Minari, A24, Plan B Entertainment

American Dream

A24 original film Minari was released February 12th, 2021.

๐ŸŒฑ#Minari garnered 6 Oscar nominations.

rottentomatoes: 98%

metacritic: 89

imdb: 7.6

oscars: 1 win

golden globes: 1 win

SAG awards: 1 win

Jacob Yi, Minari, Amazon Prime Video, A24, Plan B Entertainment, Steven Yeun
Jacob Yi, Minari, Amazon Prime Video, A24, Plan B Entertainment, Steven Yeun

Jacob Yi

Jacob Yi and his family look for a fresh start outside of 1980s Little Rock, Arkansas.

Jacob Yi, Minari, Amazon Prime Video, A24, Plan B Entertainment, Steven Yeun


1 nomination: 2021

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role

1 nomination: 2021

“Our new home. David, don’t run. Hey, kids. Let’s go in. Don’t be like that. Come inside. Come on. Grab onto this and step here. Okay. Whoa. Okay. Kids. Want to see something even better? Come here. Look. Take a look at this. Look at the dirt. Look at the color. This is why I picked this place. This is the best dirt in America. David! Daddy’s going to make a big garden! No! Garden of Eden is big! Like this! David, don’t run!” — Jacob Yi

“Let’s sleep together on the floor for our first night. Let’s go. Daddy can take a break. David, don’t run. That? Male chicks are discarded there. That’s a difficult word, huh? Hmm… male chicks don’t taste good. They can’t lay eggs and have no use. So, you and I should try to be useful. Okay? Come here. Sit down. Son. How do you like our farm? How was our land in California? That’s right. We had nothing. But now… we have this big piece of land. Isn’t that good? Then tell mommy you really like it. Okay? Let’s go inside.” — Jacob Yi

“But what about the deal we made? You can work here and I can build a garden. Five acres is a hobby. But my dream is fifty acres. Anyway, we don’t need a babysitter. There’s no one around. What could happen? That’s strange. The sky is green.” — Jacob Yi

“Okay… the car is ready. We’ll assess the situation before we escape. If the tornado hits, this house will fly away. We need to wait here and watch. The news is tracking the tornado. Look. See? It’s a ‘tornado watch,’ not a ‘warning.’ We worried for no reason. Are you crazy?” — Jacob Yi

“For you, for our kids! I worked for ten years. Ten years! Staring at chicken butts all day. Working myself to the bone! Living in a tiny home with no money! Don’t start again. I’m the eldest son. I had to take care of my family. I’m done now. They’re all doing well! Enough! We said we wanted a new start. This is it.” — Jacob Yi

“I’ll be outside. $300? No, we don’t need. Let’s go back. Americans. Believing that nonsense! Korean people use their heads. Okay? We use our minds. Hey, come here. Come. Look. When it rains… where will the water go? High place or low place? That’s right. Where is the low place? That’s right. Where else? Okay. Then which place has lots of water? Why? ‘Cause trees like water. My clever little boy!” — Jacob Yi

“David? Never pay for anything you can find for free. For the house, we have to pay for water. But for our farm, we can get free water from the land. That’s how we use our minds. Got it? David. Did we use that stupid stick? How did we find this? More! More! More! More! So scary!” — Jacob Yi

“Thank you. What do you say? David, introduce yourself. Say hello. Thank you, but these are Korean vegetables, Korean fruits. This is old money. It’s Korean War money. David. What do you say? Sorry? Okay.” — Jacob Yi

“It’s an investment. Don’t worry. We’ll earn it all back. This is how you farm in America. Why are you laughing? Just think of it as growing money. In three years, we can quit chicken sexing. Yeah, of course. You look happy. Maybe because mother is coming? You look prettiest when you’re happy.” — Jacob Yi

“Yeah. Every year, thirty thousand Koreans immigrate to the US. Wouldn’t they miss Korean food? Then how would a Korean farm like ours do? Pretty well, right? Come on out. It’s embarrassing.” — Jacob Yi

“Huh? Yeah. No. No need. Yeah… real good. Okay. Now things… things will grow. No. Is that right? Paul. You crazy, man. You… you crazy. Okay. Just do it. Okay. Yeah. Wow. Okay. That’s free water.” — Jacob Yi

“Hey. ‘Grandma smells?’ Go get the stick. No? Then behave in front of grandma. Now go to bed. Go to bed.” — Jacob Yi

