I Care a Lot, Netflix, Black Bear Pictures, Crimple Beck

Con Artist

Netflix original film I Care a Lot dropped February 19, 2021.

🏆❤️#ICareALot held the Netflix top 10 #1 seed for 6 days in a row.

rottentomatoes: 80%

metacritic: 65

imdb: 6.3

golden globes: 1 win

Marla Grayson, I Care a Lot, Netflix, Black Bear Pictures, Crimple Beck, Rosamund Pike
Marla Grayson, I Care a Lot, Netflix, Black Bear Pictures, Crimple Beck, Rosamund Pike

Marla Grayson

Marla Grayson runs a caregiving scheme outside of Dedham, Massachusetts.

Marla Grayson, I Care a Lot, Netflix, Black Bear Pictures, Crimple Beck, Rosamund Pike

Best Actress – Motion Picture – Musical/Comedy

1 win: 2021

“Look at you. Sitting there. You think you’re good people. You’re not good people. Trust me. There’s no such thing as good people. I used to be like you. Thinking that working hard and playing fair would lead to success and happiness. It doesn’t. Playing fair is a joke invented by rich people to keep the rest of us poor. And I’ve been poor. It doesn’t agree with me. ‘Cause there’s two types of people in this world. The people who take and those getting took. Predators and prey. Lions and lambs. My name is Marla Grayson, and I’m not a lamb. I am a fucking lioness.” — Marla Grayson

“Excuse me, Your Honor. May I speak? Mr. Feldstrom, sir. I sympathize, but the court doesn’t appoint me for no reason. Your mother couldn’t cope on her own. A doctor diagnosed her with dementia, Mr. Feldstrom, and wrote an affidavit recommending immediate action be taken for her safety. You had ample opportunity to move your mother into a care facility or into your home. You did neither. You can’t care for her by doing what she wants. You have to do what she needs. And that is why I can care better than a family member because I have no skin in the game. I just do what is right for your mother. So yes, I manage your mother’s money because someone has to. She’d let it run into quite a mess. And I have to pay for her care in the facility. So yes, I oversaw the sale of some of her assets to finance that, and yes, I pay myself, too, because caring, sir, is my job. It’s my profession. This is what I do. All-day, every day, care. I care for those who are in need of protection. Protection from apathy, protection from their own pride, and quite often, protection from their own children. Your Honor. You and I have seen it many times, offspring who are willing to let their parents living in squalor and struggle with pain rather than dip into what they see as their inheritance to pay for the necessary care. Mr. Feldstrom, sir. I sympathize, I do, but your visits to your mother upset her, and the last time you visited her, you assaulted a staff member and vandalized a reception area. Is that not true? Your Honor, I think it’s obvious why the non-visitation order must be upheld. This court is doing its best to protect and help Mrs. Feldstrom, and the actions of her son are undermining our very effort in that fight.” — Marla Grayson

“I did. Then he can use my name. I’m just doing my job. Does it sting more because I’m a woman? That you got so soundly beaten in there by someone with a vagina? Having a penis doesn’t automatically make you more scary to me. Just the opposite. You may be a man, but if you ever threaten, touch, or spit on me again, I will grab your dick and balls, and I will rip them clean off. You understand? I’ll tell your mom you send your best.” — Marla Grayson

“Thanks. Curtis. Thanks, Addie. So, what time is it now? It’s 2:17. That’s door-to-door, that’s just over five hours. Round it to six, charge it to the Feldstrom account. Full rate. Sure. I’ll take it inside. Hey, Fran, call the Realtor. Check progress on the Bather property. The savings account is nearly empty. It won’t cover the facility bill after this month. Sam, how are you? Oh, working hard, playing hard. You called. Good news or bad news? What? No. Alan Levitt, really? How? But he was young. Oh God. Alan. Fuck, I only had him six months. I thought he’d last us at least another five years. Fuck. Now I have to cash him out, turn over everything to his inheritors. What a fucking waste. Yeah, right. So what’s the good news? His room. Huh. That’s a corner deluxe. Hold it for me. Fuck the waiting list. How much? Two grand? It cost 500 last time. Oh, fuck you, Sam. All right, two grand. Thanks, Sam.” — Marla Grayson

