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Fighter Pilot

Paramount+ original film Top Gun: Maverick will drop on the platform soon.

#TopGunMaverick has cleared $1.476B at the international box office.

rottentomatoes: 97%

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imdb: 8.6

Captain Mitchell, Top Gun: Maverick, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Pictures, Skydance Media, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Tom Cruise

Captain Pete Mitchell ‘Maverick’

Maverick goes on one last mission in the twilight of his career outside of San Diego, California.

Captain Mitchell, Top Gun: Maverick, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Pictures, Skydance Media, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Tom Cruise

“Hey. What is it? What? Mach 10 is supposed to be in two months. Today’s test point is Mach 9. Says who? Well, he isn’t here yet. They want Mach 10, let’s give ’em Mach 10.” — Captain Mitchell

“It’s the only one I got. Control, this is Darkstar. How do you read? Loud and clear. Takeoff precheck’s complete. Ready for APU start. Tower, this is Darkstar. We are taxiing with information Alpha. Fuel temps are looking good. Battery’s holding at 95%. Cabin pressure looks good. Tower, this is Darkstar. We’re ready for takeoff. Requesting an unrestricted climb to 600 and above. I know what happens to everyone else if I don’t. Darkstar is ready for takeoff. All right, sweetheart. One last ride. Cleared above 600. Increase to Mach 3.5. Transitioning to scramjet. …op… oop… alpha… …three, oh… …assing… ach… ive… .4, and– …within six…. Temperature’s climbing. Response is still stable. We’re feeling good. Talk to me, Goose. Windshield hot caution. Come on, sweetheart, just a little more. Just a little. Come on! Come on! Just… a little push. Oh, shit.” — Captain Mitchell

“It’s one of life’s mysteries, sir. I’m where I belong, sir. North Island, sir? Maybe so, sir. But not today. Thank you, sir. Warlock, sir. Must admit, I wasn’t expecting an invitation back. Actually, sir, I finished second. Just want to manage expectations. Well, sir, normally this would be a cakewalk for the F-35’s stealth, but the GPS-jamming negates that. And a surface-to-air threat necessitates a low-level laser-guided strike tailor-made for the F-18. I figure, two precision bombs, minimum. Makes it four aircraft flying in pairs. That is one hell of a steep climb out of there, exposing you to all the surface-to-air missiles. You survive that, it’s a dogfight all the way home. Not in the same mission, sir. No. No, someone not coming back from this. How soon after the plant becomes operational? Well, it’s been a while since I’ve flown an F-18, and… I’m not sure who I’d trust to fly the other three. But I’ll find a way to make it work. Sir? Teach, sir? You know there is, sir. ‘Goose,’ sir. With all due respect, sir, I’m not a teacher. That was almost 30 years ago. I lasted two months. It’s not where I belong.” — Captain Mitchell

“Penny. What are you doing here? Well, that is a long story. Yeah. Another admiral. Are you mad at me? Huh. Mmm. How long have you been here. Three years? That was three years ago? No, I think, uh… I think this is it. Penny, this is different. Penny… too late. What? I’m not giving you any look. I swear. Okay. You look good. What am I missing? ‘Disrespect a lady, the navy, or put your cell phone on my bar…’ for everyone? How about ringing me up before the evening rush? Nope. Sure hasn’t. You’re kidding. How about… uh, I’ll come by tomorrow and bring you the cash. Really?” — Captain Mitchell

“Good morning. The F-18 NATOPS. It contains everything they want you to know about your aircraft. I’m assuming you know the book inside and out. You got it. So does your enemy. But what the enemy doesn’t know is your limits. I intend to find them, test them, push beyond. Today we’ll start with what you only think you know. You show me what you’re made of.” — Captain Mitchell

“Rooster. Bradley. Lieutenant Bradshaw! Let’s not do it like this. That’ll be up to you, not me.” — Captain Mitchell

