The Night Of, HBO

Cryptic Homicide

HBO murder mystery miniseries The Night Of opened well.  Executive producer James Gandolfini knows what makes good drama considering his trip rings.

Night of season 2 is speculative but probable as HBO will be looking for compelling new dramas in the wake of Thrones’ imminent conclusion.

Rottentomatoes: 95%

Metacritic: 90

IMDb: 8.9

emmys: 5 wins

***Spoilers ahead***

John Stone, HBO, The Night Of

John Stone

John Stone is a defense attorney who trawls NYPD precincts at night in search of clients.  He happens upon one Nasir Khan a man facing murder one and takes an interest in the case.

Naz is sent to Manhattan Central Booking where he pleads not guilty, and then is processed at Rikers Island correctional facility.

Stone speaks with Naz’s parents regarding compensation and offers a flat fee of $50,000, which they cannot afford.

The case is usurped by big-time lawyer Alison Crowe who’s firm picks it up pro-bono, John continues to work the case despite being relieved of it.

Crowe offers Naz manslaughter at a 15-year sentence.

Naz voids the plea and maintains his innocence.  Crowe drops the case and Stone becomes secondary counsel behind Chandra Kapoor.

The toxicology report arrives and reads: alcohol, ketamine, MDMA in both.  Amphetamines in him, not her.  This turns out to be adderall that he took for studious purposes.

The trial of the state of New York versus Nasir Khan commences.

Stone learns the victim’s ex-step-father Don Taylor inherited all of Andrea’s mother Evelyn’s wealth including a $10 million home as a result of her death.

Naz testifies, which doesn’t go well for the defense.

John is afflicted with severe eczema mainly on his feet and sees a support group about it.  He’s seen many different doctors but has had little success in remedying symptoms, it is an unending source of frustration for him.  He is forced to give the trial’s concluding statement with scabs and abrasions all over his face wearing sanitary gloves.

With a variety of suspects and inconclusive evidence the jury becomes deadlocked and prosecutor Helen Weiss drops the case resulting in Naz’s freedom.

Stone gets a phone call from his next potential client.

John Stone, HBO, The Night Of

“Here’s my card.  250 bucks.  I’ll meet you there.  You’ll be okay.” — John Stone

“I’m here to see my client.” — John Stone

“You’re a citizen, Naz?” — John Stone

“Your lawyer.  You a U.S. citizen?” — John Stone

“Guess number one: Pakistani by blood?” — John Stone

“What is she?  Punjabi, Pashtun, Baluch?” — John Stone

“It’s eczema.  Dermatologist says to keep them aerated.  Like that’s gonna cure anything.  I don’t know, maybe it helps.  I really can’t tell.  You ever been arrested?” — John Stone

“Pissing in public, littering, anything?” — John Stone

“Well, first time for everything, right?” — John Stone

“Don’t worry about my feet.  It’s not contagious.  Hows your politics?” — John Stone

“Well, not to sound like a tea-bagger but how do you feel about America?” — John Stone

“Name two Yankees headed for the Hall of Fame?” — John Stone

“So as a good Muslim boy, you live with your parents?” — John Stone

“I want to take the kid out of here.” — John Stone

“Misdemeanor desk appearance.  Let’s get him to a judge.” — John Stone

“She’s dead?  And it’s Box?  Fuck.” — John Stone

“You’re asthmatic, huh?  I used to have it when I was a kid.  I know it when I hear it.  You might grow out of it.  It’s the same family as eczema, only that just keeps getting worse.  But I’m not sure how it’s gonna play.” — John Stone

“The asthma.  It might not be a bad thing.  Well, then again, a knife-wielding, heavy-breathing sex brute is not a pretty picture.” — John Stone

Quote1They come up with their story, we come up with ours.  The jury gets to decide which they like best.  Now the good news is we get to hear what their story is first before we have to tell them ours.  So we keep our mouths shut until we know what they’re doing.Quote2 — John Stone

“Box is the senior man here.  He got that way by doing what he does well.  He rolls up his sleeves, delegates nothing, takes all things personally.” — John Stone

“You’re a kid who’s never set foot in a police station, Naz.  How would you know that or anything?” — John Stone

