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Murder One

HBO original drama The Undoing dropped its 6th and final episode last Sunday November 29th, 2020.

🏙✨#TheUndoing premiere passed 6 million views.

rottentomatoes: 75%

imdb: 8.2

metacritic: 64

Grace Fraser, The Undoing, HBO, Blossom Films, David E. Kelley Productions, HBO Original Programming, Made Up Stories, Nicole Kidman

Grace Fraser

Grace Fraser and her family get wrapped up in a murder investigation outside of Manhattan, New York.

Grace Fraser, The Undoing, HBO, Blossom Films, David E. Kelley Productions, HBO Original Programming, Made Up Stories, Nicole Kidman

“Mm-hmm. What is going on? Oh, God. All right. Why the tie, hmm? Not another funeral? Oh. Oh. Ladies’ tea. Planning the fundraiser. Did I mention you are? We actually don’t give them money. Uh-huh. Which reminds me, we have dinner with him next Thursday. Hey. You need to clean this up. Yeah. Right. Henry? Henry? No more smoothies. You never, ever clean up…” — Grace Fraser

“Morning. Oh. Great. Huh. So you’re back to thinking that he’s, um, that he’s bipolar. Well, I don’t know him. I only know you. This is your third marriage. Isn’t it? No. No, I’m just… I’m not doing that. Reb– Rebecca. I have met few people more discriminating than you. You read 100 Yelp reviews before choosing someone to install your carpet. Am I right? You, your try on 20 pairs of shoes before making a choice. You do background checks on your hair colorist. You did a background check on me, no doubt. You vet everything. Everything. Which is fine. I mean, that’s appropriate. But an attractive man comes along, and shows an interest in you, and judgment be gone. I mean, the day that you met Kevin, you floated into this office. It was an appointment that was made to deal with the anguish of husband number two, only to declare that you’d met husband number three. So, I’m saying… maybe it’s possible… that you’re less of a victim of Kevin’s mood than you are your own. No. I’m not blaming you. I’m just saying there’s a particular type of person that you want to be with, and maybe you’re a little too quick to see that person in the men that you meet, instead of seeing what’s actually there.” — Grace Fraser

“Ugh. Well, I’ll probably never see her again because they hire you to give them the hard truths, and then they fire you for delivering them. Wow. I have some bad news. The, um, the dress code for the fundraiser is fancy-glam. Listen, this is for Henry’s school. If I can tough out a ladies’ tea, you can stomach one fundraiser. For Henry. Anyway, I’m here. Okay? Later, smart ass.” — Grace Fraser

“Hi. Yes. Sorry I’m late. Is she, uh, on the committee? Thanks. Hi. I’m Grace Fraser. Hi. Your baby’s gorgeous. Hello. Boy or girl? Oh. Teresa. I am not doing that. That is not happening. You want to auction Jonathan? Yes! I’m putting him up.” — Grace Fraser

“Hey. Hold on. She was just feeding her child. Like what? No. With the baby? You’re bad.” — Grace Fraser

“It was hostile. It just was. But I don’t blame her. I mean, we were talking about art. We were talking about money. It was, it was pretty vulgar. And she was just trying to say, ‘hey, here I am. I’m a real, real woman. I’m a real mom. I’m struggling, and–‘ I don’t know. Sometimes I think we should move out of the city. No, but don’t you worry sometimes that you’re raising your son in a bubble? Mm. Wow. What about Schenectady, huh? I’ve heard nice things about Schenectady. Yeah. Yep. Manhattan is a lonely place. I mean, when you think about it, we don’t have a lot of close friends. You hate everyone. I don’t. Mm. Mm. Come on. Come in.” — Grace Fraser

“Hi. Yes, yes. Of course. I’m, I’m well. Well, I know that, um… everybody was very happy to have you there. We need all the help we can get. Um, I suppose… because most of the work was already done, and… and you were occupied with your sweet baby. I know.” — Grace Fraser

