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Fox Searchlight Pictures original film Jojo Rabbit was released digitally February 4th, 2020.

#JojoRabbitis based on international bestselling literature.

rottentomatoes: 80%

metacritic: 58

free hispanic dating sites: 8.0

free registration online dating sites: 1 win

golden globes: 2 nominations

SAG awards: 2 nominations

Jojo Betzler, Jojo Rabbit, TSG Entertainment, Piki Films, Defender Films, Czech Anglo Productions, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Roman Griffin DavisJojo Betzler

Johannes Betzler hallucinates a unique alter-ego outside of 1940s Vienna, Austria.

Jojo Betzler, Jojo Rabbit, TSG Entertainment, Piki Films, Defender Films, Czech Anglo Productions, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Roman Griffin DavisBest Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

1 nomination: 2020

“Jojo Betzler.  Ten years old.  Today, you join the ranks of the Jungvolk in a very special training weekend.  It’s going to be intense.  But today, you become a man.  I swear to devote all my energies and my strength to the savior of our country, Adolf Hitler.  I am willing and ready to give up my life for him.  So help me God.  Snake mind.  Wolf body.  Panther courage.  A German soul.  Adolf.  I don’t think I can do this.  Okay.  HeilHitler.  HeilHitler.  Heil’Hitterler.’  HeilHitler.  HeilHitler!  HeilHitler.  HeilHitler.  HeilHitler!  HeilHitler!  HeilHitler!  HeilHitler!  HeilHitler!  HeilHitler!  HeilHitler!  HeilHitler!  HeilHitler!  Whoa!  HeilHitler.  HeilHitler.  HeilHitler.  HeilHitler.  HeilHitler.  HeilHitler.  HeilHitler.  HeilHitler.  HeilHitler.  HeilHitler.  HeilHitler, Yorki.  Are you ready for the best weekend ever?  Let’s go.” — Jojo Betzler

“Not to me.  If I met one, I’d kill it like that.  Like… that.  I’d feel its head for horns.  And they smell like brussels sprouts.  Imagine catching one and giving it to Hitler.  That’d be a surefire way to get into his personal guards.  Then we would become best friends.  Yorki, you’re my second-best friend.  First place is reserved for the Führer.  So, unless you’re Hitler hiding in a fat, little boy’s body… I’d be happy with second place.  Case closed.  Raah!  Raah!  Raah!” — Jojo Betzler

“Ja.  Pfff.  Of course.  I love killing.  Huh?  I’m not scared.  I– I just… shoo!  Come on, shoo.  He– he’s not a coward.  He’s fighting in Italy.  Hi, Adolf.  They wanted me to kill it.  I’m sorry.  I couldn’t.  But now they called me a scared rabbit.  Oh, no, thanks.  I don’t smoke.  Nobody.  Are you a teardrop specialist?  Case closed.  Now, it’s time for Jojo to show those stick insects who is the real cowardly rabbit.  Never mind.  To be the rabbit!  Jojo Rabbit.  Jojo Rabbit.  Hunting carrots.  Jojo Rabbit.  Shit.” — Jojo Betzler

“Why so happy?  Your son is ugly like a monster.  But I’ll never be in Hitler’s personal guards.  Or Inge Lion.  I don’t want to go out there.  I look stupid.  People will stare.  Okay.  Is it dangerous?  I don’t suppose I could be conscripted?  Could I?  And I’d be more than happy to fight in the front.  No.” — Jojo Betzler

“Yuck.  What did they do?  Mama?  Field Marshal Jojo is home.  Mama?  Mama?  I’m home.  Mama?  Mama?  What do you want?  Are you a ghost?  Yes.  A Jew.  You can’t be here.  It’s not allowed.  Ja.” — Jojo Betzler

“What am I going to do?  Mind control.  Yes.  My knife!  Got it!  I will negotiate.  Excuse me?  Little girl?  Um… Jew girl in the wall?  Yoo-hoo.  Jew?  Okay, well, I’ll just say what I have to say and that’s this: I’m not scared of you and I think you should find somewhere else to live.  Okay?” — Jojo Betzler

