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HBO Max original comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm drops S11E3 drops tonight.

#CurbYourEnthusiasm has not yet been renewed for a 12th season.


metacritic: 84

imdb: 8.7

emmys: 2 wins

golden globes: 1 win

SAG awards: 6 nominations

Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO Max, Home Box Office (HBO), Production Partners
Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO Max, Home Box Office (HBO), Production Partners

Larry David

Larry David navigates elderly life outside of Santa Monica, California.

Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO Max, Home Box Office (HBO), Production Partners

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series

6 nominations: 2018, 2012, 2010, 2006, 2004, 2003

Male Comedy Series

3 nominations: 2006, 2010, 2018

Best Television Actor – Musical/Comedy Series

3 nominations: 2003, 2005, 2006

“Hello? You know, I was sleeping, I don’t know what– well, I heard a noise, I woke up. No. No. Nothing. Mm-mm. What? Fence? I… honestly, I don’t know anything about– nobody told me anything about a fence. I bought the house from somebody. They didn’t… this is the way it came, nobody said anything about a fence. Am I in trouble? What does this mean? Thank you so much. Thank you.” — Larry David

“Can you believe it? Yeah. Don Jr. How do you have a name like that? Trump has really ruined it for all Don Jrs, hasn’t he? Oh, hey. You going to Albert Brooks’ funeral? He does. And I have to speak. He’s asked me to speak. Yeah. Yeah.” — Larry David

“All right. You ready for my pitch? The show is called Young Larry. It’s about my life when I was like 24, 25. I lived in Brooklyn with my parents. And my Uncle Mo lived upstairs with my grandmother. Mo was in his 70s. He pushed racks in the Garment Center. Would take the subway every day. He never spent a nickel in his life, so he had over a million dollars saved up. So, one day, Uncle Mo comes up to me, and he says… ‘I’m moving into the city… and I want you to live with me, and if you live with me, I’ll leave all my money to you.’ So, in the show, I move in with Uncle Mo. And, uh, I do everything that I can… to accelerate his… demise. Subtly. You know, like, giving him terrible food to eat, Reuben sandwiches. Making him climb up six flights of stairs, telling him the elevator’s broken. You know, things like that. Okay. Very good question. He’s a private chauffeur. He drives for an old woman. I was a private chauffeur. I drove this old lady around. She was blind. I never cleaned the car. She had no idea. So he has this huge Cadillac limousine at his disposal that he uses all the time. And I was a stand– I was trying to be a stand-up comic. So I was just starting out doing my act. You know, we’ll see him do stand-up… …when he’s not chauffering or whatever and trying to kill his uncle. Really? Ah! Oh, my God. Look at that. Purell? How about that? I’m not a Purell hoarder. Remember, the pandemic, the hoarders? Okay, you’ll find that I’m a pleasure to work with. Don’t give me any notes. That’s all. I’m not– I’m not joking. I’m not joking. It’s not a joke.” — Larry David

“Hey. Thanks for lunch. Mary Ferguson. Yeah. Leon said she has a nice place. I wish he’d move in. Yeah. I’m taking Lucy Liu. Yeah. This will be our third date. Hey. Isn’t that Dennis Zweibel? You know, he still owes me 6,000 dollars. Remember, I fronted the money for that golf trip? I better get the money now before he forgets.” — Larry David

“Hey, Dennis. Nice shirt. How’s it going? Yeah. Pretty good. Slightly awkward, but, uh… remember the golf trip six months ago? I put up money for everybody. And just a little reminder that, uh, I don’t know, you probably forget all about it but, uh, you never– you never paid the money back, so…. well, if you didn’t forget, how come– how come you didn’t pay me? Stalking you? Nothing wrong with a little reminder, is there? Rude? I’ll tell you what’s rude. Owing somebody 6,000 dollars for six months and never mentioning anything about it and not paying them back, that’s rude. What’s wrong with me? What is wrong with you? You owe somebody 6,000 dollars. You didn’t forget. and you didn’t pay them. Yeah. The shoe’s on the other foot! Everybody else paid. But not you. You decided not to pay. Yeah. Fine. Oh. Oh, I see. Oh, I’m the bad guy here. I’m sick? I’m sick? I’m not the bad guy. How– how would you– how am I the bad guy?” — Larry David