“She was just standing there. Yeah. I’m all for women being comfortable with their bodies, but it was… weird. St– no. When do you get back? Look at me.” — Grace Fraser

“Just– you’re so bad. Thank you. Thank you. I thought there was gonna be some glam. I didn’t think this much. No, we’re stuck here for a bit. We have to have cocktails with the headmaster first. Come on. Robert. Hi. Dad? Well, thank you for coming. Really? Now? Mm. Absolutely. Hi. What? Who? Oh. We could take it as rude or it could be, ‘while we’re gonna be out of town, happy to let you use our palace.’ She looks a bit uncomfortable. That’s the mom I was telling you about. Mm-hmm. Really? Is she? Come on. Would you stop? Hey. I’ll make it up to you later. You’re so bad. Stop! What? Shush.” — Grace Fraser

“Oh, uh… Elena. Sorry– I… are you okay? Mm. If you ever want to talk… for free, uh… I apologize. I didn’t mean it to sound like that. But if you do ever wanna talk… and please, don’t be intimated. The parents at Reardon can be a little, um… yeah. But… most of them are very kind. They’re… they are nice people. Kind people and… Elena? Oh. I have a car. My driver could take you, if you want. Please. Are you sure? Oh, hey. It’s all right.” — Grace Fraser

Jonathan Fraser, The Undoing, HBO, Blossom Films, David E. Kelley Productions, HBO Original Programming, Made Up Stories, Hugh Grant
Jonathan Fraser, The Undoing, HBO, Blossom Films, David E. Kelley Productions, HBO Original Programming, Made Up Stories, Hugh Grant

Jonathan Fraser

“It’s crap. It’s cra– could you just turn that down a bit? Please. I’m trying to concentrate… on a very delicate operation, here. Well, that’s a pathetic excuse. Just turn it down, anyway. Yeah. Yes? Oh, God– no, no– listen, Hen. We’re not having– tell him. Tell him. It’s the dog thing again. We can’t have a dog because as I’ve said before, all dogs make my throat close up, so no air gets to my lungs, which makes me die. So it’s– it’s undesirable. Think of another pet. You know, you can have a, a cat or a hamster. Or– I don’t know what kids have these days. Have, have a vampire bat. That’s a promise. That’s a low blow. That will happen. It will happen. Help me, please. I don’t know why I’m suddenly six years old. It’s the Turd’s idea. And no, no. Not all my patients die. Why are you so dressed up? What’s his name? Oh, school auction. Did I mention I’m not going? I think you’ll find I’m not, my love. Isn’t it enough we give them tons of money anyway? Well, your dad does, which is very sweet of him. Right. So I have Reardon and your dad in the same week. I’m just the luckiest girl in New York. Well, do you like Reardon? You, you like your school? And I love it. Go on, kiss your mom. We have to go. No, no, I want to kiss you. I like this.”

“All right, here’s a questions and don’t lie. Did you, in fact, practice that thing at all this week? Because I heard nothing. Really? He actually said that, did he? Well, is it possible that, as your mom might say– you’re actually projecting that sentiment. Because somewhere deep down, in the bowels of your teenage psyche, you actually want to give up. Okay, well, that’s great then. You know, Rosenbaum, he’s an unhappy man. It is never a good idea to take measure of ourselves through the eyes of the joyless. Beg your pardon? Do I seem stressed a lot? Huh. Brilliant. Well, now– now I’m stressed about being stressed, so… thank you very much. You don’t, you don’t play your violin for Rosenbaum, anyway. You owe him your respect and your hard work, but in the end, your relationship with song is between you and your music. Right. And you’re brilliant, okay? So fuck Rosenbaum. Take your violin, and shove it up his Rosen-bum cheeks okay?”

“Well, just up your prices. The more exclusive you seem, the more she’ll come begging. I’m not wearing a tux. I will do it. But not for Henry’s school. I will do it for you. Because you’re hot. Yeah, later. Bye.”

