Welcome to Wrexham, Hulu, FX Networks, Boardwalk Pictures, Maximum Effort, RCG Productions

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Welcome to Wrexham, Hulu, FX Networks, Boardwalk Pictures, Maximum Effort, RCG Productions

Hulu original docuseries Welcome to Wrexham premiered its third season May 2nd, 2024.

Welcome to Wrexham, Hulu, FX Networks, Boardwalk Pictures, Maximum Effort, RCG Productions
Welcome to Wrexham, Hulu, FX Networks, Boardwalk Pictures, Maximum Effort, RCG Productions
Welcome to Wrexham, Hulu, FX Networks, Boardwalk Pictures, Maximum Effort, RCG Productions

#WrexhamAFC is now two tiers away from the English Premier League.

rottentomatoes: 91%

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imdb: 8.3

emmys: 5 wins

Ryan Reynolds, Welcome to Wrexham, Hulu, Disney+, 3 Arts Entertainment, Boardwalk Pictures, Maximum Effort, More Better Productions, RCG Productions
Ryan Reynolds, Welcome to Wrexham, Hulu, Disney+, 3 Arts Entertainment, Boardwalk Pictures, Maximum Effort, More Better Productions, RCG Productions

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney continue to navigate sports ownership in Wrexham, Wales.

Ryan Reynolds, Welcome to Wrexham, Hulu, Disney+, 3 Arts Entertainment, Boardwalk Pictures, Maximum Effort, More Better Productions, RCG Productions

“Yep. Well, we hit Ben Foster from every side, right? I mean– yeah? Your lips to God’s ears. Alright, that’s a contract. He said, ‘well do it again next year.’ And then there’s a lot of text messages. Uh, couple of calls. Uh, hey– hey, buddy. It’s, uh, Ryan Reynolds here. I just want to– give me a ring back when you, uh– when you get a chance. Hey, Ben, I thought you might have called. Uh, anyway, it’s– it’s just me again. It’s Ryan… Reynolds.” — Ryan Reynolds

“When you find something that works that well, you really want to make sure that as much of that chemistry remains in place as– as humanly possible. 28-0, I believe. Yeah. Yeah, they gave us 90 minutes of shut-the-fuck-up. Yeah. Yeah. A bit of a gamble, right? I mean–” — Ryan Reynolds

“Man United have a following that is legion. If I were to equate any kind of comparison to them in terms– U.S. terms, I would say that they’re the Yankees maybe.” — Ryan Reynolds

“Uh, Rob was so kind. He offered his own home for Paul to stay in. I felt a little like, ‘hmm, I’m going to have to compete with that somehow.’ So I-I offered, uh, Paul my lungs. I just said, ‘you can have my lungs.’ Uh, and you’ll be playing before you know it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No. I was like, he can have one. You know? Mm-hmm. Here we are.” — Ryan Reynolds

“Hi. How are you. Hi, documentary! Here we are again– beginning of another season, you and me… doing this one more time. Hopefully 100 more times. But, like, what a special thing. Like, let’s not let that pass without… marking the moment of, like, holy shit, we’re standing in a– in the English Football League now. We’re in the English fucking Football League now. We’re back.” — Ryan Reynolds

“I’m just excited to be back. It’s just emotional to be back in this place– new season, in the Football League. This crowd is pumping. Like, I haven’t seen it like this since Notts County played here last. So the empyrean heights of hope are that we finish the league number one, automatic promotion. And then, realistically, I’m hoping that we finish the league number one with an automatic promotion. It’s so good. Wear something warm. It’s cold. And it’s raining a little. Let’s go, boys! Come on! Own goal. Put it in his own goal. Eoghan O’Connell. That’s an inauspicious start.” — Ryan Reynolds

“This is just– I don’t know what– we haven’t lost at home in a year. Uh, so this is– you know, this is unusual. But it– um, you know, it’s nerves, I think. We lost Paul Mullin. A bit of that. Yeah. Oh! Come on! Good pressure, boys! Oh! Here we go! Yeah. I need– I kind of was going to say could you please stay up here for the second half? And they are huge. And they are, like, much bigger than us. Yeah. Lucky sweater time. Fitting into this… might change the course of the game here. All right. Yeah! This is just a good, old-fashioned… pants-down spanking in the supermarket. Oh! That’s how you fucking do it! That’s a laser, baby! Oh, fuck! I thought that was fucking in. Looked like Ben wasn’t even trying.” — Ryan Reynolds