“I’m not saying he’s a… he’s a bad cop.  On the contrary.  He’s very good.  And like all good cops, he does you over just inside the rules.  He’s a talented oppressor… a subtle beast.” — John Stone

“Mr. and Mrs. Khan, I’m John Stone, your sons attorney.  Nice to meet you.” — John Stone

“I don’t know what they have and what they don’t have but if they had what they needed, he’d be charged by now, and he hasn’t been.  Other than possession of the knife.  They can hold him on that.  But this is good.  It means they’re not sure about the rest.  In any case, there’s nothing you can do sitting here waiting.  You should go home.  I’ll let you know the minute something changes.” — John Stone

“Sure you did.  You had a conversation.  You conversed.  And I won’t know exactly what you said until it shows up in court.” — John Stone

“You really, really don’t.  I don’t wanna be stuck with the truth.  Not until I have to be.” — John Stone

“I need…. to be flexible.” — John Stone

“Okay, Naz, you’re the jury.  Run the truth by yourself.  Who killed this girl?  Someone else?  Or the guy with blood on him, his fingerprints on everything, and the murder weapon in his pocket?  The truth can go to hell, because it doesn’t help you.  And if you can’t get that through your head, right now, you can forget about the rest of your life.” — John Stone

Quote1Let me tell you something about me, Pauline.  I have the strength of ten.  You know why?  Because my heart is pure.Quote2 — John Stone

“Anytime.  Good luck to you.” — John Stone

Quote1Your honor, my client was born in this country.  Whatever so-called roots he has in Pakistan, he’s got far deeper roots in his community here in Queens.  In fact, he’s never been to Pakistan or anywhere else outside New York State in his life.  He’s a young man from a solid working-class family.  A college student, no priors.  He’s not a danger to himself or others, and is, in fact, desperate to prove his innocence in a courtroom, and so not a flight risk.  And despite the DA’s confidence in the evidence, there are no witnesses to the actual crime.  Which is to say, the evidence against him is purely circumstantial.Quote2 — John Stone

“He’s a sweet kid, actually.  Soft spoken.  Sincere.” — John Stone

“The good news is that’s why we go to court.  But any way you slice it, it’s gonna be a long battle with no guarantee of a successful outcome.” — John Stone

Quote1But I promise you this.  I’ll work every angle I can for Naz, and I won’t rest until everything that can be done is done.Quote2 — John Stone

“However, a good defense costs money.” — John Stone

Quote1My client was born here, he’s American as baseball.Quote2 — John Stone

“That figures.” — John Stone

Quote1Here’s my number.  Anytime you… you want to call me, day or night, for anything.Quote2 — John Stone

“Is that what you went to law school for?  To be a prop, Ms. Kapoor?” — John Stone

“250 bucks no personal checks.  Don’t talk to anybody.” — John Stone

“I’m just offering my condolences as a private citizen.” — John Stone

“I would.  I’m ready to jump out a window.” — John Stone

“Yeah, I’m uh, calling about a cat.  It’s an ugly sort of orange thing.” — John Stone

“Right.  The guy with the feet.  That’s me.  Yeah.  I’ll hold.” — John Stone

“No.  In fact, I, uh, kind of do the opposite.  I try to keep them out of jail.” — John Stone

“Let’s say your brother or your cousin gets arrested because he looks like someone who robbed a store, but it wasn’t him.” — John Stone

Quote1He’s still entitled to the best defense he can get.Quote2 — John Stone

Quote1In theory, it’d be my duty as an officer of the court.Quote2 — John Stone

“It’s not big deal.  They’re just kids.” — John Stone

“I’m afraid those days are gone.” — John Stone

“This is where the guy stares at the ceiling and says, ‘That’s never happened to me before,’ and the girl touches his arm and says, ‘It’s okay.  It happens.'” — John Stone

“It’s the medication I’m on.  It’s messing me up.  I don’t know what to do.” — John Stone

“Five.  You lied to me.” — John Stone

“So I’m gonna ask you because your life depends upon it: What else have you lied about?” — John Stone

