Strategic Bloodthirst

The brutal yet delightful showdown between Marvel and DC rages on as Warner Bros. execs are scrambling to make some moves seeing as they have to sit back and watch The Avengers become a worldwide box office juggernaut (1.4$ billion) while it boasts a formidable critical reception(93%).  Warner Bros. president and CEO Jeff Robinov and company have their work cut our for them as sources say they are currently spit-balling ferociously to figure out how to put a successful and high-caliber Justice League of America franchise together.  A major factor in accomplishing such a feat involves wooing and recruiting  big boss-man randy savage Christopher Nolan to spearhead what would essentially be a “JLA initiative”re-invigorating Warner Bros’ stake in Hollywood.

High ups in the Warner Brother roster even openly admitted that Marvel/Disney is doing a much better job than they are:

Quote1.pngSources indicate that the execs now realize they need to hire creatives that genuinely understand the characters the way Joss Whedon was comfortable with The AvengersQuote2.png

If these people just knew what was up with the Four Basic Personality Types, maybe they’d have a viable Super-quad right now.

DC/ Warner Bros. however is still in the fight as it has yet to unleash the epic dope sauce-ee-ness that will be The Dark Knight Rises.  Other than that though, they indeed better start making some moves, as Marvel/Disney continues to put itself in a position to dominate Hollywood’s lucrative box-office.

Speaking of Hollywood dominance for those of you silly gooses who aren’t well-versed, the The Avengers Easter Egg post-credits scene revealed that the next major villain for Earth’s Mightiest hero’s will be none other than the Mad Titan himself, Thanos the Overmaster.  A Bloodthirsty Intergalactic General on a mission to rid the universe of existence, if Thanos is conceived and casted correctly; he could serve as Marvel’s ultimate supervillain.

Who is Marvel’s God of War you ask? A character based off of the Greek God of Death?  Let’s take a look.

Quote1.pngFieldmarshals are the supreme pragmatists, always aware of the relationship between means and ends.Quote2.png  — Please Understand Me II p. 198

A racial outcast with delusions of grandeur, The Mad Titan A.k.a. Thanos became obsessed with the concept of nihilism and death at an early age.  On an eternal mission to successfully woo what becomes his personal deity the Mistress of DeathThanos learns how to recruit and regiment massive intergalactic armies and use them to decimate as much peaceful life as he can find.  He eventually succeeds in becoming omnipotent with the help of what is called The Infinity Gauntlet, an aggregate of “Infinity Gems” each representing a realm of knowledge masteryTime, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, and Power.  Resolute in his quest for apocalypse, Ingenious in the creation and use of powerful military organizations, and Relativistic in his use of time travel, teleportation, and force field projection, Thanos makes for a thrilling fictional depiction of a merciless and bloodthirsty Fieldmarshal Rational.  Indeed Thanos is highly talented at “marshaling task forces in the field in preparation for launching major enterprises.”  Thanos’ enterprise becomes the apocalypse, an endeavor that nearly succeeds.  If it wasn’t for a certain well-balanced group of super-friends.

Quote1.png Fools taking up arms against omnipotence. They rush head-on into armageddon. So I shall provide them with a most glorious doomsday! The heavens will run red with blood. But in the end, as always, THANOS will stand triumphant. Quote2.png

Thanos (Earth-616)


Making moves for Warner Bros. apparently has met with reasonable success as they are turning to the cheer and delight-filled folks over at Pixar Animation to make their high-caliber Justice League of America dreams come true.  Pixar Studios essentially makes one film a year, this year’s being their first tale with a female lead character: BraveNext year’s Pixar film however could be a Justice League of America one, as this concept art has leaked on the internet;

stay tuned for updates ; )

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