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Super Drug

Netflix original film Project Power dropped last Friday August 14th, 2020.

#ProjectPowercost $85.1 million.

rottentomatoes: 61%

metacritic: 51

imdb: 6.1

Art, Project Power, Netflix, Screen Arcade, Supermarché, Jamie FoxxArt, Project Power, Netflix, Screen Arcade, Supermarché, Jamie FoxxThe Major (Art)

A new drug hits the black market imbuing its user with superhuman abilities unique to each individual for 5 minutes outside of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Art, Project Power, Netflix, Screen Arcade, Supermarché, Jamie Foxx“Looking for Newt.  I understand that, sir.  I’m a friend of Simon’s.  I’m from Tampa.  He sent me here to talk to you.  Maybe you wanna do some business.  Merry Christmas.  Aren’t we all?  I got a box in my hands.  You wanna see my hands, or put the box down?  What you want?  Which one?  Box down, hands up?  Okay, I’m with you.  Box down.  Yeah, slow, everything’s slow.  If you want, you can call Simon.  He’ll verify who I am.  Tell him that the Major’s here to see you.  The Major.  I wouldn’t do that.  Newt.  I don’t wanna hurt you.  I don’t wanna hurt nobody.  Just need some information, that’s all.  Tell me where you’re getting this stuff, and I’ll get out of here.  You don’t wanna talk?  All you gotta do is tell me who your supplier is.  So what you think about that, Newt, huh?  We got a deal?  Once I get that information, you can slither back to whatever hole that you came out of, understand?  Listen to my voice.  Am I lying?  Where you getting this shit from?  Who’s making it?  Tell me the source!  Tell me right now!  Who’s the supplier?  Give me one name!  You gonna tell me!  Tell me who it is!  Speak up, son!  Where’s he at?  Huh?  Where’s Biggie?  How many did you take?  Hmm.” — Art

“No, I’m fine.  You got any hot water?  I’ll take some of that.  You keep kicking around in there.  This how we gonna do this.  All that kicking ain’t making no sense.  You in a strange man’s car in an even stranger place.  But I need to have a conversation with you.  I need to be able to look– I need to be able to look you in your eye.  You don’t wanna calm down, maybe I need to make a trip over to 32 Park, right?  You know where 32 Park is?  Well, if I let you out and you start crying, I’ma pay a little visit to Irene.  Make sure she all right, huh?  I take it you love Irene ’cause you ain’t knocking no more.  So when I open this up, I want my conversation.  Why don’t we start from the beginning, make it simple?  What’s your name?  Huh?  Oh, I can’t hear you.  What is it?  Robin.  You push that Power, don’t you?  You don’t know?  Maybe you’ll figure it out, huh?  You stay in there until you figure it out.  What’s the source?  Maybe you know something about Newt.  Oh, you don’t know who Newt is?  That’s funny because Newt be all in your phone.  Well, let me tell you what’s even more weird.  Newt ain’t here no more.  So since Newt ain’t here, that leads us to… where to, huh?  Where to, Robin?  I need to know where the source is.  I said get out!  So you can advance your position in life.  Who is that?  Hmm?  Look closer, is that Biggie?  You don’t know?  Oh, you on these streets, you don’t know shit.  I know you’re scared.  I know you’re feeling like fight or flight, but I’ma tell you right now, you just breathe and get through it because listen, you don’t know who I am and what I’m about, but I got to find that source.  I need to get to the top of the food chain.  But you keep messing around with me and acting like you don’t know shit, I’m gonna knock your ass out, and then I’m gonna kill your mother.  I’ma kill Irene.  Look me in my eyes.  Am I lying?  So tell me your decision.” — Art

