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Raven Doppelgänger

BBC America‘s science fiction thriller Orphan Black stole an Emmy last week via the versatile performance of Tatiana Maslany.

#Cloneclub will return for a 5th and final season.

Rottentomatoes: 92%

Metacritic: 73

IMDb: 8.4

Emmys: 1 win 2 nominations

***Spoilers Ahead***

Sarah Manning, BBC America, Orphan Black

Sarah Manning

Sarah spots a doppelgänger at the subway (Huxley) station, who jumps into the rail cart and dies.  Sarah commandeers her purse and goes to her apartment.  Her name was Elizabeth Childs.

Sarah Manning is a con-artist orphan and utilizes this doppelgänger corpse to start a new life and ditch her old one, more specifically her ex-boyfriend Victor whom she borrowed a kilo of cocaine from.

She has her friend Felix ID Beth’s body as her own and takes over her life as a police detective.  When she shows up to work she is asked to give a statement about a civilian her predecessor had shot, one Maggie Chan.  She vomits on the conference table.  Everyone thinks she’s experiencing PTSD, she is taken to a counselor and put under suspension.

When she raids Beth’s bank account and private lock box she discovers the birth certificates of other clones, all born within a month of her birthday.

She is braced by another doppelgänger and discovers that she is  in fact a clone herself, and has many ‘sister’ clones spread throughout North America and Europe, whom are all on an imminent hit list.

This hit list is being enacted by Helena, a trained sniper and Ukranian clone who has been turned against the other clones by a fanatic religious group.

Sarah encounters another pair of clones: Alison Hendrix a soccer mom, and Cosima Neihaus an evolutionary development microbiology student.

She is braced by Helena, who’s murders initiate a task force that she has been assigned to as Beth.

Soon Sarah becomes privy to Neolution, a philosophical movement where one guides one’s own evolution via augmentation.

This movement spawned an illegal cloning stem cell research test run being performed by a private organization the Dyad Institute, which is headed by Dr. Aldous Leekie.

Plotlines run parallel to a Brave New World.

The Prolethean’s emerge, a religious group who’s efforts revolve around clone assassinations as they believe them to be abominations.

Sarah finds herself and Kira in the middle of some science fanatics the Neolutionists and some religious fanatics the Proletheans.

Sarah’s daughter, Kira, is the only known offspring of a clone; all other clones are sterile by design.

Each clone has a different DNA tag based on ASCII coded basepairs.


Project LEDA is the name of the female cloning project, while Project CASTOR is the militarized male cloning version.  Both projects have certified patents.

Donnie Hendrix slays Aldous Leekie unwittingly with a pistol after learning that he was being manipulated into monitoring his wife’s health diametrics.

Meanwhile Helena, Alison, Cosima, and Sarah collude and develop a close bond with one another as ‘sisters.’

It is revealed that the U.S. military is behind the CASTOR cloning trial experiments.  

The original genetic samples for projects CASTOR and LEDA were derived from a brother and sister, making all the clones siblings.

Several health defects among the clones begin to surface.

Kendall Malone, Siobhán’s mother, served as the origin for both male and female clone lines by virtue of being a genetic chimera.

Sarah has an organic robotic parasite device implanted into her cheek unwillingly.  This kind of bio tech is akin to the Neolutionist movement.

She negotiates it’s surgical removal by handing over Kendall, who perishes.  The origin of the clones and any potential cure to their health defects passed with her.

After investing billions of dollars, Evie Cho takes over BrightBorn Industry operations, dismantles projects LEDA and CASTOR, and seeks to extinguish all evidence of their existence.

Neolutionists in general begin to look at Sarah and the clones as a threat to the movement as knowledge of their existence and implementation could spell bad PR.

Clone Rachel Duncan slays her mother Professor Susan Duncan and seizes operative control of BrightBorn Industries.

She proposes a new line of clones with implanted organic robot technology, and takes a meeting with the mastermind behind the Neolution movement, one P.T. Westmoreland.

