Solicitous Virtue


Breaking Bad spin-off prequel Better Call Saul was renewed for Season 3 after averaging 4.4 million viewers per episode.

Rottentomatoes: 97%

Metacritic: 78

IMDb: 8.8

Emmys: 14 nominations

Jimmy McGill, AMC, Better Call Saul

James Morgan McGill

Jimmy McGill is a public criminal defense attorney.  He works out of the water heater room in the back of an asian spa.

Jimmy starts the series grinding out the paychecks of a federal defense lawyer, which is low.  Jimmy commissions the work of two local street scammers to help him purvey his services to a Mr. Kettleman, who embezzled over $2 million in state funds.

His scammers hit the wrong target, and get an elderly woman who gets confused and engages in a hit and run.  They follow her to her home and continue trying to prune cash out of her.

They encounter the woman’s grandson a merciless and hardened street thug by the name of Tuco Salamanca, who incapacitates them.  Mcgill arrives and is held at gunpoint.  McGill attempts to clarifiy the series of miscommunications in the middle of the New Mexico desert.

Jimmy stages a publicity stunt with a billboard worker in order to drum up some business for his practice.  This bags him a few clients most of them elderly, and he decides to specialize in elder law.

“I mean getting old sucks.  Seniors need someone on their side so, you’re looking at him.  Need a will? Call McGill!”

Jimmy starts digging into the financial habits of an old folks home Sandpiper Crossing and discovers a  systemic overcharging of its residents.  He starts a class action lawsuit.

This lands him a job at high end law firm Davis and Main.  His boss Clifford Main unofficially dubs him head of the client outreach department on the Sandpiper Crossing case which is gaining steam as a multi-million dollar suit.

Jimmy runs the idea of a commercial targeting elderly folks by his boss Cliff, who concedes the idea has potential.  Jimmy takes the initiative, makes the commercial, and runs it in an isolated market.

This backfires.  He’s still employed at Davis and Main but is reprimanded and has a babysitter to make sure he follows protocol in all matters.

Jimmy begins trolling at work to get fired, because he can’t quit and keep his retainer.  If they fire him, he still gets paid.  Jimmy is successfully fired and keeps his retainer.

He starts his own law firm with his good friend and paramour Kim Wexler.  Kim tries to bring monster client Mesa Verde Holdings to the new practice, but is perturbed when Jimmy’s brother Chuck intervenes.

Jimmy sabotages Chuck’s meeting with the New Mexico Banking Board and Mesa Verde Holdings through a paperwork indiscrepancy.  This gives his new firm a leg to stand on.

Jimmy McGill, AMC, Better Call Saul

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

2 nominations: 2015, 2016

“Don’t let false allegations bully you into an unfair fight.” — Jimmy McGill

“Yeah like I would make this shit up.  Hey… the world is a rich tapestry my friends.  But trust me on this.  You don’t wanna see it.” —

“Plus 17$ million.  In that ballpark.  I mean, we’ll know once we get the accountants poking around here.  Until then, no more penny ante checks designed to make it look like Chuck still works here.  He doesn’t.  He never will again.  It’s time to do right by him and cash him out.” — Jimmy McGill

“Nothing makes me sadder than to see people of the Greatest Generation, people like my own Nana and Bobo, getting overcharged by some great big company.  Even if it was an accident.  Now I know that the good people at Sandpiper Crossing want to make this right.  Sooner or later.”– Jimmy McGill

“Well here’s what I think matters, twenty-four senior citizens how have representation.  Before I went they didn’t even know they were getting ripped off.  Now they have us in their corner.  How is that not a win?”– Jimmy McGill

“There’s no point in me doing this if I can’t be myself.  Everytime I try to do things someone else’s way it blows up in my face.”– Jimmy McGill

“It’s been nearly a year since he set foot in here.  I’m just doing what’s in his best interest.” — Jimmy McGill

“Look whatever the universe presents, whatever opportunity arises, I will take it.”– Jimmy McGill