“Hey, I see what you doin’.  Give me this.  You do what I told you.  No messing around.  You’re gonna go meet whoever’s in there, you’re gonna tell them what we talked about.  You’re gonna tell them that you saw me and that I left.  And if they ask… you ever hear of a mine rat?  Well, that’s what you are.  You’re my mine rat.  I know what you trying to do!  You out here in these streets dealing, you ain’t no damn kid.  You gave that up.  You can’t keep playing that whole ‘I’m just a child’ card, okay?  Let’s make it happen.  I don’t work here.  You Biggie?  Talk to me.  I don’t want to talk to any middle men.  Already did that.  You don’t tell me where Biggie is, I’ll cut your fucking head off.  Hey, Robin!  You still in there?  You all right?  Don’t worry, okay?  I’m gonna come– everything’s okay.  Tracy.  Baby.  It’s so good to see you.  Cover your ears.  They’re logging Powers.  There’s chips in every capsule.  The government won’t let them test it, so they test it on us.  The people that you’re selling to, they’re the lab rats.  It’s a demonstration for potential buyers.  It means they’re done with New Orleans.  It means I’m running out of time.  I gotta go there.  You gotta take me there.  Tracy, take… Robin, I need… please.  He ODed.  I din’t kill him.  I got money.  Please.  I’m just trying– I’m just trying to find my daughter.” — Art

“You did this?  Wait, wait, wait.  Y’all work on humans?  Ah.  So what’s your power?  Come on.  You ain’t tried it?  Yeah.  Well, if you’re so spooked, why you still in the game?  What happened to getting good grades and staying in school?  Everybody needs money now.  Oh, that’s easy.  Go to the Army.  Yeah, it tripped me up.  But that was my skillset.  And what did the system do?  It took advantage of me.  But I know now I got to work the system harder than it’s working me.  That’s what you gotta do.  You’re young, you’re black, you’re a woman.  The system is designed to swallow you whole.  You gotta find out what you do better than anybody else and rock that.  So what you gonna do?  Hmm?  How you gonna leave your mark?  Oh.  I’m sorry.  Well, what’s your rap name then, huh?  What, you gonna be the next Cardi B?  Huh?  Cardi C?  Well, go ahead and spit then.  You say you rap, let me hear one line.  Huh?  You can’t spit one line?  How you gonna be a rapper if you got stage fright?  You know what I think?  Most time, people don’t wanna do something is ’cause they’re probably just wack at it.  If you wack, just say you wack.  Give you a word?  What you talking about?  Oh, you that good, huh?  Feline.  Seismograph.  Antibiotic.  Ooh… you smoked that.  All right.  You’re good, damn good.  That’s your power.  You take that, you leverage that, you use your power to take the system down.  All right.  And what’s this?  This says for dogs.” — Art

“Remember that guy in the picture?  Gotta find him.  He took something from me.  I gotta get it back.  Give me– listen, don’t press your luck.  Why the hell would I pay you $10,000 for anything?  Give me those keys.  All right.  Two.  Yeah.  You ever hear of Teleios?  Defense contractor.  They were the ones who cracked the codes back in the day.  Grabbed a bunch of Rangers, put ’em all in the room, filled them up with radiation.  Messed with their genes.  Tried to turn us in to superheroes.  They didn’t.  Not really.  ‘Cause in the real world, the power goes to where it always goes, to the people that already have it.  I tried it once.  Damn near killed me, hurt a lot of people.  So I said I’m not trying that shit no more.  A few years later, Tracy came along.  I knew she was different though.  When she was young, she never got sick or anything like that.  As she got older, she got stronger.  She exhibited symptoms of… powers.  But she never had to take a pill.  Oh, okay.  Yeah, you hood, but you smart, huh?  Anyway, when Teleios caught wind of Tracy, they wanted to experiment on her like they did on me.  And that’s when we just took off.” — Art

“Put your seat belt on.  No, you don’t.  Put your seat belt on!  Somebody’s following us.  Hold on.  Keep your head down.  Trace!  No!  Tracy!  Tracy!  It’s the spot.” — Art

Robin Reilly, Project Power, Netflix, Screen Arcade, Supermarché, Dominique FishbackRobin Reilly, Project Power, Netflix, Screen Arcade, Supermarché, Dominique FishbackRobin Reilly, Project Power, Netflix, Screen Arcade, Supermarché, Dominique FishbackRobin Reilly

