Champion’s Penance

Starz, Surivor's Remorse

Starz‘ athletic-career comedy Survivor’s Remorse premieres it’s penultimate episode tonight.

Also airing tonight the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

Executive producer and three-time NBA champion Lebron James has renewed his show for a fourth season.

Rottentomatoes: 97%

Metacritic: 81

IMDb: 6.9

Reggie Vaughn, Starz, Survivor's Remorse

Reggie Vaughn

Reggie Vaughn manages his cousin, ESPY-winning max-contract NBA all-star Cam Calloway.  He serves as Cam’s right hand man, accountant, manager, best friend, and confidant.  Reggie’s job is to ensure that all Cam has to focus on is the game of basketball.

He takes care of many intangibles and his efforts are paramount to the Calloway brand and organization.  Him and Cam grew up in Dorchester, Massachussets before they moved to Atlanta, Georgia where Cam signed a $10+ million contract.

Reggie starts a proprietary management company after signing top 10 NFL draft pick Jupitor Blackmon.  Blackmon doesn’t pan out but Reggie’s managerial and brand-building acumen is what propelled Cam to the superstar he is.

Contractual renegotiations take place with Atlanta, Reggie and Cam want 5 years at a max contract but team owner Jimmy Flaherty needs to try and build a championship-caliber team.

Reggie Vaughn, Starz, Survivor's Remorse

“Yes you can, my cousin.  Yes, you can.” — Reggie Vaughn

“I wrote that.” — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1You got the palace of your dreams.Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

“I can’t wait to get home and go down on you.” — Reggie Vaughn

“How can I get you to love Atlanta?” — Reggie Vaughn

“Oh, the Civil War.  Baby, look, I’ve moved on.” — Reggie Vaughn

“You don’t put aftermarket stones on a rolex.  And you don’t rim up an Aston Martin.  Rims are not a part of the plan.” — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1This is my job.  All right?  This is my role.Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1You don’t like me in this role, I got a wife.  A wife that’s ready to start a family.  And right now, I could actually be on my wife, but instead, I’m on a private jet with you.  And do you know why?   Because we followed the plan.Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

“Rims are like Big Wheels.  They’re toys for children, not men.” — Reggie Vaughn

“We’re just recalibrating.  We’re not forgetting, okay?  We’re progressing.  We’re evolving.” — Reggie Vaughn

“Get your rims.  And get your big iced-out Jesus piece.” — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1You get a good price?Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

“That’s top-notch negotiating, cousin.” — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1Hey, I’m being a friend.  I’m being a cousin.  A manager.Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1Look you got big new money now, Cam.  It’s smart, it’s fair to lock down new rules so the money lasts, man.  You know, make a budget.  Monitor what we give away and what we invest.Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1You’re spending plenty.  You got apartments.  You got Astons.  You got new trucks for high school coaches.  You got fat fuck surgeries for a fat fuck aunt.Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1But I’m telling you, there are so many people ready to suckle at your teat.  So many flunkies just crawling out from everywhere.  People you know, people you forgot you knew, all ready to spend your money.  And we got to be careful.  We got to be smart.Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1No, we made our own luck.Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

“It’s not your fault that the world is the way it is or that or that where we left ain’t paradise.” — Reggie Vaughn

“You give too much.” — Reggie Vaughn

“It taught us to stand still when a gun gets drawn.” — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1You can’t be a top tier pro athlete without doing stuff like this.Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

“Look you drop some jerseys, some kicks, snap a picture with the kid, you at home on your couch by noon.” — Reggie Vaughn

“Hey, when the gift God gave you is getting paid to play sports you got to share some glow off that gift.” — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1Put the family on salary, Cam.  Give ’em specific jobs.  Give ’em a chance to have some pride.Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1Just as long as we task them with specific responsibilities.  Okay?  Make it clear.  They got to be fiscally responsible.Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

“How you supposed to have rich people instincts if you grew up poor?” — Reggie Vaughn

“People suck.  We’re aware of this.” — Reggie Vaughn

“Listen, man, it’s your heart that got you to where you’re at.  Your heart is big.  Its-it’s inexhaustible, man.  Your heart’s got you practicing, it’s got you driving, it’s got you eating right.  Got you not doing stupid shit like getting in cars that weren’t yours or mistreating women or picking up guns.  Not doing blow.  It’s got you appreciating people.  Making sure that when you get in spots where you might succeed, you did so.  You don’t owe anybody else for you busting your ass to become you.  Busting your ass and-and-and being on time and not committing crimes, man, that’s a life available to everybody.  Look, where we from, yeah, sometimes it’s harder than most, but you did it.  Ain’t your responsibility to make sure other people do it too.  You helped him.  Now he got to help himself.” — Reggie Vaughn

