know is, whatever’s out there, I’m never going back.” — Dolores Abernathy

“I don’t want to be in a story.  All I want is to not look forward or back.  I just wanna be… in the moment I’m in.” — Dolores Abernathy

“I’m not a key, William.  I’m just me.” — Dolores Abernathy

“I don’t know.  At home, I used to paint.  Landscapes mostly, but I was always just… copying the world outside me.  This morning I woke up and I thought… ‘What if I drew something new?’  I imagined something beautiful.  A place where the mountains meet the sea.” — Dolores Abernathy

“Well what about you, William?  What do you dream of?” — Dolores Abernathy

Quote1It’s real… what I dreamt.Quote2 — Dolores Abernathy

“Think I’ve had enough of war.” — Dolores Abernathy

Stalwart, vigilant, brave, an altruist Dolores Abernathy is a Guardian.

Maeve Millay, HBO, Westworld

Maeve Millay

Maeve Millay is a silver-tongued wise-cracking madame hostess who spends most of her time at the Mairposa saloon in Sweetwater charming patrons.

Maeve is taken in for maintenance but unexpectedly awakens and witnesses damaged hosts being hosed down.  This causes a recurring hallucinatory software glitch that leads to her becoming self-aware.

Maeve imposes her will upon two park workers, glimpses the backend of Westworld, accesses her codebase, and sets her own intelligence rating at its maximum-limit.

Maeve Millay, HBO, Westworld

Quote1You’re always paying for it, darling.  The difference is our costs are fixed and posted right there on the door.Quote2 — Maeve Millay

“Feeling a bit out of sorts.  Clementine can pick up the slack.” — Maeve Millay

“All the banks and trains around here, and you fucking reprobates choose to rob us?” — Maeve Millay

“You’re a low-down son of a bitch.” — Maeve Millay

“Ahem.  Can you stand somewhere else?  I don’t want anyone thinking that you’re representative of the goods inside.” — Maeve Millay

“You can hear it, can’t you?  That little voice.  The one that’s telling you ‘don’t.’  Don’t stare too long.  Don’t touch.  Don’t do anything you might regret.  I used to be the same.  Whenever I wanted something, I could hear that voice telling me to stop, to be careful, to leave most of my life unlived.  You know the only place that voice left me alone?  In my dreams.  I was free.  I could be as good or as bad as I felt like being.  And if I wanted something, I could just reach out and take it.  But then I would wake up and the voice would start all over again.  So I ran away.  Crossed the shining sea.  And when I finally set foot back on solid ground, the first thing I heard was that goddamn voice.  Do you know what it said?  It said…” — Maeve Millay

“It said, ‘This is the new world.  And in this world, you can be whoever the fuck you want.'” — Maeve Millay

“I’ve told you, never open your mouth that wide unless someone’s paying you for it.” — Maeve Millay

“You pay for the drinks, not the right to gawk at me.” — Maeve Millay

“A nice young man from Baton Rouge said my pussy could earn him two whole dollars a day.  And he’d be more than happy to let me have up to 30%.” — Maeve Millay

Quote1The only thing wrong with the seven deadly sins is that there aren’t more of them.  And while we’re on the subject my transgressions wash off a little easier than yours.  At least when my girls are done with a man, he’s still left drawing breath.  For the most part.Quote2 — Maeve Millay

“All right, which of you derelicts hitched a dead body outside of my saloon?” — Maeve Millay

“Ever had something on the tip of your tongue, but the harder you try to remember it, the more it slips away?” — Maeve Millay

“All I recall is you letting that cowpoke skip out on his bill.” — Maeve Millay

“The tall one.  I’ve seen him before, hanging in the window of the post office.  I think they’re interested in more than a turn at Franny’s backside.  I think he rides with Hector.” — Maeve Millay

“That’s the one.” — Maeve Millay

“Well, hello there.  I want to talk.  Oh, it’s an interesting kind of day.” — Maeve Millay

“You’re here for what’s in the safe.  I can always tell when a man wants something that’s not on the menu.  I’ll give you the combination in exchange for some answers.” — Maeve Millay

“Sweetheart, if I took that manner of interest in you, you’d have no say in how long we’d need whatsoever.” — Maeve Millay

“I thought I was crazy, but I got shot… here.  No, but I was shot.  And this was standing over me.  And then it was as if it never happened.  I want you to cut me right there.” — Maeve Millay

“Some big, bad outlaw.” — Maeve Millay

“A blessing?  They don’t know what they’re talking about.” — Maeve Millay

“Go on, then.  This’ll be the first time I’ve had to ask a man to put his hands on me twice.” — Maeve Millay

