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Netflix original film To All The Boys: Always and Forever dropped last Friday February 12th, 2021.

πŸ’•πŸ”₯#ToAllTheBoys is a trilogy.

rottentomatoes: 78%

josh love island usa sister: 65 6.3

Lara Jean Covey, To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, All The Boys Productions, Lana Condor

Lara Jean Covey

Lara Jean Covey breaks up with her highschool sweetheart outside of Portland, Oregon.

Lara Jean Covey, To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, All The Boys Productions, Lana Condor

“Dear Peter. Hello from Seoul. By the time you get this, I’ll probably already be home. But I couldn’t leave without writing you. You always tease me for being such a homebody. But I think you’d be proud if you saw me here. Kimchi! Everything my mom told me is true. Korea is beyond anything I could’ve imagined. We’ve been running around nonstop, trying to see and do and eat all the things before spring break is over. We’re having an amazing time together. Although, my dad might be having the best trip of any of us.” — Lara Jean

“Oh, my God, dad! But the best part is spending time with my sisters. β™ͺ I’m so fancy β™ͺ Can’t you taste this gold? β™ͺ Remember my name β™ͺ ‘Bout to blow β™ͺ. You know, the truth is, I’ve barely had any time to miss you. Just kidding. I miss you like crazy. Fingers crossed, I get into Stanford, and we never have to be this far apart again. I love you, Peter. Always and forever.” — Lara Jean

“Kitty. I miss him! With the time difference, I barely talk to him all week. Is it just me, or is she getting meaner with age? Okay. Well, don’t jinx it. I haven’t gotten it yet. Well, Peter’s going for lacrosse. It’s a great school, and it’s perfect.” — Lara Jean

“Hi! I did. It’s bad luck to see campus before you get in. Can’t be too careful. So, how was the visit. You went to the library for me? Well, you wouldn’t have gotten a scholarship if you weren’t good enough. I’m kinda counting on it. Well, I’ll start off touristy, and then it’ll get really fun. You’ll buy presents for someone you love, and if you’re lucky, you’ll eat doughnuts. This girl, she came up to me speaking Korean, and it’s like, they see me and they think I understand and then I don’t, and it’s like I don’t belong. I don’t know. I guess I just wish that my mom was here to teach me. I can’t wait to see you. Mm-hmm. First thing. In two days, I’m gonna tackle you and smother you with kisses and give you gifts. I love you too.” — Lara Jean

“Ever since Peter and I made a plan to go to Stanford together, I feel like I’m waiting for our future to begin. It’s the perfect school for us. He’ll play lacrosse. I’ll study English Lit. And best of all, we won’t be one of those couples that breaks up because of college. I just have to get in first. I think the waiting might actually kill me.” — Lara Jean

“So tall! Guys. ‘For the rest of my life.’ Well, she got her wish. Bye, Tri. Peter! Mmm. I missed you. Hi. Mm. They were kind of hard to find your size. No, no! Truce or else you don’t get your last present. Yes! I got it at Seoul Tower, so someday we can go back and put it on. Mm-hmm. It’s because I want you to actually watch it. And it’s my turn tonight, and we are doing Say Anything. There’s this great scene with John Cusack, and he sits underneath the window. He holds up a boombox– Kitty met a boy. Mm-hmm! He’s from Korea. Ow! Oh, yeah. Because we’re both good at kissing. Mm-hmm. They met at the love locks. Such a good meet-cute. Have you learned nothing from rom-coms? A meet-cute is when a couple meets for the first time. It’s always cute, and that is how you know they’re gonna end up together. I wish we had a meet-cute. That doesn’t count ’cause we already knew each other. We don’t have a song, we don’t have an anniversary, and we can’t remember how we met. We are a terrible rom-com couple. You do not. Okay, so tell me, how did we meet? Liar. Mm? Who was that? Wow. That’s huge, Peter. Are you gonna do it? Maybe he’s proud of you. Hmm?” — Lara Jean