“Truth is sad sometimes, just gotta roll with it.” — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1I got two words for you.  Contractual obligation.Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

“Well, listen, you know, my cousin, he just, he needs assurances that the security system works, the cars are taken care of, the lawn don’t grow, and that the housekeeper keeps the house.” — Reggie Vaughn

“So on and so forth so he can just focus on playing basketball.” — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1Don’t put my client in harms way.Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1You did the right thing.  And doing the right thing ain’t always easy.Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1Just trying to be comprehensive.Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

“Jupitor is a rolling state of emergency, Missy.” — Reggie Vaughn

“It may be beyond my power.” — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1No decency?  Hm?  No decorum?Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

“The metric ton of money that you have spent on all the people that you love and then all the other people that feel they somehow helped you succeed is staggering.” — Reggie Vaughn

“Cam is the business.  I’m the good shepherd of that business.  And I’m sure you can understand that we want to stay in business.  Unbesmirched.” — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1It’s just business.Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

Quote1Hey, look, the world is not clean.  It’s ugly.  We can’t change it.  All we can do is work within the ugliness.Quote2 — Reggie Vaughn

“You still don’t believe in me do you?  I mean, how many fuckin’ times do I have to hit a home run for you and this family?  What does it take to earn a little faith?” — Reggie Vaughn

“Faith only shows when things are difficult.” — Reggie Vaughn

Grounded, forceful, diligent, and pertinacious Reggie Vaughn is a Guardian.

Cameron Calloway, Starz, Survivor's Remorse

Cameron Calloway

Cam Calloway was not drafted out of college but made a strong debut in the league itself and is now a max contract player.  He settles in Atlanta, Georgia and takes his family along for the ride.

Cam turns down endorsement deals from both Nike and Under Armour and signs one with Chinese athletic company Da Chen Bao. $40 million over 5 years.

Cam blows his knee out and meets nurse Allison Pierce whom he asks out on a date.

Cam faces potential free agency through an opt-out clause while renegotiating compensation.  His options are Milwaukee or Indianapolis.

Cameron Calloway, Starz, Survivor's Remorse

“I want it.” — Cameron Calloway

“I can afford it.  Can I not?” — Cameron Calloway

“I just want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Flaherty for bringing me to Atlanta.  You know, I stand here a lucky guy, which is unusual for a man with my background.  Growing up, my family often wondered how we would eat, where we would sleep.  Dreams were basically don’t get shot.  And drug dealing wasn’t a road to ruin, but a reasonable way out of this gang-infested place where no kid should have to come of age.” — Cameron Calloway

“No, but there’s four people who forced me to believe that I and they were worthy of a big-time dream.  Like, a good thing.  Those four people that believed in me are my family.” — Cameron Calloway

“So, Ma, I know you watching from home.  I just got one thing to say.  Thank you for not aborting me.  That woulda sucked.  Not just for me, for y’all.  I love you Ma.” — Cameron Calloway

“Mary Charles, my sister, my idol.  Thank you for mercilessly hacking me in our every game of one-on-one.  I’m the shooter I am now because driving on you paralyzed the young me.  Still does.” — Cameron Calloway

“Uncle Julius.  Thank you for teaching me the values of uncommon sense.” — Cameron Calloway

“Reggie Vaughn.  My cousin.  Dude you took that word cousin and just blew it up to include all these other amazing human words like advocate, cornernman, confidant, loyalist.  Yo, you my best friend, man.  All I got is because of you.” — Cameron Calloway

Quote1So thank you, Atlanta.  Yo, we here now, baby.  We home.Quote2 — Cameron Calloway

“Hey, did you wire that money to Aunt Mim?  She needs another surgery.” — Cameron Calloway

“I’m amending the plan to include rims for my Aston.” — Cameron Calloway

Quote1No more dad talk, dude.  No more dad talk.Quote2 — Cameron Calloway

“I want to spend some.” — Cameron Calloway

Quote1We help until we can’t.  We’re lucky.Quote2 — Cameron Calloway

Quote1Hell, no.  The opposite.  Man, I feel guilty that I’m surviving and there’s people that I can still help that are back home drowning.Quote2 — Cameron Calloway

