Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Disney+, Marvel Studios

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Disney+, Marvel Studios

Disney+ original film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness dropped on the platform June 22, 2022.

#DrStrange has made $953m+ at the international box office.

rottentomatoes: 74%

metacritic: 60

imdb: 7.4

Dr. Strange, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Disney+, Marvel Studios, Benedict Cumberbatch

Dr. Strange

Dr. Steven Strange contains an inter-dimensional breach outside of Greenwich Village, New York.

Dr. Strange, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Disney+, Marvel Studios, Benedict Cumberbatch

“No. That’s how we kill it. We can’t let it take your power. Get to the book. Jump. Hold on. It’s too strong. I can’t hold it. I’m so sorry. This is the only way. I can’t let that thing take your power. But I can. I know. But in the grand calculus of the Multiverse, your sacrifice is worth more than your…” — Dr. Strange

“Excuse me. May I? Doctor West. Yeah, I was a little preoccupied being dust there for five years, so… I’m very sorry.” — Dr. Strange

“Oh, allow me, miss. Little too on the nose? Congratulations. Hey, uh, Christine. Um… I should’ve… I wish I’d have been different. I never stopped caring about us. But I had to make sacrifices to protect you. I’m sorry. Why not? How long you had that one in the barrel? Yeah. I bet. Look, um… truly, I’m just glad that you’re happy. Good. I’m happy. Thank you.” — Dr. Strange

“Do I know you? You’re welcome. Yeah, I’m aware of the customs. Hold it, hold it! Whoa! Oh, God! Yeah, I was gonna ask the same question. Hey, kid. What did that creature want with you? We’ll take her back to the Sanc… she took my Slingie. I’m not gonna kill you, kid. I just bust my ass trying to save your life, remember? Giant monsters I can clearly handle, but what bothers me is that last night, you were in my dream.” — Dr. Strange

“We have experience with the Multiverse. Most recently, there was an incident with Spider-Man. Spider-Man. He has the powers of a spider. No. No, more like a man. Yeah. Bingo. No. Well, maybe, I don’t know. Honestly, I hope not. You’re gonna get a stomach ache. I don’t. I don’t even know if you’re from another universe, which is why I’m still sitting here, waiting for you to enlighten us. Which means? Look, I left a very nice wedding to save a smart-ass kid from getting eaten by an octopus. Now tell me… Christine’s. Yes, I do. No, I didn’t. Yes. You need to explain to me what’s going on. Why was that octopus trying to eat you? What power? What? How? Okay. And did Other Me know how to defeat this demon? The Book of Vishanti? It’s not real. It’s a fairy tale. It doesn’t exist. Unbelievable. No, I’m not the Sorcerer Supreme. Right. Yeah. That was the fight in my dream. Prove it.” — Dr. Strange

“It wasn’t a dream. That means… dreams are windows into the lives of our Multiversal selves. Somewhere out there I had a ponytail. The power is dangerous enough in the hands of a kid. Imagine if a real threat acquired it? I guess you’re just gonna have to trust me. Ah, I’ve buried worse. Runes. It’s witchcraft. I think I might.” — Dr. Strange

“Apples, right? Hmm. Smells… I was gonna say real. So I can see. But you put things right in the end, and that was never in doubt. I’m not here to talk about Westview. We need your help. What do you know about the Multiverse? Well, he was right about both. We found a girl who can somehow ravel across it, but she’s being pursued. Some kind of demon. One that covert her power for itself. We’ve taken her to Kamar-Taj, and we’ve got our defenses, but we could use an Avenger. Yeah, but given the choice between the archer with the mohawk and several bug-themed crime fighters, or one of the most powerful magic-wielders on the planet… …it’s an easy call. Come to Kamar-Taj. I’ll get you back on the lunch box. Here? No. No, I didn’t.” — Dr. Strange

“The Darkhold. I know it’s the Book of the Damned, and that it corrupts everything and everyone that it touches. I wonder what it’s done to you. What do you want with America? What do you want with the Multiverse? Wanda, your children aren’t real. You created them using magic. I am happy. What you’re doing is a flagrant violation of every natural law, and if you take that child’s power, she won’t survive. Well, you can kiss the lunch box goodbye, ’cause that’s the kind of justification our enemies use. That was a war, and I did what I had to do. What happens now? And if we don’t?” — Dr. Strange

