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Maya DiMeo, Speechless, ABC Network, ABC Studios, 20th Century FOX TV, Minnie Driver

Maya DiMeo, Speechless, ABC Network, ABC Studios, 20th Century FOX TV, Minnie Driver Maya DiMeo

Loving mother of three Maya DiMeo is extremely protective of her special needs son JJ DiMeo who suffers from cerebral palsy.

Maya DiMeo, Speechless, ABC Network, ABC Studios, 20th Century FOX TV, Minnie Driver“I found it!  I found the coupon!  Okay, team, in three minutes, this 50%-off-breakfast coupon becomes a 0%-off-breakfast coupon, so buckle up.  What is it, Ray?  Is that a challenge?  10 minutes.  Mmm.  Hazelnut.  Delicious.  You better listen to the little girl.  Do you want to be under the van?  And here we are.  I’m sorry, love.  You were saying?  Something about difficulty walking?  She got difficulty walking, darling.  Aw.” — Maya DiMeo

“Oi!  Oi!  Yeah, hello.  Now, these — these need a bit of a tune-up, but he’s all there upstairs, and he’s got a thing about staring.  That’s the finger.  Work in progress.” — Maya DiMeo

“So negative, Ray.  You haven’t even seen the place.  Of course you didn’t, did you, sweetheart?  Now, I know you’re wondering why we’re here.  Well, we’re moving!  We’re moving because I found the perfect situation for your brother.  It is a plain old class with a full-time aide, someone who’s gonna be by your side, reading from your board wherever you go.  A voice.  No more special ed.  Brilliant right?” — Maya DiMeo

“Knock on it.  It is.” — Maya DiMeo

“Okay, let’s go get JJ a voice.  JJ is so excited.  He’s never had an ade speak for him before — just mum.  Suppose he is 16 now.  It’s time his voice changed.  Oh, yeah, no.  That means he’s laughing.  ‘Is my new voice guy cool?’ Oh, yeah, don’t do that.” — Maya DiMeo

“Look at this.  Didn’t I tell you this place was gonna be great?  Okay, then.  Let’s go to school, shall we?  Where’s the wheelchair ramp?  Bye, kids!  Have a great day!  A garbage ramp?  No, it’s a garbage-and-my-son ramp.  Oh, look, there’s someone else on the acceptable alternate access now.  What disabled luminary is on his way to the dumpster today?  Oh, my God!  It’s space genius Stephen Hawking.  Enchanted professor.  How are you?” — Maya DiMeo

“‘Crippled?’  Did you say ‘crippled?’  Okay, crash course in basic human dignity.  Let’s play a little game I like to call ‘trash or person?’  I’ll start you off with an easy one.  Empty bag of manure — trash or person?  Go!  Trash.  Of course it is.  Bottle — drunk by a person.  Drunk by a person, but it’s trash.  Trash or person?  Trash!  Are you, Dr. Miller, trash?  Or are you a person?  Of course you are a person.  No, I’ll tell you what’s going to happen.  You’re gonna build a ramp in front.  Furthermore, I would like ‘crippled’ here to be cited for his language, which I think should be deemed hate speech.  Yeah.  I don’t like him.” — Maya DiMeo

“Sign my petition?  Build a wheelchair ramp?  Sign my petition?  I’m raising awareness.  Mm.  Oh.  I don’t care.  Handle me?  What do you mean?  Oh, what other school?  What, Lincoln?  Woodbridge?  El Modena?  Whitman?  Marshall?  Fountain Valley?  Handle me, huh?  Yeah, we’ll see.” — Maya DiMeo

“Yeah.  Oi!  Sea slug, office.” — Maya DiMeo

“So, I told that principal, ‘I’m not staying anywhere that I’m not wanted — period.’  Nothing’s official yet, Jennifer.  What do we do?  Do we go back?  Why?  Ray, come on.  We can’t decide to stay just ’cause you met some girl.  Where are you going?  No.  They disrespected your brother.  They insulted me.  You’re not going to their fair.  Look, can you just have my back without an argument, just once?  Ray, I may find the fights, but they start them.  I’m not going to apologize for taking care of your brother.  He got the right mum.  Really?  You — go upstairs.  You — go where your room is.” — Maya DiMeo

