Godzilla vs. Kong, HBO Max, Legendary Entertainment, Warner Bros.

Alpha Titans

Legendary Entertainment original film Godzilla vs. Kong dropped on HBO Max last Wednesday March 31, 2021.

💥#GodzillavsKong had the best box office opening since the pandemic.

rottentomatoes: 76%

metacritic: 60

imdb: 6.7

Jia Andrews, Godzilla vs Kong, HBO Max, Legendary Entertainment, Warner Bros., Kaylee Hottle

Jia Andrews

Jia Andrews tries to save the world from villainous monsters outside of Hong Kong, China.

Jia Andrews, Godzilla vs Kong, HBO Max, Legendary Entertainment, Warner Bros., Kaylee Hottle

“He’s angry.” — Jia Andrews

“You’re nervous. You can’t lie to me. I’m not a kid anymore.” — Jia Andrews

“This is his home… …ours.” — Jia Andrews

“Coward.” — Jia Andrews

Ilene Andrews, Godzilla vs Kong, HBO Max, Legendary Entertainment, Warner Bros., Rebecca Hall

Ilene Andrews

“Dr. Andrews, did you see that? The habitat’s not gonna hold much longer. The island is the one thing that’s kept him isolated. If he leaves, Godzilla will come for him. There can’t be two alpha Titans. The whole theory of an ancient rivalry stems from Iwi mythology. Hey. Go wait for me, sweetie. Off-site would be a death sentence. There has to be another way.”

“Ugh, where is it? Thank you. Okay. Everything’s fine. A power source in Hollow Earth? This sounds nuts, Nathan, even for you. The second you take Kong out of containment, Godzilla’s gonna come for him. No. Our meddling has already wreaked havoc on Kong’s habitat. No way I am letting you drag him halfway across the world to use him as a weapon. What even makes you think that he’ll go in? Okay. But when it comes to Kong, what I say goes. Mm, I already regret this.”

“Our home… …is together. You and me. Come on.”

“Well, he can smell you, too. Still not a fan, huh? Just an Iwi expression. It means that you’re very brave. Mm-hmm. What if Kong doesn’t go willingly? What do you do then? Coward.”

“Good. Yes. They do have a way of sensing threats. And we believe that they had an ancient rivalry. The myths say that their ancestors fought each other in a great war. No, I spent 10 years on that island studying him. I know this for sure. Kong bows to no one.”

Bernie Hayes, Godzilla vs Kong, HBO Max, Legendary Entertainment, Warner Bros., Bryan Tyree Henry

Bernie Hayes

“Hello, loyal listeners. Welcome to TTP, Titan Truth Podcast. Episode number 245. Today is the day. Maybe the last podcast I ever record. And look, I know I said that last week and maybe the week before and a few other times. But, look, this is the point. After five years of deep cover at Apex Cybernetics, I’m finally taking my shot. Something bad is going on here. I don’t know what it is, but I’m about to walk in and download hard evidence and expose a vast corporate conspiracy. Yeah, you can call me a whistleblower, but I ain’t just whistlin’. I mean, this is more than a leak. It’s a flood. And believe me, this flood is gonna wash away all of Apex’s lies. You can believe that.”

“There you are, baby. No, don’t eat that. It’s incredibly unhealthy. It’s just all the GMOs. Growing a second head could be useful. You have to let me know. Because me, myself? I can barely handle the one I got. You ever wonder what we’re really doing here? I mean, really doing here? Because, you know, I had to wait because they’re rendering these new specs, which is gonna take over, uh… that’s calculator mode. …over one hour, maybe even more. So my foreman told me to just take a walk and make some new friends. Oh! Now that we’re new friends, I can share something with you, right? I know it’s in here somewhere. This is hand sanitizer that I made from my own garden. It’s really amazing. Don’t know if I used that or not. Yes. This. Check this out. That right there is radio mesh networking with a voice-record subprocessor. Guess from where. Come on. A toaster! It’s from a toaster. Look at this thing. Is it one or two? ‘Cause if it’s two, it’s probably these apples. Hey, you wanna use the hand sanitizer that I made? Okay, I’ll just stay here. Okay. Yeah. Ah, let’s see. Whoo. Screen. What are they shipping to Hong Kong? What’s Sublevel 33? What the…? That is my cue. That’s my cue.”

