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Gallivanting Immortals

AMCtv zombie-apocalypse drama The Walking Dead premieres it’s 7th season tonight.

The Walking Dead is based on the D.C. comic-book-series of the same name and has been renewed for an 8th season.

Rottentomatoes : 84%

Metacritic: 82

IMDb: 8.6

Emmys: 2 wins 15 nominations


Rick Grimes, AMC, The Walking DeadRick Grimes, AMC, The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes

King County, Georgia sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes gets called out on a high speed pursuit, him and his partner Shane Walsh set up a road blockade and wait with guns pointed.  The suspect’s vehicle eats road spikes and flips, two assailants get out and put a bullet in Rick’s Kevlar vest before they are slain.  A third assailant catches rick in the gut.

He is incapacitated and recovers in the hospital.  When he wakes up, he finds that the hospital has been ravaged and abandoned.

Soon he discovers that the world has endured a zombie apocalypse, and has been overrun by an infectious disease that kills all it’s victims, hijacks rotary functions and reanimates the brain stem for a period of time post-mortum.  This occurrence is colloquially referred to as ‘walkers.’

Rick heads home and can’t find his wife or son.  He encounters a disheveled and desolate Morgan Jones and his boy Duane, and is fully debriefed on the situation.  

He recalibrates himself at the sheriff’s office, loots the gun locker, and travels on horseback to Atlanta pursuing the Center for Disease Control, what remains of humanity, his wife Lori, and son Carl.  He runs into thousands of walkers and ends up stranded in a U.S. military tank.

He confers with Glen Rhee on the tank’s radio and rendezvous’ with him to a local human hideout in a shopping mall department store.

He assimilates and assumes a commanding position in the group by handcuffing a vocal delinquent Merle Dixon to a pipe on the roof, and then proposing and enacting an exit strategy.  They drive to a refugee shelter encampment outside the city, where he reunites with his wife, son, and comrade Shane.

Rick is bamboozled into a reconnaissance mission back into the city to rescue Merle, and the bag full of weapons he grabbed from the station gun locker.

Upon arrival they discover that Merle has sawed his own hand off, cauterized the wound, and fled somewhere.

Walkers raid the encampment.

The remaining survivors head back to the ATL seeking the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.), which is rumored to have set up a quarantined safe zone facility somewhere in the city.

At the C.D.C., all but one staff member, Dr. Edwin Jenner, have either fled or committed suicide.

Dr. Jenner divulges his bleak research efforts on the zombie apocalypse and the fact that it has not yielded a cure.

Lack of fuel for the emergency generators soon initiates the C.D.C. facility’s safety protocols, decontamination: which is a large explosion.

They escape the facility.

While scavenging supplies along a highway, Carol Peletier’s daughter is separated and Carl is accidentally shot, forcing the survivors to stay on the nearby farmhouse of veterinarian Hershel Greene.

In an attempt to appropriate leadership, an unhinged Shane lures Rick away to murder him but fails and is slain instead.

The scuffle attracts a horde of walkers who overrun the farm, forcing the group to scatter.

Rick’s leadership is called into question, and he reveals what he learned at the C.D.C.: everyone is infected and will reanimate after death even if they aren’t bitten by a walker.

After spending several months fleeing remnants of the herd, the survivors make a new home in a walker-infested prison.

In the process of clearing it, Maggie Greene is forced to perform a fatal Caesarean section procedure on Lori Grimes to save her baby.

After losing his wife Rick becomes withdrawn and hallucinates intermittently.

Rick and the crew come into conflict with another rival and hostile militant survivor community at Woodbury led by a closet psychopath known simply as The Governor.

Merle Dixon thwarts a Governor ambush at the cost of his life.

The Governor escapes, and Rick’s group returns to Woodbury to take in survivors.

The prison community has grown but a deadly flu-like walker infection spreads among the population, killing many residents.

During a siege of the prison the Governor executes Hershel and walkers breach the prison fence, overrunning it,  Rick’s core group is scattered.

