Ocean's 11, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Jerry Weintraub Productions, Section Eight, WV Films II

Ocean’s 11

Warner Bros. original film Ocean’s 11 was released December 7th, 2001.

The #Oceans11 trilogy cleared $1.124B at the international box office.

rottentomatoes: 83%

metacritic: 74

imdb: 7.7

Daniel Ocean, Ocean's 11, Amazon Prime Video, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Jerry Weintraub Productions, Section Eight, WV Films II, George Clooney
Daniel Ocean, Ocean's 11, Amazon Prime Video, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Jerry Weintraub Productions, Section Eight, WV Films II, George Clooney

Danny Ocean

Daniel Ocean is released fresh from prison and heads to Las Vegas, Nevada to pull a $150M heist job.

Daniel Ocean, Ocean's 11, Amazon Prime Video, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Jerry Weintraub Productions, Section Eight, WV Films II, George Clooney

“Good morning. Daniel Ocean. As you say, ma’am, I was never charged. My wife left me. I was upset. I got into a self-destructive pattern. She already left me once. I don’t think she’d do it again just for kicks.” — Danny Ocean

“Chips, please. Quarters are fine. Thank you. Fine. Thank you very much. Hello, Frank. It’s my mistake. Table’s cold anyway. 1:00? Thanks, Ramon.” — Danny Ocean

“Ramon? This afternoon. You seen him? Are you kidding? I just became a citizen again. Officer Brooks, this is Danny Ocean. I was told to contact you within 24 hours. No, sir, I haven’t been getting in any trouble. No, sir, I haven’t been drinking. No, sir. I wouldn’t even think about leaving the state.” — Danny Ocean

“That’s hard to do, isn’t it, crossing over from television to film? Why would I mind you asking? Two cards. I just got out of prison. I stole things. Head masks. There’s some. My fence seemed confident enough. Some people lack vision. That’s $500. I’ll see your 500, raise you 2,000.” — Danny Ocean

“You look bored. Why do you think I came to see you first? It’s tricky. It’s never been done before. It’s gonna need planning and a large crew. Not exactly. A lot of security, but the take– eight figures each. When was the last time you went to Vegas?” — Danny Ocean

“The vault at the Bellagio. Yep. These feed into the cages at The Mirage, the MGM Grand, but every dime ends up there. Yes, they are. Do you think he’ll mind? What do you need? If we’re hitting these three casinos, we’ll get our bankroll. Benedict’s got a long list of enemies. Yeah, but enemies with loose cash, nothing to lose? Reuben? Jesus! Oscar, lower it a bit, would you? Yeah. We just want to take these home for the night and make some copies, if it’s all right. Appreciate it.” — Danny Ocean

“What? Wha– why not do it? Because yesterday, I walked out of the joint after losing four years of my life, and you’re cold-decking teen beat cover boys. Because the house always wins. Play long enough, you never change the stakes, the house takes you unless… when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big, and then you take the house. A little bit. Did I rush it? I felt like I rushed it.” — Danny Ocean

“It’s never been tried. Reuben, you’re right. Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. Thank you for lunch. Sorry we bothered you. That was our pleasure. The Bellagio, The Mirage, and the MGM Grand. That’s right. What do you have against him? That’s the question. That’d why we’d have to be very careful, very precise.” — Danny Ocean

“Frank C. is in. Frank C. has developed a bad case of bronchitis and is putting in for a transfer to warmer climates. What about drivers? The Mormon twins? Electronics? How are his nerves? Phil Turrentine. No shit. On the job? You send flowers? The basher’s in town.” — Danny Ocean

“Which one’s the amazing Yen? Who else is on the list? I don’t know. Doesn’t seem all that diff– we got a greaseman. Fabulous. We need Saul. Get religion? You could ask him. Saul makes ten. Ten oughta do it, don’t you think? Do you think we need one more? You think we need one more. All right. We’ll get one more.” — Danny Ocean

“Hello, Linus. Whose is this? I’m a friend of Bobby Caldwell’s. You’re either in or you’re out. Right now. It’s a plane ticket. A job offer. Bobby has a lot of faith in you. If you do this job, he’ll be trading on yours. If you don’t, we’ll find somebody else who won’t be quite as good, and you can go back to feeling up stockbrokers. Can you get the check, please? That’s the best lift I’ve seen you make yet. America’s playground.” — Danny Ocean