“Wait, what time is it? Wait, what? You gotta go. Then my dad would kill you. Hmm. But he’d give you his disappointed face, which somehow is much worse. Good night. Yeah. In movies, love is always about the big moments. Grand speeches made in front of everyone, ‘marry me’ written on the Jumbotron. But maybe love is actually about the moments when you think no one is watching.” — Lara Jean

“Obviously, Chris. No, and it’s killing me. I can’t stop thinking how terrible it’ll be if I don’t get in. Berkeley and UCLA and NYU, but I only applied there for Margot. She said I’d be a failure at adulting if I didn’t have at least one East Coast option. Oh, what’s going on over there? Chris, stop. Yeah! Whoo! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Oh! I thought you were off again. Uh-huh. Thanks. It was. What? Yay for prom.” — Lara Jean

“They’re still too crunchy. We have to go to Levain in New York. they have the cookies to beat. Our song is not gonna be on a ’90s album. Not on purpose. Okay.” — Lara Jean

“No, no, no. You should absolutely make a fuss. Do you know how long it took dad to find someone who will eat his cooking and watch his documentaries? Long time. Kitty, you can’t just ask that. And we can do a sparkler send-off. That’s my one request. Okay, color scheme. Veto. Food? Yes. No. Hmm? Yep. I just remembered that there is something that I need to go take care of. So, I’m gonna do that– as you were.” — Lara Jean

“Okay, you got this. No matter what happens, it’s gonna be fine. It’s already fine. You know, everything is completely and totally… …ruined. But, we had a plan. We were supposed to hold hands while riding bikes and play footsie in the library and wear Tree hats to football games. It’s just so not the point, Kitty. Kitty! Why? You didn’t want me to go there anyways. Please don’t use this low moment in my life to campaign for NYU. Well, I’m not like you, Margot. I don’t wanna be far away from my family. I didn’t mean it like that. What am I gonna tell Peter?” — Lara Jean

“It’s strange, to spend so much time wishing for something and then have it be over. We’re not like them. You’re making this worse. Go away. Oh, crap. Peter, hey. Um, hi. Yeah. Ha-ha! So, funny story about that text. Uh… it was meant for Margot, but it’s okay ’cause even though I didn’t get into Stanford, I still might get into Berkeley or UCLA, which are only a few hours away by… by car… which I try never to drive. Oh, God. Oh, no. Uh… uh, Peter, what are you doing?” — Lara Jean

“You mind turning that down? ‘Cause I really need to tell you– do I have to wear the hat? Uh, no, that doesn’t really matter– English Lit. I know that’s what people choose as their major when they don’t really know what they want to do in their life but I actually really want to do it, so… uh, just two forks. I’m not really that hungry, so… Peter, I need to tell you something. Yes, of course. Oh, yeah. Um… I know how to pick our song. Mm-hmm. Choose a number, any number, and whatever plays that’s it. It’s fate. Yay. All right. Six. C 26. Hmm. Mm-mm. Maybe we’ll keep looking. Okay. No!” — Lara Jean

“Mono or dysentery. Whichever sounds more contagious. Romeo and Juliet. I didn’t tell Peter about Stanford. He was just so excited, and I didn’t want to crush him. And if I don’t tell him, then it’s not real yet. I’m not proud of myself if that makes a difference. You know, Tri, this whole stepmom thing suits you. Oh, my God. Mm-mm. No. Here are the passwords. You do it. I can’t. I’m bad luck. I got in? Where? Show me! No! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Hi, Henry!” — Lara Jean

“It isn’t Stanford, but Berkeley’s an hour away. That’s practically like going to college together. Keep it. You’re officially in charge of all my college acceptances. Hey, Kitty. On a scale of one to ten, how much are you gonna miss me when I’m gone next year? You can be honest. A four? You told Margot that you were gonna miss her a 6.9. You could at least pretend to miss me. It’s only decent. Also…” — Lara Jean

