Fracture, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment, Weinstock Productions, M7 Filmproduktion

Murder One

Fracture, Amazon Prime Video, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment, Weinstock Productions, M7 Filmproduktion

WarnerMedia original film Fracture was released April 11, 2007.

Fracture, Amazon Prime Video, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment, Weinstock Productions, M7 Filmproduktion
Fracture, Amazon Prime Video, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment, Weinstock Productions, M7 Filmproduktion
Fracture, Amazon Prime Video, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment, Weinstock Productions, M7 Filmproduktion

#Fracture made $92M at the international box office.

rottentomatoes: 72%

metacritic: 68

imdb: 7.2

Will Beachum, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment, Weinstock Productions, M7 Filmproduktion, Ryan Gosling
Will Beachum, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment, Weinstock Productions, M7 Filmproduktion, Ryan Gosling

Willy Beachum

Will Beachum gets recruited into a high-end law firm in Los Angeles, California.

Will Beachum, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment, Weinstock Productions, M7 Filmproduktion, Ryan Gosling

“Stop yelling, Phil. I called you as a courtesy, and now you’re trying to take advantage. I’m not. I’m not knocking it down to a class c. My backlog of open cases doesn’t mitigate the fact that your client tried to kill his brother-in-law. A golfing accident. Phil, your clients owns one golf club, no golf balls, and the accident happened in a stairwell of an after-hours illegal gambling hall. Uhh. I’ll see you in court. Well, I won’t. Someone from this office will. You can take it up with them. Beachum. Hello. No, I didn’t. Yeah. Shh. Shut up. Short notice is fine. It’s fine. Uh-huh. Black tie? Fine. What time? That’ll be fine. Thank her for me. All right. How many times did I just say, ‘fine?’ We’re gonna just pretend he’s not talking. I need a tuxedo. Tonight. Is that possible? They do that? Same day sort of thing? Can I give you that? Well, that’s maxed out, so I gotta give you this, then. Aw, you know, Burt Wooton’s having a charity opera thing, and, uh– well, that’s what he told me to call him. Well, like what? Classic. Classic. Ahh. That’s not classic. Before. After. Our God?” — Will Beachum

“Thank you. Thank you, sir. Well, uh… I took on two or three cases for every one I gave away. They just couldn’t handle their caseloads, and I don’t like to lose. Ahem. Working at Wooton Sims sort of is winning. Isn’t it? Sir? Ahh. Heh. Well, my mother doesn’t have a maiden name. Well, with all due respect, sir, I just didn’t work this hard to stay where I belong. No, sir. I think that’ll be all. Mm-hmm. Uh-huh. All right. Uh… what, Norman? 3:00 is in 15 minutes. Norman, would you just find somebody else to do it? It’s a real confession? All right, but, uh… here’s the problem.” — Will Beachum

“I’m very sorry, your honor. Very sorry. It’s a long story. Well, your honor, we have a– verbal and signed confession. So I would strongly advise Mr. Crawford to, uh… get a competent attorney to try and negotiate a plea. Huh. It’s gonna turn into a circus. Mr. Crawford wants to go pro per… that’s gonna take a while, and sadly, I won’t be here for it. But the people have no objection. Yes. That’s terrific. Why not?” — Will Beachum

“Is that right? Who the hell are you? Oh. Pshew. Ok. So, what can I do for ya? Oh. Heh. Y-y-you took the confession, right? You took the gun out of his hand. Great. So it’s done. Don’t worry about it. Can I have a bourbon? Thank you. Excuse me? Oh. Yeah. I’m a shark. What about you? Are you a shark, too? Oh. Burt’s talking to the mayor. Do I know you? Oh. Heh heh. You’re the one who sent me the invitation? Well, I don’t really know Burt. Kinda like a mentor. Oh, you trying– you’re trying to scare me? Ok. Shoot.” — Will Beachum