“What? Keep your eyes on the road. Hi, Petra. I know, so now we’re in the market for a new client. Got anyone for us? No. Don’t tease me. Give me the details. Come on Marl. Yeah. We have a chunk. Jennifer Peterson. Significant? No family at all? Can I get a copy of all this? And she is sitting on a pile of cash.” — Marla Grayson

“Karen, it’s Marla. Pull the trigger on Jennifer Peterson. You’ll get the stock you want. Um… yes. Your Honor, if you need me to take care of her, I can take care of her.” — Marla Grayson

“Ms. Peterson, my name is Marla Grayson. I, uh, work with Dr. Karen Amos, your physician. May I speak with you for a minute? Good morning, Ms. Peterson. I’m sorry to disturb you so early. No, ma’am. I, uh– may I show you this? It’s a court order, ma’am. That’s your name, correct? Jennifer Peterson, your date of birth, your social security number, and this address. Oh no, ma’am. Uh, this is to help you. The court has ruled under the guidance of your doctor that you require assistance in taking care of yourself, and the court has appointed me to be your legal guardian. When we cease to be able to take adequate care of ourselves, the state steps in to help. We can’t just sit by while people struggle. I’m afraid it’s not up to you or me to decide. The court has ruled that you do need help, and as your legal guardian, it’s my duty to ensure that adequate care is supplied to you at all times. In emergencies, the court can convene without the presence of the prospective ward. Well, ma’am, you have to come with me. This is a court order, and if you don’t comply with it, I’m afraid you may be in some trouble. If you feel there’s been an error, report it to the court, request a hearing. But for now, I would suggest you come with me temporarily to the care facility I found for you, and if there’s been a mistake, we can address it from there. This is Frances. She will help you pack a suitcase. Beautiful house, Mrs. Peterson. Let me help you with those. I’ll be overseeing the upkeep of your property until you sort this out.” — Marla Grayson

“No, she packed and walked. Hardly any of them fight. They see the official paper. They see the cops. They go right along. Yeah, you say that, but at heart, most of us are weak, compliant, scared. Not now, Sam. We’re already in transit. Oh, Sam, I need the full works for this one.” — Marla Grayson

“Wow. I’d forgotten how big they are. Why don’t you take a seat? So you feel at home. They have all your medical details here, all your prescriptions. You don’t have to worry. They’ll take care of all of it. Now, if you need me at any time, night or day, you just ask, okay? You have a cell phone? Unlock it. I’ll store my number. If you need to make a call, you just need to ask, okay? Now, Ms. Peterson, I wanna say I’m honored to be your guardian. And remember, I’m on your side. I’m here to help. Sam, you treat this lady like a queen, you hear me? Anything she wants. You take care, Ms. Peterson. We’ll talk soon.” — Marla Grayson

“So, this is the living room. Please make yourself at home. There is the globe, the nice globe. Collectible? God, I love your ass!” — Marla Grayson

“Is this the key to one of your safety deposit boxes?” — Marla Grayson

“And I open the pouch, and what’s inside? Diamonds. Lots. Uh-huh. This is her insurance for the safe deposit box. She lists the gold, the jewelry, the bonds, but not the diamonds. She insures a 600 dollar watch, but not millions of dollars worth of diamonds. Probably. Don’t get fooled by old people. Even sadistic, immoral assholes get old. But you’re missing the point. The point is these diamonds don’t officially exist. So… no one would ever miss them. No. I wanna change their location for a while for safekeeping… and see what happens.” — Marla Grayson