“Schindler had his list, man.” — Cameron Calloway

“I identify with Schindler, all right?  Helping people.” — Cameron Calloway

“Giving a shit makes us unique.” — Cameron Calloway

“Bottom line… gotta give back.” — Cameron Calloway

“Reggie thinks we need a budget.  Like to monitor the in and out, you know?” — Cameron Calloway

“His business is protecting and transitioning us towards new ground rules of accountability.” — Cameron Calloway

“We just want to make sure you and Uncle Julius and Mom are on a set salary.  Like, I want to be a brother to you, not an enabler.” — Cameron Calloway

“I’m not putting my mom to work.” — Cameron Calloway

Quote1You know, visiting little Johnny made me realize that life is short and we’re lucky.  You know, you helped me make my luck.  We’re gonna keep making it and spreading it.Quote2 — Cameron Calloway

“You carried me for a long time.” — Cameron Calloway

“We read the Bible at home.” — Cameron Calloway

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they are the ones that shall be knows as the children of God.” — Cameron Calloway

“A businessman?  You a corner boy from the Dot who got his break because I got a break.  And you’re slick with words.  You know how to fake it until you make it.  But, see, I know that you’re faking it.  And it’s my fault, you know, that I went with you instead of a professional.  I went heart over mind like a douchebag wanting to bring my people along and you see what happened.” — Cameron Calloway

“You’re right, Ma.  Family, take it in.  These are the good days that we dreamt about.  This is where we supposed to be together.” — Cameron Calloway

Quote1I got three words for you.  Grown.  Ass.  Man.Quote2 — Cameron Calloway

Quote1He does not know hard that I work.Quote2 — Cameron Calloway

Quote1Reg, I’m here at this point in my life because I made nothing into something.  I’m here because I threaded the needle.  I am 6’2″, 175 pounds, playing pro ball.  That doesn’t happen without hard work and the force of my will.  I got to work harder than others.Quote2 — Cameron Calloway

“No, money doesn’t make you somebody.  Being somebody makes you somebody.” — Cameron Calloway

Quote1You gotta show people you can’t be messed with so they don’t mess with you.Quote2 — Cameron Calloway

Quote1My time is stupid shit?  I’m trying to build your franchise and win you a title.Quote2 — Cameron Calloway

Quote1What I care about is the season, ok?  Success on the floor.Quote2 — Cameron Calloway

“I thank God for Charles Barkley.  You know, I don’t know where we would be as a society if we didn’t have great minds like Charles helping us figure stuff out.” — Cameron Calloway

“Journalists have a job to do and they’re doing it very well.  They’re not judging us, which would be so easy for them to do.  They’re not invading our privacy and elbowing each other out of the way to say the same simple, obvious thing over and over again until, you know, you want to throw up.” — Cameron Calloway

“I’m on good behavior, Ma.  All day, every day.” — Cameron Calloway

Quote1Uh, when you take the big money and you play badly, you get heat.  You know, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.  But that doubt drives me.  I am gonna get the whole cookie tonight.  I’m gonna be the cookie monster.Quote2 — Cameron Calloway

Quote1I’m a flawed person but I’m not irredeemable.Quote2 — Cameron Calloway

“I’ve been invisible.  I’m happy being visible.  When I’m unhappy, I just stay home.” — Cameron Calloway

Quote1Most people just want an excuse to smile.  I’m happy to give ’em one.  Ain’t gonna be that way forever.Quote2 — Cameron Calloway

“How big a house do I need to get to get some privacy?” — Cameron Calloway

Quote1No, that’s what the money is for– to make the people that I care about happy.Quote2 — Cameron Calloway

Gifted, adept, charming, and clever Cam Calloway is an Artisan.

Mary Calloway, Starz, Survivor's Remorse

Mary Charles Calloway

Mary is hired as head of PR in order to benefit from tax write offs regarding her personal expenses.  She essentially just milks Cam’s teat with her Uncle Julius.

She’s an athlete and a hothead much like her brother, and thus the two see eye-to-eye in ways the others don’t.

During an argument Mary jab’s Cam in the face and gives him a black eye.  This causes domestic violence PR issues.

