Monsters at Work, Disney+, Disney Television Animation, ICON Creative Studio, Pixar Animation Studios

Job Market

Disney+ original series Monsters at Work drops its third episode this Wednesday July 14th, 2021.

#MonstersatWork is on a ten week slate.

rottentomatoes: 75%

metacritic: 55

imdb: 7.5

Tyler Tuskmon, Monsters Inc., Disney+, Disney Television Animation, ICON Creative Studio, Pixar Animation Studios, Ben Feldman

Tyler Tuskmon

Tyler Tuskmon joins the Monster Inc. family amidst a corporate restructuring outside of Monstropolis.

Tyler Tuskmon, Monsters Inc., Disney+, Disney Television Animation, ICON Creative Studio, Pixar Animation Studios, Ben Feldman

“Well, Professor Knight, how’d I do? Wait, really? Thank you, sir. You mean if I get to Monsters, Incorporated. What’s, uh… ‘dear Mr. Tuskmon.’ ‘Monsters, Incorporated is pleased to offer you the position of Scarer. ‘Please arrive Monday morning at 9:00 to receive your scare assignment. Sincerely, Henry J. Waternoose III, CEO, Monsters, Incorporated.’ I did it.”

“‘We scare because we care.’ Mornin’, coworker. Hey, nice cone. First day as a Scarer. Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually here. Hello? Oh. Hi there. Excuse me. Uh. Tyler Tuskmon, Official Scarer. I thought… then who’s the… okay, thank you. Hi. If I were Ms. Flint’s office, where would I… uh, hi. Excuser me, Ms. Flint? That’s one of your top Scarers. I’ve had his Scare Card since I was a kid. He’s not funny. He’s scary. Tyler Tuskmon. New Scarer. It’s my first day. Just need my scare assignment. ‘The change?'”

“Wait a minute. You’re saying you’re no longer hiring Scarers? No, I… that’s… no, I don’t wanna be a hat rack. That’s not… is this a joke? Is this a prank? My folks scrimped and saved, working in our family hardware store so that I could go to the School of Scaring. Yeah, but that’s not the…”

“Door division…. Control Room A-L… I don’t see MIFT. Uh… uh… yes. Sorry. Do I, uh… Monsters University. Freshman year. Origins… yeah, I guess, it was just such a large class. You work here? When did you graduate. Graduating from college. Yeah, it’s great. And the fact that this place is no longer hiring Scarers. I mean, I got this letter saying that I was gonna be a Scarer, but now they’ve assigned me to, what… MIFT? Well, that’s one way of describing it. Hold on, that’s a Scare Floor. Right, Laugh Floor. Where are we going? Huh? Whoa, whoa! Hi. We had one class together. We didn’t actually speak. Hi, everyone, just to be clear, I was told this is a temporary reassignment. Sorry, what exactly is ‘MIFT?’ Uh, thanks, but I’m not really family. My father’s a father figure. That’s my father’s father. Sure? You don’t have my phone number. Uh, oh, thanks. They’re both disgusting. Why? Yeah. Sure. Yeah.”

Val Little, Monsters Inc., Disney+, Disney Television Animation, ICON Creative Studio, Pixar Animation Studios, Mindy Kaling

Val Little (Mindy Kaling)

“Tylor? Tylor Tuskmon, right? Am I right? Those horns, dead giveaway, ’cause they’re so… Val Little. We had that Origins of Fear class together. Yawn. Yawn. College was an interesting detour. Too much of a commitment. Not really the whole regimented, stuffed-shirt, college-scene type of gal. Well, what’ve you been up to? Good for you! Except for the loan debt, right? Ka-ching! For you it’d probably be like ka-ching, ka-ching! ‘Cause you graduated. For me it was like ka-ching. ‘MIFT?’ That’s where I work! Hop in, I’ll take you! This is crazy. I drop out of college, you graduate from college, and we both end up working a the same place. Cosmic. Laugh Floor now. Beep, beep, beep. I removed the beeper so I could make the sound. We’re going down. Yeah, after MU, I lived in the Scarribean for a year. Island time. I made wind chimes out of scream shells, didn’t sell. All that screaming… this happens all the time, you just gotta… there we go. Then I taught shockra yoga for a while. Found my center. You know what’s weird? I was off-center. I was gonna get it aligned, but by that time, I was into competitive eating. So, yeah, now, here I am. Yeah! Stay in the cart. Almost there. There’s no daylight, but you get used to it. These are the transfer pipes. Miles of them. Ooh! I think there’s one… yeah! Home sweet home! You head in. I’ll park the cart. Beep, beep, beep.”