“Said the most New York person I’ve ever met in my life. I thought that was the whole essence of modern parenting, isn’t it? Keep them protected from reality as long as possible so that when they finally emerge, they can’t cope and end up self-harming. I thought we were doing really well at that. It sounds horrible. Even phonetically. So, is this a serious conversation? Well, that’s only ’cause we hate everyone. I wouldn’t call us isolated. Our days are stuffed with people and their problems. I mean, we’re right up close with them at their most vulnerable. It’s not a conventional social life, but in terms of meaningful human interaction, I would say we did very well. I don’t like you being lonely. You lonely in there? Would you like some company? Would you like to be washed? Grace, Dr. Fraser, with his magic hands. Shall I get my rubber gloves? I’m coming, Grace.”

“Naked. Good weird? Were you a little bit… aroused? Oh, Christ. We’re nearly there. The sooner we can get out, the better. Look, I’ve got that early flight to Cleveland. Possibly tomorrow night, if I can get away, but you know, I do hate to forfeit my Hyatt reward points. And that’s how you get the complimentary breakfast, Grace. Okay, here we are. Slump, dread, sob… despair– mm. I’m very proud of my wife. Come on.”

“Oh, Christ. They’re coming. Oh. Sorry. Sorry! Couldn’t face it. Profound, and existential dread. Thank you. Thank God. Thank you. I love you very much. Ugh. Can we hide? Let’s go and pretend to be interested in those Hockney’s, mm? Oh, Christ. Hey. There you are. Franklin. I am. Uh, very surprising. Thank you. Franklin. Oh, she can, I promise you. Oh, that’s her? The nudist? Am I missing something? Uh, yeah. I think she is. Is that enough? We’ve put in an appearance. Can we go? Make it up to me now. Let’s find a room. They must have a few. Come on. In Suki’s closet. In Suki’s clothes. Both of us. Make an Englishman happy. Come on. Aah. You know what I love about this? You could never tell they were rich. It’s all so classy and understated. Just enough to invite them to the party.”

Henry Fraser, The Undoing, HBO, Blossom Films, David E. Kelley Productions, HBO Original Programming, Made Up Stories, Noah Jupe
Henry Fraser, The Undoing, HBO, Blossom Films, David E. Kelley Productions, HBO Original Programming, Made Up Stories, Noah Jupe

Henry Fraser

“What? Blender don’t have volume control. Dad. I did some research last night. On golden doodles. And they don’t shed. They’re hypoallergenic. They’re really, really, really cute. But why, dad? But– is that a promise? Like the, the promise of… a road trip, too? Just you and me? Will it? Shit, my violin! Don’t you like Reardon? Yeah. Mom– no, I’m not kidding mom. You do it. What?”

“No, I practiced. Yeah. I swear. Do you know, he doesn’t think I’m any good. Mr. Rosenbaum. No. It’s not that he says it. It just– he used to say a lot more good stuff. I mean, sometimes with the looks he gives me, I-I think he wants me to quit. I don’t want to give up. I love violin. Well, you can be joyless. Yeah. You can be joyless when you’re– when you’re stressed. Some… lately. You’re welcome. Got it. I’m telling mom you said that. Dad…”


“Morning. Rebecca Harkness has arrived way too early.”


“It just doesn’t make any sense to me. One minute, he’s attentive, loving. The next minute, he’s borderline abusive. I get both swings last night. The full pendulum. And fucking forbid I call him bipolar. I mean… fucking forbid! I don’t know. The mood swings… what do you think? Meaning? Do not give me that look. So, what, we’re keeping score? Okay, this is going somewhere, and I’m not exactly sure where, other than a direction not in my favor. So just say it. Say it! I pay you. Say it. But… no. That is not what is happening. So, excuse me, this is my fault? It is. You’re blaming me.”

Spensers House Staff

“Come in. Let me take your coat. They’re waiting for you upstairs. Oh.”