“She’s got the Darkhold, and the Darkhold has her. She took over a whole town using her mind. If she gets America’s power, she could enslave the entire Multiverse. Yeah. Got it. No pressure, then.” — Dr. Strange

“Wanda, you are justifiably angry. You had to make terrible sacrifices. The fill might of Kamar-Taj stands against you. Do not dare to enter these sacred grounds. Yeah. Book of the Damned, calling yourself a witch, conjuring creatures to abduct a kid, I don’t exactly call that being reasonable. Nailed it. She’s trying to get in their heads. Fall back. Wong! Get out of here! Go, go. Go!” — Dr. Strange

“You want the girl, you’ll have to go through me. We gotta get you out of here. Now. Reflections. She’s using the reflections. Cover them. You took those lives. You cannot be allowed to cross into the Multiverse. Wanda, you have no children. They don’t exist. What if you reach them? What happens to the other you? What happens to their mother?” — Dr. Strange

“You okay? I hope so. It’s not my first weird trip, kid. So, this is New York in the Multi… crap. Cut it out. Yeah, you got pretty dinged up. We’ll get you fixed. All right, America. You gotta open a portal and get us back there right now. You just did it. Wong is back there alone with Wanda, and I’m the only hope he has. You must be able to control it somehow. Even I could… sorry. Well, what about this universe’s version of you? Maybe she could control her powers. What? But how do you know that? That’s okay, kid. And even if you could get me back there, I have no way of fighting Wanda. What about it? Yeah, well, good for Other Me. He’s not here, is he? I don’t know where it is, so unless there’s another Other Me… Other Other Me.” — Dr. Strange

“We go on red? Right. It’s red. So, what’s rule number two? America? America! How’d you pay for that? Right. All right, Pizza Poppa, relax. She’s just a kid… she was hungry. It’s not a cape, it’s a cloak, and I suggest you let it go. Strange Museum? Come on. It’s not permanent. About three weeks.” — Dr. Strange

“Those universes we went through, were we paint in one of them? How many universes have you been to? That’s… that’s a lot.” — Dr. Strange

“Nah. I just sold one of those kidneys that we operated on last week. What is it? Christine, this is… this is amazing. Thank you.” — Dr. Strange

“We don’t have time for this. Where’s this? Hey, kid. That was the first time that you opened a portal, right? It does matter. You lost your parents. No. No, you did not. Don’t even think that. Listen, if your moms are anything like their daughter, they survived. I’m sure you’ll meet them again someday. Thanks. Yes, that was Christine. How do you know her? Were they together? Of course. Yes, I guess I did. Complicated. Yes, actually, it is.” — Dr. Strange

“Yeah. See? We’re not all bad. Oh, shit. Yeah. Mordo. He was actually the first guy who let me into Kamar-Taj. And then he snapped and dedicated his life to trying to kill me. You did? All right. You go on red.” — Dr. Strange

“Well, just ’cause we jumped ship doesn’t mean were safe. Our Wanda has the ability to conjure demons and monsters to attack America in other universes. Oh, you know of the Darkhold? Damn right. Because that was her being reasonable. What do you know of the Book of Vishanti? I need your help to get me to it. Oh, God. You son of a bitch. The Sands of Nisanti.” — Dr. Strange

“Cloak? Hey, lab coat. Where the hell are we? Look, I don’t know who you are, or what you think you’re trying to do here, but these situations don’t usually… …work out well for the nameless scientists, so just… Christine? Uh… uh, testing? I assume I have you to thank for these then? 838 Stephen? Is that some kind of cyborg me, or… oh. You guys sure must know a lot about the Multiverse if you got someone going around naming realities. So, how’d you end up working here? Wherever here is.” — Dr. Strange

Wanda Maximoff

“Hey! What did I say? Oh! Go wash your hands. Oh, okay. I will. You know, a family is forever. We could never truly leave each other, even if we tried. Okay. Love you.”