“Naz.  Naz, I understand you have to do it, but if you’re caught for this… the case is over, and you’re never getting out of here.” — John Stone

“He’s lying.” — John Stone

“That couple you saw on the street, you exchanged words with, something about ‘Mustafa, bombs,’ so on.  All right, that’s free speech.  But you said you were alone, that’s not all right.  That’s a legal problem there.  I’d look into this problem for you, but I can’t since I’m representing Mustafa.” — John Stone

“I’m trying to help you here.” — John Stone

“I don’t believe you.” — John Stone

“I just told you why.  Your false statement was used to get the indictment.  That’s five years and $10,000 in New York, no shit.” — John Stone

“Next time, leave the Nancy Drew work to me.” — John Stone

Quote1Jury selection isn’t about selection.  It’s about getting rid of your nightmares.  Anyone from law enforcement.  Anyone from a law enforcement family.  Anyone from a military family.  No small business owners.  No working-class whites.  No elderly blacks.  They’re tired of getting mugged.  No one who knows anyone killed on 9/11.  No one who listens to Fox News.  No golfers, no bowlers, no sailors, and absolutely no lawyers.  Are you listening to me?Quote2 — John Stone

“Look, I get it.  Love is passion, it’s fleeting, it’s trouble.  ‘Paradise by the dashboard lights.'” — John Stone

“You screw up, you break up, you get divorced.  I did.  It’s not the end of the world.” — John Stone

Quote1One way or the other, I gotta do my job.Quote2 — John Stone

Quote1Yeah.  My wife’s got a type.  I’m not it.Quote2 — John Stone

Quote1The night Naz was arrested, he lost a lot.  He lost his freedom to return home to his family, to his school, to his night job that helps pay for that school.  But what he didn’t lose, and what none of us can lose, were his Constitutional rights to an attorney, to a fair and impartial trial by you, his peers, and to the presumption of his innocence beyond a reasonable doubt.Quote2 — John Stone

“We hear that term a lot.  But what does it really mean, huh?  What’s its definition?  It doesn’t have one.  It’s what we think, and as much what we think, what we feel.  And what we feel and what you feel will determine what happens to the rest of this young man’s life.  Thank you.” — John Stone

Quote1Everyone’s got a cross to bear, Naz.  Pardon the expression, fuck ’em all.  Live your life.Quote2 — John Stone

Vigilant, perceptive, kind, and caring John Stone is an Idealist.

Dennis Box, HBO, The Night Of

Dennis Box

Dennis Box is a veteran NYPD homicide detective, and becomes lead detective on Naz’s case.

Box is skeptical of Naz’s guilt at first but eventually has to throw him into Rikers.

He continues to try and get to the bottom of what happened as his read on Naz deviates from what the evidence suggests.  

Dennis tracks Nasir on the night of the murder from the moment he left his home to when he was picked up by the squad car.

Dennis tries to retire but is unsuccessful in this endeavor.

Box more or less confirms the real culprit Ray Halle but is not able to arrest him outright.

Box and Weiss pursue Halle.

Dennis Box, HBO, The Night Of

“Detective Box, son.” — Dennis Box

Quote1Who made the call?Quote2 — Dennis Box

Quote1Anybody else see anything?Quote2 — Dennis Box

“Cameras?” — Dennis Box

“You picked him up and brought him here what the fuck for?” — Dennis Box

“Well I don’t want him here.  Get a unit.  Take him back to the house or cut him loose.” — Dennis Box

Quote1No smoking on my crime scene.Quote2 — Dennis Box

“What can you tell me about the weapon, Harry?” — Dennis Box

“So, who’s ‘he’ in the sentence “he kill her or something?” — Dennis Box

Quote1Describe him.Quote2 — Dennis Box

“Try harder.” — Dennis Box

“How do you know he wasn’t Puerto Rican?  Was he wearing anything Arabic?” — Dennis Box

“Yeah?  How’d you go about doing that?” — Dennis Box

“But you didn’t know him.” — Dennis Box

“Never saw him before.” — Dennis Box

“What type is that?” — Dennis Box

Quote1If I turn you upside down how much weed is gonna fall out?Quote2 — Dennis Box