“I’m right, right?  He’s wrong.  Ray?  Ray?  Oh, listen, I know you might not want to stay here.  And I know that I do move you around a lot.  Well, come on, love.  Where’s Raymond?!  You are fired!  You are fired!  Ohh.  Get out!” — Maya DiMeo

“Hello, love.  Oh, and you should make all our decisions.  I mean, you are the adult, after all — I am the child.  You said I wasn’t allowed to get a dog.  You don’t know everything, little boy.  Do you realize, before you ran way, I came to tell you that I gave up on this place too soon?  Oh, must we put a label on it?  Look, yes, JJ gets a lot of my attention.  Maybe it’s because he needs me, and maybe it’s because you’re so damn sure that you don’t.  but I hear you, Ray, I do.  And I love you. And if you don’t feel that every minute, then I’m not doing my job properly, and for that, I am truly, truly — so, think we should give this place a shot.  Oh, I did.  You missed it.” — Maya DiMeo

“None of these rides have ramps.  It could go bouncier.  Yeah, what she said!  Go on.  Bouncier.  Whoo!  How did you get me to do this again?  Well, actually, darling, I’m quite surprised you did.” — Maya DiMeo

“Places, everyone!  It’s show time!  Ray, it’s a new neighborhood.  We’ve got to find out which is fastest.  3…2..  ooh.  Health alert or medic-call?  Who’s the winner?  Sorry.  It was a false alarm.  But we do have a special-needs child who at some point in the future may require immediate medical care.  Your response time was exceptional.  Please accept this basket as a token of our deepest gratitude for your time and your service.  Too late.  He died.” — Maya DiMeo

“Listen, whoever you want to be your aide, I’ll make it happen.  I mean, that’s what I do.  But why this gardener man?  I mean, what makes you think that he’s the one for the job?  Yeah, what else?  JJ.  He mows grass for a living.  This is a man whose chief job competition is goats.” — Maya DiMeo

“Don’t ask.  Tell.  Firm.  Need.  Oh, love.  We have dismissed our son’s aide and chosen his replacement.  It’s your groundskeeper.  He starts tomorrow.  Does no one understand how these things go?  You don’t just say yes.  You push back.  That way, we owe you something.  Okay, watch for next time.  ‘We’re hiring the gardener.’  ‘As an aide?  Preposterous!’  ‘It’s our decision.  It’s our son.’  ‘It’s my school!’  ‘Well, it won’t be when our lawyers are done with you.’  ‘So you’re going to sue me now?  Fine!  I approve it on a trial basis.  But do not take my kindness for weakness.  I will not be threatened, and you are not the only one with lawyers, bitch!'” — Maya DiMeo

“Right, he has physical therapy today at 4:00, and I’ve packed his lunch.  It’s all cut up into small pieces to avoid choking.  What’s so funny?  I was — right here, trying to instruct you on how not to kill my son.  Everything you need to know is in this book.  Yes.  It’s our tradition.  We have a date every Monday night.  Ooh!  Wait!  Hold on!  right.  Here’s a sweater in case he get cold.  And this is sunblock ’cause he’s very fair.  And if there’s a medical emergency, one of these is very fast, and one isn’t.  I don’t remember.  Press them both.  This is hard for me.  He’s my world.” — Maya DiMeo

“Hello, Kenneth.  Just checking to see you arrived safely at school with my son and that, once there, removed him from the van.  Did he just put you on the phone?  Take the phone back, Kenneth!  The boy doesn’t speak!  That’s kind of the whole thing!” — Maya DiMeo

“Joyce, I’m so sorry.  JJ never misses an appointment.  I mean, he’s got this new aide, and, I mean, I just… I have to believe that he’s okay.  A check?  What check?  Why would I send you a check?  Ahhhh.  You’re a pushy little hippie, aren’t you?  Ray!  Get in here!  It’s time for your physical therapy.  I know who you are.  Your brother’s MIA.  If we pay for physical therapy, we get physical therapy.  Go on.  Heal him.  Now!” — Maya DiMeo