“I know!  I don’t know!  Jew.  You think of something.  Stop offering me damned cigarettes!  I’m ten!  How?  Yeah, you survived.  Pretend I’m dead?  Reverse psychology.” — Jojo Betzler

“I heard her.  Inge.  Her ghost.  I heard noises.  Upstairs.  Okay, mama.  I’ll watch out for those dirty rats.  Are you going to bed, too?  What things?  I guess.” — Jojo Betzler

“Jesus Christ!  Yes.  It’s pretty much healed.  It only 80% hurts now.  What are you guys doing?  Can I ask you a question about Jews?  What should I do if I see one?  Even if the Jew hypnotized someone to make them hide the Jew in the first place?  I’m not sure I’d be able to tell if I did.” — Jojo Betzler

“Okay, here’s the situation.  If I tell on you, you’ll be in big trouble, and I don’t think you want that.  But then you’ll tell on me and my mother, and we’ll be in trouble, which I don’t want.  And if you tell my mother I know, then she’ll kick you out, which you don’t want.  And if I tell my mother I know, which I also don’t want.  So it’s a Mexican stalemate.  I have some conditions for allowing you to stay here.  Yes.  Tell me everything about the Jewish race.  Please take this seriously.  Think of this as an exposé.  I want to know all your secrets.  Kindly refrain from sitting on my sister’s bed.  You know nothing of my sister.  Enough with the small talk.  Start telling me about your kind.  Obviously.  Everyone knows that.  Very funny.  Anyway, there’s not enough food for you, so I don’t know what you’re going to do.  But you’re not.  Not a proper person.  How dare you, Jew!  You are weak like an eyelash.  I am born of Aryan ancestry.  My blood is the color of a pure red rose.  And my eyes are blue like–” — Jojo Betzler

“Well, she doesn’t want to talk to me.  I guess.  This book is going to be harder to write than I thought.  She can’t hear you.” — Jojo Betzler

“Why so happy?  Goddamn it!  Why does that make you happy?  You hate your country that much?  Oh, the war will end.  We will crush our enemies into dust.  And when they are destroyed, we shall use their graves as toilets.  You aren’t eating.  Well, I’m especially hungry tonight.  So maybe I’ll just finish yours.  Don’t want it to go to waste.  Oh, you know, just wandered around, being a deformed kid with nothing to live for.  My face looks like a goddamn street map, woman.  I wouldn’t expect you to understand.  If my father were here, he’d get it.  I know.  And instead, I’m stuck with you.  Yeah, I do.  Yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah!  Yes, dad.” — Jojo Betzler

“So, I’d like you to draw a picture of where Jews live.  Where you all eat, sleep, and where the queen Jew lays the eggs.  Come on.  We have a lot of work to do.  Tell me about your family.  But I need background.  Of course.  Yorki.  Amongst others.  Well, you don’t have anyone.  ‘Nathan?’  Who the hell is that?  Where is he?  Snore.  Who’s Rilke?  Oh, Nathan’s favorite?  Yaya.  You’d turn your back on Germany forever?  Well, we don’t need you.  You and your stupid boyfriend can shut up and go live in damn cheese, snail, baguette land.  I’m way too busy for a girlfriend.  Ridiculous.  I said to draw where Jews live.  This is just a stupid picture of my head.” — Jojo Betzler

“Rilke, Rilke, Rilke.  Where are you?  Poetry-writing dumbhead.  Ah.  Shh!  Shh!  I have something to tell you.  I came across an old letter from Nathan, your fiancé, addressed to you.  I’ll just read it.  ‘Dear Elsa, this is hard for me to say, but I don’t want to marry you anymore.  I found a new woman and we laugh a lot and do the tongue-kiss.  It’s like my favorite poet, Rilke, says, ‘We need in love to practice only this: letting each other go.’  So, goodbye and sorry about letting you go.  From Nathan, your ex-fiancé.  PS, I’m not really in the resistance.  I was lying.  I’m unemployed and quite fat now.'” — Jojo Betzler

