Tenet, Warner Bros., Syncopy

Arms Dealer

Warner Bros. original film Tenet was released digitally this Tuesday December 15, 2020.

🎥👏#Tenet has grossed $361 million worldwide.

rottentomatoes: 71%

metacritic: 69

imdb: 7.8

The Protagonist, Tenet, Warner Bros., Syncopy, John David Washington

The Protagonist

The Protagonist tries to prevent an apocalyptic scenario outside of the not too distant future Amalfi Coast, Italy.

The Protagonist, Tenet, Warner Bros., Syncopy, John David Washington

“We live in a twilight world. We live in a twilight world. You’ve been made. This siege is a blind for them to vanish you. Bring you in or kill you. I have two minutes. Make up your mind. Where’s the package? Stay. You’ll do. Get him to the rally point. Swap clothes. The Ukranians are expecting a passenger. I’ve never seen encapsulation like this. Did you have an out? Take this. Take him. Take his exit. I don’t trust ours anymore. Can you defuse that? Covering their tracks. They’re just the cheap seats. Mine now. I’ll take the help. Go, go, go.” — The Protagonist

“The suicide pills are fake. Why? A test? They pulled my teeth out. Did my team get clear? Somebody talked. I resign. Whose? That’s all they’ve told you?” — The Protagonist

“Almost. An obscure tenet. I thought I was here to find out what we do. Well, to do what I do… I need some idea of the threat we face. Nuclear holocaust? It’s empty. How? You didn’t make it? So, where’d it come from? How can it move before I touch it? But cause comes before effect. Well, what about free will? Instinct. Got it. Why does it feel so strange. Whoa. I’ve seen this type of ammunition before. I was almost hit. These look like today’s. Where did you get them? Do you have an analysis on the metals? The mixture of alloys can tell me where they might have been made. Look… I’m not seeing Armageddon here.What do you think we’re seeing?” — The Protagonist

“Yep? No friends at dusk. I was told you left the building. Even the dead need allies. I need an assist in Mumabi. I need to get to Sanjay Singh. Yes, it is. I’m looking right at it.” — The Protagonist

“I need an audience with Sanjay Singh. Ten minutes tops. If I had to. I’m not looking to make much noise here. You’re well informed. Well, I prefer soda water. I broke an ankle during basic training. Singh’s house isn’t tall enough to parachute off of. I don’t think ‘bungee-jumpable’ is a word.” — The Protagonist

“Stay back. I was almost taken out by a very unusual type of ammunition in Ukraine. I want to know who supplied it. There’s no one at the other end. No one who’s gonna help you anyway. Combination of metals is unique to India. If it’s from India, it’s from you. Deduction. I’m not the man they send to negotiate. Or the man they send to make deals. But I am the man people talk to. You’re an arms dealer, friend. This may be the easiest trigger I’ve ever had to pull. If tenets are important to you, then you can tell me. Everything.” — The Protagonist

“Priya. This is your operation? The Russian oligarch. Not personally. Made his billions in gas. Moved to London. Said to be on the outs with Moscow. None of which explains how or why you sold him inverted munitions. So how did he get them inverted? He can communicate with the future? And I’m supposed to find out? Is it safe to involve British Intelligence? Not one I love.” — The Protagonist

“I’m Mr. Crosby’s lunch. Presume away. I’ll catch up. Same for me, please. No, just pass on the order. Anglo-Russian. So I have to watch my step. Tell me about him. Closed cities, not shown on maps. Built around sensitive industries. Most of them have been opened up and renamed as regular towns. Abandoned? Through his wife? A happy marriage? Well, how do I get to Sator? You may have an inflated idea of my powers of seduction. You’re carrying a Goya in a Harrods bag. What happened to the other one? Her husband? Does she know it’s a forgery. Uh-huh. I’m assuming I’m on a budget. I’ll manage. You British don’t have a monopoly on snobbery, you know. Could you box that up for me? Goodbye, Sir Michael.” — The Protagonist

“Goya. No. I’m told you’re the person to see about Goya. What’s it worth? But what does your heart tell you? Tomas Arepo.” — The Protagonist