Sarah Manning, BBC America, Orphan Black

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

1 win: 2016

“Yeah, I hit him first this time.  With an ashtray, so…  He’s a little blue.” — Sarah Manning

Quote1Yeah, so I’m back on the run, the usual Sarah shite storm.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“No, she left her bag on the platform.” — Sarah Manning

“And a nice address.” — Sarah Manning

Quote1Try and get 20k for it, yeah?Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“So, my credit is max, but… I’ve got a sweet pad and my new boyfriend, Paul, is out of town till the weekend.” — Sarah Manning

“That’s not enough.  To get out, Fe.  Set ourselves up with Kira somewhere.” — Sarah Manning

Quote1I don’t know.  Just a girl who looks like me.  Girl with a pretty nice life.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“Hold on, Fe.  She’s got $75,000 in her savings account.” — Sarah Manning

“Ya, good luck with that.” — Sarah Manning

“Holy shite.” — Sarah Manning

Quote1Felix, Beth is a cop.  I’m a cop.  Felix, abort.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“I’m just missing, er…  Er… Myself.  Erm…  Yeah, erm, I glitched.  Break or something.  I think I need some leave.” — Sarah Manning

Quote1Right.  See, I’m having trouble with detail.  So, I’m not sure I should say anything at all.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“I don’t know.  I’m not even sure her partner knows.  Feels like she’s lying about something.” — Sarah Manning

“Yeah, whatever she was into drove her plenty nuts, yeah.” — Sarah Manning

Quote1Yeah, the last thing I am is special.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“If that was my boyfriend, I’d jump in front of a train too.” — Sarah Manning

“He can’t have a funeral!  The whole sad point is nobody would notice if I died.” — Sarah Manning

Quote1It’s a coincidence.  I don’t care.  It’s just a score, Fe.  Let me finish what I started and then, I’ll come back for you and Kira, yeah?Quote2 — Sarah Manning

Quote1Yeah, I have to, Fe.  It’s dangerous shit in this life.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“Look, Fe, sell the coke, and keep half the money and give the other half to Kira, yeah?” — Sarah Manning

Quote1I’m trying to fix this.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

Quote1Ey, I’ve got the money, Fe.  I still want us to be together, it can work, yeah?  This is our chance for me, you and Kira to start over.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

Quote1Leave it out, Felix.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“Tell her it wasn’t me, I don’t care, just make sure Kira knows I’m fine.  Yeah?  We can still get out with her.  That’s my one bit of good news.” — Sarah Manning

Quote1Yeah, $75,000 in cash!  That’s enough to lose Vic. lose the twin sister weirdness, go somewhere safe with my daughter.  Is that so much to ask?Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“Bastard must have followed me and nicked it.” — Sarah Manning

“Till I get our money back.” — Sarah Manning

“Yeah, I was going to leave town.  But I couldn’t do it, okay?  I turned around.” — Sarah Manning

“To clear the shooting, Art.  I’m not dirty.  I just freaked out.” — Sarah Manning

“I was by myself, I was canvassing witnesses on another case.  The Ramsey thing, the Sun Jewellery heist.  I wasn’t even looking for Yip…” — Sarah Manning

“Xan Yip, U.S. racketeering warrant.  I’d seen her sheet that morning, Asian, female, 41.” — Sarah Manning

“And… Right here, where I thought I saw Yip… I did.  I saw her.  I called her name, I told her to freeze.  She didn’t.  She ran.  Disappeared down.” — Sarah Manning

“I drew when I entered the courtyard here.  That’s when I drew my weapon and then she disappeared down there.  I crossed her there and that’s when I heard somebody behind me.  And I turned around and I fired twice.” — Sarah Manning

“So, Art won’t give me the money until I clear Beth’s shooting.” — Sarah Manning

Quote1That’s the least of my worries.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“Beth was investigating the twins, too.  I think whatever she found out drove her nuts and she topped herself.” — Sarah Manning

“Everytime I think I learn something, I’m wrong.” — Sarah Manning

“Rock and roll.” — Sarah Manning

“Bloody hell.  How many of us are there?” — Sarah Manning

“You point a gun at my brother again I will kick the living shite out of you!” — Sarah Manning

“What?  Never tell anyone about clone club?” — Sarah Manning

Quote1Yeah, leave it out, okay?  It doesn’t matter.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

