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Money Heist

Netflix original series La Casa De Papel dropped its 4th season Friday April 3, 2020.

#LCDP4is outpacing Tiger King in viewership (65m).

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imdb: 8.5

Tokyo, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Úrsula CorberóTokyo, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Úrsula CorberóTokyo

Tokyo and her associates knock over the Banco de España outside of Madrid, Spain.


Tokyo, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Úrsula Corberó“Everything can go to hell in less than a second.  In moments like this, you feel death creeping in, and you know nothing will ever be the same.  But you need to do whatever it takes to survive.  Nairobi, hold on!  Hang in there!  Hang in there, Nairobi.  It’s gonna be okay.  Everyone has a sniper aiming at their heart.  But the true terror arrives when that bullet doesn’t hit you… but takes out someone you love.  Almost done.  The professor was feeling that terror the most.  Two words that should never go together collided in his heart:’love and ‘death.’  That made him freeze up.  As he ran through the woods… he couldn’t stop thinking, ‘they’ve killed the woman I love.’  But Lisbon was there.  She wasn’t gone.  The shots of her fake execution had sounded real enough to the Professor.  Out mastermind was losing his head like never before.  And along with him, we were losing ours.  We need two units of blood and saline.” — Tokyo

“In the tent, Tamayo felt the same way I did.  Horror from being face to face with death.  A dry mouth with the taste of metal.  Shortness of breath, anxiety, and lots of pain.  But as long as the game was on, we all had to keep standing.  It’s in the lower part of the lung.  My love, that’s good news.  Okay.  I’m going.  Surgical kit six.  Her air is between the lungs and chest wall.  I got it.  That’s it.” — Tokyo

“So where’s the surgeon?  She decides.  That’s final.  If Nairobi says she’s leaving, I’m walking her to the door.  And you, you piece of shit, you’re gonna shut your mouth because from now on, you’re no longer my boss.  Go fuck yourself.  Nairobi’s leaving.” — Tokyo

“It’s totally fine.  So you know, when someone is in my bed, I get really horny.  You don’t care, do you?  You and I getting rid of our stress.  Rubbing our clams together.  Because it was his idea?  And he’s the genius.  Don;t put ideas in my head, huh.  Don’t put ideas in my head.  I’m going to bed.  Good evening.  I’m gonna talk with the professor.  Don’t wait up!  Professor, I wanna take charge… of the heist.  I’ll be better than Palermo.  The morning?  No, now.  Why does he have to be in charge?  So?  I can learn the plan.  I’m a quick learner.  ‘Platero is a small, soft, hairy donkey.  So soft, one would say he’s made of cotton with no bones.’  Platero and I by Juan Ramón Jiménez.  What’s wrong?  Are you horny?  Oh, yeah?  You don’t seem very imaginative.  Oh, wow!  Is that right?  Oh!  Do you want me to stay?  And you?  Because I’m proposing a threesome.  Palermo, you and me.  He handles the numbers and the calculations.  You handle our strategy, but I’m the best fucking captain you can have in there.  Because when things start getting fucked up, I react.  That’s not something you learn by studying.  You’re born with it.” — Tokyo

“Gentlemen, I’m assuming command.  Let’s operate.  That half hour was our darkest time.  In 30 minutes, the police covered lots of ground shooting at the trees.  They kept us isolated and desperate.  And the Professor, inside the drinking trough, was thinking about those 30 minutes and how if he could’ve made this call half an hour earlier… …Lisbon would be alive.” — Tokyo

“Try to be clear and very concise with your instructions.  Okay?  Good.  How many units of blood do we need?  Denver, how many do we have?  Go get more.  O negative and A negative.  Draw blood for three operations, and ask if anyone’s a doctor.  Bogotá, downstairs.  It’s our only way out of here.  Keep melting gold.  No one trusts you anymore.  Hasta luego.  Go ahead, doctor.  Scalpel.  Bring the camera closer.  So what’s next.  Go get me the rib spreader.” — Tokyo

“Like people with no sense of rhythm who can’t dance, the Professor just sat at the table, and he asked himself, what weighs more?  Love or death?” — Tokyo

“Even though we were all in pain, we couldn’t lose sight of one fact: our lives depended on what was happening 48 meters below the ground.  The plan had a very simple rule: either we got the gold out, or we were all dead.  No matter what was going on above, the gold had to be taken out.  No matter what was going on above, the gold had to be taken out.” — Tokyo

