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Guardians 3

Marvel’s panel at SDCC primarily showcased an ensemble Guardians of the Galaxy cast including: Zoe Saldana, Benicio Del Toro, Lee Pace, Chris Pratt and Djimon Hounsou.  The Avenger’s 2 will be titled Avengers: Age of Ultron, which let’s be totally honest is multitudes better than Zack Snyder managed to do:

Albert Einstein himself plans on bringing depth and meaning to his Batman/Superman team up-film, so he titled the film:  Superman vs. Batman.  The guy’s clearly a genius.  Why Warner Bros. keeps hiring a man who’s “best film” garnered a 56% on rottentomatoes, is baffling.  As a matter of fact, the guy’s LAST THREE FILMS averaged a blunderous 43% on the oft-referenced meta-critic-website.  Now, I’m no rocket scientist.  To be certain.  But words like fail, and baddie; spring to mind.

UPDATE: Actors Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling are reportedly in front-running for a rebooted Caped Crusader.


Vin Diesel will voice Groot.

Bradley Cooper may be Rocket Raccoon.

Guardians collage

Guardians 1


Quote1Artisan leaders shine in their skills of negotiating.  Effective negotiators have a knack for opportunism, something that gives the SPs — always on the lookout for an edge —  an incomparable advantage as troubleshooters, and thus unrivaled negotiatorsQuote2 — Please Understand Me II p. 61

Peter Quill a.k.a. Starlord, was born during an unusual astronomical phenomenon.  Bearing no resemblance to his would-be-father; the man tries to strangle Quill accusing his mother of infidelity, but dies of a sudden heart attack.  Quill was raised by his single mother until she was killed by a pair of alien’s at the age of eleven.  Quill escaped from an orphanage to became a NASA astronaut trainee, where he was sent to a space-station.  Encountering a reigning and high ranking intergalactic police officer seeking a replacement, Quill usurped the position from his colleague shortly after it was directly denied to him.  Becoming Starlord, Quill is given a sentient vessel called simply “ship”, and left to his own devices to recruit a crew and police the galaxy.  Bold, daring, audacious, and adaptable; Starlord is an Artisan.  

Quote1 The Guardians are going to need to be absolute bad-asses!  We are going to need the biggest guns of all!  Cosmic heavy hitters as scary as the menaces they have to face! We’re going to need flarking annihilators! Quote2

 Star-Lord src


Quote1Guardian self-esteem is greatest when they present themselves as dependable, trustworthy, or accountable in shouldering their responsibilities.  No matter what says the SJ, “you can count on me to fulfill my obligations and to honor my contracts“. Quote2 — Please Understand Me II p. 93

Arthur Douglas a.k.a. Drax the destroyer was born in Burbank, California.  A real-estate agent, Arthur’s family was destroyed by the Mad Titan Thanos whilst on a surveillance mission to earth.  Wishing for his extraterrestrial existence to remain a secret; Thanos destroyed the car along with Arthur’s family.  Rebirthed for the sole purpose of Thanos’ demise by Thanos’ father Mentor; Douglas was rechristened as Drax the Destroyer and given superhuman abilities to fulfill his quest.  Dauntless, indestructible, stoic, and authoritative Drax is a Guardian.

Quote1 Hello. I am Drax the Destroyer. My daughter desires a box of mint cookies, please. Quote2

 Drax src


Quote1Rational’s are ever on the lookout for knowledge.  Indeed NT’s know above all, that knowledge is power.  However, this sentiment is a slippery slope for most Rational’s, as their pursuit of knowledge leads them to grapple with an ever-widening range of complex problems.Quote2 — Please Understand Me II p. 190

Divine Majesty King Groot the 23rd a.k.a. Groot is an extraterrestrial plant creature, and monarch of his home Planet X.   Descending from an ancient and enobbled sap-line Groot is the scion of an elite royal house; and has been rigorously educated.  With a firm grasp on quasi-dimensional super-positional engineering; Groot serves as Custodian of the branch worlds, ruler of all the shades, and a flora colossus.  A highly intelligent sentient tree, Groot initially came to Earth seeking humans to capture and study for deductive scientific purposes.  Though his vocabulary seems limited, Groot is actually utilizing the adversity of his native dialect to repeat the same phrase with different significance’s.  Autonomous, intelligent, resolute, and reasonable; Groot is a Rational.

Quote1 I am Groot! Quote2

 Groot src


Quote1In the workplace Idealists have one very special talent: personnel.  NF’s have little competition when it comes to recruiting, training, deploying, advancing, and counseling human resources.  NF’s shine in finding quality employees, guiding them into their best positions, and helping them develop over the course of their careers.Quote2 — Please Understand Me II p. 131

Rocket Raccoon is an earth raccoon genetically engineered to tend and care for a group of settled elderly humanoids that have been diagnosed mentally ill residing on the planet Halfworld.  Raccoon later encounters Groot and the Kree’s; and serves Starlord as a member of his team to help halt the Phalanx‘s attempted conquest of the galaxy.  Acting as a fearless, loyal, insightful, and gifted military tactician; Raccoon was soon directly recruited by Starlord to join the Guardians.  Raccoon would soon prove to be essential in holding the team together at an interval where Starlord’s leadership was being questioned.  It is also heavily implied that he has a case of obsessive compulsive disorder.  Altruistic, diplomatic, enthusiastic, and harmonizing; Rocket Raccoon is an Idealist.

Quote1 I may just be a small, furry animal with a human heart.  And my friend may be made of wood…and we may not be Annihilator-class supertypes… But we’ve got Star-Lord‘s legacy to live up to! The legacy of the Guardians of the GalaxyQuote2

 Rocket Raccoon src

Guardians collage 3

Guardians drops August 1, 2014.

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