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Veep, HBO

Twelve-time Emmy Award winning HBO comedy series Veep airs the third episode of its 5th season tonight off the back of winning its first:

Outstanding Comedy Series – 2015

Outstanding Casting For A Comedy Series – 2015

Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series – 2015

*** Spoilers ahead *** *** Happy Mother’s Day!***

Rottentomatoes : 90%

Metacritic : 72

Emmys: 17 Wins

selina meyer, HBO, veep

Selina Meyer

Selina starts the series as the Vice President of the United States.  Her team is a ragtag crew of misfits but all are loyal and essentially help her blow off steam, brainstorm, and spitball.

After a slew of stressful situations as vice president, Selina decides not to run for re-election and take a break from politics.  She then hears that the POTUS isn’t going to run again and decides to put together a presidential campaign.

POTUS’ wife falls ill and he subsequently resigns, making Selina the first female president of the United States.

Selina settles in quite nicely to the White House, and hires an old friend ‘yes woman’ named Karen whom is very wishy-washy and indecisive.

Her vice president ‘Doyle’ decides to resign as VP and step off the ticket.  They vet a new running mate Danny Chung who pulls out.

Selina cleans house a bit when Amy resigns and Dan Egan is fired.  Selina then vets and hires an old flame Tom James as her VP and running mate.

Tom James brings integrity, fervor, and resources to Selina’s presidential campaign.  

She takes ill and has a change of heart about a piece of legislation she has been working on “families first”, and kills it.  The crew goes on trial due to a data breach that occurred.

Selina runs against Bill O’brien in a nail-biter election for her first elected presidency.   She almost decides to concede the election pending an imminent loss, but they find out that the election is a tie that turns into a recount.  It then basically comes down to who wins the state of Nevada.



6 consecutive wins: 20122013201420152016, 2017

“It’s a dirty job and I love to do it.” — Selina Meyer

“What in the wide world of fuck do you think you’re wearing?” — Selina Meyer

Quote1I’m gonna completely obliterate him with fucking poise and sophistication.Quote2 — Selina Meyer

“Why don’t you put on your running shoes and get to the fucking point?” — Selina Meyer

“The amount of incompetence in this office is STAG. GER. ING.” — Selina Meyer

“Would you please hang up the phone? Because I’m the fucking Vice President of the United States and I have something to say.” — Selina Meyer

“Okay, you need to calm the fuck down, Judge Judy.” — Selina Meyer

“So that people can only approach me in my office on their goddamn motherfuckin’ knees.” — Selina Meyer

“Then I declare a state of go fuck yourself.” — Selina Meyer

“Well Catherine the truth is.  Is that all men are just awful.  Awful.  And the key is.  Is to just find a man who is the least…. horrible.” — Selina Meyer

“Oh yeah well, I’m fluent in bastard.  It’s one of my languages.” — Selina Meyer

‘Why don’t I know this’

“Because you’re incompetent.” — Selina Meyer

“Suck up isn’t gonna fix a fuck up.” — Selina Meyer

“God I’m so tense, I could crack a walnut in my ass.” — Selina Meyer

“Well I’m  a political leper and an emotional time bomb.  I have an idea, lets put me on stage! — Selina Meyer

“Pulled that straight outta my ass.” — Selina Meyer

“Hey I’m the president I can fuck anybody I want now right?” — Selina Meyer

Charming, grounded, passionate, and unfiltered Selina Meyer is an Artisan.

gary walsh, HBO, veep

Gary Walsh

Gary is the personal assistant of Selina and handles her wardrobe, make-up, nutrition, cleaning, sanitary issues, appointments, research, organization, beverages, errands, etc.

Gary’s signature all-purpose ‘bag’ is filled with specialty Selina items, tea, newspapers, magazines, make-up, hairspray, sweeteners, hand creme, sanitary concerns, and things in case of an emergency.

The bulk of Gary’s work revolves around researching the personal aspects of political players and voters so Selina can make effective and charming small talk.

Gary gets pushed out a bit after Selina becomes president due to security clearances but remains stalwart doing all the little things that she needs everyday.

Gary learns of a secret FLOTUS window overlooking the oval office and starts watching the president vigilantly from afar.  


