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Time Travel

Netflix original film The Adam Project dropped March 11, 2022.

#TheAdamProject was produced by Ryan Reynolds / has 209m+ hours viewed.

rottentomatoes: 68%

metacritic: 55

imdb: 7.2

Adam Reed, The Adam Project, Netflix, 21 Laps Entertainment, Maximum Effort, Skydance Media, Ryan Reynolds
Adam Reed, The Adam Project, Netflix, 21 Laps Entertainment, Maximum Effort, Skydance Media, Ryan Reynolds

Adam Reed

Adam Reed confronts his younger self outside of Vancouver, Canada.

Adam Reed, The Adam Project, Netflix, 21 Laps Entertainment, Maximum Effort, Skydance Media, Ryan Reynolds

“That’s not good. I think it’s pretty obvious. I’m stealing this jet. Yeah, but you know that I know that. So one of us doesn’t know something else? right? I’m sorry to interrupt what I’m sure is gonna be a scary threat, but if I’m right, your tracking system is about to… …crash. Okay, let’s not die.” — Adam Reed

“Oh! Oh no. I’m so sorry. That’s my bad. Hi. Okay. Bye! Ow! Actually, I– who talks like that? Did you order, like, a ‘Bully Starter Kit’ on Amazon or somethin’? I mean, do you even hear yourself? Chuck, we talked about this.” — Adam Reed

“It wasn’t my fault. He was giving me crap in front of the whole class. I couldn’t just take it. Everyone’s twice my size. I’ve seen babies bigger than me. Dad would. You think I’d be better at it by now.” — Adam Reed

“Where you goin’? Which friend? You’re goin’ on a date. Your dress thinks it is. Can we please stop saying ‘date’ now? Thanks. Dear God, no. Oh! Time to go. Mom, wait. Turn around. Make good choices, okay?” — Adam Reed

“Hawking? What is it? You see something? Hawking, stop! Hawking! Hawking! Whoa! Oh my God. You scared the crap out of me. Who’s there? I don’t think we should be out here. We’re okay. Hawking!” — Adam Reed

“Take it easy. Or, you know, fall down and scream. Jeez. Who the hell are you? Put the bat down. Put the bat down. I’m not gonna hurt you, I promise. What are you doing in here? Mostly bleeding. Wait, how old are you? What? How old are you? Twelve. Twelve… shit! How did you get in my dad’s garage? I… it was open. No, it wasn’t. And that is a flight suit. Are you a pilot? Yeah. Yeah, listen to me. Uh– don’t– hey, don’t call anyone. Put the phone down. I won’t hurt you. You said that already. Well, it bears– God damn it! Uh, it bears repeating. That’s a lot of blood. Well… well, I have so much more in my body. Where’s your mother? On a date. With who? What? With who? What’s his name? I don’t know. Derek? Derek? Derek. Derek, Derek, Derek. That’s, yes, the guy with the, um… with the mouth mullet. The goatee? Yeah. So say goatee. Yeah, he doesn’t matter. None of them matter. Oh, uh… nice dog. I’m gonna go inside the house. I’m gonna get some stuff. Hey, careful with that. Stay here. Come on. Ah… told you to stay in the garage. And let some creepy dude just wander around my house alone? Yeah… I don’t think so. Yeah, believe me. I don’t wanna be here any more than you want me here. I just gotta stop bleeding long enough. Gotta dress the wound, prevent a nasty infection, and I will be on my merry way. Don’t touch that. I was just looking. Don’t touch my stuff. Is this a lightsaber? No, it’s not. Okay. No. Enough with the bat! If I wanted to hurt you, I would have. If I’m being honest with myself, you have a very punchable face. Oh my– God! That– gah! That bullet went straight through. Good. Cool. Wait, wait, wait. Bullet? You were shot? Yeah– no, actually, no. No, I was stabbed with a bullet. What do you think, you moron? I’m a moron? You’re the one who was shot. All right, okay, that’s it. That… wow… that, uh… thats’s weird. It farts when I cough. Gross. Super gross. I’m gonna go upstairs, grab some stuff. Stay cool. You can trust me. Easy for you to say. I’m the one who ends up in a therapist’s office, telling them about where the bad man touched me. Oh God! That’s where you go? Immediately? You are dark, man. Who even are you? That is classified. Why are you here? Are you classi… classified. Are you in the air force? When I say ‘classified,’ what does your brain hear? Chocolate?” — Adam Reed

