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The Sandman

Netflix original series The Sandman dropped August 5th, 2022.

#TheSandman is a DC Comic / has reportedly been renewed / has 196.9m hours viewed.

rottentomatoes: 87%

metacritic: 66

imdb: 9.1

Morpheus, The Sandman, Netflix, DC Comics, DC Entertainment, Phantom Four Films, The Blank Corporation, Warner Bros. Television, Tom Sturridge


Morpheus is forced to rebuild his kingdom after a century in captivity outside of 1916 Wych Cross, England.

Morpheus, The Sandman, Netflix, DC Comics, DC Entertainment, Phantom Four Films, The Blank Corporation, Warner Bros. Television, Tom Sturridge

“We begin… …in the waking world, which humanity insists on calling the real world… as if your dreams have no effect upon the choices you make. You mortals go about your work, your loves, your wars, as if your waking lives are all that matter. But there is another life which awaits you when you close your eyes… and enter my realm. For I am the King of Dreams… …and Nightmares.” — Dream of The Endless

“When the waking world leaves you wanting and weary, sleep brings you here to find freedom and adventure. To face your fears and fantasies in Dreams and Nightmares that I create… and which I must control, lest they consume and destroy you. That is my purpose and my function. Or it was, until I left my kingdom to pursue a rogue Nightmare.” — Dream of The Endless

“Why would I not return, Lucienne?” — Dream of The Endless

“Corinthian. My creations stay in The Dreaming. They do not walk amongst the living, killing mortals for pleasure. There is, though.” — Dream of The Endless

“I was powerless, trapped by a spell cast by an amateur with no concern for the damage he had done to my realm and to his own. For the following morning, there were some sleepers… …who could not wake up.” — Dream of The Endless

“The sleepy sickness, as it was called, affected nearly one million men, women and children in every city, town and village in the world.” — Dream of The Endless

“Day after day, he pleaded for gifts that are not mankind’s to receive nor mine to give. So I remained silent. And ten years later… …though my presence there remained a secret, my ruby, sand and helm brought youth and prosperity to Roderick Burgess and his followers. But for the rest of the world, the suffering continued.” — Dream of The Endless

“The savagery of my captors bespoke a world whose dreams in my absence turned darker still. A world which would soon be at war again. A world still ravaged by the disease which doctors named… encephalitis lethargica. Some begged for sleep that would not come. Others lived as perpetual sleepwalkers. Most slept without waking.” — Dream of The Endless

“Out of loss, new love was born, as was new life. For nine months later, Ethel Cripps gave birth to a son.” — Dream of The Endless

“Should I have believed him this time? Should I have forgiven him for murdering my raven? Perhaps. But in the end… I could not.” — Dream of The Endless

“Hello. I am. And you have any idea what it was like? Confined in a cage for over a century? Do you understand the damage you’ve done to your world? Your punishment, then, shall be a gift. I give you this, the gift… of eternal… sleep. More than a century of tortured sleep, of Dreams and Nightmares running riot was coming to an end.” — Dream of The Endless

“Lucienne. I am. What happened here? Who did this? And the residents? The palace staff? Gone? And the others? What? Abandoned them? Had they so little faith in me? Do my own subjects not know me? Enough. I will not have Dreams and Nightmares preying on the waking world. I will bring them all back. I made this realm once, Lucienne. I will make it again.” — Dream of The Endless

The Corinthian, The Sandman, Netflix, DC Comics, DC Entertainment, Phantom Four Films, The Blank Corporation, Warner Bros. Television, Boyd Holbrook

The Corinthian

“Isn’t this why you created me? Why should we confine ourselves to their sleeping minds? Here in the waking world, we’re unstoppable. There is nothing preventing us from taking whoever, whatever we want. My Lord… please, no. No, no, no, I beg you. Please…”

“Good morning, Magus. No, but I know all about you, Roderick, and the being you’ve trapped in your cellar. Not at all. I’m here to help you. You’re gonna need all the help you can get. There are benefits to keeping one of The Endless. Did you think Death was the only one in charge? The Reaper has family, you know. Desire, Destiny, Despair. Dream. Not a god. More than a god. And are men not governed by their dreams? You’ve taken his vestments? The ruby, the pouch, and the helm? They can lend you an aspect of his power. Extend your lifespan, allow you to manipulate others. But you must ensure that he never escapes. The circle will not be enough. You must construct a sphere of glass inside the circle to contain Dream’s physical manifestation. No one must be allowed to fall asleep in his presence, no one, or he will escape into your dreams. And you don’t want that. There are Forced March tablets. Stimulants used to keep trench soldiers awake. See that your guards use them at all times. Well, you could say that he made me what I am today. And if he ever gets free, he could take it all back. We’re being observed. Well, you’ll have to deal with that one. Her name is Jessamy. She belongs to him. Best of luck… to the both of us. You should hope not.”

“He’s free. He’s out of his cage. So I’m afraid I’m gonna have to run. And I’m not gonna stop until I’ve reshaped this world to look just like me.”

