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Iron Man 3-4

The dating websites for people with herpes evidently put in front-running position to take home The Oscar’s coveted Best Picture.  After being Oscar snubbed as a directorAffleck and his film have since cleaned up on awards culminating in SAG’s top-honor ensemble award.  Daniel Day Lewis’ Oscar chances went from 95%  to 99% with a SAG win, while Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway are also now a “shoe-in” as well or so they say.

Disney purchased 3 TV spots for tonight’s BIG GAME (Superbowl XLVII) at about 4 mill a pop while Warner Bros. opted to sit out for it’s third year in a row.  Industry insider info indicates that Warner Bros. is strongly hinging on the commercial success of Man of Steel, before “moving forward” with it’s top-priority project:  Justice LeagueThe studio has every right to be nervous, banking it’s flag-ship character hopes on a director like Zack Snyder.  Snyder had early success with 300 (60%), and arguably Watchmen (64%), but his most recent film Sucker Punch (23%), was literally god awful.  Which explains why WB execs are hesitant.

AND SO while Warner Bros’ ensemble team-up film remains in limbo, Disney’s ensemble team-up film is well into it’s phase two, with Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World coming this year.  Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige says that the studio is going to “keep taking risks” creatively  in phase two and beyond.  One of such risks was casting Robert Downey Jr. as billionaire inventor Tony Stark.  But that seemed to work out for everybody:

Strategic Ingenuity 2-2

Quote1.pngRationals pride themselves on their ingenuity.  Indeed, so important is ingenuity to the Rationals self-esteem that artistrydependability and empathy; so important to the other character types, pale into insignificance for them.  It doesn’t matter whether the task be to design a machine or an experiment, to develop a theory or a long-range plan, to build a computer or a business.  The degree of inventiveness which they bring to these tasks is the measure of their ingenuity and therefore the measure of their pride in themselves.Quote2.png  — Please Understand Me IIp. 184

Iron Man a.k.a. Anthony Edward Stark son of industrialist and inventor Howard Stark, demonstrated his mechanical aptitude and extraordinary inventive genius at an early age, by enrolling at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) at the age of 15.  At the age of 21 Stark tragically inherited his father’s company, and turned it into a multi-billion multinational technology corporation specializing in advanced weaponry.  While on a business trip Stark ignored security concerns and was stricken with a fatal piece of shrapnel.  Using what talents he had, Stark designed and built a powered exoskeleton with a pace-maker like device built-in, preventing the shrapnel from penetrating his heart.  Innovative, resolute, and visionary, Tony Stark is an iconic Inventor Rational.  Indeed Stark knows, as all Inventors do, that a mind’s propensity for innovation is at it’s best in a crisis.  A double-edged sword that many Inventors know quite well:

Quote1Inventors are often known to engage in brinkmanship with their superiors, putting themselves in crises just to give themselves an opportunity to come up with a creative solution—which, more often than not, they succeed in doing.Quote2  — Please Understand Me IIp. 203

Quote1 I need a day when there aren’t twenty crises to deal with, but I don’t see that coming any time soon. Quote2

Anthony Stark (Earth-616)

Quote1.png My kingdom for a Radio Shack. Quote2.png

Anthony Stark (Earth-616)

(Shakespeare reference)


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