Training Day, HBO Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures

Training Day

HBO Max original film Training Day was released on October 5, 2001.

#TrainingDay cleared $104.8M at the international box office.

rottentomatoes: 73%

metacritic: 69

imdb: 7.7

oscars: 1 win

golden globes: 1 nomination

SAG awards: 2 nominations

Alonzo Harris, Training Day, HBO Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Outlaw Productions, WV Films II, Denzel Washington

Alonzo Harris

Detective Harris primes a new recruit for the LAPD narcotics division outside of South Central LA.

Alonzo Harris, Training Day, HBO Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Outlaw Productions, WV Films II, Denzel Washington

Best Actor in a Leading Role

1 win: 2002

Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama

1 nomination: 2002

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role

1 nomination: 2002

“Hoyt? You on your way to roll call? Hoyt. Patrol fairies go to roll call. We don’t go to roll call. Listen, there’s a coffee shop at Seventh and Whitman. See you there at 10:00. Be in civvies. Comfortable shows. Gotta backup gun? Something pocket-sized? Good, good. Bring it. Cuffs too. Gonna be in the office all day, but who knows, maybe we’ll do some business. We’re an aggressive unit.” — Alonzo Harris

“Oh, get some chow in you before we go to the office. My dollar. All right, fine. Don’t. May I read my paper? Thank you. No. Hell, no, you won’t. You fucked that up. I’m trying to read my paper. Please, shut up. Tell me a story, Hoyt. No, not your story. A story. Since you can’t keep your mouth shut long enough for me to read my paper, tell me a story.” — Alonzo Harris

“You don’t know any stories? All right, I’ll tell you a story. This is a newspaper, right? It’s 90% bullshit, but it’s entertaining. That’s why I read it, because it entertains me. You won’t let me read it, so you entertain me with your bullshit. Tell me a story right now. Go.” — Alonzo Harris

“A D.U.I. stop? Well, let me load up my guns. A D.U.I.?! Oh, shit! We? Who’s Debbie? You had a female training officer? Ah, ok. Ok. All right. All right. Ha ha ha! So what was she? Black? White? Ah-ha. Lick her license? A lick her license. Was she a ****? A lesbian? Is she any good? Ok. Pretty good Debbie, mid-watch. Go. Boom! Ha ha! You never know. That’s the point. Go. No shit?” — Alonzo Harris

“Boom. You got him. That’s amazing. It is. That you could be out there with a fine bitch for a year, and the most entertaining story that you can come up with to tell me is a drunk stop. But I don’t believe you. You tapped that ass, didn’t you? Tell the truth. You know you tapped that ass. You put her in the backseat. Bam! Code X. You got a dick. You do have a dick, don’t you? Ok, your dick lines up straight like that, right? To the right of it and to the left of it are pockets, right? In those pockets are money. Look in either one of ’em, pay the bill.” — Alonzo Harris

“Hey, grab that menu off that window for me, all right? Get in. It’s unlocked. Just throw that in the glove box. No, it’s not. Sexy, though, isn’t it? You’re in the office, baby. Goin’ up.” — Alonzo Harris

“Today’s a training day, officer Hoyt. Show you around. Give you a taste of the business, you know? I got 38 cases pending trials, 63 in active investigation, another 250 on the log I can’t clear. I supervise five officers. That’s five different personalities. Five sets of problems. You could be number six if you act right. But I ain’t holdin’ no hands, you understand? I ain’t baby-sittin’. You got today and today only to show me who and what you’re made of. You don’t like narcotics, get the fuck out of my car, go back to the office, get a nice, pussy desk job, you know?” — Alonzo Harris

“Chasin’ bad checks or something. You hear me? Ok. Why do you wanna be a narc? Right. Right. But why do you wanna be a narc? There you go. You can do it. Stick with me. You can do it. Unlearn that bullshit they teach you at the academy, though. Don’t bring none of that shit in here. Shit’ll get you killed out here. My ******. Roll your window down. Start there. Ha ha ha. See, you gotta hear the street. You gotta smell it, you know? You gotta taste that shit, feel it. How’s your espanol?” — Alonzo Harris