“Yes.  Understood.  Understood.  What’s a lingula?  What happened?  What happened?  What?  What do we do?  No, no, no, no.  Fuck!” — Tokyo

Nairobi, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Alba Flores

Nairobi, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Alba Flores


“You have to get me out of here.  I’d rather be in jail, alive.  I don’t wanna die in here.  Tokyo… just give me up to the police, please.  Please.  Get me out.” — Nairobi

“You’re not putting me to sleep!  Tokyo! Tokyo… tell him it’s my life, and I decide.  Please!  Tokyo, please.  Please.  Denver… I swear on my son… I won’t tell them anything.  You’re gonna have to cut me open… and take the bullet out.  Maybe… cut out part of my lung.  And all that without me bleeding to death.  You’re gonna kill me!  You’re gonna kill me.  Helsinki… it’s too complicated.  Helsinki, it’s too complicated.  Take me to the door.  Take me… take me to the door!  Take me to the door!  Thank you.  No!  No!  I don’t want to!  No!  No, no, no, no!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No!  No, no, no, no!” — Nairobi

“Can someone please explain to me why the fuck Palermo… is leading this?  He’s the genius?  The same guy that was fondling his balls in the hallway like a fucking creep?  Oh, come on!  You know who should be in charge of this?  You!  Yeah, you.” — Nairobi

Helsinki, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Darko PericHelsinki, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Darko PericHelsinki

“Come on!  Let’s go!  Hurry up!  Saline, Rio.  Nairobi.  Stay strong.  I’m here.  It’s right here, the bullet.  Behind the seventh rib.  She can’t breathe.  It’s a pneumothorax.  Tokyo.  Surgical kit six.  Tokyo!  You don’t give me orders.  You’re not my boss.  You let her get the phone.  You’re supposed to protect us.  She can make mistakes, but you can’t!  Palermo is right.  Stay calm.  Stay calm.  Stay calm.  It’s gonna be okay.  It’s gonna be okay.  Shh.” — Helsinki

Stockholm, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Esther AceboStockholm

“Pulse:155 and rising.  Blood pressure: 85/40.  It’s dropping. Blood’s at 30 degrees.  Ready for transfusion.  Make a puncture.  Hurry, Helsinki!” — Stockholm

“I’ll get ’em.  Are you all fucking crazy or what?” — Stockholm

“Forgive us, professor, uh, we just had an argument tonight.  I’m going to sleep with Tokyo.  Is this okay with you, Tokyo?  Do you mind that I’m sleeping here?  Uh, I don’t care about what?  I knew that was a joke.  I think so too.  If there’s anyone who cares about the heist going well, it’s you.  Are you gonna make us check your medical records, or what?” — Stockholm

“He’s not… he’s not A negative.  Arturo is A positive.  Arturo, what have you done?  What have you done?  What if I didn’t check these?  This could have killed Nairobi.  What the fuck, Denver?  What are you doing?  Maybe he was actually confused.  Fuck.  Help him, for Christ’s sake!  You can’t go around punching people like that.  Jesus!  It’s enough that they’re already trapped in here.  Denver, nothing happened.  Just let it go.  Let it go.  He tricked me.  He said he was his father.  He was emotional.  I pushed him away in a second with the gun, Denver.  Listen to me.  I defended myself, Denver.  Stop!  Please stop!  Stop!  You’re gonna kill him!  Stop!  You’re gonna kill him!  Stop!  Stop!  What the fuck is this?  What the fuck do you have inside of you?  So much rage.  So much violence.  You shot a hostage.  And now you beat him up.  Like a maniac.  I can’t do this.  I don’t know what your trauma is.  I don’t know what your trauma is or where it comes from, but… I can’t, Denver.  I can’t, and I don’t want to.  I don’t want to.  I don’t want my son… to feel that irrational violence you carry inside of you.  I don’t want that.” — Stockholm

Bogotá, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Hovik Keuchkerian


“She’s choking.  What do you know about operations, you idiot?  Nairobi needs a surgeon.  What do you mean ‘other?'” — Bogotá

“A welder, a gay, a mute, and even a librarian.  The fun never stops.  Gotta love Italians.  Come on!  Everybody sing!  Come on!” — Bogotá

Río, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Miguel HerránRío

“I’m trying to make contact, but they have to allow access.  That’s what you think, but when they start torturing you, it changes.  I don’t think so.  Separate the ribs?  Are you kidding?  Is this it?  How are we gonna cut part of her lung?  Hey, hey, hey.  You’ve gotta be kidding!  There’s no return signal.  Oh, fuck!  We can’t reach the doctor!  It’s down!” — Río