“Eventually. Sweet. Oh, it’s all very real, thanks. I’ve put the magic behind me. Well, I knew sooner or later you’d show up, wanting to discuss what happened at Westview. I made mistakes, and people were hurt… then what are you here for? With what? The Multiverse. Vis had his theories. He believed it was real, and dangerous. Pursued by who? Ah. There are other Avengers. What if you brought America here? Yeah. I know what it’s like to be on your own, hunted for abilities you never wanted, and I can protect her. You never told me her name, did you? Mm. You know, the Hex was the easy part. The lying, not so much.”

“You’re familiar with the Darkhold? The Darkhold only showed me the truth. Everything I lost can be mine again. I’m going to leave this reality and go to one where I can be with my children. That’s what every mother does. If you knew there was a universe where you were happy, wouldn’t you want to go there? I know better than most what self-deception looks like. I don’t relish hurting anyone, Stephen. But she’s not a child. She’s a supernatural being. Such raw power could wreak havoc on this and other worlds. Her sacrifice would be for the greater good. Is it the one you used when you gave Thanos the Time Stone? You break the rules and become a hero. I do it, and I become the enemy. That doesn’t seem fair. Return to Kamar-Taj and prepare to hand over America Chavez by sundown. Peacefully. After that… you’ll never see me again. Then it won’t be Wanda who comes for her. It will be the Scarlet Witch.”

“All this for a child you met yesterday. I blew a hole through the head of the man I loved, and it meant nothing. Do not speak to me of sacrifice, Stephen Strange. If you give me what I want, I’ll send you to a world where you can be with Christine. You have no idea just how reasonable I have been. Sending those creatures after her instead of myself was mercy. And in spite of your hypocrisies, and insults, I have begged you to safely get out of my way. You have exhausted my patience, but I do hope you understand that even now, what’s about to happen, this is me being reasonable. Run.”

“America… fine. You gave all those lives just to keep me from my children. I’m not a monster, Stephen. I’m a mother. Oh, but they do. In every other universe. I know they do. Because I dream of them every night. Of my boys. Of our life together. Every night… the same dream. And every morning… the same nightmare.”

“Boys, it’s time for bed. Hey, don’t make Mom out to be the bad guy. Yes, sweetheart? Just to take out the trash. Why don’t you both start it, whatever it is, together? What? Okay. Billy, Tommy. No, no, no.”

“I need the Darkhold’s spells. You are the Sorcerer Supreme. Tell me what you know. Not you. Them. A copy? Wundagore? Perhaps we will be the exception.”


“Help! You know it’s ancient custom to bow in the presence of the Sorcerer Supreme? Who’s this? Where’re your parents? She took your Slinglie. Hence the name. Climbs walls, shoots webs. No. I’m not sure he even enjoys speaking English. Whose wedding? You went? You can physically move from one universe to another? Actually, it does. I found out in the secret book you get when you become Sorcerer Supreme. Although it does exist, the Book of Vishanti is said to be unreachable.”

“So, that recurring nightmare where I’m running naked from a clown… somewhere out there, it’s real. There could be more creatures coming for her. It occurs to me, young one, we don’t know your name. Miss Chavez, will you come with us to Kamar-Taj. You’ll be safe there. What do we do with him? The creature that killed him, did… did it have the same markings as the octopus? This isn’t sorcery. Do we know anyone who’s faced such a thing.”

“The Scarlet Witch. The Scarlet Witch is a being of unfathomable magic. She can rewrite reality as she chooses, and is prophesized to either rule or annihilate the cosmos. Suspend teaching at once and arm the students. Kamar-Taj must now become a fortress. The honor is ours. It’s ancient custom. Choose your words wisely. The fate of the Multiverse may depend on it. Defensive positions, now! Hold! Hold! Reinforce the shield. Sorcerers, fortify your mind! The shield is down! Yes! Fire at will!”

“Kamar-Taj has fallen.”

“You’re alive. Set me free. I need to destroy the book. Sara. No, no! You’re gonna have to kill me, witch. Wanda, stop. Wanda, please! The Darkhold was a copy! Legend speaks of a mountain with the wretched spells you seek carved into its walls. It’s there the Darkhold was transcribed. Mount Wundagore. No one has survived the journey.”