“We lost, like, three times in the other one. Like, all year. No. Yeah. Let’s go back. When was the last time we lost here? Two years ago? Two seasons ago? Is that the last time we lost here? No. It portends to be a very harrowing, edge-of-your seat season. I don’t think you go through a League Two with another– only– you know, only suffering three losses. Look how fast the crowd’s out of here, too. They vaporized. We hard-launched failure. Yeah, yeah. See you, boys. You know what I mean? It’s like a funeral. Fucking funeral. Right? Yeah.” — Ryan Reynolds

Rob McElhenney, Welcome to Wrexham, Hulu, Disney+, 3 Arts Entertainment, Boardwalk Pictures, Maximum Effort, More Better Productions, RCG Productions

Rob McElhenney

“Now we got to go into League Two.”

“There was no mics, no cameras, no adults. I mean, I was the adult, which is wild. In the heat of the moment, after we won promotion, he made some comment to you. Hey, uh, Ben. Uh, Rob again. Hey, call me back, man. We put some effort into creating an environment that he would want to return to, and he said yes.”

“What wasn’t as fun was watching the divide, to see very clearly the divide where we’re at and where we would like to be. When we played Chelsea, that was a pretty stark reminder of the difference. I believe we lost 27-0? 28. Yeah, 28. We got smacked around a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. I just love the black kit. We felt like it was something that people would be proud to wear. So, to see those out on the pitch, it’s been awesome.”

“Yeah, if we didn’t get out of the National League, we would have to throw those into the trash. Yankees times ten. They are a global force, so for us to play them is, uh– is a great honor for them.”

“You’ve got robust lungs. I’m sure. I mean, not the lungs of a 26-year-old, though. Yeah, yeah, the second one. Finally, after all this time. 15 years out of the league. Not great losing out start player, Super Paul Mullin. We thought, well, we’ve got a very strong squad. Phil feels confident. We feel confident that even without Paul, that this is a team that has been together and is going to put on a pretty good fight.”

“Let’s go. Yeah. We’re back. We’re going to watch the game from down there, from where you guys are. It’s cool, right? This little shirt. Yeah. There’s so many people who want to be a part of the experience, but for sensory issues, for a host of different reasons, feel more comfortable in environments where it’s not as chaotic, it’s not as loud. So with my son, Axel, we went down to watch in the quiet zone to show our support, and it was lovely. Great save. Whoo! Okay, so a little bit of a rough start. But then I thought– I’m going to stay up here for the second half. But everybody else is feeling good. The whole crowd seems pretty jazzed. I think there’s a lot of goals left in this game. Oh, my God. Just put one in. I don’t like them singing their– is that them singing? Ass whupping? Nice. Got one back.”

“We knew at some point, we were going to have to reckon with the idea that we may have to be careful with what we wish for. Humphrey. Why did you tell us to go to this league? I like the other league better. Yeah. I just didn’t realize it was going to happen immediately… in the beginning of the… League Two campaign. Yeah, can we– is that an option? All right! Okay. Okay! Don’t underestimate how important those are. At the end of the season? Goal differential? Grimsby. Yep. No way. I don’t know where we’re starting, but it’s probably in, like, 14th place after game one. It’s amazing. See you Tuesday, boys. Thank you.”

Welcome to Wrexham, Hulu, Disney+, 3 Arts Entertainment, Boardwalk Pictures, Maximum Effort, More Better Productions, RCG Productions

Mark Griffiths / Announcers

“Is this the day that a 15-year wait ends? A town ready to celebrate, ready to party. Final seconds at the Racecourse. All eyes on the referee. Champions! Wrexham are promoted! They have their storybook ending! Their Football League exile is over! 15 long years!”

“International friendly here in Chester, Pennsylvania. Welcome to sunny San Diego in California. Here’s an opportunity for Jackson. Nice footwork, good layoff, too. Perfect start. And Chelsea have doubled their lead not long before halftime. As we said, Wrexham were looking a little tired. Chelsea have punished them again.”