“I’ll think about it.” — Jacob Yi

“Monica. Practicing on them is pointless. They’re too old. You’re fast enough for Arkansas. You must be lonely here without friends. Even with mother here, it’s not the same thing. I thought we might go to church. Then why did you give so much money? Is that Paul?” — Jacob Yi

Monica Yi, Minari, Amazon Prime Video, A24, Plan B Entertainment, Yeri Han
Monica Yi, Minari, Amazon Prime Video, A24, Plan B Entertainment, Yeri Han

Monica Yi

“What is this place? This isn’t what you promised. It just gets worse and worse. How far is the hatchery from here? Because of the dirt color? Garden is small.”

“We’re not staying long. Leave it in the box. Yeah. One or two readings are okay. But we’ll keep checking. We’ll move closer to a hospital. You do? Put these in your ears. Don’t forget to keep praying.”

“Oh! Hello. There are Koreans here! He did. But I wasn’t fast enough to work there. About six months. Go to your sister.”

“The Koreans live in Rogers near three other big towns. If we move there we can find a Korean Grandma to babysit. There’s a big mall, a good school, and people actually live there. You can get five acres in Rogers. That land is your dream. But what if something happens to him? The hospital is an hour away.”

“Escape? Why? Stop staring. Go to the car. Watch what? Who’s calling who crazy?”

“For our kids? Oh, come on! And where did that money go? Start what? How much money went to the kids? Who’s doing well? My mother? Us? Which family are you even talking about? If this is the ‘start’ you wanted… maybe there’s no chance for us.”

“You’re up already? Would you live in a house like this when you’re married? But are we really moving? Hmm… dad and I talked last night. We’re not moving. Grandma will come to live with us instead. Yes. She’ll finally meet dad. Isn’t that nice? We should get this place ready. David, eat up.”

“Anne, stay here. Yes. Isn’t the city better?”

“You like them? Not too big? Thank you very much.”

“How much was it? So, it’s not a garden. It’s a farm. Just leave enough for David. That’s all I’m asking. What?”

“You’re shy? Why don’t you want grandma to come? It’s not earwax, it’s dirt. David… mommy’s dad died during the war. You know what that means, right? That’s why mommy has no brothers or sisters. Understand? We’re the only family grandma has. Can’t she come live with us? Don’t touch that. Answer me. If grandma comes… would mommy and daddy fight?”

“Wow! My kids are so good-looking! Stand closer together. Good! One, two… cheese! Grandma’s here. Wow! So good-looking! Grandma’s here. David, say hello to grandma. David! Mom. You’re finally here. Must’ve been hard for you to travel so far. Chili powder! Oh my… it’s so hard to get here. We even drove eight hours to Dallas. And it wasn’t very good. You brought anchovies too? I’m sorry you have to see how our life is now. No, mom. I can’t. No, mom. No! I should be giving you money. I’m working now! David? David, come. What? Say it louder. She doesn’t look like a grandma? You’re giving cards to a seven-year-old? Looks yummy! Go on and take it. You don’t have to do that for him. Take it, David. Take it. Take it. Take it. Say, ‘thank you.’ Thank you, grandma. Hmm?”

“He’s not like that. He’s a Korean kid.”

“What’s in it? You must’ve spent a lot. David, you’re so lucky! Is this enough? Try some. Drink it. Grandma brought it from Korea. It’s expensive. Drink it all. Good! Such a good boy! Stop, David. You’ll drink a cup every day.”

“David. David, go to your room. David, come. David.”

“Why hasn’t anyone started a Korean church out here? It could be nice. The Korean kids can play together. Ah…”

“Mom, try some of this. Did we?”

“David, let’s pray. Mommy heard a story about some kids in Korea… they prayed to see heaven before bedtime. And God heard their prayers. One kid had a weak heart like you. When he woke up, he was healed! Why don’t you pray to see heaven too? Mommy can’t do it. Only for kids. Do you want to try? You scared me! Okay.”

“Don’t talk to me if you’re not going to help. Why are you saying this, all of a sudden?”

“David… don’t hide it, okay? ‘Penis.’ Then ask yourself before you pee, ‘is this a dream? Is this a dream?’ And pinch yourself like this! Hmm? Okay? Mom!”

“Mom. Hi, I’m Monica. I’m sorry, my English not so good. Thank you! Okay. Okay, thank you. You should sleep at home, with grandma. Don’t say that.”

