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South Beach

Amazon Prime Video original film One Night in Miami dropped Friday January 16th, 2021.

🖤✨#OneNightinMiami was directed by Regina King.

rottentomatoes: 98%

metacritic: 83

imdb: 6.9

golden globes: 3 nominations

SAG awards: 2 nominations

Malcolm X, One Night in Miami, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Studios, ABKCO Films, Snoot Entertainment, Kingsley Ben-Adir

Malcolm X

A boxer a football player a philosopher and a musician of like minds serendipitously cross paths one night in 1964 Miami, Florida.

Malcolm X, One Night in Miami, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Studios, ABKCO Films, Snoot Entertainment, Kingsley Ben-Adir

“Is-is that right or wrong? But what we must bear in mind is that what’s good news to you might be bad news to another. And while you sit here today knowing that you have come to hear good news, you must realize in advance, what’s good news for the sheep, well, that might be bad news for the wolf. …and the wisest and most fearless Black man in America…” — Malcolm X

“I know, I know, I know, I know. I got back as fast as I could. Where are the girls? Oh, I promised I’d be here in time to tuck them in. Oh, I promised I’d be here in time to tuck them in. I’m really sorry. But you can put them to bed tomorrow night. Yes. Louis X said that if I decide to leave the Nation of Islam, I will be doing so on my own. Betty. Please. Please just… don’t wake up the girls. And he remains thankful for my mentorship. No, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad… .. was his lure to the Nation, just like he was for me and so many others. Now imagine convincing someone to convert to Christianity and then telling that same person to leave the church because Christ was not who you said he was. Perhaps Louis X just isn’t ready to see that truth. Maybe none of them are. I am hoping our friendship will keep Brother Louis from sharing our plans with anyone else. I have to. I have to until I can make other arrangements. For the moment. But I have one more potential ace up my sleeve.” — Malcolm X

“Brother Sam? Is Brother Cassius there with you? Oh, uh… I thought he might come by before heading to the convention center so we might have a word or two. Yes. Uh, Jimmy hadn’t seen him, either. Ah. I appreciate that, Brother Sam. Yeah. I wouldn’t miss it. Come in. Yes, Brother Kareem. Brother Cassius. I thought you might not be able to make it. All right.” — Malcolm X

“Allahu Akbar. Cassius. Thank you. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. You ready for tonight? Well, uh… well, still, it might not hurt to just tone down the rhetoric till after the fight. May be easier for you to focus, Cash, you know, if, for once, the only person gunning for your head is the guy in the ring and not the entire arena. Wrestling, no, I can’t say it’s part of my daily viewing. A good-looking fellow, I take it. Ooh, the crowds must love him. Oh, so, so he-he’s the villain? And why would you model yourself after a person everyone hates, Cash? Well, maybe you fellas just like going around with targets on your backs. Touché. And Jimmy?And did you… you tell ’em anything else? No, no. It’s all right, my brother. It’s, uh… the journey is different for each of us. Mm-hmm. I won’t. Peace be unto you, young brother. Peace be unto you.” — Malcolm X

“Stick him, Cash!” — Malcolm X

Jim Brown, One Night in Miami, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Studios, ABKCO Films, Snoot Entertainment, Aldis Hodge

Jim Brown

“Yes, ma’am. I’m here to see Mr. Carlton. Would you tell him that Jim Brown is… hello there, Mr. Carlton. Oh, that’s all right. Thank you, though. Hmm. Oh, I just got in last night. Well, my aunt says you were anxious to see me. I’m an early riser, so I thought I’d come right on over. Mm. I guess you can say that. Actually, it was 1,863. Mm-hmm. You know, I’d happily give that record back for a win over the packers in that last game. Hmm. I don’t see why I can’t have the record and the win next time. Um, that’s… that’s-that’s mighty kind of you, sir. Well, my aunt would be very happy to hear such a kind sentiment from you, Mr. Carlton. Not everyone else on the island has been so supportive. Mm. Well, thank you. You, uh… you moving some furniture? Well, you know, uh, you should let me help you with that.”

“Honestly, I’m really happy that we’re here. I think we got a really good show. Oh. Oh. All right. That’s what I’m talking about right there. Now, see, the thing about him, man, he stays on his toes. Nobody moves like him. He’s just dancing. He floats. All right, come on, Cash. Come on, Cash. Come on. Cash looks good. He’s staying warm. He’s moving well. He’s– oh, watch that hook, Cash. Watch that hook. Get off the ropes, Cash. Get off the ropes. Yeah. There you go. There you go. Stay on him. There we go. You see? See, he’s a smart fighter. You’re the champ. You told them! You told them!”

