Tiger King, Netflix, A Goode Films Production, Article 19 Films, Library Films

Tiger King

Netflix original documentary Tiger King dropped its second season November 17th, 2021.

#TigerKing2 was viewed 30m hours in its first week.

rottentomatoes: 85%

metacritic: 76

imdb: 7.5

Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic deals with the repercussions of his murder-for-hire conviction involving Carole Baskin outside of Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

Joe Exotic, Tiger King, Netflix, A Goode Films Production, Article 19 Films, Library Films

“My name is Joe Exotic, and this is Thunder and Lightning! Joe Exotic. I’m sitting on a trash can. You know, it would be nice if I could actually see me being famous out there. But I mean, I’ve seen these same four walls for a year and a half now. I would love to watch the documentary. Maybe later down the road, I can. But, you know, with all of the guards, They’re singing my music videos, and… you know, wanting autographs, and saying they’re gonna buy my underwear off the internet. It’s fun. You know, it’s cool. I would love to be able to walk out of here, but I can’t. Everybody from the zoo is out there making money using ‘Joe Exotic’ and talking shit. I’m paying the prince for every one of them people. I’m done with it. I will die making sure that they end up in prison. Yeah. Welcome to my world of bullshit.” — Joe Exotic

“I am trying to get the fuck out of here. If I have to make a deal with the Devil, I will make a deal with the Devil. There’s an innocent man in prison because of Jeff Lowe. It’s insane. I gotta get the hell out of this jail. Dillon turned into a little monster, because he wants his five minutes of fame.” — Joe Exotic

“I was born in Garden City, Kansas and stayed there on the farm until I was 13. I used to pick up the medicine bottles from mom and dad and everybody working the cattle, and I would fill those with colored water. And that was my veterinarian medicine. My dad hit me with an irrigation shovel, and he almost drowned my brother. Every time my dad done something wrong, it was always our fault. I’ve been in a broken family my whole life. It’s all I know. I was raised in an abusive situation at home, and I was gonna break that abusive cycle. One of the guys I graduated high school with was a cop in another town. And I was like, ‘you know, this would be kind of cool.’ So I decided to become a police chief because I wanted to help people. At the age of 19, I graduated the academy, and I was the youngest cop in the state of Texas. Save the world, you know? From drugs, and alcohol, and all that good shit.” — Joe Exotic

“I was dating the fire chief’s daughter and lived with her for several years. Never had sex one time. We had to raise money to buy a fire truck. So I stripped down to a G-string for money to buy a fire truck. I was 19 when I came out. It was hard, real hard. It made me depressed. I spent nights on the phone to suicide hotlines. Then I met Brian and cleaned up. I met Brian when I was working security at The Roundup, and he was a customer. We dated for a while, and got married, and were together 16 years.” — Joe Exotic

Jeff Lowe, Tiger King, Netflix, A Goode Films Production, Article 19 Films, Library Films

Jeff Lowe

“Sorry, buddy, but you did what you did, and now you gotta serve your time for it.”

“Tiger King changed our lives overnight. Anywhere we go, people know my name. I think it makes sense to capitalize. I thought, ‘you know what, how badass would it be to have a big ‘TK’ right in the center of the park when you came in?’ I bet you we’ve taken 20… 30,000 photographs with people.”

“PETA is conspiring to put us out of business when we’re not doing a thing wrong. We’ve gotten lots of trespassers, several death threats. Quit pointing this fucker at me! So we brought John in from Vegas.”

Tim Stark, Tiger King, Netflix, A Goode Films Production, Article 19 Films, Library Films

Tim Stark

“They think taking my animals is gonna shut me up? Watch how the fucking game is played.”

Carole Baskin, Tiger King, Netflix, A Goode Films Production, Article 19 Films, Library Films

Carole Baskin

“Hi, I’m Carole Baskin, and I’m the founder and CEO of Big Cat Rescue. Hey, all you cool cats and kittens, it’s Carole Baskin.”

“The vast majority of the calls, and social posts, and emails that I was getting were so hateful. I couldn’t leave my phone on because I couldn’t sleep. It was just constantly ringing.”