“Let’s just work on Sundays. Don’t say that.”

Soonja, Minari, Amazon Prime Video, A24, Plan B Entertainment, Yuh-Jung Youn



1 win: 2021

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role

1 win: 2021

“Oh! Is this Anne? Already such a lady! What is this? Hiding behind your mommy’s skirt? You missed me that much? I really missed you too. Here. Mmm. You’re crying again? Because of anchovies? Why? Because the house has wheels? It’s fun! Hold on. Also… this… this is something from me, so take it. Take it! Just put it away. Is he ever going to greet grandma? Is this the one who looks like me? Are you curious? Oh! Really? What good boy! I’ll give you a present for that compliment! Let’s see. Here. Start him young to beat those other bastards! No? Then I’ll give you something else! It’s a chestnut! Really? Wait one second. In case it got stale during the plane ride. Here, eat it! Eat it. Eat it. That’s a good boy. Eat it.”

“I heard American kids don’t like sharing their rooms.”

“Anything good for you. It has everything, even deer antlers. That’s good. That’s good. That’s good. Here. That’s it! Yeah?”

“What are you making? Hmm. Looks tasty. Can grandma try some? What’s that? Then I’ll try some. Yes? No, I can’t. No. Can you bake them? Hmm…”

“Sucks for you! Now they’re mine! Out of my way, you bastard! Watch and learn. Damn it. Wait. That’s right! Now, Anne! Keep playing, keep playing! Hurry! A plague one you! David! Damn it. Okay, wait. Let’s see. Bastard!”

“You like grandma. Thank you. It’s fine! Just a little further. This would be a great place. Do you even know what minari is? You stupid Americans. I brought some Minari seeds from Korea. We can plant them right over there. The minari will grow well here. Fine.”

“That looks tasty. Eat, David. You too, Anne. We should plant some minari. It’ll grow well down by the creek. What’s there to think about? I’ll just plant it. Mmm. Hey, David. Bring that mountain water. That’s it. Good boy. Mmm. Good boy. Mmm. You two used to love this song. Hmm. Sure! Whenever someone made your mom and dad sing, they’d get all lovey-dovey as they sang this song. They come to America and forget everything.”

“Hey! You make this kid do all sorts of crap!”

“Something must be broken down there. What is his thing called in English? Penis-uh broken. Penis-uh broken. Huh? Ding-dong. Ding-dong.”

“There’s another one. So fat! That man is so fat! Look at him! Broken ding-dong. Ding-dong broken.”

Anne Yi, Minari, Amazon Prime Video, A24, Plan B Entertainment, Noel Cho
Anne Yi, Minari, Amazon Prime Video, A24, Plan B Entertainment, Noel Cho

Anne Yi

“David, look! Look at that! Look! Wheels! There are wheels. It’s like a big car. I don’t see any houses. Yes? You okay?”

“Where should Grandma’s picture go? No, dad! You snore!”

“David. Okay. You read the E volume and I’ll read the C volume.”

“No! Only water. Okay? Mom!”

“Write it big.”

“Mmm. Mommy’s mom? Yes. Okay. I’ll help you.”

“Mom. Do we have to burn all our trash from now on?”

“Yes. They’re good.”

“Hey, dad. Isn’t it better to grow American vegetables? Yes! Yes! Hello, grandma!

“Go back! David, go back to your room! Stop! You’ve never even been to Korea!”

“Pasta. No, this is mine. Yours is right there. It’s water from the mountains. Dad says it’s good for your health. Grandma?”

“You know, she can’t even read. We shouldn’t be so far out here. David. Grandma. We shouldn’t be here because of the snakes. David! David, come up here now! I’m telling mom.”

“Um… sure. Oh. Como… that means aunt in Korean.”

David Yi, Minari, Amazon Prime Video, A24, Plan B Entertainment, Alan S. Kim
David Yi, Minari, Amazon Prime Video, A24, Plan B Entertainment, Alan S. Kim

David Yi

“Wheels? Yes? Whoa! Is that a house? Over there. Stop it!”

“Is the heart murmur getting louder? I want to listen too. Mom, what can I do?”

“What’s that? What is ‘discarded?’ It’s good. We had nothing.”

“Let’s give them Mountain Dew.”

“Okay. Oh, no. My favorite. My favorite.”