Separated into small groups, the survivors discover signs along railway lines advertising a sanctuary at Terminus.

Those who arrive are initially welcomed by the residents of Terminus, but ultimately forced to disarm and locked inside a railway boxcar.

Rick’s group learn the residents of Terminus engage in cannibalism, luring victims to them under the guise of protection.

Carol Peletier ignites a gas tank in Terminus, aggravating a horde of walkers onto the property and allowing Rick and the group to escape.

Gareth and a small band of Terminus survivors attempt to terrorize and prey upon Rick and the group but are unsuccessful and slain.

A silly man by the name of Eugene Porter had been posing as a doctor and microbiologist abreast of a weaponized virus cure for walkers.  This turns out to be a farse he had fabricated and been telling the group in order to more effectively garner protection and resources, and provide motivation.  Ultimately they forgive him.

The reunited group continue on and find shelter at the Alexandria Safe Zone, a fortified suburban sanctuary with solar panels and a fortified wall.

Facing an imminent famine, Rick offers himself and his group’s services as mercenary soldiers to a local community The Hilltop being antagonized by a villainous character known simply as Negan.

This doesn’t pan out and Rick and the survivors are detained and held at gunpoint by Negan and his men, who demand retribution for their recent losses in personnel.

Rick Grimes, AMC, The Walking Dead

“Little girl.  I’m a policeman.  Little girl.” — Rick Grimes

“That’s– that’s what she always says.  ‘Speak.  Speak.’  You’d think I was the most closed-mouth son of a bitch ever to hear her tell it.” — Rick Grimes

“Thing is… lately whenever I try everything I say makes her impatient, like she didn’t want to hear it after all.  It’s like she’s… pissed at me all the time and I don’t know why.” — Rick Grimes

“The last thing she said this morning.  ‘Sometimes I wonder if you even care about us at all.’  She said that in front of our kid.  Imagine going to school with that in your head.  The difference between men and women, I would never say something that cruel to her… and certainly not in front of Carl.” — Rick Grimes

“What I think, Leon, is you need to stay focused.  Make sure you’ve got a round in the chamber and your safety off.” — Rick Grimes

“No, I got shot.  Just shot.  As far as I know.” — Rick Grimes

“I woke up today in the hospital, came home and that’s all I know.” — Rick Grimes

“They’re out there now?  In the street?” — Rick Grimes

“Are we sure they’re dead?  I have to ask  at least one more time.” — Rick Grimes

“They’re alive– my wife and son.  At least they were when they left.” — Rick Grimes

“I found empty drawers in the bedroom.  They packed some clothes– not a lot, but enough to travel.” — Rick Grimes

“Our photo albums, family pictures– all gone.” — Rick Grimes

“That’s right.  It’s not a toy.  You pull the trigger, you have to mean it.” — Rick Grimes

“Let’s not be hear when they show up.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1I’m sorry this happened to you.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“Broadcasting on emergency channel.  We’ll be approaching Atlanta on highway 85.  Anybody reads, please respond.  Hello.  Hello.  Can anybody hear my voice?  Anybody out there?  Anybody hears me, please respond.  Hello, can you hear my voice?  If anybody reads please respond.  Broadcasting on emergency channel.  Will be approaching Atlanta on highway 85.  If anybody reads, please respond.” — Rick Grimes

“There’s good news?” — Rick Grimes

Quote1Listen, whoever you are I don’t mind telling you I’m a little concerned in here.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“I’ve got a beretta with one clip, 15 rounds.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1Officer friendly.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“Look here, Merle.  Things are different now.  There are no n****** anymore.  No dumb-as-shit, inbred white-trash fools, either.  Only dark meat and white meat.  There’s us and the dead.  We survive by pulling together, not apart.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1I can see you make a habit of missing the point.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“Ought to be polite to a man with a gun, only common sense.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1All I am anymore is a man looking for his wife and son.  Anybody that gets in the way of that is gonna lose.  I’ll give you a moment to think about that.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“Up the road a ways.” — Rick Grimes

