Usual Suspects

ITV / BBC America original crime drama #Broadchurch drops S3E5 in North America this Wednesday.

#Broadchurch season 3 will conclude the series.

rottentomatoes: 93%

metacritic: 91

imdb: 8.4

BAFTA: 4 wins

Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, NetflixBroadchurch, BBC America, ITV, NetflixBroadchurch, BBC America, ITV, NetflixBroadchurch, BBC America, ITV, NetflixBroadchurch, BBC America, ITV, NetflixEliie Miller, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, Olivia Colman Eliie Miller, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, Olivia ColmanELLIE MILLER

Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller’s husband Joe murders a local 11-year old boy Danny Latimer via asphyxiation following a strain in their relationship.  She is put on the case under DI Alec Hardy.  Despite confessing, a jury of 12 peers fails to convict him.

Eliie Miller, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, Olivia ColmanTelevision | Actress in 2014

1 win: 2014

“First day back at work, ask me later.”

Quote1Morning!  Hi!  Hiya, morning!  Hi!  I’m back!  Thank you very much.  Quite right, too!  Dom, I got you lung busters, against my better judgement.  Nish, look, vodka, black label.  Not at all.  Anna, I got you lip gloss, for all your kissing.  Mike, moisturizer.  Give that lovely face a lift!  And I got you a little cuddly penguin, Frank, I know how you get lonely.  Come on then, what’s all the gossip?Quote2 — Ellie Miller

“What’s the news?  What?  You said it would wait till I got back from leave.  You said I was a shoo-in!  That’s why I took three weeks.  Christ!  Who?  Who got it?  A man?  What happened to ‘This area needs a female DI?’  What happened to ‘I’ve got your backing?’  Wait, why do I know that name?  Are you kidding me?  When does he start?” — Ellie Miller

Quote1After all she said !  I mean, what’s the bloody point?  Shall I just walk out, clear my desk and go?  No, I know.  But you should’ve seen me, I was so happy coming back.  I’m in here!  I’ve got to go.Quote2 — Ellie Miller

“Oh, God.  No, no, no.  No, I’m police.  Oh, God.  I know him, he lives here.  He has tea at my house, he’s my boy’s best friend.  Oh, God, Beth.  Does Beth know?  No, you don’t understand.  I know that boy.  Shut it off?  I know.  You got my job.  You don’t even know who he is.  Danny, Daniel Latimer.  Eleven years old.  Goes to school with my boy, Tom.  His family live here, dad’s a local plumber.  He wouldn’t do that.  No.  There are others.  There’s one three miles west, there’s another one further inland.  He’s not that type of kid.  No, Beth.  Get off the beach!  Beth, you can’t be… Gary!  You can’t be here!  Stop, get her off the beach!  Get away from here!” — Ellie Miller

Quote1It’s the coastal path, people know to be careful.  What do you mean?  You mean he didn’t fall?  See?  Not Danny.  Just keep walking.  I told you, don’t do that!  There will be a statement, Oliver.Quote2 — Ellie Miller

“Sir, I can lead this with the family.  I know them.  This is my first.  You don’t know how I work.  Okay.  I haven’t.” — Ellie Miller

Quote1Beth had Chloe, their eldest daighter, when she was 15 and Mark was 17.  Mum and daughter were at home watching telly, they say they didn’t leave the house until school the next morning.  Dad was out on an emergency call-out, he’s a plumber, he got in around 3:00.  Neither parent thought to check on Danny.  Gran lives nearby, she was in all evening, the other Gran lives in Wales.Quote2 — Ellie Miller

“What did Jenkinson want?  The Chief Super.  I saw you walking with her.  I did!  You were having 99s!  No.  Tomorrow.  I’ll tell him tonight.  Sir, do you mind not calling me Miller?  I don’t really like the surname thing.  I prefer Ellie.  Jack, we need to ask you a few questions.  Danny didn’t turn up for his round this morning?  Did he often miss his round?  How was Danny yesterday?  Did you notice anything on his mind in the last couple of weeks?” — Ellie Miller

Quote1Beth, this is not your fault.  Whatever happened, this is not down to you.Quote2 — Ellie Miller

“Yeah, I’ll be better once I’ve eaten something.  Do you want anything?  Do you think other kids are in danger?” — Ellie Miller

Quote1Hello?  I can’t talk to you.  This isn’t appropriate, Oliver.  I did not confirm that!  This is not a confirmation.  Olly!  Answer my bloody calls Oliver!  I did not confirm that!  You cannot speculate about this incident.  Are we clear?Quote2 — Ellie Miller

“I think it might have been me.  He’d seen Danny’s sister leaving something at the beach, I didn’t tell him anything.  I told him not to publish.  He’s a little shit.  I’ll read the riot act, and I’ll explain to the family.  Shit, shit, shit, shit!  Hi, Nick.” — Ellie Miller

Quote1I used to do the same with Tom.  I swear.  ‘Course he did.  He was a beautiful boy, Beth.  You don’t deserve this.Quote2 — Ellie Miller

“Look at you!  Still up!  And eating yoghurt!  You love yoghurt, especially wearing it.  I’m only here for a shower, I’ve got to get back.  How was your day?  Or shouldn’t I ask?  Where’s Tom?  Does he know?  Don’t know yet.  I’ll go up and tell him in a minute.  It’s not all right.  I saw him lying there.  I don’t think I can do this.” — Ellie Miller