Denver, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Jaime LorenteDenver

“Tokyo, lower the fucking pistol.  If Nairobi talks, they’ll kill us all.  We’re doing the operation in here.” — Denver

“Three units.  Those with blood type O negative and A negative, put your hands up.  Paquita.  You were a nurse, weren’t you?  Then follow me.  Everyone who raised their hands come with me now.  Who do you care who the blood’s for?  Well, now you know who it’s for.  So let’s stay quiet.  What?  For what?  What are you doing, you moron?  It’s fine, Paquita.  That’s enough.  That’s enough.  Thank you.  Listen, you motherfucker.  Shut up, and don’t fuck with me, or I’ll beat the teeth out of your face.  Oh, okay.  So you’re confused now.  Is that it?  What do you mean?  Get up.  You’re okay.  Get up!  Now it’s over.  He’s okay.  It’s over.  I’m sorry.  Why?  Why?  What bathroom?  What bathroom?  What is he talking about?  You jumped?  He jumped for what?  You were gonna meet this piece of shit to show him our son?  Yeah, but what did he jump for?  I don’t understand this.  Shut up!  Is this true?  This dumb motherfucker rubbed himself against you with a hard-on?  So it is true.” — Denver

El Profesor, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Álvaro MorteEl Profesor

“Once Rio’s been released, we’ll begin phase three of the plan… resistance.  No one can get out of the Bank of Spain alive.  It’s impossible.  But I will get you out of there.  Once we have begun phase three, the only thing that matters is the gold, and our only goal is… to melt it.  Because the gold is our only key.  If we don’t get the hold, I can’t get you out of there.  The police… will strike back at s with everything, but no matter what… whatever happens, whatever it is they do, we need to be able to keep… control.  Otherwise, all our lives will be in danger.” — El Profesor

“Did we kill any police?  WE fired an antitank at them.  They’re not going to give us a surgeon.  How much time do I have?  Raquel, don’t let them get you alone.  Tell them I surrender.  Raquel!  Get out of there!  Get out of there!  Just get out!  I’m gonna try.  Ssh.  Easy now.  Easy.  Easy.  Good little bull.  Good little bull.  Easy.  Easy.  Easy.” — El Profesor

“Tokyo, can we talk about it in the morning?  Let’s see, Tokyo.  He… is in charge because this heist has been in development for a long time, and… he’s been on it since the beginning.  He has the plan in his head.  We know.  Please!  For God’s sake… why are we talking about this?” — El Profesor

“It’s time to begin phase two of Hamelin.  Did you order her execution.  Listen to me, Sierra.  Before we get out of the Bank of Spain, I will burn you to the ground.  I’m going to fix my mistakes, and now I’m giving you the chance to do the same.  Nairobi… I’m not going to leave Nairobi in the hands of the one who tried to kill her.  You’ll face the consequences.  I accept the truce.  But listen to me.  Nairobi is going to survive… with or without your help.” — El Profesor

“By following Plan Hamelin.  Marseille will play on his flute, and all of the mice will start to chase him.  Exactly.  We’re going to leave false tracks, but… we’ll make it believable by supporting it with evidence.  And the trees where we were hiding will be empty.  Won’t it be the greatest reunion of your entire life?” — El Profesor

“Should anyone get injured, we’ll be more than ready to save their life.  We’ll learn the protocols for the most common cases of gunshot wounds.  And in the military truck with all the equipment we need for the heist, we’ll include medical equipment in case any type of surgery is necessary.  Dr. Ahmed will be the brains, but he’ll be 7,000 kilometers away, so you will be his hands.  It won’t be easy.  You can’t hesitate.  You can’t fail.  Because it’s not gonna be a dead pig on the table.  It’ll be one of you.  Marseille?  And the bull?  Help me get up.  My body’s numb.  That bull.  Step back really slowly, Marseille.  Don’t stop staring him in the eye.  Backwards.  San Fermín?” — El Profesor

“And I’m not– I am not a librarian.  Please limit yourself to calling me Sergio.  Does she know your sick?  It doesn’t matter, Marseille.  Just keep driving.” — El Profesor

“What?  Marseille, are you trying to create a metaphor or something between your dead dog and my wife?  So you two were also in love, and was she executed in front of you?  What happened to Pamuk?  I’m sorry.  Marseille, can you stop for a moment?  I need to… urinate.  Mmm-hm.” — El Profesor