“They used cyanide capsules instead of fallout shelters to keep the secrets in, but, you know, that’s neither here nor there, so don’t listen to me. Yeah, that way. One level at a time, okay. No. You know what? The fact that you’re talking about clearing tags right now in a time of crisis is incredibly unprofessional. We should be talking about evacuation. Yo! Okay! Oh, no. What the hell is that?”

“Welcome back, loyal listeners, to Titan Truth Podcast, episode 246. Oh, my God. I was there. Godzilla’s Apex attack. I saw it go down. You think it’s a coincidence that he reappears and just so happens to destroy that specific facility? Ha-ha, no, no, no, no. No such thing as a coincidence.”

“You wanna know my theory? I mean, of course you do. That’s why you’re here. Come on, it’s all about patterns and variables. Oh, wait, stick with me. I’m gonna take you back to sixth grade with this, okay? Godzilla attacks when provoked, that’s the pattern. Pensacola is the only coastal Apex hub with an advanced robotics lab. That’s the variable. And add them up and your answer is that Apex is at the heart of the problem. Mm-hmm.”

Madison Russell, Godzilla vs Kong, HBO Max, Legendary Entertainment, Warner Bros., Millie Bobby Brown

Madison Russell

“Dad, I’m telling you, there’s something provoking him that we’re not seeing here. Why else would Godzilla flash an intimidation display if there wasn’t another Titan around? I am just trying to help. Godzilla saved us. You were there with mom. You saw it. How could you doubt him? There has to be a pattern. A reason why he was provoked. How do you know that? See you at home, dad.”

Mark Russell, Godzilla vs Kong, HBO Max, Legendary Entertainment, Warner Bros., Kyle Chandler

Mark Russell

“That podcast is filling your head with garbage. You should be in school. I don’t want you to help. I want you to stay safe. We needed a plan to keep peace with these things, and the best one we had just went down in flames. I don’t have any more. And the last thing that I need is to be worrying about you. There doesn’t. There isn’t. Because creatures, like people, can change. And right now, Godzilla’s out there and he’s hurting people, and we don’t know why. So cut your pop some slack, would ya?”

Dr. Nathan Lind, Godzilla vs Kong, HBO Max, Legendary Entertainment, Warner Bros., Alexander Skarsgård

Dr. Nathan Lind

“Can I help you? If you want an appointment, my office hours are nine to five. What the f… oh, yeah? Well, I got about 30 unsold boxes in my apartment if you want some. I know who you are, sir. It’s an honor. Hollow Earth. This energy signal is enormous. I don’t know if I’m the right guy for the job. Did you read the reviews? ‘A sci-fi quack trading in fringe physics.’ Look where they put my office. I’m in the basement right across from flute class. Besides, I’m not with Monarch anymore. And Hollow Earth entry is impossible. We tried. Thanks. When they tried to enter, they hit a gravitational inversion. A whole planet’s worth of gravity reversed in a split second. They were crushed in an instant. Well, I, uh, might have an idea. But it’s crazy. Are you guys familiar with genetic memory? It’s a theory that all Titans share a common impulse to return to their evolutionary source. Exactly. Or a… or a homing pigeon. So if this is the Titans’ home and this life force sustains them… yeah. With the little help of an old colleague.”

“It’s there! We just need Kong to bring us to it! You said you can’t keep keep him here forever. No, not as a weapon. As an ally. To protect us, lead the way down there. You always believed that Skull Island was like Hollow Earth come to the surface, right? And that’s where Kong’s ancestors came from. Through the entrance in Antarctica, we could help him find a new home. And he could save ours. Hers. That power source may be our only hope. We gotta stop Godzilla. This is our only chance. We have to take it. Yes! You name the terms. Thank you. Sorry. Thank you. You won’t regret this.”

“Whoo! Jeez, I can smell him from up here. What’s she saying? Yeah? Hey, use a light touch on the sedatives. We can’t have him comatose when we reach Hollow Earth. Excuse me. New arrivals.”

“Welcome. Ha-ha. Nathan Lind, mission chief. I love Miatas. Wow.”

“All right, we’ll be at the Antarctica entry in 48 hours. This path will get us into Hollow Earth. Once we’re inside, Kong should lead us to the power source. Now, the gravitational inversion will be quite intense. Our best guess is that on entry, it’ll feel like bungee jumping… with the cord tied to your lower intestine. But if your helicopters are as good as you say… if your HEAVs are as good as you say there are, I believe we can do this. Excellent.”