Sally Maybury, The Undoing, HBO, Blossom Films, David E. Kelley Productions, HBO Original Programming, Made Up Stories, Janel Moloney

Sally Maybury

“Hello! Not a problem. We have a new mom. A Scholarship. She brought her infant. She’s changing in the bathroom. You look fabulous. Well, we have over 200 people confirmed coming. That’s a record. Thanks to the Spensers lending us their home. I did a walk-through yesterday. Oh, my God. Mm. Did you see the David Hockneys? Two of them, on facing walls in the dining room. Oh, I’ll get there. Maybe Monday night, with any luck. We got four separate stays in the Hamptons. A pair in Vail and Aspen. A cooking lesson at Tribeca for eight. You never know how much those go for? We have a bunch of consults. A college admissions counselor. A pre-school admissions counselor. A genealogist that’ll come to your house. That could actually go. Why not? ‘Do I hear $500 on saving your marriage?’ Grace, you know what would be awesome? I think Jonathan would be a huge get. Well… uh, Grace’s husband is a doctor. He was featured in ‘New York’ magazine. I don’t really get Chagall.”

“You’re not gonna fucking believe this. They’re not even here. The Spensers. Can’t you ever just not be nice? Actually, she seems okay. Like Pavlov’s dogs. Grace, I think she might be looking at you.”

“Hi. We’re ready to start. Welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m Sally Maybury, head of the auction committee, for our wonderful Reardon School! We have a positively fabulous afternoon in store for you. Now, some of you might be thinking, ‘don’t I already pay enough in tuition?’ Yes. Of course you do. Yes, I feel the same way. But, it is our responsibility to make sure that Reardon can accept the students it wants to accept, and that those students are able to attend, despite their financial circumstances, ensuring that the name Reardon is always synonymous with… diversity! And of course, we have to make sure that our teachers are so well paid that we do not lose them to other schools. We love our teachers at Reardon! Woo! Okay, now, Diane Porter is gonna start the party. Let’s go! Woo!”

Jolene McCall, The Undoing, HBO, Blossom Films, David E. Kelley Productions, HBO Original Programming, Made Up Stories, Fala Chen

Jolene McCall

“Oh, hi, Grace. I thought you got the guy from Sotheby’s. That you even have the time with two kids. I have twins. So regret it. I mean, they’re so much work, right? Kathy Sennot got one. Did not work. I don’t see any artists. Where are the artists. Uh, 500, and I will throw in my husband. Me. One minute he’s a modernist. Then it’s stained glass. The guy’s all over the place. If he were alive today, they’d put him on Prozac…”

“Ugh. Our lactator-in-chief. I want those boobs.”

Diane Porter

“Hi. All right, we should get going here. No, he dropped out. We’ll be fine. I’ve done this before.”

“Okay, come on, folks. The auction’s tomorrow. Yes. And what about Suki’s closet? Okay, let’s do this. Okay! All right. Here we go.”

“Before we turn to our scheduled items for bid… this may look like an ordinary glass of tap water, but it is much more than that. This is very special water that will serve to prime the pipes to your generously deep pockets. What is the value, you may ask, of an ordinary glass of tap water? That depends. What is the value of your children’s education? The value of his or her teachers? The opportunity of the less fortunate to enjoy the privilege of your offspring. Who will bid $1,000 for this glass of water? Who is gonna stand up and clang that bell? $1,000! Thank you. Money for our kids. 2,000! 5,000 right here… 8,000, right here! 10,000! All right, our next item… Knicks tickets. Wow. You can rub elbows with Spike Lee. Pitch him your idea for a new movie. Hey, you never know. They might even win the game. All right. Who’s gonna take these tickets off my hands? Let’s start the bidding at 1,500. 1,500, right here. 2,000, in the front. 2,500. Do I hear 3,000? 3,000 over here. 35? 4,000, near the piano. $6,000! Going once, going twice… yours, for–“

Amanda Emory

“Uh, wants to be an involved parent. Because you’re so quick to disapprove. Elena has a boy in fourth grade? You said his name was Miguel? Are you kidding? We’re happy to get all the help we can. Jolene! There’s a lot of stuff here. Yes! Stem-cell facelift. A does anybody really believe in those? Grace, maybe you could donate a therapy session. A private, after-hours tour at the Guggenheim. They’re doing the Salon de la Rose Croix. You know, I was just there on Tuesday for the Chagall exhibit. I swear, I actually felt light-headed. I mean, who doesn’t get Chagall?”