Quote1You know Danny wasn’t at school today?  Tom, sweetheart… Danny died.  I’m so sorry.  I don’t know yet.  He was found on the beach early this morning.  Yeah.  So, look, when… when someone dies unexpectedly, it leaves a big hole.  And it’s all right to feel sad or to have to cry, okay?  Yeah.  Is there anything you want to tell me now?  Was Danny all right?  I think a hug’s a good idea.  You know I love you more than anything.  Even more than chocolate.  I’ll be just downstairs.  Don’t be embarrassed to have that cry.Quote2 — Ellie Miller

“Different suit?  Look at this.  CCTV from the town center, last night.  It matches his clothes and his height.  And that looks like his skateboard.  He wasn’t abducted.  And where’s his skateboard.  Oh, another thing.  I was checking through the list of belongings recovered from Danny’s body and at home, and there’s no mobile phone.  He definitely had one, ’cause he and Tom, my son, had the same model.  Virtually identical.  No.” — Ellie Miller

“How’re you doing, lovely?  You had nightmares.  We couldn’t make it out.  You said ‘Danny’ at one point.  Yeah, at some point.  But, not today, I don’t think.  Unless you can think of anything that might help us.  I don’t think so.” — Ellie Miller

Quote1Morning.  We got you a coffee.  ‘Course you don’t.  Frank said you were out at the cliffs.  We’ve got five uniform allocated, two probationers, one who can’t drive, and one who’d never taken a statement before last night.  It’s a summer weekend.  You’ve got three music festivals and two sporting events within 100 miles, so all the officers are attached to them until Monday.  We’re getting more phone lines put in.  SOCO are at work on the beach, it’s going to be a long one.  Oh, we’re still going through the Latimer house.  Sir, are you listening?  We’ve managed to find a Family Liaison Officer, I’m gonna take him over the the Latimers.  Oh.  And Jack Marshall, owns the paper shop, rang in.  He said he’d remembered something.  You’re welcome.Quote2 — Ellie Miller

“Um, they’re elimination prints.  So as to rule out your prints from anything we might find here or anywhere else.  Did anyone sleep?  No.  So, um, Pete, will be you Family Liaison Officer.  Um, it’s his job to keep you up-to-date with the investigation, answer your questions, or talk to you about any questions we might have.  It’s a very specialized job.  Pete’s just completed his training.  The best thing I can do is to find who killed Danny, and I will.  That has to wait, I’m afraid.  Until we have the person responsible in custody, Danny’s… his boy is… oh, God.  I’m sorry I have to talk about it like this.  It’s the most valuable piece of evidence we have.  We can’t allow him to be buried until we’re sure we’ve found the right person, and we’ve got enough evidence to convict them.  Not yet.  I’m sorry.  No, I understand, I really do.  Oh, right.  These are all your friends.  Excuse me.  You’re kidding.  Bloody hell.  Not yet.  It was in your room.  Do you deal it?  If you don’t use it, and you don’t deal it, did someone leave you holding it?  And you’re protecting that person.  Oh, we’ll tell your mum that.  Chloe, possession of a class A drug is a criminal offense.  Dealing a class A drug is a criminal offense.  That is dealing!  Look, you won’t get in trouble if you tell me the truth.  Who gave you the cocaine?  At the hotel?  And where did the money come from?  Oh, Chloe, don’t get smart.  Why is Becca Fisher giving a 15-year-old girl cocaine?” — Ellie Miller

Quote1Chloe Latimer says you supplied her with a wrap of cocaine.  Why would she say that if it’s not true?  Where did Chloe get it from?  We will have to process the offense.Quote2 — Ellie Miller

“Cocaine though.  It must be a one-off.  They’re not that type of family.  Chloe’s not that type of girl.  No, I live here.  We don’t have these problems.  A couple of arrests for possession every month on the estate, but no more than that.  Are you just making one for yourself?” — Ellie Miller

“What’re you doing?   Hope so.  Clean desk policy, Frank.” — Ellie Miller

Quote1And did you work the route last month?  Did you ever see Danny Latimer?  And did you ever talk to him?  I’m thinking particularly the last week in June.  That’s it.  Just hello?  You didn’t ever have a conversation with him?  Where were you Thursday night?  We’re gonna need the names of all those you were with.  Oh, it’s just to rule things out.  Nothing to worry about.  All right, thanks, Kevin.  Bye.  Don’t say what?  Why not?  Can I just say, you can’t just rock up here and try to mold me.  I know what I’m doing, and I know how to handle people.  And you can keep your broody bullshit shtick to yourself.Quote2 — Ellie Miller

“Thai was closed, chippie was the only place open.  You don’t eat fish and chips?  What kind of a Scot are you?  It’s all there is.  Eat or be hungry.” — Ellie Miller

Quote1Hey!  Hey!  I thought I’d sneak literally five minutes.  How is everyone?  Fine.  I can’t talk about it.  I just want to see my kids.Quote2 — Ellie Miller

“What is it?  When is this?  He said he was out on a call, what’s he doing?  How do you know?  No.  Apparently they just use the one tape and rerecord over it to save money.  Are you done?  Why?  Told by who?  And state your address for the tape.  Did the message happen before or after you were allocated by your company to install extra phone lines here?  Did you ever meet Danny Latimer?  Do you know the family?  Do you have any concrete evidence relating to the death of Danny Latimer?  Interview terminated at 6:17 p.m.  What did he mean about the pendant?  Do you know?  What are you going to do now?  Danny’s social network profiles from his hard drive.  They’ve just come through, all his posts.  3rd of May.  ‘Going to get a lock on my door.  Keep all this crap out.’  7th of May.  ‘She’s totally having sex with Dean.’  12th of May.  ‘Dead dad, remember me?  I’m the one you used to play with?’  12th of May.  ‘I know what he’s doing.'” — Ellie Miller