“Learn that shit, brother. Learn that shit. That shit’ll get you killed. These motherfuckers out here plottin’ all kinds of shit behind your back. We don’t do that no more. That day’s dead, dog. Now we use this. Brain power. These ******* are too strong out here anyway. You think I’m crazy, right? Huh? Yeah? Good. Good.” — Alonzo Harris

“Ah… how long you been married? Yeah? You got a kid, right? Yeah. I got 4. Boys. You need a son, you let me know. I’ll hook your old lady up, you know? I can’t miss. I respect that. I’m married. I got my queen, too. I remember what it was like to have a pretty young bride. You probably fuck her face to face, don’t you?” — Alonzo Harris

“Yeah, that’s my point, you see? You’re so in love, the shit’s comin’ out of your eyes. The day you bring your old lady to the office is the day you don’t make it back home. You gotta hide that love deep inside you, you understand? Otherwise, these maggots out here on the street, they’ll find it. They’ll use it against you, and they will chew you up… never wear that wedding ring to work. I’m serious about that.” — Alonzo Harris

“Transactions. You see that Salvatrucha zero head sittin’ over there on the fence tryin’ to act like he’s not slangin’ dope? Yeah. That’s my boy. That’s my boy Neto. The punk’s only 17, but he can kill with the best of ’em. He works for me. Teammate, you know? I got eyes everywhere. He gets to pedal a little reefer, make a little cash for the family. He gives me the head’s up when big things are happening. Big transactions. Boom. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.” — Alonzo Harris

“Damn right I trust him. I sprung his mom from I.N.S. detention. Here we go. Here we go. Watch this. That’s right. Come on down. Come on. Look at it. Sexy, ain’t it? That’s right. See the hand-to-hand? All right. When was the last time you did a felony stop? Good. You need practice. They’ll get an education today. I want the brady bunch grabbin’ glass. I’m gonna take the front, you take the back. Stay off of the rover. Let’s go.” — Alonzo Harris

“Yeah, you little fuckers. Run, baby, run. That’s right. Put ’em up! Put ’em up! Driver, right side passenger, hands on the windshield. Put ’em on the windshield! You, in the back, hands on the side of the glass. Put it in park! Grab the keys and throw ’em out the window. Put your hands on your chest. Put your hands on your chest! All right. Fork it over, smart man.” — Alonzo Harris

“You know what I’m talkin’ about. The marijuana. Give it to me! Give it to me! Give it to me! Shut up. Too late for that. Gimme that pipe you got down there on the floor, too. I don’t care who gave it to you. She could pick it up in jail. What else you got? Gimme them cigarettes, too. Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme. Hey! Control your suspect.” — Alonzo Harris

“You move those hands, I’ll slap the taste outta your mouth, you understand me? Put your face right up against the glass. Right there. Now, what are you doin’ down here? You know this is a gang neighborhood, don’t you? You know it’s a gang neighborhood? Then don’t come down here. I see you down here again, I’m gonna take your vehicle. I’m gonna make you walk home. I’m gonna let the homeboys up the hill run a train on your girlfriend. You know what a train is, don’t you, huh? All right, gentlemen. Thanks for your cooperation. Let’s go. Safe your iron, son.” — Alonzo Harris

“I like that shit. Hey, I like the way you moved out there. You were trained very well. Check that out. It’s a shitty dime. See the small hairs, Undeveloped seeds… all the stems in it? See how immature it is? That’s classic brick-pack Mexican. That’s garbage. Let me see. Gimme. Yeah, it’s old, too. Shit’s probably from last year.” — Alonzo Harris

“To be truly effective, a good narcotics agent must know and love narcotics. In fact, a good narcotics agent should have narcotics in his blood. Nope, you are. Yeah? Yeah? You’re not? Why, you a Mormon or something? You’re a Jesus freak? This is your job. Smoke it. This ain’t a test. Just take a hit.” — Alonzo Harris

“Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It’s not a review board and it ain’t cocaine. Take a hit. Yeah, right. If I was a dealer, you’d be dead by now, motherfucker. You turn shit down on the street, and the chief brings your wife a crisply folded flag. What the fuck is wrong with you? Talkin’ about– you know what? I don’t want you in my unit, and I don’t want you in my division. Get the fuck out of my car. Go back to the valley, rookie. Poopin’ ass.” — Alonzo Harris