“Hey, everybody, meet the new guy! Tylor Tuskmon. We were best buds in college. But it was special. What is MIFT? That was Cutter. And this is Banana Bread. No one knows his real name. But he brings banan bread in every morning. Yummy scrumbos.”

Sulli, Monsters Inc., Disney+, Disney Television Animation, ICON Creative Studio, Pixar Animation Studios, John Goodman

Sulli (

“They have to overhaul this whole place for laughs. You’re kidding. Us in charge. You know, nothing…. there won’t be any raise or car if we don’t keep the power on. Let’s get to the Scare Floor. Laugh Floor. And we need to find a couple hundred more funny monsters. No. Keep trying, Mikey.”

Mike Wazowski, Monsters Inc., Disney+, Disney Television Animation, ICON Creative Studio, Pixar Animation Studios, Billy Crystal

Mike Wazowski (best dating apps for lgbt)

“Oh, schmoopsie-poo! Isn’t this great? The factory’s still open, nobody’s out of work, no angry mob, and you know the best part? Me and Sulley are banned for life. The best part is, I got to flex my funny bone! Waternoose? They carted that old crab away yesterday. Oh, Roz, what an unpleasant surprise. Wait. I got this. Senior Co-President of Monsters, Incorporated. And Chief Executive Vice-Deputy Administrative Director of Comedy Resources Management, or, SCPOMICE-VDADOCREM for short. Well, adieu, Roz. True friends never say goodbye, so… goodbye. Can you believe it, Sulley? We’re in charge. You and me! That has a sister? Yeah. You heard right, we’re in charge, Floor Supervisor Celia. Yeah, yeah. The first order of business should be your long overdue promotion. Goodbye! I could get into this being-in-charge thing. Not that I’d use it for personal gain. How much should my raise be? What about a company car? ‘Laugh Floor.’ Right, right. Plus, we’re gonna need a new slogan. Let’s see… ‘we clown around to power the town.’ ‘We are funny to keep the lights funny.'”

Celia Mae

“Talk to Ms. Flint. Yes, ma’am. Googly Bear! Thank goodness you’re here. I need you to… we can go back to Harryhausen’s? Oh… listen, you’re both wanted in Waternoose’s office. Stat. It’s not Waternoose who wants to see you. What? Really? ‘Floor Supervisor?’ Me? Everybody, get back to work! I’m practicing my Floor Supervisor voice. Oh, my gosh. I’m…”

“Monsters, Incorporated. This is Celia Mae. I no longer answer the phones. Goodbye. Here’s my coffee mug. Now here’s my… what? ‘Scarer?’ No, I’m sorry, talk to the receptionist. I’m the Floor Supervisor!”


“Oh, now you’ve done it. For the record, I’ve never actually said that. Drink this. Now drink this. Well? See? I told ya. You can’t tell the difference between the old lubricant and the new synthetic. Drink water, stay close to a bathroom.”