“Calvin came to me for a deal. So I told him if he can get me a meeting with Mr. Wooton, that I’d… throw the case. He het it up, but he came to court unprepared, and I mopped the floor with him. Your client got the maximum, and then, next day, I was meeting with Mr. Wooton. Bu-Burt. I wasn’t exactly honest with Calvin. Everybody I wanna talk to is right there. Yeah. What do you mean the gun’s no good? Never been fired? Well, it’s the gun from the house, isn’t it? Well, the gun never left the house. He was locked inside from the time of the crime to the time of the arrest. So the gun is in there. So don’t tell me that the gun isn’t in there. Go find it. Get a team out there tomorrow and find it.” — Will Beachum

“No, I haven’t. I have not. Well, everything’s been so expedited, you know, and I guess I just thought that, uh– well, I don’t know. I guess I thought however it was decorated was how it was decorated. Huh? Well, what do most of the other junior associates have? Oh. Well, what– what is the difference between, uh… Italian and English? Yeah, I now that they are 2 different countries. I was talking about in terms of interior design. You hold on one second? Heh. What, uh, kind of style would you say this is? I don’t know. I guess I’ll just know it when I see it. Uh-huh. Ooh, 2:00? I don’t– yeah, all right. I can do it. All right. Bye-bye now. All right.” — Will Beachum

“What the hell is this? What, did he make it or something? She’s pretty. Look, the gun is in this house. Maybe he was wearing gloves, maybe he had time to change, but it’s in the house, and I’ll tell you why it’s in the house. Because people were watching the house, and he never came out. And I could be wrong, but I don’t think that the gun grew little gun legs and ran out of the house. So, if you need more guys, I’m all for it.” — Will Beachum

“Uh-huh. All right. I’m getting more than I need. Yeah. Which I thought was something to eat, didn’t I? Hahaha. All right. Oh, I like that one, too. No purple. Oh, I was just talking about the furniture. Why? What’s going on in Chicago? Warfield? Ain’t that the biotech guy who stole like, uh, 300 million from his own company? Oh, right. I’m good at trials by fire. No problem. Don’t worry about it.” — Will Beachum

“Yeah? No, Danny, no. No, no, no, no. I– no. The idea is to get things outta here. Enjoy a jelly bean. What color did you get? Oh, that’s popcorn. That’s gross. Told ya. Danny, this isn’t even– uhh. All right. All right. Sorry. Uh, I don’t know. Sure she’s been better, though. Uh-huh. Excuse me? What have you been doing? Not to investigate me. Because you shot your wife. I-I-I’m not gonna play games with you. What is this? Wh-what is it? Some kinda, uh, form of communication? It’s called disc– it’s called discovery, all right? That’s where the state is legally obligated to provide all the evidence to the defendant so you can prepare your defense. That’s one point of view. Another might be that I’ve hit the mother lode. I don’t need the gun to convict you. No. I’m prosecuting you. Right. Are you out of your mind? All right. Well, look, I’m gonna thank you for your offer. I’m gonna stay right where I am. Look, just keep this. Don’t send it back. You need that. You also need to come yp with a witness list. Right. ‘Cause you’re not gonna– you’re not gonna call any witnesses.” — Will Beachum

“Whatever. You heard the judge. You know that’s not grounds for an appeal. Right. This isn’t gonna be about your, uh, rough childhood, is it? You looking for mine? What is it? Heh heh heh. Yeah. I guess the jokes on me, then, isn’t it?” — Will Beachum

“What time was that? Prior to that, had you seen Mr. Crawford arrive at the house? When was that? Did Mr. Crawford park in the carport? Would you say that Mr. Crawford was a very careful man? Thank you. No further questions, your honor.” — Will Beachum

“What time? Any answer? What then? So the house was completely surrounded within minutes of your arrival. And neither of you nor any other officer saw anyone go into or come out of that house. And what happened next? And degree of injury? Dr. Kang, is it safe to say that someone who inflicted this kind of wound intended to kill? And after you put down your gun what did Mr. Crawford do? He confessed. Now, did Mr. Crawford appear confused, intoxicated, or impaired in any way? Detective Nunally, what did Mr. Crawford say? Your honor– your honor– um… oh, she… can I talk to you for a second?” — Will Beachum