“Then she’s right.  We’re on our own.  It’s up to us to find a way out.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1People do things when they’re afraid.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“If I get us out, would that make up for it?” — Rick Grimes

“Next time though, take the safety off.  It won’t shoot otherwise.” — Rick Grimes

“Is that your gun?” — Rick Grimes

“Little red dot means it’s ready to fire.  You may have occasion to use it.” — Rick Grimes

“I don’t think those rules apply anymore.  Do you?” — Rick Grimes

“Disoriented.  I guess that comes closest.  Disoriented.  Fear, confusion– all those things but… disoriented comes closest.” — Rick Grimes

“I felt like I’d been ripped out of my life and put somewhere else.  For a while I thought I was trapped in some coma dream, something I might not wake up from ever.” — Rick Grimes

“She had every reason to believe that.  Don’t you doubt it.” — Rick Grimes

“Well, I’m not surprised after Atlanta fell.  And from the look of that hospital, it got overrun.” — Rick Grimes

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you, Shane.  I can’t begin to express it.” — Rick Grimes

“I cuffed him.  That makes it mine.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1Maybe we got a second chance.  Not many people get that.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“That’s very kind.  Thank you.” — Rick Grimes

“Your brother was a danger to us all, so I handcuffed him on a roof, hooked him to a piece of metal.  He’s still there.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1I’d like to have a clam discussion on this topic do you think we can manage that?  Do you think we can manage that?Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“What I did was not on a whim.  Your brother does not work and play well with others.” — Rick Grimes

“I’m not saying to hell with anybody– not you, Shane; Lori last of all.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1What he would or wouldn’t do doesn’t interest me.  I can’t let a man die of thirst– me.  Thirst and exposure.  We left him like an animal caught in a trap.  That’s no way for anything to die, let alone a human being.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“It’s not fair for me to ask I know that but I’d feel a lot better with you along.  I know she would too.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1I owe a debt to a man I met and his little boy.  Lori, if they hadn’t taken me in, I’d have died.  It’s because of them that I made it back to you at all.  They said they’d follow me to Atlanta.  They’ll walk into the same trap I did if I don’t warn him.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“The walkie-talkie in the bag I dropped.  He’s got the other one.  Our plan was to connect when they got closer.” — Rick Grimes

“I’m not sure I’d want to fire a shot in the city not after what happened last time.” — Rick Grimes

“I won’t hesitate.  I don’t care if every walker in the city hears it.” — Rick Grimes

“Any man can pass out from blood loss.  No matter how tough he is.” — Rick Grimes

“Skin.  He cauterized the stump.” — Rick Grimes

“Don’t take that on faith.  He’s lost a lot of blood.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1We were hoping more for a calm discussion.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“Heat of the moment.  Mistakes were made.  On both sides.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1What life I have I owe to him.  I was nobody to Glenn, just some idiot stuck in a tank.  He could have walked away but he didn’t.  Neither will I.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“Atlanta isn’t what we thought.” — Rick Grimes

“Do not enter the city.  It belongs to the dead now.” — Rick Grimes

“Last night walkers came out of the woods.  We lost people.” — Rick Grimes

“We don’t kill the living.” — Rick Grimes

“If it was your family, you’d feel differently.” — Rick Grimes

“You know I can never repay that debt, okay?” — Rick Grimes

“Doctor’s always packing heat like that?” — Rick Grimes

Quote1I tried to do everything right, keep people safe.  I tried Morgan.  I tried.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

Quote1There’s just a few of us now.  So we gotta stick together.  Fight for each other.  Be willing to lay down our livea for each other if it comes to that.  It’s the only chance we’ve got.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“Stay quiet and stay sharp.  Keep space between you, but always stay within sight of each other.” — Rick Grimes