Quote1Danny was killed here?  Killed here, and then moved two miles down the coast to where we found him.  Why would anyone do that?  I’m at the hut.  SOCO think it’s where Danny was killed.  We found his prints and some blood.  Yeah.  The whole place has been cleaned.  But we’ve also found another set of prints by the sink.  I messaged them through to run a match against elimination prints.  They belong to Mark Latimer.Quote2 — Ellie Miller

“Am I too rustly?  Well, it’s freezing.  Long weekend working, big day ahead.  I thought a thermos would help.  What?  Can you not talk about it like that, please?  A boat would leave no tracks.  you could moor it on the shore, leave a body, and the evidence would be washed away.  9:00.  Sir, I can’t believe he’s capable of this.  There’s any number of reasons why his prints could be in that hut.” — Ellie Miller

Quote1Brilliant.  Yeah, cheers.  Bye.  We’re all here when you’re ready, sir.  I can’t.  I’ve never done that.  Good morning.  I’m, uh… welcome.  I’m Ellie, DS Miller.  Uh… so, we’ve got a lot to get through, um, and we’re already behind.  Because of the weekend.  And not having the resources.  Which are here now.  Which are you.  So, um… so, you know, we just need to… to hit the ground running.  right, priorities today, house-to-house enquiries, CCTV retrieval, technical data retrieval from phones, and alibi follow-ups.  And on top of that, we’ve had a lot of information in, so we need to sift through that.  Okay, thank you.  Don’t ever do that to me again!  Because I’m not running to arrest Mark Latimer, I get thrown to the lions?  Don’t harangue me!  God, you’re such a…Quote2 — Ellie Miller

“We’ll check with Nige.  Do you understand what it’d do to that family, this town, if it was Mark?  I know.” — Ellie Miller

“That’s cheered you up.” — Ellie Miller

Quote1These are my friends, people I’ve known all my life.  We can’t let them down.Quote2 — Ellie Miller

“You should’ve let her tell him.  I don’t believe Nigel is capable of killing Danny.  And there’s your view of the world.  I don’t know how you sleep.” — Ellie Miller


Chief Superintendent Elaine Jenkinson

“Ellie!  Welcome back.  Can I have a quick word?  We’ve given the job to someone else.  I know it’s a disappointment… the situation changed.  DI Alec Hardy.  Alex Hardy has a lot of experience… he was in charge of the Sandbrook murders.  Last week.” — Elaine Jenkinson

“Given the nature of this case it probably makes sense for you to hand it on to another lead officer.  It’s nothing to do with your ability.  We just don’t want Sandbrook to become a thing.  Alec, you came down here to lie low.  But in terms of public perception, you may be vulnerable.  I’m giving you the chance to step back.  Nobody would blame you.” — Elaine Jenkinson

“I’m going to hand over now to our, Senior Investigating Officer, DI Alec Hardy.  What advice do you have for the people in the town, particularly parents?” — Elaine Jenkinson

Alec Hardy, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, David Tennant
Alec Hardy, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, David Tennant


Alec Hardy, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, David Tennant

Alec Hardy, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, David Tennant“We’ll be in touch.  Too good for it, are you?  Just got a call.  Coast guard reported something down by the shore.  Oh, God, don’t do this to me.  Come on.  Off the beach.  Hey, this area is off limits as of now.  Calm down, DS Miller.  Shut it off.  Be professional.  You’re working a case now.  Alec Hardy.  Really?  You want to do that now?  Tell me!  Is this a suicide spot?  Answer the question.  Find out where SOCO are.  We have to move fast or that tide’ll be in.  Oh, God, who’s that?  No, come on, come on.  Get off the beach.” — Alec Hardy

Quote1Do they let people walk along here, no safety barriers?  It’s a death trap.  How’s it going?  Get on that pathologist, tell him to hurry up, even if it is just preliminary.  Who’s that?  He seems to know you.  No statements now.Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“Are they all in there?  No.  How many deaths like this have you worked?  You can’t make it better.  Don’t try.  Most likely premise is abduction.  Was he taken?  If so, who by?  Watch them.  Every movement.  Anything doesn’t make sense, you tell me.  Don’t look at me like that.” — Alec Hardy

Quote1Morning.  Morning.  I’m Detective Inspector Alec Hardy, and you know DS Miller.  Why don’t you take a seat, we just need to talk about something.  Sit down here.  I’ll get a chair.  Don’t worry, I can get it.  The body of a young boy was found… we believe it’s Danny’s body.Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“We don’t know yet.  Can you think why he might’ve been up on the cliffs last night or this morning?  How was Danny over the past few days?  And you last saw him when?  Anyone see Danny this morning?  Any signs of force entry or disturbance around the house?” — Alec Hardy

Quote1Was Danny Latimer abducted?  Did someone gain access to the house, if so, how?  If it wasn’t forced entry, who has the key?  We need to collect any CCTV from a mile radius around the house.  Miller, the family, who are they and where were they?  Until we’re ready, all of this remains confidential.  No gossip, you understand?  Right, go on.Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“No.  I was completely exonerated.  I came to do whatever the job requires.  This happened a stone’s throw from your station.  I’ve met your team, no one’s as qualified as me.  Sandbrook doesn’t make me vulnerable, it makes me the best man for the job.  You want to stop me, you’re welcome to try.  Thanks for the 99.” — Alec Hardy

Quote1Jenkinson?  No.  Miller, your son went to school with Danny.  Does he know yet?  I’ll need to talk to him.  Why?  Ellie.  Ellie.  No.  You married?Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“What do you have?  Any sexual violence?  Time of death?  Thank you.” — Alec Hardy

Quote1We have some preliminary findings.  We are treating Danny’s death as suspicious.  We think he may have been killed.  I promise, we will find the person responsible.  You have my word.Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“You okay?  No.  Don’t know.  Maybe.” — Alec Hardy

