David Haller, FX Networks, FOX Broadcasting, Legion, Dan Stevens

Cerebral Complexion

FX Networks‘ X-Men universe drama Legion drops its first season finale Wednesday.

#Legion season 2 has been confirmed.

Rottentomatoes: 90%

Metacritic: 82

IMDb: 8.8


David Haller, FX Networks, FOX Broadcasting, Legion, Dan StevensDavid Haller

David Haller is a telepathic, telekinetic omega-tier mutant, son of professor Charles Xavier and Gabriel Haller, and mental-health patient suffering from dis-associative identity or multiple personality disorder otherwise known as schizophrenia.

David Haller, FX Networks, FOX Broadcasting, Legion, Dan StevensDavid Haller, X-Men comics, Marvel Entertainment

David Haller, FX Networks, FOX Broadcasting, Legion, X-Men comics, Marvel Entertainment, Dan StevensDavid Haller, FX Networks, FOX Broadcasting, Legion, X-Men comics, Marvel Entertainment, Dan Stevens
Quote1There’s um… you can’t give me that.  Yeah, they clear out the furniture.  We get a DJ.  No.  We do get better drugs, though.  No.  It’s just Thursday.  My 260th Thursday as a passenger on the cruise ship mental health.  On the plus side, I have mastered the art of eating with a spoon, so…Quote2 — David Haller

Quote1When can I come home?  I tell them I’m sane.  They think I’m crazy, and if I say, ‘You know what?  You’re right, I am crazy,’ then they up my dosage, so…Quote2 — David Haller

“How is it?  Something new needs to happen soon.” — David Haller

“Give me your twizzlers.” — David Haller

“Oh, shit.  Sorry, sorry.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry, I just– you know, I just wondered if you wanted a… twizzler.” — David Haller

Quote1Whoa, whoa, whoa.  I’m fine.  I’m fine.  I’m calm.  I just had a bad dream, and– Guys, violence is not necessary.  Needles are not necessary.Quote2 — David Haller

Quote1I mean, it’s just… It’s fine.  Whatever.  ‘Cause, I mean, look at me.  I-I know what I am.  Well, you know.  The–what happened.  What I–what I did to, uh… to Dr. Poole.  But that’s not– This… you know, I… I saw things.Quote2 — David Haller

“You know, just so I’m clear, are you Einstein or Picasso in this scenario?” — David Haller

“Well, that’s sad.  Do you want to be my girlfriend?  Okay.  Yeah.” — David Haller

“I basically live on cherry pie.  It’s incredible.  Why?  I mean, this has, like, pretty much everything you need.  It has, like, crust and cherries.” — David Haller

“This is your spot, huh?  That’s charming.  Keep calm.  I’m not gonna touch you.  Just hold still and look out the window.” — David Haller

Quote1She didn’t disappear.  I told you, they–they took her.  Yes.  Talk to the hospital.  They’ve got records.  Yes, but my condition has nothing to do with that.  I didn’t make her up.  She’s a real girl–a woman.  Call the hospital, they’ve got records.Quote2 — David Haller

“Okay.  Uh, yes, sure, fine.  Then…well, how do you explain what happened to Lenny?  Or all of them?  Talk to Dr. Kissinger.  He knows.  Yes.” — David Haller

Quote1Hmm?  No.  Hmm?  No.  I mean, we don’t have to.  Just… Uh, well, I had a hard time after college.  After I got expelled.  I wasn’t thinking straight.  The–the voices and not sleeping and I was angry all the… And then… Philly left.Quote2 — David Haller

Quote1And I decided, you know, what was the point.  You know, when a plate breaks, you don’t fix it.  You just get another plate.  So I tied a knot.Quote2 — David Haller

“No, no.  No, they tried to stop me.  They didn’t like it.  Better.” — David Haller

Quote1I did, at one point, but they helped with that, the drugs and– is that why I’m here?  Is that what this is?  I–you think I did this, that I killed her with my mind?Quote2 — David Haller

Quote1Look, I don’t know, okay?  It’s–it’s fuzzy.  It’s…Quote2 — David Haller

“Jesus.  What are you doing?  Can you be in here?  All right.  What?  Good.  That’s good.” — David Haller

“Well, she was–you know, it’s a– it’s a mental hospital.  People have issues.  I mean, that’s what I thought then.  Now–  Can we–can we take a break?  Please, I just– without the meds, it’s really hard to keep things straight.” — David Haller

“Could I be alone?” — David Haller

“I don’t want to talk about it, okay?  God!” — David Haller

Quote1What?  Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.  What–what’s that for?  What things?  Stop.  Look, just…  I want a lawyer, okay?  I was willing to cooperate before, but now I’m tired.  I’m just so–just–Quote2 — David Haller

“You’re afraid of me.” — David Haller

“Okay.  I said I looked in the mirror and I was her.  Sydney.  No, she… somehow, we… she took my place, and I took hers when we kissed.  I guess, but it wasn’t me.  I didn’t–it was–it was her power, I think.  I mean, I guess that’s why she didn’t want–  Look, I know, okay?  But you asked.  Look, forget it.  I-I don’t need this.  Look, I have been more than…  But now I really want to get out of here.” — David Haller

“Wait.  You were there.  Yes.  You were the man in the car at the hospital.  Well, you don’t have to be a dick about it, and, yes, it was you.  No.  No, no, no, no.  You’re–you’re lying.  You’re trying to confuse me, and–no.  No.” — David Haller

