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Starz, Power

Starz crime drama Power premieres its 3rd season in two weeks and is available for a 7 day free trial here.

Rottentomatoes: 72%

Metacritic: 57

IMDb: 8.0


James St. Patrick, Starz, Power

James St. Patrick

James St. Patrick is a New York nightclub owner.  His club Truth helps him launder large amounts of illicit funds he receives from selling drugs.

Ghost becomes discontent with all the variable factors involved in selling drugs.  He sees the Truth as the future, and starts trying to pull himself out of the drug game.  His best friend Tommy and wife Tasha are resistant to this sentiment, already entrenched in the drug business and enjoying its lucrative cash flow.

Ghost is forced to dispatch a local street protege of his ‘Rolla’ under the false information of the main villain of the piece, Kanan Stark.  Kanan turns out to be the man who has been ordering a slew of botched assassination attempts on James and his men.

One of these botched hits gravely injures Tommy’s girlfriend Holly at Truth during a largely important Vogue magazine party.  This has PR repercussions and shuts down the club briefly.

Wealthy nightclub owner and direct competitor Simon Stern purchases Truth’s underlying commercial real estate property wholesale from the landlord.  He uses this strong arm tactic to seize financial control of Truth but grants reprieve in the form of a tenuous future buyout agreement.

“You get this place running at 20% profit and I’ll give you a number.” — Simon Stern

James finds out from his friend Tommy that his paramour Angela is a federal lawyer AUSA and is working on a task force designed to take him down.

This task force detains its big fish Mexican national Felipe Lobos, and James’ best friend and colleague, Thomas Egan.  James’ paramour Angela Valdes is litigating the case against Tommy.

Ghost is forced to feed pertinent information to Tommy’s lawyer about Angela’s deviation from protocol in obtaining the ID sketch.   Therefore by fruit of the poisonous tree the government lacks probable cause and the case is dismissed with prejudice.

Kanan attempts another unsuccessful hit on Ghost, this time through his son and St. Patrick family friend, Shawn.  Shawn confronts his father after the attempt and is slain by him.

James colludes with his professional rivals ex, one Madeline Stern.  He tips her off to the fact that Simon has been embezzling funds from his nightclubs to offshore accounts.  Madeline uses this illicit behavior to leverage Simon’s three nightclubs in divorce proceedings: Truth, Verbatim, and Syrup.  She sells them lock stock and barrel to Mr. St. Patrick.

James finally confronts Kanan and gravely injures him.  He also attempts to dispatch Lobos and the entirety of his New York syndicate, but Lobos survives.  James promises Angela to renounce illegal behaviors once and for all and the two ride off into the sunset.

James St. Patrick, Starz, Power

“And I want YOU to know that I’m here to support you.  And the Stern brand.  You have my word, Simon.” — James St. Patrick

“I get it, your loyal.  That’s what I always liked about you.” — James St. Patrick

“Yeah but you’re handling it like a pro.  I appreciate that.” — James St. Patrick

Quote1Some people.  Only believe in what they can see.Quote2 — James St. Patrick

“And I gave you Lobos for your troubles.  But you can’t have Tommy.  We’ve both been playing dirty, Angie.  You’re just mad you lost.” — James St. Patrick

“Well you know he runs a big business man there’s no way he can keep a close eye on every person that works for him.” — James St. Patrick

“Because everybody hates middle management, man.  Maybe they wanted to go straight to the source.” — James St. Patrick

“So if I have your number, cash.  You’ll sell your stakes back to me, no bullshit?” — James St. Patrick

“Oh yeah yeah, her name is don’t touch the merchandise motherfucker.” — James St. Patrick

“Why ask a question when you don’t want the answer.” — James St. Patrick

“He knew who to hit, where and when.  So until we know how he got his information, we’re exposed.” — James St. Patrick

“They’re gangs, and we’re a business.” — James St. Patrick

“We have a plan to fix the situation.” — James St. Patrick

“My situation has changed.  Not the way I feel about you.” — James St. Patrick

“I’ll find a way, don’t I always think of something?” — James St. Patrick

“He didn’t need to Simon, I can count.” — James St. Patrick

“I’ve done the math, Lobos’ best play is to eliminate anyone who can talk.” — James St. Patrick