Cassius Clay, One Night in Miami, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Studios, ABKCO Films, Snoot Entertainment, Eli Goree

Cassius Clay

“I’m over here. I’m over here. What’d I do? Plan, Angie? Look at him. I’m beating the shit out of that tomato can. Ah! I don’t want to get too close to him. I get any more of his blood on my trunks, my mama ain’t never gonna be able to get it out. These is my lucky trunks. Shut up. I’ll finish him when I’m good and ready to. Let’s go, Cooper. You ain’t got nowehre to be, do you, Henry? Let’s go. Come on, Henry! Is that Elizabeth Taylor?”

“My head is into the fight, Angie. No need. No need, no need. Watching Sonny Liston train is like… being at the circus. He looks like one of them big ugly bears they have riding around on tiny little bikes. All he needs is that itty-bitty hat on his head. He ain’t no boxer. He’s an animal. I won that Cooper fight, didn’t I? Oh, woulda, coulda, shoulda, didn’t. A win is a win, Ferdie. I’ll be back in a bit. To check on Malcolm. You got something else on your mind, Angie? What they got to be mad about? I been training hard as well for this fight? What business is Malcolm of theirs? He said ‘devils.’ Malcolm’s never been anything but kind to you, Angelo. They pay for my training. They don’t get to choose my friends for me. What did they investors say when they gave me my money? To do with as I please, Angie. And if it pleases me to bring my friend down to give me the spiritual support I need to win this fight, then that’s what I’m gonna do. They want their money back, I’ll pay it back to all of ’em, with interest, after the fight. Now if you all will excuse me, I’ll see you back here in an hour.”

“Hey, man, ain’t no way I’m going into that ring without my insurance policy. Mm-hmm. Man, I’ve been training three years for this fight. I’m as ready as a person can be. Why would I do that? You watch rassling?”

“Come on, sucka. Come on. Come on, boy. You gonna get that whuppin’. Damn, Sonny. You gettin’ uglier. Take that with you. Water, water. I told you he’s ugly. You should see him up close. Oh, man, he’s ugly. Come on, quit, Sonny. You’re ready to quit. Go on, quit. That’s it. Come on, quit. Go on, quit. That’s it, boy. That’s it, Sonny. That’s it. Go on. Quit, then. Go on! Quit, then! I’m the greatest! I’m king of the world! I’m king of the world! I’m a bad man! I told them! I told them! I told them! I told them! I told you! I told you! I’m the greatest! I’m king of the world! I’m king of the world! I’m pretty! That’s Sam Cooke. That’s the world’s greatest rock and roll singer. That’s Sam Cooke. He too pretty. He too pretty. We both pretty. That’s Sam Cooke. We shook up the world! We shook up the world! They got another excuse. They got another excuse. They say he threw his arm out. That’s Sam Cooke. Get out my way. Out my way, out my way. Get off me. Malcolm! Malcolm! Aah! I told ’em! I told ’em! Eat your words! Eat your words! Eat your words! I remember you! I remember you! You picked him! I told you! I remember you, and I remember you.”

Sam Cooke, One Night in Miami, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Studios, ABKCO Films, Snoot Entertainment, Leslie Odom Jr.

Sam Cooke

Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture

1 nomination: 2021

“All right, fine. Fine. Better not fuck up my arrangements. It’s great to be at the Copacabana! How’s everybody feeling tonight? Uh, I-I want to tell you that, uh, ever since I started singing, before I even knew I wanted to be a singer, playing the Copa has always been a dream of mine. So thank you for being here on the night that dream comes true. I thought I’d start off this evening, uh, with something that you all might recognize. Boys. ♪ I hear the cottonwood ♪ Whispering ♪ Above ♪ Tammy ♪ Tammy ♪ Tammy’s my love ♪ The old hooty owl ♪ Hooty-hoos to… ♪ Tammy ♪ Tammy ♪ Tammy’s my love… ♪”

“Motherfucker, have you ever made a quarter of a million dollars singing? Well, I have. So until you do, keep your fucking mouth shut! Yeah, I did.”