“Okay.  But always within our sight, no exceptions.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1Guess you already know I’m not much of a believer.  I guess I just chose to put my faith elsewhere.  My family, mostly.  My friends.  My job.  The thing is, we– I could use a little something to help keep us going.  Some kind off– acknowledgment some kind of indication I’m doing the right thing.  You don’t know how hard that is to know.  Well, maybe you do.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“Hey look, I don’t need all the answer.  Just a nudge, a sign.  Any sign’ll do.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1We’re guests here.  This your property.  And we will respect that.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

Quote1Death is death.  It’s always been there, whether it’s from a heart attack, cancer, or a walker.  What’s the difference?Quote2 — Rick Grimes

Quote1Now there are people back at home trying to hang on.  They need us, even if it’s just to give them a reason to go on, even if we don’t believe it ourselves.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“It’s about them.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1Don’t talk, think.  It’s a good rule of thumb for life.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“You owe Carol an apology.  You made a mistake.  Fix it.” — Rick Grimes

“You just think about how you’re going to make things right with Carol.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1We’ve all been through hell and worse but at least we found each other.  I wasn’t sure– I really wasn’t– but we did.  We’re together.  We keep it that way.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

Quote1We’ll find shelter somewhere.  There’s gotta be a place.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

Quote1There’s gotta be a place not just where we hole up, but that we fortify, hunker down, pull ourselves together, build a life for each other.  I know it’s out there we just have to find it.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“Whatever it is.  We all carry it.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1I am doing something!  I’m keeping this group together, alive.  I’ve been doing that all along, no matter what.  I didn’t ask for this.  I killed my best friend for you people, for Christ’s sake!Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“He gave me no choice.  He was my friend, but he came after me.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1My hands are clean.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

Quote1Maybe you people are better off without me.  Go ahead.  I say there’s a place for us, but maybe– maybe it’s just another pipe dream.  Maybe– maybe I’m fooling myself again.  Why don’t you– why don’t you go and find out yourself?  Send me a postcard.  Go on, there’s the door.  You can do better?  Let’s see how far you get.  No takers?  Fine.  But get one thing straight– you’re staying, this isn’t a democracy anymore.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“Get in formation.  No gunfire.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1This is the hand we’ve been dealt.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

Quote1We have to keep this place going.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

Quote1I told her we’d look after them.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

Quote1There are children here.  Some of them are sick.  They won’t survive.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“They’re screwing with the wrong people.” — Rick Grimes

“They don’t get to live.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1I owe you everything.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“What have you done?  We’ve all done something.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1I’m grateful for it.  And everything else.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

Quote1Never let your guard down, ever.  I want you to promise me.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

Quote1I was a sheriff.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“If this is a trick, it won’t end well for you.” — Rick Grimes

“Confrontation’s never been something we’ve had trouble with.” — Rick Grimes

“We’re gonna have to fight.” — Rick Grimes

Quote1It’s how we keep this place, it’s how we feed this place.Quote2 — Rick Grimes

“Everything we’ve done, we’ve done together.  We got here together and we’re still here.  Thing’s have happened but it’s always worked out for us ’cause it’s always been all of us.  That’s how I know.  ‘Cause as long as it’s all of us, we can do anything.” — Rick Grimes

Protective, grounded, gritty, forever a beacon of hope in trying times Rick Grimes is a Guardian.

Daryl Dixon, AMC, The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon is a skilled hunter and tracker, deadeye quickshot, avid archer, and a man generally well-versed in weaponry of all kinds, most of all his personal favorite, the crossbow.

Daryl and his brother Merle post-apocalypse survive quite easily drifting in the forest hunting and slaughtering walkers.  They assimilate into a local encampment of survivors.  

Daryl meets Rick Grimes at the encampment, where he is informed that his brother Merle was handcuffed to a roof and left to die while on a food and supplies run to the city.

They whip up a reconnaissance crew but arrive to find out Merle sawed his hand off, cauterized the wound, and fled of his own recognizance.