“Are these cute? They’re commuter shoes. New Yorkers wear them to the office and change when they there. I want to look like a local. In a way, it’s good I didn’t tell Peter until I heard from Berkeley. Now, when I finally break the news to him, it’ll be way easier. Chris, no. Uh, because I’m 17, so I actually can’t do a boudoir shoot. And also, Peter’s never seen me naked. No, like, we, uh, haven’t… we burn low and slow, okay? We’re like, um… brisket. Gross.” — Lara Jean

“Okay. Set it down. No. No, I’m gonna wait. Tell him when I get there. You think it’s gonna go badly?” — Lara Jean

“New York City. Chrysler! I could never drive here. Beautiful. Okay, we’re almost there. We did it! We did it! Bye. Go get the key, okay? What’s happening? Where are we going? I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to stay in our rooms. I do.” — Lara Jean

“Clear. What? Go, go, go! Let’s go! Come on! Maybe it’s just that we can’t pick the song. Maybe the song has to pick us, you know? Like some right moment or whatever. I didn’t get into Stanford. Uh, the text that I sent you, it was a mistake. It was to Margot. It was about something else. We’re not going to college together, Peter. I got rejected. But it’s fine ’cause I got into Berkeley, and I know that’s not what we planned, but it’s only an hour away and I’m gonna get better at driving and we can spend– I’m sorry. I really wanted to make it work for us. Yeah. I mean, not ‘yeah,’ but… you worked really hard to get in, so… what? Really? You think we can make that work? Okay. Does that mean I get to keep my Tree hat? So, that makes us the Romeo and Juliet of college, but minus the poison and the murder stuff, but that’s very exciting. Yes! I was scared.” — Lara Jean

Peter Kavinsky, To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, All The Boys Productions, Noah Centineo
Peter Kavinsky, To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Netflix, Ace Entertainment, All The Boys Productions, Noah Centineo

Peter Kavinsky

“Hey, Covey. Did you get the photos I sent you? It’s not a wedding, Covey. You’re not marrying Stanford. Amazing. It’s… this campus is huge, and just wait till until you see the library. Hey, you know, sometimes I read books that don’t have pictures, Covey. The lacrosse team is tough, though. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to start in the fall. College is not like high school, Covey. What about you? How’s the future? You’re, like, 16 hours ahead there. Tell me what Friday’s gonna be like. I promise I won’t disrupt the timeline. Well, I bet Stanford offers Korean classes. I gotta get to practice. Uh, is your dad taking you to the locks tomorrow at Seoul Tower? Okay, well, good luck finding it. I love you.”

“Hi, Covey! Oh. I missed you too, kiddo. Especially when I made that sign. She approves of the glitter. I missed you more. Hi. Ah. Character socks! Come on! Thanks. I love it. Not with Lara Jean. She doesn’t even let me talk once the movie starts. I’m… I’m sorry, what? Kit– what? What is his name? Dunno why you’re asking me. You should talk to Lara Jean. She’s the queen of love letters. Okay, okay, okay. I promise to coach you on your game if you promise to teach me how to braid Lara Jean’s hair. Oh, I mastered the French. Oh, yeah. Kitty met a boy. That’s insane. What’s a meet-cute? Always make grand gestures. It’s okay to interrupt a wedding… well, you jumped my bones at the high school track. That was pretty cute. I remember when we met. Yeah, I do. Yeah don’t remember when we– when we met? I am offended right now. No! You don’t deserve to know. Liar? Did you call me a liar? Tickle– ah, it was nothing. It was just my dad. I guess he heard about Stanford and wants to take me out to celebrate. Mm-hmm. Nah. Maybe. He doesn’t get to be, though. He had nothing to do with it. Did you know… …that you smile in your sleep?”