“Yeah, but it makes for a fantastic last one, doesn’t it?  Can you believe that JJ thinks that man knows him better than I do and that he’s more fun?  No, no, no.  It’s the first one.  It’s the one you liked.  Can I fire him now?  Look, I mean it.  Doesn’t matter if he’s fun.  It’s not what the job’s about.  The job is about JJ’s dignity and safety.  It’s about feeding him and showering him and taking care of his basic needs.  Kenneth does not have what it takes.  You’re right.  I’ll get the principal to do it, eh?” — Maya DiMeo

“Darling, that’s what you do.  You calm the madness.  Something?  You’re the moon, and I’m the sun.  Everything revolves around me, and I make things grow.  But you’re the light in the darkest hour.” — Maya DiMeo


Jimmy DiMeo, Speechless, ABC Network, ABC Studios, 20th Century FOX TV, John Ross BowieJimmy DiMeo

“Yeah, construction.  Evade.  Nice, right?  Not a lane!  Not a lane!  Not a lane!” — Jimmy DiMeo

“Son, are you familiar with the phrase, ‘pick the worse house in the best neighborhood?’  Let’s take the tour.  No, it’s close to the freeway.  It’s right next to the train!  The deck… … was located here.  So you’re gonna want to avoid the deck area.  Yeah, it is.  Like 30 bars.  I can call God.” — Jimmy DiMeo

“Something up?  Uh, let’s take a ride.  We’ll go watch the cars.  Oh, nice one!  Because your mom believes, and I love her for it.  I’m not gonna take that away from her.  Look, I get it.  You’re doing great in school.  You’ve got your friend next door, who sucks by the way — hard.  That kid sucks hard.  Hold on.  And there goes the muffler!  All right, how about this?  We’ve got the old house for a couple weeks.  I was gonna go there and pack.  What if I don’t, and if the new place doesn’t’ work out, we just go home?  Yeah.  Everybody wants to drive around with a fat guy.  Wrong hill, pal!” — Jimmy DiMeo

“Yeah, son, it’s not great.  You said there wasn’t gonna be a theme.  Oh, Kenneth.  Sweet Kenneth.  Be it so deemed.” — Jimmy DiMeo

“Check the contract.  We have you till 6:00.  All right, both of you, calm down.  Yes, it does.  There’s no upstairs here.” — Jimmy DiMeo

“I’m a little wet for this conversation.  You fight and fight to make sure JJ has a normal life.  Maybe he’s not the only one who deserves that.  Towel.  Maya, towel.  Maya, towel.  Ah.  Good evening, commuters!” — Jimmy DiMeo

“Yep.  There’s mom’s car.  All right, one of you should run with me and stop mom.  One of you should stay with the van.  Hmm.  What might be a good division of labor?  Finger.  Fair.” — Jimmy DiMeo

“It’s quiet.  I’m alone.  Can I do this again, but for, like, a week?” — Jimmy DiMeo

“Uh, he’s right.  Up.  You’ve hogged it long enough.” — Jimmy DiMeo

“‘I like him.’  ‘You don’t.’  Aww.  You thought that would embarrass her.  That’s cute.” — Jimmy DiMeo

“You’re conflicted.  Let me sell this.  Well, we have a request.  Fine.  What we want — what we need — and we realize this is unconventional, but — yeah.” — Jimmy DiMeo

“Hey.  What are you working on?  Be patient.  You’ll find a window.  And shred this.  No.  Oh, no.  No!  Dylan.  Dylan, stop.  We can’t have the neighbors seeing you cleaning up — sends a bad message.  That we clean up.  Listen, you’re of an age — I want to say 12 — where it’s time that you learn who we are and — and how we deal with people.  Okay.  Our family has a complicated life, so things are gonna fall through the cracks.  Lawns aren’t gonna get mowed, garbage bins aren’t gonna get taken in.  It’s best to be clear about that.  It’s the DiMeo way.  We’ve set the bar nice and low.  Oh, no.  He’s coming over.  All right.  Just keep quiet and don’t look cute.  Damn it, child.  That’s adorable.  Hey.  Jimmy.  My name’s Jimmy.  Ah, we’re — we’re really more do-it-yourselfers… …w-who don’t do it.” — Jimmy DiMeo