“He had my witness list, and he should’ve filed to suppress. I have no idea, your honor. I just heard about it 5 minutes ago. This is getting out of hand, your honor. Now, he just provoked my witness with an outrageous allegation. Your honor, so what if he was? Even if he was– oh, come on. Don’t make me come across this table– your honor, he dictated and signed his confession at the station long after the incident, all right? Uh, he–he–he may have been. I don’t know. This– this is insane. He set all this up. This is a setup. Unbelievable.” — Will Beachum

“I was going to… after I figured out– uhh! How I was gonna handle it. You taking me off this case? Even if I find new evidence? My witness lied to me. So that’s what this is about, isn’t it? I’m not gonna be like you in 20 years. You wanna judge me, be my guest, but this thing was a setup– the confession, everything.” — Will Beachum

“Bourbon. All right. Oh, yeah? Took me off the case. Is it? Look, you don’t know this guy. Yeah. Yeah, I do. No. All right. Thanks. I want it back. I take complete responsibility for what happened. Although I do feel like it would have happened to anyone. But if I’d been paying attention, it wouldn’t have happened to me. Well, it’s not just about my ego. It’s also about the fact that, uh, this guy, he’s just enjoying all of this. Right, but… someone’s gotta put him away. If you just give me a chance. And if there’s a way, I’ll find it. Thank you.” — Will Beachum

Nikki Gardner, Fracture, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment, Weinstock Productions, M7 Filmproduktion, Rosamund Pike

Nikki Gardner

“Are you a shark? You’ve been circling this lobby for half an hour now, like if you stopped, you’d die. You say hi to Burt? Nikki Gardner. Your new boss. Well, I thought I ought to get to know the mystery man that Burt plucked outta nowhere. So, every partner has a team of senior associates. Every senior associate has a team of junior associates. And you’re on my team, which means I’ll supervise your casework, and I’ll steer you through the office politics. Kinda like a probation officer. Let me ask you a question. We have a senior associate at the firm named Calvin Tyler, kind of a rising star. He goes in court against you. Some client’s kid is D.U.I. and the next thing we know, Calvin is fired, and Burt Wooton, who has never even interviewed a junior associate before, let alone hired one, says you’re starting in 2 weeks. That’s– you didn’t actually do anything all that wrong. Heh. Are you gonna get that? Welcome to Wooton Sims. Get your phone.”

“Just be sure you sign the one with the devil in blood. It’s not binding otherwise. Just going into a meeting. I wanted to stop by and make sure you’re getting everything you need. I’m running a little late. Will you walk with me? I’ll send him right back. ‘More than I need,’ huh? Well, don’t get too attached. You’re not gonna be here much. 2 weeks from Tuesday, whole team’s getting on a plane to Chicago. Warfield. That biotech guy who had no idea whatsoever what his CFO was doing? This is a test, Willy. Burt told me to give you a trial by fire. He wants you up to speed on 8 months of depositions in 2 weeks. What about closing out your old job?”

“So… you got killed today. Gotta admire the cleverness of it. Sure. Give the devil his due. So, what did Lobruto say? Good. Yeah. Damage control. I had to fight with Burt today to stop him from firing you. You want this, right? Good. I have to hang out here another hour… so… I think you should go home. And I’d like you to call me later. Call me later. Hmm? Hmm. Mmm. You, uh– y-you don’t have to go. No big family Thanksgiving? Well, I have to… put in some face time with mine, if you want. Don’t thank me yet.”

