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That’s Good!

“You are who you are!  From the time you were born, and I don’t think it changes. It never did for me.”

“I don’t know what it is..

I don’t know..”

Yes, Larry, I know you don’t know: it’s called Temperament

“When you are working hard, and focused.  You don’t think about it.  You just do it.” — Larry

“If it is funny to me…”

yada, yada, yada…

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With No Direction Home

The Troubadour of the 60’s is one year short to his diamond jubilee today exactly — May 24, 1941 — 74 years to be a exact.  No, he isn’t under 30 anymore, far from it, and with no direction home.


To celebrate this classic free-wheelin example of a Different Drummer, I copied his Keirsey Temperament Portrait from Keirsey.com

Watch and Observe a Composer in Action

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Natural Woman

She is a Natural.  It was inborn.  She had the gift from the beginning.

It’s called Temperament.

She is a Songbird, and a Natural Woman.

It is embedded in the warp and woof of her make, she is a Tapestry.

Ever changing and ever staying the same.  Many hues and colors, textures, and feelings.


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The Natural

Most of us struggle to find what we do best: natural talent and circumstance is not aligned.

But on this rare occasion, he could hear it, clearly — from the beginning.

There is geometry in the humming of the strings,
there is music in the spacing of the spheres.

For he was a Natural.

A Composer that became a composer, from the start.

God  bless the child,
who’s got his own.
Billy Holiday

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Tactician's Redemption

Though the 54th annual Grammy awards did indeed have a somber undertone with the tragic death of magnificent songstress Whitney Houston: life as we all know it does in fact go on.  And so it did for rising British pop star Adele, who took home six trophies including the prestigious trifecta of record, song and album of the year.  The young British recording artist also gave a triumphant performance of her hit single “Rolling in the Deep” after having had recent vocal cord surgery.  Other notable Grammy events include Katy Perry’s fiery post-breakup performance done of course with blue hair, and Nicki Minaj’s extremely bizarre and god awful ‘exorcism’ themed performance that was subsequently deemed blasphemous by the Catholic Church.  Luckily Paul Mccartney closed the night off with some dignity performing some of Abbey Road with Bruce Springsteen and some others.  Adele’s acceptance speech was brief, commenting that the album was inspired by something that we have all experienced: a ‘rubbish relationship’.  And let’s be honest, nothing cures heartbreak like searing hot success.  I don’t know who her ex is but let’s assume he’s having second thoughts about his decision right about now.  Indeed Adele’s album sounds pretty good if you’ve ever experienced heartbreak, and we all have, so let’s take a look at this talented singer and songwriter from Tottenham.

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I Got You Babe: Isabel’s problem

Latin introvert: to turn within

“My daughter is not an introvert,
— she’s pretty”

An anonymous mother’s exclamation

One Babe had a problem.  She was an introvert – she was what they call shy — but she wanted to be an actress.

This Babe was lucky. At 17, she encountered “the most unforgettable character I’ve ever met.” The rest is history: for he, Salvatore, her unforgettable character, was not “intro-verted” — in fact he was far more gregarious than shy, or, in Latinized German jargon, he was “extro-verted.”  He had wiggled himself into the Los Angeles music scene; he had paid his dues as a gofer and backup singer for Phil Spector’s record company.

She had said: “For better or worse, I never plan my life. I focus on today. I love spontaneity. That is what has put me in some strange and wonderful places in my life.”

So how did this shy but ambitious teenager, a high school dropout, once one of Warren Beatty’s uncountable hook-ups, with no plans, become The Diva of Rock?

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