“You can have two minutes. What can I do for you, Mr. Ericson. Take a seat. Get to the point. I don’t need a lawyer. Really? She called you? Jennifer? She called you from the facility? Oh. When did you last see Jennifer? How long ago? A few? Two, three, four? I’m afraid that explains it. Two weeks ago, Jennifer’s health took a severe downwards turn. She has memory loss indicative of dementia, and her doctor was so worried about her, she referred her to the courts for emergency help. She. She. The doctor. She’s a she. You do? I just responded to a call from a doctor. Now, why the fuck would I do that? Is that a threat? How uncomfortable are we talking? Because I’ll be dead? Who do you work for? Liar. Liar. Jennifer did not call you from the facility. You think I’m stupid enough to let new wards anywhere near a working phone? And I know from her paperwork her lawyer is a local guy who deals in family law, and that’s not you. You’re a shark… …which intrigues me, and I want to know who hired you. No, Dean. I don’t think I will.” — Marla Grayson

“Well, that’s very pretty. You know what I think, Dean? I think if your opening gambit is a hundred and fifty grand, then Jennifer Peterson must be worth a lot, lot more than that to whoever is who sent you here. How about five million. Million? Dean, I have a legal duty. Jennifer Peterson is in need of my protection. How can I just abandon her? I’m saying no. I’m saying, ‘no, thank you.’ Goodbye, Dean. Curtis will validate your parking on the way out.” — Marla Grayson

“Then who is this lawyer. Yeah, that’s my thought too. Maybe he’s cut in on them. He’s scared we’ll find them. And give away the biggest opportunity we ever had? With what? You know how many times I’ve been threatened by a man? Thousands. You know how many of ’em ever came to anything? Two. He made threats because threats are all he had left. You can’t convince a woman to do what you want, then you call her a bitch and threaten to kill her. I’m not scared of him. I’m gonna talk to someone who has all the answers.” — Marla Grayson

“How is she? They always are. Hmm. Jennifer. How are you feeling? I’m your guardian, Marla. To call who? Who do you need to call? Jennifer, do you know a man named Dean Ericson? Dean. Dean Ericson. You know him? No? He says he works for you. He says he’s a– he’s a lawyer. Well, yeah, I guess. The 15th. Right on. Really, why? Who? Dean? Who? Jennifer, who are you? Tell me who you are. Tell me. You know I have access to your safety deposit box. I know what’s in there. There’s an envelope inside a book. Tell me who you are. No, I’m your guardian. Tell me who you are. Jennifer. Jennifer. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Listen to me. I control your drugs. Your food. Your comfort. Everything. Me, not you. Me. And I can make things very bad for you. You hear me? Yeah.” — Marla Grayson

“Sam, I wanted to adjust Jennifer Peterson’s routine. Take her arthritis and pain meds down to minimum. Push her physical exercise to grade-hour level. Give her an upper at 9:00 at night and sedatives in the day. Put her on the basic food package. No solids. Just oatmeal and soup. No games. No TV, and only 30 minutes a day out of her room.” — Marla Grayson

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“You won? I knew you would. I think he’s talking to you. Hey! Hey! Oh! Fuck no, motherfucker. I’ll fucking get you–“

“Got you.”

“You know. A cherry? Done. But it has to be a real cherry, bona fide.”

“Jennifer Peterson, born April 15h, 1949. She lives at 41 Williams Street in Shallcross. It’s a real nice neighborhood. Expensive. She bought the house seven years ago. Owns it outright. Credit check came back A1, totally clean. No debt, no criminal record, never been married. She worked at the same company for 40 years. Of course. Looks like she downsized when she retired. Liquidated. And now she’s sitting on a nest egg. Like a golden fucking goose. Look at this. From her tax records, it says she has three separate savings accounts, all earning monster interest. she likes to go during the day to the movies. She reads a lot, likes gardening. Just your regular old lady. Uh-huh. She’s rich, independent, literate. That lady right there, she’s my fucking hero.”

“Good morning, Mrs. Peterson. Pleasure to meet you. Oh, it’s totally fine. It’s gonna be– I’m sorry. I’ll help– let’s go. We just wanna make sure that your property is taken care of safely. Thanks, Curtis. Seat belt.”

“So, we got some stuff in here. We’ve got four of them. Can you grab those? Thank you. It’s been a pleasure.”

