Never Have I Ever, Netflix, 3 Arts Entertainment, Kaling International, Original Langster, Universal Television

Highschool Romcom

Netflix original series Never Have I Ever dropped its second season July 15th, 2021.

#NeverHaveIEver has yet to be renewed for a third season.

rottentomatoes: 96%

metacritic: 80

imdb: 7.9

Devi Vishwakumar, Never Have I Ever, Netflix, 3 Arts Entertainment, Kaling International, Original Langster, Universal Television, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan
Devi Vishwakumar, Never Have I Ever, Netflix, 3 Arts Entertainment, Kaling International, Original Langster, Universal Television, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

Devi Vishwakumar

Devi Vishwakumar navigates highschool romance outside of Sherman Oaks, California.

Devi Vishwakumar, Never Have I Ever, Netflix, 3 Arts Entertainment, Kaling International, Original Langster, Universal Television, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

“Bye. I’m sorry, mom. I just got overcome with emotion because I love dad so much! I would’ve kissed anyone. Hmm? Holy shit.” — Devi Vishwakumar

“Be right in. Hey, were you waiting for me? Outside of my house? Wait. Have you been here since you left that message? Uh, it was kind of a special day. We spread my dad’s ashes in Malibu. Hmm. So, did you have something you were gonna tell me or… yeah, you really were. I don’t kiss guys that often, Paxton. I thought maybe I did something wrong. Like, maybe I flooded your mouth with saliva. Dinner? At your house? Y-you and me? Eating together? At the same table?” — Devi Vishwakumar

“Damn. Indian people love Trader Joe’s. Ugh! This sucks a butt. I can’t believe we’re moving to stupid India. Things were just getting good for me here. Yeah, because you’re dragging me away from the only home I’ve ever know. It doesn’t matter. I’ll be back here in two years, going to Princeton, dating a guy in a band. I’ll get a tattoo of his name under my boobs like Rihanna. Whoa. Dr. Jackson? He took the fat out of Ben’s mom’s double chin and stuck it in her butt. It looks amazing. In your dreams, mom. It is so annoying how no one knows how nerdy you are because you’re so hot.” — Devi Vishwakumar

“Good morning, Ben. Good morning, Paxton. So nice to see both of you on this fine day. I spread my dad’s ashes at the beach. That would’ve been weird. I know. It’s a lot. Guys, my mom’s made up her mind. We’re definitely moving. I know. I’m gonna miss you guys too. But that’s why I have to figure out my boy situation stat! This is my last chance for an American high school boyfriend. So obviously this calls for a… drum roll, please.” — Devi Vishwakumar

“What? We’re not done with the list yet. Guys, how can you be so sure? But Ben did do such a heroic thing driving me all the way to Malibu to spread my dad’s ashes. He also mended the friendship between the three of us. On my deathbed, wouldn’t I be thinking about my kids and grandkids and stuff? I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing a nude Paxton when I bite the dust. So, I should let Ben down easy and choose Paxton. But what if I hurt Ben? Ooh, is that Eve? Are you officially girlf and girlf?” — Devi Vishwakumar

“I got you cashew brittle. Top of the line. My mom keeps it for funerals or apologies to neighbors. Uh, no. I would never do anything to hurt you. Yeah. Um… Ben. I don’t know if that was the right thing to do. Right, of course. You did? It is? Wow. Thanks. So do you.” — Devi Vishwakumar

“Ow! Trent! What the hell? Yeah, you did. It’s all good. So I take it you two are about to head out? Uh– eh– okay. So, Paxton and me versus you two? Really? Devi.” — Devi Vishwakumar

“Hey, Prashant. Yeah, I’ll get her in a sec. Listen, I need some advice about matters of the heart. Here’s a question. You’re a handsome guy, right? How many friends would you bring to a first date with a girl? That’s what I thought. Here comes Kamala. You’re a good guy, Prashant. Let me know if you ever need any advice. I’m really mature about tons of shit. He’s all yours.” — Devi Vishwakumar

“His friends didn’t even leave. I finally took off when Trent ate too much pizza and barfed. I guess Paxton just wants to be friends. Well, this is great because Ben’s into me, and I’m into him. So I’ll just chill on the B train until I go to India. Problem solved.” — Devi Vishwakumar

“Hey, Ben, want to pick up trash with me? I’ll do puddles so you don’t stain your sneakers. I know. I think I saw a silicone breast implant. So, about yesterday, I thought about what you said, and… I’m in. I’d like to be your girlfriend. As long as we don’t kill each other, I think it could be nice. Yeah.” — Devi Vishwakumar