Lisbon, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Itziar ItuñoLisbon

“I don’t know if you noticed, but you’re ruining an intimate moment.  Hmm?  I was.  I was, yeah.  Hm-mmm.  You might be a little shocked.  Hm-mmm.  No.” — Lisbon

“How do we get out of the epicenter?  Let’s hear it.  We’ll make them believe Operation Cage failed?  Hm.  And when the predators are gone, we’ll climb down the trees like monkeys.” — Lisbon

“I don’t know.  Your walk?  Maybe because you’re… tender.  I’m really sorry, Àngel.  You’re not gonna ask me… why I did all this?  Yeah.  Strong-arm robbery, breach of the public peace, resistance to authority, possession of weapons, disclosure of secrets, collaboration with armed groups and abduction… of the hostages… and of my own daughter.  So, no matter what the deal is, even if the judge and the system is empathetic, I won’t be out for 30 years.  So I’m really fucked, Mr. Potato.” — Lisbon

Palermo, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Rodrigo De la SernaPalermo

“I don’t know, we sent one up in flames.  When they come back, they’ll bring everything they’ve got, and we’re not in a position to defend ourselves, Sergio.  And Nairobi needs a surgeon.  She’s got a fucking bullet inside her lung.  We can’t do it ourselves.  You have to try, Sergio.  We need to get the surgeon in Pakistan.  She’s dying.” — Palermo

“The Governor took three medical courses in the army.  He’s gonna help with the operation.  Great.  Put your scrubs on.” — Palermo

“Bogotá, anesthetic.  Nairobi, we’re putting you to sleep.  It is your life.  That’s why we’re doing the surgery here, so relax.  Helsinki, put her to sleep.  That’s a fucking order.  Shut your mouth, fat ass, or I’ll kill you right now, you son of a bitch!  You’re my little whore, not my mama.  It’s her fault she’s like that because she chose to be a fucking idiot.  Do you really think now is a good moment to play the rebel leader?  Hmm?  One of us is dying, so just stop fucking around!  Another one of us.  They executed Lisbon half an hour ago.  If I could show you all, my magnificent democratic side, we could vote and get her out, but I’d be killing her.  Lisbon was executed on her knees, unarmed.  They brought Nairobi’s son with his teddy bear so they could shoot her in the head.  Do you think a couple of nuns from the Red Cross are waiting outside?  Stop fucking around.” — Palermo

“Assuming command.  The brains.  The intelligent and temperate one.  The crazy bitch that got us in here is who you’ll lose your lives for.  Great.  I’m gonna let you all play little doctors… while I think about my next move.  Careful, huh?  Being in charge suits you.  Do you know what your only way out is gonna be when I’m not here?  To walk out with your hands on the back of your head, and pray they don’t shoot you because of all the cameras and people outside.  Messieurs… au revoir.” — Palermo

“This bouquet thing, don’t single women catch it?  I’m so happy for you.” — Palermo

Marseille, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Luka PerosMarseille

“Copy that.  Come on!  Hey… hey, professor!  Yes, it’s me.  Keep calm.  Come on.  There’s no police.  What bull?  That bull?  Oh!  Doesn’t this remind you of something?  No.  Italy.  The time we met… at the wedding.” — Marseille

“I’m not mute.  I just keep quiet.” — Marseille

“You’re sad, professor?  If you want, you can talk to me about feelings.  Do you want to listen to music?  Music tends to cheer people up.  This is a stolen car.  This music is not mine!” — Marseille

“Pamuk.  My dog’s name was Pamuk.  It was with me during the whole war.  I know what you feel.  She was a female dog.  After the war, all of my friends were dead.  And I… spent my nights in a bar.  One day, another day.  Pamuk was always outside waiting.  Always.  Yes.  The boys from the village… liked to play war.  So after a while, without an enemy, they got all bored of playing war.  One day, they found some rocks.  They broke bottles… and said my Pamuk was the enemy.  She was a good dog.  Good piss?  Pissing is a relief sometimes.” — Marseille

Alicia Sierra, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Najwa Nimri Alicia Sierra