“Um… it’s almost curfew. Mm-hmm. What if I didn’t? No, he wouldn’t. You know what I’m looking forward to the most about college? Hmm? Never having to say good night. Yeah.”

“Stop taking my girlfriend’s cookies, bro. There you go. I think these are your best cookies yet. Oh, I should– oh, by the way, I shared an album with you on Spotify. It’s What’s the Story Morning Glory by Oasis. We need a song. Have you listened to Oasis? Talk to me when you have. Want some cookies? Long time.”

“‘There’s a truth universally acknowledged… that a high school romance never lasts long distance in college.’ Yeah, everybody knows that. Just look at Josh and Margot. Then what are you so afraid of? You know, I mean, maybe we make it to Christmas or the end of first semester but… four years? Smooth, Covey. Real smooth.”

“I’m celebrating your first night as a Cardinal. Come on, girl. Congratulations! We can talk about what you want to talk about after we get pancakes. On me. Come on. Let’s go. Get in the car. Of course you have to wear the hat. Gotta rep the Tree. You gotta fear the Tree. That’s how it works.”

“Tonight, we’re celebrating. Come on. Tell her. Baby, tell her. Come on. Just tell her. Come on. Just tell her. Well, the best part is we both got in, so we’re going together. Now, if that’s not a sign that we’re meant to be, I don’t know what is. Do you think we can get strawberry pancakes? And… you don’t want anything else? I didn’t… I didn’t tell her to put whipped cream on it. Hold that thought. I’ll be right back. I promise. I’ll be right back.”

“Do you remember the first time we came here? After Greg’s party. Our first public appearance as a fake couple. You were wearing that blue jacket and that little dress, and you were calling me out on all of my shit. And I knew then that I was falling in love with you. So, I couldn’t think of a better place to ask you this question that I want to ask you. If you haven’t figured it out already. Lara Jean Song Covey, will you go to prom with me? Now… what was it you wanted to talk about? Do you? Do I have quarters? Ah. One quarter. C 20… okay. Mm-hmm. Yeah. That’s probably a good idea. But I will tell dad that you said that.”

“It’s the Freedom Tower! I don’t even think I can see the top of it. Times Square. This place is massive.”

“Agent Covey. Don’t look at me. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to meet me back here in the lobby at 2100 hours. We’re going out. Don’t look at me. That information is classified. Intel suggests that the chaperones are going to be at the hotel bar getting absolutely wasted, giving us a clear exit. Do you accept the mission? Very good. I’ll see you at 2100 hours.”

“Clear? Let’s go. Can’t believe we listened to eight hours of music and still didn’t find anything. I agree, but I’m not in a rush. We have all of college to figure that out. What? I don’t get what you’re saying. Stop. Stop. Stop. Are you okay? Hey. Stop. Stop. This is not your fault. Okay? At all. It’s bullshit that you didn’t get into Stanford. You’re, like, way smarter than me. You are smarter than me. Still, we’re not going to college together. Wait… just transfer after your freshman year. Yeah, you’re fine. You’re an hour away. So what? We get to see each other every single weekend, and then you transfer to Stanford after your freshman year. Yes, 100%. A hundred percent. We’re gonna get through this. Yes, but you gotta keep it on the DL. Stanford and Berkeley are rivals. You was tripping out. Why?”

Dr. Dan Covey

“Hey, girls, I think I want to ask Trina to marry me.”

“You know, your mother came here the summer after we started dating, and she wrote a wish on one of these locks, but she never told me what it said. That’s beautiful. Hey, let me get a picture of you in the exact same spot. Okay. Katherine Song Covey has discovered boys. God help ’em.”

“And you, buddy. Thank you. Girls, I’m gonna help Trina with her bags. I want you to go on in without me. Let me help you with the bags. See you in a bit.”

“Let’s just have it here at the house. We can have a big barbecue/wedding in the backyard. You could make some desserts. You okay, Lara Jean? You okay? Hmm. I never did get used to it.”