“But you know how this business is Kay, soon as you take out one threat…. another one pops up.  Fuckin’ circle of life.” — James St. Patrick

“If we fuck it up, we’re only delaying the inevitable.  Doesn’t matter what Lobos says.  Twice the product means twice the personnel.  Twice the exposure.  Twice the fucking risk, Tommy.” — James St. Patrick

“Look baby I had this whole thing planned.  I did.  But then I thought who better to plan your party than…. you?  You’d hate what anyone else put together anyway.” — James St. Patrick

“You think the fry cook at Burger King knows the fuckin CEO?” — James St. Patrick

“Tasha how many times have we talked about this.  We clean five times the amount of cash in the club in one fucking night than the Wash and Folds do in a week.” — James St. Patrick

“I know me and Tasha got a good thing.  I’m not trying to fuck that up.  It’s just got me thinking, you know, about the road not traveled, that’s all.” — James St. Patrick

“You gotta stop watchin that Dr. Phil shit.” — James St. Patrick

“I’ve thought about everything.  I got to figure out my next move.” — James St. Patrick

“I don’t need grooming.  I don’t need your help, Simon.  I will have Truth back open before you can buy your next wife.” — James St. Patrick

“If I know you, you’ve been studying for that shit for weeks.” — James St. Patrick

“Well then hes hiding money from you, and properties.” — James St. Patrick

“I wouldn’t put it past him either.  But you should get your lawyers to check out what I’m saying— his travel out of the country, bank accounts.  If I’m wrong, no foul.  But if I’m right, you and I could help each other out.  Would you do that for me?  For yourself?” — James St. Patrick

“Hired hitter, it’s smart.  Somebody flies him up, he does the job, then goes home–no trace.” — James St. Patrick

“We’ve been growing apart for a long time Angie, you’re not the only reason this happened.” — James St. Patrick

“Our operation is built for finesse.  We got motherfuckers that blend in, part of the scenery.  We ain’t got no real street soldiers.” — James St. Patrick

“They all knew our names Tommy.  They all knew our faces.  Keeping them alive was too risky.  The only way out was to cut all ties.” — James St. Patrick

“I make it my business to know what you know Ms. Sheridan if I’m doing my job, I should know what you want before you ask me for it.” — James St. Patrick

“She kept a cool head.  You and I are good Tommy because she didn’t fuck it up.  What does it say to other soldiers if she does her job well and we ice her anyway?” — James St. Patrick

“If I’m not home I’m working trying to provide for you and the kids.  Paying for that weave and that dress and those shoes.” — James St. Patrick

“Kanan did what he had to do to survive.  We all do.” — James St. Patrick

“Got the whole thing under control.” — James St. Patrick

“She’s not always gonna win.  And that’s life.” — James St. Patrick

“Tasha whatever’s gotten into you, we’re gonna talk about it at home.  This is my place of business.” — James St. Patrick

“I’m doing this for us.  This is OUR escape plan.” — James St. Patrick

“Well I don’t want to get ahead of myself but we talked about partnering.  Expansion.  Vegas.  Miami.” — James St. Patrick

“So if someone else swung at him that means he’s not the source of our problem after all.  We got to meet up, sort all this out.” — James St. Patrick

“I would classify Tommy as more of a silent partner.” — James St. Patrick

“I don’t know any old, wrinkled drug dealers.  They’re either dead or inside, Tasha.  That doesn’t scare you?” — James St. Patrick

“We’re just saying that we need time to set up a plan.  To move your weight.  Allow you the opportunity to approve personnel.” — James St. Patrick

“This club is the dream.  We can get out.  We can have it all.” — James St. Patrick

Quote1Opportunity is luck and preparation.Quote2 — James St. Patrick

Quote1Short-term thinking creates short-term results.Quote2 — James St. Patrick

Shrewd, prudent, cunning, and above all reasonable James St. Patrick is a Rational.

