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Netflix family crime drama Bloodline also stole an Emmy at the 68th annual but conducive to his character the silly son of a bitch didn’t even show up.

Bloodline will run a third season in May 2017 but as it stands currently, has been cancelled.

Rottentomatoes: 63%

Metacritic: 75

IMDb: 8.3

Emmys: 1 win 4 nominations

***Spoilers Ahead***

John Rayburn, Netflix, Bloodline

Jonathan Rayburn

John Rayburn is a detective in Monroe County, Florida.  His parents own a local hotel and his elder brother Danny returns home trying to turn over a new leaf in his life.

The golden boy of the family, Johnny ardently serves as the mediator, attempting unsuccessfully to settle many of the disputes that arise.

Danny’s father Robert or Papa Ray is reluctant to welcome him back into the fold and leaves the decision up to his other three children.

Danny loses this ‘sibling vote.’

Johnny confronts Danny about sticking around, tells him it’s not gonna work out, and puts the blame on his father.

He drops Danny off at the bus station to no avail.

Robert has a stroke, falls ill, and subsequently passes away.

At work Johnny runs into the D.E.A. and a local entrepreneur Wayne Lowry, Danny’s newfound employer, who is involved in both human and narcotics trafficking.

John detains and questions Danny’s best friend Eric O’Bannon and learns about him and Danny’s illicit gasoline siphoning exploits.  He also discovers that millions of dollars worth of cocaine is being run through the Rayburn House family hotel docks.

The DEA initates a task force to take down Lowry with the sheriff department assisting (agents Rayburn, Diaz).

Johnny intercepts a cocaine load on the Rayburn House hotel property.  He panics and consults his siblings.

They conclude it would ruin the hotel’s reputation and conceal the stash in Danny’s Miami apartment, while alerting the DEA and complying with their investigation.

John is distressed when Danny takes his daughter Janey out on a boating trip.  He sees this gesture as a direct threat to her livelihood.

Johnny be good golden boy drowns his elder brother Danny in frustration on an inlet island in the mangroves and kills him.  He then has a panic attack and calls his sister Meghan.  He is taken to the hospital and treated for atrial fibrillation.

Kevin and Meg hide Danny’s  body.

Johnny boy goes back, covers his tracks, and torches Danny’s body on a boat with gasoline and a flare, mimicking the human trafficking murders he had been investigating at work.

Danny goes missing, conducive to his nature, and past behaviors, while John puts together a campaign for Sheriff of Monroe county.

They find Danny’s corpse, torched, and assume the murder was a result of his illicit connections and debts.  They also find $2 million worth in cocaine at Danny’s apartment in Miami.

They bring Wayne Lowry in but don’t have enough evidence to hold him on anything.

Danny’s son Nolan shows up at John’s house and imposes himself upon the family.

An old family friend detective Lenny Potts continues to investigate Danny’s murder privately at the request of his mother, Sally Rayburn.

John does his best to manipulate the investigation into Danny’s murder and use inside information to help avoid suspicion and steer the investigation away from himself.

He keeps hallucinating renditions of Danny as a symbolic representation of his guilt for murdering him.

Johnny’s partner detective Marco Diaz and Sheriff Aguirre continue investigating the death of Danny Rayburn.

Johnny boy skips town.

John Rayburn, Netflix, Bloodline

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

2 nominations : 2015, 2016

“Sometimes… you know something’s coming.  You feel it… in the air.  In your gut.  You don’t sleep at night.  The voice in your head’s telling you that something… is gonna go terribly wrong.  And there’s nothing you can do to stop it.  That’s how I felt when my brother came home.” — John Rayburn

“Come on, Danny.  Don’t fucking do this.” — John Rayburn

“No, I mean Danny.  He didn’t show.  I’m sorry.” — John Rayburn

Quote1I couldn’t have known then where all this was gonna end up.  I didn’t know why he’d decided to come back.  I didn’t know then what he’s running from.  None of us did.  I just knew he was always getting into trouble.  And I was always coming to his rescue.  Trying to save him from himself.  But this time… I didn’t know whether I’d be able to save him.Quote2 — John Rayburn

Quote1You know how Mom and Dad are about these things.  She’s not family.Quote2 — John Rayburn

“Something’s always broken in this damn house.” — John Rayburn

“Blood pressure medication.  I’m managing it.” — John Rayburn

“I’m just glad you showed up.  You made Mom very happy.” — John Rayburn

“Look, man, if you’re in trouble, or you need money…” — John Rayburn

“You know what, I’m sorry.  Fuck.  I’m sorry.  You want me to talk to Dad, I’ll talk to Dad.  Of course I will.” — John Rayburn

Quote1I’m not saying I’m a hero for what I did.  A man’s supposed to look out for his brother.  That’s what family’s all about.Quote2 — John Rayburn

“In a way, it wasn’t just him I was trying to save.  I was trying to save myself.  I was trying to save all of us.” — John Rayburn

“Call in the M.E.  Get a team down here.  God damnit.  It’s gonna be a long night.” — John Rayburn

“Danny wants to come home.” — John Rayburn

“He wants to help out with the business.” — John Rayburn

“Just telling you what he said.” — John Rayburn

“I think he’s serious this time.  I think this is something that he really wants.” — John Rayburn