“Gentlemen, welcome to Las Vegas. Everybody eaten? Good. Everybody sober? Close enough. All right, before we get started, nobody’s on the line here yet. What I’m about to propose to you is both highly lucrative and highly dangerous. If that doesn’t seem like your particular brand of vodka, help yourself to as much food as you’d like and have a safe journey. No hard feelings. Otherwise, come with me.” — Danny Ocean

“Gentlemen, the 3000 block of Las Vegas Boulevard, otherwise known as The Bellagio, The Mirage, and the MGM Grand. Together, they’re three of the most profitable casinos in Las Vegas. Let me see. This is the vault at the Bellagio. It’s located below the strip beneath 200 feet of solid earth. It safeguards every dime that passes through each of the three casinos above it… and we’re gonna rob it. This is courtesy of Frank Catton, new black jack dealer at the Bellagio. Okay, bad news first. This place houses a security system that rivals most nuclear missile silos. First we have to get within the casino cages, which anybody’ll tell you takes more than a smile. Next, through these doors, each of which requires a different six-digit code changed every 12 hours. Past those lies the elevator. This is where it gets tricky. The elevator won’t move without authorized fingerprint identification– and vocal confirmation from both the security system within the Bellagio and the vault below. Furthermore, the elevator shaft is rigged with motion detectors. Once we get down the shaft, though, then it’s a piece of cake. Just… two more guards with UZIs and the most elaborate vault door ever conceived by man. Any questions? Anyone else? Yeah, the Nevada gaming commission stipulates that a casino must hold in reserve enough cash to cover every chip at play on its floor. That means, on a weekday, by law, it has to carry anywhere between 60 and $70 million in cash and coin. On the weekend, between 80 and 90 million. On a fight night, like the one two weeks from tonight, the night we’re gonna rob it… 150 million without breaking a sweat. Now, there are 11 of us, each with an equal share. You do the math. Mm-hmm. Oh, yeah, sorry. I forgot to mention that. Yeah.” — Danny Ocean

“All right, here’s how we’ll begin. First task: reconnaissance. I wanna know everything that’s going on in all three casinos from the rotation of the dealers to the path of every cash cart. I wanna know everything about every guard, every watcher, anyone with a security pass. I wanna know where they’re from, what their nicknames are, how they take their coffee. Most of all, I want you guys to know these casinos, they’re built as labyrinths to keep people in. I want you guys to know the quick routes out. Second task– power. On the night of the fight, we’re gonna throw the switch on sin city. Basher, it’s your show. How about all three? Third task– surveillance. Casino security has an eye and an ear on everything, so we want an eye and an ear on them. Livingston? No. Why do they always paint hallways that color? Hmm. Well.” — Danny Ocean

“Fourth task– construction. We need to build an exact working replica of the Bellagio vault. Something like that. Fifth task– intelligence. We need those codes, Linus, from the only guy who has all three. Learn to love his shadow. You gotta walk before you can crawl. Sixth task– transport.” — Danny Ocean

“It’s imported silk, Saul. Gentlemen, would you excuse us just for a second? Thanks. Saul, you sure you’re ready to do this? He’s ready.” — Danny Ocean

“Okay. Who? Ex-wife. It’s not about that. It’s not entirely about that. Russ, do you remember when we first got into this business? We said we were gonna play the game like we had nothing to lose. Well, I lost something. I lost someone. That’s why I’m here. If everything goes to plan, then I won’t be the one that has to make that choice. How’d she look? Thanks.” — Danny Ocean

“Hello, Tess. I’m out. You remember the day that I went for cigarettes and I didn’t come back? You must have noticed. Ahh. Now, they tell me that I paid my debt to society. You’re not wearing your ring. My last day inside. What? Benedict? How you doing? Whiskey? And a whiskey. Tess, you’re doing a great job curating the museum. The Vermeer is quite good. It’s simple, vibrant, although his work definitely fell off as he got older. And I always confuse Monet and Manet. Now, which one married his mistress? Right. And then Manet had syphillis. All right. I’ll make this quick. I came here for you. I wanna get on with my life. I want you with me. I only lied about being a thief. I don’t do that anymore. Lie. No, he’s very clear on both. I only have one? Does he make you laugh?” — Danny Ocean