“Victim’s name is Andrea Cornish.  22 years old.  Caucasian.  Found in a bedroom, in bed.  Stabbing homicide.  Suspect is a male.  Unknown age, unknown race.  Seen leaving at approximately 0200 running down the block hailing a taxi.” — Dennis Box

“Didn’t do what?” — Dennis Box

“What’s your name, son?” — Dennis Box

“That’s why we’re gonna talk, ok?  So I will understand.  Just you and me.” — Dennis Box

“We didn’t uh, formally meet out there I’m detective sergeant Dennis Box.” — Dennis Box

“So, Naz, what happened tonight?  Did you know Andrea well or just meet her?  Just someone who got in your cab?” — Dennis Box

“Where did she say she wanted to go?” — Dennis Box

“She say something or… do something or behave in some way to upset you?” — Dennis Box

“She must have said something.” — Dennis Box

Quote1Naz, you said out there I didn’t understand.  And you’re right, I don’t.  That’s what I’m trying to do here.  I’m… It’s why I’m here.  To try to understand.  To hear it from you.  I don’t have to do that by the way.  I want to.Quote2 — Dennis Box

“What you need to understand is what you say to me here is very important.  For you, not me.  It can help you.  I’m trying to help you.  Help me help you.” — Dennis Box

“Okay.  That’s okay.  Not uncommon.  Just relax.” — Dennis Box

“So, you were at her place.  Can we agree on that?” — Dennis Box

“You have a couple drinks.” — Dennis Box

Quote1Then what happened, Naz?Quote2 — Dennis Box

“She was dead.  And you, what did you do?” — Dennis Box

“By what you’d done?” — Dennis Box

Quote1What we’re gonna do when we’re done here, just so you know, is run some tests.  You know why?  Because you’re a crime scene, Nasir.  Just like the house, and the cab, and Andrea.  And it’s our job to collect everything we can from a crime scene.  And here’s what we’re gonna find, if you ask me.Quote2 — Dennis Box

“Look, I’m gonna be straight with you, Naz.  Because what I’m looking at, the evidence already, the eyewitnesses are so strong— you really need to start telling me the truth for your sake.” — Dennis Box

“You see that right?  That’s recording us, and that will be used in court.  How you think that’s gonna come on?” — Dennis Box

“I have to tell you, that’s not gonna play any better.  Judges and juries… they don’t like ‘I can’t remember.’  They like honesty.  They like remorse.  They like that a lot.  That counts for something to them.  And even more to you.  I’m talking about years.  Honesty and remorse can shave a lot of years off.  So, you may want to revise that.  Now’s the time.” — Dennis Box

“All right.  Let’s go do what we have to do.  We can talk again later.” — Dennis Box

“I’d like to get a little swab of the blood on your hands.  A little swipe under the nails.  A little bit off the scratches on your back.  And inside your cheek.  Okay if I do that?” — Dennis Box

“I need your consent, Naz.  If you don’t give it, then I have to get a court order.  And that will take about 45 minutes.  So, it’s not a problem.  Except for you.  Refusing looks bad to a jury.  And I really don’t want you disadvantaged.  But it’s up to you.  You can say no.” — Dennis Box

“Well, there you have it.  You got nothing to fear, so, shall we go ahead and do it then?  Your call.  Say the words for me, Naz.” — Dennis Box

“Never if you keep answering questions with questions.” — Dennis Box

Quote1Prints, weapons, witness, we got it all.Quote2 — Dennis Box

“Because the fact is, it’s a big club, the criminal justice system.  We can’t exist without each other, and we know it.  But I’m not a member of that club.  I don’t like the idea of a double life.  My job is to get to the truth.  So I don’t see why I should socialize with anyone trying to stop me from doing that.” — Dennis Box

“You know, I really love what I do, Naz.  But every once in a while, I get frustrated.  I abide by the rules, though, I do.  So yeah, that’s right.  You don’t have to talk to me… unless you want to.” — Dennis Box

“This is the most open and shut case I have had in a very long time.  Everything is pointing to you.  But there’s something I’m just not getting.  Something I am struggling with here because… what I see before me is a nice kid from a good, hardworking family, loving mother and father… on what has got to be the worst day of his life.” — Dennis Box