Quote1Yes, I can.  I’m just me, okay?  The song remains the same.  We get the 75 grand back from Beth’s partner, we get Kira, and we get as far away from all this as possible.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“Am I going insane?” — Sarah Manning

Quote1Just… Petty fraud, assault, whatever.  Wasted youth, all right?Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“Uh, nightmare.  PTSD, fatal civilian shooting, enquiry, medicaiton, the whole enchilada.” — Sarah Manning

Quote1Because I saw a way to dump Vic and get out of that life.  And get away with Kira.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

Quote1Eye on the prize.  Get the money back from Beth’s other partner.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“Yeah, the body dump doesn’t match the professional hit.” — Sarah Manning

“Yes, you did.  Look, shit happens fast, okay?” — Sarah Manning

“I just need a shower and an early start so we can catch this guy.” — Sarah Manning

“What kind of mother am I if I snatch my own daughter?” — Sarah Manning

“Mrs. S gave me one visit.  I need to get it right.” — Sarah Manning

“I think I’m the safest with the cops to be honest with you.” — Sarah Manning

Quote1Look.  Art’s already looking for the killer.  I shadow him as Beth, I let them figure out what has happened to her and when I find out I can jump off and deal.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“I’m outside Kira’s school.  Of all the things that scare me right now, Fe, this one’s the heaviest.  She’s the only thing that really matters, you know?” — Sarah Manning

“God, I missed you so much.” — Sarah Manning

“You don’t miss a thing, do you?” — Sarah Manning

“One day I’ll explain it all to you, yeah monkey?” — Sarah Manning

“We’re safe, Kira.  I promise, okay?” — Sarah Manning

Quote1I was working a job.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

Quote1This is piss-off money, okay?  You don’t get to know anything.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

Quote1I’m not proud of what we did.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“We were parasites.” — Sarah Manning

“When Beth died, I took her identity.  Look, I was just gonna clean out her bank accounts.  I didn’t mean to get all tangled up with you.” — Sarah Manning

“But, yeah, we’re genetic identicals.” — Sarah Manning

“Yeah, we count nine of us so far.” — Sarah Manning

“I hope you kicked her arse.” — Sarah Manning

Quote1I’m the biggest mess there is, Alison.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

Quote1We do what we gotta do.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“Yeah, I was thinking of putting a gun to his head.” — Sarah Manning

“Yeah, my gut says put a bullet in her myself but… You don’t understand what it’s like.  I look at Helena and I see me.” — Sarah Manning

Quote1I, kind of, gave up expecting.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“Kira’s here, and I want to see her now.  If you don’t have her, you’re dead.” — Sarah Manning

“Yeah, well, what you don’t know is that I already had all your bank codes and passwords.  I was gonna take you for everything you had selling the company.” — Sarah Manning

Quote1You just made it, hard.  I’m not that person anymore, Cal.  But I’m still just as much trouble.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“Look, Kira’s got nothing to do with this.  You touch her, and I will bury you.” — Sarah Manning

“No cops.  I can’t do cops.  We just have to get out of here, now.” — Sarah Manning

Quote1Shit hit the fan.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“If anyone follows us… I’m gonna sick Helena on all of you.” — Sarah Manning

“You didn’t even know her.  This isn’t your fight.” — Sarah Manning

“You know, I should’ve just left you here to bloody rot!” — Sarah Manning

Quote1Fat lot you care.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“So you’re a snake either way you cut it.” — Sarah Manning

“You wanna know why I left Kira with Mrs. S?  ‘Cause I was too young and I felt tied down and trapped.  So, I would leave Kira with S for days on end.  And one day, Mrs. S wouldn’t let me see her.” — Sarah Manning

Quote1Uh, ’cause I was high or hungover or some shit.  But she was right to do that.  But… I left town with Vic, just to show S what a mistake she’d made.  I missed nearly a year with my kid.  Just being selfish.  I didn’t get to watch her grow up.  Or share her secrets.  Or be her mum.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

“I’m so tired, mum.” — Sarah Manning

“I just can’t lose another one of us.” — Sarah Manning

“How high are you right now?” — Sarah Manning

Quote1Then you can piss off.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

Quote1I’m so sick of pissing around.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

Quote1We do this, it’s with our people, our way.Quote2 — Sarah Manning

Cunning, conniving, quick on her feet, with a propensity for brash behaviors Sarah Manning is an Artisan.