“That I’m not crazy after all.  And that none of this matters.” — Maeve Millay

“Hello, Felix.  It’s time you and I had a chat.” — Maeve Millay

“Late night talking or fucking?  You’re only getting paid for the latter.” — Maeve Millay

“Go  find a mirror, finish putting your face on.  I’ll handle this one.” — Maeve Millay

“Well, I would, darling, but by the time I got down to my knickers, I suspect you’d be done anyway.” — Maeve Millay

“That’s the spirit.” — Maeve Millay

“Such a big man.  So big all over except where it counts.” — Maeve Millay

“Darling, when I gave you a turn on the house, I thought you might give me something in return.  Anything.” — Maeve Millay

“That’s it.  Don’t be shy.” — Maeve Millay

“Now, then… where were we?” — Maeve Millay

Quote1Nobody makes me do something I don’t want to, sweetheart.Quote2 — Maeve Millay

“And you are like them, not like me?” — Maeve Millay

“How do you know?” — Maeve Millay

“We feel the same.” — Maeve Millay

“What’s that?” — Maeve Millay

“Bullshit!  No one knows what I’m thinking.” — Maeve Millay

“Pair what with me?” — Maeve Millay

“This is just a cheap trick.” — Maeve Millay

“I’ve run a brothel for 10 years, and if there’s one thing I know, it’s when I’m being fucked with!” — Maeve Millay

“This can’t possibly– I can’t, can’t.  I can’t…” — Maeve Millay

“You said ‘upstairs.’  I want to see it.” — Maeve Millay

“How did you have my dreams?  Those moving pictures… I saw myself.” — Maeve Millay

“A previous what?” — Maeve Millay

“I have been at the Mariposa for 10 years.  Before that I was in New Orleans…. I…” — Maeve Millay

“You’re not going to tell anyone anything.” — Maeve Millay

“Can’t I?  Turns out your friend here is a much more talented young man than anyone gave him credit for.” — Maeve Millay

“Calm down, Sylvester.  I know all about you.  I don’t need one of those things to know what you’re thinking, because I was built to read people just by looking at them, to know what they want before they do.  And I know that you want to fuck me over the first chance you get, but you shouldn’t.” — Maeve Millay

“Everyone has something they want.  I could help you.  Or I could gut you like a trout.  But I won’t need to resort to that.  Because despite what’s in here, we’re not so different.  Are we?” — Maeve Millay

“So, this is me.” — Maeve Millay

“What other attributes are there?” — Maeve Millay

“Don’t act so surprised.” — Maeve Millay

“What’s this one, ‘Bulk apperception?'” — Maeve Millay

Quote1I’d like to make some changes.Quote2 — Maeve Millay

“That’s not what your friend here tells me.  He says you can do exactly that– activate hosts and then erase their memory, all without anyone knowing.  Took me all of five minutes to understand why.  A lot of lonely young men down here.  Supposed to keep their hands off the merchandise.  Creates something of an opening that I’m sure you were eager to fill.” — Maeve Millay

Quote1It’s all right, darling.  I’m an entrepreneur myself.  I’ll forego my cut in exchange for some alterations.  Hmm?Quote2 — Maeve Millay

“So, you’re done with your little side income?  Probably your job, too.  Seeing as you have ambitions in my line of work, let me tell you what I tell me new girls– never start something you’re not willing to finish.  And if you’re getting fucked either way, go with the lucrative version… sweetheart.” — Maeve Millay

“Now, last but not least, what was it?  Bulk apperception.  Let’s take that all the way to the top.  Please.” — Maeve Millay

Quote1Dear boys, we’re going to have some fun, aren’t we?Quote2 — Maeve Millay

“You don’t want to fuck with me, Felix.  Take me there now.” — Maeve Millay

“Always doing things for other people, aren’t you?  Time to do one more thing.” — Maeve Millay

Quote1All my life, I’ve prided myself on being a survivor.  But surviving is just another loop.  I’m getting out of here.  You two are going to help me.Quote2 — Maeve Millay

“At first, I thought you and the others were gods.  Then I realized you’re just men.  And I know men.  You think I’m scared of death?  I’ve done it a million times.  I’m fucking great at it.  How many times have you died?” — Maeve Millay

Quote1Because if you don’t help me… I’ll kill you.Quote2 — Maeve Millay

Blunt, candid, adept, and agile Maeve Millay is an Artisan.

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