“For God’s sake!  Bloody twitter!  These people’s lives have been destroyed.  And now our incompetence has made it worse.  Think what we have to do now to rebuild trust there.  Who told the journalist?  Your nephew?  Go away.” — Alec Hardy

Quote1This is a short statement to confirm that the body of an 11-year-old child was found on Harbor Cliff beach at Broadchurch.  The body was subsequently identified as Daniel Latimer, who lived in the town.  We are treating the death as suspicious.  Our investigations are continuing, and there’l be a full briefing later this evening.  We ask that the media respect the family’s privacy at this time.  Thank you very much.Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“Hi.  Yeah.  I don’t know.  I’m going up.  Stay out of my way.” — Alec Hardy

Quote1Press conference in 10 minutes.  Is that Danny?  He snuck out.  Why?  Where was he going?  Who was he meeting?  Yeah.  But it isn’t there?  Check with the family.  Good.Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“The crime rate in this area is one of the lowest in the country.  This is a terrible anomaly.  We are in the early moments of what might be a complex investigation.  Danny’s life touched many people, and we’ll be looking at all those connections.  If you or someone you know has any information, has noticed anything unusual, please come forward now.  Um, I’d urge everyone, don’t hide anything.  Because we will find out.  If a member of your family, or a friend, or a neighbor has been behaving differently in the past days or weeks, please tell the police immediately.  There will be no hiding place for Danny’s killer.  We will catch whoever did this.” — Alec Hardy

Quote1I know.  You came to the briefing last night.  You’re astonishing.  I don’t drink coffee.  I walked Danny’s paper round.  There’s a hut on Briar Cliff.  Mile and  a half along the coast from where Danny’s body was found.  Find out who owns it and the car park below.  Collect the CCTV from the camera there.  How’re we doing on the house-to-house?  And that’s all they’ve given us?Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“Don’t tell the family.  Uniform are moaning they’re having to take calls.  Clear desk policy end of the day, yeah?  Danny’s skateboard.  Danny’s mobile.  Priority.  Also, main suspects.  You know this town, who’s the most likely?  If the boy was killed before he was left on the beach.  Where’s the murder scene?  What’re you doing now?” — Alec Hardy

Quote1You said you’d remembered something about seeing Danny.  What was he doing?  You’re certain it was the postman?  Can you describe him for me?Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“Did her brother have anything to do with it?  Fix a time to come down to the station, make a formal statement.  Nobody ever is.  Miller.  Postman.  Come on.” — Alec Hardy

Quote1Or an argument?  Don’t say that.  No need to worry.  Don’t reassure people.  Let them talk.Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“What’s that?  I can’t eat that.  Postman’s alibi is confirmed, four times.  He was with his mates all night, the night Danny was killed.  Do we have any reason to disbelieve the postman?  How’s Marshall’s eyesight?  Does he have any reason to lie?  And do we think that the money and the drugs from the house are connected?  Is that cash for the supply of cocaine?” — Alec Hardy

Quote1Hello again.  DI Alec Hardy, Wessex police.  Anthony Ryan, who owns the hut up on Briar Cliff said you held the keys.  He said he’d phone ahead and let you know to have the keys ready.  Well, I need the keys.  Just want to look inside the place.  Routine.  I’ll have the keys back with you as soon as we’re done.  Sure.  Let me know if there’s anything of interest.Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“Miller!  CCTV from the car park below the hut.  Mark Latimer.  The night Danny snuck out of his bedroom.  Waiting for someone.  I don’t.  But I bet I”m right  Tape’s run out.  Is there another one?  Bollocks!  What’re you saying?  Oh, for God’s sake, who let you in?  Oh, come on, I want to get you out.  And who told you this?  Where’d you get this from?” — Alec Hardy

Quote1Where’s that?  And you’re saying Danny Latimer wants us to know that he was put in a boat before he died?  And I want you to know that nothing offends me more then cranks wasting police time.  Amazing.  I love this, the phone engineer who hears voices from the dead.  Oh, you’re a reluctant psychic.  A child has died.  And you come in with this self-indulgent horseshit.  You know what happens around a murder, Mr. Connelly?  A whole industry grows up, of groupies and rubberneckers and people who want to touch the case.  You’re just the first.  Don’t let me see you around here again.  Get him out.Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“Every big case, these people come crawling out the woodwork.  He has the bloody nerve to come in our office!  Check his details, find out who he is, rule him out, just to be sure.  Mark Latimer lied to us about where he was that night.  See you later.  Right.  Anything else?” — Alec Hardy

Quote1Um…  Thursday night, the night Danny went missing, where were you?  How long did that take?  No.  There was no callout.  We have CCTV footage of the car park at the top of Briar Cliff.  You were there at 7:30.  Well.  Checking CCTV in the area.  Now, what did you do that night?  The first thing we do is eliminate people from the investigation.  You tell me where you were, who you were with, how long for.  I can eliminate you from suspicion.  It’s entirely methodical.  You don’t give me those facts, I can’t eliminate you.  And if I can’t eliminate you, you’re a person of interest.  I’m sure this is all very straightforward.  What time?  What’s your mate’s name?  Sorry?  You can’t remember the name of your friend?  Where did you go?  You think?  This was three days ago.  And is there any reason you wouldn’t want to tell me the name of your mate?  This is only about who killed Danny.  Nothing else.  When you came in, you went straight to bed?  Can your wife confirm what time you came back?  Mark, who you met.  It’s a big gap in your recollection.  Sorry.  What?  Right.  Anything else?Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“What’s that?  It makes no sense.  The body found at the bottom of Harbour Cliff.  Why move him there?  Why not just throw him off here?  Perfectly good cliff to chuck a body over.  Any boats gone missing recently?  What time’s Mark Latimer coming in?  Look at the evidence in front of you, and stop behaving like you’re his bloody solicitor.” — Alec Hardy

