Black Panther, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios

Imperial Burden

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#BlackPanther is based on a series of graphic novels of the same name.

rottentomatoes: 97%

metacritic: 88

imdb: 7.3

oscars: 3 wins

golden globes: 3 nominations

SAG awards: 2 wins

King T'Challa, Black Panther, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, Chadwick BosemanKing T’Challa

Sovereign of Wakanda King T’Challa inherits his father’s throne along with his past indiscrepancies outside of Eastern Africa.

King T'Challa, Black Panther, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, Chadwick Boseman“No need, Okoye.  I can handle this alone.  I will get Nakia out as quickly as possible.  What are you talking about?  I never freeze.  Nakia… I… I wanted… ah… my father is dead, Nakia.  I will be crowned king tomorrow.  And I wish for you to be there.  This never gets old.  Are you finished?  So surprised my little sister came to see me off before our big day.  Update?  No.  It worked perfectly.  You are teaching me?  What do you know?  I can’t wait to see what kind of update you make… to your ceremonial outfit.  How are you feeling today, mama?” — King T’Challa

“I accept your challenge, M’Baku.  Dora Milaje!  Onward!  I am Prince T’Chala… son of King T’Chaka!  Yield!  Don’t make me kill you.  You have fought with honor!  Now yield!  Your people need you.  Yield, man!  Zuri.  Wakanda forever!” — King T’Challa

“Father.  I’m sorry.  I am not ready.  That is not what I’m talking about.  I am not ready to be without you.  Never.  Tell me how to best protect Wakanda.  I want to be a great king, Baba.  Just like you.” — King T’Challa

“He was there.  He was there.  My father.” — King T’Challa

“Come home, Nakia.  Stay.  What would you have Wakanda do about it?  We are not like these other countries, Nakia.  If the world found out what we truly are… what we possess… we could lose our way of life.  If you were not so stubborn, you would make a great queen.  Ah!  See, you admit it!” — King T’Challa

“Is that him?  Glory to Bast, man.  Is he still growing?  Nakia thinks we should be doing more.  Foreign aid, refugee programs.   But waging war on other countries has never been our way.  You, too, huh?” — King T’Challa

“Klaue has escaped our pursuits for almost 30 years.  Not capturing him is, perhaps, my father’s greatest regret.  I wish to bring Klaue back here to stand trial.  I need you here protecting the border.  You have my word.  I will bring him back.  We will proceed with the mission.” — King T’Challa

“Stop it.  Stop it.  Okoye.  And Nakia as well.  Yes.  We’ll be fine.  Besides, you’ll be on call should we need backup.  Ah.  And what are these?  What, you don’t like my royal sandals?  I wanted to go old school for my first day.  Mmm.  Interesting.  My design.  Old?  Enough.  Tempting.  But the idea is to not be noticed.  This one.  Anywhere?  You told me to strike it.  You didn’t say how hard.  Well, maybe you should make it a little stronger.  Hey.  Wait a minute.  Very nice.  You’re recording?  Delete that footage.” — King T’Challa

“Spread out.  The buyer is likely already here.  The woman outside.  What trouble was she referring to?  Hmm.  And will there be any trouble tonight, Ms. Kenyan Heiress?  Six.  Just spotted an old friend who works for the CIA.  It just got a little more complicated.  Agent Ross.  You are buying from Klaue.  I gave you Zemo.  Klaue is leaving out that door with me.  You’ve been warned.  General.  And the vibranium?  Stand down.  We can’t afford a shootout.  Murderer.  Shuri!  For Bast’s sake!  Just drive!  Keep going!  Don’t worry about it.  You’re doing great.  Pull around the truck.  Klaue!  Did you think we would forget?  Look at me, murderer!  Where did you get this weapon?  Every breath you take is mercy from me.” — King T’Challa

“Better to let him talk to Klaue alone for 5 minutes than to make a scene here.  After your questioning, we will take him back to Wakanda with us.  Agent Ross.  I do appreciate your help in Busan.  Okoye.  Play nice.” — King T’Challa

“And you believe the word of an arms dealer strapped to a chair? Give me a Kimoyo Bead.  This will stabilize him for now.  Give him to us.  We can save him. I’m well aware of my duties, General.  I cannot just let him die… knowing we can save him.” — King T’Challa

