Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix

Counter Intelligence

fifty plus dating original period-drama who is adele dating right now was released internationally via Netflix on January 30, 2018.

#BabylonBerlin has secured funding for a third season.

rottentomatoes: 100%

metacritic: N/A

imdb: 8.5


Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix

Charlotte Ritter, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Liv Lisa FriesCharlotte Ritter, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Liv Lisa FriesCharlotte Ritter

Despite being born into a lower-socioeconomic family Charlotte Ritter realizes her dream of becoming the first active female homicide-detective for the Berlin police.

Charlotte Ritter, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Liv Lisa Fries

Charlotte Ritter, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Liv Lisa Fries“Everywhere.  No.  But you know the deal.  If you sleep you miss being awake.  And I have to be on watch.  What about here?  Your eyes are magnets And they beam like the stars Your kisses A little technique A little bliss and a little pain.  Left pocket.  Nothing.  Just a bruise.  Can you bring me my stockings?  The fine ones, please.  It’s no big deal, Toni.  On the table.  I’ll have it tonight.  Hey, watch it!  You pig.  Tonight, I promise.” — Charlotte Ritter

“Don’t.  Stop it.  I’m going to the police, no lie.  Wanna come?  Excuse me.  Chewing gum?  Has old Reckwitz been here?  Hello.  Who’s the dressy guy?  Me.  See you tomorrow.  Here!  Who?  And you want me to… catchword register.  You took all the pictures?  Thanks.” — Charlotte Ritter

“Clocking off time.  Sorry.  Yes, thanks.  This should be yours.  I hope you’re with vice.  Goodbye.” — Charlotte Ritter

“What happened?  Can you hear me?  What?  I can’t understand.  This?  Do you want this?  How much?  One?  Good?  I’ll get help.  But you are bleeding.  Do you know how many men’s restrooms there are in headquarters?  Fifty-two.  And how many ladies’?  You don’t have to.  I get it.  I’m Charlotte Ritter.  Gereon?  Where are you from, the Middle Ages?  Are you sure?  Alright.  I’ll close the door, ok?” — Charlotte Ritter

“Black pudding.  What’s up with you going off over nothing today?  Why not?  But I got the sausage.  You didn’t actually go, right?  You were at the spinning mill.  How much?  Who has it?  If you go to work, you can’t keep up in school.  Don’t distract, madam.” — Charlotte Ritter

“Good evening.  Thank you.  Hello there.  Put some in?  Thank you.  Do you know this one too?” — Charlotte Ritter

“Doesn’t look like an accident though.  I beg your pardon. Well, the injures look even, don’t they?  A two-pack of Havana Gold, please.  Oh, it’s for the boss.  Oh, he’s not always like this.  No.  But sometimes he’s less gruff.  I don’t like it, either.  You want to investigate?  My boss would ask.  Thank you.  For better times.  Alright.  So what else does your landlady know about this Kardakov?  I’ve got two ears.  So?  Interesting.  I have to go.  Alright.” — Charlotte Ritter

“What’s wrong?  And?  What did he say exactly?  The doctor.  But you won’t get better in that damp slaughterhouse.  No way.  He should rather go find work.  Are you all right in the head?  Toni goes to school.  That’s what we go to work for.  What did you say?  Come on, say it again!  Go earn some money… …or keep your filthy gob shut!  Bastard!  Your husband is a rogue.” — Charlotte Ritter

“So?  Is that all?  Yeah, that was before Erich.  You didn’t have to marry the creep because of the brat and get knocked up again.  I took care, Ilse.  Look at yourself.  You’re sitting in a dump, you’ve locked yourself in.” — Charlotte Ritter