“♪ Don’t make it rougher ♪ And make me suffer, just… ♪ Put me down easy ♪. It does, doesn’t it? ♪ If you found somebody new ♪ There’s nothing I can do ♪ But ask you to ♪ Go easy on me, baby doll ♪ Do me this service, break my fall. ♪ Ah, shit. If I was singing it, maybe, but not for L.C. it don’t sound like nothing he’d ever say. Yeah, look who’s talking. I don’t know why I go through all the trouble of getting a nice hotel room like this for a old country gal like you. I know it.”

“Hello? Uh, Malcolm! No. He’s probably doing some last-minute prep for the fight. Why? Well, have you tried Jim? Well, if he calls, I’ll tell him you’re looking for him. We’ll see you at the convention center. All right. I figured not. Well, my favorite rassler is Gorgeous George. In the European way, sure. Head full of blond hair teased up into a nice do. Nah. He preens and prances around like a peacock, talking all kind of smack. They boo at him, they scream at him, and the more they scream, the more he eggs ’em all on. Well, sort of. Rassling is complicated. Because everyone in that arena pays $100 to see George lose. The way I figure it, win or lose the fight, George has already won the war. Oh, we learned from the best, Brother Minister. I got you a ticket in the second row, right next to Sam. Oh, he’s doing, uh, commentary r-ringside, but don’t worry. I already told all of them, after the fight, we’re all coming back here for the champ’s victory party. Oh. I didn’t. I didn’t get around to it. I mean, um… I mean, I plan to. Thank you, Malcolm. All right. I got to get back to my team. The fight… is at 10:00. Don’t be late.”

“Come on, Cassius! Come on, Cash! Come on, champ, move! You’re beautiful! You’re beautiful! See you at the Hampton House, champ. Is this where the party’s at? I’m the first one here? Me and my fast-ass cars. So? It’s a damn dump. Hmm. Mm. Maybe, maybe, maybe. ♪ If you found somebody new ♪ There’s nothing I can do ♪ But ask you to ♪ Do it to me just the same ♪ As pilots do big aeroplanes ♪. Yeah. ♪ Put me down easy ♪ Put me down easy, baby… Don’t make me suffer… ♪”

Betty X

“I expected you back hours ago. Thank goodness you’re safe. I put them to bed. Right. Tomorrow. Did you speak to him. And? Damn him! He wouldn’t even be in the Nation if not for you, let alone running the Boston temple. You told him about the Messenger’s indiscretions? All of the secretaries, all of the children? And that didn’t sway him at all? Oh, don’t say ‘honorable.’ Louis could stroll right over to any of the seedy apartments Elijah Muhammad has those poor young girls holed up in and see the proof of his deeds with his own eyes. What are we gonna do now? The Nation owns this house. The car. Everything we have. The second they learn about your plan… you can’t count on that. What else can be done? You– we are all alone if we go through with this. What?”

Barbara Cooke

“♪ Put me down easy ♪. That sounds nice. What? You got that right. He’s more like… ♪ get on over here, girl, and let me smell them panties. ♪ ‘ey! Your brother is so country. I’m sophisticated. I didn’t ask to stay at the Fontainebleau. I’d have been perfectly happy over at the Sir John with Cassius or the Hampton House with Malcolm and the rest of the Black folks like us. But I do like it here. It’s nice. And, uh… ..I am glad I decided to come down here for this, Sam. With you. You haven’t sung to me in… a long time.”

Angelo Dundee

“Is this a joke to you, kid? Nothing. That’s the problem. We had a fight plan. Listen, if you’re not gonna keep your hands up, can you at least finish him off? Nobody gives a damn about blood on some boxing trunks. Would you both shut the fuck up? Here. Finish him off! Jab him! Jab him! Push! Let’s go, now, Cassius. Let’s go. There you are. There you are. That’s right. Cooper, hang on. Dance, Cassius. Keep moving. Come on. None of that. What is he doing? Don’t walk this guy down. Keep your eyes in the ring. Keep those hands up! There you go! Get up there, Cassius. Come on. Get up. You’re okay! You’re okay! Come on.”