“Honey? I know.”

“I’ll be there. Barring a prolapsed uterus or something. Oh, mono’s way more contagious. I love you, girls. I’ll see you at seven. Love you!”

“Jesus. Christine, did you pack your whole closet? So no one tears a rotator cuff. Let’s, uh, let’s go.”

Kitty Covey

“This was all part of my master plan, so boom, you’re welcome! We got it. We got it. β™ͺ I’m so fancy β™ͺ Can’t you taste this gold? β™ͺ Remember my name β™ͺ ‘Bout to blow β™ͺ. Ooh!”

“Like a lingering fart. Or nay, a bruise that never heals. I’m just saying, this is a little dramatic, even for you. Oh, my God. The horror! Thank you. Okay, all I know is I’m glad you guys are both going to Stanford next year because you are not cut out for this long-distance thing.”

“Seoul Tower. How many floors? This should be it. Let’s go find it. What does it say? I’ll ask someone. Excuse me. Hi. Oh! Uh, could you take a picture? Thank you. Oh, you speak English. I’m Katherine. That was weird, that’s not my name. Kitty. Well, Katherine’s kind of my name, but people don’t call me that. Call me Kitty. You can call me whatever, though. Okay. Sure, yeah.”

“Peter! Hmm. Your spatial planning could use work, but I appreciate the glitter.”

“Ew! Aren’t you supposed to make out after the movie’s started? Okay. That’s awesome. We get it. So I have a very important question for you, Peter. What is the best text you’ve ever gotten from a girl? Dae. And this is the first time I’m contacting him. So it has to be memorable. Yeah. I said ‘memorable,’ not ‘cheesy.’ Okay, but you’re never going to master the French, Kavinsky. You guys are disgusting. Can I be one of your bridesmaids? Why? Neon lime. Chicken nuggets. Really? Henry! Are you okay? He’s okay. You get used to it.”

“Don’t be so dramatic. All of your safety schools are within a day’s drive from Stanford, tops. Dae and I are way longer distance and we’re making it work. You don’t even like football. No, Lara Jean didn’t make it into Stanford. I’m gonna go. UC Berkeley just tweeted. Give it to me. She got in. You got in!”

“You left this downstairs. It’s all your college portal logins. Seriously? Cool! It’s way too early for this talk. I don’t know, a four? Yeah, I was a child then. And she’s nicer than you are.”

Margot Covey

“β™ͺ I’m so fancy β™ͺ Can’t you taste this gold? β™ͺ Remember my name β™ͺ ‘Bout to blow β™ͺ”

“Oh, my goodness. Look at these cupcakes! And more opinionated. Maybe you should wait until you hear back from all your colleges before you make a decision. Okay.”

“It’s 130. We have to find the lock. We’re gonna find it, daddy. She was something else. No, daddy, you have to be in it too. Thanks.”


“Hey, is everything okay? Okay, let me talk to her. Hey, LJ. I’m so sorry. No, that’s not true. I just wanted you to keep your options open. You know, NYU has a 12-story library. I’m not. I’m just saying. Look, Stanford is not the only college in the world. I never thought I’d end up in Scotland, and I know it doesn’t feel like it right now, but this could be a really good thing for you, you know? Force you to see the world. No, it’s fine. I should get back to bed. I have an exam tomorrow anyway.”

Christine Donati

“Oh, good for Dr. Covey. Trina’s rad. And hot. You bring my zit cream? You are a gem, LJ. Hey, any word yet from Stanford? Thank God we don’t live in the olden days. Acceptances used to come by mail. You will. Or you’ll come take a gap year with me and work on a farm in Costa Rica.”

“She’s not wrong. You know who likes prom? Lemmings. With their fancy dresses and mani-pedis and blowouts. We are. We’re just hanging out. We are not dating. LJ, tiebreak. Prom, yay or nay? You know she’s still the actualy worst, right? Promposal me, and it’s over, Trevor.”