“Ah, virgin lungs. Man up, now. Man up, ******. Go ahead. Dog, you didn’t even get it. Shut the fuck up, and just wait. Man the fuck up. Finish that shit. Aha! Let’s go, ******. Let’s go.” — Alonzo Harris

“You ok, kid? That was a man-size hit you took, dog. When was the last time you smoked weed? Smokin’ weed. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, left that out of your service jacket, didn’t you? Yeah, I knew you got secrets. Everybody got secrets. Didn’t know you liked to get wet, though. Butt-naked. Ill. Sherms. Dust. P.C.P. Primos. P-dog. That’s what you had. That’s what you were smokin’. You couldn’t taste it? You have now. I haven’t, but you have.” — Alonzo Harris

“Lieutenant’s got our back. We know a week before we piss. Boom! Ah, you’re an adult, man. Shit. Nobody told you to smoke that. You made the decision. Live with your decision. Ain’t like I put a gun to your head. Come on. Get your shit together now. This is my dog’s house. We’ll see what he thinks of ya.” — Alonzo Harris

“Roger, what’s up, boy? All right. How they treatin’ you, huh? Gimme a pound. I didn’t wake you up, did I? That’s right. Hey, this is my new guy Jake. Yeah, time to get my swerve on here. What you drinkin’, dog? The best. I know. It’s the best for the best.” — Alonzo Harris

“Nah, no problem. It’s all good. I know that. Thank you. Get that medicine up in you. Back to the world, dog. Oh, Mexico’s finest. Garbage. Yeah, how the fuck did you know that? Strong safety, huh? What you laughin’ for then, if it ain’t funny?” — Alonzo Harris

“Shit, there ain’t nothin’ to figure out. That’s just some senseless bullshit. Don’t listen to him. Oh, yeah? You already figured the streets out? Put the drink down, man. This motherfucker’s out of his mind. Oh, shit. What you think, dog? Hmm? Think this greenhorn can handle undercover? What? Yeah. Yeah, now that’s some smiles and cries for your ass. Yeah. Shit lasted about a week. I gotta get back to the office. Thanks for the snort, dog. Always good to see you, brother. Yes, sir! Mm-hmm. What you doin’ later on? That’s right. Let me go with you. Aaugh!” — Alonzo Harris

“Hey. Open your eyes, man, you’ll feel a lot better. Boom! Come on, man, sit your ass up. I’m the zigzag man. Who the fuck are you? A’ight. Don’t shoot nobody. Why don’t you get that beer in you, man? That’ll give you ballast. For real. Get that up in you, man. You’ll feel better.” — Alonzo Harris

“What? All right, hold on. Hold the fuck– hey. Hey! Hey! My ******! Go ahead, cowboy. You got mad squabbles, boy! Yeah, you should shot ’em. What’s happenin’? Oh, hey. Ok, wait a minute. Hold it. Hold it! Calm down. Calm down, all right? Are you ok? It’s just a little nosebleed. Just put a little ice on it, you’re gonna be fine. What are you doin’ out here anyway? Huh? These pieces of shit, they probably got aids, you know? Why are you not in school?” — Alonzo Harris

“You almost became a part of the ditch party. Now, you say your cousins are from where? Tell your cousins to get your back, all right? Grab your bag and go home right now. Go home right now! We don’t need no statement. Go! Go. What, do you want to beat ’em up? Go ahead. get down. Protect and serve, brother.” — Alonzo Harris

“You hear that, homey? You wanna go home, or you wanna go to jail, huh? What you think?! Ahh. Got room for you at the booty house. You ever been to the booty house? Huh? Big boys have you grab your ankles, man. That’s how it starts. What about you, my man? What you got? You ain’t got nothin’? You sure? Where’s your horn? No? You got money, though. Aw, you lied to me. You lied to me.” — Alonzo Harris