“Um… don’t open the door, but I actually forgot there was a second letter.  ‘Dear Elsa… I just wanted to let you know that I don’t want to break up with you now.  I changed my mind because I don’t want you to kill yourself over me, which a couple of girls have done in the past, and it’s pretty stressful.  I need you to stay alive.  Thank God you’re being taken care of by that kid who I must say is a remarkable young man beyond his years.  And brave, too.  And let’s still get married sometime, even though I am truly unemployed and have nothing going on for me.  Yours, Nathan.’  Beethoven.  Bach.  Brahms.  Wagner.  Mozart.  Rilke.  Dietrich, then.  No.  That’s impossible.  Well, you’re just saying any old name now.  I’ve never heard of these people and now I’m fed up.  Sure.  Okay.  Bye.” — Jojo Betzler

“There’s no time for romance.  We’re at war.  Why does everyone keep telling me that?  Everyone.  Anyway.  It’s a stupid idea.  I think you’ll find that metal is the strongest thing in the world.  Followed closely by dynamite, and then muscles.  Besides, I wouldn’t even know it if I saw it.  In my arse, I bet.  Yuck.  Hey!  Could you please untie them?  I’m not– no.  No.  Mama, mama!  No!  Mama!  Mama!” — Jojo Betzler

“But the Führer says when we win it is us, young boys who will rule the world.  Well, I won’t dance.  Dancing is for people who don’t have a job.  Well, you’re free to dance your way home.  I’ll ride.  No one can stop me.” — Jojo Betzler

“No news from Nathan today, I’m afraid.  He’s probably doing something amazing, like reading a book or growing a beard.  Don’t care.  Wait.  Mm-hmm.  Stealing the ends of penises?  No cutting penises off?  You may continue, but I know it’s true.  The penis thing.  rabbis use them for earplugs.  Which are blobs or something?  Where’s the horns?  Where’s yours?  Oh.  Oh, my God.  Everyone’s minds?  What about German minds?  ‘Attracted to shiny things.’  But also ugly things.  Jews love ugliness.  That’s another thing we learned at school.  You love them, yes?  Ugly things.” — Jojo Betzler

Rosie Betzler, Jojo Rabbit, TSG Entertainment, Piki Films, Defender Films, Czech Anglo Productions, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Scarlett JohanssonRosie Betzler


1 nomination: 2020

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role

1 nomination: 2020

“My darling cub.  Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm.  Mmm.  My darling little cub.  Hey.  You’re no monster.  Besides, your scars will heal, and you’ll get most of the movement back in your leg.  Ah, you’re fine as you are.  I’m just happy to have you back home.  Hmm?  Mama Lion worries about her cub, especially when Papa Lion isn’t here.  Or Inge Lion.  You grab the rabbit by the tail, wrap it around his ear, tie it all up and then stuff him back down the hole.  Now then, let’s get on our way, huh?  I think getting out of the house will do wonders for your recuperation.  What?  Don’t be silly.  Of course you do.  Enjoy the attention, kid.  Not everyone’s lucky enough to look stupid.  I, for one, am cursed to look incredibly attractive.  Now, you’re going to pluck up your courage, walk out that door and have an incredible adventure.  Okay?  Field Marshal Jojo, you’re our top man.  Prepare to leave the house.  Extremely.” — Rosie

“HeilHitler.  It’s because of you my son can’t walk properly and has a messed-up face.  Ja, ja.  So, you are going to look after him while I’m at work, hmm?  Make sure he has a job and feels included.  Got it?  Good.  Oh, yes, that’s a wonderful idea.  Yes, I give my full permission for you to send this ten-year-old child into war.  Will someone get this kid a gun?  Ooh!  Whoa!  Whoa!  Whoa!” — Rosie

“Look.  What they could.  Come on.” — Rosie

“Darling cub, why are you up, huh?  Did you eat anything, hmm?  Sorry, I lost track of time.  I was taking a long walk and having a thing– what are we going to do with these laces, huh?  My goodness.  You’ll learn how to tie them eventually, no?  What?  Who?  Oh.  That’s so sad for you.  You’ve lost your mind.  It’s sadder for me, though, because I have to live with a crazy person.  Ghosts?  Honestly.  You know what I heard?  Rats.  Yes, we have them.  Can you believe that?  Dirty animals.  I’ve been meaning to tell you to stay away from upstairs, until I’ve cleared them all, okay?  I don’t need you getting sick.  Where are all the goddamn knives?  Yes.  Soon.  I have to tidy some things first.  Mama things.  Boy, you have to trust me, okay?  I’m the boss here, ja?  Good boy.  Yes, but with– with one eye.  Like… almost.  Not quite.  Great.  You got it.  Ja.” — Rosie