“♪ Power, power ♪ Speak a little louder ♪ If you got the time ♪ I bet you I could spit for hours ♪ Will be something so ugly ♪  But I’m pretty as a flower ♪ Hungry for that money ♪ I’m coming to devour ♪ Shower, dropping heavy bars Up off a tower ♪ Know I got that game ♪ My people call me Dwight Howard ♪ I’m that kid This Black kid, no cowards ♪ Spit it so they get it ♪ I’m embedded with the power ♪ I’m embedded with the power ♪ Ah! ♪” — Robin Reilly

“Say, bro, let me see your hands.  Hands, now!  You wanna find out?  Five hundred.  Supply and demand.  You want it or not?  That’s not how it works.  You take it, for five minutes, you get what you get.  Don’t touch me!  Get off!  Leave me alone!  Get off!  Get off me!  Give me my bag!  Give me my bag!  Man, you crazy.  I had it.  So what, you practice that in the mirror?  Yeah, you did.  I bet you had your gun out too.  Pointed at yourself, talking all hard like you Clint Eastwood.  Yeah, I do.  I know enough.  The Bridges of Madison County.  By the way, it’s 500 for that pill in your pocket.  Yeah, what else it gonna be?  Come on, you either gonna be a cop or a customer.  Be careful with that.  It’s an all right bike.  You lying.  That was a month ago.  No, I mean, I want the bike.  Yeah.  Why the seat made out of duct tape?  It’s mine?  Damn!” — Robin Reilly

“Yeah.  I’m up.  Ma, you okay?  I’ll make you some soup.  Man, we all out.  I’ma go pick some up later.  And your prescription too.  Uh, I’m not sure, could be.  I’m sure he’s fine, ma.  On a scale of one to ten, how bad is it today?  I’m sorry, ma.  Well, I’ll come through with your prescription and your soup tonight.  Want some company?  All right, then.” — Robin Reilly

“♪ Now what’s the difference Between a student and a teacher? ♪ While one of them is growing up The other’s getting weaker ♪ Is the criteria For you to be a creeper? ♪ Stalking the halls In squeaky little shoes ♪  Get you some sneakers ♪ Get new kicks, get a clue, get a hint ♪ Get a friend, get a life ♪ Get a wife, get a mint ♪ And your teeth been looking yellow Get an off-white tint ♪ Never honor roll But I’m on a roll like lint ♪ Yeah, I see I’m digging at your pride ♪ You thought that you could hide That the system is a lie ♪ Wasn’t built for me to thrive ♪ It don’t love nobody like me ♪ Diplomas won’t determine Who I am or who I might be ♪ So next time you tempted to pick on me For a laugh ♪ Skip the theatrics and just tell me I can get up out your class, bitch ♪” — Robin Reilly

“Newt, you in there?  Newt.  Seriously?  Say, you saw who did this?  Please!  Please!  Wait!  Get off me!  Help me!  Let me out!  Please, let me out!  Somebody help!  Help!  Help, please!  I’m Robin!  Robin.  I don’t know anything about that– no!  I don’t!  I don’t know!  I don’t– I don’t know– no.  I get weird texts from people all the time because that’s what the job is.  What?  I don’t– believe me!  Why?  I don’t know.  No, I don’t know.  I was told to call this number if I ever had a problem.  Okay.  No– no, you said point you in a direction, that’s a direction.  It sound like a rat that get blown up.  Look, I was just trying to make ends meet.  I’m just a kid, I’m– yes, sir.” — Robin Reilly

“Excuse me.  Excuse me.  Alligator wine?  Can you just ask somebody?  What?  I don’t know what the fuck it is.  Newt gave it to me.  Yeah, he gave it to me in case something went wrong.  I know.  There’s this guy.  He calls himself ‘The Major.’  He killed him.  Then he threw me in his trunk.  He’s right outside.  Can I go?  Let me out!  Hey!  Yeah.  Yeah.  What?  What?  What’s that?  What’s all that?  Help!  Help!  Help!  You killed my cousin.”

