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Crown Prince

Netflix original drama The Crown dropped its fourth season last Sunday November 15, 2020.

🌹🌹🌹#TheCrown has been slated for two more seasons.

rottentomatoes: 90%

metacritic: 84

imdb: 8.7

emmys: 10 wins

golden globes: 3 wins

SAG awards: 3 wins

Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown, Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television Production UK, Olivia Colman
Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown, Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television Production UK, Olivia Colman

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II tries to groom her son Charles for the throne outside of 1980’s London, England.

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series

1 nomination: 2020

Best Performance by an Actress In A Television Series – Drama

1 win: 2020

“No Charles? He didn’t stay for lunch? Whyever not? How queer. How is he, Dickie? He talks more to you than to anyone. I wasn’t talking about his career. He comes to you with all of that. This Westmorland girl I’ve been reading about, in or out? Oh. There was a Guinness. And one in a bathing costume. With the whip? And at one point, was there even a Borgia? Was she a serious contender, with that name? Johnny’s girl? Oh, I rather like that idea. He’s not still seeing her, surely?” — Queen Elizabeth II

“What do we know about Margaret Thatcher? What? Perhaps that’s precisely what this country needs. I rather like what I’ve seen of her. An alderman shopkeeper’s daughter who worked and gained a scholarship to Oxford. Yes, but later changed direction and qualified as a barrister while raising twins. Try doing that. Really? Who else around here does that sound like?” — Queen Elizabeth II

“Mrs. Thatcher. Your party has won the election. It is my very great pleasure to invite you to form a government in my name. Congratulations, Prime Minister. Please. Your family must be very proud. You’ve two children. And your husband is retired. Is that right? To business then. Have you decided on your first Cabinet? It may surprise you that I enjoy predicting ministerial comings and goings. It is like the races. I like to study forms and odds. Who’s in. Who’s out. I also like to predict cabinets. My best so far was Mr. Wilson’s second reshuffle. I got 90%. Would you like to hear my predictions for yours? I’m assuming no women. In cabinet. Oh? Why’s that? I doubt you’ll have that trouble with me. Mm. Now, Willie Whitelaw. Home Office? Tick. Geoffrey Howe. Treasury? Tick. Hailsham. Lord chancellor?” — Queen Elizabeth II

“It’s certainly lovely to be back. Thank you. Ready? Yes, you’re right. Good morning. Dry as well. Ready? Thank you. Just up there, on the brow. Can you see?” — Queen Elizabeth II

“Oh, dear. It’s never good when they come in packs like this. Prime Minister.” — Queen Elizabeth II

“Here she comes. Come on! Ready? Go on! Lovely. Well done, keep it together. Well done. Come on! Lovely. No, she’s done it! How are we doing? Nearly there. Come on, Anne. Yes! Wonderful. We must congratulate her. What are you doing here? Except I doubt she’d have heard. Your father was making such a noise. Beside himself. I’m so happy Anne can give him that. It’s really the best possible tonic for him. Yes.” — Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Philip, The Crown, Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television Production UK, Tobias Menzies

Prince Philip

“Well, we can’t be surprised. He was following the advice he was given, wasn’t he, Dickie? You were the one who encouraged it. Telling him to sow his oats, play the field? No thought for his duty?”

“That’s the last thing this country needs. Two women running the shop. What, the shopkeeper’s daughter? Yes, to study chemistry. What about her character? It says here, ‘as a young woman, she applied for a job as a food research chemist and was rejected after the personnel department assessed her as being headstrong, obstinate, and dangerously self-opinionated.'”

“You going stalking with the boss? Good. Obviously, your life is your own business, and your career as a show jumper is your own business too, but I heard you’re thinking of withdrawing from competition. Is, uh… is that true? With Badminton coming up and a chance for Olympic competition? I see. Is that such a bad thing? He is your husband. We were… we were all so proud, having an actual Olympian in the family. Oh, come on. This isn’t like you. Well, then let me remind you. You are the most… resilient, most… determined young woman that I know. They will go again… with work, with determination… and a Battenburg refusal to give in. Hmm? Good luck.”