Lauren Lowe, Tiger King, Netflix, A Goode Films Production, Article 19 Films, Library Films

Lauren Lowe

“It’s incredible.”

“I’m sorry, who are you? This is private property. This is private. Who the fuck are y’all? For who? Then you can get the fuck off.”

“If people know who Joe was, there would not be a single ‘Free Joe’ shirt in America. These people don’t know Joe. He is a monster, and if you go so deep, dark into who he is, you’d be like, ‘oh, wow!'”

James Garretson

“I constantly get bad reviews on my jet ski business because of the Tiger King show. My review went from a five to a three. So I’m getting fucked with all the time. When did you get this? ‘She paid Jeff and James…’ me. ‘to get my zoo. Bastards.’ ‘Be my voice. Joe Exotic.’ The Tiger Queen. Yeah, that guy’s an animal-murdering piece of shit. Did you write him the letter. Joe’s gonna hate you. He’ll be like, ‘fuck that piece of shit!’ Tell Joe the life-size Chucky came by to say hi. The public sees me as just the snitch, you know? A lot of people don’t know the facts. And I’ve been talking to a lot of people like Mike Busey. He has a big following. He built the Sausage Castle, where it’s like an adult playground. He has a lot of people that support him. You know, everybody turned on Joe. It wasn’t just me. I don’t think so. I think it was some kind of scheme that Jeff Lowe and Glover worked out, and I mean, I’m pretty sure Jeff Lowe was behind it all.”

John Reinke

“Animal people are nuts, man, and I might be one of them people. Selfies are 15. Cool.”

“I’m John Reinke. When you have an accident, and it’s serious… ah, fuck. I think Joe might get out. I really do. Everybody thinks Joe was done wrongly, so Joe needs to be out. If he has to go through another trial and everything, we’re talking about years and lots and lots of money. The presidential pardon would just get him out.”

Allen Glover

Brittany Peet

“We saw huge crowds and lines of people. Jeff seemed to be making money hand over fist. Even though we knew that tigers could contract Covid-19. PETA has submitted a lot of complaints about conditions for animals at Jeff Lowe’s facility.”

“I was incredibly disappointed by the public’s reaction to Carole versus the reaction to Joe. The reaction to Joe was #FreeJoe Exotic, certain people treating him like some kind of folk hero when he was convicted of trying to murder this woman. But the negative stuff we saw was, ‘that bitch Carole Baskin.’ She was terrorized for so long by Joe. Now, all these other people are coming after her. There’s a clear, ridiculous, misogynistic double standard there.”

“Joe hired people to hunt and murder Carole, but people feel for Joe because Jeff Lowe and James Garretson may have set him up.”

Dillon Passage

“I absolutely love Joe, but… you know, I don’t want to be forever known as just ‘Joe Exotic’s husband.’ I want to be Dillon Passage. Ah! False. He’s my manager. We’re about to have my merch drop. I really thought this was for your face.”

Saff Saffery

“This is what he wanted, to be on every social media platform, on every billboard, to be the talk of the town. Joe has been famous in his own head forever.”

Eric Love

“I can guarantee you that a presidential pardon has never been done like this in US history. We’re using the biggest bus on US soil. We’re putting on a show. I reached out to Joe and explained to him that I had looked at his case, and I felt like I had a good opportunity to blow holes all through it. I think we can get him released. I’ve assembled a team right now that is gonna put a five finger death punch on this case. Ain’t nothing wrong with being a trailer park Liberace, boy. Look at this picture right here. Ah!”

“Like something that ought to be on a bottle of wine. Right? Joe is gonna be so proud of this when I send him a picture of this. He’s gonna be so proud that it came out as good as it did.”

“How could it be that Jeff Lowe’s criminal cases in Las Vegas are still pending? Why were the firearm possession charges against him not filed in Las Vegas? He’s a felon.”