“He’s not here.  He slipped through our hands.” — King T’Challa

“Leave us.  What happened to my uncle N’Jobu?  My father told me he disappeared.  There was a man today… wearing a ring identical to this one.  He helped Klaue escape from us and he was wearing this ring!  My grandfather’s ring!  Do not tell me what is possible.  Tell me the truth!  That is not your choice to make.  What happened to him?  I am your king now!  No!  No, no, no.  And the child?” — King T’Challa

“Why?  Why didn’t you bring the boy home?  Why, Baba?  You were wrong to abandon him.  You were wrong!  All of you were wrong!  To turn your backs on the rest of the world!  We let the fear of our discovery stop us from doing what is right!  No more!  I cannot stay here with you.  I cannot rest while he sits on the throne.  He is a monster of our own making.  I must take the mantle back.  I must!  I must right these wrongs.” — King T’Challa

“My name is King T’Challa… son of King T’Chaka.  I am the sovereign ruler of the nation of Wakanda.  And for the first time in our history… we will be sharing our knowledge and resources… with the outside world.  Wakanda will no longer watch from the shadows.  We cannot.  We must not.  We will work to be an example of how we… as brothers and sisters on this earth… should treat each other.  Now, more than ever…the illusions of division threaten our very existence.  We all know the truth.  More connects us than separates us.  But in times of crisis… the wise build bridges… while the foolish build barriers.  We must find a way… to look after one another… as if we were one, single tribe.” — King T’Challa

General Okoye, Black Panther, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, Danai GuriraGeneral Okoye

“My Prince… coming up on them now.  Hmm.  Just don’t freeze when you see her.  You froze.  Sister Nakia… My Prince… we are home.  Take her to the River Province to prepare her for the ceremony.  Like an antelope in headlights.” — General Okoye

“Onward!” — General Okoye

“My king.  My love.  You will never guess who just popped up on our radar.  A misidentified Wakandan artifact… was stolen yesterday from a British museum.  We have learned Ulysses Klaue… plans to sell the vibranium to an American buyer… in South Korea… tomorrow night.” — General Okoye

“It’s too great an opportunity to pass.” — General Okoye

“Bast willing, this will go quickly… and I can get this ridiculous thing off my head.  What?  It’s a disgrace.  Can we please focus?  Thank you.  Five.  How could you missed Greased Lightning there behind you?  In position to secure our exit.  I don’t see it yet.  I thought there were no weapons allowed in here.  Somebody did not get the memo.  Definitely armed.  Six more.  It’s a setup.  Stand down!  He’ll catch up.  They’re trying to lose us.  Guns.  So primitive!  Just drive.  Faster, Shuri.  King!” — General Okoye

“We can’t let him talk to Klaue alone.  If he touches you again, I’m going to impale him to this desk.  When she wants to.  Americans.  My King!  My King.  Nakia.  Our mission was to bring back Klaue.  We failed.  This man is a foreign intelligence operative.  How do we justify bringing him into our borders?  That was his choice.  Let us consider that we heal him.  It is his duty to report back to his country.  And as king, it is your duty to protect ours.  Where exactly are we taking him?” — General Okoye

Nakia, Black Panther, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, Lupita Nyong'oNakia

“T’Challa, no!  This one’s just a boy.  He got kidnapped as well.  Why are you here?  You’ve ruined my mission.  Carry yourselves home now.  And take the boy.  Get him to his people.  You will speak nothing of this day.  Queen Mother… Princess… my comfort for your loss.” — Nakia

“Oh!  Come on!” — Nakia

“I’m right here.  I came to support you and to honor your father… but I can’t stay.  I found my calling out there.  I’ve seen too many in need just to turn a blind eye.  I can’t be happy here… knowing that there’s people out there who have nothing.  Share what we have.  We could provide aid… and access to technology and refuge to those who need it.  Other countries do it, we could do it better.  Wakanda is strong enough to help others and protect ourselves at the same time.  I would make a great queen because I am so stubborn.  If that’s what I wanted.” — Nakia

“This way.  It looks nice.  Just whip it back and forth.  Hello Sophia.  Good to see you.  My friends from Kenya.  Very deep pockets.  They’re good.  Thank you!  Ah… I got into a disagreement with some ivory traders.  Made a bit of a mess.  Depends… on how quickly we finish the mission.  Over here.  One whiskey, please.  Eyes up.  Americans.  I count three.  Klaue, plus eight!  There’s not supposed to be.  We need to move on Klaue.  It’s now or never.  Do we just leave him?  Which one is he in now?  I’ll take the right.  What are you doing?  Whoo!  There he is!  Hold tight!  The world watches.” — Nakia