“Greta?  Greta Overbeck from Gröningshusen on Darss?  What are you doing in Berlin?  I… I’m on my lunch break, are you hungry?  come on, it’s on me.  I see.  Somehow I’ve heard this story before.  No.  Him?  Maybe.  Yes.  Correct.  And if I put some work into it, I can een become an inspector.  Some of the guys are pretty strange, but my boss trusts me blindly.  The murder victims?  Of course.  I’m always the first on the scene, me and the detective sergeant.  Gruesome stuff sometimes.  Recently we had one with no head.  The axe was still there.  Then we found the head later.  You won’t believe where.  Excuse me.  Oh, it’s… one o’clock already.  I have to run.  But listen, are you up for going dancing later?  At Moka Efti, Friedrichstrasee, 9 p.m.  I’m glad you’re here.” — Charlotte Ritter

“Hello.  I have a question.  How do you become an assistant investigator.  Elementary school.  Just like that?  To whom?  Female police?  What do they do?  I want the homicide squad.  Where do I get those application forms?  Thank you.” — Charlotte Ritter

“May I interrupt?  I won’t be long.  This is Greta.  Comes highly recommended.  The showers at the Palace are out of order, hence the request.  Can we borrow from the wardrobe?  Come on.  We will.  You get three marks per visit.  You’ll be able to take a room by tomorrow.  And you can borrow the clothes.  You just have to return them.  You just have to wash them, but… you can take what you like.  Greta?  But Greta, you’re beautiful.  But why not?  I promise, it’s not that bad.  You can choose the guys.  If you don’t like them, you rebuff them.  That’s how it works.  Is it inflamed?  It’s ok.  We’ll find something for you.  Come here.  Everything will be alright.  My sweet Gretha.” — Charlotte Ritter

“Hello.  I have an application.  For deputy inspector.  Homicide.  I’ll hand it in later.” — Charlotte Ritter

“You promised.  The certificate of conduct.  Spotless.  I want to join the police, Bruno.  Because I know I’d be good.  Yes.  The Cologne guy didn’t do it.” — Charlotte Ritter

“Why?  Do you know what they’ll do with her?  Mother won’t go to the Charité.  I don’t want that.  I don’t want them to cut her up.  I will.” — Charlotte Ritter

“The train will be sent back.  Including the wagon with the gold.  There is.  The wagon numbers were swapped.  You opened the wrong one.  The gold is still in there.  They want to take it out on the way to Russia, before the border, with a robbery.  Men of the Black Reichswehr.  Tomorrow.” — Charlotte Ritter

Gereon Rath, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Volker BruchInspector Gereon Rath

Polizei vice-squad special-investigator Gereon Rath uncovers a Russian revolutionary cell The Red Fortress operating out of post-WWI/pre-WWII Berlin, Germany with a royal Bolshevik bankroll train-car full of gold bars.

“We have to take all this.  Every photo, film, can, everything.  You’re in charge.  We mustn’t lose any detail.  You two, pack everything into the car.  Mr. König.  A rat is what you are.  Too much shit stuck on you.  We’re not done here.  Closing time.  Come on out.  You’ll shoot me up here and let me colleague downstairs get you?  Sure he will.  He’s got a gun.  A bigger one than that toy of yours.  Thanks.  Yes, I’m afraid it fell down the shaft back there.” — Gereon Rath

“Where do you know that guy from?  Only the final game.  The Siegfried Line.  Apparently.  Thank you.  Thanks.  Right, where’s Wolter?  What?  I’ll deal with this.  You know what I’m looking for.  Where is the film?  He won’t pay.  That’s why I’m here.  Get the paramedic.  And come to me when he can be interrogated again.” — Gereon Rath

“I’ve still got work to do.  Listen, Bruno.  Why did you start without me?  Tomorrow we’ll swap.  I beg your pardon.  I think those are yours.  This must be yours.  Yes, many thanks.  And I hope you’re with the homicide squad.” — Gereon Rath

“Good evening.  It looks like I need to stay longer.  Thank you.  Correct.  I’d take the broom cupboard.  Thank you.  Thank you.” — Gereon Rath