“You know what?  Let’s let a jury figure it out.  Yeah.  They’re gonna love you, Howard.  You’re so down to earth and relatable.” — Jimmy McGill

“Hi, I’m Saul Goodman and I will do the fighting for you!  No charge is too big for me.  When legal forces have you cornered, better call Saul.  I’ll get your case dismissed.  I’ll give you the defense you deserve.  Why?  Because I’m Saul Goodman, attorney at law.  I investigate, advocate, persuade and most importantly: win.  Better call Saul.” — Jimmy McGill

“Do you feel doomed?  Have opponents of freedom wrongly intimidated you?  Maybe they told you you’re in serious trouble, and there’s nothing you can do.  I’m Saul Goodman and I’m here to tell you that they’re wrong.  It’s never too late for justice.  Better call Saul.” — Jimmy McGill

“Employee of the month over here.” — Jimmy McGill

Quote1You assume that criminals are gonna be smarter than… they are.Quote2 — Jimmy McGill

“Certainly not.  He’s innocent of any wrongdoing, that’s abundantly clear to me.  And frankly, I don’t go looking for guilty people to represent.  I mean, who needs that aggravation, right?” — Jimmy McGill

“I just think a little proactivity may be in order.” — Jimmy McGill

“Actually, it’s getting arrested that makes people look guilty, even the innocent ones.  And innocent people get arrested every day.  And they find themselves in a little room with a detective who acts like he’s their best friend.  ‘Talk to me,’ he says.  ‘Help me clear this thing up.’ ‘You don’t need a lawyer, only guilty people need lawyers.’  And boom, hey, that’s when it all goes south.  That’s when you want someone in your corner.  Someone who will fight tooth and nail.” — Jimmy McGill

“I will collect my moronic clients, and poof we are gone.” — Jimmy McGill

“I minus well head down to skid row and sell plasma.” — Jimmy McGill

“Money is not beside the point.  Money is the point.” — Jimmy McGill

Quote1Your honor, I’m a humble solo practitioner merely trying to ply my trade in an aggressive and evolving marketplace.Quote2 — Jimmy McGill

“It might be a little labor intensive but our clients will always be our best resource.” — Jimmy McGill

“I’m a lawyer, not a criminal.  I crossed the line.  I made a mistake.  I’m not doing that again.  Not ever.” — Jimmy McGill

“He’s my brother.  He thinks I’m a scumbag.  There’s nothing I can do to change that.  What else is there to say.” — Jimmy McGill

“I rat-fucked you.  It was me.  Woulda made Nixon proud.” — Jimmy McGill

“What are you gonna get from me that you won’t get from those other guys?  Passion.  Commitment.” — Jimmy McGill

“It’s business.  I’m building a brand.”– Jimmy McGill

“No, only half of us are idiots.  The other half are crooks.” — Jimmy regarding lawyers

Persuasive, slick, astute, and eternally mischievous Jimmy McGill is an Artisan.

Mike Ehrmantraut, AMC, Better Call Saul

Mike Ehrmantraut

Mike is the toll booth worker at the federal court in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He frequently experiences issues with one Jimmy McGill, who seemingly never has what he needs to pass the toll.  Out of frustration McGill puts an adamant finger on Mike, is tackled and detained.  Mike decides not to press assault charges.

Mike is in New Mexico to look after his daughter in law after his son was slain in some Philly cop drama.

Mike took a bullet slaying two Philly cops Hoffman and Fensky avenging his son.  He then moves to Albuquerque, Philly cops pursue him and question him but to no avail.

Mike starts looking for other work to make money on the side for his daughter in law Stacey.  He provides a one-man security detail for a pharmaceutical drug transaction between his employer Daniel ‘Pryce’ Wormald and a local Mexican drug dealer Ignacio Varga.