“It is an international friendly tonight between LA Galaxy II and Wrexham AFC. Wrexham are in their blacks with the red and white trim.”

“Welcome to the much-heralded meeting of Manchester United and Wrexham. A group of gnarled veterans against a bunch of Manchester United’s best up-and-coming prospects. Wrexham in the red. Manchester United are wearing green. So this will be competitive, this first half. That’s for sure. There’s Ollie Palmer. This is what they do so well, the front two for Wrexham. Just couldn’t quite find the right pass at the end of it. Off goes Paul Mullin. And Mullin got there just ahead of Bishop.”

“And the referee has gone to his pocket for a yellow card. Concern for Mullin, as we see once again precisely how it unfolded. Mullin is quicker than Jonny Evans. And there’s the challenge, and it’s not a good one. An oxygen mask has been brought out. And had that been a Premier League game or any competitive game, I think that’s a sending-off. Thank you.”

“Good afternoon, and welcome back to the SToK Cae Ras… for today’s EFL Sky Bet League Two fixture between Wrexham and MK Dons. How good does it feel here, in that Wrexham back in the Football League? And will be hoping to be back with a bang this afternoon against MK Dons, who were relegated last season from Sky Bet League One. 15 years of pain and suffering are over.”

“MK Dons to get the game underway. Returns it back to Foster, who plays. Mendy rises, and a free kick. A free kick for MK Dons in the opening minutes of the game. Robson swings the ball into the air. It’s a good ball. And O’Connell– O’Connel puts it into his own goal. And MK Dons take the lead at the SToK Cae Ras… inside six minutes. Not the start that anyone would have hoped for here. And work to do for Wrexham here. And the Wrexham fans looking to get behind their team here. Leko takes it down and across. Into Eisa. Can he get the shot away? Cuts back to his right, gets through the middle. And it’s 2-0 to MK Dons. Mo Eisa bounced back onto his right foot. It was a sea of red shirts in front of him. No one got near him. And Wrexham are 2-0 down.”

“And the stunned silence at the SToK Cae Ras. Nothing ever happens the easy way for Wrexham. That ball races to Sam Dalby. Can he get it across to Ryan Barnett? He does really well. Barnett down the wing. Barnett now blasting down the right-hand side. Waters in the area if he can find him. Headed away by Smith. Jones with the strike! Headed away. That one was goal-bound. Wrexham are playing themselves back into this game. Robson sets Leko with the shot. Oh, what an unbelievable save by Foster! And Foster was more than a match to it. Back to Barnett. Driven to Barnett with a one-two. Barnett crosses well. Dalby rises. Water with a strike! Great save! Mendy with the follow-up! And it’s 2-1! Jacob Mendy pulls one back for Wrexham. Incredible strike by Waters falls into the path of Mendy on the follow-up.”

“Welcome back, then, to the second half at the SToK Cae Ras. Wrexham will be hoping that they can arm the traps fast, put MD Dons on the back foot once again. What will the next 45 minutes take? We shall see. Second half underway. Good ball to Ryan Barnett in space. Croseed into the area, headed away. Outside to Cannon. Strike blocked. Barnett again, gets it across into the area. Headed away. But a much more lively start by Wrexham. Cannon. Free to play the counterattack. Cannon’s still down. And Leko, can he get the shot away? And he gets it past Foster and goes in. And the two-goal lead has been restored. A smart finish by Jonathan Leko. It’s getting serious. Ollie Palmer, Jake Bickerstaff, Jordan Davies makes his way on as well.”

“Bickerstaff to Jones. Elliot Lee. Palmer, Lee plays it across. Can’t quite get it out of his feet. Put better by Wrexham. Here come MK Dons again. And Leko’s been let straight through. Can he make it 4? He can. How he’s had that much space, I’m not so sure. And its 4-1 to MK Dons. The away end loving every second of this. Bickerstaff to Lee. Lee drives towards goal. Jordan Davies! Davies… to Bickerstaff. He takes it down well. Out to Lee, Forde with him on the right. Lee might shoot himself. Bryce Hosannah, back to Jordan Davies. Great goal from Davies! And Wrexham get a goal back. And this, there may be, may be just a chance for Wrexham here. Cuts inside and shoots. And that one goes for a corner. Goes to the back post for Davies. Across goal! Just wide. Got seven minutes on it. Still time then. And it’s 5-2. And there’s not much more to say.”