“What’s with the lightsaber? It’s not a lightsaber. Jesus Christ, Adam. I need you to play it cool. Wait. I know playing it cool isn’t your thing. Wait. It never has been– wait, wait! How do you know my name? You’re Adam Reed. Born February 10th, 2010. Your parents are Ellie and Louis Reed. Louis would’ve died about a year ago. You don’t play any sports because of acute asthma. Plus, you’re freakishly small for 12. You go to Franklin Middle School, where you’ve been suspended two, three times for fighting, which is ironic because you can fight to save your life. Hawking! Zip it! How do you know my dog’s name? Because I named him. Where are you goin’? Oh God. All right. Here, ready? Deep breath. Hold it. Three, two, one. Everybody gets a trophy. When I was seven, I ran into a table on the patio. I got 12 stitches. Right here. You knew how to get into my dad’s garage. You knew how to close the fridge. you knew how to time my breathing. We have the same scar. And you’re wearing my dad’s watch. This watch.” — Adam Reed

“This watch. You’re me. Holy shi– that’s classified. But yes… I once was. I can’t believe you’re future me. Okay, you came to terms with that pretty quickly. It’s a little disturbing, actually. So why are you here? Rescue mission. I wasn’t supposed to land here. I was aiming for 2018. I need to get there as soon as possible. Who were you trying to save in 2018? Really? Fine. Can you at least tell me how you got here? I’ll show ya. What was that? Crap. What? Uh, we’re gonna switch to plan A, which is where you come in. You see, time jets, like all tech in the future, is coded to its user’s DNA. Because I’m injured… aah, the jet won’t even clear me to fly, which means I can’t get in there to fix her. But guess who can? There she is. Away we go. Okay. Sit down. Oh my God. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sit down. Let’s see what we’re dealing with here. All right, some minor shield damage. Coolant leaks. I don’t know what that is, but when is a flashing red light ever good? Ah-da-da-da-da-da. I know you wanna touch all the pretty buttons with your sticky little child fingers, but the reactor has a quantum signature. You fire it up, they can find us. If they’re here. Who are ‘they?’ I’m glad you didn’t ask me that because ‘they’ are classified. I already know you’re from the future. Believe me, I regret that. I have no intention of coming back to revisit… this. Jesus. Okay. Okay, I’ve isolated the damaged relays, so the ship should be able to start repairing itself. How long will that take? Ah, it’s at 50% capacity, so hopefully less time than it takes me to heal. Wait. Do you remember this? Remember what? This. Right here, right now. You being here in 2022? Know where you’re going with this. If this is happening to me– you’re wasting your time. That means it already happened to you. Unless it works like a multiverse, where each ripple creates an alternate timeline– it’s not a multiverse! My God, we watched too many movies. I just wanna know. Okay. Okay, the prevailing wisdom is that when I go back to my fixed time, my memory… our memories, they reform, they reconcile. But not while I’m here. Fixed time? What’s that? There’s only one place in time were you belong on a quantum level, where you’re not screwing around with the cosmos like I am. That is your fixed time. Where you actually belong. So by being here and telling me this, you may have just changed my whole future? Honestly? Your future is pretty tragic either way. I’m kidding! I’m kidding. I’m not kidding. I’m kidding. Let’s go. Come on. Here we go.” — Adam Reed

“So what happens now? Nothin’. I’m just gonna lay down. Let this bullet would heal. Think about some key investment opportunities for your future. Wait, like Biff from Back to the— are you out of your tiny mind? Get back in the house before our mother gets home, and don’t make it weird. Hey. Yes? This is amazing. Isn’t it, though? Mind hitting the light on your way out?” — Adam Reed

“Well, this night’s been full of surprises, mother. How was your not-a-date? Will you be seeing him again? Hello. You have a wonderful mouth mullet. You must be very proud. Unlikely, but I’ll put in a good word for you. Bye. He seems nice. What?” — Adam Reed

“Shouldn’t you be at work? With that filing system? Shocking. It should all be online. Sorry, I gotta get to my room to think about what I’ve done. I won’t.” — Adam Reed