“He’s right, kid. You need to get your head into this fight. You sat in on any more of Liston’s training sessions like I asked? He’s an animal that can tear you apart if you don’t focus. You make the same mistakes with him as you did with Cooper, you won’t be walking away from it. And where on earth are you going? Oh, good grief. Do I need to remind you how unhappy the Lousiville Group is about him being here? Well, they’re the ones paying for all the training. They’re paying for all of us. I’m just letting you know they’ve been giving me a lot of grief. You don’t understand why a bunch of white businessmen might be a little stung by a guy who says they’re all natural born demons? I know, but the only investors only know what they see on TV, and that ain’t good. Well, training’s what they want their money going towards, not some white-man-hating demagogue’s airfare. That it was yours to do with…”

“Stay on top of him. Stay on him! Stay on him! Bang, bang, in and out, Cassius. Stay in there! Stay in there! Outside, in and out, Cassius. There you are. There you are. That’s what you want. That’s what you want. That’s what you want. Stick and slide. There you are. Stay on him. Keep surrounding that jab, all right? Okay? Just keep staying with the plan. Looking good. Looking good. He’s right where you want him. He’s right where you want him. All right? Finish him off. Take that belt home, okay? Let’s go. Let’s go home.”

Drew Brown ‘Bundini’

“Damn right he is. Rumble, young man, rumble! Ah! Your mama’s still doing your laundry? Don’t stay in too long. Move. Move! Got to dance with him. You got to dance. I don’t know. Playing around. That’s how you do it. Get up!”

“He can’t even swim. That boy gonna mess around and drown. You need to get on out of there ‘fore you get yourself killed. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. That’d do it. He’ll be all right. You got to have faith in him. Got to have a little bit of faith.”

“Come on, Cash! Bang, bang. Get out of there. Stick and slide. Stay on him. He’s looking bad over there. He’s looking bad. You got him. Oh, yeah. You’re the champ! You’re the champ! You’re the champ! You the champ!”

Geraldine Liston

“Give him that Liston punch, baby! Yes. Yes.”

Brother Kareem

“You have a visitor, Brother Malcolm.”

“Mr. Cooke. I’m Brother Kareem. The brother minister instructed us to let you in if you arrived early. That’s correct. This way, please. If you’re into that sort of thing.”


“Whew, you got to admit, that brother sure can sing.”

Wembley Announcer

“The rain has stopped. The excitement has really grown among this 40,00-strong Wembley crowd. Safe to say that every single one of them is on Henry Cooper’s side. No, it is not. I think we may have all underestimated Cassius Clay, Ronnie. Perhaps he is as good as he says he is. Anything might happen. That was the end of the fourth round, and he hit him. So close, before the end of the round. Clay took one chance too many, and he still doesn’t know where he is. He’s still half out, Clay.”

Wembley Caster

“And Cooper’s eye is opening wider. It’s a shocking cut above his left eye… he knows he’s got to get this fight over with fairly quickly. Clay doesn’t like it. He pushes the referee, but the referee’s having none of it. Clay is mocking Cooper. Cooper knows. He’s trying to get that left… …left hook now. Left hook. Oh, there he goes! He just misses Clay. And he raises his hands as he goes back to his corner, the crown jeering him all the way. My goodness, Cooper. Three rounds in, and it’s not looking good for Henry the Hammer. This Wembley Park crowd was expecting a better showing from local lad Cooper against American upstart Cassius Clay. They’ve been saying the Louisville Lip’s theatrics overshadow his actual skills in the ring. I doubt Cooper agrees with that assessment tonight. Let’s just hope Clay can put this bloke out of his misery soon. Clay is mocking Cooper. The crowd doesn’t like it.”

Wembley Referee

“Fight! No holding, Henry! Hands! Hands up!”


“I want you to imagine a man who, for 25 years of his life, arrived to work every morning at 9:00. You could set your watch by him. Then suddenly one morning, after 25 years of punctual 9:00-in-the-morning appearances, not only is he late but he doesn’t look like himself. Big lump on his head, two black eyes, bloody nose, torn lip, clothes ripped and disheveled. His boss says, ‘what in the world happened to you?’ He says ‘oh, fell down a whole flight of stairs, almost got killed.’ His boss says, ‘so this took you an hour?'”

“My dear good friends, you’ve been a wonderful audience. Thank you very much, and good night. Thank you.”

Copacabana MC

“Give it up for Myron Cohen, ladies and gentlemen. Next up… …we have a young man coming to the Copacabana for the very first time. You all know him from his hit song ‘you send me.’ Ladies and gents, let’s give a warm Copacabana welcome for Sam Cooke!”