Ted Crawford, Fracture, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment, Weinstock Productions, M7 Filmproduktion, Anthony Hopkins

Ted Crawford

“Ok. Thanks. It’s there. Nope. No. Uh, Lieutenant Nunally, please. No, that’s ok. I’ll see him later. Thank you. Hello there. Yeah. I just felt, um… a sudden urge. Yeah. I could use a hug. You know, I’ve been watching you sleep… at night. Heh. Yeah. Yeah, sometimes when I’m at work, I’ll start thinking about you, and I’ll just get– just overwhelmed. It’s a dense, crushing, geophysical force, like I’m pinned to the core while things change, you know? Do you ever get that way about me, Jen? I’m just– heh– trying to describe my feelings. Oh. What’s the sound of a feeling? Helpless, actually. No. No. I love you. Does he… Mrs. Smith? Don’t be. Knowledge is pain. I’m used to that. Not that I don’t get some little pleasures in return for the pain, mind you.”

“Who is this? Just you, please. Hi. Do I call you Rob? Lots of vampires out there. Is that your best shot… Rob? So to speak. Tell you what. I will if you will. We both put down our guns. We set them down and we step away. Then you can pay attention to what I’m saying. Happy ending, then. It’s Ted. You can call me Ted. I don’t think she is. I shot her. It’s just like I suddenly snapped, and I got the gun, and I shot her in the head. I know it was wrong. Are you listening to me, Rob? You know, I read somewhere that the best place to find a pulse is the femoral artery. It’s on the inner surface of the upper thigh. So if you just, uh, put your fingers up her skirt, you’ll find it.”

“I do. But, I– I want– yes, not guilty. But I also want to waive my right to a counsel and represent myself. No, but I want to do it myself. I’m not your client. Try and keep up, will you? That’s very kind, but I believe I’m within my rights. Oh, I understand. I understand. Absolutely not. Your honor, I’d, uh, like to, um, waive my right to preliminary hearing and go direct to trial as soon as possible. Uh, does that help you, Mr., uh, Beachum? No, I like Mr. Beachum.”

“How’s my wife? I heard somewhere– I think it was on N.P.R.– that you’re supposed to talk to people who are in a coma, play their favorite music. It may help them or get through to them. But you’re probably too busy getting up to speed on the Warfield case, I suppose. Hmm? Oh, no, I’m not– I’m not judging you, Willy. No. Anyone coming from what you came from, then paying your way through east okie cowtown college and Tulsa law by writing papers for Princeton kids on the internet– my God, $60,000 in debt… and 97% conviction rate. Wow. You deserve it, kiddo. Oh, I’m permitted the use of a private investigator. Why not? You’re investigating me. Allegedly. That’s how it works, right? If I can’t introduce something in court as evidence, it doesn’t exists legally. I’m afraid you have to, old sport. Uh-huh. You sent me a box of papers. There’s nothing in it, Willy. You haven’t actually discovered anything. Oh, have they found the gun? Huh. Tell me something. Does it bother you that I call you Willy? No. Willy. Willy, I’d like you to consider becoming lawyer. I’ll pay you lots of money. Yes, but I’m giving you a chance to get on the other side of this unholy mess while you still can. Ha ha. I think, on advice of counsel, I’ll decline to answer that one. At least, for one more week. No, I’ll leave all that witness crap to you.”

“No, I’m innocent, remember, until proven guilty. Ah, what the heck. Jury of my peers and so on and so forth. You know, my grandfather was, uh, an egg farmer. No. I used to candle eggs at his farm. Do you know what that is? You hold an egg up to the light of a-a candle and, uh, you look for imperfections. The first time I did it, he told me to put all the eggs that were cracked or flawed into a bucket for the bakery. He came back in an hour and there were 300 eggs in the bakery bucket. He asked me what the hell I was doing, but I found a flaw in every single one of them. You know, thin places in the shell and, uh, fine hairline cracks. You look closely enough, you’ll find everything has a weak spot where it can break, sooner or later. I’ve already found yours. You’re a winner, Willy. You bet your ass, old sport.”

“Uh, yes, your honor? Uh, hello, Ciro. Oh, no. No questions. Oh, I’m sorry. Sorry, Mr. Beachum. Your honor. Yes, your honor? Uh, no, thank you, your honor. Sorry. Objection. Yes, I wish to object. I don’t know. Um, I don’t know what, uh, you’d call it, but, uh, they– it wasn’t the first time it happened either, but, um… I, um… I don’t know the… uh, legal terminology. Um… fucking the victim. Well, you said layman’s terms. I’m sorry, your honor, but what would you call it, legally, when the officer who arrested you was having sexual intercourse with your wife? You know, I think it’s objectionable. It’s rather disgusting is what I think, but, uh… I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong. Tsk. Um, Rob?”