“Oh, it’s you. It’s a terrible thing. But… he would have had no fear of death. None. And he would have hated any mawkish outpourings of grief. Or sentimentality. He left… 500 pages of instructions. For the funeral. And chose you to do the reading. Architecturally, there is little that is normal about this family. Dickie’s position within it twisted it even further out of shape. I barely knew my own father. Dickie understood that and stepped in as a surrogate. Which meant the world to me. Then years later… maybe when he saw the… the struggles between the two of us… he switched horses and started caring for you. I was no longer the priority. He replaced me… as father to you. And you… you replaced me as son to him. I don’t mind admitting there were times where that… transference of Dickie’s affection, of his care, of his love… it might have given rise in me to a resentment. Not your fault, of course. And… when one was as deprived of a father as I was, one can’t help feeling… I don’t know… territorial of the next best thing… which Dickie was. What are you talking about? You have a father. You have a father. It’s irrelevant… what I want or think. It’s what matters to Dickie. And he chose you.”

“Ah, yes. I am. Steady. That’s it. Yes. Don’t shout. Yes! Come on. She needs to pick it up. Oh! Brilliant! You go. You missed it.”

Princess Anne, The Crown, Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television Production UK, Erin Doherty

Princess Anne

“Couldn’t wait to get away. I heard he doesn’t eat lunch anymore. She means matters of the heart. She’s gone too. Not a whip. Whiplash. Heck of a horsewoman. Sarah Spencer. And unlike a certain Mrs. Parker Bowles, she’s not married.”

“To be that tacky… it’s disgusting.”

“She’s insisted. Yes, I’ve had such a bad run recently. I know, but Mark has decided to compete himself this year and that would mean us training together, being on the circuit together. Just about. An Olympian who’s spent much of the past year on her backside. Hmm. Remind me. What is ‘like me?’ Seem not to just have forgotten how to ride, but who I am. With a nasty dose of horrors when she sits on a horse. Thank you? Yes.”

“Won’t be too hard to find with the weather so still. Where did you see him? Damn!”

Queen Mother, The Crown, Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television Production UK, Marion Bailey

Queen Mother

“Perhaps he wants to keep his figure. After all the lengths we went to. Well, all the more reason to cheer for Sarah. Hmm.”

Lord Mountbatten, The Crown, Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television Production UK, Charles Dance

Lord Mountbatten

“Well, I’m afraid it’s now clear the navy is not for him. We read about it in the newspapers like everyone else. No, she’s out. No, that was Anna Wallace. Yes. Christabel. From what I gather, the latest is, um… his eldest, yes. We all do. She’s fun, she’s clever… hmm.”

“Dear boy! My office rang Buckingham Palace what must be an hour ago, and I’ve been put through about nine different extensions. Where have we reached you? What are you doing there? The whole tribe, and everyone’s asking after you. Are you gonna be in London next week? I’d like to see you. Oh, Charles, you’re not still seeing her? You know what the family thinks. And what I think too? That was uncalled for. With a husband who’s bedding half of Gloucestershire. All right. Get this to the Prince of Wales as soon as possible. Right. Time to catch some lobster. Hmm? Let’s go. Okay. In case you’re feeling a little chilled. Here you are, Paul. Ahead! No. No, not like that. You’ll fall overboard. Use the hook. There you go. Come on. Need a bit more muscle. Hold her behind the claws, so they can’t nip you. Ugh… this is what we call a berried hen. We’re gonna throw this one back, then she can have her babies in peace. And one, two, and…”

“My dear Charles, there exists no greater compliment than to be called a ‘prince among men.’ Such a person earns his title with his ability to lead and inspire… elusive virtues, to which you must reach and rise. And it grieves me to say that you are not working hard enough to reach and to rise. The choice of a woman was the issue around which the last Prince of Wales came to grief. And it’s astonishing to me that, 40 years after the abdication, you are making so little attempt to conceal your infatuation with another man’s wife. How could you contemplate such ruin and disappointment to yourself, to your family, to me? Must I remind you again of the importance of building your destiny with some sweet and innocent, well-tempered girl with no past, who knows the rules and will follow the rules? Someone with whom you can make a fresh start and build a new life. One that people will love as a princess and, in due course, as queen. This is your duty now, your most important task. You are more than a man, more than a prince, and one day, dear boy, you shall be king. But now, to the sea. I miss you enormously. There is no one whose company I enjoy more. But I think you know that. Your ever-loving honorary grandpa… Dickie.”