“I don’t have it.  Why?  It was taken secretly.  I’ll take it now.  And, Mr… don’t tell anyone about this.  You have never seen this picture.  Bruno, we could interrogate the man together.” — Gereon Rath

“Where is the film?  Come on, blackmail is a little ambitious for you.  Tell me who your clients are, where the film is, and you can go.  Very good idea.  And now?  And then?  You won’t get out of here.  Not alive.  Think about it, König.  We’re not after you.  You have nothing to worry about.  No.” — Gereon Rath

“Inside pocket.  Please.  It’s not mine.  Am I wrong here or is it you?  May I ask you a favor?  You do?  Rath, Gereon.  From Cologne.  I’ll manage on my own.  Yes.” — Gereon Rath

“A call to Cologne.  Thirteen-zero-eight.  Thank you.  It’s me.  Can you talk?  König is dead.  No.  Just one single picture.  Not yet.  He grabbed my gun.  Who are they?  Benda?  Councillor.  Together with the chief inspector.  Yesterday afternoon.  Pardon?  He tried to resist arrest by escaping.  I am aware of that.  The Lord Mayor of Cologne is being blackmailed.  Dr. Adenauer.  My most senior employer.  The affair is unsavory.  To be dealt with before the elections.  I knew König.  A stuck-up, arrogant chap.  Until this morning.  He was changed.  A different guy.  I think there is a contracting entity.  Here in Berlin.  Yes.  Please.  My mother died immediately after the war.  From Spanish flu.  Dr. Adenauer took good care of the concerns of the family.  He was a strong support for both my father and me during a difficult time.  Nowhere since this morning, my hotel is fully booked.  Yes.  I’d love to.  Who?  Alright, thanks.  Please take me to Hermmanplatz first.  Yes, please.  I’m with Wolter.  It’s my shift.  Come with me.  Have you heard?  König wasn’t a guy who would kill himself.  Who is afraid that König would spill?  Where did you record this?  Who are the women?  Which one?  Thank you, Jänicke.  Well, if that’s not lucky.  No.  You?  I’ll take the room.  Weekly.” — Gereon Rath

“A journalist?  What’s on the menu?” — Gereon Rath

“Good evevning, Mr. Döhmann.  Soon.  I just want some rest.  Have a nice evening.” — Gereon Rath

“Thank you.  I can’t eat anymore.  It was really very good.  You do?  Oh, really? thank you.  My father used to be a regular there.  If all goes well.  Pardon?  No.  Again, thank you very much.  What do you mean?  What do you want, Bruno?  I won’t tell you.  Where to?  No, thanks.  Doesn’t go with that.  With stupid questions.” — Gereon Rath

“Dear Helga, Thank you for your letter which I received yesterday.  It is good to know that everything is alright at home.  Here, it’s not that simple.  I don’t want to alarm you… but I still can’t tell you for sure when I’ll come home.  Unforeseen incidences have stopped me from speedily fulfilling my tasks for the foreseeable future.  If I look at the hustle and bustle around me, I think of our dreams, and I feel a kind of hope I hadn’t known before.  The hope that we will find a way out of this secrecy… out of this secretiveness.  Maybe even here in Berlin.  Please think about it.  And say hi to the boy from me.  With best regards, yours, Gereon.” — Gereon Rath

“Yes.  Have you seen the man before?  Who?  Who was in there before me?  The suitcase in my room?  Where did Kardakov go?  Then why did he leave his instrument here?  I followed my brother to the front.  Then I came back alone.  My mother couldn’t cope.  For her, the wrong son returned home.  I’ll take the suitcase down tomorrow, if you’ll allow me.  Good night.” — Gereon Rath