“My opinion is he makes Mom happier when he’s around.” — John Rayburn

“Well, the thing is that Dad left the decision with us, guys.” — John Rayburn

“If we say no to him, he will leave.  And I’m not so sure he’ll come back.” — John Rayburn

“It’s just a feeling I have.” — John Rayburn

Quote1There’s a lot of shit Danny did for me when we were kids that you don’t know anything about.Quote2 — John Rayburn

Quote1I want Danny in my life.  I want him to know my children.  Goddamn it, you don’t give up on family.Quote2 — John Rayburn

“Dad gave me his answer.  I’m sorry, man.  It’s not gonna work out.” — John Rayburn

“He’s just not ready for it.  It’s not a good time.” — John Rayburn

“What do you want, huh?  What the fuck do you want?  Do you need another loan?  You need somewhere to stay?” — John Rayburn

Quote1How can I help you?Quote2 — John Rayburn

Quote1I did what you asked me to do.Quote2 — John Rayburn

Quote1Are you saying that I don’t help you?  Are you saying that my whole life I haven’t tried to help you?  My whole goddamn life, that’s what I’ve done.  I’ve fucking tried to protect you.  I’ve tried to protect big brother.Quote2 — John Rayburn

“Don’t do that.  The bonfire’s tonight.  The pier dedication’s in the morning.” — John Rayburn

“Are you sure you don’t wanna stick around for the ceremony?” — John Rayburn

“Hey, Danny.  Maybe I’ll see you at Christmas, huh?” — John Rayburn

Quote1I always thought the greatest thing that happened to me was being born a Rayburn.  Now I’m not so sure.  I’m gonna tell you everything.  It’s not very pleasant.  But it’s the truth.  What we did to our brother… we had to do.  Please don’t judge us.  We’re not bad people.  But we did a bad thing.Quote2 — John Rayburn

“My brother Kevin is the hothead of the family.  Always letting his emotions get the better of him.  Truth is, he’s a lot like my father.  And I think Kevin’s proud of that.” — John Rayburn

“People used to say I was like my father.  I’m not the same man now.  Nothing’s the same now.” — John Rayburn

Quote1Hey.  John Rayburn.  I’m wondering if you can track down a parolee for me.Quote2 — John Rayburn

“The doctors think that he had a stroke while he was on the water.” — John Rayburn

“Do you know where my brother Danny is?” — John Rayburn

“Because I know Eric called in to work sick.  And he’s not here, so that probably means he’s not sick.  Probably means he’s with Danny.” — John Rayburn

“Don’t bullshit me.  Look, I’m not trying to jam up your brother here.  You know he’s breaking his parole, don’t you?” — John Rayburn

“You and I are gonna have a conversation.  About whatever the fuck it is you and Eric O’Bannon are doing.” — John Rayburn

“Could this whole thing have been avoided?  Probably.  We all gave Danny plenty of chances to leave.  He just never got the message.” — John Rayburn

“My sister is a good person.  She takes care of people.  She wants everyone to be happy.  But when our brother came home, that was impossible.  There was no way for her to make everyone happy.  And she was forced to choose a side.  That was the worst mistake our sister could’ve made.” — John Rayburn

“You should stay.  No, I don’t mean that.  I mean that you should stay.  You should– You should come home like you wanted to.” — John Rayburn

“Mom brought it up.  But I agree with it.” — John Rayburn

“What are you gonna do?  You’re gonna help Mom over at the Inn.  And you’re gonna– Look, I don’t wanna have to talk you into it.  This is something you wanted.  Mom brought it up.” — John Rayburn

“If you do stay… you can’t be hanging around with Eric O’Bannon.  Now, that’s not gonna happen.” — John Rayburn

“I understand he’s your friend.  And I don’t know what you guys have been doing, but– You know, I’m pretty fucking good at my job.  You want me to, I’ll find out, but I– You can’t be hanging around with him.” — John Rayburn

Quote1You know, you wanna be part of the family business… you gotta have responsibility for the family name.  We all do.Quote2 — John Rayburn

“Mom wanted him home.” — John Rayburn

“Look, just god forbid, worst case scenario.  Who’s gonna take over Dad’s responsibilities?  I don’t think you realize everything he does around here.” — John Rayburn

“Hey, that’s what Mom wanted.  That’s not my decision.” — John Rayburn

“Mom said she wants you to earn it.  She just wants to make sure you’re committed to it, that’s all.” — John Rayburn

Quote1Just do the work.Quote2 — John Rayburn

“Do you need to borrow some money?” — John Rayburn

“Maybe it was Meg’s decision that started this whole thing.  I tried to tell her, but she wouldn’t listen to me.  Still, I can’t blame her for what she did.  Whatever mistakes she made… her heart was in the right place.  And in the end, she’s my sister.  And I’d trust her with my life.” — John Rayburn

“Hey, thanks for coming out today.  It means a lot to him.  It really does.  Thank you so much.” — John Rayburn

“I told Danny it was your decision.  I lied.  I’m sorry.” — John Rayburn

“We’re gonna have to do something.  People are going to want to pay their respects.” — John Rayburn