Mary decides to go back and get a college degree in communications.

Mary Calloway, Starz, Survivor's Remorse

Quote1He’s gonna blubber like a little bitch.  Watch.Quote2 — Mary Calloway

“Yo call ma she thinks your mad.” — Mary Calloway

“No girl sends you that many smiley faces unless she wants you sitting on hers.” — Mary Calloway

“Reg should monitor his own business.” — Mary Calloway

Quote1Shut up and give me some money.Quote2 — Mary Calloway

Quote1I thought I was going to be in charge of your bullshit made up charity.Quote2 — Mary Calloway

Quote1But from now on I’m gonna bill you for prior services.  Like teaching you how to walk.  How to talk.  Eat.  Shit somewhere other than your pants.  Teaching you how to read and tell time.  You know like a good sister does.Quote2 — Mary Calloway

Quote1No, I’m gonna back bill you for every ass I kicked defending your little pussy ass every day you went to school.Quote2 — Mary Calloway

Quote1Yo, we on the prowl tonight.Quote2 — Mary Calloway

“Cam I could get some really good media footage.” — Mary Calloway

“My job has been protecting this family for a long time.” — Mary Calloway

“His blessings were few and far between.  For a long time.” — Mary Calloway

“I love free shit.” — Mary Calloway

Quote1Little brother, you ain’t the Buddha.  It ain’t your job to make me more mindful or to mold my character.  It’s to play basketball so you can make a fuckload of money so I don’t have to pay 50 cents for a soda you got for free.Quote2 — Mary Calloway

“One of the great things about this country is that the most qualified people have the loudest voices.” — Mary Calloway

Quote1I’m a work in progress, you know?Quote2 — Mary Calloway

“We do a ton of cardio.  Nobody’s getting cancer.” — Mary Calloway

“I eat pussy, I don’t fix it.” — Mary Calloway

“My brother and I we got a bro code.” — Mary Calloway

Quote1Hey, relax.  We are family.  Nothing pierces that veil and nothing leaks out.Quote2 — Mary Calloway

“It’s not a ‘thing.’  It’s me.” — Mary Calloway

Quote1Cause he got the worldclass talent and I got the neighborhood class talent.Quote2 — Mary Calloway

“My father : fuck you.  And also, what’s your name?” — Mary Calloway

“I actually prefer wo-mannequins.” — Mary Calloway

Visceral, impulsive, candid, and callous Mary Charles Calloway is an Artisan.

Missy Vaughn, Starz, Survivor's Remorse

Missy Vaughn

Missy is the voice of reason to Cam’s voice of reason.  She was raised with money, giving her social graces and knowledge that the others don’t have.

She is an avid historian and has a degree from a top business school.

Missy Vaughn, Starz, Survivor's Remorse

“Hurry back home.  I am not made for cleaning pools and I may not be made for life in Atlanta at all.” — Missy Vaughn

“My dreams never involved Atlanta.  A city our ancestors came to in chains and lived like mules.  And plus it’s hot as shit, Reggie.” — Missy Vaughn

“Burn it down like Sherman did.” — Missy Vaughn

Quote1General William Tecumseh Sherman.  Civil War General.  One of the good guys.Quote2 — Missy Vaughn

Quote1You should make Cam sign in New York or LA.  Somewhere the Underground Railroad actually went to instead of away from.Quote2 — Missy Vaughn

“Get home.” — Missy Vaughn

“Everyone on their best behavior.” — Missy Vaughn

“I am your greatest champion and advocate.” — Missy Vaughn

Quote1Deals flow on golf courses.  Trust me.  I see the next 25 years.Quote2 — Missy Vaughn

“Baby, you are gonna have access to all the halls of power.” — Missy Vaughn

Quote1Trust that I would never put you in a situation where you’d fail.Quote2 — Missy Vaughn

“You don’t ever goof around at a prospective member visit.  You’re under examination.  It’s an all-day-long best-behavior situation.” — Missy Vaughn

“They’re members.  You aren’t.  You cannot goof off.” — Missy Vaughn

Quote1By reading signals, using rich people instincts.Quote2 — Missy Vaughn

Quote1You marry someone rich and you listen to them.Quote2 — Missy Vaughn

Quote1This term sheet is a thing of beauty.Quote2 — Missy Vaughn

“You covered everything– incentives, minimum guarantees, perpetuity.  I’ve got nothing to add.” — Missy Vaughn