“Yo, chill.  Yo, you need to calm down.  You fell out, I brought you to the vet.  My mom work here.  Yeah.  But now I need to finish the exit wound.  You gonna let me do it or not?  I guess that’s a yes.  What?  Nope.  I didn’t even do nothing yet.” — Robin Reilly

“I don’t even know.  Honestly… I saw a girl OD.  You know, on the streets, they’re talking about how it’ll give you superpowers, but not about how one hit could kill you.  Yo, I wish I could get good grades.  Go to school, get to college, get some fancy-ass job.  But I need money now.  Well, my mother had diabetes now.  And we don’t got no health insurance.  And she needs surgery, the expensive kind, so what else am I supposed to do? What?  What, it don’t trip you up killing fools?  I rap.  I don’t like doing it in front of people.  Fine, give me a word.  I’m gonna go off the top, give me a word.” — Robin Reilly

“Feline.  ♪ I’m ’bout to make a beeline ♪ And every single accolade for spitting ‘Bout to be mine ♪ I’ma go from old shit and goodwill To design ♪ I’ma be rocking Dior like Dion I’m Celine ♪ Or maybe I meant Céline ♪ I’m feeling really cuh-lean ♪ Can someone tell them other boys a real MC is coming, no humming ♪ My name already chose a different bird ♪ I killed your little freestyle Give me another word ♪.  Give me another word.  ♪ Dude trying to trip me up With his seismograph ♪ I think it’s funny I can’t pick a better time to laugh ♪ I’ll find the path ♪ You don’t know all the rhymes I have ♪ The only thing that don’t sit well Within his mind ♪ Is math ♪.  Antibiotic.  ♪ I might need an anti-psychotic I’m going crazy ♪ NOLA made me And this flow, I got it ♪ I been about it Even if my mental space is crowded ♪ I keep it in because a guilty dog Gonna bark the loudest ♪ My mom’s the proudest I know that we can make it out if ♪ We made it through a flood I bet we gonna get through the drought ♪ I may be little, but in these waters you won’t catch me drowning ♪ One day I’ll swim in all them Dollar bills I’ma be counting ♪.  You gotta take four of them.  Yeah, well, you a big dog.” — Robin Reilly

“Well, where you goin’ now?  Yeah.  Something or someone?  We ain’t done here.  I could navigate for you.  You goin’ to where the dots on the screen is.  I can take you there.  For ten grand.  Medical expenses, keeping your ass alive, kidnapping fee.  I’d say I done you a lot of solids here.  Five.  So, this is your daughter, Tracy.  She look like you.  And you think that guy with the beard took her?  No.  What’s that?  Why’d they wanna make superheroes?  Okay.  So, what’s your power?  I know you took it.  Fetal alcohol syndrome.  If you got, like, beaucoup shit in your system, maybe it passed down to her.  I’m sorry.” — Robin Reilly

“I got my seat belt on.  Nobody’s following us.  This voice, do what I tell you to do, okay?  Hey!  Art?  You okay?  I mean, this is the spot.  So, there’s that guy.” — Robin Reilly

Frank Shaver, Project Power, Netflix, Screen Arcade, Supermarché, Joseph Gordon-LevittFrank Shaver, Project Power, Netflix, Screen Arcade, Supermarché, Joseph Gordon-LevittFrank Shaver

“Gentlemen, on your knees, hands behind your head.  NOPD.  I see we have a lady here, as well.  You too, ma’am.  Hands, very good.  Thank you.  Now, how’s everybody doing tonight?  You sure you want to do that, young man?  You ever taken one of those before?  You haven’t, have you?  I can tell.  Now, I bet you’ve heard it can make you fast, make you strong.  Make this a fair fight, even though I got a gun pointed at your face.  But that’s only if you happen to have a good Power.  Not everybody does.  Some people take it and just blow up.  So the question is, what’s your power?  Might be good, might be bad, nobody knows.  Take it.  Go ahead.  I wanna see what happens.  You boys are lucky I only have one pair of cuffs.  I’d bring you all in.  You can go now.  Go!  You okay?  That’s not what I saw.  You don’t know me.  What do you know about Clint Eastwood?  What you seen him in?  That’s actually a pretty good one.  The same stuff as last time?  I don’t know.  Did you get it from the same guy as last time?  It’s not that simple.  Bad guys using this stuff to take out whole precincts of cops single-handed.  I’m just trying to level the playing field.  Yeah, thanks.  What do you think of the bike?  Well, you want it or not?  I mean, I brought it here for you.  no, you said it was your birthday the other day, right?  Okay then, you know what?  Never mind.  Yeah, you sure?  It was the nicest one at the impound lot.  Get on!” — Frank Shaver