“Good morning, aviators. This is your captain speaking. Welcome to basic fighter maneuvers. As briefed, today’s exercise is dogfighting. guns only, no missiles. We do not go below the hard deck of 5,000 feet. Working as a team, you have to shoot me down, or else. Or else I shoot back. If I shoot either one of you down, you both lose. What do you have in mind? Guys. That’s a lot of push ups. You got yourself a deal, gentlemen. Fight’s on. Let’s turn and burn. Easy, Maverick. Let’s try not to get fired on the first day. Payback, where’s your wingman?” — Captain Mitchell

“Rooster just saved your life, fellas. But it’s gonna cost him. That’s a kill. That’s a kill. Greetings, aviators. Fight’s on. Leaving your wingman. There’s a strategy I haven’t seen in a while. All right, Hangman. Time to teach you a lesson. You’re out, Phoenix. That’s it. Let’s see what you got. Come get me. Yeah, you’re good. I’ll give you that. That’s a kill. Let’s go. Who’s next? I got you, Omaha. Lights out, Coyote.” — Captain Mitchell

“Been here the whole time. You see me now? Come on, let’s get it over with. All right, you put us here. How you gonna get yourself out? How low you want to go, Rooster? You got it. Don’t think, just do. Too late. You had your chance. That’s a kill. Knock it off. Go see Hondo about your push-ups.” — Captain Mitchell

“The hard deck will be much lower for the mission, sir. That as good as they are, sir, they still have something to learn. And they’ve been told that their entire career, while they’ve been dropping bombs from a high altitude with little to no dogfighting. The parameters of this mission call for something they have never encountered. And how to come home. And how to come home, sir. I don’t, sir. Including the hard deck, sir? Sir. It’s a request to lower the hard deck, sir, to practice a low-level bombing run per the mission parameters.” — Captain Mitchell

“Hey, Theo, you got big. Amelia? Yes. No, I just came by to pay off a debt. Hey, how’s your dad? I insist. A highly decorated captain. I can help. You don’t say. Okay. What does that mean? I don’t sail boats, Penny. I land on them. So how do I do that? Green line. Yeah. For what?” — Captain Mitchell

“I’m not exactly sure I helped. What look? Night, Penny.” — Captain Mitchell

“Time is your greatest enemy. Phase one of the mission will be a low-level ingress attacking in two-plane teams. You’ll fly along this narrow canyon to your target. Radar-guided surface-to-air missiles defend the area. These SAMs, they’re lethal. But they were designed to protect the skies above, not the canyon below. That’s exactly what I’m gonna train you to do. On the day, your altitude will be 100 feet maximum. You exceed this altitude… …radar will spot you and you’re dead. Your airspeed will be 660 knots minimum. time to target: two and a half minutes. That’s because fifth-generation fighters wait at an air base nearby. In a head-to-head with these planes in your F-18s, you’re dead. That’s why you need to get in, hit your target and be gone before these planes even have a chance of catching you. This makes time your greatest adversary. You’ll fly a route in your nav system that simulates the canyon. The faster you navigate this canyon, the harder it’ll be to stay under the radar of these enemy SAMs. The tighter the turns, the more intensely the force of gravity on your body multiplies… …compressing your lungs… …forcing the blood from your brain… …impairing your judgment and reaction time. So for today’s lesson, we’re gonna take it easy on you. Max ceiling: 300 feet. Time to target: three minutes. Good luck. Why are they dead? No. Why are they dead? Was there a reason you didn’t communicate with your team?!” — Captain Mitchell

Rooster, Top Gun: Maverick, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Pictures, Skydance Media, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Miles Teller
Rooster, Top Gun: Maverick, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Pictures, Skydance Media, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Miles Teller

Bradley Bradshaw ‘Rooster’

“Yeah, I just thought I’d surprise you. It’s good to see you. Hangman. You look… good. Hangman, the only place you’ll lead anyone is an early grave.”

“♪ You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain ♪ Too much love drives a man insane ♪ You broke my will but what a thrill ♪”

“Yes, sir. You gonna wash me out? Am I dismissed?”