“We all come to the table with a past, Reggie.  A resume, if you will.  Some of the stuff we put in bold and we brag about in the interview, some of the stuff we omit and hope no one asks us about it.  But we all have to remember how lucky we are to be where we are now, alive, in love, and not standing in some other bathroom trying to pee with someone else.” — Missy Vaughn

“I’m sick of forcing myself to accept another ethnicity’s ideal.” — Missy Vaughn

“I just wanted to start fresh.  Be the me I’m supposed to be.” — Missy Vaughn

Quote1Well, most professional athletes are spoiled, emotional degenerates.Quote2 — Missy Vaughn

“The reason Cam isn’t is you.  Your involvement in his life, your counsel to him– you, Reggie Vaughn are the exception to the pro athlete-degenerate rule.” — Missy Vaughn

Quote1I have worked too hard on my education to let my next accomplishment be a baby.Quote2 — Missy Vaughn

Quote1Do you ever read the books I give you?!Quote2 — Missy Vaughn

“Goodbye, upwardly mobile black community.” — Missy Vaughn

Academic, objective, extensively educated, and a bit nerdy Missy Vaughn is a Rational.

Cassie Calloway, Starz, Survivor's Remorse

Cassie Calloway

Cassie Calloway is the matriarch of the Calloway family.  For lack of a better term, she keeps it real.  She is a very wise and sensible mother, which isn’t always as charming a sentiment as everyone thinks that it is.

Cassie makes some candid comments about physically disciplining Cam during his childhood, this causes PR issues.  Cassie is courted by and has a romance with Chinese billionaire Da Chen Bao.

Cassie’s beloved brother Julius passes tragically in a car crash.

Cassie Calloway, Starz, Survivor's Remorse

Quote1Patience, virtue.  And your current instructions.Quote2 — Cassie Calloway

“That’s my boy.  That’s moving me to Atlanta.” — Cassie Calloway

“And he deserves every massive penny.” — Cassie Calloway

Quote1Oh, you must not be a mother.Quote2 — Cassie Calloway

Quote1Doting?  Oh, no, no.  Doting is not even in my vocabulary.  You know, only doting parents are the parents that have their own kids’ futures set up, you know?  Doting doesn’t show a boy how to be a man.  Doting doesn’t show a boy how the real world works.Quote2 — Cassie Calloway

Quote1See, it’s not easy being a mother.  But in order to be a good mother, sometimes you got to mix a little hurt with the hugs.Quote2 — Cassie Calloway

“Kids are resilient.  The bruises will heal.” — Cassie Calloway

“I want $100,000 by tomorrow.  Your money, not Cam’s.” — Cassie Calloway

“You think you’re gonna tell me what’s what, motherfucker?  I was born a hustler.  So let me know when Oprah really does call.  ‘Cause she will after that performance.  Go fuck yourself.” — Cassie Calloway

“I should fuckin’ do that for lent.” — Cassie Calloway

Quote1Don’t worry about me.  I’m just really appreciative to have a son like you to help me.  All right?  So go ahead.  Practice real hard.  All right.  You do what you do, baby.  I appreciate you.Quote2 — Cassie Calloway

“That’s why you gotta live for now.  Live for today.  Live your lives to the fullest like it’s your last goddamn breath.” — Cassie Calloway

“Motherhood gifts you that perspective.  After being in labor in a bad hospital giving birth to kids fucking your pussy up.” — Cassie Calloway

“You break it.  You buy it.” — Cassie Calloway

“Your father is not the topic.  Not now, not ever.” — Cassie Calloway

Quote1Well I need a man who’s gonna be with me not some ghost who comes and goes.Quote2 — Cassie Calloway

Quote1You did a nice thing baby and you don’t have to feel bad about it.Quote2 — Cassie Calloway

Quote1Seems principled.  You’re a principled girl.Quote2 — Cassie Calloway

Quote1He was the best darn brother a girl could have.  He really was.Quote2 — Cassie Calloway

Quote1See, this is what happens when you hang around with your own people.  You’re finally understood.Quote2 — Cassie Calloway

Quote1This is what it looks like when a person finally discovers who she really is I wish the same for you.Quote2 — Cassie Calloway

Organic, down-to-earth, nurturing, and endearing Cassie Calloway is an Idealist.

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