Tony Hale

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series

2 wins 2015, 2013

Quote1What you see is the swan, what I’m carrying is her two big, very busy webbed legs and feet.Quote2 — Gary Walsh

“I took a bullet for the Veep.  It was a sneeze bullet.  Right in the face.  Saved Selina from the bug.  Pure instinct. It was like a dirty bomb and I BAM.  Dove on it. ” — Gary Walsh

“I’ve always seen myself as like a pipeline of useful information and I just feed it directly into her head.” — Gary Walsh

“I’m a man who prompts.  That is correct.” — Gary Walsh

“I just need to know if everything is gonna be ok.  ok.  Working guy to working guy.” — Gary Walsh

“I do a serious job.  I’m next to the Veep more than any other human being.  I’m her moon.” — Gary Walsh

“Basically I’m infallible, ok?” — Gary Walsh

“I’m your rock.” — Gary Walsh

“She is magnificent.” — Gary Walsh

“VP stands for Very Precious, ok?” — Gary Walsh

Factual, cautious, concerned, and detail-oriented Gary Walsh is a Guardian.

mike mcclintock, HBO, Veep

Mike McLintock

Mike gives press statements for Selina and handles the media.  Mike stays abreast of what people are saying about her, monitors twitter, and manages social media accounts.

Mike’s perpetually failed attempts at humor serve to lighten the mood and disperse toxicity, his calm demeanor in stark contrast to the high-strung temperament of the rest of the core group.

When Selina takes office Mike becomes the White House Press Secretary.  It is often joked that Mike’s job requires the most lying out of all of them and he is literally the worst suited for this.

mike mcclintock, HBO, Veep

Quote1I’ve been with Selina now for longer than I care to remember. In fact, longer than I can actually remember.Quote2

“Just a regular guy, a sports fan, a dog lover and basically just a guy – just a pretty average guy.”

“She must not be using all the jokes I gave her.” — Mike Mcclintock

“Ohp, misunderstood your level of interest sorry.” — Mike MckLintock

“I’d rather be a pig than an ass-monkey up on his high horse.” — Mike Mcclintock

“I dont make impressions ma’am I literally live with people who insist I was never there.” — Mike Mcclintock

Relational, sensitive, kindhearted, and empathetic Mike Mcclintock is an Idealist.

kent davison, HBO, Veep

Kent Davison

Kent Davison was the chief strategist for the president while Selina was Veep.  An avid statistics and polls guy, Kent crunches numbers and simply relinquishes this information to the executive branch.

Kent initially starts off as somewhat of a villain but after Selina is inaugerated and the POTUS steps down Kent is inherited as campaign strategist and Chief Strategist to the White House.

Described adoringly by Dan as “the Pol Pot of pie charts,” Kent is often accused of being cold and robotic.

kent davison, HBO, Veep

Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series – 2014

    • Nominee
Gary Cole, as Kent Davison

“Uh Mike, remind me again the science behind this.” — Kent Davison

“This is favorable news.” — Kent Davison

“This is not optimal.” — Kent Davison

“All I do is provide POTUS with the polls.  Cold numbers.” –Kent Davison

“Inaction only becomes tenable when more than 65% of Americans support intervention even with casualties.” –Kent Davison

Quote1Well this is an unexpected permutation.Quote2 — Kent Davison

“The eye of Sauron is the near perfect analog for the modern media” — Kent Davison

“Im still collating whether admitting is the best course.” — Kent Davison

“I need more time before the truth can emerge in such a w..” — Kent Davison

“I will redouble my efforts to win your support.” — Kent Davison

“Can I impose myself on your diagram here?” — Kent Davison

“You don’t have the facial gravitas for a beard.” — Kent Davison

“The numbers are the same as the last time you asked me two minutes ago.” — Kent Davison

“I just crunched the numbers and right now they taste pretty bland to me.” — Kent Davison

“I cannot endorse that message but I do acknowledge it.” — Kent Davison

“Whoa.. sciences are precise that’s what science means.” — Kent Davison

“I wish I understood vendettas, they’re so time consuming.” — Kent Davison

Cold, calculated, calm, and a science enthusiast Kent Davison is a Rational.

jonah ryan, HBO, Veep

Outstanding Lead Actress 2017

Outstanding Lead Actress 2016

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