“Hey. Uh, if you’re looking for Trent, he’s over there peeing on a dead skunk. Mm-hmm. What are you talking about? You clearly don’t like me like that. That wasn’t a date. Your friends were there. Yeah. I left because Trent was barfing on our date. That’s what a date is by definition. It’s too late now. And besides, I’m moving to India. Yeah. Like, in a month.” — Devi Vishwakumar

“That’s awesome, mom, but did Dr. Jackson give you any samples? Whoa, hyaluronic acid. Score. Uh, it was fine. Why would you say ‘boys’ plural?” — Devi Vishwakumar

“Guys, who cares? I have bigger news. Paxton kissed me in the park. What am I gonna do? I don’t wanna break up with Ben. He really pushes me. I filled up 15 bags of garbage today. Of course not. Paxton69! is the password to all of my accounts. So you’re saying I should just have two boyfriends? Oh my God. I have two boyfriends.” — Devi Vishwakumar

Fabiola Torres, Never Have I Ever, Netflix, 3 Arts Entertainment, Kaling International, Original Langster, Universal Television, Lee Rodriguez

Fabiola Torres

“You kissed Ben Gross? On top of you moving to India? Wait, what’s happening? Well, India is at the cutting edge of robotics. My robot, Gears Brosnan, has friends in Mumbai, so we’d come visit you. Dani, we’re gonna miss you so much. Pros and cons list.”

“Paxton. Paxton! Ben is an obnoxious hobbit who has tortured you for countless years. Paxton is a mixed-race hottie who got scouted to model while in the audience at The Price is Right. Uh, is that heroic to drive slowly from the Valley to the Westside? My dad does it every day for work. No, that’s a myth. Exactly. Yay! She chose Paxton! Yeah. What’s a Villanelle? What’s a Bebe Rexha? Oh! Is that a robot like BB-8?”

“Where he’s arranged more petals in a giant heart in his California king bed. Yeah, he was wearing gray sweatpants the other day at drop off. My mom rear-ended a bus. Yeah, and Ben’s penis seems more normal. Hey. Sure. Yeah. I watch that show. The ‘L’ stand for lesbian.”

“There is an old one? How many hours is that? What? You definitely have to choose. I mean… …what’s the alternative? Date two guys until you move to India? Definitely not.”

Eleanor Wong, Never Have I Ever, Netflix, 3 Arts Entertainment, Kaling International, Original Langster, Universal Television, Ramona Young
Eleanor Wong, Never Have I Ever, Netflix, 3 Arts Entertainment, Kaling International, Original Langster, Universal Television, Ramona Young

Eleanor Wong

“Paxton asked you out? This is insane. Me too. I heard you can make a great living in Bollywood movies playing the evil American. Pros and cons list.”

“Paxton. Paxton! If I could have a smoke show like Paxton, Oliver would be kicked to the curb. Yeah, fine. But there will be a billion cocky nerds like Ben at Princeton. This is your one chance to hook up with a Paxton, and when you’re old and on your deathbed, whose naked body do you want to be picturing? Yes! Uh, the question is, ‘Who is Villanelle?’ And the answer is the iconic anti-hero of Killing Eve who slays both people and amazing fashion looks. Oh, honey.”

“You dropped your maxi pads!”

“No candlelit dinner? No rose petals in a little trail leading to the bedroom door? Ugh! Maybe it’s for the best. His penis is too big. Mm.”

“Ooh! The L Word. Are you watching the new one or the old one? What? So you’re gonna break up with Paxton? If they found out, they’d be so pissed. I mean, you’ll be in India, so you’ll kinda be off the hook but… no.”

Nalina Vishwakumar, Never Have I Ever, Netflix, 3 Arts Entertainment, Kaling International, Original Langster, Universal Television, Poorna Jagannathan

Nalina Vishwakumar

“Are you kissing? Your father’s ashes have barely begun to drift out to sea. Get out of this car. It’s always the short ones. ‘Bye.’ Kazhudai. ‘Bye. Bye.’ I mean, what disgraceful behavior, Devi! What are you gonna do at my funeral? Just have sex on top of my grave. I pray it’s a closed casket. Okay, fine. I’m just gonna let it slide. I’ve done crazy things when I’m emotional too. I once hugged a man at Circuit City when I found out a damaged printer was 80% off.”