“Oh, she doesn’t live here anymore. She moved. Ms. Peterson moved. Excuse me. Who called you? Excuse me! Just loose diamonds? Do you think they’re stolen? She doesn’t seem that type. You wanna steal them?”

“I’ve looked through her records, all the way back to her birth certificate. I can’t find anyone in her life that we should be scared of. Maybe he knows about the diamonds. Maybe you should just take the money. Well, what if he’s saying the truth? With the threats. Okay. So what are you thinking?”

Jennifer Peterson, I Care a Lot, Netflix, Black Bear Pictures, Crimple Beck, Dianne Wiest

Jennifer Peterson

“You’re a doctor. Oh, I’m gonna need my reading glasses. I’ll be right back. You know, I’m sure what this is. A court order? But what’s that got to do with me? Oh my goodness. Have I done something wrong? What? I don’t– me? I’m not struggling. I’m fine. I’m more than fine. I don’t need help. Let me tell you something. I never went to court. This is the first thing I’ve heard about court. Wow. That’s crazy. I’m not going anywhere. Oh my God. I don’t believe his is happening. Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me! Oh!”

“Can you open the door? I just wanna get some air. I just want to get some air. could you open the door so I can get some air? Huh? All right. Hi! I wonder if you could help me, please. I need my cell phone. Could you find it for me? My cell phone won’t hurt you. No, no, no, no, no. I don’t want my guardian. You know what? Can you speak to the manager? Mr. Rice is here, but he’s unavailable. Mr. Rice! Don’t touch me! Why are you touching me like this? I was calm until– go away from me! No, no, no. Don’t let them do that to me!”

“Oh. Thank God. I need help. I need my cell phone. What? Why? Who? What? Dean? No, I don’t. Lawyer. Does he look expensive? What’s the date? Oh. You’re in trouble now. Yeah, he’s coming. No. He’s coming. Just you wait. So much drugs. Drugs– I can’t think. Oh. Oh, you’re a robber. You’re my guardian robber. Oh. I’m the worst mistake you’ll ever make. Cell phone. You don’t give me my cell phone. You don’t let me get out of this place. I got nothing to say. Nothing. Yeah. Yeah? Then have at it, you little crock of a cunt. Have at it.”

Alexi Ignatyev, I Care a Lot, Netflix, Black Bear Pictures, Crimple Beck, Nicholas Logan

Alexi Ignatyev

“Taxi for Ms. Peterson. What? Oh. My mistake. Thank you. Fuck!”

“Er– she– she wasn’t at the house. Yes. Yes, sir. The house was changed. It had been, um, cleared out, and there was a, uh, ‘For Sale’ sign out front. There’s people inside. They were painting walls. I spoke to a woman with some swatches, and she said, uh, that she didn’t live there anymore. Oh, I don’t know. I– I came straight here. Sir. If– if I– please, sir. Please. I– I figured I’d– before anyone– yes, sir. Of course. Of course. Yes, sir. Yes.”

“Sorry, sir, I– I can come back later, if– uh… sort of. As far as I can tell, sir. I– I couldn’t get access. No. She’s there by court order. She’s now a ward of the state. Your– your mother’s doctor deemed her incapable of taking care of herself. Yes, sir. Yes. Um… Marla Grayson. I believe she made it happen. She’s your mother’s guardian. She now has full control of your mother’s life and assets. Yes, sir.”

Judge Lomax, I Care a Lot, Netflix, Black Bear Pictures, Crimple Beck, Isiah Whitlock Jr.

Judge Lomax

“Please, sir, calm down. Marla Grayson is a well-respected professional guardian and has been appointed by this court, by me, to look after the best interests of your mother now that she cannot look after herself. Go ahead, Ms. Grayson. I agree. Order upheld.”

“She has no family? That’s terrible. Poor woman. Okay, Ms. Grayson. Do you think you can take her on as one of your wards? I know you have a lot in your fold already. Thank you, Marla.”