Yarri Schriebvogel

“Joe screwed over a million people. I don’t understand why all these bullshit lawyers ain’t eve talked to the right people. Everybody says, ‘what do you think about the Tiger King show?’ It’s like, ‘dude, I have never watched any of it.’ When you live 20 years of it, you don’t want to see it anymore. Adios, Joe. I still got plenty of bullets. Actually, I haven’t seen Joe face to face in 20 years and don’t want to. Because it ain’t going to be pretty. Here’s a picture of me, and there’s Garold, and Tammy, Pam, and Joe. It didn’t matter what he had to do to get people to look at him, he would do it. It was like he was a little con.”

“We always fought, because we always had to do the work, and he got out of it all the time. Joe used to walk around with a damn BB gun shooting stuff and then wrap ’em up and doctor ’em back to life. He went through stages of being different people. He’d dress up as a cowboy one day. Then he’d dress up as a grandma. And it was just like he was in a make-believe world. But in reality, we worked from daylight to dark every day. We were my dad’s hired help. And we took an ass whooping when we were on the farm. That’s back when we used to chase coyotes. We had a lot of great dogs. We took ’em all hunting. And we used to have a black lab. She’d have puppies. Dad put all them puppies in a burlap sack, and throw them in a pond, and drowned them. He did it because he knew it would mess us up.”


“Around the beginning of Covid, Joe was transferred to Fort Worth. Eric called me and said he had a case for us to work on if I was interested. He told me what it was, and I said, ‘I’m in, whatever it is. It’s fun.’ Our investigators have uncovered quite a bit of evidence that was unknown at the time of trial and obviously affected the trial. Joe got screwed. But, look, notoriety is what we need for a pardon. And has there ever been an inmate that gets as much support, love, fan mail? No.”

Mike Busey

“I’m kind of like a preacher that serves beer at church, and I’m okay with strippers and other crazy stuff. This used to be a garage which is now our podcast studio. We try to entertain the people who follow our podcast. You, sir, are by far one of the most hated individuals in Tiger King, but now, this is like your opportunity to become the hero of the piece. Did Joe Exotic pay to have Carole Baskin killed?”

Francisco Hernandez

“James Garretson wanted to be a big shot, and all of a sudden, he gets to be a government agent. So to avoid prosecution on his own charges, he starts dancing with the Devil. If Joe Exotic is guilty of murder for hire, Jeff Lowe should have been the first one prosecuted. He drove the money. He set up the meeting with the government. Joe has no criminal history. As a matter of fact, he was the– youngest police chief in Texas. The youngest police chief in Texas, so I think that speaks volumes. Jeff Lowe, on the other hand, does have criminal history.”

Ronnie O’Neal

“This one here, it was Joe and then me. That was an arrest that Joe and I made that night. I remember when he had a Trans Am, and that’s what he patrolled in. It was decked out with a light bar on top, and it had a green and a blue strobe. I’ll never forget that long as I live. He looked like a Christmas tree coming down the road.”

Kimberly Craft

“He had a magnet that said ‘police’ that he put on the side of his squad car. He was very good-looking, and he ended up asking me out on a date. So we started dating. Joe and I dated… for a quite a while. I was at a point in my life where I had two children and no husband. My ex-husband beat me on a regular basis. Joe was the one that got the warrant for his arrest. And he asked me to marry him on Christmas. Joe introduced me to his family as his fiancée.”

“It really made me feel special that Joe was a gentleman and wanted to wait to have sex. I will admit I’m naïve, okay, so I guess– when somebody says something like that, you really want to believe it. He would always come home late, and some nights, it was like he’d been drinking. I found out later that he was stripping for the mayor and all her friends. They would have big parties, and they paid him to be a stripper, which, later in life, I find, you know, kind of hilarious, the chief of police stripping for the mayor. It was pretty funny. But I never looked at the big picture with Joe. I mean, everybody had been telling me that he was gay. I didn’t want to believe it, but he was. I found out that he was going to gay bars. After I found out, him and I broke off the engagement. But anytime he had problems he would turn to me to help him out, help him get through it. He said he didn’t want to be gay. I couldn’t tell you how many times he probably attempted suicide. Brian and I got along great. He was so good with the kids. We all spent time together.”

Chealsi Putman

“I believe everybody in the family knew that Briand and Joe were a couple. Brian was included in everything.”