Lucienne, The Sandman, Netflix, DC Comics, DC Entertainment, Phantom Four Films, The Blank Corporation, Warner Bros. Television, Vivienne Acheampong


“My Lord, you are coming back, aren’t you? I don’t know, a presentiment. As powerful as you are here in your realm, Dreams rarely survive in the waking world. Nightmares, on the other hand, seem to thrive there.”

“Sir. Sir! Oh, my goodness. Sir. It’s me. It’s Lucienne. You’re home, my Lord. Forgive me, sir, but…. the realm, the palace… they are not as you left them. My Lord, you are The Dreaming, The Dreaming is you. With you gone as long as you were, the realm began to… decay and crumble. I’m afraid most have gone. Some went looking for you. They thought, perhaps, you’d grown weary of your duties and– if I may, sir. It wouldn’t be the first time one of The Endless had just–“

Roderick Burgess, The Sandman, Netflix, DC Comics, DC Entertainment, Phantom Four Films, The Blank Corporation, Warner Bros. Television, Charles Dance

Roderick Burgess

“Dr. Hathaway, what an unexpected pleasure. Alex, tea for our guest. Please, sit down. You must be exhausted from your journey. I take it you’ve reconsidered, then? Oh, my condolences, Doctor. We are bonded then, in our grief, you and I. As you know, I lost my son Randall recently at Gallipoli. Randall was my greatest joy. All this was meant to be his. So, have you brought it, the Magdalene Grimoire? Capture the Angel of Death? Oh, yes. With the spells recorded in this book, we can compel Death to return our sons to us. Your Edmund and my Randall will live again.”

“Tonight, we will achieve what no one before us has even attempted. We will summon and imprison Death. Here in the darkness. I give you a coin made from a stone. I give you a knife from under the hills, and I give you the blood from out of my vein. I give you a song I stole from the dirt, and I give you a feather pulled from an angel’s wing, for you to life up into the heavens. I summon you with poison. I summon you with pain. I open the way, I open the gates. I summon you in the names of the old lords. Namtar, Allatu, Morax… Maborym calls you. Horvendile calls you. We’ll summon you together. Come!”

“Alex. Alex! Get that pouch for me. But be careful. Don’t break the binding circle. Hmm. Sand. Now the jewel. There. Good. Well, let’s see what other treasures you have for us. The bird! No! No! Stop. Move. Hmm. We’ll let our guest recover before we tell him our demands. Guards, watch him.”

“Sykes! Alex! Oi! Do i Know you? Blackmail them, is it? A shakedown? The Endless? Which one have I got then? What’s the good of a god who governs dreams? The binding circle is intact. Um… why are you helping me? What… what is he to you? What? There’s nobody here. Will I see you again? You can go.”

“Are you awake? Are you listening? I know who you are… Dream of The Endless. I captured you according to the laws of magic. But it wasn’t you I wanted. I wanted Death to return my son Randall, who died in the Gallipoli Campaign. If you give him back to me, alive and well, I’ll release you. Is that in your power, Lord of Dreams? No, I suppose not. So, then, what can you give me? If I let you go, if I promise to give you back your things. What, power? Wealth? Immortality? Hmm? Is there nothing you can offer me? Well, have it your way then. And until you’re ready to speak, I’ll enjoy the gifts you’ve already given me.”

“You would, would you? What were you doing down there, huh? You were plotting his escape, weren’t you? Conspiring against me? Hmm? What did he say to you? Know what would happen if you let him out? He’d slaughter you. He’d slaughter all of us. Is that what you want? Is it? Do you wanna die, Alex? Do you? ‘Cause if you do, it’s relatively simple. Fuck. It’s Jessamy. I’ve been trying to shoot this wretched bird for ten years now. Did he tell you to say that? Did he? Hmm? Prove it to me. Shoot the fucking bird. Ethel.”

“Idiot. You could have shattered the glass. Clear that mess up.”

“What is it? What’s wrong? She’s taken fare more than that. Find her. Bring her back here now. To see how badly Dream of The Endless wants out of his cage.”

“The woman who lives with me has gone and robbed me of my fortune. She’s also robbed you. She’s taken your helm, your sand and your ruby. Now, I can unlock this, you can go after her… if you give me what I’ve been asking for. Wealth, youth, immortality. Oh, you’re a god. These things are nothing to you. Don’t you want your weapons and your freedom? Speak to me! Speak to me! Speak to me! Get away from me. If you were any kind of son to me… if Randall were alive today– you’re never getting out of there. Never.”

Alex Burgess

“Are you here to see the Magus? Father likes to be called Magus. It means sorcerer. Yes, Mr. Sykes. Have you come to join Father’s Order? The Order of Ancient Mysteries.”

“It’s all right, Dr. Hathaway. Here. Father!”

“Good evening. Excuse me, I’m afraid that there’s no more room inside this evening. But if you’d all come back tomorrow– but, I’m afraid that the Magus insists. Yeah. If they bring cash. Thanks for that. Can’t do much of anything, really.”

“Morning. You seen Noel and Maurice? Uh, I could… watch him, until they get here, if you wanted to go.”