“You have to be more quiet.  He heard noises up here.  If I have to choose between you and my son, I… I won’t know where to send you.  You hear me?  He can’t know.  If he knows, then they know.  You don’t know him.  He’s a fanatic.  It took him three weeks to get over the fact that his grandfather was not blond.  I know he’s in there somewhere.  The little boy who loves to play and runs to you because he’s scared of thunder.  Thinks you invented chocolate cake.  In the end, that’s all you have.  Hope… that your only remaining child is not just another ghost.  Perhaps.  You’ve lived more lifetimes than most.  You’re being challenged.  They say you can’t live, that you won’t live.  If that comes true, then they win.  They’ll never win.  That’s the power you have.  As long as there’s someone alive, somewhere, then they lose.  They didn’t get you yesterday or today.  You make tomorrow the same.  Hey.  Tomorrow must be the same.” — Rosie

“Jojo.  Baby, I have to go.  I’ll see you at home.  Mmm.  Hi, Captain K.” — Rosie

“Things are changing.  The Allies have taken Italy.  France will be next and soon the war will be over.  I love my country.  It’s the war I hate.  It’s pointless and stupid, and the sooner we have peace, the better.  Okay.  No more politics.  Dinner is neutral ground.  This table is Switzerland.  Let’s eat.  No.  I am not that hungry.  I might eat later.  For now, I am just going to chew on these grapes.  How was your day, Johannes?  You’re not deformed.  Well, he’s not.  You want your dad, ‘eh?  Yeah?  Yeah?  Yeah?  Fine.  Don’t you ever talk to your mother like that!  Paul, what happened?  Paul?  I yelled at the kid.  What?  Go apologize.  Sorry, kid.  What?  What kind of apology is that?  Sorry, kid.  Jojo… I know you miss me, but I’m… I’m out there trying to make a difference in the world.  And while I’m gone, I need you to take care of my Rosie.  Can you do that?  Thanks.  She’s doing what she can.  Oh, gosh.  We made a good kid, huh?  Mm-mm!  Damn, that’s good.  It reminds me of dancing with Rosie in The Red Salon.  You remember, honey?  Of course I do, babe.  Hey, don’t just sit there, kid.  Come.  Dance with your parents, come.” — Rosie

“Ah, these banks used to be full of lovers.  There was dancing and singing.  Romance.  Oh.  There’s always time for romance.  Someday you’ll meet someone special.  Who else tells you that?  You’re stupid.  Love is the strongest thing in the world.  Surprise, surprise.  Your shoelaces are undone again.  Oh, Jojo.  You’ll know when it happens.  You’ll feel it.  It’s a pain.  In your tummy.  Like, like, you’re full of butterflies.  Yeah, ‘yuck.’  Come on, Shitler.  Let’s get a move on.  Whoa!  What’s wrong with you?  I’m worried about you, man.  Are you drunk?  Again?  Come on.  Oh, God.  You’re really getting fat.  You know what?  Why don’t I just leave you here, okay?  I’ll come and get you tomorrow.  Okay?  How about that?  You’ll figure it out, darling.  I’ll meet you back at the house.  I’ll see tomorrow morning.” — Rosie

“You’re growing up too fast.  Ten-year-olds shouldn’t be celebrating war and talking politics.  You should be climbing trees and then falling out of those trees.  Pfft!  The Reich is dying.  We’re going to lose the war and then what are you going to do, hmm?  Life is a gift.  We must celebrate it.  We have to dance to show God we are grateful to be alive.  Dancing is for people who are free.  It’s an escape from all this.  Oh, no, you don’t.  Welcome home, boys.  Now, go home and kiss your mothers!” — Rosie

“Love is the strongest thing in the world.” — Rosie

Adolf, Jojo Rabbit, TSG Entertainment, Piki Films, Defender Films, Czech Anglo Productions, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Taika WaititiAdolf