“It’s weak.  Mnh-mnh.  Huh?  Ohhh, Dylan, you didn’t.  No, this is not who we are.  Picking on people, pulling pranks — that’s a jerk move.  The DiMeos are not jerks.  We’re idiots.  Jerks are mean.  But idiots — idiots are gonna mess up.  And what are you gonna do — get angry?  They’re idiots.  So, the world lets idiots lead their idiot lives.  That’s what we want.  Nah.  He’s probably just pointing over here, saying ‘I’m a weirdo.  I angrily point at things I love.'” — Jimmy DiMeo

“Okay, not a great first day for Kenneth.  Wait a minute.  Is that what this is?  If Kenneth doesn’t have what it takes, okay, he’s got to go.  But if this is about you feeling threatened, you have to get over it.  JJ loves Kenneth.  This is gonna sting.” — Jimmy DiMeo

“I-I’m not a science guy, but maybe you could do a moon where you don’t have to m-make up all the stuff?  No, it’s a classic.  Give the people what they want.  Don’t give ’em B-sides give them ‘Born to Run.’  Huh.  I suppose that’s something.” — Jimmy DiMeo

Ray DiMeo, Speechless, ABC Network, ABC Studios, 20th Century FOX TV, Mason CookRay DiMeo

Ray DiMeo, Speechless, ABC Network, ABC Studios, 20th Century FOX TV, Mason Cook“Why must it always be like this?  There is no way we can make it there in three minutes.  The place is 10 minutes away.  No, not a challenge.  I believe you can do it.  Don’t show me.” — Ray DiMeo

“H-e-r-e — here.  Why are we here?  I don’t know.  Maybe she got a coupon for a crack house.  I-t — ‘it…’ s-u– ‘sucks.’  It sucks.  No, JJ said it.  Bully.  I’m sorry.  Moving?  Changing schools again?  This will be the sixth school in two years.  But it’s crazy expensive here.  It’s right next to the freeway.  It’s a cell tower.” — Ray DiMeo

“I don’t want to move, and I can’t watch mom get disappointed again.  She thinks it’s gonna fix everything, but it won’t, and we’ll be on to the next perfect place.  Oh, awesome!  You know that.  Why don’t you say anything?  You’re just — that was glorious.  Oh, my God.  I get to be right, and you get to be lazy.  Those are our favorite things.  Oh, saw sparks on that one.  So, so cool.” — Ray DiMeo

“I’m gonna miss having someone else around who cares about astronomy.  I-I did.” — Ray DiMeo

“Yep.  You seem great, Matt, but I’m just here for the day.” — Ray DiMeo

“What can I say?  The place seems great to me.  Oh, sorry.  I was just looking for the astronomy club.  Me?  Okay.  Uh, thank you?” — Ray DiMeo

“No, we should stay.  JJ gets an aide.  I mean, we could find someone better — maybe a guy with a cooler voice.  No offense.  Fine.  It’s not for him — it’s for me.  I like the school.  They have a planetarium with a girl in it who likes me.  This will never happen again.  Can you guys give it another shot?  JJ, help me out.  No, of course not.  It’s something I want, so who cares?  Forget what I said.  Let’s move.  On to the next mistake.  The school fair.  But she asked me.  In which fight?  Who can keep track?  Yeah, he did.” — Ray DiMeo

“Uh… I’m not a big heights guy.  Uh-oh.  Zane?  There’s a boyfriend?  Up, please.  Oh, it bounces, too?!  Oh, no.  Oh, no.  Oh, no.  All I wanted to do was stay in one place for, like, a minute.  I don’t think that.  It’s a big responsibility.  You were going to apologize?  Again, please.  Great, but I think you were about to say, ‘I’m sorry.’  Mm.” — Ray DiMeo