Quote1You do it.  In you go.  Very inspiring.  Hey, you didn’t mention how we can all discount Mark Latimer, or your own exhaustive list of suspects.  We need to interview your son.  You should have an appropriate adult, not you, obviously.  Relative, maybe?  Latimer’s downstairs.  We should start.Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“It’s more that you tried to lie.  And Thursday night, you were with a mate?  But yesterday, you could not remember the name of that mate… okay.  So, you couldn’t remember the name of the man that you work with all day?” — Alec Hardy

Quote1You know where this is?  Ever been there?  When you say a weekend or two back… if it’s a rental property, who called you out?  Just you or your mate Nige?  Mark, do you own a boat?Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“A boat, prints at the murder scene and an alibi made up overnight.  Ask Pete what Mark told Beth about Thursday night.  See if it marries up.  And while we check, Mark stays here.  What are you looking for here, Miller, an easy answer to this?  The least pain?  It won’t work like that.  Do you?  Really?” — Alec Hardy

Quote1100 quid says that’s the boat they used and those hairs belong to Danny Latimer.  They’re panicking, Miller.  Panicking’s fantastic, that is exactly what we want.  Starting to show themselves.  I’ll tell you what else, they’re an amateur, they haven’t done this before.  That’s too clumsy, burning the boat like that and so soon.  That’s a big mistake they’ve made.  That’s like oxygen to us.  Breathe it in, Miller, we’re getting somewhere.Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“Um, it’s too early to talk about specific types of evidence.  You have to understand the work that is going on there.  Every grain of sand has to be gone through.  Every cigarette butt or stray hair, shard of plastic, fingernail, toenail, piece of skin, has to be tested.  We will do everything we can to limit the effect on your livelihoods, but my priority is to a thorough and efficient investigation.” — Alec Hardy

Quote1A mistake was made.  A big mistake.  I don’t want to talk about it.  We won’t.Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“He’s a suspect.  He was seen with the body.  The information that I gave him has bearing on the witness who was accusing him.  Everyone we have interviewed is capable.  It just takes the right circumstances.  Who says I sleep?  Have you seen this?” — Alec Hardy

Quote1Things fall apart.Quote2 — Alec Hardy

“I’m sorry.  I apologize for any error of judgement.” — Alec Hardy


Beth Latimer, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, Jodie WhittakerBeth Latimer, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, Jodie WhittakerBETH LATIMER

“Oh, God.  Why didn’t yo wake me?  I don’t remember.  All the clocks have stopped in the whole house.  You haven’t.  If I have to, you have to.  Doesn’t she?  She hasn’t.  Have you seen Danny?  He forgot his packed lunch.” — Beth Latimer

“Can you see Danny?  I can’t see him.  Hey, your choice.  Stay here, or get on to your own school.  I love you very much.  And if you remember how to smile, give it a go for me, would you?  Hiya.  Oh, I thought he was here.  Well, did you do the register?” — Beth Latimer

“Danny, it’s mum.  So, you’re not at school.  Can you give me a call straight away, sweetheart?  I just want to know where you are.  Jack, it’s Beth.  Danny did his paper round this morning, right?  Oh, okay, did he ring?  No, no, no, it’s fine, it’s just… just not quite sure where he is, that’s all.  Come on.  Mark, it’s me.  Right me now.  Tom!  Tom!  Danny didn’t say he was going anywhere this morning, did he?  It’s all right.  He’s not in trouble.  Okay, thank you.  Just give me a call if he shows up.” — Beth Latimer

“Oh, come on.  What’s going on?  Oh, God.  What is it?  What’ve you found?  Let me see, let me see!  Those are Danny’s trainers.  Those are Danny’s trainers!  Oh, Ellie!  No!  Danny!” — Beth Latimer

“It’s Danny, isn’t it?  I saw his shoes.  Please, Ellie.  Was it him?” — Beth Latimer

“Was it an accident?  Did he fall?  He wouldn’t have been.  He didn’t have any reason to be.  He’s been just normal.  I looked in on him abut 9:00 last night.  He was lying in bed, reading.  No.  He’s up and out before anyone else, hes got a paper round.  But he didn’t turn up for that.” — Beth Latimer

“Oh!  I should’ve checked on him before I went to bed.  If I’d checked… our little boy.” — Beth Latimer

“It’s got all his stuff on it.  What?  Why’ve they done that?  Nobody told us this was going to happen.  Aren’t they supposed to consult?  How do you know, anyway?” — Beth Latimer

“Thanks for bringing me.  I used to come down here when he was a baby. Middle of the day, just me and him.  I’d pick him up and dip him in the waves.  His little fat legs, they’d be all wet.  God he loved it, he’d laugh like mad.  Does he know?  Promise me, Ellie, because… I don’t know your boss from Adam, and me and you go back, the boys go back.  I’m counting on you to get them caught.  He did know, didn’t he?  That I loved him.  I just feel like I’m very far away from myself.” — Beth Latimer

“Why didn’t you look in on him last night?  You always look in on him when you come to bed.  Why didn’t you see that he was gone?  where were you last night?” — Beth Latimer

“Why can’t you do that?  No offense.  But you know us.  So we can’t have him back?  Give her the piece of paper.  We made a list.  People who might have done it.  We know.” — Beth Latimer

“Where’s the crisps?  Why’s there no crisps?  I do.  Where do you think?  Out!  I’m going to the shop, that’s all.  I want to go myself.  Mum.  Stop smothering me!  Sorry.  You can’t.” — Beth Latimer