“Lucky I don’t make you eat that, dog. Stand up, you. Stand up. Stand the fuck up! Yeah. Oh, shit, huh?! Huh? Huh? Turn around, sucker. Turn around. So you like raping young girls, huh? Hmm? You like to rape young girls? That’s your M.O.? That’s what you like, isn’t it? You like to rape young girls. That’s what you like to do, right? Don’t lie to me. You told me to ‘suck your dick, bitch.’ Isn’t that what you said to me? Look at me. You wanted me to suck your dick. That’s what you said, right? That’s what you said? Hmm? Didn’t you say, ‘suck my dick, bitch?'” — Alonzo Harris

“Don’t lie to me. That’s what– you keep telling me, I’m a liar. You didn’t say, ‘suck my dick, bitch?’ That’s not what you said to me? So I’m lyin’? Am I lyin’? Where is it? I can’t even find it. Let me see. Pull your pants down. Pull ’em down. Which nut you want? I’ll leave you one nut. Which one you want? Make a decision. Make a decision. All right. All right.” — Alonzo Harris

“Put your hands on your head. Close your eyes. Close your eyes. You’re lucky I have more pressing business. I’d cut your fuckin’ dick off and stick it right up that little funky ass of yours, bitch! Damn, I’m thirsty! I want a beer. What about you? I’m gonna leave you three to it, man.” — Alonzo Harris

“You want a beer? No? You mad? You wanna book that 60 bucks, huh? Here. Go ahead. Book it into evidence, man. Where are your suspects, though? You gotta go back and get the suspects. Oh, I let ’em go. Hey, man, you want to run and gun, man, stay in patrol, ok? This is investigations, a’ight? Let the garbage men handle the garbage. We’re professional anglers, ok? We go after the big fish. Chasin’ them monkey-strung crackhead motherfuckers anyway! You know, they’d have killed you without hesitating.” — Alonzo Harris

“For what? They got beat down, they lost their rock, they lost their money. Them eses from Hillside probably gonna smoke ’em. I mean, Jesus, what more you want? Is that not justice? What’s wrong with street justice? God willing! Fuck ’em, and everybody who looks like ’em. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The good guys, they die first, right? The schoolkids and moms, family men… they the ones catch the stray bullets in the noodle.” — Alonzo Harris

“To protect the sheep, you gotta catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf. You understand? I said you protect the sheep by killin’ the motherfuckin’ wolves. No, you didn’t hear me. You listenin’, but you didn’t hear me. Yeah, whatever. Whatever the fuck ever.” — Alonzo Harris

“What the fuck you talkin’ about?! You don’t know what you’re talkin’ about, Betty Boop! Got nothin’ but shit between your ears. Shit, they build jails ’cause of me! Judges have handed out over 15,000 man-years of incarceration time based on my investigations, ok? My record speaks for itself. How many felons have you collared? Huh? Yeah, I rest my case.” — Alonzo Harris

“Glad to hear that. Just put it in the glove box. Put the $60 in there, too. That’ll come in handy later on. We’ll use it like– like a credit card or something. Hey, no matter what I say, you did the right thing. Reminds me of when I was out there chasin’ down bad guys, rockin’ their world. That was some pretty amazing shit you did back there, Hoyt. Hey, I noticed you applied that, uh, that choke hold, though, huh? I thought that was a no-no procedure, boy.” — Alonzo Harris

“And you did what you had to do, right? You did what you had to do. That’s right. That’s what a wolf does. You a wolf? Heh heh heh. Come on, wolf! Come on, dog. Heh heh. No, I said a wolf, not a rooster! A wolf. That’s a rooster. Give me a wolf. A’ight, there you go. That’s my ******. You got the magic eye, Hoyt. You have the magic eye! You up your street IQ, you gonna do some damage out here, I guarantee it. Crime fighter.” — Alonzo Harris

“Go on, fetch, dog. You love this shit, huh? Pick him up. Watch his legs. Watch his legs. Pick his legs up, man. Pick his legs up. A’ight, who you working for? That’s bullshit. You’re crackin’ and you know it. No rocks? Oh, no, you don’t. Yeah. Who you workin’ for? Where the rocks at? Where the rocks at? Open your mouth.” — Alonzo Harris

