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Ray Donovan, Showtime

Ray Donovan premieres its fourth season in a month and is available here.

Rottentomatoes: 77%

Metacritic: 71

Emmys : 2 nominations


Ray Donovan, Showtime

Ray Donovan is a Hollywood ‘problem-solver’ from Southy, Boston.  His job mainly revolves around covering up unsavory actions committed by the rich and famous.  

Ray works under the table for a law firm owned by partners Ezra Goldman and Lee Drexler.  Later it is revealed that Ray was sexually abused by a local Boston priest Father Danny O’Connor whom he later dispatches.

Ray and his two brothers grew up boxing in Southy, and they all moved out to L.A. where Ray’s eldest brother Terry owns a gym.  His younger brother ‘Bunchy’ was also abused by a priest and sees a support group for it (S.N.A.P.).

Ray sees his father Mickey as his bane or kryptonite, he seems to lose his composure whenever Mickey shows up.

Ray helps legally adopt a young rapper Marvin Gaye Washington after his manager Re’Kon hires Ezra’s law firm.  Ray tries to provide support and guidance for him after his mother is murdered.

After Ray’s father Mickey gets out of prison and engages in several toxic and reckless behaviors, he makes it apparent to Ray that he will be a reoccurring problem, and Ray decides to do something about it.

‘Sully’ fails to kill Mick and is slain by him instead, clearing Mick’s slate once again with the FBI.

Ray reveals his molestation to Abby for the first time, which helps explain his unhealthy sexual behaviors and his unfortunate propensity for infidelity.  

Ray has several close encounters with a fictional rendition of Suge Knight, named Cookie Brown.  Cookie and his thugs shoot the young rapper Marvin Gaye Washington, and his manager ‘Re-Kon’.  Ray’s daughter Bridget was in a relationship with the young man and witnesses his murder and is subsequently traumatized as a result.

Ray sells his business ‘lock, stock, and barrel’ to a local billionaire Andrew Finney in order to get his brother Terry out of prison pending an imminent hit from the Aryan brotherhood.

Ray tries to finagle a ‘piece of the pie’ so to speak when he signs into what would have been a 3% stake in a L.A. football team.  However, the deal falls through.

Terry’s Parkinson’s progresses and he moves in with Ray and the family for a short time.  Ray gets Mickey to sign a ‘non compus mentus’ clause which basically signs away his rights.   Ray tells Mickey to leave L.A. and stay away from his family.

Ray Donovan, Showtime

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series – 2015

    • Nominee

Liev Schreiber, as Ray Donovan

 “Lighten up.” — Ray

“My boys don’t know how to lighten up.” — Mickey

Quote1You don’t know fuck about your boys.Quote2 — Ray Donovan

“What are you my marriage counselor?  Go out there and do your fucking job.” — Ray Donovan

“What’s the first fuckin’ thing you learn when you’re five years old on Dorchester street.  Huh?  You don’t fuckin’ talk to the cops.” — Ray Donovan

“some things change you forever”

“You think you’re the first person I’ve dealt with woke up in bed with a dead body?” — Ray Donovan

“G’ahead Mick, do what you always do.  Make a run for it.” — Ray Donovan

“Misses Monassian, my father’s a dipshit.  He’s always been a dipshit.  Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about that. What I can do is offer to pay you back for any inconvenience he may have caused you.  So if you could come up with a number….” — Ray Donovan

“You ever go back on a deal with me again.  I’ll fuckin’ kill ya.” — Ray Donovan

“Don’t let the wolf in the gate Abby” — Ray Donovan

“We don’t know yet, there are things we can do to mitigate it.”  — Ray Donovan

“Ya, hes a piece of shit.  You should shoot him.  Ga’head.” — Ray Donovan

“The bag or the bat, Bob?” — Ray Donovan

“What the fuck do I have to do to you Bob?”– Ray Donovan

“Stop worryin’ so much.  House in Trousdale kid at Bel-Air what are you so worried about?” — Ray Donovan

“You don’t wanna know what happened.” — Ray Donovan

“You’re gonna give me a fuckin’ lesson in parenting Mick?” — Ray Donovan

“You let him near this family, everything we’ve worked for, it’ll be over.” — Ray Donovan

“What I need a reason to treat my favorite girls?” — Ray Donovan

“Don’t worry, you’re in the solution now.”  — Ray’s slogan

“Get a security system, start doing what you need to do to get your life in order.”  — Ray Donovan

“You a Donovan?” — Ray

‘Heck yea I’m a Donovan’ — Daryll

“Then get used to that prick letting you down.” — Ray Donovan

“Hard work.  Dedication.” — Ray Donovan

“If you haven’t learned that Mickey always draws a shit hand that’s on you.” — Ray Donovan

“I wasn’t there.  I didn’t protect you.” — Ray Donovan

“You know I’d never let anything happen to you and the kids.” — Ray Donovan

“You wanna fuck my wife?  Fuck her.  But if you do anything to put my daughter’s life in danger.  I’ll fuckin’ kill ya.”  — Ray Donovan

“People who live like that die like that.  I did my best to help his mother too, I did my best bridge.” — Ray Donovan

“And you’ll be safe.  And that’s all I care about.” — Ray Donovan

“Ever since he’s been back here hes been puttin’ shit in your head.  You’ve been drinkin’.  Out of control.  C’mon.” — Ray Donovan

“I’ve always taken care of you Bunch.  And I always will.” — Ray Donovan

“Ya I fuckin blame him everything he touches turns to shit.” — Ray Donovan

“When has he ever been there for any of us?” — Ray Donovan

“Who the fuck knows maybe he took off again.” — Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan, Showtime

Tough, steady, unemotional, and an extremely hard-worker Ray Donovan is a Guardian.