“How’s it back there? Comfortable? Yeah? Oh, you’re so funny. I got my Jews confused? She’s funny, Albert. She’s funny. Yeah. You can’t stand that the praise is going to somebody else. Okay! You’re on!” — Larry David

“Dead. Completely dead. Mm-mm. All right, can we talk about something else? By the way, expensive trip, no? Oh, my God. The guy owes me 6,000 dollars for six months. I asked him for the money. He got completely offended. I mean, how long do I have to wait? Six months, a year, ten years? When are you allowed to ask a person for their money back? I’m not the bad guy here. I didn’t do anything wrong. I loaned him the money! Oh, my God! What did I do? You plopped down on the couch. You plopped. Oh, get out of here. ‘Skinny!’ You plopped down. You don’t know how to sit on the couch. Did she plop? She plopped down on the couch and it spilled. You know what, we’ll pay for it. no, no. We will chip in. I didn’t do a fucking thing. You’re completely responsible for that stain! Sorry. Oh, my God. Total plop. From beginning to end! Yeah, I’m okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah.” — Larry David

“All right. So, uh…”

Jeff Greene, Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO Max, Home Box Office (HBO), Production Partners, Jeff Garlin

Jeff Greene

“No! Seeing that in your pool. Who expects something– I wouldn’t even have dreamed of something like that. Imagine! You know, why me? Why you? What’s in my house? Hi. Larry David, Jeff Grene to see Don Winston Jr. Don Jr. Must be horrible. I have no choice. Who throws a funeral for themselves while they’re alive? No. Oh, jeez.”

“Oh, hell yeah. Every time we sell a show that quickly, I’m buying. So you’re still going to, uh, Leon’s girlfriend’s– what’s her name? Mary Ferguson’s dinner party? Bringing anyone? Really? How many dates is this? Wow. That is Dennis Zweibel, yeah. Yeah. I paid you. Well, you know, I, uh… I heard he’s got early onset dementia. Yeah.”

“Really? Oh, like I’m gonna say. She plopped. You okay?”

Leon Black, Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO Max, Home Box Office (HBO), Production Partners, J.B. Smoove

Leon Black

“Willie Nobody. Fuck yeah, I live here. That’s my little bungalow right there.”

“So– oh, everybody, uh, announcement to me. Mary and I are going on a trip to Asia. Yeah. In a few months. In a few months. We already got our seats picked out already on the plane. Uh, reservations already home. All over that motherfucker. Everywhere. Fuck yeah, it was. Had to do a little GoFundMe. I said I’m taking my baby… my baby to Asia. Fuck yeah. I think it’s brilliant. Oh, what the fuck, Larry? Holy shit! Oh, my gosh. Shit, Larry. That’s two feeble things in a fucking row, the fucking wine, and now he walked into a fucking glass. He got one more left. I’mma drop his ass off at a nursing home.”

Susie Greene, Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO Max, Home Box Office (HBO), Production Partners, Susie Essman

Susie Greene

“That was it? And people gave you money? Isn’t it stunning? I got this at Dennis Zweibel’s jewelry store. It looks like an antique. You don’t need to ask him for money. Maybe you’re not the bad guy, but you need to learn some compassion. Wow. What did you do? I didn’t plop. You are so skinny, your arms can’t even hold a fucking glass. Puny, puny, puny. He was unsteady in his hand and it just… what? Excuse me. Excuse me. No ‘we.’ You’ll pay for it. Oh, fuck you, Albert. Yeah. Okay. Are you kidding me?”

Lucy Liu, Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO Max, Home Box Office (HBO), Production Partners

Lucy Liu

“So, Albert, uh, Larry told me that you’re having a funeral for yourself? Oh, God.”

“That’s great. I’ll come and help you. Oh, my God. What happened? Larry? That’s glass, Larry. Can you stand up on your own? Okay. So this is glass. And there’s an opening right here. Just hold my hand. Okay. There’s a step down. Step down. Yes, I had a really nice night.”