“Where is that?  Something is happening out back.  He just jumped in front of me.  I don’t think he’ll make it here.  It hit his spine.  He took a bullet for me.  So now we are just supposed to let him die?” — Nakia

“No man is perfect.  Not even your father.  Hey.  Look at me.  You can’t let your father’s mistakes define who you are.  You get to decide what kind of king you are going to be.” — Nakia

Ramonda, Black Panther, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, Angela BassettQueen Mother Ramonda

“Thank you, Nakia.  It is so good to have you back with us.  Shuri!  Proud.  Your father and I would talk about this day all the time.  He is with us… and it is your time to be king.” — Queen Mother Ramonda

“Yes.  Show him who you are!” — Queen Mother Ramonda

Princess Shuri, Black Panther, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, Letitia WrightPrincess Shuri

“Did he freeze?  You wish!  I’m here for the EMP beads.  I’ve developed an update.  How many times do I have to teach you?  Just because something works doesn’t mean that it cannot be improved.  More than you.  Sorry, mother!” — Princess Shuri

“This corset is really uncomfortable… so could we all just wrap it up and go home?  Mother!  Are they Jabari?  You can do this, T’Challa!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!” — Princess Shuri

“My King!  I’ve already sent a car ahead to Busan for you.  Who are you taking with you to Korea?  You sure it’s a good idea to take your ex on a mission?  Yes!  I have great things to show you, brother.  Here are your communication devices for Korea.  Unlimited range, also equipped with audio surveillance system.  Check these out.  Remote access Kimoyo Beads.  Updated to interface directly with my sand table.  The real question is what are those?  Why do you have your toes out in my lab?  I bet the Elders loved that.  Try them on.  Fully automated.  Like the old American movie Baba used to watch.  And I made them completely sound absorbant.  Guess what I call them.  Sneakers.  Because you…  never mind.  If you’re going to take on Klaue… you’ll need the best the design group has to offer.  Exhibit A.  Old tech.  Functional, but old.  ‘Hey, people are shooting at me.  Wait, let me out on my helmet.’  Now, look at these.  Do you like that one?  Now tell it to go on.  Ooh!  The entire suit sits within the teeth of the necklace.  Strike it.  Mmm-hmm.  Not that hard, genius.  I invite you to my lab, and you just kick things around?  The nanites absorb the kinetic energy… and hold it in place for redistribution.  Strike it again in the same spot.  For research purposes.” — Princess Shuri

“Yes!  Wait!  Which side of the road is it?  Okay, calm down!  Whoo!  Let’s go!  We’ll take the other two!  I see a shortcut.  We’re not going to make it!  Whoo!  Brother!  Hey, what was that?  Hey, look at your suit.  You’ve been taking bullets, charging it up with kinetic energy.  You show-off.  I’m going as fast as I can!  No, no, no!  Brother!” — Princess Shuri

“Great!  Another broken white boy for us to fix.  This is going to be fun.  He will live.  W’Kabi is here.” — Princess Shuri

Erik Stevens, Black Panther, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, Michael B. Jordan Erik  Stevens (N’Jadaka) (Killmonger)

“I was just checking out these artifacts.  They tell me you’re the expert.  They’re beautiful.  Where’s this one from.  For real?  What about this one?  Now, tell me about this one.  Nah.  It was taken by British soldiers in Benin but it’s from Wakanda.  And it’s made out of vibranium.  Don’t trip.  I’mma take it off your hands for you.  How do you think your ancestors got these?  You think they paid a fair price?  Or did they take it, like they took everything else?  You got all this security in here watching me ever since I walked in.  But you ain’t checking for what you put in your body.  I think she might not be feeling too good.  Somebody get some help!  Come here!  Call a doctor, please!  Please, somebody, come help!  Bro, why you ain’t just shoot him right here?  You’re gonna sell that quick.  Whatever you try, the Wakandans’ll probably show up.  Nah, I’m just feeling it.” — Erik Stevens