Art Bell, BBC America, Orphan Black

Art Bell

Art starts tailing his partner after her behavior becomes erratic and suspicious.  He commandeers $75 grand she pulled out in cash.

After she testifies and clears her shooting testimony he gives the money back.  He begins to become suspicious however when Sarah Manning’s criminal record and prints show up on a crime scene.

This causes him and Detective Angela DeAngelis to become privy to some clones or women with identical genetics that look like Beth.

They detain Sarah but have to let her go because of the Dyad institute pulling strings, they question Vic her ex boyfriend to no avail.

Art begins to grasp the scope and implications of the cloning trial etc. and starts cooperating with Sarah in investigating the Dyad institute, Dr. Aldous Leekie, and the clones.

Art as it turns out had been romantically involved with Beth before her death.

He gets suspended for pursuing the clone case despite repeated warnings to drop it.


“Don’t, Beth, not today.” — Art Bell

Quote1We’re late.Quote2 — Art Bell

Quote1Where were you?  We’re gonna walk through it again.Quote2 — Art Bell

“I worry.  Suddenly, you don’t give a damn, I get pissed.  My fat ass is on the line here, too.  Now you had better be ready.  Are you ready?” — Art Bell

“Right.  You’ll probably take off on me again.  Look, Beth, I know this shit is as hard as it gets.  But you gotta stop making it worse.” — Art Bell

Quote1I’m kidding.  Where’s your wit gone?  You haven’t called me dipshit all day.Quote2 — Art Bell

Quote1I know.  But who else would?Quote2 — Art Bell

“Look, Beth, I know this thing has got you all twisted up, but you gotta forgive yourself.  Shootings happen, to whoever’s there, with a gun in their hand.” — Art Bell

“Then cut the shit, Beth, and tell me where it came from.” — Art Bell

“Are you wearing a wire?” — Art Bell

“You never saw the vic, before.  No previous contact with Margaret Chen?” — Art Bell

“If there is another version of this story, if that money is somehow connected…” — Art Bell

Quote1Walk me through it again.  So I know you won’t crack under questioning.Quote2 — Art Bell

“When did you draw your weapon?” — Art Bell

“If they find out that you called me before you called it in, Beth…  They’re gonna start to dig.  And if they dig, they find the pills.  And if they find the pills, you may crack under questioning, and tell them that I put the phone in the vic’s hand to cover your tweaker ass.” — Art Bell

Quote1Good.  But to be sure, I’m gonna hang on to that money until you’re cleared.  How’s that?Quote2 — Art Bell

Quote1Well, thank God.  Buckle up, kid.  You got a 10-45.Quote2 — Art Bell

“Booked on the range, day after tomorrow, 4:00.” — Art Bell

“The gun range.  You with me or not?” — Art Bell

“Beckwith filled a bucket with fragments from the hopper.  Couple solids so far.  Dyed red hair, like bright red.  And laying out the skull fragments she’s 99% sure she found entry and exit wounds.” — Art Bell

“Start calling.  And keep calling while you clear that shit pile of a desk.” — Art Bell

Quote1Detective Bell.  Yeah, well, what can you tell me about her?Quote2 — Art Bell

“Auto glass.  Looks like a fast exit that way.  Could be line of fire.  The range.” — Art Bell

“Hey, someone cleared this out.  Laid down in here.  Yeah.  But someone moved this into position.  Hey, this look like a blind to you?  A log for someone to lay a rifle on?  Weeds knocked down for sightlines.” — Art Bell

“Yeah, but there had to be three people there.  So, if the killer’s on a motorcycle, then what?  He has an accomplice, drives the vic to the quarry?  Or the vic has a driver, doesn’t go to police, panics, and half-ass buries the body?” — Art Bell

“Yeah, we got a live one.  Phone calls, leaving clues, messing with us.” — Art Bell

“It was a thread, Lieutenant.  It was a flimsy lead on a stolen bike.” — Art Bell