Angela Valdes, Starz, Power

Angela Valdes

Angela pops in per happenstance into Ghost’s nightclub Truth, and the two reminisce.  They were high school sweethearts, but she pursued law school and discontinued the relationship.  They exchange numbers while James’ wife Tasha witnesses the encounter.

Angela is made deputy of a task force charged with bringing down Mexican national and drug kingpin Felipe Lobos.  This task force starts looking for Lobos’ local New York connect and distributor, an individual who goes by the street name of ‘Ghost’.

Angie finds out about Jamie’s family, tells him about her relationship with co-worker Greg Knox and they break off their romance, Jamie gives her a diamond necklace as a ‘keepsake’.

This stalemate doesn’t last long, the two continue their affair and sexual relationship and she discontinues her casual relationship with co-worker Greg.

Angela is pulled from the Lobos task force after it acquires new management and her C.I. Nomar Arcielo is murdered by Tommy Egan who the task force believes to be Ghost.

Angela gives a presentation to the task force she was pulled from and is reinstated back into it.  She is told to tail Egan and her heart flutters when she hears St. Patrick’s name get brought up at the meeting.  

The task force is able to detain Tommy’s girlfriend Holly, who has a history of theft.  Angela braces Holly in the bathroom and finds out that her boyfriend James is ‘Ghost’, not Tommy.  She is emotionally perturbed by the revelation that she is in love with the drug kingpin she has spent the past several years of her frustrating career pursuing to no avail.

Angela tries to discontinue her and Jamie’s relationship but is unsuccessful.

“Jamie maybe we should….. I don’t know.   Take a break until this whole Tommy thing blows over.” — Angela Valdes

Angela attempts to attain a warrant to arrest Thomas Patrick Egan who the task force still believes to be Lobos’ New York connect, ‘Ghost’.  The warrant is denied pending any solid evidence linking Egan to anything.  They continue to tail him.

She taps James’ phone and accesses his text messages.  This gives her the location of a Lobos meet at the Carlton Hotel where Lobos and Tommy are detained by the FBI.  Her and  her colleague Cooper Saxe litigate the criminal case against Egan.

The case gets dismissed with prejudice due to a faulty sketch which is fruit of the poisonous tree.  Angela’s career and bar come in jeopardy as a result.

Angela attends her trial hearing for obtaining evidence that violates the rights of a third party, Isabel Ruiz.

Ghost warns his good friend and Isabel’s father Carlos ‘Vibora’ Ruiz to leave town.  As a result Isabel’s testimony is inaccessible and Angela’s disbarment hearing is dismissed.  Her ex and colleague Greg Knox gets fired at the FBI due to her and James’ exploits, and vows to bring them down.

Angela Valdes, Starz, Power

“Stop it.  I’m still the ’round the way’ girl I always was.” — Angela Valdes

“I thought he was a good man, but I was wrong.  He played me just like you said.”

“I’ve been honest with you.  Now it’s time for you to be honest with me.” — Angela Valdes

“Nah, the whole thing goes sideways if she thinks you brought a lawyer to cover your ass.  Even though you kind of did.” — Angela Valdes

“I fucked up Greg.  A man is dead because I fucked up.” — Angela Valdes

“Jamie what if we left right now.  Together.  Just dropped everything.  ” — Angela Valdes

“No, no.  This is about us.  I don’t want to think about Tommy or Tasha or work or anything.  Let’s just go right now straight to the airport.  I don’t even need clothes.  I just need you.  Just you.”  — Angela Valdes

“Not all cops are like that, it’s not a bad idea to have a few on your side.” — Angela Valdes

“I should call my boss make a full confession put you in cuffs.” — Angela Valdes

“Greg you can trust me, I know what I’m doing this time.  I promise.” — Angela Valdes

“He was a major drug dealer.  And sometimes people deserve to pay the price.” — Angela Valdes

“Sir I’ve devoted over a year to this case.  I’m dedicated.  Committed.” — Angela Valdes

“I think you want me to protect someone that legally morally fundamentally doesn’t deserve protection.” — Angela Valdes