“My mistake. I’m sorry. Well, what about the fact that it’s true? I mean, isn’t that the point here, to get to the truth? Put him back on the witness stand if you don’t believe me. My Dick has evidence. My private investigator. I call him Dick. Perhaps I should call him as a rebuttal witness. Uh, because since the tragedy, um, he’s dug up hotel records and witnesses that confirm that my wife and Mr. Nunally were having an affair. My Dick is good. Actually, while trying to obtain my so-called confession. Yes. Is that a legal argument? ‘Oh, come on?’ I just want– in fear for my life, since my wife’s lover, who had just beaten me, uh, was in the room with his friends and the other officers. That’s the bible, isn’t it? The fruit of the tree and all that? It’s Matthew. Or is it Mark? Your honor, do you think I could go home now with Thanksgiving around the corner? Thank you, your honor. Farewell.”

Jennifer Crawford, Fracture, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment, Weinstock Productions, M7 Filmproduktion, Embeth Davidtz

Jennifer Crawford

“Hey. Heh. We go out to dinner, we might never come back. Hee hee! I live here… Mr. Smith. Whoa! Afternoon, Ciro. You’re home early. Are you okay? Hmm. That’s creepy. Ted– I really don’t think I can do one of these tonight. Those don’t sound like feelings. You think you’re so much smarter than me. Must make you feel very powerful. Ok, maybe it’s time to really talk. No? Fine. Whatever. Heh heh. I’ll go change. I’ll make some dinner. I know. I’m sorry.”

Lieutenant Nunally

“Hi. What about dinner, tonight? Ok. I wanna wake up with you… Mrs. Smith. I want to at least see where you live. Hey.”

“Flores, how you been? Good to meet you. So what do we know? Mr. Crawford? My name is Lieutenant Robert Nunally. I’m a hostage negotiator with the L.A.P.D. Mr. Crawford? Ok. You two, let’s go. Mr. Crawford? I’m just gonna… slide the door open just a bit, all right? Hi. Sure, yeah. If you want to. Mr. Crawford… what do you say you give me the gun? That way, I can pay more attention to what you’re saying. All right? All right, I’m gonna have to ask you to put yours down first, then. Then you have my word. Everybody gives a little, we’ll see what we can do about getting you what you want, ok? So, Mr. Crawford, your gardener tells it that– that your wife– I’m sorry? Ted. Great. Ted. Your wife, is she here? Is she all right? You shot your wife. Uhh! Jesus Christ. All right. I wanna be in the room. Yeah, I know. I just wanna be there. And I want this thing locked… before we pass it to the D.A.”

“Beachum. You’re supposed to be good. I’m, uh, Lieutenant Nunally. I took Crawford’s confession. Are you gonna be on this, or what? ‘Cause it looks to me like you got one foot out the door already. You should be taking this seriously. You know, be careful with this guy. He’s– he’s– there’s something not right about him. Yeah.”

“He confessed to shooting his wife. No. No, not at all. He knew exactly what was going on. He said, ‘it was like I just suddenly snapped. I got the gun and I shot my wife. I shot her in the head.’ Aah! Uhh! Aah!”

DA Lobruto, Fracture, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment, Weinstock Productions, M7 Filmproduktion, David Strathairn

District Attorney Labruto

“Have a seat. William ‘no middle initial’ Beachum. Wow, a 97% conviction rate. That’s impressive. Course, you traded all your losing cases to other D.D.A.s. Uh, you won’t always win working at Wooton Sims. Well, you need a middle initial. Those guys all play squash and have middle names. They go in for their mother’s maiden name a lot. I think you belong here, William. Yeah, well… I didn’t think so. Well, you have your litigation experience, your chops… and your, uh, juicy private sector job. Pretty soon, you’ll be courtside at Laker games. Anything else the city of Los Angeles can do for ya? Yeah.”