“Yes, that’s right.  Now, Jojo Betzler, what is your mind?  And, Jojo Betzler, what is your body?  Jojo Betzler, what is your courage?  And, Jojo Betzler, what is your soul?  Yeah, man.  You’re ready.  Hmm?  was?  Of course you can.  Sure, you’re a little bit scrawny and a bit unpopular and you can’t tie your shoelaces even though you’re ten years old.  But you’re still the bestest, most loyal little Nazi I’ve ever met.  Not to mention the fact you’re really good-looking.  So, you’re gonna get out there and you’re gonna have a great time, okay?  That’s the spirit.  Okay.  Heilme, man.  What?  You can heilme better than that.  No– just throw it away.  Don’t even think about it.  no, you’re overthinking it.  HeilHitler.  Who’s ‘Hitterler?’  Do you even speak German?  That’s not a heil.  This is a heil.  Heil!  HeilHitler.  HeilHitler!  HeilHitler!  HeilHitler!  Ooh, that’s it.  You’ve got it.  HeilHitler.  Have a great day!  You’re gonna be the best.  HeilHitler!  You can do it.  HeilHitler!  HeilHitler!  HeilHitler!  HeilHitler!” — Adolf

“Poor Jojo.  What’s wrong, little man?  Wanna tell me about that rabbit incident?  What was all that about?  Don’t worry about it.  I couldn’t care less.  Let them say whatever they want.  People used to say lots of nasty things about me.  ‘Oh, this guy’s a lunatic.’  ‘Oh, look at that psycho.  He’s gonna get us all killed.’  I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.  The rabbit is no coward.  The humble little bunny faces a dangerous world every day, hunting carrots for his family, for his country.  My empire will be full of all animals.  Lions, giraffes, zebras, rhinoceroses, octopuses, rhinoctopuses.  Even the mighty rabbit.  Cigarette?  Let me give you some really good advice.  Be the rabbit.  The humble bunny can outwit all of his enemies.  He’s brave and sneaky and strong.  Be the rabbit.” — Adolf

“Hey, this is amazing.  We’re like two human antelopes.  Shit!  Jojo, Jojo.” — Adolf

“Sheesh.  That was intense.  Honestly, no idea.  I mean, there could be more of them.  Hundreds of them living in your walls.  How did you get control like that?  Oh, typical.  Did you see how fast she moved?  Like a little, female Jewish Jessie Owens.  And now she’s got your fancy knife.  Yeah.  Like a little, female Jewish Jesse Owens, Jack the Ripper.  You’re definitely in a pickle, my friend. Ah, what to do, what to do?  Oh.  Got it!  Burn down the house and blame Winston Churchill.  Or negotiate.  Hmm.” — Adolf

“She’s pretty rude, you know?  That’s just my two Pfennige.  And now she’s got two knives.  How are you going to chop up stuff?  Oh, and she’s still up there, too.  That– that thing, that, that… yeah.  Jew, yeah.  What are we gonna do about that Jew?  Oh, now I’m the expert?  all right.  Sorry.  I’m stressed out!  Okay, let’s talk like turkeys.  You can’t tell your mother or that Jew will cut off your Nazi head, but there’s no reason this thing in the attic needs to ruin your life.  In fact, you could use it to your advantage.  When someone tries to use mind powers on me, know what I do?  Use mind powers back on them.  Remember last year when that one-arm pirate von Stauffenberg tried to blow me up with a table bomb?  Correctomundo.  The only reason I survived, apart from having bombproof legs, is because I outwitted old von Stauffy.  I let him think that I was dead, when in actual fact, I was absolutely fine.  By pretending I was dead, I drew out all the traitors.  So what are you going to do?  Exactly.  Wait, no.  No, what I mean is this: make her feel safe and then she’ll drop her guard and then you will be the one in control.  Don’t complicate things.  Just use my backwards mind power trick, and everything will be fine.  Ooh!  I gotta go.  We’re having unicorn for dinner at my place tonight.  Concentrate, Jojo.  Remember, a Jew living in your wall is better than two Jews flying around with their bat wings climbing down chimneys and eating innocent Nazis.  And don’t give her anymore knives.  Tschuüss.” — Adolf

“So, how’s it all going with that Jew thing upstairs?  Mm-hmm.  Well, you are a Nazi.  Hmm.  What’s she doing?  She’s burning something.  What is she burning?  What are you burning?  What are you burning?” — Adolf