Mickey Donovan, Showtime, Ray Donovan

Mickey starts the series by getting out of a 20 year stint in the corrections system at Walpole, Massachusetts.

Soon after he shoots a priest Mickey starts boozing, hires a prostitute and does some cocaine with his son Bunchy.  He goes with Bunchy to a S.N.A.P. meeting, but cracks a very distasteful pedophelia joke and makes an ass of himself.

Mickey fed information to the FBI regarding big time Boston mob boss ‘Sully’ to get out of prison early.  This has consequences.  Mickey encourages Bunchy to buy a house with the money he got in reparations from the Archdioces for his molestation.

Mickey’s reckless actions start to take effect and Bunchy is left wondering if Ray is right about Mickey being a ‘bad influence’.  He wrote Abby letters in jail, expressing a desire to make amends for his misgivings.

Mickey claims that he did his time for a movie star Sean walker.  Hes wearing a wire when Sean admits to shooting a young girl Catherine Shaugnessy.  However, when he realizes the FBI agent who was working him is working alone, he kills him.

As it turns out he killed the wrong priest, and the actual priest who molested ray and Bunchy shows up in LA.  Bunchy tries to relay this information to Mickey to no avail, as Mickey accuses him of ‘making things up again’, this is emotionally damaging to Bunchy.

Mickey gets detained by Sully, who confronts him about the murder of Catherine Shaugnessy.  Mickey as it turns out didn’t murder that girl so Sully lets him go and kills the real culprit movie star Sean Walker.

Mickey and Sully then collude on leaving the U.S. with fake passports.  Mickey however betrays Sully and shoots him.  He then heads to mexico where he starts training with and finding fights for Darryl, something he used to do for Terry, Ray and himself.

Daryll gets manhandled by a local Mexican boxer who was significantly out of his weight class, and Mickey’s ugly history of throwing boxing matches surfaces.

Mickey gets put on parole by the head of the FBI and is then put under Ray’s thumb after Ray bribes a parole officer who takes over Mickey’s case makes get a job, wear an ankle bracelet, and take drug tests.

Mickey meets a local neighbor Shorty who treats his terminal pancreatic cancer with medicinal cannabis.  Shorty takes Mickey to a local dispensary where they hatch a plan to knock the place off.

Him, Shorty, Terry, and his parole officer Ronald Kieth all pitch in on a heist of a local L.A. marijuana dispensary

“This is an all cash business.  They don’t even fuckin’ take credit cards.” — Mickey Donovan

The heist goes south when the parole officer Ronald Kieth learns there is no money in the safe and bails.  Terry gets locked in, subsequently faces criminal charges and goes to prison.

Mickey moves into an apartment complex full of prostitutes in Long Beach.  Him and Daryll invest in a hooker and cocaine business venture.  The two get mixed up with an Armenian mob in North Hollywood and Mickey starts working with the LAPD to take down the Minassians and their human trafficking.

Mickey Donovan, Showtime, Ray Donovan

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series – 2014

    • Nominee

Jon Voight, as Mickey Donovan

“You a fag?  Met some stand up fags in prison.  Good guys.  Tough guys.” — Micky Donovan

“You know what your problem is Ray, you cling to the past.  You gotta move on.” — Mickey Donovan

“I’m telling you.  Amsterdam…  They don’t judge a man for his proclivities they live and let live.” — Mickey Donovan

“I know two things robbin’ banks and fuckin’ black chicks.” — Mickey Donovan

“My heart was with ya kid.  My money was against ya.” — Mickey Donovan

Quote1Donovan’s don’t apologize.Quote2— Mickey Donovan

“You guys are better crooks than I ever fuckin’ was.” — Mickey Donovan

“A good man knows when he’s done something wrong.” — Mickey Donovan”

“You wanna be a captain or a sailor?” — Mickey Donovan

“Look, I’m sorry I didn’t go to more of your football games.” —  Mickey Donovan

“Everybody makes mistakes Ray.” — Mickey Donovan

“My mistakes weigh on me, too.” — Mickey Donovan

“Things are gonna get better.  Just gotta trust it.” — Mickey Donovan

“I was a terrible father, selfish.  I loved those kids.  But i fucked up.  My wife was dying, money problems.  Lotta mouths to feed.  I was a criminal, me and some other fellas had a little thing goin’, did a little too much nose candy.  Even sold it.  It was the 80’s what can I tell you, very degenerate era.  I done my time Abby, been in the cage for 20 fuckin’ years.  Now I’m out, world is a beautiful place” — Mickey Donovan