“That man was a Russian.  At least he spoke Russian.  Gereon Rath, special investigator from Cologne.  That man broke into my flat last night.  Something from the previous tenant, a certain Mr. Kardakov.  When he tried to escape, he was pushed into a car and threatened with a gun.  Could have been a Tatra.  Maybe.  His hands didn’t look like this yesterday.  What happened?  You mean this was done to him?  Kardakov.  That’s all I know.  My landlady didn’t know him very well, either, but I might… yes.  Excuse me, but this man may have been tortured.  What’s this?” — Gereon Rath

“A ten-pack of Overstolz.  And I’ll have a newspaper.  A Morgenpost.  Thank you.  You smoke cigars?  I don’t envy you.  You mean, he’s actually a nice guy?  Well, then.  We can ignore the odd murder.  That man was scared.  He wasn’t a tough guy.  I realized that too late.  It’s not that simple.  It’s your department.  But no one would ask any questions if you did some research.  He doesn’t have to know.  Cigarette?  You remembered the name.  Not much.  Allegedly, he’s on tour.  But he didn’t take his suitcase.  I’ll be in touch.  And thank you again.  For the other day.” — Gereon Rath

“I work for the police.” — Gereon Rath

, a combat veteran of the Imperial German Army during World War I and a policeman in both Cologne and Berlin. A Roman Catholic and family friend of future West GermanChancellor Konrad Adenauer, Inspector Rath struggles to reconcile his Faith with his ongoing affair with Helga Rath, his sister in law. Rath also struggles with PTSD linked to his war experiences and survivor’s guilt over the loss of his brother, Anno Rath, who is still listed as missing in action. Secretly, Rath self-medicates by taking morphine.

Bruno Walter, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Peter KurthDetective Chief Inspector Bruno Wolter

Chief Inspector Bruno Wolter is implicated in an attempted military-coup in violation of the treaty of Versailles the Black Reichswehr with the express goal of reinstating Kaiser Wilhelm II as the king of Germany.

“You got the runs or something?  Go on, open it.  Vice squad.  This is a raid!  Show is over.  Ladies and gentlemen, form an orderly row, pack away your genitals and keep your mouths shut.  And who are you?  Who’s that supposed to be?  Look, God’s also in it.  And the Virgin Mary, the boy with the curly hair, everyone’s here.  No offense, but we can’t let him get away with that.  I know you.  Get them all out of there. Maybe you do things differently in Cologne, but her in the capital it’s a good idea to draw your weapon first.  I’ll let Willi know, you’ll have it back tomorrow.  Right, you nitwit.  Say thank you.  I can’t hear you.  And do you know what for?  I just saved your arse from being tried as a cop killer.  You’ve still got the attempted cop murder going for you, apart from the filth and those little boys.  You speak when I ask you a question.  Maybe this bullet was never fixed.  And somehow you got away up here.  You know what I mean, right?  Right.  And now introduce yourself to my colleague from Cologne.  Name?  Beg your pardon?  Rank and regiment?  Pardon?  Residence.  I see.  I get it.  Now listen.  Erwin in the kiosk… at the underground station.  He’s our guy.  You’ll report to him at 12 sharp.  And when we ask you a question then, you’ll have the answer.  Come on, you trembler.  Pull yourself together.” — Bruno Wolter

“Here, a little souvenir of your exciting time in the capital.  Krajewski?  Believe it or not, he used to be one of us.  A police officer.  He honestly thought he could just go back to working after the war.  A trembler.  One day, he’s at an operation.  There’s a huge shoot-out… and that chicken can’t get a grip on himself.  They kicked him out.  No honors for him.  Get out of my way, you ninny!  At the the front, those chickens folded in droves.  Now you just have to breathe on them and the waterworks open.  I was in Belgium.  And France.  What about you?  They’re broken automatons… no more.  And broken automatons belong on the landfill.  Morning, girls.” — Bruno Wolter