“You can’t. But what you can do is not throw away another– Tess, all right. You don’t love me anymore. You want to make a life with someone else, fine. I’m gonna have to live with that. But not him. I’m not joking, Tess. Yes, but that doesn’t mean that I’m wrong. You said that I better know what I’m doing. I know what I’m doing. Just catching up. Danny Ocean. I’m in your seat. Yeah. Imagine the odds. That’s right. About the same. I just stopped by to say hi to Tess for old times’ sake. I can’t. You never know. So I should put those towels back? Good to see you, Tess. Terry.” — Danny Ocean

Rusty Ryan, Ocean's 11, Amazon Prime Video, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Jerry Weintraub Productions, Section Eight, WV Films II, Brad Pitt

Rusty Ryan

“Bernie. All right, we’re gonna begin with 5-card draw. Everyone remember 5-card draw? Who wants to start us out? Josh? Josh. To the left. Deal to your left. Shane? It’s not blackjack. Lookin’ at ’em doesn’t change ’em. You know what you have. Okay. Let’s do it. Josh. Left, left. Lady bets. Let’s keep it movin’. Blue. That’s a 50. Okay. All right. Shane’s calling, 50. There it is. How you bet is your business. You want to make them think you’re betting for a reason. Okay. You don’t want four. You want to fold. Fold. Just like that. You’re done. You’re done. Shane, you got three pairs. You can’t have three pairs. You can’t have six cards in a 5-card game. Josh.”

“Longest hour of my life. I’m running away with your wife. Incan matrimonial head masks. Don’t let him fool you. There’s boatloads. If you can move ’em. Think one. But you can’t. If you’re dealing in cash, you don’t need a fence. Probably everybody in cell block E. Guys, what’s the first lesson in poker? That’s right, Topher. Today’s lesson– how to draw out the bluff. That much money this early in the game, I’m saying he’s holding nothing better than a pair of face cards. Barr? Josh? That’s a very handsome bet, Josh, but be careful. We don’t want to push him too high too fast. Want to keep him on the leash. Holly? Call? And I’ll call. Guys, you’re free to do what you like. That’s a lot of money, but I’m staying in. He’s trying to buy his way out of his bluff. Josh? That a girl. Call. Let’s see ’em. I’m not sure what the four 9s does, but the ace, I think, is pretty high.”

“God, I’m bored. I am bored. So, how was the clink? Did you get the cookies I sent? So, tell me. Guns? What’s the target? What’s the target? What? You want to knock over a casino? Oh! Ho ho.”

“Mmm. Oof! Well? If I’m reading this right, and I’d like to think that I am, this is probably the least accessible vault ever designed. You said three casinos? The Bellagio and The Mirage. These are Terry Benedicts places. More than somewhat. You need at least a dozen guys doing a combination of cons. Off the top of my head, I’d say you’re looking at a Boesky, a Jim Brown, a Miss Daisy, two Jethros, and a Leon Spinks, not to mention the biggest Ella Fitzgerald ever. Where do you think you can get the money to back this? Ah! Reuben.”

“I need a reason. Don’t say money. Why do this? You’ve been practicing this speech, haven’t you? No. It was good. I liked it. Teen beat thing was harsh. I wonder what Reuben’ll say.”

“You’re right. He’s right. That’s exactly what it is– pure ego. Be swell, Mr. Tishkoff. I’d never been to Belize. Is that right? What are we doing, Reuben? Hmm. Well-funded.”

“All right, who’s in? Talked to the Malloys yesterday. Mmm. They’re both in Salt Lake City, six months off the job. Got the sense they’re having trouble filling the hours. Livingston Dell. Livingston’s been doing freelance surveillance work of late for the FBI mob squad. Okay. Not so bad you’d notice. Munitions. Dead. Skin cancer. Dated his wife for a while. There might be an issue with availability.”

“Boobytraps aren’t Mr. Torres’ style. Isn’t that right, Basher? Peck, ATF. Let me venture a guess. Simple G-form mainliner, back-wound quick fuse with a drag under 20 feet? Yeah. Let me ask you something else. Did you search this scumbag for boobytraps on his person? I mean, really search– not just for weapons. Stand back. Go find Griggs. Tell him I need to see him. Just find him, will ya? Hey, Bash. How fast can you put something together from what I just slipped you? Yeah, he’s waitin’ around the corner. Everybody down! Nice work.”

“The little Chinese guy. He is the list. We got a greaseman. He won’t do it. Got out the game a year ago. Ulcers. Hey, I could ask him. How you been, Saul? What’s with the orange? So why don’t you take vitamins? Box seats. Come on. Saul, you’re the best there is here in Cooperstown. What do you want? Guys like us don’t change, Saul. We stay sharp or we get sloppy. We don’t change. Is that your hound way in the rear there?”