“Fanboy, you see him? Damn it! What the hell? I got your back. I’m coming. Hang in there. Hang in there. Payback, break right. Not this time, old man. Oh, shit.”

“109. 110. Watch your back, Phoenix.”

“Would it matter if I did? That’s none of your business. Now where the hell is he? Fight’s on. You can bail out anytime. I can go as low as you, sir! And that’s saying something. You’d like to believe that, wouldn’t you? What’s your move? It’s too low. Damn it!”

“Don’t worry about it. He pulled my papers. Maverick. He pulled my application to the Naval Academy. Set me back four years.”

“That’s because the enemy knows no one is insane enough to try and fly below them.”

Admiral Simpson, Top Gun: Maverick, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Pictures, Skydance Media, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Jon Hamm

Admiral Beau Simpson

“Captain Pete ‘Maverick, Mitchell. Your reputation precedes you. Wasn’t a compliment. I’m Admiral Beau Simpson. I’m the Air Boss. I believe you know Admiral Bates. Seems like we’re not the only one holding on to old relics. Can it be done or not? We don’t want you to fly it. We want you to teach it. We’ve recalled 12 TOPGUN graduates from their squadrons. We want you to narrow that pool down to six. They’ll fly the mission. Is there a problem, Captain? Yeah. Bradley Bradshaw, aka ‘Rooster.’ I understand you used to fly with his old man. What was his call sign? Tragic what happened. Is that how you see it, Captain? Is that how Goose’s son sees it? You were a TOPGUN instructor before. Then let me be perfectly blunt. You were not my first choice. In fact, you weren’t even on the list. You are here at the request of Admiral Kazansky. Now, Iceman happens to be a man I deeply admire, and he seems to think that you have something left to offer the navy. What that is, I can’t imagine. You don’t have to take this job. But let me be clear: this will be your last post, Captain. You fly for TOPGUN, or you don’t fly for the navy ever again.”

“The hard deck is 5,000 feet above ground level. A parameter is set not just for the safety of our pilots, but for the safety of their aircraft. 5,000 feet is not just a rule. It is a law, as immutable as gravity. And it will not change without my approval! Especially not in the middle of an exercise. And that Cobra maneuver of yours? That could’ve got all three of you killed. I never want to see that shit again. You are talking about the best fighter pilots on the planet, Captain. Okay, you have less than three weeks to teach them how to fight as a team and how to strike the target. Every mission has its risks. These pilots accept that. Every morning, from this day forward, you will brief us on your instructional plans in writing. And nothing will change without my express approval. Especially the hard deck, Captain. What is this?”

Admiral Bates, Top Gun: Maverick, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Pictures, Skydance Media, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Charles Parnell

Admiral Solomon Bates

“They’re called orders, Maverick. You two have something in common. Cyclone here was first in his class back in ’88. The target… is an unsanctioned uranium enrichment plant built in violation of a multilateral NATO treaty. The uranium produced there represents a direct threat to our allies in the region. The Pentagon has tasked us with assembling a strike team and taking it out before it comes fully operational. The plant sits in an underground bunker at the end of this valley. Said valley is GPS-jammed and defended by an extensive surface-to-air missile array serving a limited number of fifth-generation fighters, which in turn are backed up by a plentiful reserve of surplus aircraft. Even a few old F-14s. What’s your read, Captain? All requirements for which you have real-world experience. Three weeks. Maybe less. I think you misunderstand, Captain. Captain Mitchell was cleared of any wrongdoing. Goose’s death was an accident.”

“Morning. Welcome to your special training detachment. Be seated. I’m Admiral Bates, NAWDC commander. You’re all TOPGUN graduates. The elite. The best of the best. That was yesterday. The enemy’s new fifth-generation fighter has leveled the playing field. Details are few, but you can be sure we can no longer possess the technological advantage. Success, now more than ever, comes down to the man or woman in the box. Half of you will make the cut. One of you will be named mission leader. The other half will remain in reserve. Your instructor is a TOPGUN graduate with real-world experience in every mission aspect you will be expected to master. His exploits are legendary. And he’s considered to be one of the finest pilots this program has ever produced. What he has to teach you may very well mean the difference between life and death. I give you Captain Pete Mitchell. Call sign: ‘Maverick.'”