“Sir, what’d you see in there?  What’s going on?  Why aren’t we going in?  What’s all that?  Hey, buddy.  Take a break.  Where are they?  The bags!  The bags!  Follow the bags!  Get those bags!  Watch out!  You all right?  Hey!  Hey!  Out of the way!  Out of the way!  Get out of the way!  Go!  Go!  Are you okay?  Hey!  NOPD!  You hear me?  Stop the car!  Hey!  Stop the car!  Has anybody seen an invis– stop the streetcar!  You’re under arrest!  Stop!  Freeze!  I can see you!  NOPD, you’re under arrest!  I said freeze!  Freeze!  Don’t move.” — Frank Shaver

“It doesn’t hurt.  No, ma’am.  For a second, I did there.  Yes.  Captain.  If I hadn’t taken that, I’d be dead.  That what you want?  There are no laws on this drug!  They don’t exist officially, ’cause every time we try to deal with it, some guys in suits show up and tell us to stop.  Look, I don’t know who those two were that came in today and cut you off at the knees.  I don’t know if they’re feds or military or what, but clearly, they have you under their thumb.  And I don’t think you like it.  ‘Cause they don’t care about the people of this city.  Not like you do, not like I do, and we know what happened last time we were counting on guys in suits to look out for New Orleans.  Now, you need to make me the bad guy, that’s fine.  But I’d be willing to bet you know more than you’re allowed to say.  Maybe we can work together on this, unofficially.  And maybe we can do some good.  And isn’t that our job?  Who is he?” — Frank Shaver

“Hey, it’s me.  I need to re-up, so meet me in the usual spot.  Honey, bear.  Are we all out of that one hippie shampoo that– whoa!  What the shit’s going on here?  Who the hell are you guys?  Man, I live here.  Babe, I’m sorry I was in your shower.  The pressure’s so much better in yours.  Can you come over here?  I’m really sorry it had to happen that way.  Robin sent me.  Let me just handle these guys, okay?  Officers.  What precinct did you guys say you’re from?  I see.  So now because I’m not in your little database, I can’t… is there a cat in here?  Yes, I do, sir.  Is that so hard to believe?  Why?  Is it because I’m white?  Are you assuming that me and this beautiful black woman wouldn’t be able to share a happy home?  You wanna say that on camera?  Babe, where’s your phone?  All right.  Well, let’s just see about this.  And we are live streaming.  Now, let’s just get this on record.  Honey, did either of these men show you a warrant when they came into our house?  Uh-huh.  And did either of them show you a badge?  No!  Can I see your badges?  Gentlemen.  You got any duct tape?  My name is Detective Frank Shaver, NOPD.  Well, I don’t have it on me.  Mrs. Reilly, your daughter and I have had a professional friendship for a little over half a year now.  She’s a very smart and good-hearted young person, but she is mixed up in some things she shouldn’t be, and I am trying to help her.  Thank you.  I’m gonna need this too.” — Frank Shaver


“No!  Daddy!  Daddy!”

“Are you okay?  Nobody’s following us.  Okay, okay, okay!  Daddy, watch out!  Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!”


“Robin.  Are you up?  Robin.  You late.  Mmhmm.  Yeah, baby.  Be right out.  Just get to school.  Yeah.  Isn’t that where Newt hangs out?  Text your cousin for me, baby.  That’s a pretty big fire.  Mmm.  Seven, seven and a half.  Mm-hmm.  You gotta go.  My hero.”

“There a lot of girls that look just like her!  I already told you, I don’t know where she is.  She was supposed to be home hours ago.  What… with all due respect, officer, there’s a lot of girls– are you sure it was her?  Are you sure you’re not mistaken?  No, I told you I don’t know what you talking about.  Are you sure?  What you doing in my bathroom?  They didn’t say.  Bless you.  Got it.  No, they did not.  I’m sorry, do I know you?  Duct tape?  What?  Stop!  Who are you?  Can I see your badge?  Where do you have it?  Where’s yours?”