“Exactly. Slightly more complicated than that. Which we can’t fake. Which we won’t get. Meaning if we were to manually override the lift, the shaft’s exit would lock down automatically, and we’d be trapped. No, tunneling’s out. There are sensors monitoring the ground a hundred yards in every direction. If a groundhog were to nest there, they’d know about it. Exactly. Without being seen by the cameras. Two, and one of them’s lonely. Thanks, Charmaine. I’ll have this back in an hour. Say hi to your mom for me. And we’re up and running. They say taupe is very soothing. Uh-oh. Ooh! Yeah.”

“For practice? Reverse that. Okay, tell me about Benedict. What do they talk about? That portfolio contains the codes to all the cage doors? His brother-in-law’s tractor dealership. I heard. You scared? Only in the morning. Now what? Where’s she come from? Tess. Her name is Tess.”

“We have to talk. Now. Tell me this is not about her, or I am walking. I am walking off this job right now. Tess. Terry Benedict. Tell me this is not about screwing the guy that’s screwing your wife. Tell me. Okay, here’s the problem. Now we’re stealing two things. And when push comes to shove, if you can’t have both, which are you gonna choose? And remember, Tess does not split 11 ways. She looked good.”

“Tomorrow, the day is yours. Do with it what you like. Call is at 5:30– makeup and costume. Saul’s package arrives at 7:05. Linus grabs our codes. All goes well, we’re a go. 7:30 Yen gets locked in. We’re committed. From this point we have 30 minutes to blow the power or he suffocates. Once the electricity goes, all access points to the vault and its elevator will automatically shut down for two minutes.”

Reuben, Ocean's 11, Amazon Prime Video, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Jerry Weintraub Productions, Section Eight, WV Films II, Elliot Gould


“You’re out of you’re goddamn minds! Are you listening to me? You’re, both of you, nuts. I know more about casino security than any man alive. I invented it, and it cannot be beaten. They got cameras, they got watchers, get got locks, they got timers, they got vaults. They got enough armed personnel to occupy Paris. Okay, bad example. Ho ho! It’s never been tried. It’s been tried. A few guys even came close. You know the three most successful robberies in the history of Vegas? Number three– the bronze medal. Pencilneck grabs a lock box at the horseshoe. He got two steps closer to the door than any living soul before him. Second most successful robbery– the flamingo in ’71. This guy actually tasted fresh oxygen before they grabbed him. Of course, he was breathing out of a hose for the next three weeks. Goddamned hippie. And the closest any man has ever come to robbing a Las Vegas casino was outside of Caesar’s in ’87. He came, he grabbed, they conquered. But what am I saying? You guys are pros– the best! I’m sure you can make it out of the casino. Of course, lest we forget, once you’re out the front door, you’re still in the middle of the fucking desert! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Blah, blah, blah. Look, we all go way back, and, uh, I owe you from the thing with the guy in the place, and I’ll never forget it. Give Dominic your addresses. I got some remaindered furniture I want to send you. Look, just out of curiosity, which casinos did you geniuses pick to rob? Those are Terry Benedict’s casinos. You guys… what do you got against Terry Benedict? He torpedoed my casino, muscled me out. Now he’s gonna blow it up next month to make way for some gaudy monstrosity. Don’t think I don’t see what you’re doing. If you’re gonna steal from Terry Benedict, you better goddamned know. This sort of thing used to be civilized– you’d hit a guy, he’d whack you, done– but with Benedict, at the end of this, he better not know you’re involved, not know your names, or think you’re dead, because he’ll kill you, and then he’ll go to work on you. Yeah. You gotta be nuts, too. And you’re gonna need a crew as nuts are you are. Who do you got in mind?”

“What, did you guys get a group rate or something? You’re Bobby Caldwell’s kid, huh? From Chicago? It’s nice there. Do you like it? That’s wonderful. Get in the goddamn house.”

Linus Caldwell, Ocean's 11, Amazon Prime Video, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Jerry Weintraub Productions, Section Eight, WV Films II, Matt Damon

Linus Caldwell

“Who are you? What is it? You’re pretty trusting pretty fast. Fathers are like that. Oh, he didn’t tell you. He didn’t want me trading on his name. Las Vegas, huh?”