“Right. Yes. Hello? Actually, wrapping the Tiger King Cadillac, believe it or not.”

Rando 2

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Rando 3

“The only reason the Tiger King got put in jail is ’cause everyone put him in jail. He’s an idiot, though. Yeah.”

Rando 4

“The fat guy they kept putting ‘businessman’ under who owned a couple strip clubs. He’s super cocky. I hate him.”

Liquor Store

“A couple weeks ago. $14.97. We kinda all like him. We all wrote him a letter. I mean, what’s wrong with that? Perfect. That’s okay. I will definitely do that.”


“This is the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. Okay.”

O.J. Simpson

“There’s not a shred of doubt in my mind that that lady’s husband is tiger sashimi right now. I’m just saying.”

Sam Roberts

“The people were exposed to a great criminal injustice, and that’s the fact that Joe Exotic went to jail.”

Joe Exotic fan 6

“Carole, it’s an emergency. I found an injured bobcat on the corner of– I know you murdered your husband, you–“

Joe Exotic fan 7

“Free Joe Exotic! Free Joe Exotic!”

Joe Exotic fan 8

“You put a hero behind bars.”


“He’s asking for a presidential pardon. Is that true, though? Or is that just someone coming up with it? It sounds like something Joe would ask for. Yeah.”

Podcast 2

“It sounds true. It sounds true. It does.”

Donald Trump Jr.

“I’ve heard that.”

Reinke’s lawyer

“No, I like that right there, strong.”

Reinke’s lawyer 2

“Let’s go again.”

Baghavan Antle

“Joe is a lost, lonely guy that just went way too far.”


“Many are in a rush to get out of quarantine, and this place first on their list of trips. The virus not giving anyone here pause.”


“Come on our property, and this is what you’ll deal with.”

Dillon’s mom

“This one, we have been told, is extremely effective, and we can call it Tail Brightener. Some people call it anal bleach. We’ve been instructed not to put it on our face. Don’t put it on your face.””

Jeff Duncan

“My name is Jeff Duncan. I’m Dillon’s boss. Okay, he’s my boss.”

Tiger King Fan

“All right.”

Tiger King Fan 2

“Oh my…”

Park Attendee

“We’re subcontractors– for a production. I’m not at liberty to say.”

Reporter 1

“Tigers are so hot right now!”

“Things have changed in Wynnewood. With Joe now in prison, this cast of characters are moving forward.”

Reporter 2

“Let’s talk about the Tiger King first.”

“Dancing the pasodoble, it’s Carole Baskin! The Tiger King empire might be completely declawed.”

Reporter 3

“People cannot get enough of his feud with Carole Baskin.”

“Congress making a big push to ban backyard big cats.”

Reporter 4

“Much like Joe, the effort to free him is flashy and over the top.”

Donald Trump

“Is that Joe Exotic? That’s Joe Exotic?”

State Penitentiary

“You have a prepaid call from… …an inmate at a federal prison.”

Joe Exotic Impersonator

“I’ve been in prison because of Carole [bleeping] Baskin, you bitch!”

Joe’s Mom

“You’re sitting on a trash can?”

Announcer 1

“Gentlemen, start your engines!”

Tiger King Fans

“Free Joe Exotic!”

TikTok Tiger King Fan

“Hey, y’all, I just got a letter from the Tiger King. I wrote him a few months ago. Didn’t expect to get it back, but I did.

Joe Exotic Fan 2

“Joe Exotic needs you more now than ever.”

Joe Exotic Fan 3

“He shouldn’t be in jail, because he is innocent.”

Joe Exotic Fan 4

“Hi, my name’s Jimmy–“

Joe Exotic Fan 5

“When we find that bitch Carole Baskin, we’re gonna put her head on a stick.”

Joe Exotic Fan 6

“I am part of a Facebook group for that thing that came out on Netflix. And there’s threats of hundreds of people bum-rushing the owner and hurting the owner.”

Joe Rogan

“Have you heard about this dude who’s in a battle with a lady who might’ve fed her ex-husband to tigers?”

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