“You hear these fucks didn’t show? You know, we should go talk to her. She must be feeling so awkward. Look at the men. Woo!”

Slyvia Steinetz

“Hi. Hi, hi. Sorry. Hey. Did any of you even know that she was coming? I mean I’m usually the first one to learn of anything. People can’t wait to tell me stuff. Well, exactly. She’s a bit nervous. She’s back to being the auctioneer.”

“I love your eyelashes. Okay, let’s, uh… let’s rank the items. We’ll start with the least expensive. Work our way up to the… the big tickets. Are you saying we can’t scratch up one lousy playwright in all of New York City? He’s an oncologist, Sally. Who’s gonna bid on cancer?

“Tell me that wasn’t odd. My God! Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. There was definitely something more going on. Excuse me. Like she was… point! Point your foot! Like she was being passive-aggressive about it. You didn’t get that? You know, I’ve seen her at the school before. Sitting across the street on one of those benches. After she drops her son off, she just sits there. Well now with the baby. Before when she was pregnant. She wouldn’t even be reading a book. I feel like telling her, ‘you live in New York. It is a crime not to be frantically busy.’ Who just… sits around quietly? What an unfathomable state of being. Albeit with… spectacular breasts. Oh, my God. They were beautiful. Up, up, up, up, up. Up, up, tall. Get your– tall. Shoulders down. Shoulders down. Stop smiling. Stop smiling!”

“Hello. Hi. Hi, hi. It’s a fabulous turnout. I was worried that people wouldn’t show, and it seems that absolutely everybody is here, so we can relax. There she is. Mm, maybe better than okay. Well, here you all are. I think they’d like to get started. It’s bidding time. Start herding the people.”

Elena Alves

“Sorry! Hi. Hi. Elena Alves. Nice to meet you. Yeah, yeah. Thank you. Girl. Teresa. Thank you so much for letting me join. Oh.”

“Grace? Elena. We met at the fundraiser committee. How are you? Good. Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome. The other women… I don’t know, I felt like an intruder. But you made me feel so at home. So… thank you. How can I help? ‘Cause nobody actually made me do anything. Yeah. But I want to be a part of it. At school. I really do. I really do.”

“Sorry. I’m sorry. ‘Cause sometimes I just feel… overwhelmed. And lost. I… do you ever feel that? You’re so kind. Thank you. Yeah. But you are the most kind. It’s true. I feel it. Thank you. Oh, hi. I’m going home ’cause I forgot to pump, and it’s getting a bit uncomfortable. Oh. Oh, no, I’m… I’m in Harlem, so it’ll be faster to take the subway. Yeah. I’m sure. But thank you. Thank you. For your kindness.”

Fernando Alves

“Elena, what’s wrong?”

Reardon Fundraiser Attendee

“Hold the elevator!”

Reardon Fundraiser Attendant

“Hi. May I take your coat? Thank you. Thanks.”

Reardon Fundraiser Attendant 2


Reardon Fundraiser Attendee 2

“Damn right!”

Reardon Headmaster Robert

“Grace. Jonathan. Oh, thank you both so much for coming. It’s a– Franklin. Such an honor and a privilege, sir. Yes, I did.”

Reardon Fundraiser Crowd

“Aw… 1,000! 2,000! 3,000…. eight! I bid 10! Yeah. Right here.”

Franklin Reinhardt

“Hello. You left out ‘thrill.’ I’m not coming. I’m going. I bid on the silent auction. I’m apt to win one of Henry Ford’s original dipsticks. Jonathan. You’re looking well. Dinner Thursday? Hi, darling. Jonathan.”

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