“Mom, Anne said we have to move. Is that true? I’m going to live here till the day I die.”

“Yes. Low place. There? There? There. We used our minds! Thank you.”

“Mom! Have you looked outside?”

“You fight because of grandma.”

“I don’t want it. I don’t want it. Grandma… in the future, never, ever bring this again. There’s a Korea smell. Grandma smells like Korea. I want some. You can’t cook? Can you bake cookies? Then what can you do?”

“She isn’t like a real grandma. I’m going down. Grandma, stop it! This song?”

“You pray, mommy. You go and see heaven. Mommy… sometimes, I dream I’m peeing in the bathroom, but I wake up in my bed. It’s not called a penis! It’s called a ding-dong!”

“It isn’t. David. Can I sleep over at his house? But I don’t like grandma! But I don’t like grandma!”


“If there’s something wrong, you can call the owner. I’m just the one hauling it. Hey, there. My name’s Paul. Okay. Two thousand. Thank you. You know, Mr. Yi, if you want, I drive these things all day. I drive them in my sleep. I’m a good worker. Korean? I wanna show you something. You better take a look at this. Look at this. Yes, sir. I was there. It was a hard time. I’m sure you know. Here, you wanna take it? You know, it’s funny. The minute I saw you, I knew we were gonna be friends. Can I pray? Just wait a minute. Thank you. Thank you, God. Thank you for the Yi family. Thank you for this divine appointment. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Amen! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Big things! You got big things for this family.”

“You know, you might wanna think about doing something out here. You know… you know what an exorcism is? You know… what happened out here, it’s no good. Something like that. Out! Out! Out in the name of Jesus! Out! Out! โ™ช In the name of Jesus Out! โ™ช. No, is here to here. How come you’re putting them so close together? You don’t want to put them close together like that. You gotta put them like, further apart, like that. Yeah, this is right. Otherwise, you just gonna grow tiny little lettuces. You wanna grow like, grow them up! Shoot, man. We’ll grow them the Arkansas way. You know? You’ll be happy. I’m telling you. You’ll be happy. โ™ช You’ll be happy I’ll be happy… โ™ช No, no, no. Get that away from me in the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus, get that away. Choo, choo, choo. Just don’t pass those cigarettes to me. Come on, let’s get this soil wet. Okay, ready?”

Randy Boomer

“Now, you’re a common sense man, Mr. Yi, taking land folks are too scared to buy. I admire a thinking man. Now, let me tell you, with farming these days, you gotta go big or go home, that’s just how it is. It’s a good time for it. Reagan’s out to make sure that the farmers are happy. And I’ll be right here to help you. You brought your helper. I bet you would like the blue one. You’re welcome.”


“Just set it down anywhere. Is it down? I’m… I’m thinkin’ about water. I think about water, let the stick do the rest. I find it every time. So that’s $250 for one good, clean water well and, uh, $300 for two. I tell you what then. Fella before you thought he could save money, too. You know what happened to him, huh?”

Wilkinson Hatcheries

“Back her up. Nice and slow. There you go now, nice and slow. And…”

Wilkinson Hatcheries 2

“All right, listen up, everyone! Now this here is Mr. Jacob, and this is Monica Yi. Mr. Yi is an expert chicken sexer. He’s worked in California and Seattle, so, uh, let’s give him a big Arkansas welcome! This way. Okay, here we put the males in the blue bin and the females in the white bin. Okay, go to work.”

Wilkinson Hatcheries 3

“Hello. A few of us. I’ve never seen anyone as fast as Mr. Yi. Must’ve made good money in California. How long have you been working? Oh. In any case, you’re fast enough for here. You came to the right place.”

“Start a church with fifteen Koreans? The Koreans around here… left the cities for a reason. To escape Korean church.”


“How long y’all been in town? Uh… where you been hiding? You’re just too cute! So cute.”


“Oh, it’s okay, we’ll teach you English.”


“Hey. Can you stop me if I say something in your language? Chinga-chinga-chon-chama-chama-choo? That is so neat!”


“Why is your face so flat? My name is Johnnie. What’s yours? Nice to meet you, David. Blow pomo como lomo? No? Why can’t you? Why?”

Brother Roy

“What a beautiful day to be in the house of the Lord. If you’re here for the first time, please stand. Now, don’t be ashamed. Y’all stand up. What a beautiful family. I’m glad you’re here. Okay, you can be seated. Thank you.”

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