“Hey!  I was watching that.  Where you going?  Mark!  Mark!  Mark!  Well don’t just stand there, get after him!” — Beth Latimer

“I’m pregnant.  I only found out about two weeks ago.  It’s complicated.  No.  Not now.  And don’t you go telling her either.  Can you stop asking me bloody questions?  I don’t know if I believe in God.  Thank you.” — Beth Latimer

“Just on the loo.  Fine.  Look at all this food.  It just keeps arriving.” — Beth Latimer

“I have to keep busy.  I hate being shut up in the house.  I like to be out.  Mark says I’m like  dog, I need walking twice daily.  It’s Danny’s shampoo, I keep trying not to look at it.  Do you think I should throw it away?  What happens now?  We gave them a list of suspects.  How far have they got?  He was out.  I don’t know.  I was asleep.  That’s what he said.  No.” — Beth Latimer

“Oh, don’t be a wanker, Mark.” — Beth Latimer

“I looked in on him around 9:00 that night.  We’d all had tea together just after 6:00.  Mark had gone out.  Me and Chloe were watching telly.  Danny was in his bedroom.  Had music on.  I told him he had till 9:30 then he had to go to bed.  No.  Nothing.  There was nothing to make me think , I… I replay that moment every day.  Shutting the door on him, all the things I didn’t ask.  How it would have been different if I’d been a better parent.” — Beth Latimer

Mark Latimer, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, Andrew BuchanMark Latimer, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, Andrew BuchanMARK LATIMER

“Here you go.  I did.  You told me to piss off.  I do.  It’s probably just a fuse.  Not getting involved.  Morning, Liz.  Love you zillions.  Er, oi! I’ve gotta go, I’m late meeting Nige.  No, he’d already gone.  All right, I’m late.” — Mark Latimer

“All right, you lot?  How’s it going, all right?  Sports day isn’t it, Tom?  You show ’em what you got.  Yeah, definitely, I’ll text you later.  Bye, Joe.  Sorry!  Where were you for five-a-side last Tuesday?  No excuses next time, eh?  Morning, ladies!  Hey.  Morning, Ol.  Beautiful weather, eh?  How’s your mum doing, is she all right?  Pass her my love, won’t you?  No, no.  All right, Maggie?  I’ve got your ad renewal for you there, Mag.  Sorry, no one’s perfect, eh?  Lovely morning for you.  All right, Becca?  Your hotel started that tradesman’s discount yet?  Class?  I’m all class, me.  You’re late.  There’s all them lovely tourist girls, Nige, ripe for your picking.  How about you just drive?” — Mark Latimer

“Yeah.  Let him finish.  Plenty of those kids have those shoes.  Sorry.  You talk.  Hey.  Hey.  It’s all right.  Hey, hey, hey.  Hey!  Well, he obviously was.  He didn’t kill himself, if that’s what you’re suggesting.  He wouldn’t kill himself.  He knows he can talk to us about anything.  No, nothing.  I want to see the body.  You might be wrong about it being him.  So I want to be sure.  I want to see.  How many times you done this, Elle?  All right, Trev.  No.  I’m in a bit of a rush, mate.  I dunno, mate.  I’ll see how it goes, eh?” — Mark Latimer

“All this way I thought it wouldn’t be him.  My Danny.  Can I touch him, Elle?  Why him, eh, yeah?  He’s only little, isn’t he?  He’s just my little boy, isn’t he?  Listen, boy.  Er… I’m sorry that I, er… I wasn’t there for you.  And, uh… you’re my boy, Danny, and I let you down.  And I’m so, so sorry.  I love you zillions, superstar.  I always will.” — Mark Latimer

“Known what?  I keep thinking he’s going to walk back in.  Every time my phone goes, I think it’s Danny.  Beth… why didn’t you?  I told you.  I was on a job.” — Mark Latimer

“Is this necessary?  When do we start arranging the funeral?” — Mark Latimer

“Enjoy your moment of glory, did you?  We don’t need you.  We don’t need your support.  Your God left my son for dead!  Too slow, mate.  What am I, a suspect?” — Mark Latimer

“On a call-out.  Call came through, I don’t know, early evening, about half 6:00, old family’s system had packed in, you know?  Most of the night.  It was a nightmare boiler.  So I was there pretty late.  Uh… so you’re snooping on me now?  In the murder of my own son? I met a mate.  You know, we drove off otgether, and then he dropped me back at the car park and I came home.  3:00 or 4:00 in the morning.  Maybe. I can’t remember.  I think we just had a drive around.  Bite to eat.  Bit of a drink, you know.  Yeah, and a lot’s happened since then.  Um… It’ll come back to me.  I’m just knackered.  I haven’t been sleeping, you know, all the stuff on the news.  Heads not straight.  Yeah.  Uh, no.  She was asleep.” — Mark Latimer

“Hey, mate.  Hey, it’s all right.  It’s all right, I’m here.  Come here.  Come here.  There we go, eh?  I’m so sorry, mate.” — Mark Latimer

“You okay?  What do we do with it all?  Just routine.  For them, at least.  It’s all right.  It’s all right.  I’ll be back in two ticks.  Nothing to worry about.” — Mark Latimer