“Mom’s gone to work. Dad’s favorite song. Yeah, me too. See, we agreed on something. Maybe the only thing. What? I just… you’re… kinda ripped. Okay. Do you work out? My genetics don’t… ever have a thought and not let it out? Could be fun to just keep it in. Like, gene therapy or nanotechnology for– don’t do it. Don’t… don’t do it. So when does… all this happen. Does everyone skip leg day in the future? Does it happen in college? Oh, wait. Do we get a lot of girls in college? I– Adam, time travel exists. It exists. Isn’t that crazy? Every conceptual idea you have about the universe has just been thrown out the window. Yet your big question is, ‘do I get laid?’ Do I? Jesus Christ. I was just wondering. Wonder in silence. Oh my God! It’s gonna happen!” — Adam Reed

“Where you goin’? Drugstore. I need to get this wound closed up. You’re gonna go dressed like that? Why don’t you wear some of Dad’s clothes? How long ago was dad’s accident? About a year and a half ago. She still hasn’t cleaned out his closet. She’s not much of a housekeeper. Hey. You have her to take care of you. She has no one. You understand? Do you understand? She wakes up every morning with a broken heart and a closet full of his clothes and gets nothing from you but a fistful of crap, and not even, like, ten seconds of genuine empathy. I’m you, you know. Tell me about it. You know, 30 years, you still get sick to your stomach every time you remember how you treated her now. I used to love this jacket. Dad did too. I keep waiting to wake up and miss him less, but that hasn’t happened yet. Do you still miss him? Missed him while he was here. It’s not gonna fit you. Sure it will.” — Adam Reed

“How’s the jet? It’s gettin’ there. So the person you came to save is in 2018. And somehow, you ended up in 2022. How does that work? You just missed? Well, I got shot when I was stealing the plane. So, uh… I was losin’ blood. Ship was comin’ apart. I jammed the coordinates. I didn’t have time to double-check ’em. Wait, you stole the jet? It’s encoded to me. So I didn’t exactly steal it. I borrowed the shit out of it. There’s a difference. Give me some cash. You don’t have money? We don’t use money in the future. Really? Of course we use money in the future. Stay here.” — Adam Reed

“Crap. Ray, can we just take a break from the ass kicking today? I have a lot going on. Hey, guys. Enjoying our suspension? That’s my spleen. I remember these little turd-burpers. Quiet, Ray. This isn’t about you. Chuck. Hey, what’s goin’ on? Huh? Get it together. Ray’s ready. You’re embarrassing yourself. God, no. That’d be irresponsible of me. You’ll just figure out some other way to pound the crap out of him. You always do. He’s got a big mouth. I get it. Point is, this fight needs to happen right now. So just give us a second, okay, Ray? Stretch out. You don’t wanna pull a hammy. What are you doing? Hey. Ray Dollarhyde has been bullying you for years because you’re small, and fragile, and you have a big mouth. But here’s the thing. He doesn’t wanna fight. I don’t wanna fight either. He doesn’t know that, does he? So you’re gonna walk over there, and you’re gonna raise your hands, and then you’re gonna look Ray right in the eye. You’re gonna smile in a way that says, ‘I’ve waited my entire life for this moment.’ Like you can’t wait to watch his soul exit his body. Then you’re gonna drop to your knees and punch him hard in the private bathing suit parts. I’m sorry, the what now? Ah! Are we gonna smoke this banana? Or are we gonna talk about it all day? Let’s go, go, go, go, go.” — Adam Reed

“I’m gonna smoke your banana, motherf– no, no, no, no! No. That… that’s not what we talked about. I’m not supposed to do this. Ever hear the expression, ‘every bully has a bully?’ Yours isn’t holding up his end of the bargain, so I’m gonna take over. You’re a good fighter. You like to kick ass. You’re a big kid. But if you go near Adam again, I’ll know, and I will find you, Ray. And it won’t be like a couple of kids in a playground scrap. I will pull bones out of your body. I will sharpen them. I will use them to stab little Chuckie. Shut your mouth, or I’ll fill it with Ray’s feet. You understand what I’m saying? Got all of it? The bones? Your feet in Chuckie’s mouth? Good. Are you peeing right now? You’re a real streamer. Get yourself home and clean yourself up. Be the change you wanna see, okay? God, I hated those assholes.” — Adam Reed

“Oh, come on. Hey, Adam. Get out of my stuff and open the door. Put the drone down. It will kill us both. Hey, look, you lost one fight. I figured you’d be used to that by now. You coulda helped. You just stood there. Christ. You’re so sensitive. Hey, you had to lose that fight. You had to trust. Trust me. You don’t go from bein’ you to bein’ me without gettin’ your ass kicked, a lot, all the time. I’m sorry if I went too far today. Shouldn’t have done that. Who’s this? Who’s who? Put that back. You put that back. As soon as you tell me who she is. That’s my wife, Laura. We have a wife? No, we do not have a wife anymore.” — Adam Reed