“Yeah. Yeah. Smash and grab job, huh? Well, yeah.”

“Who? Benedict? Wait, wait, wait. All I get to do is watch the guy?”

“That guy’s a machine. He arrives at The Bellagio every day at 2 p.m., same car, same driver. He remembers every valet’s name on the way in. Not bad for a guy worth three quarters of a billion dollars. Offices are upstairs. He works hard, hits the lobby floor at 7:00 on the nose. Spends three minutes on the floor with his casino manager. All business.
Benedict likes to know what’s going on in his casinos, likes to be in control. There’s rarely an incident he doesn’t know about or handle personally. Spends a few minutes glad-handing the high rollers. He’s fluent in Spanish, German, and Italian, and he’s taking Japanese lessons. He’s getting pretty good at it. He’s out by 7:30 when an assistant hands him a black portfolio. Contents: the day’s take and new security codes. Then he heads to the restaurant. Like I said… a machine. Mm-hmm. And two minutes after they’ve been changed, he’s got ’em in his hand. I tell you, you guys really can pick ’em. This guy is as smart as he is ruthless. The last guy they caught cheating in here, he not only sent him up for ten years, but he had the bank seize his house, and then he bankrupted– he doesn’t just take out your knees. The guy goes after your livelihood and the livelihood of anybody you ever met. You suicidal? Now comes a girl. She comes down after him if they’re in a snit. Museum up there. She’s a curator. Oh. Here she is. This is just the best part of my day. I still don’t know if we can use her yet. Actually, I haven’t even caught her name. Huh?”

Terry Benedict, Ocean's 11, Amazon Prime Video, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Jerry Weintraub Productions, Section Eight, WV Films II, Andy Garcia

Terry Benedict

“How are ya, Tommy? How’s the baby? How are ya, Frank? How’s the family? Oh, Bene. Come sta? Bene. Bene.”

“I like that you like it. I’ll see you tonight? In my hotels, there’s always somebody watching. I’ll see you tonight.”

“Morning, Eddie. Anything for me? Who is he? Zerga. Never heard of him. He staying here? How’s he doing? Good for him.”

“Yes. Would you like some tickets? I’ll put it in the house safe for you. Mr. Zerga, I can assure you that our house safe–“

“What are you doing? Mr. Ocean. Forgive me for being late. A guest required my attention. Is that right? ‘Of all the gin joints in all the world.’ You recently were released from prison, is that correct? How does it feel to be out? Stay and have a drink. Well, then… I don’t imagine we’ll be seeing Mr. Ocean anytime soon, right? Ah, I know everything that’s happening in my hotels. No, the towels you can keep. Danny.”

Tess Benedict, Ocean's 11, Amazon Prime Video, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Jerry Weintraub Productions, Section Eight, WV Films II, Julia Roberts

Tess Benedict

“You like it? Okay.”

“You’re 30 seconds late. I was about to send out a search– what are you doing here? You’re out of prison. I don’t smoke. Don’t sit. Funny, I never got a check. I sold it. I don’t have a husband, or didn’t you get the papers? I told you I’d write. Danny… go now, before– Danny– remind you of anyone? Monet. They also painted occasionally. You’re a thief and a liar. Steal? I’m with someone now who doesn’t have to make that kind of distinction. You know what your problem is? You’ve met too many people like you. I’m with Terry now. He doesn’t make me cry.”

“See the people you steal things from? They have insurance to compensate them. They get made whole again. I had to leave New York to get away from what happened. How am I gonna get my five years back, Danny? Oh, you don’t know any– spoken like a true ex-husband. I’m not laughing, Danny. You have to admit there is a bit of conflict of interest when you give me advice about my love life. Do you remember what I said to you when we first met? Do you? Yeah? Because, truly, you should walk out the door if you don’t. Terry, meet my ex-husband. That’s fine. Danny was walking through the restaurant and spotted me. Danny was just about to– he can’t. Take care, Danny.”

Frank Catton, Ocean's 11, Amazon Prime Video, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Jerry Weintraub Productions, Section Eight, WV Films II, Bernie Mac

Frank Catton

“You have a good one. How are you, sir? I beg your pardon sir? You must have me confused with someone else. My name is Ramon, as you can see right here. No problem, sir. You might want to try the lounge at the Caesar’s. I gets busy after 1:00. Yes, sir. Thank you.”