Jess Rand

“Jules, work with us. Real singer? My guy’s first single was number one in America. Shh. Sam. Fine.”

“Boy, you… you really did bomb tonight, Sam. No, Sam.”

Jules Podell

“The Copa has rules. Band members sit in the bandstand. Cliff’s not dressed. You don’t even have a chair for him. If your guy’s a real singer… …then he don’t need no guitar player on the floor with him. He ain’t had any hits in here. I never should’ve booked him. We could’ve had Mark Wilson in this slot. See? Even that guy knows, and he looks like an idiot. So? Should I tell Myron to do an encore? He’s the one these people paid to see.”

L.C. Cooke

Who? The magician? From The Magical Land of Allakhazam? I love that show, man. Fuck you, man.”

“He ain’t wrong, though. You did kind of stink the place up. Told him not to sing that song. He got all them hits; he chose that one.”

Cliff White

“I know.”


“Cigarettes, ma’am?”

Copacabana 2


Copacabana 3

“What time is it? I like this song so much better when Debbie Reynolds sang it.”

Copacabana 4

“What time is it? Uh… come on, let’s go.”

Mike Wallace

“While city officials, state agencies, white liberals and sober-minded Negroes stand idly by, a group of Negro dissenters is taking to street corner step ladders, church pulpits, sports arenas and ballroom platforms across the United States to preach a gospel of hate that would set off a federal investigation if it were preached by Southern whites. For some time between now and 1970, Elijah Muhammad, founder and spiritual leader of the group, has intimated that he will give the call for the destruction of the white man. Here you will hear Elijah Muhammad introduced by minister Malcolm X, the Muslims’ New York leader and ambassador-at-large for the movement. Now, in the church, we-we used to sing the song ‘good news, the chariot is coming.'”


“That’s right.”

Ferdie Pacheco

“You got saved by the bell. And he would’ve finished the job if they didn’t stop the fight from all the bleeding.”

Miami Commentator

“Clay in the white trunks with the red stripes, and an inch and a half taller, is really bringing the fight to the champ. Oh. Liston’s got Clay against the ropes. Cassius Clay!”

Miami Fan

“Come on!”

Miami Fan 2

“Make a move, Cash! Stick him, Cash! Let’s go, Cassius! Stick him!”

Miami Ref

“Okay, that’s it. That’s it.”

Emily Carlton

“Yes? May I help you? Jim Brown? Oh. God! From the NFL! Grandpa! Jim Brown from the NFL is here, and he wants to see you. Well, I never. Never. Yes, grandpa. Here you boys go. Two lemonades. Mm. Uh, sorry to bother you while you’re entertaining, Grandpa, but if you could move that bureau, when-when you have a moment.”

Mr. Carlton

“Would you look at who’s on my porch. James Nathaniel Brown. Don’t you ‘hello’ me. Put her there, son. Come now, have a seat with me. Can I get you something to drink? Lemonade, maybe? Well, suit yourself. I’m certainly having me some. Fetch us a couple glasses of that lemonade, would you, sweetie? Just in case you change your mind. How long you been back on the island? And you came by to say hello? How thoughtful of you, Jimmy. Mm, the early bird does catch the worm. But you already know that. You caught a hell of a lot of worms this year. No man who’s run 1,860 yards in a season needs to be so humble. Oh, that’s more like it. That record is gonna stand the test of time. That Packers win is gonna be forgotten by anyone who doesn’t live in Goosy Bay by tomorrow. Your record is gonna be remembered forever. Right you are, son. Right you are. Jimmy, I-I just wanted to-to let you know, if there’s ever anything I can do for you, you should never hesitate to reach out. Oh, our families go way back. Been looking after one another since the first folks settled on this island. I wanted to make sure that I told you face-to-face, as long as I’m still here, that ain’t ever gonna change. Ah, crabs in a barrel, I say. To hell with them all. I, for one, think that you are a credit not only to this community but to the entire state of Georgia. I’ve never been prouder to say that I live on St. Simons Island than I am now. And I would make a point of adding ‘the place where the great Jim Brown is from.’ Huh? Ah. Thank you, darling. Oh. Sorry. I almost forgot. Mm-hmm. Ah, so considerate of you, Jimmy, but you don’t allow ******* in the house, so it’s quite all right. It really is wonderful to see you, son. You keep up the good work. Do us all proud.”

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