“Last time I was in a bank, I had a stocking on my face.” — Mickey Donovan

“The stories I could tell ya.” — Mickey Donovan

“She’s the love of my life.” — Mickey Donovan

“God closes a door, opens a window.” — Mickey Donovan

“You take life too fuckin’ serious Ray, smile and the world smiles with you.  Cry and you cry alone.” — Mickey Donovan

“Life is full of surprises.” — Mickey Donovan

“That’s why you were born Ray to be my fuckin’ judge.  That’s always been your job.” — Mickey Donovan

“I’m a resourceful person.” — Mickey Donovan

“Alright, don’t get all emotional.” — Mickey Donovan

mickey donovan

Playful, persuasive, optimistic, and un-endingly devious Mickey Donovan is an Artisan.

Ray Donovan, Showtime, Abby


Abby is aware of her husbands philandering but ignores it/punishes him for it on an individual basis.  

Abby has a deep sense of commitment to her family, and is a south Boston woman who often feels out of place in the high-maintenance superficial landscape of Los Angeles.

She is deeply hurt by Ray’s infidelity but still loves him, and tries to support him as best she can.  She realizes the weight that Ray’s molestation carries for him and his family, and does her best to keep everyone happy.

Abby eventually grows weary of turning a blind eye to Ray’s infidelity and unusual career demands, and they seek a marriage counselor.

Ray tries to bribe Abby into happiness with a $4.6 million home in Trousdale, this more or less backfires.

Abby has a distasteful experience with some local women in Trousdale and assaults one them for mocking her accent.  She is saved by a local cop she met at the shooting range, and engages in an affair him.

Abby is rejuvenated by her dalliance of an affair with homicide detective Jim Halloran.  Bridgets young friend is murdered and Abby focuses on family concerns.

Abby stops seeing the cop and tries to get Ray to come home but he is working a lot and is still upset about the affair.  She buys a large dog.

“You’re sick Ray.  You’ve got a hole in your heart.” — Abby Donovan

“You didn’t do anything wrong Con, I said it was okay.  I sanctioned it.” — Abby Donovan

“What would I have seen if I had taken pictures of YOU Ray?” — Abby Donovan

“All I ever wanted was for you to look at me.” — Abby Donovan

“You won’t look at me.” — Abby Donovan

“You won’t talk to me.” — Abby Donovan

Quote1You can’t share your pain with me.Quote2 — Abby Donovan

“I’m worried about you Ray.  I wanna help you.” — Abby Donovan

“What if we went back to Boston.  Be around normal people.” — Abby Donovan

“You promised me Ray.  You gave me your word.” — Abby Donovan

“If you’re gonna do that.  Have a little sensitivity.  Do I have to spell it out?  Don’t fucking bring her here.” — Abby Donovan

“You know she’s right.  I am a ‘victim’.  We’re all your victims.” — Abby Donovan

“You beat the shit out of him.  You think she’s gonna confide in you now?” — Abby Donovan

“What I want you can’t give me — emotional honesty.” — Abby Donovan

“I’m so fuckin’ tired of you lying to me.  Its so belittling.  I’m your partner.  You keeping this from me makes me feel like a child.  You don’t want this to work.  You don’t want to save this marriage.” — Abby Donovan

“It was a very bad year.  His father came out of prison…. and made Ray crazy.  They fought all year.  But he’s gone now right Ray?” — Abby Donovan

“Will you just hold me please?” — Abby Donovan

“I’m not leaving my fucking husband.  Maybe that’s what you people do.  Where I come from we stick it out.  Ray’s a good provider, he’s a loving father.” — Abby Donovan

Ray Donovan, Showtime, Abby

Authentic, romantic, intuitive, and sensitive Abby Donovan is an Idealist.

Ray Donovan, Showtime


Ezra is the Hollywood lawyer that saw talent in Ray and funded his move from Boston.  Ezra has known the Donovan’s for quite some time and is somehow mixed up in their dark past.

Ezra’s self-proclaimed legacy is the Ruth Gobin Cancer Center or RGOCC.  Ezra constantly communicates in Hebrew and considered Ray like a son.

Ray Donovan, Showtime

“I see, well, we’re gonna have to kill him.” — Ezra Goldman

“How are we going to fix this Raymond.” — Ezra Goldman

“This is a fucking tragedy, we’ve unleashed a monster.” — Ezra Goldman

“That’s not admissable.  You haven’t mirandized him.” — Ezra Goldman

“Why are you asking me questions about Mickey Donovan.  I don’t know anything about him.” — Ezra Goldman

Quote1I can’t relax.  Don’t you know what’s at stake?Quote2 — Ezra Goldman

‘Tikkun olam’

“To repair the world.  We must repair the world Raymond.” — Ezra Goldman

“Absolutely not.  We’re the trustees of their estates.  Those rights are ours we’re not giving them up.  I wouldn’t even consider it.” — Ezra Goldman

Calm, logical, strategic, and highly metaphorical Ezra is a Rational.

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