Quote1I’m fine.  Just let me take her home.Quote2 — Art Bell

Quote1I never should have told you to go after him.Quote2 — Art Bell

Quote1No, no.  I should have had your back.  You had mine.  I didn’t have yours.Quote2 — Art Bell

“I’m sorry I held it over you.  I guess I owe you one.” — Art Bell

“Eye witness says we got it wrong.  Jane Doe’s killer is female.  About Beth’s size.” — Art Bell

“So, we have a long range, high powered weapon.  Name me one homicide ever pinned on a female sniper.” — Art Bell

“And the DNA evidence?” — Art Bell

“Look, the bottom line is we are chasing a calculated female killer who loves playing games.” — Art Bell

“Oh, I know that place.  Lot of squatters around there.  Let’s check it out.” — Art Bell

“Don’t worry.  Let’s go.” — Art Bell

Quote1No, no, no, after last night, we stick together, come on.Quote2 — Art Bell

“She led us here.  She wanted us to see this.” — Art Bell

“No.  She had a reason.” — Art Bell

“Nice to know someone’s having fun.” — Art Bell

Quote1After all we done for you.Quote2 — Art Bell

“I wanna get a better picture of this whole deal, first.” — Art Bell

“You want me to throw my ex-partner under the bus?  Hm?  If I’m wrong about this, you’ll be the last partner I ever have.” — Art Bell

Quote1Two minutes.  That’s all I get for two years by your side.Quote2 — Art Bell

Quote1I was trying to help my partner.  This is your last chance to come clean with me, Beth.Quote2 — Art Bell

“No.  You watched her commit suicide.  And then you went straight for her wallet.” — Art Bell

“You’ve been obstructing this investigation from the minute you took over Beth’s life.  You’re the prime suspect, Sarah.” — Art Bell

“Sarah, my partner killed herself and I didn’t see it coming.  Help me.  Help Beth.  I know you care.” — Art Bell

Quote1I will.  If that’s what you need.  I promise.Quote2 — Art Bell

Quote1Let’s go check her story out.Quote2 — Art Bell

“We’re off a case that doesn’t exist, Angie.  You want to walk her in there you go right ahead.” — Art Bell

“She almost trusts me, Angie.” — Art Bell

“The feds are calling the diner thing domestic terrorism.  The cowboy that took the shotgun blast was a religious extremist, like Maggie Chen, a Prolethean.” — Art Bell

“Police officer.  Put your hands on the car.” — Art Bell

“I’m a patient man, Helena.  I’ll make a grilled cheese sandwich while you think about it.” — Art Bell

“Oh, come on, think like police.  Why take baggage on the run?” — Art Bell

Quote1You got to read the entire file.  He’s a KA.Quote2 — Art Bell

“I don’t know.  ‘Cause I’m riding with my partner.” — Art Bell

“Look, I’m not confused, Sarah.  But you are Beth’s sister through and through.  You know, she tried to tell me.  What she was.  She called me the night that she… That night she came along and… I thought it was the pills, more bullshit.  I turned my back on her when she needed me the most.  Yeah.  But I should have.  Just look up that asshole KA for me.  Let’s get your sister back.” — Art Bell

Quote1You’re just as fierce as she was, Sarah.  And you need my help, too.Quote2 — Art Bell

Quote1Okay.  Listen, I’mma head down to the station and see what I can dig up, okay?  Sarah, you stay here.  Get some rest.  You look like you need it.Quote2 — Art Bell

“His wounds look to be defensive.” — Art Bell

Judicious, protective, ardent and intrepid Art Bell is a Guardian.

Felix Dawkins, BBC America, Orphan Black

Felix Dawkins

A starving artist, Felix Dawkins is Sarah’s younger adoptive brother, her most trusted confidante, and a pillar of strength for her and her new found sisters.  He is approached as a fence by Sarah after she happens upon a purse at the subway station having just witnessed the suicide of Beth Childs.

Felix shows up to the local morgue, identifies Beth’s body as Sarah Manning, and procures a death certificate to that effect.