Daryl and Rick find a prison complex while hunting and the survivors take refuge there.  Meanwhile Merle is working for a local militant known simply as the Governor.

Merle is killed by the Governor and becomes a walker, Daryl is forced to put him down.

The group makes their way to Terminus, a supposed safe haven.

Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Carl are detained in a boxcar, where they find Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Bob as well as Sgt. Abraham Ford, Eugene Porter, Rosita Espinosa and Tara Chambler.

An explosion caused by Carol and a subsequent invading walker herd allows Rick and the survivors to break free.

The group enters the Alexandria Zone.

Daryl commandeers a fuel truck and is braced by a group of men on motorcycles who stop the truck and demand it’s contents in the name of a man named Negan.

Daryl takes the group out with an RPG.

At a local settlement The Hilltop, Daryl postulates that him, Rick, and the survivors exterminate the villain Negan and his crew in exchange for food and supplies.

This confrontation goes south, Daryl walks into an ambush, and eats a bullet in the shoulder.

Rick and his group are disarmed, detained, and handcuffed by Negan and the Saviours and are asked politely to take a knee.

Negan then randomly selects an unknown member of Rick’s group and assaults them with his friend Lucille, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed-wire.

Daryl Dixon, AMC, The Walking Dead


“Merle?” — Daryl Dixon

“Merle!  Get your ugly ass out here!  I got us some squirrel!  Let’s stew ’em up.” — Daryl Dixon

“He dead?” — Daryl Dixon

“He either is or he ain’t!” — Daryl Dixon

“Rick Grimes, you got something you wanna tell me?” — Daryl Dixon

“Hold on.  Let me process this.  You’re saying you handcuffed my brother to a roof and you left him there?!” — Daryl Dixon

“You couldn’t pick it up?” — Daryl Dixon

“If it’s supposed to make me feel better, it don’t.” — Daryl Dixon

Quote1Hell with all ya’ll.  Just tell me where he is so’s I can go get him.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

Quote1Hey, choose your words more carefully.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

“My day just gets better and better, don’t it?” — Daryl Dixon

Quote1He better be okay.  It’s my only word on the matter.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

“I guess the saw blade was too dull for the handcuffs.  Ain’t that a bitch.” — Daryl Dixon

“He must have used a tourniquet– maybe his belt.  Be much more blood if he didn’t.” — Daryl Dixon

“Had enough in him to take out these two sumbitches, one handed.” — Daryl Dixon

Quote1Toughest asshole I ever met, my brother.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

“Feed him a hammer, he’d crap out nails.” — Daryl Dixon

“Screw that.  He could be bleeding out, you said it yourself.” — Daryl Dixon

“Told you he was tough.  Nobody can kill Merle but Merle.” — Daryl Dixon

“Yeah?  Didn’t stop him from busting out of this death trap.” — Daryl Dixon

Quote1Why wouldn’t he?  He’s out there alone as far as he knows, doing what he’s got to do.  Surviving.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

Quote1No worse than being handcuffed and left to rot by you sorry pricks.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

“You couldn’t kill him.  Ain’t so worried about some dumb dead bastard.” — Daryl Dixon

Quote1Do what you want.  I’m gonna go get him.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

Quote1Wanna see what happened to the last guy who pissed me off?Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

Quote1Them guns worth more than gold.  Gold won’t protect your family or put food on the table.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

Quote1You want to hold on to your teeth?Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

Quote1Take the shot.  Clean, in the brain from here.  Hell, I can hit a turkey between the eyes from this distance.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

Quote1You reap what you sow.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

“Ya’ll left my brother for dead.  You had this coming.” — Daryl Dixon

Quote1I say we put a pickaxe in his head and the dead girl’s and be done with it.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

“Yeah, and I’d thank you while you did it.” — Daryl Dixon

Quote1The line is clear.  Zero tolerance for walkers.  Or them to be.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

Quote1These people need to know who the hell’s in charge here, what the rules are.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