“You’re not doin’ anything wrong. Sorry. I’m sorry. I was eavesdropping. I’m sorry. You’re right, though. Teenage boys are horrible. It’s like living with a urinal cake that yells at you. Mothers are usually the ones who take the hit. But I’ll tell you somethin’. Boys always come back for their mamas. I am. I do. I have the best mom. Good. Yeah. That’s tough. Well, I have some idea. Sorry. Jinx. Thank you. Aren’t you grieving too? Yeah. So tell him. You should tell him. You think you’re being strong for him, and the problem with acting like you have it all together is… he believes it. Maybe he needs to know that you don’t. It’s okay if you don’t. Oh, this is a classic. Yeah. It was really nice chatting with you. I’ll see you later. Oh, hey, um… he doesn’t hate you. He loves you. More than he knows.” — Adam Reed

“So you came back for your wife, Laura? We’re not getting into that. Hey, she’s my wife too. You know what? We should get into that. Thank you. Met in the academy. She was 20 minutes late to the wrong classroom in the wrong building. I offered to walk her to the right one, and… man, I was all in before we even made it outside. A couple of years ago, she didn’t come back from a jump. They told me her jet broke up on reentry, but she was the best pilot in the program. She wrote the book on reentry. Didn’t make sense. And you were trying to get to 2018 ’cause that’s where she went before? Yeah. What was she doing there? I don’t know. They changed the jump logs. Somebody was hidin’ somethin’. Maybe she saw something Sorian didn’t want her to see. Wait, ‘Sorian?’ Maya Sorian, Dad’s partner? She was always so nice to me. Hmm. Yeah, trust me. She’s no friend. After dad died, she got rich off of his tech. Bought all the right people. Next thing you know, she has exclusive control over the most valuable resource on Earth, time. Wait a minute. You’re saying Dad invented time travel? Yeah. Not on purpose. The magnetic particle accelerator. Remember that? He called it the Adam Project. Yeah, or as I like to call it, his favorite child. So what happened to Laura? Mmm. Well, I think your nice friend Maya had her killed. What? Yeah. That’s why I gotta get back to 2018 as soon as possible. The jet’s almost ready. I’ll lay low in the shed. I’ll heal for a few more days until I can get a clean read and then fly out of your life. But going back to save her. Talking to me. Everything you’re doing right now just to rescue one person. You’re changing the future. That’s gotta be against the rules. You’ll feel differently when you meet her. And when you lose her. What? Grab that bag. Get ready to run.” — Adam Reed

“Why? What’s happening? We’re going that way. Be ready. Move! Stay behind me. Wanna see something cool? That’s a lightsaber, dude. Quiet now. Time to go. Let’s go. Christos. They’ll let anyone into this time stream. Who’s that? That’s Christos. We were in the academy together. He’s a decent pilot but a terrible person. He runs security for Sorian. Ouchie, with the face. Did I do that? In fairness, though, you did shoot me first. On the bright side, your… your face now matches your soul. All the time. It’s come up. Uh, no. Just… just no. You’re up. This? Yeah. Okay. Wanna start low or go high? Stop! Get off him! What is happening? Dying outside your fixed time is messy. What are you doing here? I can’t believe… I can’t believe you’re here. Hey. That was awesome. Yep. Let’s go. Come on, come on, come on!” — Adam Reed

Maya Sorian, The Adam Project, Netflix, 21 Laps Entertainment, Maximum Effort, Skydance Media, Jennifer Garner

Ellie Reed

“Not a word. See his face? And, what, you’re gonna suspend Adam? Because what? You think he started a fight with that thug Ray? It’s barely been a year since we lose his father.”

“I know you, Adam. I know that mouth of yours. I know exactly what got your punched. He’s twice your size. I don’t understand you. What’s going on, honey? Can you just tell me? If I keep having to leave work in the middle of the day, I’m gonna lose my job. It’s the third time you’ve been suspended for fighting. This goes on your permanent record. Get that? Care about your future? Do you? Son, you’d better start caring, because the future is coming, sooner than you think.”