Felix holds a spurious wake for Sarah.  He and his chique domicile serve as a hotbed for Sarah, her sisters, and their various machinations and efforts to avoid death.  He provides emotional support for and is fond of all of them, most specifically the house wife Alison Hendrix whom he has helped out of many conundrums and provided counsel for in times of need.

Though he complains about all of it he always shows up for his adoptive sister clones basically whenever they need him, or his apartment.

Felix digs into his biological family and gets acquainted with his real sister Adele, a lawyer and classy lady whom Felix becomes enthralled with, making Sarah jealous, now being the trashy con-artist street-urchin adoptive sister.

Felix Dawkins, BBC America, Orphan Black

“Oh, my God.  You look like crap.” — Felix Dawkins

“No, seriously, ew.” — Felix Dawkins

Quote1This long no see, you don’t get to know.Quote2 — Felix Dawkins

“How’s Vic the dick?” — Felix Dawkins

“After what happened?  You really think Mrs S. is gonna let you take her?” — Felix Dawkins

Quote1You’ve been gone for almost a year, Sarah.Quote2 — Felix Dawkins

“I’m not judging.  I’m just saying.  All right?” — Felix Dawkins

“Oh, you robbed her body.” — Felix Dawkins

“Isn’t that essentially robbing her body?” — Felix Dawkins

“Okay, that’s weird.  Elizabeth Childs.  It’s you with a nice haircut.” — Felix Dawkins

Quote1Well, now, when you’re a poor little orphan foster wretch, anything’s possible.  Or so we tell ourselves.Quote2 — Felix Dawkins

“Yeah, to find out who she is, to rob the rest of her shit.” — Felix Dawkins

“All right, fine.  What about Vic?” — Felix Dawkins

“I don’t know.  I haven’t seen her in like a year.  She’s been with you.  She’s not my problem anymore.” — Felix Dawkins

“Lovely to see you again, Victor.” — Felix Dawkins

“Unfortunately, your real boyfriend, Vic the dick, is already here.” — Felix Dawkins

Quote1Oh, I’m fine, by the way, thank you.Quote2 — Felix Dawkins

“And your blow is abysmal, by the way.  I’ll be lucky to get 10k for it.” — Felix Dawkins

“Sarah, who is Elizabeth Childs?” — Felix Dawkins

“If it was so nice, why did she kill herself?” — Felix Dawkins

“Sarah, any second, someone’s gonna ID the body, and it’s game over.  So you should really just drop it all right now.” — Felix Dawkins

“Do not snap towels at me, Bobby.  I had a very traumatic childhood.” — Felix Dawkins

“Foster sister, but we were very close.  You know, we spent all of our, erm, formative years together.” — Felix Dawkins

“You bastard.” — Felix Dawkins

“Sarah is dead.  She’s dead.  Vic… She killed herself.  She jumped in front of a train because you are such an arsehole!” — Felix Dawkins

“Her death certificate.” — Felix Dawkins

“I identified her body.  Vic, she’s dead!  She’s gone.” — Felix Dawkins

“So, your twin, all hopped up on cop tranquilisers, guns down an innocent Chinese lady holding a cell phone in her hand.  Is that true?” — Felix Dawkins

“For 75 grand in a new account.  She well dodgy.” — Felix Dawkins

“Yeah.  Suicide’s thrilling, agreed.  But… Can we get the elephant out of the room?” — Felix Dawkins

Quote1Oh, Vic… Is keening like a banshee.  He wants a funeral.Quote2 — Felix Dawkins

“So their birthdays are all within a month of yours?” — Felix Dawkins

“Oh.  You’re gonna disappear again?” — Felix Dawkins

“You left Kira with Mrs. S overnight and you didn’t come back for 10 months.” — Felix Dawkins

Quote1Tell it to the angels, Sarah.  You’re already dead.Quote2 — Felix Dawkins

Quote1Why don’t you tell her yourself, Siobhán?  I’m not going to play Felix in the middle.Quote2 — Felix Dawkins

“Yes, I am.  To make sure that Kira doesn’t think that her mother’s dead.  And, oh good, look, she doesn’t.  You and Sarah, you can work out the rest.” — Felix Dawkins