“Well, some Wrexham fans are leaving in disgust, understandably, but we still have more football to play. Plays it across to O’Connell. Forde takes it down well. And it’s a great goal by Anthony Forde. Brilliant finish. At the SToK Cae Ras, it is finished. Wrexham 3, MK Dons 5. A disappointing return to the Football League for Wrexham– too many goals.”

Phil Parkinson, Welcome to Wrexham, Hulu, Disney+, 3 Arts Entertainment, Boardwalk Pictures, Maximum Effort, More Better Productions, RCG Productions

Coach Phil Parkinson

“Yes! The boys back here? Okay, there! The magnitude of getting the club back into the league… yeah, it’s so important, because, you know, I really don’t think we’re going to be looking back at the National League again.”

“Thanks so much. Just level of performance, really. And I’m really looking forward to seeing how we cope with that higher level of play, that, you know, we’re where we need to be individually and collectively as a team. We know the targets we need to hit to be prepared for the new season.”

“Well played, boys! Well done! Hey! You know, we really don’t know. So probably be tomorrow morning when we get the specialist to have a look at it. I’m fuming with it, I’ve got to be honest with you. I thought it was, like, a clumsy, reckless challenge– preseason game. U, yeah, can’t say any more on it. I’m not happy with it at all.”

“Yeah, the lads know that this division is going to be tougher. The top teams in the National League would hold their own in League Two, but all the games in League Two are going to be of the standard of when we play Chesterfield and Notts County. Every game is going to be tight. And we’ve got to get the detail right in our performance. We’re working towards that. And, you know, everyone’s saying we’re favorites. And great, we’ll take that pressure. But equally, you know, we’ve got to make sure that we put the processes in place to justify that favorites tag.”

“Come on, what you got? Oh, brilliant. Oh, my fucking God. That is off a different fucking planet.”

“Let’s start finishing up, boys. Let’s just have a quick chat before we go. Come on, now. Okay, what we’re looking for today is a progression from preseason, a progression in terms of our performance level, okay? So the key boxes we want to tick today is, play with energy, intensity, and physicality. Anyone who comes here is under fucking pressure from the first minute to the fucking last. Let’s go. Fucking energy, boys. Fourth. Fourth. Hey, by the way. You must’ve been able to see that’s our ball. Could you not see that was our ball? Could you not see that’s our ball? Answer the question. Hey, answer the question!”

“Just relax, everybody! Relax, everybody! Tommy, tell Toze to relax! Come on. Get in there! Right, I want to ask you a question just right before we go out. Were our fucking arousal levels at the right level in the first 20 minutes of that game? Or were you too fucking uptight fucking up all-out? Yeah? We just all just need to relax and play. We’re back in the game. These are not a great team. I’ll tell you that now. We played in bigger games than this, by the way. The season doesn’t get defined by this fucking game. We’ve fucking had to play Notts County. We’ve played– we’ve played Sheff United at home. Like, you’ve got in the rhythm in the last 15, 20 minutes and just fucking start like a good team. Two minutes, boys. You know what you got to do. We’ve done enough talking. Let’s go and play well for 45 minutes. We know we’re good. Come on. Wow. Wow. For me, the front two have given us absolutely nothing. I think we need to go for two for two, haven’t we? We’ve got to, haven’t we? Ollie, Bickers, make sure you’re ready.”

“Obviously, MK Dons played very well on the day, but we just not only lacked sharpness physically, but, mentally, we looked, like, really below par in terms of our decision making. They played like a proper team, we played like a fucking non-league team. The players are stronger the higher up you go. Do you know what I mean? So, we’ve got a lot of work to do… and we’ve got to accept that we’ve gone up another level. Sometimes you need a day like this, like, a reality check, um, to reassess things. When you go up a level and you make mistakes, you get punished. And that’s what happened to us today.”

Ollie Palmer, Welcome to Wrexham, Hulu, Disney+, 3 Arts Entertainment, Boardwalk Pictures, Maximum Effort, More Better Productions, RCG Productions

Ollie Palmer

“It was quite an emotional day, it all sinking in, my son telling me how proud he was. He went and stood in front of his whole school at six years old and told everyone that his daddy won the National League title. And that really sank in. That’s what I do it for.”