“Ugh! This Trader Joe’s puttanesca keeps falling out. They do. If I can bribe an uncle with a box of Thai Lime & Chili cashews, maybe we can get a good deal on a condo for the two of us. Kamala, inga vaadi. Just need some help. Oh, because now you kiss boys in overpriced SUVs? Yeah, there’ll be no more of that. Listen, Devi, I know this is not what you want, but I just need more family around us. So can you please just give this a chance? Over my dead body. So, I have a very exciting day today. I’m gonna meet with this other dermatologist in my building. I’m gonna try and sell him my patient roster for a vastly inflated price. Who needs all that flash? I think people prefer no-frills, immigrant values when it comes to their dermatologist.”

“Ugh! What rubbish is this? What kind of doctor sells pumpkin spice body butter? Dr. Jackson. Wow! Is Wolverine your patient? Dr. Jackson, as you know, I am moving my family back to India and– hilarious joke. Anyway, I have an enviable client roster, and well, they can all be yours for no less than $100,000. Wait, wait, you must have not heard me. My entire roster of loyal patients isn’t attractive to you? Okay, look. Even though our priorities are very different, and your office looks like Caesars Palace, I would feel better leaving, knowing they’re being cared for by someone who is… good at their job. She’d rather go back to working at Jamba Juice. Let’s go. Take the samples, the lip balm. There’s eye cream there. Make-up bag, whatever you can stuff in your pockets.”

“Guess what? Due to my negotiating savvy, I was able to sell my patient roster to Dr. Jackson for a king’s ransom. Here are your stupid samples. They’re not that great. So, how was your useless trash picking day? I love that I pay taxes to send you to school to do another thing I pay taxes for. You better not be kissing any more boys. Because they are all off limits.”

Paxton Hall-Yoshida, Never Have I Ever, Netflix, 3 Arts Entertainment, Kaling International, Original Langster, Universal Television, Darren Barnet

Paxton Hall-Yoshida

“No. I was, uh, just chilling. No. Well, yeah, I was waiting because I had nothing better to do. And then I got hungry, so I ordered some Chinese food, but I mean, I… I honestly, was just about to leave. So, like, what’s up? No shit. That’s intense. Yeah, I guess I just wanted to say I feel really bad for being such a dick to you. No, no. The kiss was fine. It was good. I was just being dumb, and… I’m sorry. So would you maybe want to, like, come over for dinner tomorrow night? Yeah. How do you normally eat dinner with people? All right. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow, Vishwakumar.”

“Yeah, my weekend was tight.”

“Hey, you look nice. Grab a seat, Lil’ D. Dude, shut up! Oh, shit. Now we got four for Call of Duty. Fire it up. Oh no, little buddy. Marcus and I gotta be on the same team. We’re magic together.”

“Hey. Well, I was actually looking for you. Can I talk to you for a sec? Why didn’t you pick me to be your partner? I thought we had like something going on. Yeah, I do. Why would I take you on a date if I didn’t like you? My friends are always on my dates. They leave when it’s time to hook up. Like, last night we could have hooked up, but then Trent barfed, and you left. Okay, you’re right. The barfing wasn’t ideal, but I didn’t realize you wanted it to be like a one-on-one thing. Fine. Okay. I… I will take you on a real date. You’re moving to India? Like, forever? We’ll have to make this time count.”

Ben Gross, Never Have I Ever, Netflix, 3 Arts Entertainment, Kaling International, Original Langster, Universal Television, Jaren Lewison

Ben Gross

“I’m sorry, Dr. Vishwakumar, and, uh, my condolences?”

“My weekend was pretty great.”

“Hmm. Well, I’m not your neighbor, so are you planning to kill me or… so we should talk about what happened. It wasn’t. Because of Shira. It’s not okay to be unfaithful to someone like that. She deserves more. I mean, she was the person who gave me my first handy, which is why I broke up with her today. Big time. Even though her boobs are the biggest rack of natties out of anyone in our entire grade, it wasn’t real. What you and I have is. Do you know that last night I stood up to my parents for the first time in my life? Now we’re gonna have dinner together once a week. Because of you. That’s why I want you to be my girlfriend, Devi. I… I know you’re moving to India but I’m cool with long distance. My dad has access to a PJ. A private jet. You don’t have to say anything right now, but… Devi, I’m all-in.”