“Can we please not do this?  It’s unnecessary.  It’s probably illegal.  Are we ever gonna get our furniture from the old house?  There’s no place for anyone to sit.” — Ray DiMeo

“The girl I like, Jillian, I’m trying to find some time to talk to her.  This is the school.  The green dots are her schedule, and the red dots are her boyfriend Zane’s.  It’s all day.  I can’t get a minute alone.” — Ray DiMeo

“Jillian.  You’re alone.  Don’t you an Zane have Spanish together?  Uh… it’s a contract.  I’m leasing a car.  Bad idea.  I am too young.  So, Mandarin?  Like the oranges.  Like ’em?  I love ’em!  You can put them on salad or you can eat them alone.  You got to peel them, though.  It’s a lot of work.  It’s not worth it.  I have a window.  Yes!” — Ray DiMeo

“Hey, Dylan.  Have you heard about these new glowing worms in New Zealand that hang from caves and catch their prey in slimy threads?  Dad, great news.  I found my window with Jillian.  And I also found the perfect short thing to say to show her I’m cool.  Shh!  Dad, have you heard about these glowing worms in New Zealand that hang — it’s tight!  People hate jerks.” — Ray DiMeo

“I’m… not JJ.  I’m — I’m the other one.” — Ray DiMeo

“Like an idiot, I thought I could model Phobos and Deimos perfectly.  Scientists haven’t even completely mapped them yet.  What?  Like Earth’s moon?  It’s boring.  It’s actual name is ‘moon.'” — Ray DiMeo


JJ DiMeo, Speechless, ABC Network, ABC Studios, 20th Century FOX TV, Micah FowlerJimmy DiMeo Jr.

“Ha!” — JJ DiMeo

“Ah!” — JJ DiMeo

Dylan DiMeo, Speechless, ABC Network, ABC Studios, 20th Century FOX TV, Kyla KenedyDylan DiMeo

“If you would put oil in it beforehand, you wouldn’t be in the middle of the road!  Do you want to be behind the van or under it?” — Dylan DiMeo

“What?  To here?  Yes!  Their high school just laid down a $2 million track.” — Dylan DiMeo

“G-i-r-l-s.  ‘Girls?’  Yeah, of course an aide will help you talk to girls.  Ha.  Oh.  Yeah.  Hey, Ray, JJ says we should try and get an aide for you, too.” — Dylan DiMeo

“Thank you, coach.  Sorry, coach.  72 seconds?  That’s not amazing. Oh.  Why?  Not amazing, Emma!  You’re slow!” — Dylan DiMeo

“Yeah, he hates this school.  He says his class wants to make him… president?” — Dylan DiMeo

“Yeah, come on, bouncier!  OR the next bouncing she’s gonna do is on your head!” — Dylan DiMeo

“What message?  I’m so ready.” — Dylan DiMeo

“Ray, please.  I’m pretending to do homework.  Oh, no.  Ray, please, not the glow worms.  Dad, look.  Look what I did.  Come on.  Lousy neighbors.  Tone set.  What?  It’s the DiMeo way.  What’s the difference?  Think he’ll know it came from us?” — Dylan DiMeo

“I don’t know.  I don’t think about that.  That’s what makes me cool.  That’s the lesson — don’t worry about what other people think and you’ll be cool.” — Dylan DiMeo

“Another really bad example, but you do you.” — Dylan DiMeo

Jillian, Speechless, ABC Network, ABC Studios, 20th Century FOX TV, Lukita MaxwellJillian

“Can I help you?  You found her.  Care to join?  Jillian.” — Jillian

“This looks fun.  You look nervous.  I’ll keep you safe.  Uh… Zane.  He’s my friend.  Don’t be mean.” — Jillian

“Zane?  No, he switched to Mandarin.  What’s that?  Uh, all right.” — Jillian

Dr. Miller, Speechless, ABC Network, ABC Studios, 20th Century FOX TV, Marin HinkleDr. Miller