“I bought my Goya for cents on a dollar from an irate Swiss Banker. Traced it back to Arepo, then realized I scored a bargain when he told me who paid top dollar for another one of his pictures. Your husband. My drawing’s a very good fake. You know that better than anyone. The information’s the bargain. He and I are in related businesses, but he’s a very hard man to meet. If you and I were to make an arrangement… he knows? And he’s never done anything about it? He paid $9 million for it. Where’d you go, Mars? People who’ve amassed fortunes, like your husband’s, generally aren’t okay with being cheated out of any of it. You don’t seem the jealous type. But you share a son. Did you know the drawing was a fake? And he let Arepo walk free. We spoke on the phone. Where’s the drawing? Get me an introduction. I’ll take the drawing out of the equation. No picture, no prosecution, no more hold over you. I might just be your second chance. At betrayal. Friends of your husband’s? You knew this was going to happen? You must’ve really not liked the look of me. There’s a number in your left coat pocket. Don’t call from home. I might surprise you.” — The Protagonist

“I ordered my hot sauce an hour ago. Told you I’d surprise you. He’s a cute kid. Where’s the painting? The airport? A storage facility for art that was acquired– the facilities are tax havens. The clients can view their investments without importing them, so they avoid paying tax. Anything? But it’s not unlike the Swiss banking system. Opaque. Guessing? To view art? But the Freeports are. You really wanna know? Bring some lead-lined gloves. When you’re on the tour, pay attention to the fire precautions. Why a lockdown? Hmm. Child’s play? They’re inside airport security. They have to worry about climate control, not armed raids. You’ve got something?” — The Protagonist

“You wanna crash a plane? Well, how big a plane? There can’t be passengers. You want to crash a transport plane? What about the crew? On the sides? Well, it seems bold. And if you get caught? And if you do? Gold bars? The space in the center of the pentagon is too big.” — The Protagonist

“There’s something there. Can’t figure it out, it’s just not marked. No, I’ll take an espresso.” — The Protagonist

Neil, Tenet, Warner Bros., Syncopy, Robert Pattinson


“We live in a twilight world. Specifically? Singh? He never leaves his house. And his house is… his house. I’ll see whose on deck. Bombay Yacht Club in two hours.”

“It seems you need an introduction to a prominent Mumbai local on short notice. I’m Neil. That’s not possible? Time isn’t the problem. It’s getting out alive that’s the problem. Would you take a child hostage? A woman? Vodka tonic. And a Diet Coke. What? You never drink on the job. Well, pays to be in our profession. No, you don’t. How’s your parachuting? It’s bungee-jumpable. It may not be a word, but it may be our only way out of that place. Or into it, for that matter. Don’t let it get cold.”

“It’s sorta like a transit lounge for art? Guessing? From the terminal? Of course. What are you hoping to find in there? I’m not sure. Jesus. It’s nuclear. Documents are vulnerable to… no, I was going to say water damage from the sprinkler systems. Can you show me? What about the staff? At least you give them 10 seconds. Blimey.”

“All doors are fireproof. Hydraulic closers, simple key and electronic triggers. Surprisingly easy once there’s a lockdown. Power switches to fail-safes, sealing the outer doors, but inner doors revert to factory settings. And pickable locks. It’s child’s play, really. So, how do we get enough firepower through the perimeter to trigger the lockdown procedure? Back wall of the Freeport. Not gonna like it.”

“Well, not from the air. Don’t be so dramatic. I want to run a jet off the taxiway and breach the rear wall and start a fire. Well, that part is a little dramatic. This is Mahir. His team’ll work the plane. Oh, depends on the size of your explosion. Norsk Freight ships Treasury gold once a month. No one will be looking at the building. I guarantee you.”

“Ample. Oh. No, thank you.”

Kat Sator, Tenet, Warner Bros., Syncopy, Elizabeth Debicki
Kat Sator, Tenet, Warner Bros., Syncopy, Elizabeth Debicki

Katherine Barton-Sator

“Sorry, I wasn’t notified of any appointments, Mr… Mr. Goya. That’s extraordinary. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Lots of work to do before any kind of valuation. Provenane, microscopic examination, X-rays. Sir, where did you say you acquired this drawing?”