“It’s Alex. The Magus’ son. See, I don’t know whether you can speak or… even understand me, but I just wanted to ask… are you all right in there? No, of course you’re not. I’m… I’m sorry about all of this. He’s not a bad man, my father, he… he just… see, if you could bring Randall back, or… or just give him something, anything. Or even just speak to him. Then I am sure he would let you out. See, I… I would let you out if I could.”

“Nothing. No, Father. He didn’t say anything. I won’t, Magus. I promise. It can’t be the same bird, can it? No, Father. He didn’t say anything.”

“Uh… I’m afraid I’m doing much more sleeping than I am reading at the moment.”

“You all right? That’s wonderful news.”

“It’s all right, Father. If Randall were alive, he would hate you as much as I do. I need to think. My father, he, uh… he’s dead.”

“How is he today, Rogers? Hello. This is my friend, Paul. Paul, this is our unwilling guest. Look, we’ve been talking, Paul and I, and if I let you out, will you promise not to harm us? You see, I told you. I do mean it. Just promise that you won’t harm me or Paul, and I will let you out.”

“I could have asked you for wealth or power, like my father did. But all I ever wanted was to be free of you. Surely you want that too. Take me upstairs, Paul. I won’t be coming down here again.”

“Paul? Well, hello. Where did you come from? It’s… it’s you. You’re… you’re free. I’m sorry. I… I didn’t know. please.”

Ethel Cripps

“He’s the Magus’ son. You fucking twat. And he can do magic too. Can’t you. Do you want him to put a curse on you? Hex you and all your unborn children? No? Then you should leave right now. Can they? Well, you heard him. Cash only. Now, piss off. You didn’t need my help. I’ll bet you can do magic, can’t you? That’s not true. You’re more powerful than you know. You can get me in to see the Magus.”

“Roddy? What is it? What’s wrong? Who’s Jessamy?”

“Well, I’m going to have a baby. He wants me to get rid of it. In fact, he’s… calling the doctor right now. I’ll be fine. Not your worry.”

“My mum used to say that if I was good, when I went to sleep, a man would come, sprinkle sand in my eyes. Make all of my dreams come true. But the Sandman’s not coming. From now on, Johnny, you and I are going to have to make our own dreams come true. And nothing and no one is going to stand in our way.”

Dr. John Hathaway

“Already? I must have dozed off. Thank you. Oh. Good afternoon, lad. My name is Dr. John Hathaway. Of the Royal Museum? Well, I’ve come to see Mr. Roderick Burgess. Hmm. Thank you. After our meeting at the museum… I know what I said. I received a telegram this morning. My son, Edmund, his destroyer was sunk last week, off Jutland. Forgive me, I… I understood that Randall was your only son. If I give you the book… can you really…”


“Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness.”

“Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness. Here in the darkness.”

“Enjoy yourself. Of course.”

Mr. Sykes

“The Magus will receive his guest in the study, Alex.”

“Enjoy yourselves. Alex. You’re supposed to be working, not reading. Don’t let your father catch you.”

“She’s taken it all. The helmet, the pouch, the ruby, the grimoire, and 200,000 in cash. Where are you going?”


“Been out here for hours. We’re not goin’. Oh, the Magus insists, does he? And who are you to speak for the Magus? Who the fuck are you? Can we still come back tomorrow?”

Guard 5

“Old Dracula here’s not givin’ an inch. ‘Cause I think it’s one of them Draculas. What do you think it is? Lucky bugger. I was on Corfu on holiday once. I met this right fit type at the hotel in the morning… Fred! Fred, stop it! You’ll… Fred! What… what’s he got in his hands? Oi! Open your hands, now!”

Guard 6

“Why do you call it Dracula? I try not to. You know what I think about? Majorca. Four days… and I’ll be on a beach. Stinking of suntan lotion. Don’t move! Stay where you are!”

Guard 1

“I’m not staying with that thing one second longer than I have to. Why not? He’s in his cage, isn’t he? Really, ‘sometimes?’ They’re nearly half hour late. See you tomorrow.”

Guard 2

“We can’t just leave him alone. Sometimes I wonder about this job. I do not have the– no. Cheers, Alex.”

Guard 3

“Fucking hell. We are the fire brigade. Come on.”

“Sir. Sir, can you hear me? Sir? He’s not moving. Is he… don’t do it, sir. He’ll kill us. What would your father say?”

Guard 4

“Shall we call the fire brigade? He’s dead.”


“Buggered if I know, sir. Moved his hand this morning. Right hand.”

Mortal 4

“I just want to sleep, please.”


“Sorry, sir. Have you read Vile Bodies? Now that’ll keep you awake.”

“Sir? Are you all right? I’m so sorry, sir. I’m so sorry, Alex.”

“Oh, my God. Alex? If you could just speak to us. I’m telling you, you have to keep trying. Show him that he can trust you. Show him that you mean it.”

“Alex, darling, please. Alex. Alex, wake up, please.”

Mortal 2

“Unity. Unity. Rise and shine, dormouse. Can’t have you late to school, can we? Luvvie? Wake up. Unity? Call the doctor.”

Mortal 3

“What’s wrong? Hello, operator.”

Mortal 1

“Wake up, sir, we’re here. Fawney Rig.”

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