“Yeah, but he was talking about Walden Pond. This is a field full of trash in Pacoima. Deal, but just don’t slow me down. I’m trying to fill ten bags by lunch so I can be interviewed by the local paper. Is this a headshot? Wow, LA trash is depressing. Oh. Yeah? Okay. That’s awesome. An AVN award? For MILF performer of the year. That’s bleak.”


“Is that why our printer’s so bad?”

“Wow. You’re taking so many snacks to India. You’ll be the hero of the family. And he drives a Maybach. It would be ostentatious on anyone else, but somehow he drives it with a quiet humility. I have an exciting day as well. Today I start my new PhD rotation for, get this, Dr. Elgin Peters’ lab. He’s basically the LeBron of stem cell research. He’s the reason I went to Caltech. His work on gallbladder cells is breathtaking. Thank you, Devi.”

“Just trying to talk to Dr. Peters. I was really looking forward to working with him. Oh, it’s Kamala. Nice to meet you. That’s not true. You’re not gross. Okay. Oh, uh… sure. Move. Right, you’re visiting. That’ll be cool. I’m sorry. I am excited to see you, Prashant. I had the first day of my new rotation, and it didn’t go great. I didn’t even really get to talk to him. I had to spend most of the day cleaning beakers for a bunch of nerdy scientists who barely talked to me. Thank you, Prashant. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Oh and I already booked us Jimmy Kimmel tickets. I, too, love Guillermo.”

John McEnroe, Never Have I Ever, Netflix, 3 Arts Entertainment, Kaling International, Original Langster, Universal Television

John McEnroe

“Holy shit is right, Devi. Ever since their steamy kiss in his car, he’d been icing her out. As a former teen jock myself, I was not surprised by this behavior. My advice to Devi, don’t let this voicemail get your hopes up. Just give up on Paxton. Set up your sights on someone more attainable, like that kid Ben you were just mouth kissing, or that boy in math class who’s allergic to the sun.”

“Oh my God! Screw the allergy kid. That’s Paxton! This is the longest Paxton Hall-Yoshida has ever spoken. Wait! Is he nervous? Was it the greatest apology? No. He mostly looked at his shoes, and the vocabulary was limited, but when it comes out of that beautiful mouth, it’s friggin’ Shakespeare. Whoa! Did Devi just french Ben at the beach and get asked on a date by Paxton? Did hell freeze over in the last hour? How is it possible that this formally uneffable nerd has two boys that are into her? Devi lay in her bed pondering these two grand romantic gestures. Ben had broken the law, stolen his dad’s car, and risked his life to say goodbye to her dad, but Paxton had left her a voicemail. A voicemail! We’re talking about a boy who usually texts the letter ‘K.’ And since Zoomers rarely call anyone on the phone, checking Paxton’s voicemail led her to find another one she had forgotten about.”

“Nalini was still set on moving to India at the end of the month, but first, she needed to go there so set things up and kiss up to her family. And while Devi wasn’t thrilled about the move, she felt close to her mom for the first time in a while and didn’t want to mess that up.”

“As Devi entered Facing History, she was also facing love triangle. What an embarrassment of riches! I know what you kids are thinking. This is just like the time in 1979 when I won the US Open Doubles title and later that same week, the Men’s Singles title. Wow! Look at that gorgeous hair. Anyway, she was on a hot streak. She probably would have felt guilty if it weren’t so exciting.”

“They’re talking about you, Devi. Be cool. Nope.”

“Devi didn’t know how she could make this decision. She really liked both Ben and Paxton, and each one had so much going on for them. On one hand, Ben– Fabiola was on a text chain with her girlfriend, Eve, and all of Eve’s queer friends. She didn’t always get their references because she knew almost nothing of pop culture.”

“Later that day, Devi had to do something she had never done before in her life, break someone’s heart. So she came armed with something she hoped would offset the bad news.”

“Ugh! She was kissing him again! Devi, what are you doing? This was the worst breakup ever. Even though she felt guilty about Ben, Devi had to follow through on her date with Paxton. I mean, it was Paxton. She had been in love with him since the third grade when his family moved from Bakersfield. And even though he never knew she existed… …her crush on him had lasted the test of time.”

“The last time Devi had gone over to Paxton’s house like this, it was for no-strings-attached sex, but tonight was a real date between two people who are actually dating. If there was sex, there’d be strings. He really did. No flip-flops. No pit stains. A shirt with actual buttons. This date was going to be awesome. And that is exactly how Devi was starting to feel about this date.”

“The next morning, Devi was recounting the excruciating details of her non-date with Paxton and his friends. If it wasn’t obvious to you before, these two girls are both virgins.”