“You always ell to the CIA?  Oh, I ain’t worried about the money, bro.  I know you good for it.  On our way back, just drop us off in Wakanda.  Yeah, I do.  It’s gonna be okay.  I ain’t worried about no brand.  Check these out.  Each one is for a kill.” — Erik Stevens

“I’m standing in your house… serving justice to a man who stole your vibranium and murdered your people.  Justice your kind couldn’t deliver.  I want the throne.  Y’all sittin’ up here comfortable.  Must feel good.  It’s about two billion people all over the world that looks like us.  But their lives are a lot harder.  Wakanda has the tools to liberate ’em all.  Vibranium.  Your weapons.  Not your own?  But didn’t life start right here on this continent?  So ain’t all people your people?  Mmm… oh, I ain’t requesting nothing.  Ask who I am.  That’s not my name, Princess.  Ask me, King.  Ask me.  I am N’Jadaka, son of Prince N’Jobu.  I found my daddy with Panther claws in his chest!  You ain’t the son of a king.  You a son of a murderer.  Hey, Auntie.  I’m exercising my blood right to challenge for the mantles of king… and Black Panther.  Weeks?  I don’t need weeks.  The whole country ain’t gotta be there.  I just need him.  And somebody to get me outta these chains.” — Erik Stevens

“You know, where I’m from… when black folks started revolutions, they never had firepower… or the resources to fight their oppressors.  Where was Wakanda?  Hmm?  Yeah, all that ends today.  We got spies embedded in every nation on Earth.  Already in place.  I know how colonizers think.  So we’re gonna use their own strategy against ’em.  We’re gonna send vibranium weapons out to our War Dogs.  They’ll arm oppressed people all over the world… so they can finally rise up and kill those in power.  And their children.  And anyone else who takes their side.  It’s time they know the truth about us!  We’re warriors!  The world’s gonna start over, and this time, we’re on top.  The sun will never set on the Wakandan empire.  You heard your orders.  Let’s get to it.” — Erik Stevens

“Hell of a move!  My pop said Wakanda was the most beautiful thing he ever seen.  He promised he was gonna show it to me one day.  You believe that?  Kid from Oakland, running around believing in fairy tales.  It’s beautiful.  Why?  So you can just lock me up?  Nah.  Just bury me in the ocean… with my ancestors that jumped from the ships.  ‘Cause they knew death was better than bondage.” — Erik Stevens

Ulysses Klaue, Black Panther, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, Andy SerkisUlysses Klaue

“Hey, come here.  Come here.  It’s okay.  You can go, but just don’t tell anyone, all right?  Because it’s better to leave the crime scene spread out.  Makes us look like amateurs.  Now then, let’s see if you know what you’re talking about.  That’s just a taste.  You’re gonna be a rich boy.  It’s already sold!  That’ll make my day.  I can kill two birds with one stone.  You’re not telling me that’s vibranium, too?” — Ulysses Klaue

“Oh, yeah.  Yeah, actually, there is one.  I’ll send you the SoundCloud link, if you like.  Hey, Dave, can you get the link to the tape?  You think they’re for you?  Don’t worry.  I can do a deal with you all by myself, thank you very much.  You got the diamonds?  I was going to buy a fancy suitcase… but I thought I’d save myself some money.  Wakandans!  They’re here!  Kill ’em all!  Diamonds, quick!  You know, you look just like your old man.  I made it rain!  That was awesome!  That was awesome!  Let’s go!  Go, go, go, come on!  Put some music on.  What do you think this is, a funeral?  Hey, split up!  It’s a vibranium car, you idiots!  The bullets won’t penetrate!  Shit!  All right.  Let’s have some fun!  Take a right!  Take a right!  You savages didn’t deserve it.  Oh, mercy, King.  Mercy.  Yeah.” — Ulysses Klaue