“Do you know all the stuff Inspector Rath has collected about you… in the last few weeks since you left Cologne?  Let’s talk about him.  Let’s hear it.  What kind of guy is he?  He knows you, so you know him.  For you?  A kiss.  Wait… you’ve got something there.  Come on, spill.  I know that, mate.  I know.  Yes, I know all that.  But what don’t I know?  Why is he with the vice squad?  Why not something decent?  Murder, corruption… secret police?  I want to know what’s between you two.  And what he wants from you.  Don’t tell me he’s just here because of your filth.  Oh man!  You’re almost begging to go to prison as a child shagger tonight.  Who are you talking about?  Gereon Rath?  We were just talking about you.  Good thing you’re here.  I just wanted to take a quick pee.” — Bruno Wolter

“Hey, busy bee.  A beer after work?  Suit yourself.  See you tomorrow.  Sometimes that’s better.  Fine with me.   Here’s the file.  For your interrogation.” — Bruno Wolter

“Gereon.  I have something for you.  Well, our 14 is on the ball.  Went down the shaft right away.  Barrel calibrated and cleaned, everything spick-and-span.  I won’t get involved.  Don’t worry.  One has to let Polly out of jail.  I’m off.” — Bruno Wolter

“Gereon.  Man, where have you been?  What happened?  They’re expecting us.  The political department.  In person.  Come on.  Wolter, Rath.  He’s expecting us.” — Bruno Wolter

“The inspector has not acted negligently… will do.  It’s Bruno.  I need a room.  Immediately, ideally.  That’s good.  It’s for a colleague of mine.  It’s six marks a week.  If you pay for a whole month, it’s cheaper.  Elisabeth will explain it all to you.  Behnke, your landlady.  She’s the widow of a mate.  Jänicke.  Now go to your new pad.  And tomorrow come over for dinner at ours.  Can you drive?  Drive a car?  Vroom, vroom?  Staff car.  Take this suitcase and this inspector to 25 Bayreuther St.  You’ll bring the car back washed.  Why are you still standing here looking helpless?  Go.  It’s great that everything runs so smoothly around here.” — Bruno Wolter

‘You’re no hero.  You’re a traitor.  No values.  No morals.  No courage.  This is about something else.  And you… you work to rule.  Like apple polishers.” — Bruno Wolter

August Benda, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Matthias BrandtState Councillor August Benda

“How could you let this happen?  You knew König. You were sent here because you’ve been trailing this guy for weeks.  You must have known what he’s capable of.  Nobody is asking you, Wolter!  You interrogated him yesterday.  And the wounds?  This file here says that König arrived at the detention center with injuries.  How come?  Please excuse us, gentlemen.  Mr. Wolter, in private, please.  Take a seat, inspector.  It would be disastrous in your position to keep something from me.  I phoned Cologne earlier.  Your father told me you would explain everything.  Blackmailed.  By König?  Meaning?  Where is this film?  Do you have any leads yet?  Good.  Don’t lose any time.  And as far as the incident with König is concerned, leave the apparatus in the castle, the press and Wolter to me.  Cigarette?  Your father mentioned you have a personal connection with Dr. Adenauer?  Where do you stay, Rath?  We’ll take care of it.  Are you Catholic?  Do come to mass on Sunday.  St. Antonius in Friedenau.  I play the organ.  And Mr. Wolter, please provide our colleague with accommodation.  Long-term.” — August Benda

“Is this the exact wording?  Very good.  Any other new findings?  Unforeseen risks?  You must never be sure of anything.  You know how sensitive this affair is.  At some point the decisive clue will present itself.  We must not miss this moment.  You’re doing a good job, Stefan.  But strike the word ‘security’ from your vocabulary.” — August Benda

Toni Ritter

“Where’s Lotte?  Lotte?  Where have you been?  Haven’t you slept at all?  And right off to work?  I don’t know how you do it.  Paradise.  Leopold?  Connecting wires Between Earth and Heaven A little love They are the engine of the machine And busy is the stupid heart.  Did you bring something?  Yellow.  I haven’t got that one yet.  Lotte?” — Toni Ritter