“If shes in deep enough we’re not gonna get anything.  When you really love a guy, you stand by him, no matter what he’s done.  If Holly really loves Tommy, she’s not gonna say a word.” — Angela Valdes

“You finally got your nightclub.  You’re dad would have been proud.” — Angela Valdes

“Frankie, I know you went out on a limb for me.  I’m not gonna blow it.” — Angela Valdes

“As a lawyer I shouldn’t be here at all but as your friend I’d say: someone OD’s in your club you have limited liability unless you provided the drugs which obviously you didn’t.” — Angela Valdes

“I think you should talk to her, ask her how she’s doing.  show her you care.  It’s not about getting out of a lawsuit, it’s about avoiding getting into one in the first place.” — Angela Valdes

“I was so committed to not seeing you.  And then you just knock on my door.  And I let you in.  A girl only has so much resolve.” — Angela Valdes

Quote1The sex is good.  There’s nothing wrong but.  There’s no goose bumps, no butterflies.  There’s no tingling anywhere you know?Quote2 — Angela Valdes

“We’re creating a profile to help identify Lobos’s New York Distro.” — Angela Valdes

“In future, work with the team.  Cops and robbers is more fun when we all can play.” — Angela Valdes

“I don’t want to break up your marriage.  That’s not the person I ever thought I would be.” — Angela Valdes

“I always thought Tommy liked the streets too much.  You must have been a good influence on him.” — Angela Valdes

“When I’m with you, I can’t hold myself back.  I want to.” — Angela Valdes

“My career is over because of you.” — Angela Valdes

“My family depends on me.” — Angela Valdes

“I can’t live my life like that Jamie, thinking about what could’ve been. It’ll never be enough.” — Angela Valdes

“Ugh I don’t wanna go out there…. into the real world.” — Angela Valdes

“We meet again…. and I felt like that meant we were always supposed to be together.  Like we were meant to be.  I keep hoping I’ll wake up and up will be down, left will be right.  I don’t want to look at what’s real.” — Angela Valdes

Independent, credulous, naive, hard-working, vigilant, and righteous Angela Valdes is an Idealist.

Tasha St. Patrick, Starz, Power

Tasha St. Patrick

Tasha becomes weary when her husband Jamie’s behavior starts changing.  Soon she learns from the driver Shawn Stark that her husband is having an affair with an old high school sweetheart, Angela Valdes.

Tasha decides to stick it out, and tells James to stop seeing Angela.  He agrees.  She finds out that they kinoodled again in Miami and kicks Jamie out of the house.

Jamie flips the situation to make it look like he’s working Angela as a Fed and manipulating her to prune information regarding the ‘Ghost’ case that the FBI has opened.

Tasha initiates a romance with Shawn.  The two were scheduled to leave New York together but Shawn is slain by his father after an unsuccessful assassination attempt on James.

Tasha St. Patrick, Starz, Power

“Tell me I’m beautiful.” — Tasha St. Patrick

“If you keep this up you will spoil her rotten.” — Tasha St. Patrick

“I saw the money you made at the club last night it’s not more, it’s less.  You are the best at what you do.  We have everything.  I just want it to stay this way.” — Tasha St. Patrick

“He wasn’t rich when I met him..” — Tasha St. Patrick

Quote1I got a pretty fine-tuned bullshit detector.  Well…… at least I thought I did.Quote2 — Tasha St. Patrick

“You got me Ghost, always have.  There’s just one thing I need you to do for me.  Stop seeing Angela.” — Tasha St. Patrick

“He doesn’t have to call.  I know where he is.  He’s working.” — Tasha St. Patrick

“If it were the other business he’d tell me that too, we’re partners mom.  It’s a marriage.  But you wouldn’t know too much about that.” — Tasha St. Patrick

“Mama, Ghost and I are fine.  And as long as I’m paying your rent you need to mind your mouth.” — Tasha St. Patrick

“You gotta trust the people who have always been loyal to you.” — Tasha St. Patrick

“You’re playing with fire, Ghost.  You just better make sure we don’t all get burned.” — Tasha St. Patrick

