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Communal Rapport

ABC Network‘s PR/political thriller drama Scandal dropped s6e2 this Thursday.

Scandal was recently renewed for a 7th season.

Rottentomatoes: 95%

Metacritic: 64

IMDb: 7.9

Emmys: 2 wins


Olivia Pope, ABC Network, Scandal, Kerry Washington

Olivia Pope

Olivia Pope is the sole proprietor of a high functioning PR and crisis management firm Olivia Pope & Associates based in the greater D.C. area.

She has passed the bar exam and runs her firm with some hand picked legal accomplices.  She was president Fitzgerald Grant III’s campaign manager, but discontinued her services at the White House because of a perpetuating romance with Fitzy.

Olivia Pope, ABC Network, Scandal, Kerry Washington

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

2 nominations: 2013, 2014

“Did you propose?  Weren’t you gonna ask her tonight?  So you flaked.  Why are we short?” — Olivia Pope

“Don’t worry.  They’ll take what we give them.  Did you at least buy the engagement ring?” — Olivia Pope

“Good evening, gentlemen.  Of course, all $3 million.  Did we?  I have $3 million.  Well, it’s all the ambassador had on such short notice, so you’re just gonna have to take it.  That’s not gonna happen, Oskar.  Nyet.  What’s going to happen is you and Vlad are gonna take the #3 million and leave right now for Dulles to make your flight to the motherland.  The reason you’re gonna want to go right now besides the fact that it’s just good travel sense to give yourself enough time for international check-in, is in exactly 4 hours and 15 minutes, both of your names are gonna suddenyl ‘pop up’ on homeland security’s no-fly list.  Lucky for you, you’re booked on a flight that leaves in two and a half hours, so if it were me, I’d much rather spend $3 million in Kiev than here in Georgetown.  Way more bang for your buck.  In fact, it may even feel like $6 million once you’re there.” — Olivia Pope

Quote1Good boys.  So since we have a deal, I am gonna take what we paid for.  Pleasure doing business with you.  I thank you, my client thanks you, and I hope to never see you again.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

“I’m not doing it.” — Olivia Pope

“We gave them $3 million.  They gave us the package.  We’re just waiting for pickup.  Too much cleavage.” — Olivia Pope

Quote1We’re not a law firm.  We’re lawyers, but this is not a law firm.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

Quote1We solve problems.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

“Harrison feed you a line about being a gladiator in a suit?” — Olivia Pope

Quote1You know how to gladiate a diaper change?Quote2 — Olivia Pope

“Mr. Ambassador, you can take your son back to the consulate and keep him safe.  And you can never tell anyone about this.  The FBI is sick of me.” — Olivia Pope

Quote1Good work, everyone.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

“Poster boy for the military…” — Olivia Pope

Quote1My vote always comes down to my gut.  My gut tells me everything I need to know.  We’re taking the case.  You’re pretty and smart.  So pretty, so smart.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

Quote1Next I set the rules.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

“We’re gonna give you a clean shirt and put you in Stephen’s office.  You are to stay there.  No phone calls–  Not to work, not to friends, not to press, no one.  This is on us now.  Your job is to stay in that office and let us do our job.” — Olivia Pope

“Then I warn them.  I always warn them.” — Olivia Pope

Quote1I have one rule– do not lie.  You lie, all bets are off.  Got it?Quote2 — Olivia Pope

“Now, is there anything else you want to tell me?” — Olivia Pope

“We need more.  There.  Gun was found on the scene.  And there.  Look at them.  Look how he’s looking at her.  He loves her.” — Olivia Pope

“I have to step out.  I’ll be back.  We need more.” — Olivia Pope

“What?  Hi.  Hello.  How are you?  What?  I’m trying to stamp out the flames.  If you guys could refrain from commenting–  he didn’t do it.” — Olivia Pope

Quote1You didn’t ask me here to talk about Sully St. James.  I don’t work for him anymore.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

Quote1I need to see him.  You want me to shut her down?  Then I need to look him in the eye and know he’s not lying.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

Quote1He wants the favor.  He wants my services.  I do not work for him anymore, so you tell the president of the United States to make time.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

“I’m going.  I won’t be gone long.  Meeting at the White House is too official.  Press is there.  He’s not wooing me.  We’re friends.” — Olivia Pope

“Stay on Sully.  Text me if anything happens.  I’ll be back soon.” — Olivia Pope

Quote1Stephen, do you want me to talk you into it or out of it?  Normal lives– that’s the dream.  You love her.  She loves you.  Normal people get married.  I’m not normal.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