“Didn’t even have the guts to come talk to me. What makes you think that’s your decision? Your bags are already packed. Just go. From where? The evidence store? What, are they open early the day after Thanksgiving? Yes, because he could, because you weren’t looking. And I know why. Your head was in the fast lane on your big salary, so you picked that, and what we do here is not very important anymore. Hey, you be very careful. Maybe. But it didn’t have to turn into a public humiliation for this office. You walked in there unprepared. You were arrogant and sloppy, and you did damage. How much, we don’t even know yet. And I noticed you didn’t even care to ask. But don’t worry yourself, Willy. We’ll clean up after you. I’m not giving you back this case so you can repair your ego. Enjoying this? But that’s not evidence. And if you can’t? Listen, you leave now, I replace you. I’m covered. I took some action. But if you go on with this and you lose, I guarantee your shiny new job will not be waiting for you. And I can’t keep you on here. This is a public office. Heads gotta roll. Still want it back?”

Detective Flores, Fracture, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock Entertainment, Weinstock Productions, M7 Filmproduktion, Cliff Curtis

Detective Flores

“Good, good, you know, same. We got one witness, maybe, uh, the gardener. His name’s Ciro. Hey, guys, this is Lieutenant Nunally. Rob. Good job. You all right? Well, we got it covered.”

“Hey, Willy, it’s Flores. I got bad news. The gun, it’s no good. Well, it’s a fine gun. It’s just no good as evidence. Never been fired. Yeah. It’s, uh… property of the defendant, bought about… one month ago.”

“Homicidal modern? It was here. It’s a… thing. It does stuff. The guy? Yeah. Uh-huh. Here. Take a look at this. It’s for the glock .45 we found at the scene. Now, we got no other sign of a gun so far. No weapon. No powder on his hand… no blood on his clothes. We found 4 shell casings, .45s wiped clean. No prints. That’s 4 shots fired, 4 bullets missing from the case, 4 shell casings on the floor with no prints on ’em, and a gun that’s never been fired. The guy’s screwing with us. He’s stacking the deck.”

“You lying son of a bitch.”

D.A.’s Office

“Wooton Sims? Wooton Sims? You asshole! How the hell did you get a job at Wooton Sims? I can’t even get an interview! I been here 5 years, Willy. I’m your supervisor. I graduated USC, Summa. A tuxedo? You are so full of shit.”

“Of course. Uh-huh. Yeah. Ok. So, um, what’s this all about? Burt? You’re gonna need to pick out a style, Willy. Will Beachum’s office. Thinking maybe, uh… classic. Yeah, no problem. Uh-huh. Just make sure it comes with cuff links and kneepads. Willy. That’s what I’m saying. That’s the way I go. Yes. God wants to see you. Who art on the fourth floor.”

“Mr. Lobruto? Mr. Beachum.”

“It’s a cummerbund, Willy. Heh. That’s gonna go around your waist, ok? Ok. Are we good? Good.”

“Willy? Willy, come on. Pick up the phone. Got an attempted homicide. Guy shot his wife. She’s in a coma. Arraignment’s at 3:00 with Judge Moran. You do still actually work here, Willy. Right? Everybody’s booked. Look, it’s not going to trial. There’s a weapon with prints and a signed confession. Just take the arraignment, wait for the plea. Spontaneous and signed. Come on, Willy.”

“Beachum. Oh, is that the idea? Well, sorry. Hmm. Thanks. Yellow. Thanks.”

“Mr. Beachum, can I help you? Look, please, Mr. Beachum.”

LA Superior Court

“Ok, that’ll do! I’ve given my ruling. If they want to squabble, they can take it outside. I apologize, your honor. Your honor, please. Your honor. Mr. Beachum. Nice to see a man who dresses for court.”