“Sorry about yesterday afternoon.  What with everything I don’t know, I was  a little bit hazy when you were asking me all those questions.  I was just confused, I suppose.  All the days are blending into one, you know.  The boiler that I said I’d done, that Wednesday night.  You know how it is.  Yeah, I was, yeah.  It was Nige, who I work with.  Just the shock, I suppose, doing funny things.  Yeah, you go ahead, Elle.  Yeah, that’s the rental place on Briar Cliff, ain’t it?  Yeah, I was there a weekend or two back.  It was a burst pipe.  I don’t know, three at the outside.  Nicky, who does our paperwork for us, she’d have the exact date on the old invoice.  She’s away with the kids this week, though.  I don’t know.  This woman.  I can’t remember her name.  I picked the keys up from her at the caravan park.  No, just me.  It was an emergency call out.  They were all worried about getting the place flooded or something.  Nige was away with his mum.  Yeah.” — Mark Latimer

“I did not kill my son!” — Mark Latimer

“I’m glad it looks that way.  Yeah, I reckon I tried everything, mate.  Yoga, boxing, meditating even.  And as for all that bloody counseling… God knows how long I’ve spent talking about it, writing diaries, drawing bloody pictures of my emotional state.  None of it’s even touched the sides.  But there’s one thing I think about all the time.  I can’t get it off my head, and it’s how we got it wrong.  Joe Miller.  You know, we should have just thrown him over that cliff while we had the chance, mate.  But we were merciful, weren’t we?  We — yeah, we did what good people do.  But if… if I could go back and change it three years, then I would.  ‘Cause he’s out there, isn’t he?  Still… living… and free.  You know?  And after all the talking and all the counseling, this anger, it’s not going anywhere.  It’s getting worse.” — Mark Latimer

Joe Miller, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, Matthew GravelleJoe Miller

“Here’s mummy!  Are things bad?  Need a hug?  Ah, second go at tea.  First one, bit of an apocalypse.  Wasn’t it, Fred?  And I’m still smiling!  In bed.  No, I got the text.  I kept him away from it all.  Do you know what happened?  Should we be worried?  For other kids?  how’s the new boss?  Come here.  It’s all right.  Come here.  You can.” — Joe Miller

“You were shouting in your sleep.” — Joe Miller

“Hello.  I’m sure it’s just a shower, we’ll go to the playground later.  I got you a hot chocolate.  Come on.  Let’s just have a bit of time doing something normal.  You are safe.  Okay?  Me and your mum will protect you.  This is a terrible, unspeakable thing that’s happened.  But nothing like it will ever happen again here.  All right, Trev.  Trev.  You all right?” — Joe Miller

Olly Stevens, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, Jonathan BaileyOliver Stevens

“Survived sports day!  Not only that, coffees!  That’s three shots.  So Reg didn’t turn up.  Red Lion.  Ah!  Camera phone.  I took ’em myself.  Why do you still use Reg?  He always lets you down.  Well… oh, my God.  It’s the Daily Mail.  It’s my application.  Bastards.  I’ve tried them all.  Sure.” — Oliver Stevens

“DS Miller!  Ellie!  Auntie Ellie!  Olly Stevens, Broadchurch Echo.  I was down at the other end, they said you’d be here.  Why’s the beach been closed?  I heard there was a body.  Has it been ID’d?  Please.” — Oliver Stevens

“Is it Danny Latimer?  I’ve just seen Chloe at the beach.  It is, isn’t it?  It is him.  Oh, my God, the poor kid.  No, I understand, Auntie Ellie.” — Oliver Stevens

“I was wrong to post that news.  I’m sorry.” — Oliver Stevens

“Right, okay, where are you at the moment?  Yeah, well, Danny’s sister left one of his toys down there earlier, that must have started it.  Um, okay, so your best option is The Traders Hotel.  It’s opposite our offices on the high street.  Becca, who runs it, you tell her that you know us, she’ll give you a good rate.  I hope so, yeah.  I mean, that would… no one.  A girl.  Woman.  Good luck.  Not that you…” — Oliver Stevens

“Yeah.  Oh.  Karen.  Yeah.  Well, you know, when the fuses haven’t blown.  Yeah, of course!  Um, you can take… Karen was just wondering if there was a spare desk.  I thought…” — Oliver Stevens

“Okay.  It’s the only town for about 20 miles.  There’s one road in, one road out.  Market twice weekly.  Well, a lot have been here all their lives, generations.  Some of them haven’t even been, like, 50 miles outside of town.  And then there’s the incomers.  Young families who left cities when they had babies.  They came here ’cause they were interested in the schools and the sea.  We get tourists for six weeks in the summer, but we’re a working town mainly.  It’s mostly theft from lock-ups, odd bit of drug use, drink driving.  Seriously.  I do the weekly crime report in the paper with one of the uniforms.  About 30 offenses a week, but mostly all are minor.  We’ve never had a murder.  Yeah.  Clubs, schools, council meetings.  Maggie says we celebrate the everyday.  I want to work on a national.  I want to be you, basically.  How come you were here so quick?” — Oliver Stevens

Jack Marshall, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, David BradleyJack Marshall

Television | Supporting Actor in 2014

1 win: 2014

“I assumed he was sick.  They all do, one time or another.  No different from usual.  He was only in here 15 minutes first thing.  I’m not a psychiatrist.  No.  Are you?  They brought him in here, Mark and Beth.  Three days old, he was.  It’s not right.” — Jack Marshall

“Couldn’t stop thinking about him all last night.  I help run the sea brigade.  Danny had been coming about 18 months, on and off.  Cheeky lad, but a good heart.  It matters, a good heart.  Must’ve been end of last month.  Around a quarter to 8:00 on a Wednesday morning.  On the road leading up to the cliff tops on the way to Linton Hill.  I saw him.  Talking to the postman.  Well… not talking.  More like arguing.  He was quite a way away.  But the body language was pretty clear.  Then Danny stormed off.  The postman was calling after him.  Well, he had a bag.  And one of those high-visibility jackets.  Who else is going to be out that time in the morning?  He was a long way off.  Medium height, short brown hair, I think.  It was only after you were in yesterday that I remembered.  I should’ve mentioned.” — Jack Marshall