“What Dad did was wrong.” — John Rayburn

“I couldn’t see clearly back then.” — John Rayburn

“Everyone was just trying to hold everything together.” — John Rayburn

“I said what I thought I had to say.” — John Rayburn

“I was wrong.” — John Rayburn

“We were all wrong.” — John Rayburn

“Tell his parole officer he’s been smoking dope.  Fuck him.” — John Rayburn

“Everytime that kid leaves it puts a pit in my stomach.” — John Rayburn

“You never think these things will happen to you.  Some terrible thing happens to the family down the street.  And you think, ‘Thank God we’re not them.’  Then one day you wake up, and you are them.  And you can never look at yourself the same way again.” — John Rayburn

“I’m the one who has to make this right.  You hear me?” — John Rayburn

“Why didn’t you call me sooner?  Well, Kevin… You’re gonna have to file a report.” — John Rayburn

“If it was him and you wanna prove it, file a fucking report.” — John Rayburn

“If you don’t want me to report anything, why did you call me?” — John Rayburn

“Well, when you got responsibilities you just can’t  pick up and fuck off around the world for new experiences.” — John Rayburn

“Meg and Kevin wanted to cut you out.  I fucking stood up for you.” — John Rayburn

“No, I’m saying I fucking stood up for you, Danny.” — John Rayburn

“Fuck, it’s the right thing to do.” — John Rayburn

“Danny turned us into that family you don’t wanna be.  He made a mistake.  He made a big mistake.  And now we’re all paying for it.” — John Rayburn

“I love you, brother.” — John Rayburn

“Danny’s got himself into something, Mom.  He’s involved in something where if he doesn’t stop he’s gonna get into a lot of trouble.” — John Rayburn

“I can’t go into details about it.” — John Rayburn

“He’s got to be held accountable.” — John Rayburn

“The DEA’s gonna bring some guy in.  They’re gonna flip him.  Danny’s gonna get caught up in it.” — John Rayburn

Quote1You come in, I’ll try to protect you.  This is your last chance.  After that, you’re on your own.Quote2 — John Rayburn

“I go to the DEA.  I can try and manage the situation.” — John Rayburn

Quote1We never treated my brother Danny like he was one of our own.  So if he went astray… we all bear some of the blame.  I wish I knew what happened to him.  But wherever he is… I hope he’s okay.  And I hope he knows… I love him.Quote2 — John Rayburn

“What Danny said and what Danny did were two very different things.” — John Rayburn

“Meg, you know whatever happens, I’ll take responsibility for all of this.” — John Rayburn

“There’s no fucking way in the world that I will let my family lose everything because of you.  Do you understand that?” — John Rayburn

Hardworking, honest, calm, and protective Johnny Rayburn is a Guardian.

Danny Rayburn, Netflix, Bloodline

Daniel Robert Rayburn

Danny returns home the prodigal son and wants to engage in the family business and try living on the straight and narrow.  He ends up butt ass naked on the beach passed out drunk.

His brother John tells him it’s not gonna work out, and drops him off at the bus station.  He gets picked up by his comrade in crime Eric O’Bannon who happens to have an illegal gig all ready to rock and roll, siphoning gasoline from local docks for a local drug and human trafficker, Wayne Lowry.

Danny meets with his pops Robert to say goodbye, Robert has a stroke on his kayak leaving the encounter.  Danny throws his shoulder rescuing his father and getting to the hospital.  He gets pains meds from the doctor, which he’s addicted to.

His mother subsequently insists that he stick around and so he does but his true intentions remain guised.  He starts working charter trips at the Inn, taking tenants fishing, snorkeling, boating, etc.

Danny settles in back at home quite nicely, until Robert cuts him a check and tells him to leave.

Robert passes of a stroke soon after.  It is revealed that he had physically abused Danny at least once, giving him a black eye.

This conflict stems from an accident that occurred when Danny took his little sister Sarah out on the family boat, and she drowned.  The other siblings lied about Robert’s subsequent assault, Danny was never really rectified for this transgression.

In mourning of his father Danny takes a couple of days off in Key West and buys an eight-ball of cocaine.

He gets back to work both for the hotel and his friend O’Bannon.  O’Bannon raids Kevin Rayburn’s boat yard for several thousand in cash on Danny’s intel.

Danny makes some changes to the hotel restaurant, drawing up menus and scouting alternative seafood vendors.

He also starts smuggling cocaine through the hotel docks at the behest of his boss Wayne Lowry.

Johnny and the D.E.A. begin to investigate Lowry’s activities.

Danny went to culinary school, but did not fully attend and failed out.  He opened a restaurant that was doing well but was set aflame by unscrupulous characters he had borrowed money from.

John becomes privy to Danny’s illicit actions but doesn’t arrest him outright.  Danny is eventually drowned by his younger brother Johnny in the mangroves.

After Danny’s death his son Nolan comes out of the woodwork and engages the family.