Quote1What am I not seeing, Nasir?  Explain to me what I’m not understanding.Quote2 — Dennis Box

“Yeah, that’s how it looks.  But it’s not that simple, is it?” — Dennis Box

“If I’m off, tell me how I’m off.  Help me, help you, Naz.  We’ll never get another chance.” — Dennis Box

“I’ve been up 56 hours.” — Dennis Box

“Thirty-three years.  Enough is enough.” — Dennis Box

“Easier to say what I’m not gonna do.  I’m not gonna spend more time with the family or open a bar or move to Florida and get a commercial fishing license.” — Dennis Box

“The mountain of evidence.  Sometimes a suspect wants nothing more than to confess.” — Dennis Box

“Sometimes a suspect needs time to think things through.” — Dennis Box

Quote1I’ll take evidence over a confession any day of the week.Quote2 — Dennis Box

Calm, reasonable, logical, and prone to deductive inquiry Dennis Box is a Rational.

Nasir Khan, HBO, The Night Of

Nasir Khan

Nasir Khan is a young man from an immigrant working-class family in Queens.  On October 24, 2014 Naz gets invited to a basketball team party and steals his fathers cab to go.

A mysterious attractive girl named Andrea Cornish gets inside his cab while hes trying to ascertain directions.  She tells him to take her to the beach.  He complies.  They converse and he takes a pill of ecstasy.  He starts drinking tequila at her place and snorts some ketamine.

He stabs her hand playing a knife game mumbly-peg and they have intercourse.  He wakes up and discovers that she passed during the night.  He tries to flee and gets pulled over.

They put him in a holding cell for reckless driving.  They think its a miscommunication and are about to let him go, but after searching him find the murder weapon, a kitchen knife.

The cops that pull him over and continue to investigate a suspicious D.O.A.  At the precinct station, the police search him and find a knife matching the suspected murder weapon and multiple witnesses identify him.

Naz is interrogated by detective Dennis Box before being transferred to Rikers Island for max security main pop intake.

An inmate Freddy Knight offers him amnesty, but he declines.  His bed is set aflame, his forearm shanked, and he is scalded by hot oil before he reconvenes with Freddy.

His lawyer Alison Crowe offers Naz a plea deal of 15 years for manslaughter.

At the trial he fails to admit guilt.  Crowe drops the case.  Freddy gives Naz is granted a private cell.

Nasir is given a nickname Sinbad.  It was that or Aladdin.

Naz smuggles heroin into Rikers for Freddy.  For this he is given a cell phone, gets tatted up, starts doing push ups, shaves his head, and makes several drug mule runs.

The state drops the case.  He returns home to tense relationships with his family and friends, and habitual drug use.

Nasir Khan, HBO, The Night Of


1 win: 2017

“You have any idea the kind of girls are gonna be there?” — Nasir Khan

“Where do you wanna go?” — Nasir Khan

“Well, you got in my cab, so, like, where do you want me to take you?” — Nasir Khan

“There’s like this party I didn’t want to miss.” — Nasir Khan

Quote1No, it’s just… Like, a lot of time you just do what you gotta do, or you do what everybody wants you to do, but… you know?Quote2 — Nasir Khan

“That, I won’t do.” — Nasir Khan

“That I will not do.” — Nasir Khan

“No.  I can’t.” — Nasir Khan

“I didn’t see nothing.” — Nasir Khan

“Is she dead?” — Nasir Khan

“Uh, Pakistani.” — Nasir Khan

“Nasir, you don’t understand.” — Nasir Khan

“I don’t know downtown somewhere I was lost.  I don’t know.” — Nasir Khan

“The beach.” — Nasir Khan

“I can’t breathe.” — Nasir Khan

“No, I mean, I have asthma.” — Nasir Khan

“I wanna go home.” — Nasir Khan

“I don’t know.  I fell asleep.  When I woke up, and she was like that…” — Nasir Khan

“I ran.  ‘Cause I was scared.” — Nasir Khan

“I didn’t kill her.” — Nasir Khan

“Yes.  But it wasn’t…” — Nasir Khan

“I didn’t force her.” — Nasir Khan

“She’s only the second girl I’ve ever slept with in my life.  I liked her.  She was nice.” — Nasir Khan