Paul Mullin, Welcome to Wrexham, Hulu, Disney+, 3 Arts Entertainment, Boardwalk Pictures, Maximum Effort, More Better Productions, RCG Productions

Super Paul Mullin

“Two years of hard work all put into one, and it was magnificent. Just to see the emotions on everyone’s faces was something that I’ll always remember it.”

“Well, it– well, we just went for it. We just had a massive party and enjoyed ourselves. And to be honest, of what we can remember from it, it was really enjoyable.”

“I can’t breathe. Oh, no. I can’t breathe. Hurting to breathe. I feel like I can’t. do you know what I mean? Like, speaking. I’m trying to speak.”

“Hit the floor and thought I was just winded… it will go, it will pass. And then obviously as the seconds went and I tried to take a breath in and I couldn’t. That’s when I thought like, ah Jesus like… I could be in trouble here. I’m standing. No, I’m gonna stand up. There’s people at home watching me, I’m walking. I’m walking out. I was trying to tell the physios look… I cannot sit on a stretcher. There’s family watching at home, it’s early hours in the morning. Like if I sit on that or lie on that with the oxygen mask on like they’re going to be even more worried than they are now. I’m walking. I’m walking. I’m fine. I’m walking. I should have never done that but, as I say, I had to do it with family watching. It was something that was non-negotiable for me.”

“Oh, yeah. It’s the first thing I asked when I got injured. They’re telling me, all, like, the recovery time sometimes isn’t that long and stuff till you’re back playing. I said, ‘I couldn’t care less, mate. When can I fly home?’ Like, I just want to go home and see me kid. Like, it got to the point where they– the excitement was building with me because I knew I was only two or three days from going home. And when he told me I couldn’t fly, obviously, actually filled up, sat there. I didn’t know what to think.”

“Feeling better. The first couple of days were really tough, to be fair. Been away from the family. I’m really looking forward to getting back and seeing me little boy. He doesn’t quite understand why his dad hasn’t been there for so long. But his mom Mollie’s done an unbelievable job, and I’m looking forward to getting back and seeing them. They basically said that if ehh I got on a plane my lung would expand and cause there’s a hole already in it – basically it would pop. And then you’re in trouble when flying over the Atlantic Ocean. You ain’t got many hospitals to go to in that circumstance. So I had to wait for the two weeks to fully heal and for the hole to close over and then I could actually fly. Yeah. Absolutely true, yeah. But me two friends from Liverpool were here watching me for the tour. And they decided that they’d like to stay with me just to keep me company and give me some home comforts, so… so, I know he’s probably got the rooms in the house but, erm I don’t think he’d have liked the scouse company too much after a couple of days. Here we are, what’s this? Not yet, he’ll love that. So he’ll be happy.”

“It’s, uh, t-two weeks from the injury. It’ll be Tuesday when I can finally fly home. Obviously, I’d love nothing more to be there now playing. And then after that, I’d love nothing more to just be at home with me son. But, uh, I think we’ve got it in us. No. Fucks sake, man. Oh, my God. Come on. Let’s go. Get on. Game on now. It’s a horrible feeling, but, obviously, to start the game like that was… killer, really. It’s just the first 15 minutes back, and you’re 2-0 down. But they come into the game, obviously, as it settled down a bit and created chances. And they’ll get Phil’s class at halftime. He’ll tell the lads exactly where they can create chances and where we can get in. And then it’s up to the lads to go out the second half and take action on it. Obviously, last year we usually do that. This year we knew it was going to be more difficult. It’s not going to be as simple as last year. Um, we’ve got to work hard for it, but I think we can, obviously, win the game from this position. Fuck’s sake, man. Fuck off. It’s a fucking disgrace. Oh! That’s why you don’t get excited. Yes. Stop celebrating like this. Come on, fucking score again. Come on. Turn it off, won’t you?”

Humphrey Ker, Welcome to Wrexham, Hulu, Disney+, 3 Arts Entertainment, Boardwalk Pictures, Maximum Effort, More Better Productions, RCG Productions

Humphrey Ker

“Right. So the promotion, the trip to Vegas, the hangover, we have to put all of that behind us, because, actually, there’s a very small amount of time between the end of last season and the start of the next one. We’re now in League Two… and above us remains League One, the Championship, and then the Premier League, which is, obviously, where we aspire to be. But for now, we’re concentrating on League Two. One of the big question marks we have going into this season is, will Ben Foster be back?”