Danny Rayburn, Netflix, Bloodline

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

1 win : 2016

“This was a bad idea.” — Danny Rayburn

“You said the grouper was fresh.” — Danny Rayburn

“No, it’s not.” — Danny Rayburn

“I’m not paying for that.” — Danny Rayburn

“No, I got out.  Restaurant business is shit.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Truth is I trusted these dudes, man.  Bad dudes.  Wrong dudes to trust.  Now I’m in a bit of a hole.Quote2— Danny Rayburn

“I’ve been coming here.  What?  Are you just gonna stand up here while your sister gets her ass beat?  Come on.” — Danny Rayburn

“I’ve been headed here, like a freight train.” — Danny Rayburn

“Well, I’m telling you now.” — Danny Rayburn

“I wouldn’t miss it, Dad.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Can I borrow a 20?Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Yeah, she could be the one.” — Danny Rayburn

“Still kayaking, Dad?  How’s your time these days?” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Glad to hear it.  You look good, Dad.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Yeah.  Nothing I can’t handle.  You go enjoy your family.” — Danny Rayburn

“That’s no problem.” — Danny Rayburn

“Hey, I’m sorry about leaving you stranded at the bus stop like that.” — Danny Rayburn

“I got off at Key Largo, I was gonna go see a buddy.  I tried to call you.” — Danny Rayburn

“I wanna run an idea by you.  And, uh, if you think it’s shit, let me know.  Okay?  I was thinking of coming back.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1I miss it here.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“I’m gonna help Mom and Dad in the business.” — Danny Rayburn

“Yeah, you think it’s shit.  You think it’s a bad idea.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1I’ve never had a reason to stay.  If I had a home here, if I had a job here… That’d be different.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Obviously.  So I was hoping you would talk to him.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Fucking A.  Why do you always think I’m in trouble?Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Which part?  You’re always on me about how I don’t talk to Mom enough, how I don’t respect the family.  Now I tell you I wanna come home, and I wanna help out, and that doesn’t make sense to you.” — Danny Rayburn

“I met a good one couple of months ago.” — Danny Rayburn

“I don’t think it was meant to be.  It’s so hard to find the right one.” — Danny Rayburn

“Looks like I’m gonna be going to work with my parents.  I don’t wanna fuck it up.” — Danny Rayburn

“John’s talking to the old man about it.” — Danny Rayburn

“Maybe I should go with you.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Stay or go.  It’s not even up to me anymore.  Fuck it.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“I can’t remember the first time I caught a fish.  Can you?” — Danny Rayburn

“You remember yours?” — Danny Rayburn

“Oh, man.  I do.  You hooked a tarpon.  Fucking hooked a tarpon.  Thing was twice your size.  But Dad… he wasn’t gonna help you.  He wanted you to reel it in yourself.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Oh, I fucked up last night.  I can’t even remember what happened.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“I know it’s not um… easy having me here.  And I’m sure you, you know… don’t want me here.” — Danny Rayburn

“That money I owe you, I’m gonna pay it all back.  I’ve been keeping track of it.  I’m paying it back with interest.” — Danny Rayburn

“That’s what he said?  He don’t want me back?” — Danny Rayburn

“No, is that what he thinks?  Or what you think?” — Danny Rayburn

“Did you try to convince him?” — Danny Rayburn

“Fuck you.” — Danny Rayburn

“Oh, yeah.  You wanna help me.  Like what?  Like the way you tried to convince Dad?  Did everything in your power to get him to change his fucking narrow mind and take me back?” — Danny Rayburn

“Or did you just sit there like a good boy with your mouth shut?  Like you always fucking do.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Your life’s not always gonna be this perfect.  Things happen to people.  And then you’ll need me.  And then you’ll know.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“I’ll leave tonight.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1The secret of life?  Knowing when to leave.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Are you asking me to stay?  Don’t worry about it.” — Danny Rayburn

“Hey, how bad a thing are we doing here?” — Danny Rayburn

“What happens tomorrow?” — Danny Rayburn

“You’re looking good, Chels.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1It was why.  Plans change.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

Quote1I wanted to say goodbye.  Wanted to shake hands.  I won’t be coming back anymore.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“You know why I asked to come home?  I thought maybe we could work things out before… Before you die.” — Danny Rayburn

“He was in the kayak.  Everything was fine.  And then, um… he just sort of collapsed.” — Danny Rayburn

“Yeah, I didn’t see that.  He must have hit it on something when he… toppled over in the water.” — Danny Rayburn

“I didn’t want to upset you.” — Danny Rayburn

“I didn’t wanna leave.” — Danny Rayburn

“No one told you did they?” — Danny Rayburn

“They didn’t tell– Mama, I– I asked to come home.  I wanted to move back.  I wanna work with you.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1I was.  It just didn’t feel right.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Leaving without saying goodbye to dad.” — Danny Rayburn

“Sure you don’t wanna read me my rights?” — Danny Rayburn

“We talked for a bit.  He got back in his kayak, paddled away, and then, boom, flipped.” — Danny Rayburn

“I didn’t fucking do any– What are you talking about?” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Because I didn’t want to leave with any bad blood.  So, uh, I told him there was no hard feelings.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Nothing.  He just got back in the kayak, rode away.  Then, boom, it happened.  He collapsed.” — Danny Rayburn

“He was in the kayak, and then he just fell over.  Went limp.” — Danny Rayburn

“By dragging him out of the water while I was trying to save his life.” — Danny Rayburn