“Hi.  Hello.  How are you?  First lady came.  She knows about this?  Mellie.  Well, you’re a little busy.  How are the kids?” — Olivia Pope

“Mr. President.” — Olivia Pope

“And you can’t fire her.  I have to ask.” — Olivia Pope

Quote1I’ll handle it.  Consider it handled.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

Quote1I like working for myself.  But I’ve never left your side.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

“Where are we?  Quinn, I need you to find out everything you can about an Amanda Tanner.  You have an hour… and then I need you to come with me.” — Olivia Pope

“You’re acting as my witness.  Just stay by my side.  Don’t say anything.” — Olivia Pope

“Amanda, it would be a mistake to think there will be no consequences to you telling lies about the president.  My name is Olivia Pope.  And I want to be clear– I’m not here on any official capacity.  I’m only here to warn you, because you should know what could happen.  It could become hard for you to find employment, your face would be everywhere.  People would associate you with a sex scandal.  All kinds of information about you would easily become available to the press.  For example, you’ve had 22 sexual partners that we know of.  Also, there’s that ugly bout of gonorrhea.  And your family– your mother’s mental illness– a psychotic break, two years at Bedford hospital.  I bet that’s private.  She runs a daycare now, right?  See, it’s those kind of lies that could hurt you if you said them to other people– people not as nice as me.  I’ll give you some free advice.  Hand in your resignation and pack up your dog and your things and get in your car and go.  Find a small city– Minneapolis, maybe, or Denver, get a little job, meet a boring boy, make some friends.  Because in this town, your career is over.  You’re done.” — Olivia Pope

Quote1If you get subpoenaed in front of a grand jury, you can testify as an officer of the court that I was working on my own.  I didn’t blackmail or threaten her.  If you don’t get subpoenaed, this never happened.  It’s handled.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

“Get me five soldiers… preferably with bars on their uniforms, who are willing to attest to Sully’s heroism and kindness… on the record.” — Olivia Pope

“Sully, your fingerprints are on the gun.” — Olivia Pope

“Find me somebody, anybody, who can say they saw Sully at the time of the murder.  Make his alibi stick.  I believe him.  Abby, I believe him.  Go make his alibi stick.” — Olivia Pope

Quote1In a minute.  Huck, did you talk to my guy?  You got it?  Open it.  Yes.  For getting engaged.  Stephen, we made you a reservation– 8:00 p.m.  Chez Henri.  Best table.  Huck already called Georgia.  She’s meeting you there.  Pick a ring.  Marry the girl.  Be normal.  As long as I’ve known you, you’ve dated a series of women I can only describe as trashy and too young for you and most of all, stupid.  Georgia is funny and fun and old enough and brilliant, and you know you want to marry her.  We all know you want to marry her, so pick a damn ring already so we can go find an alibi for Sully St. James.  Excellent choice.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

“I still have 40 minutes.  You stay out here.  Nobody crosses this doorway.  Get Abby on the phone.  Tell her we’ve been invaded.  Tell her time is up.” — Olivia Pope

Quote1But you are.  This is who you are.  This is your alibi.  Let us help you.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

“Because you are married, because you said you wanted to try to dedicate yourself to your marriage, because you are the leader of the free world… and I wanted you to be a better man.  I wanted you to be the man I campaigned for, helped get elected, and I voted for.  Do not touch me.  Don’t touch me.  Please.  Did you give her that dog?  I believed you.  You clouded my judgment.  You made me mistrust my gut because I wanted to believe you!” — Olivia Pope

Quote1You can do this.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

“Tell him to go to hell.  You tell him that he better hope to God Amanda Tanner doesn’t want to come forward with her story, because she just became my client.” — Olivia Pope

Quote1Because I’m very good at my job.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

Quote1Hopefully, we’ll figure this out, which brings me to the second thing I need.  What’s the end game?  A question I ask every client– what they want.  What’s your best outcome?  Do you want money?  Do you want to stay in Washington?  Do you want your job jack?  You have options.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

Quote1We’re never done.  If we lose this round, we prep him for appeal.  If we lose that, we prep him for a second appeal, because whatever happens, there’s always another move.  Whatever happens, we do not give up.  It is my name on that door, and I do not give up.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

Quote1I can handle that.  I have a guy.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

Quote1One hopes.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

Quote1It’ll be tough, but I can get you through this.Quote2 — Olivia Pope

Luminescent, vigilant, independent, highly-in-tuned with the public consciousness and a human resources savant Olivia Pope is an Idealist.

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