“Yes.  Great thinking, Rabbit.  We’ll use all of these books to make a fake floor that she’ll fall through.  Straight into a put full of piranhas and– and lava and bacon.  Why, she won’t know what hit her.  Shh?  You shush.  Shush me?  Let’s get a book and let’s go.  Libraries are dumb.  Yeah, this is a really good idea, what we’re doing right now.  If she had a heart, this would break it clean in two.” — Adolf

Elsa, Jojo Rabbit, TSG Entertainment, Piki Films, Defender Films, Czech Anglo Productions, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Thomasin McKenzieElsa

“Hi.  Sure.  A ghost.  Don’t make me run, kid.  I’m far too hungry and you know how much we love the taste of blood.  Lose something?  I’m not a ghost, Johannes.  I’m something worse, but I think you already know that, don’t you?  You know what I am.  Yes.  Say it.  Say it!  Gesundheit.  Well, your mother invited me, so I suppose that makes me her guest.  What will you do, sweet Hitlerchen?  Hmm?  Of course.  Go on, then.  Tell them.  But do you know what happens if you do?  I’ll tell them you helped me.  And your mother, too.  Then we’ll all be kaputt.  And if you tell her you know about me, just one word… I’ll do the world a great, big favor and cut your Nazi head off.  Got it?  I think I’ll hold onto this.  It’s pretty.” — Elsa

“Not okay.  Get the hell out of my room.  You could reason with him.  Perhaps we’re all ghosts now.  We just don’t know it.  I haven’t lived at all.  They’ve been winning so far.  It’s just a normal stalemate.  ‘Conditions?’  Okay.  We’re like you, but human.  Why?  She doesn’t need it.  Inge and I were friends.  I remember you.  Such a funny little boy.  Obviously, we are demons who love money.  Right?  But what people don’t know is that we’re also allergic to food.  Cheese, bread, meat.  That stuff will kill us instantly.  So, if you’re thinking of ending my life, that’s the fastest way.  Also biscuits, lethal.  Your mother managed to find me some bread.  She’s kind.  She treats me like a person.  Are you?  Break free.  Break free, great Aryan.  There are no weak Jews.  I am descended from those who wrestle angels and kill giants.  We were chosen by God.  You were chosen by a pathetic little man who can’t even grow a full mustache.  The stronger race, huh?” — Elsa

“You really are an idiot.  I’ll tell you about the Jews, but you are not privileged to know about my family.  Why are you hanging around with me?  Don’t you have any friends?  ‘Yorki?’  I have Nathan.  My fiancé.  I have him.  Fighting in the resistance, see.  He proposed to me on the banks of the Flusß.  He knelt down like a proper gentleman, recited a poem by Rilke.  And when I said yes, we danced into the night.  A great poet.  Nathan’s favorite.  He’s coming to rescue me, then we’ll go live in Paris.  It turned on me first.  Now, now, just because you don’t have a girlfriend.  One day, you’ll make time.  You’ll think of nothing else.  You’ll meet someone and spend your days dreaming of the moment you can hold them in your arms again.  That’s love.  Finished.  Yeah.  That’s where we live.  What the hell are you talking about?” — Elsa

“Einstein.  Gershwin.  Musicians, is that all you have?  Oh, yeah, of course.  Your favorite, Rilke.  Jewish mother.  Houdini.  Believe it, brother.  Just ask Pissarro, Modigliani, Man Ray, Gertrude Stein, Mr. Moses and the kind of them all, Jesus Christi.  Amen.  Pew, pew, pew!  Hey.  If you find any more of those letters, will you let me know?  What’s wrong?  You want me to tell you about the Jews?  In the beginning, we used to live in caves.  Deep, deep in the center of the Earth.  Scary places full of strange and wonderful creatures all with one thing in common.  No, you idiot.  The love of art.  Do you want the story or not?  And moving on.  After many years of developing magic and spells, we slowly moved out of the caves and into the towns.  Some of us stayed in the caves, though, in animal bodies.  Well, I’ll draw them for you.  There.  It’d be better with color.  Under the hair.  I’m too young.  They grow when you turn 21.  These days we live among normal people, but often we take over a house and hang from the ceiling when we sleep.  Like bats.  Oh, and another thing is we an read each other’s minds.  No.  Their heads are too thick for us to penetrate.  Like birds, our true language sounds like singing.  And we’re also attracted to shiny things.  Crystal, glass and hold.” — Elsa