“Oh, the DiMeos.  Hello.  I’m Dr. Miller, your school principal, and we are so glad that you’re here just in time for tonight’s big school fair.  The theme is ‘inclusivity.’   Well, you’ll find we take great pride in our progressive and thoughtful environment.  In fact, we just changed the mascot from a Viking, with its connotation of pillaging and male sexual aggression, to a sea slug, which has both male and female genitalia.  Huh?  Right.  About that.  It’s not just a garbage ramp.  No, according to the district, it’s acceptable alternate access.  Kenneth, Mrs. DiMeo’s son uses a wheelchair.  Can you assure her this is our normal disabled egress?  Um.  I — it’s trash!  I’m a — of course I am.  Listen, here’s what I think should happen –” — Dr. Miller

“Oh, it would seem that you’re staying.  May I say that I’m thrilled?” — Dr. Miller

“So, how can I help the DiMeos?  Kenneth!  That’s wonderful!  He’s a natural-born caregiver.  And he’s already part of the Lafayette High family.  I support it wholeheartedly.  Yes.  ‘…trial…basis.’  This is fantastic.” — Dr. Miller

Jennifer, Speechless, ABC Network, ABC Studios, 20th Century FOX TV, Dina Spybey-WatersJennifer

“JJ!  Hello, sugar!  I cannot wait to be the ambassador for such a hip, young dude.  I hit the Urban Dictionary and got up on all the lingo.  I was thinking I’d call you J-Tizzy.” — Jennifer

“‘Dad, I hate… this lady’s voice.'” — Jennifer

“‘Why?  You don’t know me.’  He says, ‘eat a bag of –‘ He’s flatteered, and he’ll think about it.” — Jennifer

“Does that mean we’re done here?  No, I agree.  My I go?  JJ’s decided I sound like a fairy godmother.  He’s asked me to turn a number of students into pumpkins.  He says, ‘no.  But my mouse friends and I can make you a gown for the ball.’  Is that really necessary?  I will not say ‘bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.’  I don’t think that adds anything to the conversation!  I need some air.” — Jennifer

“He went to the fair!  This was my idea.  I need you to fire me.  I can’t take it here!  You people are crazy!  Now, the center’s gonna send you an evaluation.” — Jennifer

Kenneth Clements, Speechless, ABC Network, ABC Studios, 20th Century FOX TV, Cedric YarbroughKenneth Clements

“What is this?  Is this a play?  Sure, it is.  For a ball game last week, we pushed a sweet, crippled grandmother — you’re a person, Dr. Miller.  Oh, doctor.  Look, miss… I enjoy your blind-side energy.  And speaking as the black man in Newport, a person who gets pulled over twice before he pulls out of the parking lot, the irony of being called intolerant is not lost on me.  Now, if you don’t mind, I have a lot of work and a little bit of Lionel Richie to get back to.  Nice to meet you, blind side.” — Kenneth Clements

“Come on.  What — what is this, now?  Of the fact that you’re nuts?  Oh, word’s out.  Awareness is high.  You are standing on the flowers I just planted.  Now, you — you’re not gonna win.  Hmm?  These people know who you are.  They even had a big meeting about how to handle you.  Mm-hmm.  They talked to some other school that you went off on.  No.  No.  No.  Does the fact that this is taking so long tell you anything about your patterns?” — Kenneth Clements

“This isn’t a parking space.  Oh, I know whose kid you are.  What’s up, man?  ‘You sound cool.’  Well, of course I sound cool.  I am cool.  ‘Want a job?’  Are you hiring, blind side Jr.?  Try it out?  Sure.  ‘I don’t want applesauce.’  I don’t care for it much myself.  Okay, uh, ‘stop leaning on my wheelchair.’  What if it was more of a, uh, ‘back off, jackass?’  ‘Do I look like a mailbox to you?’  I’m kind of liking this act.  Shall we take it out on the road?” — Kenneth Clements