“Flagged down a couple guys.” — Danny Rayburn

“I don’t know.  Fishing.” — Danny Rayburn

“Maybe they’re the ones you wanna go arrest.” — Danny Rayburn

“Shut up, you fucking prick.  You weren’t there.” — Danny Rayburn

“And I’m in pain.  Okay?  I just pulled my goddamned dad out of the ocean.  Just do your fucking job.  Fill this.  Please.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1When John told me your decision… I got really fucking pissed off.  I got scared how pissed off I got.  You know the kind of anger, Dad?  You know the one.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Whatever you’re holding onto.  You’re going to die with it.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1But not me.  I’m… I’m done.  I’m moving on.  I’m tired of the whole thing.  So there’s no hard feelings.  Just– Goodbye.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“What about dad?  I mean, he didn’t want me here.” — Danny Rayburn

“John’s watching.” — Danny Rayburn

“No, sorry.  I’m out.  I’m out.” — Danny Rayburn

“Should be okay, Ma.  I’ve been watching dad do this my whole life.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Who says I’m gonna leave?Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Now, you got no idea… what I have given to this place.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Do you ever wonder what I’m left dealing with?Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Did Dad disown me?” — Danny Rayburn

“I know he wanted to.” — Danny Rayburn

“Hey, he told me.  A while ago.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Hey, you wanna know if I’m invested in this place?  Treat me like family.  Maybe I’ll stick around.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“You know, Manny makes more than this.” — Danny Rayburn

“I gotta work in the morning.” — Danny Rayburn

“It’s the family business.” — Danny Rayburn

“No, John’s okay.  He’s just John.  He can’t help it.  It’s like a fucking disease.” — Danny Rayburn

“No, it’s my little sister I gotta watch out for.” — Danny Rayburn

“Really?  Why would anyone not love my sweet little sister?” — Danny Rayburn

“I got your back, Mister.  Just hope you got mine.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1That’s the word for it.  Fresh start.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“That’s the pot calling the kettle black I mean, man.  You’re the fucking smelliest motherfucker in the family.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Look, I’ll see what I can do.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Well, you’re here now.  The only thing you gotta worry about is not worrying.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Let’s bring you over to the bar and let you get one of those margaritas.  How about that?” — Danny Rayburn

“You supposed to be drinking?” — Danny Rayburn

“What’s going on, pop?” — Danny Rayburn

“I saved your life.” — Danny Rayburn

“I want to stay and you’re kicking me out?” — Danny Rayburn

“I’m your son.” — Danny Rayburn

“I’m too old to start brand new.  I’m too old for that.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1You’re trying too hard.  You should just wing it.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“You know what?  Thirty years ago, who gives a damn.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Fuck off, man.  Fuck off me.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Let me tell you something.  I’m not your way out.  I’m not your fucking lifeline.  And you sure as shit are not mine.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1So let me make this nice and simple for you.  Now’s the time you say ‘fuck off,’ I say to you ‘fuck off,’ and we’re done.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Okay, try this.  I don’t care about you.  You don’t mean anything to me.  And if I mean something to you, you mean less than nothing to me.” — Danny Rayburn

“This is what I do.” — Danny Rayburn

“Fuck you.  It was an accident.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1I’m getting paid shit at the Inn.  Absolute shit.  You know, I gotta make more cash.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“No.  He cut me out of his will.  He offered me a chunk of change to leave, though.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1I wanna stay here.  I wanna fucking get what’s mine.  Do what I gotta do.  But I’m in the hole fucking bad.  And this shit?  It’s just not gonna cut it.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“They’re both adults.  Don’t worry about it.” — Danny Rayburn

“You know what Kevin can do whatever he wants.  I got bigger things to worry about, man.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1This is all you need, right here.  Patch of breeze, a patch of water, a beautiful–.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Oh, that’s between an uncle and his niece.” — Danny Rayburn

“Yeah, you worry too much.  You’re a cop.  You got the safest kids in the whole town.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1No hard feelings.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Eric, I need the money.” — Danny Rayburn

“I deliver gas cans out to the mangroves.  Lately, that line of work has dried up and I hear you may be catching some heat.” — Danny Rayburn

“Well, I might be able to help you out.  I might be able to solve the problem for you.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Sometimes… things happen… and you get clear in your mind.  You know who you are.  You know what you want.  And you know what you have to do.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Well, I’m a stupid guy.” — Danny Rayburn

“Thought I had a pretty good offer.  Just thought I’d offer it to him.” — Danny Rayburn

“No, it just sort of happened.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1It’s one of the advantages of being a fuck up.  You get to pick up, move around.  You get to see new places.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Well, I guess now I know where we stand now.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“I’m just trying to help.  I’m trying to do the things that I’m best at.  That’s all.  I’m trying to contribute the best way I can.” — Danny Rayburn

“I had to fucking put my hand out and fucking beg people.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Cooking is all about feel.  Intuition.  But you do have to have some technique.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Just say it to my face.  Don’t fucking come between me and my brother.  Not a good idea.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Maybe it’s not a game.” — Danny Rayburn

“Oh, you busted me cold, mom.  Busted me cold.” — Danny Rayburn

“Not sure I’m cut out to be a father.” — Danny Rayburn

“We can accommodate as many guests as you send our way.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1More is good.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Yeah, you’re right.  I got to learn to be happy with what I got.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“I think I’d rather keep doing what I’m doing.” — Danny Rayburn

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that.” — Danny Rayburn

“John, you don’t know everything.” — Danny Rayburn

“You take me down, you’re gonna take down the whole family.  I’ll call the shots now.” — Danny Rayburn