“They sent me home, then I realized– I mean, the apartment’s gone.  So… Just for a few days?” — David Haller

“You guys have any waffles?” — David Haller

Quote1I’m insane, you idiot.  This is my delusion.  It’s not real.  What girl?  No, you took her at the hospital.  You were there.Quote2 — David Haller

“She was gone.  I went looking for her.  She was gone.” — David Haller

“Yeah, I’m… looking for a patient.  Sydney Barrett.  No, I’m her father.  Max.  What?  Well, how– How can you have no record of her?  She was–Syd Barrett–I–well, how– I visited her.” — David Haller

“It wasn’t you, at the hospital.  It wasn’t you.” — David Haller

Quote1Who are you people?  I think you’re about to find out.Quote2 — David Haller

“Wait, wait.  I need–stop.  Please, Sydney, I have to know.  Is–is this… Is this real?  Hmm?  I mean, what if we’re back at the hospital?  What if none of this ever happened and we’re–please, I have to know.  Are you real?  Okay.  I-I love you.” — David Haller

Quote1Are you talking to me?  I talk to myself sometimes, too.  Well, not myself.  The–the voices.  You’re supposed to ignore them, but sometimes– No.  Just–  Wait, I thought– I thought your name was Cary.  So you’re talking to Cary, just not the Cary that happens to be yourself?  Thank you.Quote2 — David Haller

Quote1Nothing.  Nothing.  I– We were high, okay?  I-I see things, okay?  It’s not real.  It’s my brain.Quote2 — David Haller

Quote1Uh, well… Andromeda… Cassiopeia… Bootes, Canis Major, Lupus, uh… Telescopium.  In the sky.  My dad was, uh… My father was a– He… studied the, uh– the stars.  Yes.  And he used to… wake me up in the–the middle of the–and, uh… we’d drive out in his truck to, uh, the…  And I’d–I’d look up at the lights in the sky, and… They’d talk to me.  Which was– And I thought they talked to everybody.  And I told my dad, and he said– at first he said, ‘They talk to me, too,’ but he meant it like a… metaphor.Quote2 — David Haller

Quote1It’s all an illusion.  I see that now.  Why’d I fight so hard?Quote2 — David Haller

Quote1It’s just a room by a beach.  I made it.  They’re signals, that’s all.  What you see, what you hear.  Impulses sent from nerve endings.  Electricity in the brain.  Real, fake.  It’s all the same.Quote2 — David Haller

“Me?  No, I’m manic depression.  Sad, happy.  Sad, happy.  Just more so.  Remember?  All the stories, awake for 72 hours straight, the frantic alphabetizing and then I tied a knot.” — David Haller

Quote1No, he’s up there.  The monster.  He tricked us into giving up control.  Tricked you.  I’m you.  Your rational mind.  You’re having a breakdown– a stress response.  Your power is kicking in to save you. It created me.  You did.  Like I said, I’m your rational mind.  Yes.  To help you find a way out of here, before this thing takes control of our body forever.  Right.Quote2 — David Haller

“Wha–ah– And you’re British?  And I created you?  Okay.  Well, ha… look around, pal.  We’re in a locked coffin, underground.  There is now way out.” — David Haller

Contemplative, discerning, farsighted, with a vivid imagination David Haller is a Rational.

Syd Barrett, FX Networks, FOX Broadcasting, Legion, Rachel KellerSydney Barrett

“Watch it.” — Syd Barrett

“Too close, too close.  Too close, too close.” — Syd Barrett

“It means that you’re in here because somebody said you’re not normal.  Like normal is this suit we’re all supposed to…  But you know who else wasn’t normal?  Picasso, Einstein.” — Syd Barrett

“Whatever.  All I’m saying is, what if your problems aren’t in your head?  What if they aren’t even problems?  No, I’m good.” — Syd Barrett

“You know those cartoons in, like, magazines?  There’s a man on an island with, like, maybe a single palm tree.  People say ‘Go to your happy place,’ and that’s what I think about.  That’s sad?  You’re in a mental hospital.” — Syd Barrett

“All I’m saying is… that thing they tell us is crazy, how I don’t want to be handled, or you see stuff and hear, whatever, voices.  That’s what makes you you.” — Syd Barrett

“Okay.  But don’t touch me.” — Syd Barrett

“Yeah?  Okay.  Find me at dinner.” — Syd Barrett

“No cherries.  I don’t like orange-flavored things, and I don’t like cherry-flavored things.” — Syd Barrett

“I see you.” — Syd Barrett

“After the sun goes down, when the light is right, if you… Kind of unfocus your eyes.  Like this, see?  Shut up.  Now you.  And then look back out.  You see how the hospital disappears?  You can see yourself down there.  Like you’re in here… Watching yourself outside.  What are you doing?” — Syd Barrett

“Shh…  Don’t be a pussy.  Lie back.  No, I’ll be on top.  I’m getting out tomorrow.  Kissinger says I’m clean.  So I get to go home.  You got to get better, okay?  So you can come home too.” — Syd Barrett

“David, don’t.  All right?  I’m sorry.  You can’t touch my skin.  This is Ptonomy, and that’s Kerry.  We got to go.  Melanie’s waiting.” — Syd Barrett

“I’m real. This is real, okay?  I’m here.  I came back for you.  I love you.  Okay?  You gonna say it too?” — Syd Barrett

“Miss Bird… this is David.” — Syd Barrett

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