“This 1500, I’ll just say, you’re getting a bargain.  I put in a lot of legwork before coming here.  Now that you fella you just met with, name is Ignacio Varga.  He runs with a connected crew of drug dealers.  This deal he’s doing with you, he’s doing outside his crew.  He doesn’t want his bosses to know.  So it was in his best interest that things go very smoothly.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

Mike looks for more unsavory work from the veterinarian who doctored his bullet wound when he came into Albuquerque.  The vet says a client would like to commission his talents specifically.  The client is Ignacio Varga, who’s ‘problem’ is his business partner Tuco Salamanca.  Ignacio wants to kill him.  Mike has a better idea which involves himself eating an assault from Tuco, and Tuco going away for a while.

This plan is successful until Tuco’s uncle comes into the picture one Hector Salamanca, a made member of the Mexican cartel.

Mike buys a sniper rifle and digs in on a position overlooking Hector.  An anonymous person barely prevents him from putting a bullet in Hector’s brain.

Mike Ehrmantraut, AMC, Better Call Saul

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

3 nominations: 20132015, 2016

“Well, I see five stickers.  You’re one shy.  That’s 3$.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“Gee, that’s swell.  And thank you for restoring my faith in the judicial system.  Now, you either pay the 3$, or you go back inside and you get an additional sticker.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“Five dollars or you go get another sticker.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“Agreed amount, or no deal.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

Quote1The lesson is: if you’re going to be a criminal, do your homework.Quote2 — Mike Ehrmantraut

“I didn’t say you were a bad guy, I said you were a criminal.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

Quote1I’ve known good criminals and bad cops.  Bad priests.  Honorable thieves.  You can be on one side of the law or the other.  But if you make a deal with somebody, you keep your word.  You can go home today with your money and never do this again.  But you took something that wasn’t yours.  And you sold it for a profit.  You’re now a criminal.  Good one?  Bad one?  That’s up to you.Quote2 — Mike Ehrmantraut

“We made a deal.  I didn’t hold up my end.  You’re problem is coming back sooner than expected.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“You know the drill.  Money or the validation.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“Anything you need.  I’ll be there.  No.  Anytime.  It’s not an imposition.  Yeah.  No problem.  I’ll see you then.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“I’m better, and I’m sorry it took me so long.  But I’m not like I was.  I’m back.  I’m solid.  And I wanna be here for you, for Kaylee, for my family.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“All I can tell you is you guys aren’t half as smart as you think you are.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“I’m not making you do anything.  Those are the rules.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“Cops aren’t real touchy-feely, you know that.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“They suspect you.  They will get you in there pretend to be your friend lull you into a false sense of security and then they will sweat you.  And you will break.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“Not open for debate.  You go home now.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“No.  The rules for parking validation are actually pretty simple.  Most people get it on the first try.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“Be still my heart.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“I remember you saying something about ‘doing the right thing’.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

Quote1Me personally, I was hired to do a job.  I did it.  That’s as far as it goes.Quote2 — Mike Ehrmantraut

“I suggest you find parking somewhere else.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“Probably the less talk, the better.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“I am not looking for that kind of work.  But… thanks.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“This business requires restraint.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

“You need to calm yourself down.” — Mike Ehrmantraut

Prudent, vigilant, grounded, and stalwart Mike Ehrmantraut is a Guardian.

Chuck McGill, AMC, Better Call Saul

Chuck McGill

Chuck McGill is partner at high-end law firm HHM.   Chuck’s brother Jimmy starts working in the mail room after a stint in prison.  Jimmy passes the bar exam through correspondence but is not offered a job as a lawyer at HHM.  This turns out all along to be the wishes of his elder brother Chuck.

Chuck goes back to work at HHM after him and Jimmy have a falling out.  He works as one of many co-counsel on the Sandpiper Crossing class-action lawsuit.

His partner Howard approaches him when Kim and Jimmy steal a large client Mesa Verde Holdings.  He decides to attend a last ditch effort meeting with them to retain their business.

Chucks meeting pulls Mesa Verde from Kim and Jimmy.  Jimmy confronts him about this, and Chuck says he was merely trying to retain his firms client.