“Why would I be mad about that?  Because you apologized.  As long you as you apologize it makes everything all right.  I mean, you can do whatever you want.  As long as you say you’re sorry.  Then again.  I’ve been saying sorry my whole life.  Never seemed to make any fucking difference to any of you.” — Danny Rayburn

“Let’s say I did send Eric after you.  I apologize.  From the bottom of my heart.  G’night, Kev.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Long as I get paid.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

Quote1I needed money, saw an opportunity.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Since I used the Inn to bring the drugs through.  Now you’re all in danger.  Normally I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not, because you’re all liars.” — Danny Rayburn

“And you are the worst.  You always took Dad’s side.  You never protected me.  I’ve never felt safe in this house.  And now, none of you are safe in this house.” — Danny Rayburn

Quote1You change your mind you lose your mind.  A man’s gotta have convictions.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

Quote1Yeah, well.  I lied.Quote2 — Danny Rayburn

“Hey, don’t come back here, okay?  Stay the fuck away from me.” — Danny Rayburn

“Jesus, I just can’t fucking win with you, can I?” — Danny Rayburn

Raw, flawed, with a devil-may-care attitude, often finding himself susceptible to life’s proclivities Danny Rayburn is an Artisan.

Meghan Rayburn, Netflix, Bloodline

Meghan Rayburn

Meghan Rayburn’s altruistic nature is tested when her brother Danny returns home, and keeping the family’s wishes copacetic becomes an increasingly complex task.

Meg drafts up her father’s will when he starts to get sick and have seizures.  She dis-includes her brother Danny’s name in the inheritance as per her father Robert’s request.  She tries to have Robert sign the fresh copy, but he displays a lack of sound mind in her opinion and she hesitates.

Even after recovering his druthers Robert is indecisive regarding Danny’s inheritance.  Before he passes he signs a will with his eldest son Danny inheriting nothing.

Meghan initiates an effort of the siblings to bring Danny back into the inheritance following Papa Ray’s passing.  She never actually files the paperwork.

She is proposed to by her long time boyfriend and John’s co-worker detective Marco Diaz.  This doesn’t pan out.

Meg grows weary of her family’s machinations and interviews with a prestigious law firm in New York.  She takes the position and moves there, but then has to come back and deal with her brother Danny’s death, for which she is fired.

Meghan Rayburn, Netflix, Bloodline

“Mama!  Sorry I’m late.” — Meghan Rayburn

Quote1Mom.  Mom, you’re not running a hotel today.  The people you invited this weekend are your family and friends.  They love you.  Nothing can go wrong.Quote2 — Meghan Rayburn

Quote1Sit down.  I’m gonna have Didi make you a very large gimlet.  And you’re going to relax.  And you’re going to enjoy yourself.Quote2 — Meghan Rayburn

“It’s crazy.  Your kids are growing up so fast.” — Meghan Rayburn

“Is my mother paying you to have this conversation?” — Meghan Rayburn

“Yeah, I know.  It’s kind of hard to have kids if you don’t have a man.  Clearly my boyfriend has abandoned me.  So… Oh!” — Meghan Rayburn

“We were just talking about you.  We missed you.” — Meghan Rayburn

“People can hear you.” — Meghan Rayburn

Quote1Don’t be an asshole.  You know what?  People can change.Quote2 — Meghan Rayburn

“I just don’t see how we can say no to him.” — Meghan Rayburn

“What do you want to do?  Treat him like an outcast for the rest of his life?” — Meghan Rayburn

“I don’t know why he did that.  Why do we have to decide?” — Meghan Rayburn

Quote1I think we have to give him a chance.Quote2 — Meghan Rayburn

Quote1You don’t have to do anything.  I’m here, Ma.  Sit down.Quote2 — Meghan Rayburn

“Just chill out, okay?  For Mom’s sake.  Wait till the test results come back.” — Meghan Rayburn

“You know Danny didn’t hurt dad.” — Meghan Rayburn

“Mom, I told you, don’t worry.  I already talked to the staff.” — Meghan Rayburn

Quote1Mom.  I’ll take care of it.Quote2 — Meghan Rayburn

“No, of course.  I know that.  But it’ll keep my mom calm to know that I’m doing it.  Thank you.” — Meghan Rayburn

“What are we doing?” — Meghan Rayburn

“Well, there’s somebody else in my life I’m supposed to be doing that with.” — Meghan Rayburn

“My dad’s in the hospital.  He had a stroke.  They’re trying to figure out how bad it is, but it’s serious.” — Meghan Rayburn

“I fucked up with my dad.” — Meghan Rayburn

“I do all my dad’s legal stuff.  And when I first got out of law school, my dad wanted to help me so I– He was my first client.  And he handed over his estate planning to me.  I didn’t do what he asked.” — Meghan Rayburn

“You make these decisions and then you come to us afterwards.  It’d be nice if you asked us first.” — Meghan Rayburn

“I know what Dad does.  I do his legal work.  I probably know more than you.” — Meghan Rayburn

“I’d be doing you a disservice if I said it was gonna be smooth sailing.” — Meghan Rayburn

“My family’s in the hospitality business.” — Meghan Rayburn

“My father helped create these regulations.  They’re actually designed to discourage development.” — Meghan Rayburn