“Good work, Fab. You really sound like a hip, young, gay woman.”

“And that was it. That was all Devi needed to hear. A way out of her predicament that required no introspection or mature decision-making, two things Devi hated. But it was too late. Devi knew what she was going to do.”

Mr. Shapiro

“Salutations, my protégés. How were your weekends? I spent mine in Little Ethiopia refreshing my collection of dashikis. Ah, yes. Antyeshti, the last samskara in a series of life cycle events in the Hindu tradition. I would’ve loved to have joined. Perhaps. I wanna remind everybody that our annual community service day is tomorrow, and we are going to be removing trash from a park in Pacoima, but the real cleansing will be to… our own consciences.”

“Henry David Thoreau once said, ‘I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.’ That’s right, Trent. Contraception is cool. It’s what allowed women to join the workforce. This right here if freedom. All righty. Everybody partner up.”

Trent Harrison

“Oh, I know that park. I love littering there.”

“‘Sup, Coyote Girl? Whoops! Did I just hit you in the boob? Whoa. I just hit your mountains with my Dew. Nah, bro, pizza’s on its way. We got triple sausage ’cause we’re three guys. Wait, so I have to be on the same team as Denise? Whatever. This is a huge waste of time.”

“Aw, cool! A condom!”


“You hit her cans with your can. Thanks for taking the time to make me feel special tonight.”

Paxton voicemail

“Hey, I’m in your neighborhood. Thought maybe we can hang out but, uh, it seems like you’re busy. So, uh… anyway, you can give me a call or text or whatever. Okay.”

Mohan voicemail

“Hi, it’s dad. I’m… I’m here at the mall to pick you up. I’m parked in front of P.F. Chang’s, but a brute security guard is making me circle around. Uh, oh, wait, I see you. Ah! There’s my perfect girl.”

Dr. Jackson

“It’s actually very helpful. Hello, Dr. Vishwakumar. How can I help you today? Oh, Hugh? His family stays at my place in Tahoe. I always forget he’s a celebrity. He’s just so down-to-earth. Oh, is… is that why you’re leaving? I assumed you lost your medical license for negligence. Now, you’re the hilarious one. Thank you for stopping by. Take some SPF lip balm on your way out. I don’t need your patients. I’m very successful. Netflix wants me for a docu-series called Field of Derms. James Earl Jones is the host. I’ll give you ten grand. Oh, and, Tracey, we’re always looking for experienced RNs.”

Dr. Jackson customer

“Hi. We’re here to see Dr. Jackson.”

Dr. Jackson Clerical


Malina employee

“Ooh, you should do it. I would watch it.”


“Oh. Hi, Devi. Is Kamala around? Is that the question? Uh, zero? I’m sure you are. Thank you, Devi. Hey, so I was brainstorming things we could do when I visit you in a couple weeks. What do you think about going to see Jimmy Kimmel? I just love Guillermo. Okay, that feels like the same level of excitement you’d reserve for someone you, uh… what’s the word? Uh, detest? But Dr. Peters is the LeBron of stem cell research. What happened? First days are always weird. I’m sure it will get better once you all get to know each other. Besides, how can anyone not like you?”

Dr. Peters

“Anyway, as I was saying, I may have been the one to accept the award, but Nobels are not won alone. They are won as a team, and so I just wanted to say thank you for being my team. And just imagine, the research we are doing today may one day lead to a world without gallstones.”

Evan Safstrom

“Uhp-uhp-uhp, Speed Racer, where are you going? Yeah, unfortunately, a scientific rock star like Dr. Peters needs to return to work. I’m his head research assistant, right-hand man, Evan Safstrom. I’ll be your mentor/hero. He’s busy., so you’re mostly gonna be dealing with me. Okay, let’s meet the other people in the lab. Okay, we got Vivek, Marshall, Kachik, Edvard, Emilio. There’s Setseg, and there’s Wally, the walrus. Guys, go. Say hi to the newbie, Kamaa-la. Camel-a. Got it. You probably have, like, a really handsome boyfriend, huh? Sorry, you have to work with a bunch of gross nerds like us. Oh. Oh God. All right. Everybody, come on. Back to work. Kamala, can you hang back a second? Would you mind washing those beakers there? They look a little… meh! Cool. Thanks for being such a team player. See you around.”



Tv Show

“Making love to Donna awakened something in me.”


“Hey, babe. A bunch of us were thinking about going to an L Word trivia night tomorrow. Do you want to come?”

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