Quote1She is trying.  Badly.  Granted.  But in her own way, she is, she’s really trying.Quote2 — Felix Dawkins

“Kira’s fine, you’re not dead to your daughter.” — Felix Dawkins

Quote1She knows.  She’s been asking for you.  She has.Quote2 — Felix Dawkins

Quote1Don’t worry about that now, okay?  We’ll work it out later.  Just take us with you when you leave again.Quote2 — Felix Dawkins

“Bitch that guards hell.” — Felix Dawkins

“Last time I checked, human cloning was illegal, let alone impossible.” — Felix Dawkins

“It does matter!  Dead Beth, dead German.  Those two, three other Euros, you, that’s eight.  And dreadlocks is going on about a blood sample saying it’s life or death.  You can’t just ignore it.” — Felix Dawkins

Quote1Gonna rip off your new sis and abscond with Kira?Quote2 — Felix Dawkins

“I’m beginning to realize crazy is genetic.” — Felix Dawkins

“Excuse me?  Sarah was out there risking her life, playing cat and mouse with killer clone so that your kids don’t end up orphans and you think that she should lose her child for that.” — Felix Dawkins

Quote1Yeah, I think you need to step up here, sister.Quote2 — Felix Dawkins

“Stirring vote of confidence.” — Felix Dawkins

Quote1Is every man in your life a complete wanker, except me?Quote2 — Felix Dawkins

“Put your chin up, be a woman.  This is backstabbing 101.” — Felix Dawkins

“Of course you can.  You’re gonna face the music, eat some humble pie, hug it out, play possum, Aynsley’s gonna think she’s won, and you are gonna live to fight another day.” — Felix Dawkins

“It was a terrible case of mistaken identity.” — Felix Dawkins

“I thought I saw my sister.” — Felix Dawkins

Quote1You are a bloody wrecking ball.  You are an exploding cigar, do you know that?Quote2 — Felix Dawkins

Quote1Great.  Stick me in the middle with a bloody apple in my mouth.Quote2 — Felix Dawkins

“Scott, a good lab partner should be metaphysically empathetic.” — Felix Dawkins

Quote1Look, darling.  There’s only one thing you need to know.  Nothing.  This is my truth voice.  The only thing that you need to know is that you are one of a kind.  You’re a survivor, Krystal.  And you’re not alone.”Quote2— Felix Dawkins

“What is wrong with you?  What?  I told you that I was gonna look for my family.” — Felix Dawkins

“She is so bloody cool, okay?  You are gonna think she’s amazing.  She’s a lawyer.  Or she was.  But there’s some kind of, like, disbarment situation or something, so she…” — Felix Dawkins

“I can see you’re upset.  I get it.  But this means a lot to me, and frankly, I’m not just gonna drop all my shit yet again because you’re short a sidekick.” — Felix Dawkins

Quote1Cosima?  We’re gonna figure it out, okay?  We’re in this together.  Just hand on.Quote2 — Felix Dawkins

Quote1Look, I know you’re under a lot of pressure.  But you have to be strong, okay?  Your sisters are there for you.  Sarah is there for you.Quote2 — Felix Dawkins

“Well you did just mix tranquilizers with gin, love.” — Felix Dawkins

Empathetic, hospitable, supportive, and encouraging Felix Dawkins is an Idealist.

Siobhán Sadler, BBC America, Orphan Black

Siobhán Sadler

pronounced shi-VAWN; Irish

Shivawn Sadler is Felix and Sarah’s adoptive mother.  Her mother’s genetics were used to run the LEDA and CASTOR trial cloning experiments.  Her main concern is the safety of Sarah, her sisters, and above all her daughter Kira.

She is a mother hen figure whose compassion is matched only by the hard love she dishes out.  She keeps Kira safe from the wild ways and questionable acquaintances of her rebellious mother.

Siobhán avenges her mother Kendall Malone.