“I know.  I’m sorry.  But I’ve got to go meet my brother for a drink.” — Meghan Rayburn

Quote1Oh, we have our problems too.Quote2 — Meghan Rayburn

“I don’t know I just– I thought maybe that you would reconsider.  And I didn’t wanna do that to Danny.  I hoped that you would change your mind.” — Meghan Rayburn

“So you really want to take Danny out of the will?” — Meghan Rayburn

Quote1Mom’s so happy you’re home.Quote2 — Meghan Rayburn

“But that’s only gonna make it worse if you leave again.” — Meghan Rayburn

Quote1I’m just asking you if you are really invested in this.Quote2 — Meghan Rayburn

“I know.  I just– Look.  When you go, you have no idea.  You don’t see Mom and Dad.  And we’re the ones that have to deal with all the fallout.” — Meghan Rayburn

“I’m really happy you’re here.  I truly am.  I’m so– I think it’s so good for Mom and Dad.” — Meghan Rayburn

“But I want to know if she can rely on you.” — Meghan Rayburn

Quote1We want to know what to expect from you.  So that we can plan ahead.  So we can…  It’s really about the future.Quote2 — Meghan Rayburn

“Or he never meant it.  You know, he gets angry and he says stuff.” — Meghan Rayburn

Quote1I am living my life.  And I am choosing to be here with my parents.Quote2 — Meghan Rayburn

“I’ve been unfair to you.  I’ve been holding back.  I’m sorry.  I don’t know why.” — Meghan Rayburn

“I don’t wanna stop.  You’re part of my family.” — Meghan Rayburn

“I was hoping you and Danny could work things out.  But I’m your lawyer.  If that’s what you want, I will file it today.” — Meghan Rayburn

“I just pour.  You get yourself drunk.” — Meghan Rayburn

Quote1But I do like helping people.  And I get to do a lot of different stuff here.  Family law, estate planning.  I help my parents with their business.Quote2 — Meghan Rayburn

Quote1My family lives here.  We’re very close.Quote2 — Meghan Rayburn

“I’m flattered.  Truly.  Thank you.” — Meghan Rayburn

“I have to stop acting like a child.” — Meghan Rayburn

Quote1I’m his lawyer.  My job is to carry out his wishes.Quote2 — Meghan Rayburn

Quote1I just want us all to be on the same page.Quote2 — Meghan Rayburn

“It’s okay.  We’ll just have fun.” — Meghan Rayburn

Quote1It’s my future, too.  It’s Kevin’s and it’s John’s.  It’s all of ours.  This place belongs to all of us.Quote2 — Meghan Rayburn

“Mom’s gonna be devastated.  It’s gonna ruin our name.  It’s gonna ruin our reputation.  Everything that mom and dad ever worked for their whole lives is gonna be gone.” — Meghan Rayburn

“You can try but we won’t come out clean.” — Meghan Rayburn

“You didn’t tell me that.  You called me and you asked me to help you.” — Meghan Rayburn

“I can’t even look her in the eye.  I feel like she can see right through me.” — Meghan Rayburn

“Oh, mom.  I think that’s gonna be nice.” — Meghan Rayburn

Charitable, benevolent, generous, with an innate desire to keep everything harmonious Meghan Rayburn is an Idealist.

Kevin Rayburn, Netflix, Bloodline

Kevin Rayburn

Kevin has exhausted his patience in dealing with his brother Danny and so he is the one sibling that is very vocal in expressing his distaste for Danny’s perpetually unscrupulous behaviors.

He physically assaults Danny under the misguided assumption that Danny had done the same to his father, Robert.  Him and his other brother Johnny begin to collude with one another regarding a more permanent solution for the recurring problem that is their brother Daniel.  He gives John an unregistered revolver to assist potentially in this matter.

Kevin is a boat mechanic and owns a local marina.  The marina is barely making any profit so he takes a loan out to purchase a neighboring property and expand his business.

Kevin is assaulted and robbed by a masked assailant (O’Bannon).  His boat yard is raided for several grand and he ends up with three cracked ribs.  He disregards reporting the incident to the authorities because his boat yard is serving as collateral for the loan he is pulling out.

His loan is denied, and he begins to suspect Danny is behind the robbing.  Johnny kills Danny.

Kevin runs into money trouble and starts up a cocaine habit.  He took some from Lowry’s stash.

He gets a DUI, is forced to attend AA meetings, and tries to quit the booze.  He is unsuccessful.

Roy Gilbert bails out Kevin’s boatyard and starts utilizing it for illicit activities.    Kevin goes to Marco Diaz and confesses his guilt in aiding and abetting his brother Johnny.

This goes south and he slays Diaz.

