I’m over my head, but it sure feels nice.

They had this mega-watt attraction, they could be charming as hell, and cold as ice.

“You just wanted to be around them,” she said to Oprah.

But, she had been angry.  She had been pissed off, too many times.  So she ended it.  No more games.

The second time, she had seen enough.

She was tough: a Crafter Artisan, very observant but not very self-reflective, and she was over her head.  She left him, she cut him off.  She didn’t want to think about, she couldn’t without going crazy.  She finally moved on.  She forgot.

Then Michael died.

It all came back to her.  Her childhood with her father, and her marriage to Michael.  It hit her.  They were the same.  Michael had even had told her that he was worried about dying like her father.

And he did.

Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley died of a drug overdose. Amazing Disgrace. Surrounded by their “vampires and spiders” as Lisa put it.  She couldn’t stand it.  And she couldn’t save them.  She was over her head, always.  Her father and her ex-husband had lived their lives, their way, god-like, and paid the ultimate price.  Lisa Presley couldn’t do anything about – she was frozen out – as soon as she refused to go along.

What happens when Performer Artisans, those Brilliant Charmers, become god-like: The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson?  They get to create their own fantasy life.  NOBODY within the “circle” can object to what is going on, or they will be frozen out.  The verdict is clear.  Death by mood pills: too many problems with sleeping.  The cycling of moods. Uppers to get up for a performance, downers to get down from a performance. Uppers, downers, calmers, confusers, uppers, downers, uppers, downers….  for decades.

And Lisa was frozen out, first by her father, she not having choice in the matter – she was too young at the time. Second by her choice, she wasn’t going to be a party to Michael’s destruction.  She was over her head, and it sure felt nice – for awhile.

Daddy please don’t cry

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  1. I hadn’t thought of her marriage to Michael Jackson as a “real” marriage–I am sure she loved him on some level though. Even as a close friend she would have to have tried to step in and then back away. I hadn’t even thought of Jackson and Elvis Presley being tied together in death & by Lisa Marie until now. Good piece.

  2. You are the expert, of course, but I always thought Michael Jackson was an obvious Idealist! Can you explain your reasoning for pegging him as an Artisan instead? I am curious. Thanks 🙂

    1. You have to look at Michael’s whole life to see the main pattern of his Temperament. I can’t give you my reasoning in this reply, but ask yourself, was Michael Jackson concrete or abstract? If you think about it, and “watch his feet” (what he does, not what he says he does, or what we imagine what he does) he acts like an Artisan (like Elvis Presley). No doubt he is a hard case for his unique life history. One thing stands out though, he loved Performing much like Josephine Baker.

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