Captain Klenzendorf, Jojo Rabbit, TSG Entertainment, Piki Films, Defender Films, Czech Anglo Productions, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Sam RockwellCaptain Klenzendorf

“HeilHitler, guys.  Jungvolk, welcome to Hitlerjugend the training weekend.  In which we will make men and women of you all.  My name is Captain Klenzendorf.  You may call me Captain K.  Ja.  And this is Sub-Officer Finklel.  This is Fräulein Rahm.  So a little about me.  Who am I?  And why am I here talking to a bunch of little titty-grabbers instead of leading my men into battle towards glorious death?  Great question.  I’ve asked it myself every day since Operation Screw Up where I lost a perfectly good eye in a totally preventable enemy attack.  And according to my superiors, you need two eyes to be a meaningful part of the war effort.  Can two-eyed people do this?  Over the next two days, you little critters will get to experience some of the things that the mighty German army goes through every day.  And even though it would appear our country’s on the back foot and there really isn’t much hope in us winning this war, apparently we’re doing just fine.  Anyway, you boys have all been issued with your Deustches Jungvolk daggers.  These are very special and expensive weapons.  You should never be without them.  And don’t try to stab each other.  No stabbing.  This is your first step towards being men.  Today you boys will be involved in such activiies as marching, bayonet drills, grenade-throwing, trench-digging, map-reading, gas defense, camouflage, ambush techniques, war games, firing guns, and blowing stuff up.  The girls will practice important womanly duties such as dressing wounds, making beds, and learning how to get pregnant.  All right.  Let’s get to it.  God help me.” — Captain K

“Now, lads, each of you will be given the opportunity to ignite and throw a grenade.  I will personally be supervising each of you to make sure you don’t blow your eyes out or something.  All right, who’s first?  Klaus.  Don’t do that.  Finkel!  Finkel!” — Captain K

“His mother’s going to kill me.  Hey!  Looking good, kid.  Frau Betzler, you’re looking fetching as usual.  Okay, wow.  He stole my hand grenade.  Just took it– got it.  Ja, I really got it.  Guys, this is Johannes Betzler.  The kid I told you about.  Remember, he stole a hand grenade and blew himself up and as a result I got demoted for negligence.  Now I get to work with all these wonderful kids.  So, Jojo.  I’m sure we can figure out something for you to do.  Ideas?  guys?  Get in line, kid.” — Captain K

“Hey.  If it isn’t HerrHand Grenade himself.  Ah.  How’s the leg, kid?  I’m being made to teach the HJ boys water warfare training.  You know, in case they ever need to go to battle in a swimming pool.  Oh, God.  Why?  Ugh.  Okay.  If you see a Jew, you tell us, we tell the Gestapo, and they tell the SS, and then they go and they kill the Jew.  And anyone who killed the Jew.  And because these are very paranoid times, probably some other people just in case.  It’s a pretty drawn out process.  I’d be amazed if that could happen.  Yeah, me neither.  Without their funny hats, it’s damn near impossible.  Someone should write a book on the subject.  It would be a hit.  Finkie, they’re drowning.  Come on.  I’ll see you later, little man.” — Captain K

Fraulein Rahm, Jojo Rabbit, TSG Entertainment, Piki Films, Defender Films, Czech Anglo Productions, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Rebel WilsonFräulein Rahm

“Hey, HeilHitler, everyone.  Jesus.  I’ve had 18 kids for Germany.  Such a great year to be a girl.  Go!” — Fräulein Rahm

“Fangs, ja.  Serpent’s tongue, ja.  Ja, scales.  Because once upon a time, a Jewish man mated with a fish.  We, Aryans, are one thousand times more civilized and advanced than any other race.  Now, get your things together, kids.  It’s time to burn some books.” — Fräulein Rahm