Buyer 1

“Bird!  Bird!  Bird!  Come on, bird!  All right.  All right.  You don’t got no bug.  Five hundred?  Are you serious?  I wanna climb the walls.  But I bet this chick has more.”

Buyer 2

“Come on, man.  There’s no bird.  We shouldn’t even be here right now.  You’re not even listening.  Whoa.  How much?  Just three.  I don’t wanna do this anymore, man.”

Buyer 3

“Instead of selling it to us, why don’t you just give it to us?  Take that stupid mask off!  No!  Stop!  How many has she got?  Just twist it, Tommy.  Shut up.  Take the pill, Tommy.”


“Welcome, my young entrepreneurs.  They say there are no shortcuts in life.  They say nothing is free.  But I’m telling you right now, the deal I’m going to give you is the closest thing to free you’ll ever get.  You all heard the rumors.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.  Now’s your chance to see it up close.  I give you the product for free.  You sell it.  That’s because it is.  We’ll only be in New Orleans for a little while, so get out there and sell.  You ask a lot of questions.  Newt.  This… is Power.”

“There’s our buyer.  She’s connected to every cartel in South America.  She’s the real deal.  You’ll get it.  Then our backers will see what the rest of us have already seen.  That we’re working for the woman who’s gonna change the world.  Ready to go.  Bienvenidos.  Welcome.  I see you packed light.  I was expecting… duffel bags.  Product?  It is not just a product.  These pills will topple governments.  You’re about to become the most powerful woman in South America.”


“You trust her?  And the money?  What’s that?”

Drug Cartel

“The money is here… if the product lives up to its reputation.  In that case, I look forward to your demonstration.”

Newt, Project Power, Netflix, Screen Arcade, Supermarché, Machine Gun KellyNewt

“Sounds too good to be true.  What’s it called?  Yeah, I’m Newt.”

“Who is it?  I ain’t ask who you’re looking for, I said, ‘who is it?’  Come where I can see you.  You alone?  Let me see your hands.  Yeah… no.  Put the box down and get your hands up.  Yeah, just… now, slow, real slow now.  Say, bruh.  I’ma go make that call.  You stay right there.  I ain’t telling you shit!  Okay.  Big Man.  His name’s Biggie.  That’s all I know, man!”

Female Operator 1

“Orleans Parish, 9-1-1.”

Female Operator 2

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?”

Female Operator 3

“9-1-1, where is your emergency?”

Female Operator 4


Woman 1

“My friend is having some strange reaction right now.  She just took a pill.”

Man 1

“This is what I’m telling you, man, he lifted the freaking car over his head.”

Man 2

“I don’t know how to describe this, but I just seen some weird shit.”

Man 3

“Look, I don’t see no blood at all.  No blood.”

Male DJ

“Good morning, New Orleans!  I have a caller on the line.  Tell me exactly what you saw.  Did you have a speed gun on this guy?  Bruh, it sounds like you might have been on something.  Maybe there’s a little conspiracy going–“

Caller 1

“Man, I saw a kid running down Poydras last night, 35 miles an hour.  Man, if the speed limit is 25, he passed it down cold.  I’m telling you, he was on something.  Wayne, you can make fun all you want, but I’m telling you, something going on.  There’s videos.  I saw one the other day, a kid jumped straight off the roof of the casino and just walked away.”

NO resident

“What?  I know you not– get the hell out of my kitchen!  Oh, Lord!  Newt. you gonna get somebody killed in here!”

NO kid 1

“Hey, mister.  Is he dead?”

NO kid 2

“He’s alive, man.”

Captain Craine

“The initial investigation is indicating a home meth lab, but we’re gonna wait until we see the full report before we make an assessment.  It was deemed unsafe years ago.”