“Hello.  I can see you!  I can.  I can see you.  ♪ What is love? ♪ Baby, don’t hurt me ♪ Don’t hurt me ♪ No more ♪.  You know, you really shouldn’t trust the Wakandans.  I’m much more your speed.  It’s an old mining tool that I made some adjustments to.  But I can get one, if you like.  He’s right outside.  Why don’t you ask him yourself.  Bingo.  What do you actually know about Wakanda?  It’s all a front.  Explorers searched for it for centuries.  El Dorado, the Golden City.  They thought they could find it in South America… but it was in Africa the whole time.  A technological marvel.  All because it was built on a mound of the most valuable metal known to man.  Isipho, they call it.  The gift.  Vibranium.  It’s not just a metal.  They sew it into their clothes.  It powers their city, their tech… their weapons.  Yeah.  Makes my arm cannon look like a leaf blower.  I stole… all of it?  I took a tiny piece of it.  They have a mountain full of it.  They’ve been mining it for thousands of years… and they still haven’t scratched the surface.  I’m the only outsider who’s seen it and got out of there alive.  If you don’t believe me, you ask your friend what his suit is made of.  What his claws are made of.  Stand down!  I see you took your time, didn’t you?” — Ulysses Klaue

“I sell to the highest bidder.  But don’t you worry.  When I get back to Joburg… and I lay low for a bit, I’ll make sure both you guys get paid.  You don’t want to go there, boy.  Drop it!  Or your little Bonnie and Clyde routine ends today.  Put your gun down now!  You really want to go to Wakanda?  They’re savages.  This is what they do to people like us.  You can scar yourself as much as you’d like.  To them, you’ll just be an outsider.  You’re crazy to think that you can walk in htere.  Ah, to think I saw you as some crazy American.” — Ulysses Klaue

Zuri, Black Panther, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, Forest WhitakerZuri

“I, Zuri… son of Badu… give to you… Prince T’Challa… the Black Panther!  The prince… will now have the strength of the Black Panther… stripped away.  Praise the ancestors.  Victory in ritual combat… comes by yield or death.  If any tribe wishes to put forth a warrior… I now offer… a path to the throne.  Is there any member of a royal blood… who wishes to challenge for the throne?  M’Baku, what are you doing here?  Let the challenge begin!  I now present to you… King T’Challa… the Black Panther.  My King.” — Zuri

“Allow the Heart-Shaped Herb… to restore the powers of the Black Panther… and take you to the Ancestral Plane.  T’Chaka… we call on you.  Come here to your son.  Praise the ancestors.  Breathe.  T’Challa, breathe.  Breathe.” — Zuri

“So your mission did not go as planned.  That is not possible.  Some truths… are too much to bear, T’Challa.  I promised the king to say nothing.  Your uncle took… a War Dog assignment in America.  Your father… placed me there… to observe… unbeknownst to him.  Your uncle fell in love with an American woman.  They had a child.  The hardships he saw there… radicalized your uncle.  He knew your father would not support this.  So, your uncle betrayed us.  He helped Klaue steal the vibranium.  He drew his weapon on me.  Your father killed his own brother… to save my life.  We left him.  We had to… maintain… the lie.” — Zuri

M'Baku, Black Panther, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, Winston DukeM’Baku

“It’s challenge day.  We have watched… and listened from the mountains!  We have watched with disgust… as your technological advancements have been overseen by a child!  Who scoffs at tradition!  And now you want to hand the nation over to this prince… who would not keep his own father safe.  Mmm?  We will not have it.  I said, we will not have it, oh!  I, M’Baku… leader of the Jabari… glory to Hanuman.  Jabari!  Stand up!  Come!  Where is your god now?  No powers.  No claws.  No special suit, oh!  Just a boy not fit to lead!  I would rather die!” — M’Baku

W'Kabi, Black Panther, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, Daniel KaluuyaW’Kabi

“Yes!  T’Challa!” — W’Kabi

“Of course.  I see Nakia is back.  You guys going to work it out?  T’Challa… what’s wrong?  More, like what?  You let the refugees in… they bring their problems with them.  And then Wakanda is like everywhere else.  Now if you said you wanted me and my men… to go out there and clean up the world, then I’ll be all for it.  Bast!  We’re in trouble.  My parents were killed when he attacked.  Not a day goes by when I do not think about what Klaue took from us.  From me.  Take me with you.  We’ll take him down together, side by side.  Then I ask… you kill him where he stands… or you bring him back to us.” — W’Kabi

“What’s going on, brother?  Where is Klaue?  ‘Slipped?’  For 30 years, your father was in power and did nothing.  With you, I thought it’d be different.  But it’s more of the same.” — W’Kabi