“Where’s your bargain? Your drawing’s an obvious fake. The information that I helped defraud my own husband? Arrangement? You mean blackmail. Don’t be afraid of the word. My husband isn’t. I’m sorry to tell you he got there first. Why would he? Barely cover the cost of the holiday he just forced us on. Vietnam, on our yacht. His yacht. You’ve got the suit. The shoes, the watch. Think you’re a little out of your depth. The drawing is his old over me. He threatened me with police. Prison. The works. He controls me. My contact with my son. Everything. Leaving would never have been easy but now it’s impossible. You can’t fight. Just beg. In Vietnam, I tried to love him again. Thought if there was love there, he might give me my son back. We sat on that bloody boat, watching the sunsets, imitating some earlier times in our lives. He seemed happy, so I asked him. And he made me an offer. He’d let me go if I agreed never to see my son again. I expressed myself. I took Max ashore. He called us, contrite. And when we got back, I glimpsed some other woman diving off the boat, and he’d vanished. I never felt such envy. Of her freedom. You know how I dream of just diving off that boat? That’s my life now. No. Tomas and I became close, maybe too close. I failed. Andrei can’t conceive of failure, only betrayal. But I didn’t betray my husband. Retrospect, maybe I missed my chance. If you’d actually met Arepo as you claimed, you’d understand he no longer walks anywhere. He can’t do that either. Why? No, I don’t need redemption. Don’t worry, they won’t kill you. Andrei dislikes tangling with local law enforcement on that level. The look of you’s fine. It’s best to get to the nasty part before I care one way or the other. You won’t be taking my call.”

“Can we get going? Please? Not always, apparently. We will. We’ll go together. I’ll be there, too! He’s everything. Oslo. At the airport. Do you know what a Freeport is? But not yet taxed. We started a network. Rotas, this construction company, build them. I brought in the clients. Art, antiquities. Anything of value, really. Anything legal. Rotas has assets in the Oslo Freeport. I’m guessing it’s there. We make trips there four, five times a year. And whatever it is he does. Turns out art’s of no importance to Andrei?”


“Welcome to the afterlife. You’ve been in a medically-induced coma while we got you out of Ukraine and rebuilt your mouth. A test. No. Private Russians, we think. Not you. You chose to die instead of giving up your colleagues. We all believe we’d run into the burning building. But until we feel that heat, we can never know. You do. You don’t work for us. You’re dead. Your duty transcends national interests. This is about survival. Everyone’s. There’s a cold war, cold as ice. To even know it’s true nature is to lose. This is knowledge divided. All I have for you is a gesture in combination with a word. ‘Tenet.’ Use it carefully. It’ll open the right doors, but some of the wrong ones, too. That test you passed? Not everybody does.”


“With a high-vis vest and a clipboard, you can get almost anywhere. No small talk. Nothing that might reveal who we are or what we do. You’re not here for ‘what,’ you’re here for ‘how.’ ‘What’ is your department and not my business. As I understand it, we’re trying to prevent World War III. No. Something worse. Aim it and pull the trigger. Aim it. Check the magazine. One of these bullets is like us, traveling forwards through time. The other one’s going backwards. Can you tell which is which? How about now? It’s inverted. It’s entropy runs backwards. So, to our eyes, it’s movement is reversed. We think it’s a type of inverse radiation triggered by nuclear fission. No, we don’t know how yet. Someone’s manufacturing them in the future. They’re streaming back to us. Try it. You have to have dropped it. From your point of view, you caught it. But from the bullet’s point of view, you dropped it. No, that’s just the way we see time. That bullet wouldn’t have moved if you hadn’t put your hand there. Either way we run the tape, you made it happen. Don’t try to understand it. Feel it. You’re not shooting the bullet, you’re catching it. In the field? Then you were exceedingly lucky. An inverted bullet passing through your body would be devastating. Not pretty. they may have been made today and inverted years from now. Came with the wall. I was assigned it, like all the material I’m studying here. Sure. Why?”

“The bullet may not seem like much, but it’s a simple machine. Lead bullet, brass casing, gunpowder. If they can invert that, I see no reason they couldn’t invest pretty much anything. Even a nuclear weapon can only affect our future. An inverted weapon might be able to affect our past as well. Now that we know what to look for, we’re finding more and more inverted material. Remnants of complex objects. The detritus of a coming war.”

Sanjay Singh

“I know you’re tired. I’m also very tired. My name is Sanjay. And you are? No chitchat? Why should I know who supplied it? Fine assumption. Deduction, then. Look, my friend… guns are never conducive to a productive negotiation. I can’t. I can’t tell you.”