“O-M Gott.  He looks like a Picasso painting.” — Fräulein Rahm

“Oh, Jesus.  Oh!  Ja.  Ja.  Ja.  Okay, well, we need somebody to walk the clones.  Also, I think maybe he could hand out this new propaganda, and deliver these conscriptions.  Okay, here are the conscriptions, and here is a gun.  It’s a bit… for the gun?” — Fräulein Rahm

“You must stretch.  Does that hurt you?  Good.  Pain is your friend.  Soon your leg will only be a little bit deformed and pointless.  I’m going to recommend another month off school though because your face might scare the other kids.  It’s kind of ugly.  Okay, who’s next.” — Fräulein Rahm

“No, it can happen.  It happened to my uncle.  A Jew hypnotized him and he became a massive drunk and gambler.  And he cheated on his wife and he had an inappropriate relationship with my sister.  And then he drowned in an unrelated accident, but it was the Jew’s fault.  Anyway.  Did you see one?  A Jew.” — Fräulein Rahm

Yorki, Jojo Rabbit, TSG Entertainment, Piki Films, Defender Films, Czech Anglo Productions, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Archie YatesYorki

“HeilHitler, Jojo.  Yes, I am.” — Yorki

“Jews sound scary, huh?  But how would you know if you saw one?  They could be just like us.  Oh, yeah.  I forgot about the brussels sprouts bit.  I thought I was your best friend.  I guess I’m just a kid in a fat kid’s body.” — Yorki

“Jojo!  Are you all right, Jojo?  Who were you talking to?  Oh, I thought you were crying.  No.  I’m sorry, what are you talking about?  Jojo, where are you going?” — Yorki

“Jojo.  Jojo.” — Yorki

Freddy Finkel, Jojo Rabbit, TSG Entertainment, Piki Films, Defender Films, Czech Anglo Productions, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Alfie AllenFreddy Finkel

“Captain K.  Whoo!  No stabbing!  Come on.  Go, go, go!  Now finish him.”

“It would make things so much easier.  Ja.”

Christoph, Jojo Rabbit, TSG Entertainment, Piki Films, Defender Films, Czech Anglo Productions, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Luke Brandon FieldChristoph

“When you stand before the enemy and have to end his life, which of you will have the stomach to do this?  Good.  There is no room in Hitler’s army for those that lack strength.  We want hardened warriors.  Those that are prepared to kill at will.  Can you do this?  Johannes.  Can you kill?  Good.  Come here.  Don’t be scared.  Come on.  Good.  Kill it.  Wring its neck and kill the rabbit.  Or are you scared?  Now.  Kill.  Kill.  Good shot.  You are a coward.  Just like your father.  Really?  But no one has heard from him in two years.  He is a deserting coward.  He’s scared and so are you.  Scared little rabbit.  Maybe we should snap your neck, too?”

Hans, Jojo Rabbit, TSG Entertainment, Piki Films, Defender Films, Czech Anglo Productions, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Sam HaygarthHans

“Place both hands around its neck and then one hard twist.  He might scream, but we’ll just use the boot to finish it off.  Kill.  Kill.  Kill.  Kill.  Hey!  Hey, hey.  You’re as scared as a little rabbit.  Jojo the rabbit.  Jojo Rabbit.”

“Hey-hey!  Jojo Rabbit!  Oh, look at your face.  I’m a soldier!  I’m going to war!  And you are a postman!  Jojo Rabbit, Jojo Rabbit!”

Jungvolk Crowd 2

“Kill.  Kill.  Kill.  Kill.  Kill.  Kill.”

Jungvolk Crowd

“HeilHitler!  Aw.  Whoa!  Yeah!”

Jungvolk Crowd 3

“Yes.  Kill.  Kill.  Kill.  Kill.  Kill.  Kill. Kill.  Kill.  Kill.  Kill.  Kill.  Kill. Kill.  Jojo Rabbit.  Jojo Rabbit.  Jojo Rabbit.”

Jungvolk Drill Sergeant

“Three, two, one, swastika!  Come on!  Pull it!  Come on!”

Jungvolk Kid

“Aaah!  Aaah!”

Jungvolk Kid 2

“Don’t, no, no!”

Jungvolk Kid 3


Jungvolk Kid 4

“Serpent tongue.”

Jungvolk Kid 5


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