“He’s the father of my kids, Keisha.” — Tasha St. Patrick

“I helped you earn every god damn penny.” — Tasha St. Patrick

“He depends on us to keep him grounded, but now he’s talking to me sideways.” — Tasha St. Patrick

“You were right.  You happy now?  I couldn’t keep him.” — Tasha St. Patrick

“Like old times you eatin’ up all my damn food that’s what it is.” — Tasha St. Patrick

“He said he knew he could trust me.  He knew he had my complete loyalty.  And I said as long as he gave me the same, we’d be together forever.” — Tasha St. Patrick

“You know the next time you see your son, he’s gonna ask you some tough questions.  You should be prepared to answer.” — Tasha St. Patrick

Quote1We already have it all.  You, me, the kids.  The way things are now.  It IS my dream.Quote2 — Tasha St. Patrick

Grounded, prudent, intrepid, nurturing, and street savvy Tasha St. Patrick is a Guardian.

Tommy Egan, Starz, Power

Thomas Patrick Egan

Tommy Egan is the muscle behind Lobos’ New York drug distribution.  He stays tuned to street politics, handles certain unsavory situations, and runs many of the day to day operations of the drug business that him and James St. Patrick run together.

Tommy initiates a relationship with one of James’ nightclub cocktail waitresses, Holly.  Holly is gravely injured in an unsuccessful assassination attempt on James himself.

Tommy is detained at the Carlton hotel along with Mexican drug kingpin Felipe Lobos.  He spots Angela on the way out and has some choice words for her.  James ascertains the services of a top-shelf lawyer Joe Proctor, whom defends Egan against the prosecution of Angela Valdes and Cooper Saxe.

Tommy’s federal case is axed.  Thomas and James have a disagreement about the longevity of the drug trade and how things are being handled.  

This results in a lapse of their professional relationship.  Lobos calls Tommy from a prison hospital bed and threatens to kill everybody if Tommy doesn’t kill Ghost and take over his distribution responsibilities.

Tommy Egan, Starz, Power

“You think you can fuckin steal from me and then just walk the fuck away?” — Tommy Egan

“We’ve been hustlin together our whole lives.  I love this shit and so do you.  Focus up.” — Tommy Egan

“Now that’s the motherfucking hustler I know talking.” — Tommy Egan

“Our soldiers are strapped now, we should be too.” — Tommy Egan

Quote1If you don’t know nothin’ about me, you should know this.  I ain’t never gonna be no fuckin’ snitch.  Not for you.  Not for nobody.Quote2 — Thomas Egan

“Well there’s a first time for everything.” — Tommy Egan

“We’re hearing a different story from crispy beef over here.” — Tommy Egan

Quote1People have a funny way of telling the truth when you light them on fire.Quote2 — Tommy Egan

“Tell me who you’re workin for, or we’re gonna have a little fun.” — Tommy Egan

“Shut this motherfucker up.  This guys got more stories than Walt Disney.” — Tommy Egan

“Julio’s got a 9-1-1.  A courier’s been hit.” — Tommy Egan

“In our business, you try not to use the front door.” — Tommy Egan

“Haven’t you ever seen a movie?  Puppies fix everything.” — Tommy Egan

“At this quality?  At this kind of weight?  It’s not that fuckin easy.”  — Tommy Egan

“I told you to stop it with that shit.  If I was Eminem I’d be getting my dick sucked by some actress right now not freezing my balls off out here with you.” — Tommy Egan

“You don’t hear the word ‘no’ very often in your daily life do you?” — Holly

Quote1I hear it all the time, I just ignore it.Quote2 — Tommy Egan

“None of your fucking business how we know.  As long as you work for us, this is how it goes.  We don’t have a problem, do we?” — Tommy Egan

“Back then, Kanan kept us in line.  Taught us business, made us men.  Ghost and I owe your father big.  That’s why you’re here.” — Tommy Egan

“You should have let me kill her.” — Tommy Egan

“If we go to war, it’ll be all hands on deck.  I need to know you’ll be ready.” — Tommy Egan

Bold, impulsive, resilient, and visceral Tommy Egan is an Artisan.

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