Super Brawl

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A sh*t ton of has hit the fan so to speak and clearly I’m not very good at sugar coating stuff so I’ll just give it to you straight.  Seemingly in response to Marvel’s The Avengers already climbing to the third highest worldwide grossing movie spot of all time at about 1.4 billion dollars, cinematic rivals Warner Bros. Entertainment have hired scribe Will Beall to pen a script for a Justice League of America film in order to directly compete with Marvel Studios’ current grip-hold on the booming superhero movie industry.  Though Warner Bros. Entertainment is significantly behind the 8-ball in creating and establishing major characters in a linear DC Universe, they do indeed have The Dark Knight Rises opening July 20, 2012 to give The Avengers a run for its money.  With Christopher Nolan’s swan song to the batman franchise approaching, Warner Bros. is now desperate to throw together some high-caliber franchises in order to stay in direct competition with Marvel.  And they will have their work cut out for them as Disney CEO Bob Iger recently confirmed that an Avengers sequel will indeed be happening after Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Captain America 2 provide us audience folk even more back-story in the Marvel Universe.  Speaking of such a universe sources say that a Black Panther film will be Marvel’s next solo superhero flick after Captain America 2 drops in April of 2014IN RELATED MOVIE NERD NEWS Fox Studios recently registered the name Days of future Past, which is a classic X-men comic plot-line, in which a dystopian alternative future has mutants incarcerated in internment camps.

So far it seems like Marvel indeed has the upper hand in being able to pump out blockbuster movie franchises, so Warner Bros. is trying to throw together a Justice League film in hopes of being able to hang with the big boys.  They have yet to establish their major characters though, as The Dark Knight Rises will likely not take place in the same universe as a JLA film, and neither will the upcoming Man of Steel.  Leaving Warner Bros. only with their epic fail Green Lantern to have established characters in JLA continuity.  Given their desperation however lets assume that they will pay that screenwriter to slop in either Christian Bales’ Batman or Henry Cavill’s Superman knowing that they have Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern.  Thus all they would need is a solid Wonder Woman and BAM.  The four basic personality typesAnother SuperSquad that is representative of THE FOUR BASIC PERSONALITY TYPES?!?! NO WAY!!  You must be saying.  Well.  Lets take a look.

Quote1.pngPeople are different in fundamental ways.  They want different things ; they have different motives, purposes, aims, values, needs, drives, impulses, urges.  Nothing is more fundamental than that.  They believe differently, they think, cognize, conceptualize, perceive, understand, comprehend, and cogitate differently.  And of course, manners of acting and emoting, governed as they are by wants and beliefs, follow suit and differ radically among people.Quote2.png

Please Understand Me p. 2

Kal El or Clark Kent also known as Superman is a concerned, authoritative and security seeking Man of Steel who’s sanctuary is the Fortress of SolitudeThe Big Blue Boyscout is characterized by his indestructible physicality, his strict code of ethics, and his indomitable will.   Super-dependable, outstandingly dutiful, and extremely persevering, Superman is a classic Guardian; and knows as all Guardians do, that with great power comes great responsibility.  Indeed Superman adheres to the idea that actions speak louder than words, and takes the responsibility of defending Earth and its inhabitants very seriously.

The Dark Knight or Bruce Thomas Wayne also known as Batman is the excited, impulsive, and stimulation seeking Caped Crusader who is an arrogant billionaire industrialist and notorious playboy by day, and a ruthless masked vigilante by night.  The World’s Greatest Detective is characterized by his extreme martial talent, his stealth and rogue-like abilities, and his skillful use of expensive gadgetsBolddaring, and audacious with a strict adherence to utility Batman is a great example of an Artisan.  Indeed Batman has a thick skin and is a hard-nosed utilitarian, doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman is the enthusiastic, intuitive, and identity seeking Amazonian Princess who corrals evildoers with her Lasso of truthThe Mighty Maiden is characterized by her immortal disposition, her noble demeanor, and her altruistic attitudeEmpathic, authentic, and highly intuitive Wonder Woman is a classic Idealist; and knows as most Idealists’ do that success is achieved by working together.

Hal Jordan aka The Green Lantern is the calm, reasonable, and deference seeking Ringed Wonder who uses a ring of power to synthesize his imaginationThe Emerald Knight is characterized by his his resolute demeanor, his pragmatic mindset, and his thirst for knowledgeAutonomous, calm, and achievement oriented, Green Lantern makes for a good example of an intergalactic Rational, and knows as all Rationals do; that knowledge is power.

The epic battle for Hollywood dominance that is Marvel vs. DC rages on.

Both super-squads (The Avengers vs. Justice League) are well-balanced and defend earth with their superlative synergy.

Question is: who wins in a street fight?

Quote1.png In a scrap between good and bad, good always comes out on top! Quote2.png

Kal-El (Earth-One)

Quote1.png Everything’s impossible until somebody does it. Quote2.png

Bruce Wayne (New Earth)

Quote1.png Of all people you know who I am. Who the world needs me to be, I’m Wonder Woman. Quote2.png

Wonder Woman src

Quote1.pngYou can’t foresee all the consequences of your actions — But that’s no excuse to do nothing. Quote2.png

Hal Jordan (New Earth)

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  1. What makes Batman different is that Batman is the character’s real personality while Bruce Wayne is only a facade to throw people off. The Batman of the comics is intelligent, and always thinking of contingency plans. What seems to be his impulsive behavior as Batman is more His training in the martial arts combined with well thought out strategic maneuvers. Batman is a Rational. And I would argue that GL is really the Artisan of the bunch. Hal Jordan is flirty, lives on the wildside of life and is all about experiencing things. He repeatedly acts impulsively on missions. He isn’t calm nor collected. In fact he is somewhat a showoff sometimes. Those sound like Artisan traits to me.

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