“I need a shower and I have a ton of work to do.  So if you’re looking for a fight Jimmy I just don’t have it in me.” — Charles McGill

Jimmy sabotages the professional relationship between HHM and Mesa Verde Holdings.  As a result Charles takes ill again and ends up in a hospital.  In a moment of desperation Chuck tells Jimmy he’s done practicing law and expresses regret in blaming Jimmy for the Mesa Verde paper indiscrepancy.

To make his sick brother feel better, Jimmy admits guilt to his malicious act.  Chuck records the conversation and his brother admitting to a felony.  Forgery, fraud, and falsifying evidence.

Chuck McGill, AMC, Better Call Saul

“I don’t expect you to go out of pocket.  Go ahead, reimburse yourself.” — Chuck McGill

“I am not a police officer.  I am a lawyer.  And I have a moral and legal obligation to get to the bottom of this matter.”– Chuck McGill

“You know I’m going to beat this.  You know I’m going to get better.” — Chuck McGill

“My brother is not a bad person.  He has a good heart.  It’s just… he can’t help himself.  And everyone’s left picking up the pieces.” — Chuck McGill

“Jimmy, thanks for staying with me.  I know we have our issues.  But if things were reversed .  I hope you know that I would do the same for you.” — Chuck McGill

“Let me tell you how boring I am.  I read FEC and ISO reports for entertainment.” — Chuck McGill

“When you reach your golden years you tend to get a little long winded.  Ramble on and on about details.” — Chuck McGill

“My brother left you holding the bag.  If it makes you feel any better you’re not the first person to go out on a limb for him.  I made the same mistake over and over again.” — Chuck McGill

“Well then there’s nothing more to talk about.  I will beat this.  Ergo, a falsis principiis profisci.  Meaning?” — Chuck McGill

“You proceed from false principles.” — Chuck McGill

“Your argument is built on quicksand therefore it collapses.” — Chuck McGill

“See that’s your problem Jimmy thinking the ends justify the means.  And you’re forever shocked when it all blows up in your face.” — Chuck McGill

“Life is not one big game of ‘let’s make a deal.” — Chuck McGill

Quote1The price of excellence is eternal vigilance.Quote2 — Chuck McGill

“It’s not a situation.  It’s a condition.  Electromagnetic hypersensitivity.  For reasons unknown my nervous system has become sensitized to certain frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.” — Chuck McGill

“I’m going to get better!  I’m gonna go back to work, and I’m picking up where I left off.” — Chuck McGill

“That’s correct.  Minus the sarcasm.” — Chuck McGill

“Wouldn’t you rather build your own identity?  Why ride on someone else’s coattails?” — Chuck McGill

“It’ll be a long process but one to which I am very much committed.  I have to be.” — Chuck McGill

“I can’t go on like this.  I’ve got to find a way to get better.  I’ve got to.  I have to get back to work.  Sitting here rotting away.  This is no kind of life for me, for anyone.  I need to be useful again.” — Chuck McGill

Quote1I have a condition.  I can’t go outside.  Or be exposed to what’s out there.Quote2 — Chuck McGill

“Ah fine.  Lets take this to its logical conclusion.  In order to pay out my share, suppose my partners are forced to liquidate the firm.  then what?” — Chuck McGill

“My clients are out in the cold.  My cases are scattered to the winds, 126 people lose their jobs.  What happens to your cronies in the mailroom?  The assistants, paralegals, the janitorial staff, all of them out on the street.  Your friend Kim, a promising career, over and done with.” — Chuck McGill

“Let’s not exaggerate.  I helped.” — Chuck McGill

“No one wants to create an adversarial situation.” — Chuck McGill

“It’s simply a matter of professional courtesy.” — Chuck McGill

“All the more reason not to tear it down just for a little bit of cash.” — Chuck McGill

“Public defender work is some of the best experience there is.” — Chuck McGill

“You’re representing people who have nowhere else to turn.  The money is beside the point.” — Chuck McGill

Quote1I keep telling you: have patience.  There are no shortcuts.  Do good work and the clients will come.Quote2 — Chuck McGill

Ethereal, scrupulous, unrelenting, and strong-willed Chuck McGill is an Idealist.