America Chavez

“Did that kill it? The Book of Vishanti! How do we get across? No, no, no! What’re you doing? You can’t control it. But we’re friends. You’re killing me. No. I made the only play we had.”

“No, no. Look out! Oh, my God! That wasn’t a dream. It was another universe.”

“How much experience do you guys have with the Multiverse? What man? Gross. Does he look like a spider? Out of his butt? Super weird. I’m from another universe. How do you know my stomach works the same as yours? Gotta say, of the two Doctor Stranges I’ve met so far… …you’re not my favorite. Does he not know Spanish? Holy shit, you married Christine? That thing was trying to kidnap me. It’s like henchman who works for a demon. All we knew is that they wanted to take my power for themselves. I can travel the Multiverse. Mm-hmm. That’s the problem. I don’t know how. Can’t control it. Only happens when I’m really, really afraid. Well, you guys knew of this magical book of pure good that gives a sorcerer whatever they need to defeat their enemy. You’re not the Sorcerer Supreme? Other You was Sorcerer Supreme of his universe. It is. Except… we reached it. Then the demon caught up with us. I thought you’d protect me… but you didn’t. That wasn’t a dream.”

“That was his theory. America Chavez. How do I know you won’t betray me like he did.”

“So, the person you went to ask for help, and told exactly where I am, is the person that’s trying to kill me?”

“Wong, what happened?”

“You saved me. Surprised you didn’t puke. Yep. There it is. I don’t know how. Not on purpose. I can’t control my powers… this universe doesn’t have a me. None of them do. ‘Cause I’ve looked. And ’cause I never dream. What about the Book of Vishanti? Other You thought it could stop whoever was after me. We need to go find…”

“Rule number one of Multiversal travel, you don’t know anything. Rule number two, find food. Preferably pizza. Pizza balls. It was free. Food’s free in most universes, actually. It’s weird you guys have to pay for it. Crap. Maybe it’s not free here. Like he’ll stop in a few minutes?”

“Yeah, you don’t wanna get stuck in there. It’s really hard to eat. Uh… seventy-two. Seventy-three, counting this one.”

“Home. My moms. Son mis madres. You know, you were right. This is just a waste of time. Doesn’t matter. I didn’t lose them. I killed them. Okay, I opened a portal with the powers I can’t control and sent them to a random, probably deadly universe, with no way to escape. Not bad. That woman in your memory bank thing, that was Christine, right? From Other You. No, they didn’t talk anymore. He blew it. Did you blow it with your Christine? Why? More complicated than being chased by a witch through the Multiverse?”

“‘Gave his life defeating Thanos?’ If Other You’s dead, who’s Master of the Sanctum? You know him? Oh, great. Oh. Great. What do you mean? Why didn’t she do that to begin with? What was in that tea?”

“Hey! Hey! This universe sucks. Ay Dios.”

Dr. Christine Palmer

“Glass of red, please. Mm. Ah. What? For you, at my wedding? Nah. I think it was perfect. Thank you. Mm. There’s Charlie. I have to introduce you because he’s kind of… it’s embarrassing, but he’s a big fan, so… it was never gonna work out between us. Because, Stephen, you have to be the one holding the knife. And I always respected you for it, but I couldn’t love you for it. Long time. Mm. I am. I really, really am. Are you? Good. You deserve it. Yeah.”

“This is pretty fancy. Did you have to take out another student loan? So, um, got you a little something. Congratulations. Open it and see.”

“Thank you. Hello, Stephen. Miss Chavez. Uh, to answer your question, you are in a highly secure research facility. The two of you, along with your sentient cloak, are here for surveillance and testing. Well, yes. You’re visitors from another universe. Your magnetic signatures could be radioactive, you may be carrying diseases we just don’t have treatments for. Hence, these amazing polycarbonate fishing bowls. Yes. I developed those using the Sans of Nisanti. One of 838 Stephen’s magical relics. Our universe is 838, and we’ve designated yours 616. Yes. Me. I’m a senior fellow with the Baxter Foundation, and I specialize in Multiversal research.”