“I’m a dentist. Open your mouth. Lift up your tongue. Yeah, ok. You got a pen? You got a writing pen? You ain’t got nothin in there, right? Huh? You ain’t got nothing, huh? Now what is that? That’s right, Jimmy Crack Corn. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… oh, you’re federally fucked now. You got crack… and a gun. Now you know with your record, you can get 10 years per bullet? Do you know that? Now you’re gonna give me a name, now. That’s 10 right there, dog. I know you ain’t no snitch. Give me a name. That’s 20. Give me a name. That’s 30 years. You wanna go to jail or you wanna go home? Who? Sandman? See how easy that was? Unhook him. Wanna collect the evidence? My ******.” — Alonzo Harris

“Good afternoon, Bob. Yeah, yeah, it’s Alonzo. Hey, listen, you got your gang book? Yeah, I need a res on a Sandman. Yeah, no problem. I’ll hold on. To who? …yeah… yeah, I got it. I know where it is. Out there by, uh, Imperial Courts. Right, ok. Thanks a lot. We go after the Sandman.” — Alonzo Harris

“Nah, it’s unclaimed shit from property. Hand it out to my C.I.s, witnesses, victims. Try to help them out with their families. Here, put this on. Come on, let’s go. Now listen, intel says that she lives here alone.” — Alonzo Harris

Jake Hoyt, Training Day, HBO Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Outlaw Productions, WV Films II, Ethan Hawke

Jake Hoyt

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

1 nomination: 2002

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role

1 nomination: 2002

“It’s time. Hey, there, cowgirl. Babies are supposed to be sleeping. I gotta get ready.”

“All right. Jesus. She go back to sleep? I know how lucky I am. I ace this assignment, department’s wide open. Get my own division someday. You should see those guys’ houses.”

“Hello. Uh, yes, sir. Yeah, I’m on my way out the door right now. Uh, yes, sir? Ok, that’s good to know. Uh, no, sir, I don’t. I got the department issue beretta. I know. Sir, that’s why I signed up. And, you know, I just want to say thank you for giving me this–“

“I feel like it’s the first day of football tryouts. I mean, I wish it was tomorrow already so I’d know whether I made his squad. You do?”

“Good morning, sir. Uh, no, thank you, ma’am. Uh, thank you, sir, but I ate. It’s nice here. I’m sorry, sir. I– you know what? I’ll get something to eat. I sure wouldn’t mind not roasting in a hot black and white all summer. Like, my story? I don’t think I know any stories.”

“Well, there was a D.U.I. stop– listen, all right? It’s good. We were on mid-watch– oh, me and Debbie– uh, oh, I’m sorry. Uh, Debbie Maxwell, my training officer. Yes, sir. She was white. Uh, what? Oh. Yeah, she’s pretty good. All right. So it was a real quiet night– all right, well, it was a quiet night. We’re rolling on Vanowen. I’m drivin’. This Acura, just a beautiful car, comes out a side street, all over the median. In excess. I light it up, hit the wailer. Guy drives on like I’m invisible for 10 blocks before he pulls over. All right? Plates run clean, so I field test and arrest. And I’m belting him in our unit, and Debbie’s tossing his car. She calls me over to the vehicle and shows me a snub .38 and 2 shotguns fully loaded and locked.”

“No shit. So, uh, she calls our supervisor and I keeps searchin’. I find 500 grams of meth in the dash. Turns out this D.U.I. is on bail for distribution. He’s on his way to smoke his ex-partner before trial. We prevented a murder. Look, man, I got a wife. Yes.”

“This car is not from the motor pool. So where’s the office? Back at division? I hear you. I want to, um, serve my community by ridding it of dangerous drugs. Ha ha ha. Uh, I want to make detective. I will do anything you want me to do. Um.. mas o menos.”

“Shit, man. You gonna teach me that old school, hard charging, beat up everything that moves, Rodney King shit? I don’t know what to think. Yeah.”

“About a year. Yeah. That’s right. A little girl. Nine months old. Can we not talk about my family, all right? All right, man. Let’s just not talk about my wife, all right? All right. All right. Thanks.”