Princess Margaret, The Crown, Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television Production UK, Helena Bonham Carter

Princess Margaret

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series

1 nomination: 2020

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

1 nomination: 2020

“Caroline Longman.”

Prince Charles, The Crown, Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television Production UK, Josh O'Connor

Prince Charles

“Yes. Well, I haven’t seen a thing. It’s quite a costume. I love Midsummer Night’s Dream. Snug, Quince… Bottom! How would you do that? I won’t say a thing. Ready. Yes. I just met your younger sister. She was just passing through. Was she?”

“Hello? Northeast Iceland, in a lodge on the River Hofsá. Salmon fishing with friends. Are you at Classiebawn with the gang? I won’t. I have a rendezvous with Camilla. We’ve found a couple of days where we could catch up. Yes, I’m perfectly aware of what the family thinks. Yes, and the richness of that is not lost on me either. That you, of all people, should lecture me about the sanctity of marriage, affairs of the heart needing to be conventional, because you and Edwina hardly blazed a trail in that department. At least when Camilla and I commit adultery, there aren’t national security implications involved. So is your unwelcome intervention in this matter. Honestly, you make a great show of being my ally in this family, watching my back, but when the chips are down, you’re just a quisling. A fifth columnist playing for the other side. The fact is, I haven’t met anyone I like as much as Camilla, who is trapped in a marriage of your engineering. Invite us both to Broadlands soon. You’ll see how happy we make each other. That is, if my happiness is even remotely important to you. Now I must go.”

“Thank you. Yes. No. Of me? To us both. I’d be happy to stand aside, papa, really. Then you can do the reading.”

“‘They that go down to the sea in ships…’ ‘…and occupy…’ ‘he maketh the storm to cease… so that the waves thereof are still.’ ‘Then they are glad… because they are at rest.’ ‘And so he bringeth them unto the haven… where they would be.'”

“No, I saw the last bit. Mummy. I thought an extra pair of lungs to cheer Anne on couldn’t hurt. Was he? We could all do with cheering up. All one can think of is Dickie.”

“Thank you. I’m sorry. We haven’t met. Oh. The mad tree! Yes. Yes. Yes. Thank you. It has been.”

“Sarah. First things first. I’m afraid I won’t be able to come to your wedding. But congratulations to you and, uh… Neil. Now… your sister, Diana… tell me about her. Everything. Maybe I do. She’s a teacher? As in… a little more. Is she fun? Really? What about her… character? No. You’ve rather intrigued me now. Would you mind if I asked her out? Yes. Would you mind? No. Let it be a surprise. I might need her telephone number first. It’s…”

Lady Diana Spencer, The Crown, Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television Production UK, Emma Corrin

Lady Diana Spencer

“Sorry. I’m not here. I was given instructions to remain out of sight, but I have to get to that room over there, and this is the only way. Your Royal Highness. Thank you, sir. Is it a complete disaster? We’re doing A Midsummer Night’s Dream at school. So do I. All the characters have such wonderful names. Flute, Snout, Goodfellow.. yes, Bottom. They gave that part to a girl called Francesca Lamont, who also happens to have the most enormous backside. She took it personally. She’s had a bit of a nervous breakdown. I’m Sarah’s younger sister, by the way. Please don’t tell her you saw me. I’ll get into terrible trouble. She wanted everything to be just perfect. She wouldn’t want me to scare you off. Well, you know… by being a mad tree. Thank you, sir.”

“Your Royal Highness. I just wanted to offer my condolences. It must have been completely devastating for you. And your reading at the Abbey, how you held it all together under the circs, I don’t know how you did that. It was utterly brilliant. We have. I was in costume at the time. Sarah Spencer’s younger sister. Diana. Sarah told me how close you were to Lord Mountbatten, that he was like a father to you. It must all be unimaginably awful. I just wanted to say you’re very much in my thoughts. All our thoughts. Sir.”

“Hello? Your Royal Highness.”