“The people of the state of California versus Theodore Crawford. Your honor, the public defender is representing Mr. Crawford for his arraignment with the understanding that he will secure private counsel for all further proceedings. Mr. Crawford, you have been charged with section 664 slash 187 of the California penal code: attempted murder. Do you waive further reading of the complaint and complete statement of rights? You do. And do you wish to enter a plea at this time? Surely you won’t have trouble finding an attorney, Mr. Crawford? Your honor, if I can have a moment with my client. Uh, Mr. Crawford, uh, you’re facing some very serious charges here. I strongly urge you to retain counsel. Be aware that lack of counsel will not be grounds for an appeal. People have an objection, Mr. Beachum? That’s pretty damning evidence, Mr. Crawford. You wanna reconsider? I appreciate your concern for the dignity of the court, 007. Unfortunately, the man is a taxpaying citizen and entitled by our constitution to try and manipulate the legal system like everybody else. Y–you don’t have to worry about Mr. Beachum, Mr. Crawford. The district attorney’s office will assign another prosecutor. Mr. Beachum. He likes you. Appears Mr. Crawford has an understanding of his rights and responsibilities, so… it’s your call, Mr. Beachum. All right, then. Case moved to trial at the first available date.

“Mr. Crawford. No, M-mr. Crawford. I-it’s your turn to cross-examine this witness. Ohh. A moment, uh… Mr. Crawford. You might want to object. The witness can’t know your state of mind. Proceed. I’m sorry, Mr. Crawford. Did you say something? On what grounds? Well, why don’t you try and explain it in layman’s terms? Order. Order. Just– bailiffs– order! Order! Bailiffs! Please! We’re in recess.”

“Mr. Crawford, you were warned. You don’t get to use that as an excuse to play games. Mr. Beachum, is it true? Excuse me? Mr. Beachum. Your witness was intimate with the victim and assaulted the defendant during the arrest. Was detective Nunally present during Mr. Crawford’s interrogation? Because if that is indeed the case, the confessions, both of them, are out. If Nunally was there, Mr. Crawford was under duress. The confessions and any evidence gathered while Mr. Nunally was present will all have to be excluded as fruit of the poisonous tree. I’m sorry, Mr. Beachum, but I am not going to allow coerced confessions in my courtroom. Don’t push it, Mr. Crawford. What I want to do is I’m going to give Mr. Beachum a few days to come up with some new evidence, and if he can’t, then maybe you can go home. So, we will reconvene on Monday morning. I think that’s all.”


“Metro division. Uh, Lieutenant Nunally comes on at 6:00 tonight. Can someone else help you?”

“Did you notice anything out of the ordinary? Did you see anything unusual? Nobody else? Hello, sir. Go! Go! Break it up! We got a victim down! She’s got a pulse.”

“Right away, sir.”

“5:12 exactly. We called SWAT as soon as we knew there was a possible hostage situation. Then I tried to establish contact through the front gate intercom. None. 2 other uniform squads arrived. We established a perimeter outside the walls as quickly as possible to keep the house under observation. All 4 sides. No.”

“The bullet pierced through the frontal cortex and the temporal lobe, coming to rest on the upper right side of her brain, against the skull. If inflicted grievous and irreparable injury.”

LA Opera House

“Yes, sir.”

Wooton Sims

“That’s disability insurance. Most of our employees get that. It’s only an additional $6.84 a month. No problem. We were just finishing paperwork and ordering furniture, and I was gonna give him some swatches and chips. Yeah, you did. Heh heh. I love that. Yeah. Let me handle it.”

Crawford Estate

“Hola, Senora. Mr. and Mrs. Crawford? You all right? Everybody ok in there?”

“Mr. and Mrs. Crawford. No. No.”

“About, uh, 5:00. Then she went into the house. Yes. Earlier than usual. Uh, maybe 4:00. No. He always parks in the garage. He’s very careful with his car. Oh, yes. Always.”

Crawford Aeronautics

“The N.T.S.B guys are here about that Bulkhead problem. I should run the algorithms, though, don’t you think? You wanna wait for those spectrometer results?”

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