“What’s here? Yeah. Jesus, he’s an– he’s an informer? And you trust him? Yeah, I saw it. I saw it. Uh, a couple weeks ago. They look like college kids.”

“Police officers. Let’s see your hands. Police. Put your hands up. Look straight ahead. Miss, palms on the glass.”

“What… what, are you gonna smoke that? Hell if I am. No. No, man. I’m not losin’ my job. I can’t do that. No, man, listen. I became a cop to stop people from usin’… no, man.”

“Jesus Christ. Gimme that thing. I’ll smoke it, man. Give it to me. You want me to smoke it, I’ll smoke it. Here you go. Oh, God.”

“Oh, shit. Uh, the last– last, uh, 12th grade. We were… oh, we were, um… yeah. What’s ‘wet?’ Nah, I never done it. Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Man, I’m gonna get piss-tested, and I’m gonna get fired.”

“Oh, shit. Shit. Why did you do this to me? Shit, man. Oh, man. Shit.”

“North Hollywood. Hoyt. That’s right. How did you know that? That’s not funny. That’s not funny. I don’t know, man. I–“

“Yeah, well, I– I already figured ’em out. Yeah. Yeah, well, it’s– it’s all about smiles and cries. Yeah, you gotta– you gotta control your smiles and cries, because that’s all you have, and nobody can take that away from you.”

“Who are you? I’m a cop, man. Watch out. Oh, no.”

“Stop the car, man! Stop the car. Stop– stop the car! I saw something. Stop the fucking car! Fuck me, man! Shit! Police officer! Get away from the girl! Get away from her! Aah!”

“Roll over, man. Roll the fuck over! Thanks for the help. Whoa, I need to get– we’re gonna cut ’em loose? I got a punching bag at home. These guys should be off the streets.”

“That girl’s 14. No, I don’t want a beer, man. I don’t know where they are. You let ’em go. Yeah, you let ’em go. They’re–“

“That’s why they belong in prison. I want justice. That’s street justice. Just let the animals wipe themselves out. What?! I heard you. All right, whatever.”

“Well, let me ask you this. When do you lock anybody up? I mean, it seems you’re pretty busy keeping people out. Oh, look, man, I’m not smoking crack, all right? Thanks.”

“I was getting my ass kicked. Fuck this, man! Gimme that beer.”

“Uh, crack. About 20 bucks worth. Yeah. You want me to– come on, man! Shit! Yo! Yo, gimme a break, man! Hey! Yo! Slow up! Excuse me. Come on, buddy, stop. I’m a police officer. Police officer! Stop! Come on, man, gimme a break, all right? Shit!”

“Police officer, ma’am. Calm down. I said stop! You’re making this so much harder. All right. Just calm down. Calm down! No rocks, man, but I found this. Fuck that, man.”

“That stuff doesn’t fly anymore, man, shoving a pen down. I mean, what if the guy complains? I like my badge. We go after Sandman?”

“What are you, opening a Circuit City?”

Roger, Training Day, HBO Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Outlaw Productions, WV Films II, Scott Glenn


“Brother, get your ass in here. All right. No, baby. You know I never sleep. Come on in. What am I drinkin’? The best. I heard you had a beef in Vegas. There’s a green light on your ass. The Russians want your head. You know I got your back. Here. Back to the world.”

“You went and got yourself a daisy fresh rookie. Jesus, Alonzo, he’s high as a motherfucker. What the hell you give him? Yeah. Oh. Where’d you grow up? What’s your last name? Hoyt. Hoyt. Hoyt… strong safety, North Hollywood High. I follow all the good players.”

“Uh, excuse me. It’s me. What’s up? I can’t do a thing for you. It’s your mess. You clean it up. Don’t be callin’ me. Hey… here’s a joke, boy. A man walks out of his house on his way to work, seeks this snail lying on his porch. So he picks it up, chucks it over the roof into the backyard. Snail bounces off a rock, busts its shell up to all shit, lands in the grass. Hm? Snail lies there dyin’. But the snail doesn’t die. And then after a while, it can crawl again. And one day the snail up and heads back to the front of the house. And finally, after, oh, about a year, the little guy crawls back on the porch. Right then the man walks out of his house on his way to work. He sees this snail again. So he looks at it, and he says… ‘what the fuck’s your problem?!'”