“Well, we’ll see about that, won’t we? I’m Fritz. Oh, they said they were sending over a new MIFTer. Since the day Monsters, Inc. was founded there has been a need. A need for a dedicated team of mechanics to nurture the intricate machinery that is the very foundation of this factory. No matter how arduous or difficult the repair might be, MIFT is there to tighten the bolts, unclog the pipes, wrench the nut. We embrace it with, uh… we embrace it with… there you go! Unbridled participation of what challenge lies ahead. And at the end of the day, we each say, ‘I’m proud.’ ‘I am proud to be a member of the Monsters, Inc. Facilities Team!’ Oh, welcome to the MIFT family. I could be to you like a father figure. Grandfather figure? How about an uncle-who’s-divorced-from-your-biological-aunt-but-was-really-cool-so-he-keeps-in-touch-and-sometimes-he-just-shows-up-out-of-the-blue figure? I can get it out of your employee file.”


“With unbridled anticipation. Hey, there. Tylor, was it? Hey. Nice to meet you, Tylor. Yeah, so, hey, could I just borrow you for a sec? Couple of things I wanna mention. In private.”

Ms. Flint

“Take your position on the mark in front of the closet door. Then proceed to perform your humorous dissertation or series of physical buffooneries for the artificial child. The metrics of your performance will be measured by our humor gauge as well as our power gauge, which indicates the amount of gigglewatt energy produced. Is that clear? Uh-huh. Take a seat. Oh, I’m feeling sick. Um, that’s Ted Pauley. Who are you? You’re not on my roster. Tuskmon. Well… yes, come in, Miss Benitez. I’m very busy, Mr. Tuskmon, but seeing that we hired you before the change, you’ll report… …to new employee orientation.”


“Boys, we need to talk. I had a little debrief with the Board of Directors, and they wanted me to relay the news. They’re putting you two in charge. That’s what I said. But, Sullivan, you’re officially the new Monsters, Inc. CEO. And, Wazowski, you’re the… my work here is done. One last thing. The board promised to give my sister my old job. She’ll be in alter. Good luck. She’s not bubbly like me.”

Professor Knight

“‘How’d you do?’ Not even James P. Sullivan himself ever scored this high. You’re quite the Scarer, Mr. Tuskmon. And when you get to Monsters, Incorporated… oh, the screams you generate alone will power half of Monstropolis. No. When. Go on. Open it. Straight to the top! You’re gonna be Scarer!”


“But I don’t want things to change. What if they touch you?”


“Says here kids are toxic if you touch ’em. I assume you still burst into flames and die of barfing, like always.”

Monster 1

“I don’t know what I’m gonna do now. So it’s true? No more scaring? We’re screwed.”

Monster 2

“We scare because we care. Or maybe we don’t scare. Or actually, we don’t scare at all, but we do care! Do I still have a job?”

Monster 3

“Can Laugh Energy power cars, warm homes, and light the city? But I don’t want things to change.”

Monster 4

“Hmm. Or your last.”


“Attention Monsters, Inc…”

Monster 5

“Got it.”

Monster 6

“Hey, there. Um… maybe can I tell you a joke? Okay, a joke, a joke. Uh, how do you make a monster float? One monster, two scoops of ice cream, and some root beer? Ta-da! Funny! Tickle tickle. Four years of training at Ghoulliard. Uh… oh. Whoops! Sorry, I broke your child.”

Monster 7

“Ms. Flint, are you ready for me? I brought a peeled banana and this flower that emits liquids and…”


“This is Monsters, Incorporated, where we scare because we care. Every day on each of our sate-of-the-art Scare Floors… …our elite team of Scarers… …help support the mission of our esteemed CEO’s… …mission, to create scare energy… …and scare power… …by scaring…”

Mr. Crummyham

“Actually, we don’t scare anymore. Now we’re laugh power. Sorry about that. Laugh floors. Jokesters. No longer esteemed. Headed off to the big house. Laugh. Laughing! You know, forget it. Let’s jus move on.”

“What skills do you have besides scaring? With those horns, maybe you could be a hat rack. Yeah, too tall. Plus, you could only hold two hats. It’s impractical. Umbrella hanger? Would you say you could hang forty umbrellas up there? No, unfortunately this is not a laughing matter. Or rather, it is a laughing matter. Your parents own a hardware store? Perfect! Report to MIFT.”

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