“What exactly do you suppose you were teaching, Captain?”

“You could learn a thing or two about timing, Captain.”

Penny Benjamin, Top Gun: Maverick, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Pictures, Skydance Media, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Jennifer Connelly

Penny Benjamin

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me. Pete. I should ask you the same thing. I doubt that. Who’d you piss off this time? Exactly. Oh, Pete. I can never stay mad at you. That’s the problem. I got to say, North Island is the one place I thought for sure I’d never run into you. Bought this place about three years ago. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Not long after you got shipped off to the desert for pissing off that other admiral. You must be in a lot of trouble. No way you’d come back here willingly. Well, you’ll sort it out. Come on, Pete. You’ve been saying that as long as I’ve known you. You said it after they busted you for taking me on a joyride in that F-18. Then the next thing I know, you’re off to Bosnia. Then Iraq. Both times. You get yourself in trouble, Iceman makes a call, and you’re back in the air. Pete, trust me, as improbable as it seems right now, somehow you’ll be back in a fighter plane with your tail on fire. Too late. You were about to ask my what time I get off. Don’t give me that look. It always ends up the same with us, Pete. Let’s not start this time. Okay. ‘…and you buy a round.’ I’m afraid rules are rules. You’re lucky it’s early. Yeah. Here you go. It’s been declined. That won’t cover it. I’m afraid rules are rules, Pete. Great to see you, Pete!”

“Oh. Don’t worry about it. Thank you, Captain. Consider your tab closed. Finish up. We have to get the boat to the yard. What do you mean, you can’t go? They only told us today. Well, I can’t sail her alone. To fix the engine. Mm-hmm.”

“Little rougher than I was expecting. Pull on the backstay. We’ll de-power the sails. You’re supposed to be in the navy! It’s sort of like raising the flaps on an airplane. You pull on that green line up there. Yep. Pull it hard. Yep. Crank that winch right there, tighten the jib. Crank it. You okay? Good. Now, you ready? The afterburner. Now you’re in the navy.”

“Thanks for helping out today. Hmm. Don’t give me that look. That one. Good night, Pete. Yeah, it’s me. I’ll make you dinner.”

Phoenix, Top Gun: Maverick, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Pictures, Skydance Media, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Monica Barbaro

Natasha Trace ‘Phoenix’

“Fellas, this here’s Bagman. Whatever. You’re looking at the only naval aviator on active duty with a confirmed air-to-air kill. Mind you, the other guy was in a museum piece from the Korean War. Different wars, same century. Hey, Coyote. Who’s he? What do they call you? You’re my new backseater? From Lemoore? Nine-ball, Bob. Rack ’em. Bradshaw! Is that you? This is how I find out you’re stateside? Hmm. I guess I surprised you back. Good to see you too. Well, he hasn’t changed. That’s not the question we should be asking. Everyone here is the best there is. Who the hell are they gonna get to teach us? Hey, guys. Come on.”

“But it’s not. And now you know a little something about Rooster. Don’t take the bait, Bob. Want to know why we call him Hangman? Breaking right. That’s why we call him Hangman. He’ll always hang you out to dry. So long as he doesn’t call you a man. Get him off me, Hangman! Son of a bitch! I’m dead, dickhead.”

“Breaking the hard deck, insubordination. Are you trying to get kicked out? Look, I’m going on this mission. But if you get kicked out, you leave us flying with Hangman. Talk to me. What the hell was that? What? Who? Why would he do that?”

“We got to move, Coyote. Oh, shit!”

“We broke the 300-foot ceiling, and a SAM took us out.”