“It was nothing.  I did.  Just a few hours.  They needed someone.  One fifty.  Ilse, of course.  Finished.  As good as new, madam.  Yes, mother?” — Toni Ritter

Franz Krajewski, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Philip HershFranz Krajewski

“Won’t be long, they’re almost done with the holy couple.  Look, sweetie.  The fat guy won’t get me.  Toy?  What?  Thank you.  But I didn’t do… but… Krajewski.  Krajewski, Franz.  Private, infantry, second Hanseatic, w… West front.  In the ruins of Hermannplatz.” — Franz Krajewski

“Yes, please. No, doctor, but I… we got caught this morning.  They’ve got König.  He didn’t destroy the film.  He tried to make some money with the film.  On his own account.” — Franz Krajewski

“Where’s the other one?  Sure.  Stuff like that spreads like wildfire.  The… emperor?  König was a mystery-monger.  No one knew for whom he was doing these films.  But he made good money.  This one, I know her.  This one.  That’s… Mutti from Wedding.” — Franz Krajewski

Erich Ritter, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Pit BukowskiErich Ritter

“What’s with that blood noise?  And where is the rent?  No.  Half is missing.  Who can piss with a hard-on?  Why don’t you touch it?” — Erich Ritter

“And at ours?  With or without?  Bloody bitches.” — Erich Ritter

Ilse Ritter, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Laura KiehneIlse Ritter

“What do you think?  Without you?  That would be nice.  Get going.  We need briquettes.  Jesus, Karlchen, get on the bench!  Do I have to write it on your forehead?  Now!  Haven’t slept all night.  Mother was coughing, Erich was puking, grandpa wet the bed, Toni was crying, Magda was yelling, Karlchen had diarrhea.  And Lotte wasn’t home, as always.  And how was school today?  Grandpa!” — Ilse Ritter

“I used to sit by your bed.  You were different then.  We used to treat each other differently.  I didn’t choose him.  You can talk.  You’ve just been lucky so far.  What a smug bitch you’ve become.” — Ilse Ritter

Minna Ritter

“Lotte!  Lotte!  We need 20.  Schröder will kick us out.” — Minna Ritter

“Dolly?  You need to rub some rubbing alcohol on me.” — Minna Ritter

Alexei Kardakov, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Ivan ShvedoffAlexei Kardakov

“Sveta.  It all went well.” — Alexei Kardakov

“Everyone here?  Comrades.  A few hours ago I received a message from our comrades at home.  The train crossed the border this morning.  It’s coming straight to Berlin.  Long live the Fourth International!  Down with Stalin!  Long live our comrade Trotsky!  Long live the Red Fortress!  Reinvent the world in a better way.” — Alexei Kardakov

“Drive on, please.  You have to put the number of the car there.  And here the destination station.  Everyone at the printer’s is ready.  And you made it possible.  And I you.” — Alexei Kardakov

“Take this.  Take it.  I’m going to Istanbul tomorrow where it’s warm.” — Alexei Kardakov

“Good work, mate.  No difference to the original.  Wagon number AB three-two-two-one.  And the signature.  Thanks.” — Alexei Kardakov

“From Russia.  My country is doomed.  I must help prevent this.  That’s what I need the gold for.  I promise… this deal will be more than worth your while.  Please.  Help me.” — Alexei Kardakov

Gräf, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Christian Friedel


“I’d like the lady with the green hat.  Thank you.  Miss Ritter?  Right?  The Buddha wants… Gennat, the chief of the homicide squad.  Gennat wants to create a catchword register with descriptions of all murder cases of the last 13 years.  Like this: crime scene, murder weapon, condition of the body.  Everything, really.  You describe what you see, and in a systematic way.  Take this, for example.  Axe murder, split skull, amputation.  The pictures are organized by case.  On the back are the date and case number.  Correct.  Later on, we can look for parallels.  Like if someone uses the same weapon several times or a perpetrator… upstairs there are three times as many.  One mark an hour, I’ll sign off tomorrow morning.” — Gräf