“This is not right, man, you gotta… you can’t just get– now now, Landry.  Not now.  You can’t just come and take my shit over.  You weren’t down here ten minutes ago.  What is this?  What do we do?  This is wrong.  I’m gonna remember that.  I’m gonna remember that.  We’ve been asked to stand down.  We’re here in support now only.  Bank units go.  Frank, stop!  Stop!”

“Can you excuse us for a minute?  Did you take a pill today?  Put your gun and the badge on the table.  Gun and badge on the table, now.  I want my police force to obey the law!  Anybody finds you with that, you didn’t get it from me.  I’m told he’s the source of Power.  We shut him down, we get our city back.  He’s your get-out-of-jail-free card.”

NO teacher

“This is a major problem during pregnancy known as FAS.  Birth defects caused by drinking alcohol and using drugs while pregnant.  How do we prevent these birth defects?  Ladies.  I’m guessing that you’re discussing what the condition is called when a child is exposed to aclohol in the womb, right?  Fetal.  Now, let’s talk about prevention.  How do we prevent these birth defects?  No drugs, no alcohol.  Simple.  It is the only form known as FAS… I know that you don’t think this stuff is serious, you don’t think it’s important, but it is.  Right now, you’re getting a D in this class, Robin.  It’s an easy class.  Quiet.  So since you don’t seem to be worried about your grades or graduating… you must have a plan, right?  So what is that plan, Miss Reilly?  I see.  Well, then, why don’t you get up and rap for us?  Make me believe that you’ve got a shot, and I’ll give you a C for the year.  Sit down!  Stop!  Sit down.  Sit down!  Put her down!  Well, then.  You can give me that phone or you can go to the office.  Let’s go back to prevention, please.  There is no magic pill to fix it.”


“Put that up.  F… feeble alcohol syndrome.  Rap.  She’ll rap.  Yeah!  That’s my girl.”


“Oh!  Robin!  Robin!  Robin!”

NOPD Dispatch

“Reports of armed robbery downtown near the Savings bank.  All available officers please respond.  All units set up a perimeter.  Subject is male, possibly Caucasian.  Shit, I can’t tell.”

“Captain, suspect is currently being removed from the premises.”

NOPD officer 1

“I don’t know, I didn’t see him.  He came out of nowhere.  It’s like I was hit by a ghost.”


“By a ghost?  Yo, Captain!  Frank, this is some bullshit, man.  Like, if it was up to me… Frank!  Watch out!”

NOPD officer 2

“Armed robber, multiple hostages, the negotiator can’t make contact.  Pretty sure our scene just became theirs.”

Bank Hostage 1

“Behind you!”

NO Pedestrian 1


Church’s chicken

“And a small fries.”

Church’s chicken 2

“You okay, honey?  You need anything else?  Hmm.  Yes, you are.  So, can I get you anything?  Yeah.  Okay, I’ll get that for you.  Jessica!  Can I get some hot water?”

Church’s chicken 3

“No, I just came out the door.”

Hospital orderly

“Scale of one to ten, ten being the worst, what’s your pain right now?  Any soreness in here?  Lose consciousness?  Look at my finger.  Follow it.”


“Operator.  Go to Hong Kong Market off of Patterson.  Go to the back and ask for alligator wine.  Come alone.”

“Watch your step.  Okay, why don’t you have a seat?  How’d you get the number?  You’re a dealer.  Newt’s dead.  How’d that happen?  You should stay right here.  This is the safest place for you right now. I’m not Biggie.  Biggie works in sales.  This is distribution.  Listen, I can… start the truck!”

Grocer Deli

“That’s not a thing.  He said wait here.”

Grocer Customer

“Excuse me, could you help me out with this?  Is it spicy, is it mild?”

Inspector 1

“Mrs. Reilly, do you want your daughter to end up dead?  This could get very ugly for your daughter and for you.  Are you sure you haven’t seen this man before?  That’s funny.  We have surveillance footage of your daughter with this man tonight committing crimes about five miles from here.  This could get a whole lot uglier for you.  We’re the police.  Who are you?  Sir, Mrs. Reilly and her daughter seem to be the only residents registered to this address.”

Inspector 2

“I thought you said you lived here.  Thank you for your time, Mrs. Reilly.”

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