“It’s like a movie.  Best thing to happen to us.  That’s normal.  Now what we need is another armored van.  They fired two rockets at us, and all of Spain saw it.  The war has started.  Tamayo.  Tamayo, don’t fuck this up.  Don’t make the worst mistake of your life.  You’re scared.  You’re just like Prieto… a Viagra box on the bedside table for your limp erection.  And you think that the law will save you.  Hm!  The law can’t help us now.  Crystal clear, boss.  Antonanzas!  You heard him, no?  That guy is the law.  Like John Wayne.  I want a surgical ambulance and a surgeon.  Now.  Let’s get out there and make them hand over their wounded.” — Alicia Sierra

“Professor.  Five minutes as a widower, and you’re calling other women.  Naughty boy.  You’re a real horn dog, aren’t ya?  I didn’t have time.  She executed herself.  Raquel Murillo violently resisted her arrest, firing against her ex-colleagues, just like a traitor.  You’re so boring.  Weren’t you a professor of ethics?  Oh, no.  You fired two rockets in the center of Madrid, and now you’re the same as al-Qaeda.  Huh.  Bing, bang boom.  Made a joke out of you!  No.  I’m not sending a surgeon in.  But I can give you an easy solution.  Send Nairobi out, and I’ll have an ambulance waiting here.  Oh, yes.  I’m trembling with fear.  Okay, fine.  I will show off my goodwill by offering you a truce.  For 48 hours.  This way, you can assess how serious the wound is.  Or just let her die in there.” — Alicia Sierra

Colonel Tamayo, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Fernando CayoColonel Tamayo

“Those men out there have second and third-degree burns.  Don’t you care about anything?  I’m not spending more men to have their faces disfigured for the rest of their lives.  I am not starting a war in the center of Madrid.  The mistake was you torturing that kid.  If we’d taken him to court, we couldn’t be here.  I am the law.  And limp erection, my ass!  We need to keep our composure.  I want to de-escalate the situation.  Everyone understand?  Dialogue and truce.  Truce and dialogue.  Is that clear?” — Colonel Tamayo

“Alicia, empathy, dialogue and truce.  Ángel, he’s getting away from us.  That bastard is on the move 42 kilometers away from your position.  I’m completely sure.  The signal bounced off three repeaters.  He’s on National 435, north.  Go after him.  Good.  Let’s go catch that motherfucker!” — Colonel Tamayo

“Was it him?  We’ll leave it to Suarez.  I need you here with Murillo.  Bring her to Madrid.  That’s what’s most important.  Got it.  And make sure Suarez sends units to all the area hospitals, every veterinarian, even the fucking monasteries.  I want everyone on high alert.  The only way he’s getting away from us is if he’s dead.” — Colonel Tamayo

“Martínez, in clear terms, please.  Can we see it?  So let’s take it down.  I don’t need you to tell me what we can’t do.  I told you to cut off their little phone call.  Like in Egypt in 2011.  Do it.” — Colonel Tamayo

Ángel Rubio, Money Heist, La Casa de Papel, Netflix, Atresmedia, Vancouver Media, Fernando Soto

Inspector Àngel Rubio

“He has climbing equipment, dog deterrent and camouflage clothes.  He could be in the treetops.  Shoot up, and aim at the crowns of the trees.” — Àngel

“You sure?  What if it’s another trap?  Okay.  Inspector Rubio to all units.  We’re leaving.  The target is escaping along National route 435, northbound.” — Àngel

“Why’d you call me Mr. Potato Head?  My walk?  What does that mean?  So, are you calling me tender, or calling me fat?  Okay, okay.  I prefer you don’t answer that.  You really crossed a line with Potato Head.  See, now everybody knows about it… homicide, internal affairs, even the judiciary.  I didn’t know what a meme was until I got a bunch of memes of Potato Head.  No.  No.  I know you did it for love.  When we get to Madrid, they’re gonna offer you a deal for cooperation.” — Àngel

“Good morning.  Is it him?  Or a drug dealer, or a random criminal, no?  Right.  Excuse me.  Yes, Colonel.  I think so.  He can’t be far.  Looks like he lost a lot of blood.  Yeah, copy that.” — Àngel


“Martin, do you see any single women here?  The closest thing we have is you.  Come on!  Let’s go!  Ladies, stay focused.  the bride is about to throw bouquet!  Farther back!  Farther back!  Little brother!  Bravissimo, little brother!  Well, Mrs. Fonollasa, we must being the wedding dance, but first… I have a surprise.  Ooh!  Life weighs more, little brother.  Life.  Then there’s me.  Even though I’m dying, I’m getting married.  Isn’t it a beautiful contradiction?  Ah, of course she knows.  Hmm.  She’s very smart.  And if you look on the bright side, it’s good luck.  People have no idea when their time’s gonna come.  But we get to stay in the honeymoon period forever.  People buy a bottle of champagne for a special celebration, but go back to their mundane days.  Tatiana and I are gonna live our lives burning through barrels of champagne from France!  Death can be the greatest opportunity of your life, Sergio.” — Berlin