“You know, I met people that had driven from Canada, from Texas. I mean, these are 20-hour drives. But, you know, to go to Kenan Stadium in North Carolina and have 55,000 people there– and I genuinely believe that probably, of those 55,000, 35,000 were there for Wrexham? Insane. To inspire that much excitement and interest is everything we might have dreamt of at the start of this process.”

“One of the advantages of being promoted to League Two is that we can wear our very smart, new black kits, which you may remember Rob was a big fan of. Couldn’t do that in the National League due to kit restrictions, but now the bosses are happy. There is a higher caliber of player and team in League Two. Teams here have deeper benches. They have better squads. But we’re pretty proud of the squad we have. And we think that adding to that will get us where we need to be. And the fans of Wrexham, I think, know that– that one or two quality additions should see us compete this year.”

“Oh, sorry, hold on, don’t want be a party pooper, but, um, we’re actually 21st, not 14th.”

Elliot Lee, Welcome to Wrexham, Hulu, Disney+, 3 Arts Entertainment, Boardwalk Pictures, Maximum Effort, More Better Productions, RCG Productions

Elliot Lee

“But yeah, straight away you knew something weren’t right. That’s the thing with Mulls, he isn’t going to pull out of that either so… it was a nasty clear. I could see that there was a bit of panic in his face. Yeah. I thought he was winded ’cause I’ve seen people get winded and lose their breath. And I liked at his face, and his lips were just bright blue. And I was like, ‘something’s not right here.’ So I just started shouting for Kevin.”

Wayne Jones

“In League Two, first, second and third will get automatic promotion. And then four through to seven is playoffs, with one going up from there. So, obviously, four teams can get promoted as opposed to two in the National League. So, obviously, that gives you a bigger window to be able to have success.”

“From the minute we landed till the minute we left, like, we were just made to feel like superstars. I never thought I’d see little old Wrexham playing in America against Man United and Chelsea and have thousands and thousands of supporters cheering on us rather than Man United and Chelsea. It’s a pinch-me moment, you know?”

“You know, why can’t we aim for top three? We’ve certainly got the squad. And Phil’s built a squad for League One. That was the talk around everything– that they want to try and build a team capable of competing in League One. Um, and obviously, we’re in League Two, so, you know, we want to be– we want to be right up there.”

“But it’s a good start. You know, it’s a good League One team coming down. And obviously, like you just said, we’re coming up. So it’s a clash of– it’s a clash of the leagues, effectively, I believe Wrexham are big favorites. We’re at home in front of a sell-out crowd. And you’d have to back us because we haven’t lost at home in two years.”

Ben Foster

“They promised us a big day, though, at the end of the season. They promised us a monster one at the end of the season. If we get promoted, they’re going to take us away somewhere. The way that Rob McElhenney and Ryan put it on for us was just like nothing I’ve ever seen. We went to Hakkasan Nightclub, right? And Steve Aoki’s playing that night. Yeah, he’s the main guy. And we walk in, and the music shuts off. And they start playing, like, a Wrexham song, yeah? And we have got this massive, like, closed-off VIP area in the middle of everything, right? And there’s like, a screen like, Paul Mullin scoring goals and stuff. And we’re in Hakkasan Nightclub. Yeah.”

“The lads are animals. They’re absolute animals. They’ve won their league, and they just wanted to let their hair down. And they did it, like, pfft, what? I was spannered, absolutely spannered, right? Ooh. Ooh, gosh. I don’t know. Well, yeah, we’re– we’re talking. I’m thinking, I’m thinking, and I’m thinking. We’ll do it again next year as well. Basically sort of, like, pinned me into a corner and were like, ‘right, next season. What’s happening next season?’ Yeah. Yeah, yeah. They were like, ‘listen, we need you back, basically. We want you back.’ And I went, ‘yes mate, don’t even worry about it. We’ll sort it all, right?’ And he was like, ‘cool, as long as that– that– that’s gospel, yeah? Like, your– your word– you’re a man, right? If you’re saying it, that’s it?’ And I was like, ‘yep, cool, we’re doing it, don’t worry.'”