“I’m sorry, but when a picture is so ruined… if you had the negative, I could work with that.  Was it a professional photographer, I mean cameraman?  It’s very thinly lit.  It’s a miracle you can see anything at all.  Very well.  When it’s finished, where may I deliver it to, Inspector?  Gräf.” — Gräf

Svetlana Sorokina, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Severija JanusauskaiteCountess Svetlana Sorokina

“You are my hero.  Alexey.” — Svetlana Sorokina

“No less!” — Svetlana Sorokina

“Do you have the papers?  Very good. AB 32-2-1.  Istanbul.  Tomorrow, a new chapter will begin for the Russian people.  And you will finish it.  Kardakov… I love you.” — Svetlana Sorokina

“To ashes, to dust Stolen from the light But not yet now Miracles wait until the end Ocean of time Eternal law To ashes, to dust To ashes But not yet now To ashes, to dust Stolen from the light But not yet now Miracles wait until the end It might just be a dream Trying to snatch the wind Who really knows? The clock on your wall It is filled with sand Put your hand in mine And let us be forever Now you make your choice And throw us in between happiness and agony But I can forgive you You are very close to death But your eyes are still clear Does it recognize me? I’m ready To seek immortality with you It must be just a dream Trying to snatch the wind Who really knows? You are very close to death But your eye still clear Does it recognize me? I’m ready To seek immortality with you.” — Svetlana Sorokina

“My father had this wagon built.  Shortly before the revolution.  And then he hid it from the Bolsheviks.  For 12 years.  For years I have been trying to free my family’s treasure from Stalin’s claws.  Your train was my last chance.  Since the tank wagon arrived in Berlin, no one has opened it.  Yes.” — Svetlana Sorokina

Edgar Der Armenier, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Misel MaticevicEdgar “The Armenian”

“Times change.  Your brother’s reliability has waned.  You deliver 35,000 bottles of arrack per year.  I supply the entire city, you remain silent, I pay you well, we could all be happy.  There have been complaints about the quality of the alcohol.  More and more often.  Then I had them investigate and made an interesting discovery.  Right?  Your good, thoroughly honest and very punctual Sandor simply swapped your fine brew for cheap booze.  Did he think I wouldn’t notice?  Did he think the fine tongues of our guests would fail?  Even though the tongue is the most sensitive and has the most blood supply of all human sensory organs.  What’s with the whimpering?  Mr. Kardakov, please.  Thank you.  The tongue… is unique.  A small miracle of nature.  Which is why it is also a delicacy.  Enjoy your octopus, Mr. Gosztony.  Doctor.  Oh, please.  How can I help?  König?  I’ll deal with it.” — Edgar Der Armenier

“Where is the gold from?  And what do you want to use it for?  Thank you, doctor.” — Edgar Der Armenier

Elisabeth Behnke, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Fritzi HaberlandtElisabeth Behnke

“Behnke speaking.  For when?  The balcony room has just been vacated.  I need to prepare it.  Thanks, Bruno.  Send the gentleman over, the room will be ready in two hours.” — Elisabeth Behnke

“Come on in.  Breakfast is at half six, dinner is extra.  That’s at six.  Warm on Sundays and Wednesdays, sandwiches the other days.  I’ll do the bed linen, but you have to take care of towels and stuff.  You can use the balcony as you wish, but please air the room regularly.  Are you superstitious?  No.  On a weekly or monthly basis?  Fine.  I need an advance for the first three weeks.  Mr. Katelbach!  Excuse me.  Mr. Katelbach?  Have you looked at the calendar?  End of the month.  One more day and you’re moving out.  A jazz opera like the other day?  No.  You’re not airing the room.  Sell your complimentary tickets, I want my rent.  Vienna again?  Who is paying for this trip?  When will you pay?  What if it doesn’t get printed?  First pay, then eat.  An Austrian snot.  Dumplings.” — Elisabeth Behnke