“You led us into a graveyard.” — Daryl Dixon

Quote1It was the wrong damn call.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

Quote1Here, I’ll do it.  How many kills you skin and gut in your life?  Anyway, mine is sharper.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

Quote1Now comes the bad part.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

“Yeah, hoss had a big meal not long ago.” — Daryl Dixon

Quote1Gotta eat.  That’s the one thing these walkers and us have in common.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

“He made his choice.  Opted out.  Let him hang.” — Daryl Dixon

Quote1My other plans fell through.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

Quote1Truth is, what else I got to do?Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

“I’m done looking for people.” — Daryl Dixon

“That wasn’t my problem neither.” — Daryl Dixon

“Boy there’s got a gang.  They have heavy artillery and they ain’t looking to make friends.  They roll through here, our boys are dead.  And our women, they’re gonna– they’re gonna wish they were.” — Daryl Dixon

“Sorry, brother.” — Daryl Dixon

Quote1This little pain in the ass will be a distant memory.  Good riddance.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

Quote1Ain’t no reason you should do all the heavy liftin’.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

“Kid weighs a buck-25 soaking wet.  You trying to tell us he got the jump on you?” — Daryl Dixon

Quote1If you’re gonna do a thing, you might as well do it right.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

“No, Rick’s done alright by me.” — Daryl Dixon

Quote1I get guys like this.  Hell, I grew up with them.  They’re degenerates, but they ain’t psychos.  I could have been in there with them just as easy as I’m out here with you guys.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

Quote1Hell, no. Let ’em take their chances out on the road just like we did.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

“Man, I want to find them, too.  Put a bolt in them for what they did.” — Daryl Dixon

“Rick has honor.” — Daryl Dixon

“Peanut butter and jelly, diet soda, and pig’s feet. That’s a white-trash brunch right there.” — Daryl Dixon

“I’m gonna head into the woods, circle back.” — Daryl Dixon

Quote1Nah, just me.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

Quote1Ain’t nowhere safe no more.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

“Why not just kill them?” — Daryl Dixon

“These dicks just got a good story.  The boogeyman, he ain’t shit.” — Daryl Dixon

“You know, we’ll do it.  If we go get your man back, kill Negan, take out his boys, will you hook us up?  We want food, medicine, and one of them cows.” — Daryl Dixon

Quote1Well, hell.Quote2 — Daryl Dixon

“I should’ve done it.” — Daryl Dixon

“I should’ve killed you.” — Daryl Dixon

Martially talented, cognizant, recalcitrant, and instinctual Daryl Dixon is an Artisan.


One thought on “Gallivanting Immortals”

  1. I’m wondering how you came to the conclusion that Tyrion Lannister is an Idealist, Samwell Turly is a Rational, and Jon Snow is a Guardian?

    My analysis of this is that Tyrion is the quintessential ENTJ Fieldmarshall Rational since he is clearly an Initiator, Sequential Strategist. He appears to be very utilitarian and logical. He prefers directive communication, he is clearly abstract. I don’t see him swayed or driven by a cause or his heart, beyond the romanticism he had with his wife before she was taken from him. None of his decision making in the book series is very Idealist in nature.

    My analysis of Samwell, is that he is in fact either an INFP or an INFJ, although more likely the former since he seems to prefer informative communication. He’s clearly concerned with the overall harmony of those around him throughout the books, and he uses Diplomacy as his primary method for accomplishing goals.

    As for Jon Snow, other than having a sense of honor instilled upon him by his Guardian father figure (Ned Stark), I don’t see any indicator of Logistical thinking. In fact, my take is that Jon Snow is in fact an INTP, he’s clearly strategic and pragmatic in his word and tool usage, although it appears to be more organizational than sequential. Jon’s clear lack of social awareness in the organization of the brotherhood and poor communication techniques seem to be indicative of a young Rational.

    Anyway, I am curious as to why you came to those conclusions about those characters?

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