Margaret Thatcher, The Crown, Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television Production UK, Gillian Anderson

Margaret Thatcher

“We are very– we are very confident. We are very confident. I will not be drawn on any subject save the weather. It’s a lovely day. We never count our chickens before they’re hatched, and we don’t count number 10 Downing Street before it’s Thatched. Thank you very much. Thank you.”

“Your Majesty. Thank you, ma’am. Yes, but grown-up now and out of the house. Yes, but he won’t get in the way, if that’s what you’re asking. Denis is very good at taking care of himself. His golf clubs will be in the hallway. He will come and go as he pleases. He knows how busy I will be, and how hard I intend to work. I have. Women? Oh, certainly not. Well, not just because there aren’t any suitable candidates, but I have found women in general tend not to be suited to high office. Well, they become too emotional. Yes. Yes.”

“Walker, Heseltine, Biffen, Prior… she got most of them right. She didn’t guess St. John-Stevas as minister for the arts, but that’s only because she’d already correctly picked him for leader of the House. Yes. Quite different to how I imagined. More interested and informed. With a commendable appetite for work, which I’m told she keeps up throughout the summer holidays. I think we might work very well together. I heard that.”

“Yes? Your Majesty. This is a very great tragedy. Lord Mountbatten’s death leaves a gap that can never be filled. Our heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family, and of course of those of the servicemen killed at Warrenpoint today. I am sick and tired of those who would seek to rationalize and make excuses for the atrocities committed by the IRA. There’s no such thing as political murder or political bombing or political violence. There’s only criminal murder, criminal bombing, and criminal violence. And I give you my word, I will wage a war against the Irish Republican Army with relentless determination and without mercy until that war is won.”

Denis Thatcher

“Smart cookie! Two menopausal women. That’ll be a smooth ride. Oh.”

Mark Philips

“I don’t mean to put extra stress on you.”

Sarah Spencer

“Your Royal Highness. I thought we’d ride out. There’s a lovely lodge the other side of High Wood we can go to where we can be alone. Oh, that’s the estate office with the key to the lodge. Can I leave you here for a minute, sir? Keys. Got them. Right. Ready? Is everything all right? Did you? That’s sneaky of her. I told her to leave us alone. Well, she could have gone on the outside, but she was obsessed with the idea of meeting you. Obsessed.”

“Hello? Your Royal Highness! That’s a nice surprise. Thank you, sir. Yes? What would you like to know? I’m not sure you want to know everything. All right. She works part-time at a kindergarten. No. For that, you’d need actual qualifications. More of a helper-out. She only just turned 18, you know. She also cleans for me. Part-time. Like a cleaning lady. You want more? She can be great fun. And I’m sure all the kids love her. I’m sure all the kids’ dads love her too. Everyone in the family calls her ‘Duch,’ because ever since childhood, she’s behaved as if she were destined for greater things. Oh dear. Have I just put you off? Out out? Gosh. No. Should I warn her? Of course. It’s… 01373…”


“Your Royal Highness. Ma’am, telephone for you. Mr. O’Keefe.”


“Why are the English still with us? Why, after everything we’ve thrown at them, does the British presence in Ireland still endure? So many sacrifices have been made. So many of our brothers and sisters have given their lives in resistance to that occupation, but we are still ignored. We are still denied our basic right to self-determination and our sons and brothers, husbands and fathers are still held in British jails. Well, if nothing has changed, then, my friends, it is time for a new approach. That is why our leadership has issued a new directive. This is from the very top. Today, the Irish Republican struggle for freedom enters a new phase. The time has come to escalate our efforts… redouble our militancy… …spill more blood, so that the Crown retreats and leaves Ireland forever.”