Agent Ross

“Your Highness.  What I’m doing or not doing… on behalf of the U.S. government is none of your concern.  Now, whatever the hell you’re up to… do me a favor, stay out of my way.  Didn’t I keep it under wraps… that the king of a third world country runs around in a bulletproof cat suit?  I’d say we were even.  You really need to leave, now.  Hey, you won!  Mmm-hmm.  Okay, heads up.  The king of Wakanda is here.  He cannot leave with Klaue.  All right.  Well, that is quite the entourage.  You got a mixtape coming out?  Please, don’t make me listen to your music.  I just meant you got a lot of people with you.  Okay.  That’s enough.  Vibranium?  Get outta here!  Hop in.  Put that spear in the trunk.  Come on.  Guys.  Let’s go, huh?” — Agent Ross

“So this is a big mess, huh?  I figured we could go good cop, bad cop.  I’ll talk to him first, then you guys go in.  What?  No.  Look, I like you, a lot.  But he’s in my custody now.  He’s not going anywhere.  Listen, I’m doing you guys a favor by letting you even be in here.  Does she speak English?  Huh.  I’m going in.  When I’m done, you guys are up.  Yeah?  You see that?  It’s called diplomacy.  You’re welcome.” — Agent Ross

“I don’t trust anybody, not in this job.  But what I am interested in is that arm cannon out there.  Where’d you get that?  Why don’t you give me the name of your supplier, and I’ll ask them.  What?  T’Challa?  You’re telling me that weapon on your arm is from Wakanda?  Um… shepherds, textiles, cool outfits.  Vibranium, yeah, strongest metal on earth.  Weapons?  That’s a nice fairy tale, but Wakanda is a third world country… and you stole all their vibranium.” — Agent Ross

“Your father told the UN… that Klaue stole all the vibranium you had.  But now he’s telling me you have more.  How much more are you hiding?  Get down!” — Agent Ross

Merchant Tribe Elder

“The Merchant Tribe will not challenge today.” — Merchant Tribe Elder

“Wakanda does not need a warrior right now.  We need a king.”” — Merchant Tribe Elder

Border Tribe Elder

“The Border Tribe will not challenge today.” — Border Tribe Elder

River Tribe Elder

“The River Tribe will not challenge today.” — River Tribe Elder

Mining Tribe Elder

“The Mining Tribe will not challenge today.” — Mining Tribe Elder

Museum Curator

“Good morning.  How can I help you?  Ah.  You could say that.  The Bobo Ashanti tribe… present day Ghana… 19th century.  That one’s from the Edo people of Benin… 16th century.  Also from Benin, seventh century.  Fula tribe, I believe.  I beg your pardon?  These items aren’t for sale.  Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” — Museum Curator

Museum Security Guard

“All right, mate.  Let’s have it.  Come on, mate.  Time.  Medical emergency right away in the West African Exhibit, please, right away.” — Security Guard


“Look out.  Step back, please.  Step back.  Thank you.  Coming through over there.  Medics coming through.  Let’s give the lady some space, please.” — Paramedics

Medic 2

“Step back, please, gents.” — Medic 2


“I’m gonna take a break.” — Caterer

“I’m sorry.  Sorry, Erik.” — Caterer

Young T’Challa

“Baba… tell me a story.  The story of home.  And we still hide, Baba?  Why?” — Young T’Challa

King T'Chaka, Black Panther, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, John Kani

King T’Chaka

“Yes, my son.  Which one?  Millions of years ago… a meteorite made of vibranium… the strongest substance in the universe… struck the continent of Africa… affecting the plant life around it.  And when the time of man came… five tribes settled on it and called it Wakanda.  The tribes lived in constant war with each other… until a warrior shaman… received a vision from the Panther Goddess Bast… who led him to the Heart-Shaped Herb… a plant that granted him superhuman strength, speed and instincts.  The warrior became king… and the first Black Panther… the protector of Wakanda.  Four tribes agreed to live under the king’s rule… but the Jabari Tribe isolated themselves in the mountains.  The Wakandans used vibranium to develop technology… more advanced than any other nation.  But as Wakanda thrived… the world around it descended further into chaos.  To keep vibranium safe… the Wakandans vowed to hide in plain sight… keeping the truth of their power from the outside world.  Yes.” — King T’Chaka