“Do you want one too?  I don’t know.  He may have been one of them when they were meeting here.  The Russians.  Sometimes there were quite a lot of them.  Then it got noisy.  Politics.  In your room.  Kardakov was his name.  He was a violinist, actually.  But when he really got talking… I didn’t understand a word, but if he said, jump!  I would have jumped.  He had something… sometimes it was uncanny.  Yes, that’s his.  Sorry, he meant to pick it up yesterday.  I’ll take it to the basement tomorrow, and that one too.  On tour, for six months.  With a whole orchestra.  On a cruise ship.  All the way to Bosporus, he said.  A mysterious guy.  Sometimes he told me… he was on the other side in the war, not on ours.  ‘They fell… like bees in the freezing cold,’ he said.  I once dreamt that it was him who shot my Helmut.  And that the Lord sent him to me.  What a lot of nonsense.  Were you in the war?  So you know what it’s like.  To wake up in the morning… alone.  To hate the silence, and the birds too.  All that false peace.  Good night.” — Elisabeth Behnke

Dr. Anno Schmidt, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Jens HarzerDoctor Schmidt

“Breathe very calmly.  Breathe in… and out.  Don’t try to put your thoughts into order.  Just let them go.  And breathe in every deeply… and out.  And when I say ‘now’ you will open your eyes.  Now.  Yes, close your eyes again.  Good.  Good.  And now delve twice as deeply into your relaxed state than before.  Take your time.  I will now take your back… to the source.  To the source of your fear.  I… I will guide you… step by step.  Step by step… all the way to the source of your fear.  To the truth.  You are in Cologne.  In your hometown.  It is the summer shortly before you are drafted.  There is your father.  You long for the war so much, you’re dying to finally go away and leave everything behind you.  There is the woman you love.  But something keeps you apart from her.” — Doctor Schmidt

“Franz, how are you?  Do you want to give us another try?  Are you off the drugs?  Those are the rules, Franz.  And…?  Why not?  I explicitly told him to.  That’s not good, Franz.” — Doctor Schmidt

“I don’t want to waste your valuable time.  I have been told that our mutual friend is doing business for his own account.  König.  He put one film aside.  The man is endangering our entire operation.  Good.” — Doctor Schmidt

Stephan Jänicke, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Anton von LuckeStephan Jänicke

“Chief?  I beg your pardon?  Yes.  Yes, sir.  Let me take that.  Right now?” — Stephan Jänicke

“I do.  Well, I wouldn’t say that, but… hey.” — Stephan Jänicke

, a Detective in the Berlin Police who has been assigned by Councillor Benda to investigate DCI Bruno Wolter for ties to “The Black Reichswehr.” — Stephan Jänicke

Samuel Katelbach, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Karl MarkovicsSamuel Katelbach

“Yes?  Dear Ms. Elisabeth, I have something very special for you.  In three hours, a special show at the Admiralspalast.  I promise you, you’ll love it.  You’ll get your money when I’m back from Vienna.  My publisher, of course.  The government in Vienna wants to make a guy from the Middle Ages chancellor and revive the corporative state… as soon as my commentary is printed, you’ll get your money.  That, dear Ms. Elisabeth, is a conjunctivus irrealis, an impossibility.  However, would it be possible in return to have some of that delicious… said the executioner of the delinquent.  I bid you goodbye.  You respectful servant.  Good day.”

Generalmajor Seegers, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Ernst StötznerMajor General Kurt Seegers

Saint Joseph, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Frank KünstlerSaint Joseph

Doctor Völcker, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Jördis Triebel

Doctor Völcker

Greta Overbeck, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Leonie Benesch

Greta Overbeck

Helga Rath, Babylon Berlin, Sky Germany, Sky, Beta Film GmbH, X Filme Creative Pool, Netflix, Hannah Herzsprung

Helga Rath

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