“£4.79.  I don’t talk to the press.  I have.  I sell them.  I don’t want to be in them.  Don’t get smart.  Are you gonna leave nicely or do I have to ring the police?  I won’t.  Bloody parasites.  20, is it?” — Jack Marshall

Chloe Latimer, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, Charlotte BeaumontChloe Latimer, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, Charlotte BeaumontChloe Latimer, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, Charlotte BeaumontChloe Latimer

“Oh, mum, I’ve got a temperature.  I’m not going.  Okay.  I’ve got a temperature.” — Chloe Latimer

“He’ll be with his class.  I can’t believe you’re making me come to this.  Oh, all right, I’ll go in.” — Chloe Latimer

“I know.  It doesn’t feel real.  Come on, let’s go.  I want to do this.  Nobody knows.  Let’s go.” — Chloe Latimer

“Why have you released his name?  Did you agree to that?  It’s on twitter.  From the Broadchurch Echo.  Daniel Latimer.  I’ve got a google alert on ‘Broadchurch’ and ‘death.’  Well, it’s a good job I have, otherwise we wouldn’t have known.” — Chloe Latimer

“He’s not just evidence.  He’s my brother.” — Chloe Latimer

“Have you told my mum and dad?  About the wrap?  Please don’t.  It’s not mine.  I don’t use it.  I swear I don’t.  No!  This isn’t anything to do with Danny, I promise.  It was a mistake.  A big mistake.  It’s one tiny wrap.  No, you said you wouldn’t.  I was just passing it on.  Becca Fisher.  I work for her some weekends.  What money?  I don’t know anything about any money, I swear.  Oh, God, I’m gonna get in such trouble.” — Chloe Latimer

“They’re watching telly.  The police found the coke.  They were searching the house for stuff about Danny.  Nothing.  I didn’t say.  They didn’t push it.  Stop worrying.  I know, let’s make this all about you!  Piss off, Dean!  No.  Go on, I want to be on my own.  I’m serious!  Go!  Or do you want me to tell my mum and dad?” — Chloe Latimer

“Why?  What’re you doing with that?  How do you know so much?  I’m not talking to the papers.  Thanks.  What you doing?” — Chloe Latimer

“Why do they want to talk to you, dad?  Okay.  What do we do today?” — Chloe Latimer

Maggie Radcliffe, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, Carolyn PicklesMaggie Radcliffe

“All right, Mark?  Ah, a week late.” — Maggie Radcliffe

“Ah, Olly!  You’re back!  Ah.  Right.  Double page spread, and spell all the children’s names correctly, please.  I don’t want the parents berating me.  What?  You mean we’ve got no pictures?  Ah.  Good initiative, Olly.  Show me how to download these.  I see Reg in the supermarket every Saturday.  We look after our own here.  Oh, look at their little faces!  That’s very nice.  You’ve almost got an eye.  I tell Reg I’m using camera phone pictures in the paper, he’ll be back and sober within the hour.  Open it!  Oh, sweetheart.  There’s plenty of other newspapers.  You’re good, petal, your time will come.  Now look, text from Yvonne.  She says the beach is closed off for some reason.  Go down and check it out, will you?  Get yourself some fresh air.” — Maggie Radcliffe

“Well, go on.  I should hang him by the bollocks from the town hall spire.  All reporting on this will come through me now.  The Echo works with the police.  I’ll speak to the Latimer family, give them our apologies.” — Maggie Radcliffe

“They’ll appreciate it.  When they’re done, I suppose.  No time soon.  Maggie Radcliffe.  I’m the editor.  You’re here fast.  Long time ago now.  No.  Well, we’re a very busy operation here.  And if I give you a desk, what happens if others start showing up?” — Maggie Radcliffe

Liz Roper, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, Susan BrownLiz Roper

“Hi, mum.  Hello, love.  Cheerio, love.” — Liz Roper

“Fresh eggs!  We had a bumper lay.  Look at them, eh?  Have you now?” — Liz Roper

“Oh, my God!” — Liz Roper

“Will they get it back?  For goodness sake, Chloe!” — Liz Roper

“If she wants us to do it, it’s necessary, isn’t it?” — Liz Roper

“You don’t want crisps.  Where you going?  You should clear it with Pete.  Well, let me go for you.  Give me a list.  I want to help you.” — Liz Roper

“Oh, it’s not about me, is it?  It’s Beth and Mark I worry about.  This helps.  It was a good service.  It meant a lot to me and to the others who came.  After the last couple of days.  Hardly credit it, can you?  But people never know what they need until it’s given to them.  That’s what we want from you.  All of us.  Go out, connect with the town.  I’m praying that’s why God placed you here.  Our challenge is your challenge.  Help us.” — Liz Roper

“Well, you can’t say we’re not being thought of.” — Liz Roper

Dean Thomas, Broadchurch, BBC America, ITV, Netflix, Jacob AndersonDean Thomas

“Chlo, I dunno what to say.  Are the police around?  Seriously.  What’re they asking?  Do they know about us?  ‘Cause you ain’t 16 yet.  You sure you’re okay?  Do you want me to do it?” — Dean Thomas

“You sure your mum and dad don’t know you’re here?  We could go up to the hills.  Have a drink.  What?  What did you tell them?  Well, where did they think you got it from?  Stop worrying?  Just ’cause they didn’t ask today, doesn’t mean they’ll just forget about it.  Chlo, I can’t have the police round, my uncle would kill me.  You know that.  I’m sorry.  Don’t be like that.” — Dean Thomas

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