Priya Singh

“To say anything about a client would violate the tenets he lives by. Not while you have a gun to my husband’s head. Sanjay, make a drink for our guest, please. Cheers. Hmm. A masculine front in a man’s world has its uses. The dealer you’re looking for is Andrei Sator. You know him? Very good. Except the gas he made his billions from was actually plutonium. When I sold him the rounds, they were perfectly ordinary. We believe he’s functioning as some sort of a broker. Between our time and the future. We all do, don’t we? E-mails, credit cards, texts. Anything that goes into the record speaks directly to the future. The question is, can the future speak back? To get anywhere near Sator would take a fresh-faced protagonist. And you are fresh as a daisy. Get close. Find out what he’s receiving and how. I have a contact who’s out of Sator’s reach. You must’ve had a plan for getting out.”

Well Dressed Man

“And there are no friends at dusk. But I established contact. Coat check. We don’t know how old it is, but it’s the real deal. Service tunnel to the sewer.”


“Started without you. Hope you don’t mind. I gather you have an interest in a certain Russian national. Indeed. He’s tapped into the intelligence services. I’ve warned them he’s feeding them rubbish… but they don’t seem to care. I assume you’re familiar with the Soviet-era secret cities. Not the one Sator grew up in. Stalsk-12. In the ’70s, it had a population of about 200,000. Thought to be abandoned. Some kind of accident. After which it was used for underground tests. Two weeks ago, same day as the Kiev opera siege, we spotted a detonation in northern Sibera, just where Stalsk-12 was. Sator emerged from this blank spot on the map with ambition… and enough money to buy his way into the British establishment. Katherine Barton. Oldest niece of Sir Frederick Barton. She works at Shipley’s. Met Sator at an auction. Practically estranged. Well, through her, of course. Hardly. We have an ace in the hole. It’s a fake by a Spaniard named Arepo. One of two we’ve confiscated from an embezzler in Bern. It turned up at Shipley’s. Authenticated by Katherine Barton. Put on auction. And who do you think bought it? Mmm-hmm. Oh, it’s hard to say. Rumor has it that she and Arepo were close. Look, no offense, but in this world, when someone is claiming to be a billionaire…. Brooks Brothers won’t cut it. Save the world, then we’ll balance the books. Can I recommend you a tailor? Well, not a monopoly. More of a controlling interest.”




“May I help you, sir? I presume you mean Sir Michael Crosby’s lunch. If you’ll follow me. I’ll send the waiter. Certainly not.”

Gallery Steward

“How can I help, sir?”


“Grab his! What are you doing? Who are you?”


“No friends at dusk, huh? That wasn’t one of us.”


“It’s centrally synchronized. Are there more? Taking out the audience?”


“That’s not our mission.”


“Walk away. You don’t have to kill these people.”


“It’s not the guy!”


“Wake up the Americans.”

“A man can be trained to hold out for about 18 hours, so your colleagues will be clear by 7:00. He didn’t last 18 minutes. He didn’t have anything to hide. You were smuggling a nobody. It’s risky. Or were you counting on this? Death. CIA issue. Spare yourself, once they clear. Almost 7:00. Uh-oh. It’s running fast. We have to put it back one hour. Get it out!”

Driver 2


Sator Employee 1

“He wants you to see. And he gets what he wants.”

Max Sator

“Anna says we’re going to Pompeii and lava.”

Freeport (Klaus)

“As I’m sure you are aware, most Freeports are just warehouses. But here we ensure that you can actually enjoy… and this way to the vaults! The structure of the vaults is based on the pentagon. Each vault a separate structure within the others. Damage to one structure won’t compromise the others. Some of our clients opt for biometric access, straight in… off the tarmac. From their private planes. Our logistics department ships to and from any other Freeport in the world without customs inspection. Fire? Absolutely! We don’t use sprinklers. The facility is flooded with halide gas, displacing all the air within seconds. If I did, we’d suffocate. Halide only fills the vaults, they just have to get into either corridor, and there is a 10-second warning. Well, sir, our clients use us because we have no priorities above their property.”

“Sir? And, sir. I can offer you, perhaps, a coffee, water? Sir? Excellent.”


“Norsk Freight. They use the hangar on the west side of the Freeport. We pop the slides, chuck ’em off. Bold I’m fine with. I thought you were gonna say nuts. We won’t. Everyone assumes terrorism, but no one’s died, so swift extradition then lost in the system. It’ll barely make the news. Well, actually, the gold bars might get some play. Blow the back. Drop it out on the runway.”

“That’s 45 seconds. Won’t you be running? All right, it’s your turn. Start packing. Is everybody on this plane vegetarian?”

Andrei Sator

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