The Kings of Leon

“♪♪ Always lookin’ down at all I see ♪♪ Someone like you ♪♪ Somebody ♪♪ Someone like you ♪♪ Somebody ♪♪ Someone like you ♪♪ I’ve been roaming around ♪♪ Always looking down at all I see ♪♪”

Hugh Jackman

“It’s so good down there. Yes. That’s right. Man, you don’t want to peak too early. See you, guys. Oh, it’s hard. It hurts. I feel the pain. Ugh.”

Wrexham FC

“Well, here we are, three weeks till the start of the season. Yeah. I mean, preseason in full swing. But, you know, instead of tried and trusted preparation, the team are flying out to the U.S. on a high-profile tour. Yeah, it’s a packed schedule. It’s 4 games in 10 days. They’ll face the likes of Premier League giants like Man United and Chelsea. My guest today is a gent who is a master promotion whisperer. Mighty Wrexham are about to match up to Premier League giants Chelsea and Manchester United. What for you is the measuring stick of success? I mean, it’s really a good test, innit, for Wrexham? I mean, Andy, come on, Chelsea, United– that is going to be a good barometer of where we really are.”

“It’s all right. Keep that oxygen. Okay. Can we get that oxygen back on, please? Um… that one’s going. All right. Tape on there. Got you. We just need to check your lungs, yeah? Especially where you’re having difficulty breathing, ’cause your oxygen level’s a bit– we’ll just have to take you to the hospital just to get a chest X-ray, all right? Okay.”

“For several long minutes, 34,000 people held their breath and waited– Paul Mullin suffered a punctured lung and four fractured ribs– during those excruciating moments on the pitch.”

“No, no, which– yeah. I looked at him on the floor. His lips were going blue. And he was like… second on. Second on, please. No, no. Stay where you are, stay where you are. You’re not going to walk. We’re just going to put you– no, no. We’re just gonna sit you on the buggy, all right? We’re just going to sit you in the buggy Paul, you’re sitting non the buggy. We take you off, please. Yeah. He’s got the oxygen on him. Please. Are we up? Are we up?”

“I actually thought it was his shoulder to start with, which are notoriously difficult injuries to manage. So it might sound harsh, but, actually, to find out it was only a punctured lung and broken ribs, which have got a quicker recovery time and less inherent, longer-term problems than shoulder injuries, there was that sense of relief. But then, of course, comes the real consequences of, that means he can’t fly for a fortnight. We’re leaving San Diego. You know, nobody’s going to postpone the start of the league season. Preparations for the next campaign had to continue. So we’ve got Paul’s well-being to take care of. We’ve also got, though, to start delivering on the club’s ambitions of trying to get promotion.”

“Come on, boys! Come on, let’s fucking go. Come on, boys. Let’s get out of here. Whatever happens, that’s what we do.”

“Let’s get away. Our way. Come on. Come on.”

“We can’t start games just how we feel like it. We’ve got to start on it– fucking loose as goose. No fucking concentrating on doing the things that are important, the basics, in the fucking first half today. So why? Is is the fucking buildup to the game? Is it the fucking warm-up? Is it the mentality? Is it the fucking lackluster– ah, we’re fucking Wrexham, we’re a good– what is it that makes us start shit? It’s a fucking hard league and you don’t get away with making too many mistakes, ’cause they’ll punish you and that’s what’s fucking happened today.”

Wrexham Fan Base

“Dad cried when we got– when we won the cup. Don’t tell them. Yeah, I did. I did, didn’t I? Wrexham! Wrexham! Wrexham! Wrexham!”

“Welcome, United passengers. Happy to have you aboard. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fight.”

“What? What? In Las Vegas? Paul Mullin. What?”

“This is your captain speaking. I hope you had a good vacation. We got clear skies. It’s supposed to be a smooth ride. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.”

“I do want to ask you your first question. Are you staying? Ooh. Foster’s short spell at Wrexham FC was obviously a massive hit, just across the world in general. Do I think he’ll stay? Is there any signs that he’ll stay? Can you tell us what’s happening?”

“What did he say? What did he say? Is this Ryan and– Ryan and Rob? So they’ve got you?”

“Super Ben Foster in goal! Whoa-oh-oh!”