“I didn’t.  I already told you, I— I can’t remember.” — Nasir Khan

Quote1I didn’t do it.Quote2 — Nasir Khan

“I want a lawyer.” — Nasir Khan

“Well, I’m American.  I was born here.” — Nasir Khan

“Why?  Rivera and Jeter.” — Nasir Khan

“Listen, I’m at a police station.  And it— it’s all a mistake.  They’ve arrested me.  They think I did something.” — Nasir Khan

“Okay.  You need to understand what happened here, all right?  We were at her place, we were drinking.  I don’t drink.  And she started giving me all kinds—” — Nasir Khan

Quote1You keep saying ‘story’ like I’m making it up.  I want to tell you the truth.Quote2 — Nasir Khan

Quote1But you need to know what happened.Quote2 — Nasir Khan

“Listen, Baba, they’re not lying.  I was there.” — Nasir Khan

“I was there with her, and then I got… I got sick, so I fell asleep.  When I woke up, she was dead.  So I ran away.” — Nasir Khan

“I was scared.” — Nasir Khan

“No, I only met her.  I… I didn’t even know her name.” — Nasir Khan

“It was there.  I took it.” — Nasir Khan

Quote1I don’t know.  I don’t know what happened.  I can’t remember.  I– But I know I didn’t do anything to hurt her.  I swear.Quote2 — Nasir Khan

“Baba, it’s me.” — Nasir Khan

“My lawyer said not to.” — Nasir Khan

“He just… appeared.” — Nasir Khan

Quote1I said I didn’t do it.  I don’t understand how the truth can hurt me.Quote2 — Nasir Khan

“It looks like I killed her, I know that.” — Nasir Khan

“We went to bed.  Woke up in the kitchen.  I don’t remember going there.  I went back upstairs to the bedroom.  I didn’t kill her.  Even if you can’t remember anything, you’d know that.  You’d feel it, right?  I don’t.  I’m not a murderer.” — Nasir Khan

“I’m so sorry I did this to you.” — Nasir Khan

“He offered to help me in here.” — Nasir Khan

“I didn’t.” — Nasir Khan

“Thanks.  But I’ve read it.” — Nasir Khan

“Help me what?” — Nasir Khan

Quote1I was told never to ask that.Quote2 — Nasir Khan

Quote1But I didn’t do it.Quote2 — Nasir Khan

“Thank you.  For just talking to me like I’m a person.” — Nasir Khan

“What would you do?” — Nasir Khan

“So quit.” — Nasir Khan

“Quit.” — Nasir Khan

Quote1Well, I didn’t take the plea ’cause I didn’t do it.Quote2 — Nasir Khan

“I don’t know.  It was dark.” — Nasir Khan

“I answered it.” — Nasir Khan

“I need your help.” — Nasir Khan

“Thank you.” — Nasir Khan

“It’s good.  Thank you.” — Nasir Khan

“I can’t do that.” — Nasir Khan

“I can’t.” — Nasir Khan

“I was in fifth grade when the towers came down.  I didn’t understand why I was getting beat up, why my little brother was, why my dad got jumped in his cab twice.  Pakistani kids, North African, any type of Muslim– it was a slaughterhouse.  You try to fight back, it only made it worse.” — Nasir Khan

Quote1My dad’s the only person in the world who believes me.Quote2 — Nasir Khan

“I panicked and I ran.  I wish I hadn’t done that.  I’m ashamed that I did that.  But I did.  I was scared.” — Nasir Khan

“No.  No.  I couldn’t have.  Even if I was out of my mind, I could never do that.  I know it in my heart.” — Nasir Khan

“Thank you.  For what you did for me.” — Nasir Khan

Stalwart, sentient, malleable, and sincere Nasir Khan is a Guardian.

Freddy Knight, HBO, The Knight Of

Fred E. Knight

Freddy Knight is a Rikers Island inmate.  He used to be a primetime boxer but committed a crime and ends up in the joint.

He is connected on the inside and outside, and has several guards in his pocket.