Maia Simmons, Godzilla vs Kong, HBO Max, Legendary Entertainment, Warner Bros., Eiza González

Maia Simmons

“Wow. Who’s the idiot who came up with this idea? I’m Maia Simmons. My father sent me. I run point for Apex. Yeah, don’t worry. I’m just here to babysit. The Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicles are on their way to Antarctica as we speak. I know you people think you’re cutting-edge, but these prototypes we’re loaning you will make what you’ve been flying look like used Miatas. Forget about the price tag, which is obscene, of course. The antigravity engines alone produce enough charge to light up Vegas for a week. Feel free to be impressed. HEAVs. We’ll do the job. You just gotta do yours.”


“Dr. Andrews. We’ve avoided all of Godzilla’s known territorial waters according to your guidelines. Do I need to be concerned? So if they meet again, who bows to who, is that it?”

Apex Employee 1

“Bernie, you’re not supposed to be in here. Why are you here? This isn’t Engineering. Oh. I don’t care. I have to go to the bathroom. I’m good.”

Apex Employee 2

“Proceed to the fallout shelter in a single-file line. Let’s go!”

Apex Employee 3

“Level two personnel, this way! Let’s get, let’s go!”

Apex Employee 4

“Hey, you! What’s your clearance tag?”


“Dr. Andrews, you have a visitor waiting for you at security.”


“We need to start thinking about off-site solutions. He’s gotten too big over time. This environment won’t sustain much longer. It’s too unstable. You don’t think the King could take care of himself?”

Kong Containment

“Alert, biodome breach.”

Apex Cybernetics

“Welcome to Apex Cybernetics. No unauthorized persons allowed beyond this point. Evacuation, Titan alert. This is not a drill. All Apex employees, please proceed… this is not a drill. Evacuate. Evacuate.”

CNN Breaking News

“This is CNN breaking news. The United States Navy’s Fourth Fleet is deployed off the southeastern seaboard of the U.S. after last night’s sudden Godzilla attack. A time of relative peace shattered when the massive Titan, once thought to be a hero to humanity, made landfall in Pensacola, Florida. While the damage was largely contained to the U.S. headquarters of Apex Cybernetics, governments around the world aren’t taking any chances after the first substantiated Titan sighting in over three years. CEO Walter Simmons had this to say. It’s about working together to ensure a safer world. Godzilla’s a threat to humanity, and Apex has a plan to deal with it, once and for all.”

Carrier PA

“Dr. Lind, please report to the forward deck, Dr. Lind.”

Middle School PA

“Students and faculty, please be advised a mandatory assembly will be held at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. Guidance counselors will also be holding additional office hours all this week for individual and group sessions.”

Ren Serizawa

“And almost identical to reading from Gojira. Like spawning salmon. A Titan could show you the way.”

Walter Simmons

“When we started Apex Cybernetics, we dreamt of new ways to push past the limits of human potential. Robotics, the human mind, artificial intelligence. Who knows what brave new future we’ll dream of next? I’m Walter Simmons, and it is my privilege to lead Apex into humanity’s bold new era. We’re not going anywhere. And neither are you.”

“It’s time! We need to go now!”

“Please, Dr. Lind. Guys like you and me, we don’t do normal hours, do we? I’ve been fixated on Hollow Earth for as long as you have. Your theory that it’s the birthplace of all Titans is fascinating. Your book was very impressive. Walt Simmons. No, the honor is mine. As is the urgency. Godzilla has never attacked us unprovoked before. Allow me to introduce our Apex chief technology officer, Mr. Ren Serizawa. He has an interesting thing to show you. Magnetic imaging from one of our new satellites. You know what this is, right? An ecosystem as vast as any ocean, right beneath our feet. As our sun fuels the planet’s surface, this energy sustains the Hollow Earth, enabling life as powerful as aggressive Titan friend. If we can harness this life force, we’ll have a weapon that can compete with Godzilla. I need your help find it. I’m sorry about your brother. He was a true pioneer. See, all of our forward scans suggest a habitable environment down there. So, what really went wrong on your brother’s mission? What if I told you that we, at Apex, have created a phenomenal craft which could sustain such an inversion? The Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle. HEAV. We can make the journey to Hollow Earth possible. But we need you to lead the mission. Help me. Help everyone. Finding this needle in a haystack is our best shot against Godzilla. I love crazy ideas. They made me rich.”

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