“Hey, Adam. Adam, I’m headed out. Come and have your dinner. Oh, just out to dinner with a friend. His name’s Derek. We work together. Not a date. I don’t think it’s a date. Oh, it is a date. I am going on a date. Why am I going on a date? Adam, I’m sorry. We… we should have spoken about this. I don’t know how to handle it. Let’s talk about it now. No! You can have any kind of feeling. It’s normal. As long as we’re a team– he texted me? Well, look at that. It’s a whole new world. But we will talk about it tonight, honey. What? Said the boy who got suspended. I love you, honey. I love you too, mom. More than I know. Listen, while I’m out, lock up the back. No ovens, no answering the door, no video games.”

“Oh, hey. I’m surprised you’re still up. That’s chilling. What happened? No. I don’t know. I don’t think so. Hi. Yes, it is. I did. Gosh, thanks. Oh. This is my son, Adam. Adam, this is Derek. Oh my gosh, Adam. Well, thanks again. You can be a real jerk sometimes. You know that?”

“Hey there. Good morning. Yeah, I need to pay the insurance on the house today. Had it in the calendar, but I can’t find the statement. The minute I find myself with a few extra hours, I will set up those accounts. Until then, this is how your dad did it. Hey, grab a pile. Okay. I gotta go. Call me if you need me.”

“Hey. Hey, Paul. Yep, how you doin’? That baby sleeping yet? No. Well, you’ll miss those days when they’re gone. Believe it. Babies are pure love. They grow into teenagers, who grow be assassins of happiness. Thank you, thank you. Sorry. It’s been a rough day. Year. Couple of years. He hates me. It’s not his fault. He’s… he’s just dealing. It’s fine. We’ll be fine. It’s good. Good, good, good. I wish I knew what I was doin’ wrong. Sorry, you scared me. Yeah. Yeah. Mmm? That’s nice. It sounds like you’re speaking from experience. You have a good mom? Oh. Good. I hope you’re right. I’m still researching boarding schools in Fallujah, so… we lost his dad in a car accident year before last. Yeah. You have no idea. Oh, sorry. Thank you. Yeah. I am. Of course I am. I don’t think he needs it. My husband had a jacket just like that. Hey! Hey!”

Maya Sorian

“What are you doing, Captain? I think it’s pretty obvious you’re trying to. You know I can track your jump. Adam, I want you to listen very carefully. If you don’t abort right now, I will shoot you out of the–“

“Start the area scans for his jet. Let’s find him and get the hell outta here. Find him.”

“Hello, Adam. That’s enough. Adam, before this goes any further, let’s just go home, please. So you’re risking your own young life over some paranoid delusion that I somehow killed Laura. I loved Laura. You were both like family to me. I would never have hurt her. I hate that it’s come to this. Guns. Christos, please escort Adam back to 2050.”

Time Jumper

“Ma’am, he’s initiated a wormhole sequencing.”


“Adam! I’m gonna kill you! Reed! Reed! Get your ass back here. Got anything else you wanna say? Huh? No more jokes? Oh, I’m gonna enjoy this. Shut up, Chuck.”

“Well, look who we have here. I am now. Hey, man, we’re, uh… just playin’ around. So you’re not gonna break this up? Boom! You crying, Reed? Oh no, Chuck. Look, we made him cry. Run away, Reed! What the hell? What are you talking about? Yeah. Yeah.”


“I didn’t say anything. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.”

“What’s up, Reed? Oh yeah! Nice, man. It’s like he was trying to lose. What did I do?”



Middleschool PA

“There will be an assembly in the gymnasium now. Please proceed to the gymnasium.”


“Mrs. Reed– was it Ray Dollarhide again?”


“Hi. Me again. You left your scarf in my car. Oh, hey there, kiddo. Oh, hey, Adam. Never heard it called that before. Sure. See you soon. Okay. Okay. I’ll see you at work. Yeah.”




“Aah. Hi, there. How are you? How you doin’? Uh, not really. No. Ah, I find that hard to believe. Mm, well, somethin’ to look forward to. Hmm. Your boy still havin’ a hard time? Hmm.”


“Locked and docked.”

“Don’t you do it! Don’t you do it, Reed! Reed, don’t move! God, I hope the boss lets me kill you. Anyone say you talk too much? Yeah. All right, drop the Mag-Cyl. Yeah. All right. Come here! Move!”

Laura Reed

“Saving your ass, honey. Behind you! Hi. We should go.”

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