He takes an interest in Naz and his case, and offers him safety but Naz declines to answer.

Later that night Naz’s mattress accommodations are set to flame by the inmates.  He reconsiders.  

Freddy takes Nasir under his wing and gives him a cell phone.

Freddy Knight, HBO, The Knight Of

“See those brothers you pray with, the Nation of Islam?  They’re not your friends.  In fact, they hate your ass because you’re a natural born Muslim, and they’re just phony jailhouse opportunists looking for better food.  Don’t know the difference between Cairo, Egypt, or Cairo, Illinois.” — Freddy Knight

“Yeah, well, my ancestors came from Dahomey, and not the Congo, but who gives a fuck, man?  See, you’re a celebrity in here, and I’m talking the good kind.  Dude kills four guys over some dope.  Okay.  But murder a girl?  Rape a girl?” — Freddy Knight

“Doesn’t matter.  It makes no difference.” — Freddy Knight

Quote1See, there’s a whole separate judicial system in here, and you just been judged and juried, and it didn’t come out good for you.Quote2 — Freddy Knight

“Ah, but only blessed right?  I respect that.” — Freddy Knight

“Listen to you, all polite and shit.” — Freddy Knight

“See, the reason it feels like silk is because from the day it’s born, they keep it in a dark crate, so small they can’t even turn around.  And it stays there, half-blind in the dark, drinking baby formula, waiting to die.” — Freddy Knight

Quote1There are some bad people in here, but I could protect you.  Nasir, do you want my protection?  Or do you prefer dead in the shower with your brains bashed in, guts on the floor?Quote2 — Freddy Knight

“Don’t worry about it man.  We cool.  You don’t owe me nothing.” — Freddy Knight

“Out of all of this, what am I most proud of?  See, most convicts… I mean, they got any kind of paper at all, it’s some ‘study in your cell at night’ GED bullshit.  See, me, I like school, so I did it right.  I mean, life wound up taking me where it took me, but still, right?” — Freddy Knight

“You know what the two most popular books in the prison library is?  ‘The Art of War,’ for obvious reasons.  And ‘The Other Side of Midnight,’ for obvious reasons.” — Freddy Knight

Quote1You wanna learn what it takes to survive in here…Quote2 — Freddy Knight

“Read this.  The man can write about dogs and teach you everything you need to know.” — Freddy Knight

“You see that big dude right there, Victor?  I asked him once, ‘Well, where’s the Gaza strip?’  You want to know what he said?  ‘Vegas.’  And then comes this bright little college motherfucker.  Like a care package for my brain.  That’s why you.  But you still got to ask, or I can’t help you.” — Freddy Knight

Quote1Survive.  See, survival in here is all about your alliances, my desert brother.  Those husky dogs knew that.Quote2 — Freddy Knight

“Say the words for me, Nasir.” — Freddy Knight

“You’re welcome.” — Freddy Knight

“Look at you.  A man is in ICU, and you here sleeping like a baby.” — Freddy Knight

Quote1You got some secrets in you, don’t you?  And some rage.  I like it.Quote2 — Freddy Knight

“Hey, yo, dude was my sparring partner, man.  Couldn’t go past four rounds.  ‘El tornado.’  His sister was his cut man.  You believe that?  I mean, she was all right, though.  Had a ass like a birthday cake.” — Freddy Knight

“So how’s the new job going?” — Freddy Knight

“That’s what’s up, man.  Anytime.” — Freddy Knight

“So the next time she comes to visit him, she’s gonna have a couple of eight-balls up her snatch.” — Freddy Knight

Quote1Family’s everything.Quote2 — Freddy Knight

“It’s a cash machine, dummy.  Ten dollars a minute.” — Freddy Knight

Quote1I’m gonna make a proper convict out of you, yet.Quote2 — Freddy Knight

“Your funeral.” — Freddy Knight

Quote1God’s honest truth, whether you’re in here or out there… you know who you are, how to get what you need.  Shit, sweet can be had anywhere.Quote2 — Freddy Knight

Practical, grounded, resourceful, and sometimes a bit callous Freddy Knight is an Artisan.

Outstanding Lead Actor

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