Kevin Rayburn, Netflix, Bloodline

Quote1Ready to come over to the dark side?Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

“John, you know I love you, brother.” — Kevin Rayburn

“Let me ask you something.  Is she not the most beautiful woman in the entire world?” — Kevin Rayburn

Quote1I went to Orlando once, but it was too cold.Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

“Welcome to the annual Rayburn Family Rope Pull!” — Kevin Rayburn

Quote1Look, if we say yes, no good will come of this.  You guys know it.  Things will be nice for a little while, he’ll be on his best behavior, you know, just long enough for Mom to get sucked back into his bullshit.  And then he’ll fuck it up, and then she’ll get crushed.Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

Quote1People can change, he can’t.Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

“No, it’s not personal, you know.  I like Danny.  I like him.  We can hang out.  We can have a laugh, but… Danny helping to run the family business?  We have to think about Mom and Dad here.” — Kevin Rayburn

“He will fuck things up.  You know he will.” — Kevin Rayburn

“It’s asinine that we’re even considering this.” — Kevin Rayburn

“So we say yes.  And he comes back.  You know who’s gonna get the worst of it, don’t you?  You.  John, as soon as things turn to shit, he’s gonna come straight back to you.” — Kevin Rayburn

“Listen, just so you know, I voted against having him stay.  John said you’d live with whatever we decided, but come on.  You really want him back?” — Kevin Rayburn

“Hey, thank you for doing this for me.  I think my mom and dad had a really, really nice weekend.” — Kevin Rayburn

“Ahem.  Yeah, I know I gotta tell them.  I gotta tell them.  I just– I haven’t figured out how.” — Kevin Rayburn

“Well, it’s gonna kill them.” — Kevin Rayburn

Quote1Not in my family.Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

“You gonna tell us what happened?” — Kevin Rayburn

“How did dad get hurt?” — Kevin Rayburn

“I wanna know what you did to him, Danny.” — Kevin Rayburn

“What did he do to dad?” — Kevin Rayburn

“You don’t actually buy this Dad tipping out of the boat bullshit, right?” — Kevin Rayburn

“He flipped?  Just like that?  He flipped over?” — Kevin Rayburn

Quote1All I know is my dad was fine last night.  And then Danny showed up.Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

Quote1It’s untraceable.  Do what you have to.Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

Quote1I don’t care anymore.  I’ve given enough energy to Danny.Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

“I– Okay.  I need to drink.  I– Uh.  I got some stuff going on.  Please, just one drink.” — Kevin Rayburn

Quote1She says I need to grow up.  I’m too social, I’m too loud.  I drink too much.  I have a temper.  I see you agree with her.Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

“I guess the secret is, don’t get married.” — Kevin Rayburn

“Ya, I’m gonna help him.  I’m gonna help him.” — Kevin Rayburn

Quote1Listen, this is really important to me.  You know?  This isn’t just a business.  It’s a local place for local folks, and I’m really trying to keep it that way.  I’ve put my whole life into this place because I care.  Those other guys who wanna buy that property, they don’t care.Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

“I can’t help it if your mom likes me better than you.” — Kevin Rayburn

Quote1It’s a lot of money, I know, I know.  But, frankly, I don’t have another option.  I’m barely keeping my head above water here.Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

Quote1Listen, if I get the property, I can expand, you know?Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

“Well, I don’t wanna stand in anybody’s way.  If it’s okay with you guys, it’s okay with me.” — Kevin Rayburn

Quote1Yeah.  I mean, you know, he’s made mistakes, but– I mean, we’ve all done things we’re not proud of.Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

“Uh, it was Chelsea.  I saw her at this bar.  I was out of my mind.  She was wasted.  It was just so stupid.  And one thing led to another.  It was…” — Kevin Rayburn

“It was a total dickhead move and if you’re pissed off, I completely understand.” — Kevin Rayburn

“Headed for the big D.  Got a lawyer and everything.  It’s been a– It’s been a pretty rough time.” — Kevin Rayburn

“I can’t.  John, come here.  Listen.  Dude, if I file a report and then the bank starts asking me questions, this loan goes south.  And then I am fucked, man.  I mean, for real.” — Kevin Rayburn

Quote1He didn’t like the deal I made with his mom.  John.  If I report this and this loan collapses, then that little prick wins.  I’m gonna lose it all.  And I can’t let him win, man.Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

“Could you not be a cop?  Just for once?  Please.  Please.” — Kevin Rayburn

“Because you’re my brother.  You’re my big brother.  And I’m fucked here, man.  I don’t know what the fuck to do.  I don’t know what to do.  Fuck.” — Kevin Rayburn

Quote1That’s good, change is good.  It’s all good.Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

Quote1If you’re not gonna do something about this, I will.Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

Quote1That’s not important.  We understand that whatever you did out there… you felt like you had to do.  We all know what Danny was capable of.Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

“We understand what he was capable of.  The shit he pulled with Janey?  The drugs at the inn?  We are the only ones who understand.  Not a judge, not a jury.” — Kevin Rayburn

“I fucked up.  I’m in so much shit.  I’m broke.” — Kevin Rayburn

“I have a quarter to recover.  And then, maybe even foreclosure.” — Kevin Rayburn

“Because we had to do it, right?  Right?  We didn’t have a choice?” — Kevin Rayburn

“How the fuck am I supposed to stay sober when I have to keep lying about everything?” — Kevin Rayburn

“If I sell this place he’s just gonna tear it all down.” — Kevin Rayburn

Quote1I think I lost sight of what I really wanted to do which is just fix boats.  I fucking love boats.  It’s the only thing I’m really good at.Quote2 — Kevin Rayburn

“I didn’t mean for you to fucking kill him, John.” — Kevin Rayburn

Sincere, concrete, rolls with the punches, and a fan of the booze Kevin Rayburn is an Artisan.

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