“The Wrexham USA invasion, summer 2023, in which the club will sweep our nation from sea to shining sea. in 247 years of America history, Wrexham might be the very first League Two team to undertake a nationwide, coast-to-coast tour of the United States of America. Fans braving North Carolina’s grueling temperatures to try and get on goalkeeper Ben Foster’s GoPro. Wayne Jones, the owner of now-famed Turf Hotel, walking around the stadium mobbed as if he was Harry bloody Styles.”

“Come on, Wrexham! Wrexham, baby. Wrexham! We watched ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ season one and are big Wrexham fans now. Yeah. Yeah. Never thought they would come over here, so we’re really pumped to have that, have a chance to see them play.”

“Get the fucking– get your fucking bagpipes out! Fucking hell! What you feeling Mullins? Get me that– hey, that one! Here we are. Just relax. There you are, okay. Get that oxygen on there, stat, please. Collision into his left side of ribs. Really struggling with it. Can’t breathe. Can’t breathe? Just try and get some oxygen in your mouth. Try and take some deep breaths in and out for me. Guys, give some space out. He’s giving away. Okay, get that oxygen on, please.”

“Got it? Ah, yeah, can you just, like, speak about how you feel right now? Like, not being able to be there?”

“So how are you right now? Okay. Okay. Okay. Sure. Is it actually true that Rob McElhenney invited you to stay with him while you were… here in Southern California? And you said, ‘no, I do not want to stay?’ I was just about to say. Has he got one of them?”

“Wrexham have already been named by bookmakers as 4-1 favorites to win League Two. 46 games lie ahead there. You know well, you really do, that the level of play is going to go up. And as good as this Wrexham squad is, I mean, you have experience after experience that tells you it’s not always going to be sunny in North Wales.”

“Welcome back to the Football League. 15 years we have waited for this. Champions of the National League. Can they be the champions of League Two? Here we go, walking in, walking around the corner. And the point where you see for the first time… massive floodlights. Up the town. It’s going to be a great day. Come on, Wrexham.”

“I can’t explain how big it is for the town just to be back where we rightly belong. Start of the start of a new journey, right? ‘Cause I think we can surpass where we’ve been in previous years and actually reach new heights. You know, League two– I do fancy Wrexham to go straight through. I think even with the squad now, it’s a top-three squad already, because there’s very few players who weren’t either in League One or Two. So these guys have been there, seen it, done it. And they’ve got the quality to win promotion. So I don’t see any reason why they honestly can’t do it again because it’s such a strong unit. Team’s good enough. Team’s good enough. Parky knows that. Ryan and Rob know that. The fans know that. So, yeah. Yeah. Playoffs at the least… for promotion.”

“Pressure is privilege. Wrexham are very privileged. And what a bloody good way to start the new season. MK Dons at home. That is– that’s as big as it gets, really, for League Two.”

“What’s the, uh, prediction for today? 2-1. 2-1. Alex? 3-2, Wrexham. 3-2, Wrexham. 3-1. 4-1!”

“We are Wrexham, super Wrexham. We’re gonna win the league. Welcome to our quiet zone. Come and enjoy. Hi, welcome. Wrexham! Come on, Wrexham! Take your hand off me. Take your hand off me.”

“Absolutely walking through us. Awful. You hadn’t played before! Whoa. Wow. Yes, absolutely. He was like a leader, right? Wrexham! Wrexham! Wrexham! Wrexham! Wrexham! Wrexham! Come on! Back at it! Yes! Wrexham! Come on, Wrexham. Wrexham! Wrexham! Wrexham! Wrexham! Come on! Welcome to the Football League. ♪♪ Welcome to the Football League! ♪♪ Welcome to the Football League! ♪♪”

“Wrexham! Wrexham! Wrexham! Wrexham! It was a wake-up call. Yeah, I think it definitely brings us down to Earth, I think. After all the hype and everything, definitely brings us down to Earth, that will. Fucking shit. Get that on the triple-A. Yeah. Welcome to the Football League. We’ve gone up a league. And it’s going to be a bit– it’s going to be a bit– a bit difficult. People– I think a lot of people were getting carried away in thinking we were going to, you know, win every game 5-0. Well, it ain’t going to happen, is it?”

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