Jake Seresin ‘Hangman’

“What do we have here? If it ain’t Phoenix! And here I thought we were special, Coyote. Turns out the invite went to anyone. Hangman. Stop. The man’s a stealth pilot. With no sense of humor. Penny, my dear. I’ll have four more on the old-timer. Thank you. Much appreciated, Pops. Bradshaw. As I live and breath. Well, I am good, Rooster. I’m very good. In fact, I am too good to be true. No, mission’s a mission. They don’t confront me. What I want to know: who’s gonna be team leader? And which one of y’all has what it takes to follow me? Well, anyone who follows you is just gonna run out of fuel. But that’s just you, ain’t it, Rooster? You’re snug on that perch, waiting for just the right moment… that never comes. I love this song! Thanks for the beers! Come back anytime!”

“Damn straight.”

“This guy needs an ego check.”

“Say, Phoenix. How’s about we tell everybody ‘Bob’ stands for something? Other than Robert, I mean. ‘Baby on Board.’ Shit! All right, Phoenix, let’s take this guy out! Break right! He called you a man, Phoenix. You gonna take that? Talk to me, Bob. Where’s Maverick? For all of you folks at home, this is how you bury a fossil. Let’s go, Mav. Evil be gone. Hangman’s coming. Shit. Phoenix, I can’t see him. How close am I? Phoenix? Where is he? Where is he?”

“So, Rooster, mind if I ask you a personal question? What’s the story with you and Maverick? It seems like he’s got you rattled. Holy shit. What is with these two? Hard deck is 5,000 feet, fellas. You are running out of room. Come on, Rooster, you got him! Drop down and take the shot! Same old Rooster.”

“Yo, Coyote. Take a look at this. No, no, no. Next to him. He look familiar to you? Bradshaw. As I live and breathe.”

Javy Machado

“Oh, come on! Twenty bucks you can’t get three in a row. Cold War. Who are your friends? Hey. Who’s who? When did you get in? Literally.”

“Copy kill.”

“The man, the legend. There he is. What have we here?”

“Copy. Increasing speed. Oh! I slowed down and didn’t give her a warning. It was my fault. I was focusing on–“

Mickey Garcia

“Not this one. Fanboy. Whoo! Check it out. More patches. What the hell kind of mission is this?”

“They don’t call it an exercise for nothing, sir. Nothing on radar up ahead. He must be somewhere behind us. Tally, tally, tally! Maverick’s coming in! Break left! Don’t let him get to you, Maverick.”

“That should be us down there. Whoo! Wow. Hold that tarmac down till we get back, brother, all right?”

Reuben Fitch

“Payback. No, your call sign. Bob Floyd. So, anybody know what this special detachment is all about? That’s Harvard, Yale, Omaha. Shit, that’s Fritz.

“Damn right.”

“Or else what, sir? What say we put some skin in the game? Whoever gets shot down first has to do 200 push-ups. Shit! Breaking left. Rooster, where are you?! Hurry up, man! Hurry up! Breaking right. Rooster, you’re too low! Pull up! You’re hitting the hard deck!”

Robert Floyd

“Oh, I’ve been here the whole time. Weapons system officer, actually. Bob. Uh… Bob. Looks like it. Yeah. Okay.”

“I got it. Where’s he going? Jesus, his nose is already coming around! See you in the afterlife, Bagman.”

“Time to target is one minute 30. We are two seconds behind. Increase to 480 knots.”

Bernie Coleman

“We’ve been ordered to stand down. They’re scrapping the program. They say we fell short. The contract threshold is Mach 10. Well, that’s not good enough. The Drone Ranger. He wants our budget for his unmanned program.”