“She’s my mother. I should be able to see her whenever I want. She doesn’t need to be in a care facility. She doesn’t need a court-appointed guardian. She has a loving son to take care of her, and I just don’t understand how the court can entrust my mother to this stranger. Ms. Grayson forced my mother into a home when she mad it very clear that she didn’t wanna go, and now she has auctioned off my mother’s house, her car, her personal belongings, and she uses the proceeds to pay herself! And now Ms. Grayson has barred me from seeing my mother at all. It’s a goddamn nightmare. She has kidnapped my mother! How is it in my mother’s best interest to have her son barred from seeing her? Ms. Grayson doesn’t care about my mother at all. That is not true. She didn’t want to leave her home, okay? She begged me not– hey, no– well…”

“Hey! Bitch. You! Bitch! Bitch! Hey! I don’t know how you live with yourself. Okay? Our lives are being ruined. Your– your– your fucking job? Fuck you! I hope you get raped, and I hope you get murdered, and I hope you get killed! You fucking fucker!”

Marla Assistant 1

“Hey! Good going.”

Marla Assistant 2

“Fran, you did it!”


“Hi, boss. Congrats on the win. Uh-huh. Okay. Oh, Same Rice called, asked that you return. Sam’s on!”

Marla Assistant 4

“He says he has an appointment, but he’s not in the book.”

Sam Rice

“Hey, I’m good, Marla. How about you? Fuckin’ A. Yeah. Uh… I got some news. Uh, sort of both. Uh, your ward, Alan Levitt, here at our Berkshire Oaks facility, he just died. Alan died this morning. Sorry. Stroke. Big one. Just 69 and a quarter. Maybe he took a shine to you and wrote you into his will. Well, due to Alan’s tragic departure, we now have a vacancy. Yes, it is. Marla, you’re not the only game in town. There’s a waiting list. Two grand a week till it’s filled. If you don’t pay, someone else will. Please, Marla.”

“Marla, how’s it going? You have to drag her out by her ankles? Yeah, I’d fucking fight. True. Hey, you ever hear about the Milgram experiment? All right. Copy that.”

“Welcome home. Come on in. Yeah. Absolutely.”

“Marla Grayson. My favorite lady. Shoot. Marla.”

Dr. Karen Amos

“Alan Levitt? Fuck! Sorry, I thought he had legs. Well, there’s a few I wouldn’t mind getting off my books, you know, the real high-maintenance assholes, but there is actually someone I have been meaning to talk to you about. I’ve been feeling her out, and I think she– I think she might be– I don’t even want to say it. Yes. Maybe. I think so. I can’t just give you a cherry for free. I need something in return. You hold stock in Golden Light Care Homes, right? Sign some over to me. Come on. I’m helping you feed the money monster, but I hardly see any of the gold for myself. Give me a taste. She’s in reasonably good health, but recently she has shown some signs of memory loss and confusion. No, but we can tickle that to make emergency hearing go our way. She has no kids. No husband. No living family. She has very god insurance. She told me she used to work in finance in Chicago and moved here to retire. You bet. All except her test results. That wouldn’t be ethical.”

“Ms. Peterson is often confused and has exhibited memory and coping issues. Her mobility is compromised. She cannot take adequate care of herself, and I believe she is at high risk if left alone in her own home. She has no one to take care of her, except us.”

Swim Instructor

“Turn to the side! Kick those legs!”

Care Facility Employee 1

“You got to go that way. You got to go back that way! You got to go back that way!”

Care Facility Employee 2

“I need to get you to the rec.”

Care Facility Employee 3

“Um-hmm. Ms. Peterson, cell phones are kept secure for the safety of our guests. Our policy is to get your guardian involved– I can call– Mr. Rice is unavailable right now.”

Care Facility Orderly

“Hey! Mrs.– calm down. I need you to calm down. I know. Go away from me! Ms. Peterson, I want you to be calm.”

Care Facility Employee 4

“She’s been pretty unsettled since she got here. Yeah, but she’s extra extra. The doctor had to adjust her medication to calm her down. Twice. She’s in the games room, but I have to warn you. We really had to bump her sedatives, so she might be a little out of it.”