Kim Wexler, AMC, Better Call Saul

Kim Wexler

Kim Wexler is a talented up and coming litigator at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill.  She is a personal friend of Jimmy McGill’s and the two share an occasional intimacy.

Kim put her neck on the line to get Jimmy a job at top shelf law firm Davis and Main.  As a result, Jimmy’s unsanctioned commercial running exploits put Kim on the graveyard paperwork shift ‘doc review’.

Kim brings in a monster client Mesa Verde Holdings but is still kept in the dog house by Howard Hamlin who is in charge of personnel at HHM.

She begins to be pursued professionally by one Rick Schweikart, partner at a competing law firm.

Kim’s interview at Schweikart and Cokely doesn’t pan out and she decides that her underutilization at HHM is too much to bear.  She reluctantly starts a law firm with her good friend Jimmy McGill.

Kim Wexler, AMC, Better Call Saul

“The cease and desist is just the beginning.  The next step is an injunction.  You can’t win this fight.” — Kim Wexler

“I know this is the last thing you want to hear.  I think your chances of getting a favorable ruling from a jury are very slim.”– Kim Wexler

“We’re not in a great position to win at trial.”– Kim Wexler

Quote1Winning doesn’t always mean getting a favorable verdict at trial.  We try to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients given each individual case.Quote2 — Kim Wexler

“Frankly, we’ve worked very hard to stave off an arrest, after the misunderstanding about your uh, camping trip.”– Kim Wexler

“The DA was concerned you might be a flight risk.”– Kim Wexler

“In any case I think we’ve managed to come up with a deal that is very favorable under the circumstances.”– Kim Wexler

“If the prosecution decides to file, which is definitely the direction it seems to be headed, and if they choose to stack charges, Craig, you’re looking at 30 years in prison.”– Kim Wexler

“You didn’t do a song and dance in the day room for the old-timers?”– Kim Wexler

“Jimmy you know solicitation can get you disbarred.  This matters.”– Kim Wexler

“I need you to understand something very critical here.  I put myself on the line to get you this job.”– Kim Wexler

“No. asshole.  You know I believe in you.  But then I made my beliefs known to them.  Now everything you do reflects back on me.  With Howard.  Because ultimately I talked him into going out on a limb for you, too.  Do you understand?  It’s it’s my word.  It’s my judgement.”– Kim Wexler

“You and I both know you can do this job.  But please you just have to do it right.”– Kim Wexler

“That’s the maximum, and given the nature of the charge and the current political environment, I’d say we should expect it.”– Kim Wexler

“The public outcry in cases like these is a big factor.  However, after much discussion with the DA, who is also invested in keeping the press to a minimum, we have arrived at an arrangement which would include 16 months in a county facility.”– Kim Wexler

“It includes the stipulation that you return $1.6 million in misappropriated funds.”– Kim Wexler

“I understand.  However, I’d like to emphasize again that this deal is Craig’s best chance of minimizing jail time.”– Kim Wexler

“I’m sorry I think under the circumstances this is your best option.”– Kim Wexler

“If you go to trial you’ll most likely lose and Craig goes to prison for decades.  Your children will grow up visiting their dad through bars on visiting day.”– Kim Wexler

“Risking disbarment?  That’s some friend.”– Kim Wexler

Davis and Maine are none the wiser

“Jimmy you’re playing with fire here.”– Kim Wexler

Calm, logical, resolute, and pragmatic Kim Wexler is a Rational.

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  1. I came here to check on your opinion regarding Jimmy McGill. I did not expect that he would be typed an Artisan. I had previously thought he would be typed a Rational – Inventor. I was wrong, Artisan makes sense.

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