“Now remember, the contract threshold is Mach 10. Not 10.1. Not 10.2. Mach 10. That should keep the program alive. I don’t like that look, Mav. Darkstar, Control. Loud and clear. How me? Ready left engine start. Ready right engine start. Thumbs for taxi. We are ready for taxi. Control concurs. Control concurs. Maverick, Cain just pulled up to the gate. You know what happens to you if you go through with this. Everyone, go for takeoff, starting with engine. Fuel, go. Electric, go. Darkstar, Control. You’re cleared for takeoff. Darkstar, you are cleared above 600. Increase to Mach 3.5. Admiral. Uh, just in time, sir. Uh, Max, Admiral Cain is asking– ordering that we bring her down. This is where we’ve have trouble with comms, sir. It’s the Earth’s curvature. It’s called ‘Earth Bulge.’ Did anyone offer you a coffee? Okay. Flight data? He’s the fastest man alive. Oh, don’t do it. Don’t do it. Holy shit. Maverick. Maverick! Thank you. Where am I? Sir?”

“And we’re off. Down! Down! 111! Down! It was all fun and games in that selfie, wasn’t it? Down! Seventy-nine. Down. Eighty. Down. Down. Fifty-one. Down. Fifty-two. All right, that’s enough. Rooster. That’s enough, man.”

Admiral Chester Cain

“I’m early. So are you. You care to explain? Ordering. You got some balls, stick jockey. I’ll give you that.”

“Maverick. Thirty plus years of service. Combat medals. Citations. Only man to shoot down three enemy planes in the last 40 years. ‘Distinguished.’ ‘Distinguished.’ ‘Distinguished.’ Yet you can’t get a promotion, you won’t retire, and despite your best efforts, you refuse to die. You should be at least a two-star admiral by now, if not a senator. Yet here you are: Captain. Why is that? This isn’t a joke. I asked you a question. Well, the navy doesn’t see it that way. Not anymore. These planes you’ve been testing, Captain, one day, sooner than later, they won’t need pilots at all. Pilots that need to sleep, eat, take a piss. Pilots that disobey orders. All you did was buy some time for those men out there. The future is coming, and you’re not in on it. Escort this man off the base. Take him to his quarters. Wait with him while he packs his gear. I want him on the road to North Island within the hour. Call came in with impeccable timing, right as I was driving here to ground your ass once and for all. It galls me to say it, but… for reasons known only to the Almighty and your guardian angel… you’ve been called back to TOPGUN. You are dismissed, Captain. The end is inevitable, Maverick. Your king is headed for extinction.”


“Hey, Mav. I know. I got big. Bar opens at 5:00. Mom! With his wife, in Hawaii. Mom! Mav says he owes you money. Captain? Still? I can’t go. Test tomorrow. I have to study. Just use the engine. Why are we taking her to the yard? To fix the engine.”

“Mom, is that you? Okay.”

Billy Avalone


Jake Picking

“Damn it.”


“Damn it!”


“Admiral Cain. He’s on his way to kill the test and shut us down personally.”

“He’s at Mach 7, pushing 8. Receiving. Data is good. Mach 8.8. 8.9. Mach 9. Mach 9.1. 9.2. Mach 9.3. 9.4. Approaching high hypersonic. Mach 10! Put that in your Pentagon budget! Sir.”

Traffic Controller

“Darkstar, you are clear to taxi. Runway 21. Winds 210, 10. Darkstar, the runway and skies are yours. Engine, go. Thermals, go.”

Engineer 2

“Control surfaces, go.”

Engineer 3

“Surface temp rising.”

Kid in Truck Stop



“Rear Admiral Chester Cain.”


“Today, we’re looking at some of the hottest weather…”

Bar Patron 2

“Much appreciated, pal.”


“Altitude. Altitude. Your strategy is about to run us into the ground. Altitude. Altitude.”

Fighter Pilots

“Get in there, boys.”

Fighter Pilot Bar

“Overboard! Overboard! Overboard! Overboard! Overboard! Overboard! Overboard! Overboard! Overboard! Overboard! Overboard! Overboard! Overboard! Overboard! Overboard!”

“♪ Goodness gracious Great balls of fire! ♪ I laughed at love ‘Cause I thought it was funny ♪ But you came along And you moved me, honey ♪ I changed my mind This love is fine ♪ Goodness gracious Great balls of fire! ♪ Kiss me, baby ♪”

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