“Leave us.  As you wish.  Come, baby brother.  Let me see how you are holding up.  You look strong.  Not so good.  Baby brother.  There has been an attack.  This man… Ulysses Klaue… stole a quarter ton of vibranium form us… and triggered a bomb at the border to escape.  Many lives were lost.  He knew where we hid the vibranium… and how to strike.  He had someone on the inside.  Because I want you to look me in the eyes… and tell me why you betrayed Wakanda.  Tell him who you are.  Leave him.  Stand down.  Did you think that you were the only spy we sent here?  Prince N’Jobu… you will return home at once… where you will face the Council… and inform them of your crimes.” — King T’Chaka

“My son.  Stand up.  You are a king.  What is wrong my son?  Have you not prepared to be king your whole life?  Have you not trained and studied, been by my side?  A man who has not prepared his children for his own death… has failed as a father.  Have I ever failed you?  You’re going to struggle.  So you’ll need to surround yourself with people you trust.  You’re a good man with a good heart.  And it’s hard for a good man to be king.” — King T’Chaka

“You will return home at once… where you will face the Council… and inform them if your crimes.  Speak nothing of this.” — King T’Chaka

“He… he was the truth I chose to omit.  I chose my people.  I chose Wakanda.  Our future depended…” — King T’Chaka

Young Killmonger

“Lucky shot!  Whatever!  Get outta here!  Pass!  Pass!  Watch me get this.  Tim Hardaway style.  That’s what I call it, baby.  Check up!” — Young Killmonger

Prince N'Jobu, Black Panther, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, Sterling K. BrownPrince N’Jobu

“Hey, look, if we get in and out quick, won’t be no worries.  You in the van, come in through from the west.  Come around the corner.  Land right here.  Me and the twins are pulling up right here.  We’re leaving this car behind, okay?  We come this… hide the straps.  No.  Open it.  They won’t knock again.  Prince N’Jobu, son of Azzuri.  My King.  This is James.  I trust him with my life.  He stays… with your permission, King T’Chaka.  Glory to Bast, I am in good health.  How is home?  Why are you here?  I did no such thing.  What?  James.  James, you lied to me?  You were Wakandan this whole time?  How could you lie to me like…” — Prince N’Jobu

“I observed for as long as I could.  Their leaders have been assassinated.  Communities flooded with drugs and weapons.  They are overly policed and incarcerated.  All over the planet… our people suffer because they don’t have the tools to fight back.  With vibranium weapons, they could overthrow every country… and Wakanda could rule them all the right way.” — Prince N’Jobu

Young Zuri, Black Panther, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, Denzel WhitakerJames / Young Zuri

“Hmm.  Yo, is it the Feds?  It’s these two Grace Jones-looking chicks.  They’re holding spears.  You serious?  Zuri, son of Badu… you betrayed Wakanda!” — Young Zuri

“No!” — Young Zuri

Dora Millaje

“Who are you?  Prove to me you are one of us.” — Dora Millaje


“The tiny nation of Wakanda is mourning the death of its monarch, King T’Chaka.  The beloved ruler was one of many confirmed dead… after a terrorist attack at the United Nations a week ago.  The suspect has since been apprehended.  Though it remains one of the poorest countries in the world… fortified by mountain ranges… and an impenetrable rainforest… Wakanda does not engage in international trade or accept aid.  The succession of the throne.. is expected to fall to the oldest of the king’s two children… Prince T’Challa.” — Reporter

Dora Milaje

“Yes, General.” — Dora Milaje


“Thank you.  Thank you oh.  Yes.  Thank you.  Thank you.” — Refugee


“Defense positions.  Defense positions.  What do you see?  Come in.  Come in.” — Captain

Militant 1

“What’s going on?  Ours, too.  What is it, Captain?  Over there!  Look back!  Hey!  I have her!  Don’t move!  I will shoot!  I will shoot her right now.” — Militant 1

Militant 2

“It’s the car.  It lost power.  It won’t start.  The car no start.  Are we under attack?  Watch out!” — Militant 2

Militant 3

“What happened?  Defense positions.  Get around to the side.” — Militant 3

Militant 4

“The engine failed.  Defense positions.  Hey.  Defense positions!” — Militant 4

Militant 5

“No games.” — Militant 5


“Who are these two?  Good for trouble… …like you?” — Sophia

Gambler, Black Panther, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, Stan LeeGambler

“You know what?  I think I’ll just take these… bring them over here and hold on for safekeeping.” — Gambler

William Shakespeare

“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.”

― William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part 2

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