Siobhán Sadler, BBC America, Orphan Black

Quote1Go on upstairs, Kira love.  Uncle Felix has got some explaining to do.Quote2 — Siobhán Sadler

“I knew it was too good to be true.  Sarah’s too tough to commit suicide.  Most feral mutt I ever took in.” — Siobhán Sadler

“Don’t shrug.  Staging a funeral to get away from Vic.  Why would you help such a stupid plan?” — Siobhán Sadler

Quote1Plagued that girl was, from the very start.Quote2 — Siobhán Sadler

“Tell her she hasn’t seen her daughter in almost a year and… I think it’s best if it stays like that.” — Siobhán Sadler

“Oh, no?  You’re here at her beck and call, aren’t you?” — Siobhán Sadler

Quote1Years of my life.  Leaving London.  All of my people there, to bring the two of you here for a fresh start.Quote2 — Siobhán Sadler

Quote1I’d do it all again, Felix.  Every visit from the bloody police about her, every missing person’s report.  Every punch we threw.  Because Kira is a gift.Quote2 — Siobhán Sadler

“No.  She hasn’t a clue.” — Siobhán Sadler

“You know when, love.” — Siobhán Sadler

“Sounds fair to me.” — Siobhán Sadler

“I’ve seen her elaborate ruses and guises before, but how do you do this?  How do you fake your own demise beneath a train?” — Siobhán Sadler

“I don’t care to know why.” — Siobhán Sadler

Quote1Take her on the run with you.  Brilliant.  New clothes and a Jaguar do not a mother make.Quote2 — Siobhán Sadler

Quote1I’ll set up a visit.  But the only way you will regain custody of Kira is to show me that you can be still.Quote2 — Siobhán Sadler

“You can visit, any other approach and I will stop lying to Social Services for you.” — Siobhán Sadler

“No.  I’d do it to you.” — Siobhán Sadler

Quote1You can talk to her tonight.  If you let her down, that’s it.  I won’t let you see her again.Quote2 — Siobhán Sadler

“Well, you kept your word.  You showed up.” — Siobhán Sadler

“Sarah.   I’m just, uh… I’m not used to an honest word on this subject.” — Siobhán Sadler

“Yeah, you took all of the attitude none of the politics.” — Siobhán Sadler

Quote1I can keep Kira safe.  Just like I kept you.Quote2 — Siobhán Sadler

“Two homicide detectives on my doorstep this morning quite convinced that they’d found your body in a gravel quarry.” — Siobhán Sadler

“Sit down and shut your gob.” — Siobhán Sadler

“Would you care to enlighten me?” — Siobhán Sadler

“Very little.  I’d venture little is all they have.” — Siobhán Sadler

“Whatever is going on, if it takes one step towards Kira, you need to yell, ‘Fire.’  The home we’ve built for ourselves in this country, we burn it all down if we have to.” — Siobhán Sadler

“I will not have you blaming yourself you did not bring this on.” — Siobhán Sadler

“You don’t owe her anything, Sarah.” — Siobhán Sadler

“I um… I got in touch with my people back in England.  About where you’re really from.” — Siobhán Sadler

Quote1Yours love.  It’s always been yours.Quote2 — Siobhán Sadler

Quote1I put Kira first.Quote2 — Siobhán Sadler

“Still a poet.” — Siobhán Sadler

Quote1Sarah sadly insists on fending for herself.  But the child deserves better.Quote2 — Siobhán Sadler

“Please.  Don’t turn your back on me.  Not on your people.” — Siobhán Sadler

“That was my decision, and I’ll live with it.  But Kira shouldn’t have to.” — Siobhán Sadler

“Just a wee bit concerned.” — Siobhán Sadler

Quote1She looks a damn sight better than you did when I took you in.Quote2 — Siobhán Sadler

“You were a budding delinquent at six.” — Siobhán Sadler

“Fertile.  Intertile… They’re all just people, love.” — Siobhán Sadler

Quote1Oh, no, love.  No.  She’ll be so sorry she didn’t get to talk to you.  She misses you enormously.Quote2 — Siobhán Sadler

Quote1Remember, we love you.Quote2 — Siobhán Sadler

“Thank you, honey.  But you don’t need to serve us.” — Siobhán Sadler

“Why don’t you tell me how you plan on raising this child?” — Siobhán Sadler

“I know, love.” — Siobhán Sadler

Vigilant, maternal, considerate, and nurturing Siobhán Sadler is an Idealist.

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