“Checkin’ up on current events? Glad to meet you. Frank Catton can’t get past the gaming board. Just got out? Last I heard he was teaching movie stars how to play cards. Why? You have a plan already?”

“Well, I understand. And they are some great-lookin’ vans you got there. Okay, thank you for your time, mister, uh… yes, denim like a jean. Man, you’ve got some lovely hands here. Do you moisturize? I tried all sorts of brand lotion. I even went fragrance-free for a whole year. Now, my sister, she uses, uh, uh, uh… aloe vera with a little sunscreen in it. Yeah, and ideally speaking, you almost should wear gloves when you going to bed. But I found out that there would be a little interference in my… social agenda, if you know what I mean. Plus, I can get a reaction from the camphor, so I really don’t get into the traditional remedies. Yeah? No? You’d do that? Then that’d be lovely. They told me to come see you. They told me. You do that.”

Saul Bloom

“I saw you at the paddock before the second race outside the men’s room when I placed my bet. I saw you before you even got up this morning. Never better. My doctor says I need vitamins. You come here to give me a physical? So, you gonna tell me, or should I just say no and get it over with? Nothin’. I got a duplex now. I got wall-to-wall and a goldfish. I’m seeing a nice lady who works the unmentionables counter at Macy’s. I’ve changed. Quit connin’ me. He breaks late. Everyone knows this. So you gonna treat me like a grownup at least, tell me what the scam is? Oh.”

“Not as often as I’d like. I’ll look into it. I have a question. Say we get into the cage and through the security doors there and down the elevator we can’t move and past the guards with the guns and into the vault we can’t open– yeah, well, say we do all that. We’re just supposed to walk outta there with $150 million in cash on us without getting stopped? Oh. Okay.”

“This is very nice material. Yeah. Very nice. If you ever ask me that question again, Daniel, you will not wake up the following morning. My name is… Lyman. Zerga. My name is Lyman Zerga. My name… is Lyman Zerga.”

“I don’t believe in weakness. It costs too much. I don’t believe in questions, either. Mr. Benedict, the fight is Saturday night, is it not? No. Hand-to-hand combat does not interest me. I have a package arriving here that evening, black briefcase, standard size, the contents of which is very valuable to me. The house safe is for Brandy and grandmothers’ pearls. I need something more secure. And I can assure you, Mr. Benedict, that your generosity in this manner will not go overlooked. Now… what can you offer me besides the safe?”


“All right, chaps. Hang on to your knickers. Oh, leave it out! You tossers! You had one job to do! Hang on. Are you accusing me of boobytrapping? Oh! Here we go. Hey, Russ. It’s done. Hey, is Danny about? Oh, that’s terrific! It will be nice working with proper villains again. Ha ha ha! They weren’t expecting that shit! Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, thank you!”

“You want broke, blind, or bedlam? Right. It’s done.”


Mormon Twins

“Waiting, sweetheart, just waiting. Good. Go. Waiting for you. To do what? Go, little girl! You’re like a little girl! Relax. I’ve been doing this all day. I’m gonna get out of the car, and I’m gonna drop you like third period French, okay? So, relax! Go!”

“So do you make it out to Utah much? Think you should check it out. Think you’d dig provo. I think you could do very well there.”

“You said something about good news? Coming through at 10:44. 10:46– get a watch that works.”

“Watch it, bud. Who you calling bud, pal? Who you calling pal, friend? Who you calling friend, jackass? Don’t call me a jackass. I just did call you a jackass. I’m not in your face! You were in my face! You got in my way! I’m just trying to deliver my balloons. He’s a balloon boy! Balloon boy! Yeah, balloon boy? You’re spitting in my face! You want me to move those balloons? You know why I’ll move those, sir? ‘Cause I have a very important client waiting for these, and I don’t have time to fool around with you two… circus animals.”

Livingston Dell

“D-d–don’t– don’t– don’t– don’t touch that. Do you see me grabbing the gun out of your holster and just waving it around? Uhh! Oh! Ah!”

“It’s not the least accessible system I’ve seen, but it’s close. I don’t suppose they have a closed circuit feed I could tap into? Then it’s definitely a black-bag job. Do they employ an in-house technician?”

“Fine, thanks. Oh, thank you. Excellent.”