“Hey, it’s gonna be okay, LJ. You and Peter are going to figure this out.”

“Why am I looking at those? You’re gonna look like a tourist who read about locals on Google. You should consider giving Peter a picture of you to put up in his dorm room at Stanford. Ooh, yeah! You should do a boudoir shoot. Why not? They’re classy. You mean like, you always wear a T-shirt or keep the lights turned off or… well, the brisket is cooked, sister, so clear the table, slather some sauce on it, and go to town! Mm? Really? You know, I think it sounds delicious.”

“I don’t believe in carry-ons, Dr. Covey. Why limit one’s options? We are going to look amazing in New York. Because I’m dead inside. Always. Okay. All right. Now or never. Are you ready to talk to Kavinsky? Good call. You don’t wanna get stuck on a plane with him if it goes badly.”

“Pretty! Chrysler! Wait, LJ. Look. Look. The library. We’re here. We made it. We’re trying. I’m sorry. I’m going!”


“It’s one bag. I got it, honey. Bye, ladies. Get some rest. Impressed with you getting those.”

“We’ve both been married before. We don’t want to make a big fuss. Oh, honey, I love that idea! You guys, I love that idea. Yes, you can. I would be honored to have you girls as my bridesmaids. And we could do a sparkler send-off. Is she okay? You seem pretty used to it.”

“Hey, honey, don’t forget that we’re seeing the caterers tonight at seven. Okay. Oh, and they said marrying a doctor wouldn’t be glamorous. Hey, Lara Jean, how come you’re not in school today? What you watching? Tragic romance before 8:00 a.m. Must be pretty serious. Yeah, I get that. You know, I know I’m new to this whole stepmom thing, but I’m pretty sure you can’t call in sick from a relationship. I mean, it helps. Can I make a suggestion? You only get one senior year of high school, and if you spend the whole time worrying about what’s gonna happen with you and Peter, you’re gonna miss the whole thing. My God, you’ve got a hot boyfriend. Go enjoy him. Don’t, it– don’t, enjoy– like, in public with the ice cream and holding hands is a good thing. Just no texting and driving. Thank you. Girl, I will cut you. We can do this. We can do this. Come on. You sure you don’t wanna do it? Okay. Well?”


“So, what other schools are you waiting to hear from, LJ? Yeah! Ugh. Like you don’t get blowouts. I saw you on a date with Trevor last week. Mm-hmm. Not everything that is popular is lame, Christine. Some things are popular because they’re cool. Ah.”

“Hey, Lucas. What’s it gonna take for Chris to go to prom with me? Make sure no one else is going. New York City, baby! Dipti, you are so responsible. I left mine in my locker.”

“Why are you carrying a casket to New York? Oh, ho, ho. You got jokes this morning, huh?”

“Pretty! Radio City! Lift with your legs, ladies. With your legs.”


“Just give me a little bit. Make sure no one else is going. So you’re saying there’s something between us that can be ended.”

“No way! Oh, my God!”


“It doesn’t matter what she thinks. Peter’s gonna be prom king. She has to go anyway. Hey, I heard you went to Korea for spring break. That’s awesome. I know you always wanted to go.”

“Are we, um, overcompensating here again, hmm, Chrissy?”


“Molly, Marshall, will you go to prom with me?”

Molly Marshall

“Yes, of course. Yes!”


“Hey, guys, you have your permission slips from the senior trip to New York? Thank you.”

Highschool kid

“She said yes!”

Korean Kid

“Ah. You’re welcome. So do you. Look how much we have in common. I’m Dae. Ah, okay. It’s fine. Kitty. Okay. Yes.”


“Congratulations. Oh, you must be so excited. What’s your major? Well, I’m happy for you both. Coming right up.”

Field Trip

“This bus is full. Head straight down. All right, next stop, New York City.”

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