Care Facility Employee 5

“Excuse me, uh–“


“Thank you.”


“Forty-five. One more? Here. Sold.”

Bank Teller


Roman Cronie

“Sir, he’s alone.”

“Sir, the latest batch of mules arrived this morning. Three. We’re getting the product from the others at the Medfield property.”

Dean Ericson, I Care a Lot, Netflix, Black Bear Pictures, Crimple Beck, Chris Messina

Dean Ericson

“Marla Grayson? Pleasure to meet you. Dean Ericson. I just need five minutes of your time, please. It’s very important. This is a beautiful office. Very stylish. These all your wards? It must be a hell of a responsibility all these people. I imagine the paperwork is brutal. I’m a lawyer. I represent Jennifer Peterson. Yes, and I think there’s been a mistake. You see, my client is very capable of taking care of herself. She has no need for the care of a guardian like yourself. Of course, this is no on you. I’m sure you’re providing absolutely stellar care for Ms. Peterson, but the fact of the matter is she does not need nor want your care. She was perfectly fine on her own. What? She did. Not long ago. Just a few weeks. Three? Maybe four? Three. And she was fine, more than fine. She was fitter and more focused than I am most of the time. That’s simply not true, Ms. Grayson. You know it, I know it, if the doctor wrote a note, he knows it too. What? Now, I know what you do here. I know your game, your hustle. I do. And honestly, it’s a good one. You saw an opportunity, and you grabbed it. Look at all these cash cows on your wall just leaking money into your account one overpriced hour at a time. Good for you. I’m not here to ruin your business. I’m happy for you to keep milking these poor, vulnerable people for as long as you damn well please. Hell, if your whole enterprise isn’t the perfect example of the American dream, I don’t know what is. But not Jennifer Peterson. She’s off limits. And I get it. I understand why you targeted her. Right. Sure. Let’s stick with that, but her doctor is mistaken. Understand he– sorry, she fucked up. Jennifer needs to be released from your care ASAP, and you need to get that she-doctor to write another letter saying Jennifer’s made a full recovery and no longer needs to be in the care of a guardian. Well, I can think of two reasons. One, it is the right thing to do, but I doubt that means anything to you, and two, because she has very powerful friends who can make life uncomfortable for you. Extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable. No, no. That’s just data for you to collate. You know, aggressively and excessively uncomfortable, and then eventually, well… uh, let’s just say you’ll not be comfortable or uncomfortable ever again. What? I– I didn’t say that! But we all die, right? Some of us will just die sooner in a more horribly protracted and painful way. Jennifer Peterson. Excuse me? Release her from your care.”

“I didn’t want to have to do this. It’s $150,000 dollars in cash. It’s yours when you release her. I can go to 250. Three hundred? Thousand. Final offer. Are you saying no? In the days to come, you’ll replay this conversation in your head over and over, and you’re gonna wish you played it differently. Right now, look at what you have. A thriving business, employees, a nice face, unbroken bones, a life. When this is through, you’re not gonna have any of those things. None of them. Last chance.”

Roman Lunyov, I Care a Lot, Netflix, Black Bear Pictures, Crimple Beck, Peter Dinklage

Roman Lunyov

“So, where is she? You were there on time? Um… no. In seven years, she’s never missed an appointment. I don’t understand. What people were in there? Where is she now? You didn’t think to ask, even though you know how important this is to me? You didn’t think to get some basic information on the situation? You fucked up, Alexi. I love my mother very much, and these days, these rare days that we get to spend together are a blessing for me. So you find her and bring her to me. Now.”

“Yes? Did you find my mother? She’s in a care home. Did we lose any in transit? Is that my smoothie? I don’t understand. She checked herself into a care home? But that’s bullshit. So how did this happen? Fuck! Call Dean. Get my mother out of that home and keep her out. Do it quietly. Do it legally. Do it fast. Keep me away from it. No, no, no. Leave the photograph.”

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