Topher Grace

“Hey, Russ! Rusty! What’s up, man? Let me ask you a question, man. Are you incorporated? Well, okay. If you’re not, you should really think about it, ’cause I was talking to my manager last night. No, not Bernie. My business manager. Actually, you know what? They’re both named Bernie. Anyway, he was telling me that because of what we do can be considered, like, research for like a future gig or whatever, I could totally make it a tax write-off. One thing is, and this is, like, just his thing– and it’s stupid– but, I’d have to pay you by check. What– or we could just stick to cash. Yeah, let’s– yeah, let’s just stick to cash.”

“Dude! What the hell, it’s only pocket change, right? Yeah. Thanks, man. Right, right. Fellas, fellas! All reds. Ha ha ha! Yeah! Whatup dawg? Oh, I’m gonna love spending your money. I’m gonna get my car washed.”

“Not for me, dude. Oh, hey, Russ, we got another player, if that’s cool with you. Mr. Ocean, what do you do for a living, if you don’t mind me asking? Really? No. Leave emotion at the door. Call. Dude!”

Southern California

“Hell, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah? Yeah? Hit me. I’ll get it. Blue. I will call you. Ha ha ha! All right, how many? Four. I want to fold? Is that good? What are you doin’? And… dealer will take three. Yeah. Maybe one was– don’t look at me– you the big guy! All right! Man, I hate you!”

“How’s the game goin’? What? Great.”

“Well, why were you in prison? You stole things? Like jewels? Any money in those Incan matrimonial– never bet on the– all right. Eh, I fold. No. I’m game. I will see your 500, and I will raise you another 500 of my own. Call. Call. Two. Thanks for the tip on calling out the bluff.”

“Let’s see if we can move in a little on this one. Why not? Hey, Radio Shack. Relax.”

“Heads up! Sorry!”

“That’s all you used in the event, right? Nothing else? Well, how about it? Who?”


Las Vegas, Nevada

“Hey! Sorry. You guys done up here? Find what you want? Whatever you need.”

“Hey, hey! Get that guy– brown suit! Hey! Leave the money!”


“…this girl Charmaine. She’s a dancer at the Crazy Horse too. She’s putting her way through medical school. I think she really likes me.”

“Say it yourself. She’ll be on stage in five minutes.”

“433, we have a visual impairment on the northwest 0-5-2 exit door camera. Copy that. I see them. It’s, like, a word? ‘Obsequious’ is a word. Sir! Listen to me. Gentlemen!”

“Hi. I’m gonna need you to move those balloons. Hey, hold up a minute. Excuse me! Hey! Excuse me! Hey. You dropped this. How’s reception on those things? Take care.”

“Well, I am sorry, but 18-5 apiece is the best offer I can make. Yes, sir. Top of the line. Denim– Billy Tim Denim. Yes, that’s it. Just like the jeans. I’m sorry? Oh, yes. I see. Yeah. Let me tell you something, if you were willing to pay cash– I might be able to drop that down to, say, 17– 16 each. Yes, sir. Well, yes, sir. Oh, did they? Well, I’m sure glad they did. Okay, well, let me go get the paperwork. And– and I’ll be right back. Just wait here at the table, okay? Thank you, sir.”

“Good afternoon, Mr. Benedict. Very well, thank you. Good evening, sir.”

“A weak stomach, Mr. Zerga? Oh, really? Well, let me give you a tip. I wouldn’t get into Terry Benedict for too much money. He doesn’t fool around.”

“Morning, sir. Mr. Zerga, Lyman Zerga, in the third position, wants to speak to you privately. Businessman of some kind, working mostly in Europe. Very vague. But I asked around. Word is he deals primarily in arms– one of the biggest. Yes, sir. That’s why I don’t doubt it. Checked in two nights ago. He’s in the Mirador suite. Up. Almost 200.”

The Taj Mahal

“Sure. Change 150. Would you like quarters or nickels? Okay. Good luck. 20. Dealer has 19. Good start. All right. Goin’ on break now. Thank you.”

Parole Board

“Good morning. Please state your name for the record. Thank you. Mr. Ocean, the purpose of this hearing is to determine whether, if released, you are likely to break the law again. While this was your first conviction, you have been implicated, though never charged, in over a dozen other confidence schemes and frauds. What can you tell us about this? Mr. Ocean, what we’re trying to find out is was there a reason you chose to commit this crime, or was there a reason you simply got caught this time? If released, is it likely you’d fall back into a similar pattern? Mr. Ocean, what do you think you would do if released?”


“One con under escort. Open gate five! Man walking! Open gate two! Let’s go! Face the wall! Got one under escort!”


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