“Hey, hey! You figure that joke out, you’ll figure the streets out. Oh, really? Hey, hold on, Alonzo. Hold on, hold on. Smiles and cries. Smiles and cries. Smiles and cries. I hear you. You were just like him. Same silly-ass look and everything. Savin’ the god damn world! Yeah! Yeah. Yeah. Stay in the house, save some cheddar. I’m less than a year away from my dream. Philippine Islands, here I come, and I ain’t never comin’ back! You’re invited.”

Blue, Training Day, HBO Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Outlaw Productions, WV Films II, Snoop Dogg


“What you need, homey? Crack?! Smell like back in this motherfucker. What, I look like a sucker to you, ******?! Fuck you, rookie!”

“Hey, man… civil rights violatin’ motherfuckers! Fuck! You fucked with my legs, man! You motherfuckers ain’t got nothin’ better to do than fuck with me, man?! Shit! Fuck, man, you know I don’t work for nobody. I’m on disability, man, shit! Man, I don’t sell that shit no more. You know that.”

“Man, that ain’t mine, man. That motherfucker planted that shit on me, man. Put me in the front seat with him, and I bet I’ll whoop his ass. I told you I don’t work for nobody, man. Why the fuck is y’all sweatin’ me any-motherfuckin’-way, man?”

“I ain’t got nothin’ on me. I gave it up, dog. What is you, a doctor now? I ain’t got shit. Your partner already done searched me. I’m straight. I didn’t even see the motherfucker comin’. Nothing, man. God! Damn! Motherfuckin’ crack, man. Man! Come on, man, you know I ain’t no snitch. Fuck! He in the county, man! This ****** named Sandman. That’s all the fuck I know, man. Shit! Sandman! I’m sick of this shit, man!”

Lisa, Training Day, HBO Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Outlaw Productions, WV Films II, Charlotte Ayanna

Hoyt’s Wife

“Hey, there. Morning. How are you today? Hey. What are you doin’ up? Moo. Is that Daddy? She’s a little feisty today. I’m too hungry for my own good. Yes.”

“Wrong day to be forgetting stuff. Listen, everyone’s telling you how luck you are. Don’t screw this up. Yep. Ate like a pig.”

“Hello? Why, yes. Don’t worry. I will. Yes, he’s right here. What’s wrong? Listen, it’s not tomorrow, it’s today. I know it’s gonna work out. Mm-hmm.”


“I’m gonna fuck you, too, cop!”

“We didn’t do shit, man! That bitch is crazy! Unh! Fuckin’-ass prick!”

“Suck my dick, bitch! I know people!”

“No, man. Yeah, I’m sure. I ain’t got no horn. Uh-uh.”

“No, no… no. Please. Please! Uhh!”

“Pussy-ass bitch! When I see you again, I’m gonna fuck your shit up, bitch! You ain’t gonna see shit comin’, man! I’ll sneak up behind you like a motherfuckin’ ninja, man. I’ll crack your head open, you fuckin’ pig! Come on! She all woman, though, man. You tax that ass for days, man. Yeah, keep walkin’, bitch! Unh!”

Letty, Training Day, HBO Max, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Outlaw Productions, WV Films II, Samantha Esteban


“You’re fucking dead! You, too, fucking white boy! My cousins are from Hillside Trece, and they’re gonna blast you fools! No, I’m not ok. Look at my nose, man! I was just goin’ to a ditch party– from Hillside Trece! You fuckin’ remember that, too! Yeah, they’re gonna fuck you up, puto!”


“It’s Bob. Yeah, what do you need? Ok, hold on. I’ll check it out for you. 23130 113th street. Kevin Miller, a.k.a. Sandman, got it? Exactly, uh-huh. No problem.”

LA Shopkeeper

“You get out. You don’t look at my things. Get out of here, or I call police!”

College Kids

“Stick shift. What? Aah! Ow! Ok, ok, ok. Sorry, sir. I… my mom gave me this pipe. Ow, ow! Yeah, yeah! Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Shit!”

Los Angelean

“Come on!”

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