Baron Mordo

“I always suspected this day would come. Yes. Because you always suspected this day would come. My brother. Come in, and tell me everything about your universe.”

“And you’re quite formidable too, it seems. A Multiversal traveler. Well, thank the stars you brought Doctor Strange to safety. So she has the Darkhold? Oh, yes. We have a Darkhold in this universe, too. I guard it here in this Sanctum. We would never risk a weapon that dangerous falling into the right hands. But if your Darkhold is anything like ours, I’m afraid she can do far worse than just summon monsters to come after you here. There is a spell contained within those pages… …corrosive to the soul, a desecration of reality itself. Dreamwalking. A Dreamwalking sorcerer projects their own consciousness from their universe into another, possessing the body of an alternate self. They may puppeteer this unholy doppleganger and pursue their enemies from afar. The possession is not a permanent link between realities. But in the fleeting time they Dreamwalk, they can do irreparable damage to the universe they invade. So it may not be a demon that you face. It may be the Scarlet Witch. The Darkhold’s antithesis? It can give a sorcerer whatever power they need to vanquish their enemy. I’m sorry, Stephen. But I hope you, of all people, understand that it is not Wanda Maximoff who threatens our reality, it’s the two of you. I’m only acting as you would. She’s coming.”

Wanda’s kids

“Hey! What did I say? But we couldn’t wait. Mom, come on. We’re too old for that. You can tuck me in, Mom. Mom, I changed my mind. You can come tuck me in if you want.”

“Can we have a little more ice cream? Please. Please, please, please! A little more, please! You know who’s the best? Who? 2003 Tigers. They suck. They’re so bad they suck egg. No, they don’t. They’re the best. Doofus. Doofus 2. Triple infinity doofus. Infinity infinity googolplex quadruple doofus. Quintuple infinity… crazy doofus. Googolplex doofus. Mom? Where are you going? Can we show you something? Mom, hurry, come on! Come on, it’s important. Mom. You’ll like it. Come on. Hurry up. It’s important. Okay, so, Mom, listen to this… I’m gonna start it. No, I wanna start it. I wanna start it. I want to start! No, I want to start! Okay. Okay. You ready? Yeah. Three, two, one, go. We like ice cream Like every child should And if we get some ice cream We promise to be good. Mom! Are you okay? What?”

Christine’s husband

“Whoa. That’s incredible.”

Dr. Nic West

“Doctor Strange. Haven’t seen you in a while. So were a lot of us. While I was gone, thank you for asking, I lost both my cats… and my brother. Thank you. I, uh… I guess what keeps me up at night is wondering, did it have to happen that way? Was there any other path? Well, of course you did. The best surgeon and the best superhero. But you still didn’t get the girl.”


“Wow. It’s the masters of the Hong Kong and London Sanctums.”

Kamar-Taj 2

“It’s an honor to court death alongside you once again.”

Kamar-Taj 3

“Whatever the Sorcerer Supreme asks of us, it shall be done.”


“Extra duty men, follow me. Reinforce the shield! Fire! Take cover!”

Kamar-Taj Warrior

“Yes. But so many others were lost. No. It cannot be you.”

Wedding Attendee

“Oh, man. Look out! What is that? Dude!”

New Yorker


New Yorker 2

“Yeah, it was crazy, man.”

Avengers Fan

“Do you mind?”

Automated Voice

“Memory Lane. Replay your significant memories, now at a discounted price. We remember so you don’t forget. Memory Lane. Replay your significant memories, now at a discounted price. We remember so you don’t forget.”

America’s mother

“Para mi? Ay, que linda. Gracias. A ver, te la pongo. Mm. Tan hermosa. Te ves bella. Andale, nos van a dar otra flor. America!”

Pizza Poppa

“Hey! You didn’t pay for that. Pizza Poppa always gets paid. Relax yourself, there, Doctor Strange. Where’d you get this cape from, anyway? Oh, that feels authentic. You took this whole suit from the Strange Museum, didn’t you? You’re a taker. Why don’t you take some mustard, huh?”

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