“‘Ray needs help.  We should fight them.’  Oh, should do that?  Interesting.  How many are you gonna take on?  ‘I have an idea.’  Would all students report to the stage?  Please report to the stage.  Now!  Think I’m playing with y’all?!  All right, um, the kid would like to say something.  ‘My name is JJ DiMeo… student, inspiration… …the wheeled avenger, the quiet storm, butt-high lady candy.’  Little less?  Okay.  Sorry.  All right.  ‘… and as of this moment, candidate for student council president.’  Yeah, you should see them during Black History Month.” — Kenneth Clements

“Like this, JJ?  Yeah.  Here we go.  Aah!  He says, ‘Aah!'” — Kenneth Clements

“Um, Mrs. DiMeo, I-I-I’m right here.  Look, we got off on the wrong foot.  I’d like to give you something.  Hee-hee!  Yeah.  She’s smiling, right?  That’s right.  So, I, uh, I’m excited.  Little nervous.  You’re gonna have to help me out.  I’ve never been an aide before.  ‘I’ve never had one.’  Oh.  Okay, well, this isn’t gonna work out at all.  ‘Have questions?’  I-I do, actually.  What perspective does the disability experience lend — ‘real questions.’  Okay, let’s do this.  Do I handle bathroom stuff?  Does your dude-stuff work?  Is my voice good to speak for you?  I can go lower.  Are you like Rain Man?  Do you count cards?  Should we go to Vegas?  Okay, you’re a liar.  That’s good to know.” — Kenneth Clements

“Sorry, it’s just, um — well, you had to be there.  The kid comes with instructions.  Feeding, communication… culture?  His favorite show is ‘The Bachelor?’  Oh, you’re serious.  This is beautiful — the bond between a… mother and… son.  He’s gonna be okay.  Look.  I admit, I don’t have this figured out.  It felt like a challenge and also a good way to help somebody.  I will earn your trust, Mrs. DiMeo.  Your son is in good hands.  I’m not gonna lie.  That sucked.” — Kenneth Clements

“Mrs. DiMeo.  We’re in school, and JJ’s doing just fine.  Here he is.  You can ask him yourself.  Roger that.  Have a great day, Mrs. DiMeo.  All right, um, let’s get down to business.  There’s a lot going on here.  Are you a sports guy or, uh, you into music?  What do you think about?  Okay.  Mm-hmm.  That’s curious.  I didn’t notice  a ‘butt’ section in the book.  Might an aide help in that department?  All right.  First thing, uh, we got to do something about this.  Ugh.  Let’s go shopping.  Uh, lost-and-found, please.  My friend misplaced some things.  Let’s see what you got.  Come on, JJ!  It’s a girl’s shirt, man.  It buttons on the wrong side.  Yeah, but I’ll know.  We said we’d try.  Now we know.  Yeah.  I’m liking this.  Wait a second.  Young man… do I see a chest hair?  Look.  Yeah, we got to show that thing off.” — Kenneth Clements

“Oh, dude!  We got to go.  You have your appointment.  ‘I always…’  M-I — ‘miss them.’  Yeah, I don’t know, man.  ‘They need their manager.’  Are you trying to be adorable right now?  Fine.  But if your mother calls, we got to go.  All right?  All right.  Let’s see what these young ladies got, huh?  Can’t be a guy who drives a van and says that.  I’ll… be right over here.” — Kenneth Clements

Mr. Powers, Speechless, ABC Network, ABC Studios, 20th Century FOX TV, Jonathan SlavinMr. Powers

“He’s here!  He’s here!  More, come on!  Everybody stand!  Oh, God.  He can’t stand.  The ovation is insensitive!  Everybody down.  We haven’t had a student before who’s — … who has — … who is taller sitting down than any of us are standing up.  We’re done with the clapping!  Your classmates have something they want to share with you.  Zachary?  Zachary’s cousin is deaf so, so he gets it.  Huh?  Well, we don’t have to.  You’re an inspiration.  So, what do you say?  Mr. President?” — Mr. Powers

“This is such an open-minded community!” — Mr. Powers


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