“Come on.  Farther back!  It’s tradition.  The bride throws the bouquet, so just move a little further back.  Girls, a little farther back!  Ready?  Whoo!  What?” — Tatiana


“Excuse me?  Um, who’s the blood for?  I saw two people going upstairs with the teddy bear, but there’s only one of them now.” — Manila

Arturo Román

“Denver.  Thanks, man.  I wanted to get in here so I could talk to you in person.  I know we didn’t exactly start off on the right foot, but at the end of the day, the only thing that’s important is that you raise my son.  Thank you.  I know at your age with all the money you’ve got… pft!  I’m pretty sure changing shitty diapers wasn’t in the cards.  That’s why you’ve got my respect.  Because you’ve got to be a real man to take care of a kid that was born from the sperm of another guy.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I was wrong.  I swear I’d never do that on purpose.  I knew I was A something, but I didn’t know what, positive or negative.  Who knows these things?  It’s not something you use every day.  It’s no problem.  It’s no problem.  You see… I know why you’re so pissed at me, buddy.  It’s okay.  I get it.  Monica told you what happened in the bathroom, didn’t she?  I really apologize.  I’m sorry.  God, I don’t now what was going through my head, really.  It was so long since I’d seen her.  She was so close.  I don’t know.  I guess I didn’t read the signs right.  She told me that we would meet somewhere after this so I could see my son.  One thing led to another, and I jumped.  She didn’t do anything.  Leave Monica out of it.  The person at fault is me.  We hugged, I got aroused, things got heated.”

Officer Martínez

“Colonel.  The signal isn’t in Madrid.  Looks like a highway.  Close to Huelva.”

“Colonel.  There’s been an increase in the flow of the electromagnetic signals coming in and out of the bank.  They’re communicating with someone outside.  From the bandwidth, it looks like a video call.  The signal is encrypted.  I’d say it’s going through a Kazakh satellite.  And from there, probably through the deep web, but I’m not sure.  Colonel… if the satellite belonged to a phone company in Spain, we’d have to request a temporary jam– we’d have to jam every signal in the area, take down the internet and anything going through satellites.”

Pakistani Surgeon Dr. Ahmed

“Have three ready at the proper temperature.  Make an incision 15 centimetres between the sixth and seventh rib.  Aspirator.  I can’t see well.  Always keep the surgical area clear.  Better.  We need to separate the ribs.  It’s possible you will have to remove part of the lung.  Move the lung.  I want to see the lower part.  Lift it up.  Move the image closer.  Good.  Okay.  We need to remove the lower part of the lung.  There’s a risk of infection and necrosis.  It could cost her life.  Do you have an electric scalpel?  Let’s do it.  There’s no time to waste.  Listen and follow my instructions very closely.  We’re going to move slowly.  Understood?  If a vessel gets cut, we remove the scalpel and close with Kocher forceps.  Let’s make the first incision.  Can you see the lingula?  It’s the lower part of the lung–”

Madrid News Reporter

“The Professor attacked the police, and nobody is moving from the Bank of Spain.  The protesters are in a state of shock, and the big question is: what’ll happen with the support from the Dalís?  For the moment, nobody can say, but we could be witnessing the first big problem for supporters of the Professor’s cause.”

Hostage 1

“I didn’t finish my studies and I didn’t pursue it as a career, but I remember some principles.  Yes.  Bring it here.  Hey blood pressure’s dropping.  We’re about to lose her!”

Hostage 2 Paquita

“Yes, sir, and a midwife.”

Policia 1

“That’s right.  Go on.  Good morning.  The car rolled several times. There’s traces of blood, we can’t find the driver.  It’s gotta be him.  The car was stolen two and a half hours ago in Salvatierra, the closest village to the place where we fund Murillo.  And he climbs trees.”

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De cuando usaba sujetador ❣️

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Tokio in Tokyo 🌸 Finally 🙌🏻

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Happy times 🌹 #LCDP #Thailand

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Quedan horas.. #lcdp4 Vamooos!! @lacasadepapel

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Courage above fear Tomorrow #lcdp4 @lacasadepapel

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❣️#lcdp4 ❣️ @lacasadepapel

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