“This morning, the Irish Republican Army released a statement taking full responsibility for the execution of Lord Mountbatten and for the deaths of 18 British servicemen killed in our attacks at Warrenpoint. ‘Thirteen gone and not forgotten. We got 18 and Mountbatten.’ To Irish Republicans, Lord Mountbatten was the ultimate symbol of imperialist oppression. Each year, he came to sit in his castle on land stolen by the English. He knew the risks in coming here. And his death represents a legitimate blow against an enemy target. Over the coming weeks and months, you will all bear witness to the cloying tributes paid to this so-called hero. But where are the tears of the British government for those men, women, and children of Ireland who’ve lost their lives? Where is their grand funeral or solemn state occasion? Who will eulogize their deaths or pay tribute to the lives of the many Irish citizens so cruelly cut short, like the 13 innocent civilians murdered by the British on Bloody Sunday? ‘Thirteen gone, not forgotten. We got 18 and Mountbatten.’ This is war. There will be casualties. But while the British Crown remains in Ireland, whatever blood is shed will be on their hands.”

British Soldier

“Eyes right! Eyes right!”

News Anchors

“The last opinion poll, published just over an hour ago, gives the Tories a 16% lead… …wonderful day. First of all for Britain… …TUC concordat was now a dead document, though that didn’t mean… it is her grit and remarkable stamina that has kept her center stage throughout this election. Mrs. Thatcher believes… …a period where people get hurt… …woman with a mission. She believes the people of Britain will help to accomplish it. …or 21%… it’s looking like a comfortable victory for the Conservative Party and the prospect of our first-ever woman prime minister.”

Journalist 1

“Mrs. Thatcher, are you feeling confident?

Journalist 2

“Are you gonna win today, Mrs. Thatcher?”


“You must be hopeful. The polls show you comfortably ahead.”


“What we’re seeing now is history in the making. Britain’s first woman prime minister, a conviction politician who’s made no secret of the fact she believes the country has to change from top to bottom, going to the palace, presumably to tell her queen exactly that.”

Kensington Palace footman

“Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher, follow me, please. The leader of the opposition, Your Majesty.”

Balmoral Footman

“Come on, girl.”

“Five minutes, Your Royal Highness.”


“Sir? Telephone for you.”

“It’s looking like the 5th, sir. For the funeral. At Westminster Abbey. I was asked to give you this.”

Duchess of Gloucester

“Come on, daddy! Look at the time! Nicholas! Timothy!”

Mountbatten Footman


Mountbatten grandkids

“Ahead! Thank you, grandpapa. There we are.”

Thomas McMahon

“That’s the one.”

Irish Cop

“Stay on the radio!”


“Your Majesty. We’ve received a copy of a telegram sent to the Foreign Office from the British embassy in Dublin. It reads… ‘at 13:05, the British ambassador was informed that there had been an explosion on Lord Mountbatten’s boat in County Sligo.’ Lord Mountbatten is dead. As are the boat boy, Paul Maxwell, and Lord Mountbatten’s grandson Nicholas. Lord and Lady Brabourne, Doreen Lady Brabourne, and Timothy Knatchbull are in hospital in Sligo. The IRA has, I’m afraid, already claimed responsibility.”

Westminster Abbey

“Buckingham Palace, Prime Minister. Putting you through to Her Majesty the Queen.”

Equestrian Commentator

“…this last stage of the three-day event here at Badminton. Lucinda Prior-Palmer, well, she’ll be looking to break some records today… …with a fourth win here on yet another horse, Killaire, on whom she finished third two years ago. She’ll be jumping last. But next into the arena is Her Royal Highness Princess Anne riding Goodwill. Timekeeper ready? After an average dressage test and run out, the princess will need to jump clear… …inside time in order to qualify. Good luck. Her Royal Highness coming back from some career difficulties last year. Just looking a little sticky coming up to this first fence here. These fences, a maximum height of 3 ft. 11 in. Clears that one nicely, then a tight turn… …coming into the next fence. Coming up nicely. Takes it well. Oh. Wow! Almost four faults there. The princess so nearly coming unstuck, but it holds up, as she heads towards the final combination. This is a big double, and she seems to be coming in short. As she heads towards the final fence… she’s done it, Princess Anne. Those four inside time. That is a fantastic effort… …from Her Royal Highness, who finishes overall in sixth place, and that should be enough.”

Equestrian Commentator 2

“Clear. Clear.”


“Ready. Fifteen seconds gone.”

Traffic Cop

“That’s it. Follow the road end. Here on the left, sir. Thanks very much, sir.”


“Come on! Oh, come on!”

Woman 1

“Di? Diana? It’s the Prince of Wales.”

Woman 2


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