Albert Brooks, Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO Max, Home Box Office (HBO), Production Partners

Albert Brooks

“It’s perfect. You sure you don’t want me to move up? Yeah. Anti-Semitic, but funny. Pull over. I’m done. Yeah. I call it a live funeral. So in the last three years, I’ve been to five real funerals. The idea that people get together and friends get together and say wonderful things should be done to a person who can hear it. Yeah. And so it’s just a different way of thinking about it. I can’t stand that all this praise is going to somebody in a box. I will bet money this catches on.”

“How does the guy get in the pool? How does the guy get in the pool? That’s city code. And where? China? What did you tell them? You must have had a sad story? I’m gonna try it. Come on. Really. My baby has never seen a Ferrari. Please, if you wanna send us to Italy to pick it up from the factory… oh, jeez. I’m not taking sides on this. The couch is ruined. Hey, I got a great idea. Why don’t you two start a GoFundMe page? Fuck me? All right. I’m going with plop. That was very nice, Mary. Oh, my God. Is he all right?”


“Oh, it’s so nice. No. Oh, I’m great. You know what, I am so excited. I can’t believe I’m in a car with Albert Brooks, Lucy Liu, and Jerry David. I just– I can’t believe we’re all going. Oh, I got my Jews confused a little bit. You know, I’m a huge fan of Albert’s. And I haven’t had sex in a year, so I’m really excited. Oh, no, no! Right. Oh, that’s great. So what is that about? I love that idea.”

“Wait a second. So he was dead in the pool. Susie, I’ve been looking at your bracelet since I got here. Can I… oh, it’s incredible. I don’t know. Nine months?”

Mary Ferguson

“That’s right. It’s actually a law. In Santa Monica, you have to have a fence. Yeah. Gosh. Look, I’m gonna go check on dinner, okay? What in the world? It’s gonna stain. It’s gonna stain. Okay. Look. Everybody, look, there’s dinner outside on the patio, let’s have a good time. Okay?”

Don Winston Jr.

“So, how does he try to kill him? Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, Young Larry, what’s going on in his life right now? Like, what is he doing? Thank you. Oh, that’s really interesting. Sure. Wow. I love this. I think this is great. I think we wanna do the show. And we’re in. Yes, in! I’m good for now. Hell yeah. Nasty people. Terrible. They’re like horse thieves in the old West, aren’t they? That’s great.”

Dennis Zweibel

“Oh, hey, Larry. Great. How are you? Yeah? Uh-huh. I didn’t forget. What are you– what are you doing? Like, are you, like, stalking me? It’s just– it’s rude. That’s all. Yeah. What? What’s rude? What’s wrong with you? I think the question is what’s wrong with you? Yes, you. You’d like to walk around and… is that how you see the world? You walk around the world and go… …’oh, there’s a guy that owes me money.’ ‘There’s a guy that doesn’t owe me money.’ ‘This guy might owe me money.’ ‘Maybe I’ll loan him money.’ I know I owe you money. When I see you at the club, I’ll write you a check. And then you’ll have your money, and it will be wonderful. You’re sick. You have– you need help. Yeah. You need help.”

Netflix Executive

“Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Netflix Executive 2

“Uh-huh. Wow. Wow.”

Netflix Executive 4

“Oh, God! Okay! Yeah?”

Netflix Reception

“Hi, welcome to Netflix. Great. Just give me one sec. Oh, my God. All right, Larry. Jeff. Thank you. Elevators are to your right. Thank you.”


“So it looks like what happened is this individual broke into your home, burglarized it, and in apparent attempt to escape, tripped, hit his head, and fell into the pool and drowned. All right. And when you came outside, did you see or hear anyone? All right. And, sir, your name is? All right. And you also live on the property? Okay, and I see you don’t have your fence up around the perimeter of the pool, is there a reason for that? Santa Montica City Ordinance 8.12.150 says you must have a fence around the perimeter of your pool of at least five feet at all times. You seem like a decent guy, so I’m gonna give you a pass, but get the fence put in.”

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