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Scholastic Manslaughter

ABC Network‘s criminal law drama How to Get Away with Murder dropped S3E7 this thursday.

HTGAWM season 4 has not been confirmed.

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Annalise Keating, ABC Network, Netflix, How to Get Away With Murder

Annalise Keating

Annalise Keating is a law professor and criminal defense attorney at Middleton University.  Every year she cherry-picks interns from class to work with her directly on high-profile multi-million-dollar defense cases.

Annalise’s husband Sam Keating is murdered by four of these protégés after an assisted one-story plunge over a stairway-railing, and an asphyxiant assault on potential witness Rebecca Sutter, during which he is bludgeoned to death by a lady justice statuette in the hands of student Wes Gibbins.

Sam was aggressively trying to confer with Rebecca because she was a key witness that would have potentially testified against him in a homicide case, and was actively stealing personal information from his laptop.

Wes, Connor, Michaela, and Laurel manage the forensic faculties, dismember and dispose of the body, in what is a crash-course / trial-by-fire / hands-on-lesson in evading criminal charges of murder187.

Events unfold in a manner that may or may not suggest Annalise had inadvertently manipulated her students into slaying her husband.

Annalise Keating, ABC Network, Netflix, How to Get Away With Murder

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

1 win: 2015

Quote1Good morning.  I don’t know what terrible things you’ve done in your life up to this point, but clearly your karma’s out of balance to get assigned to my class.  I’m professor Annalise Keating, and this is criminal law 100.  Or, as I prefer to call it… … how to get away with murder.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

Quote1Unlike many of my colleagues, I will not be teaching you how to study the law or theorize about it, but rather how to practice it.  In a courtroom, like a real lawyer.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

“Now to our first case study, the Aspirin assassin.  Tell us the facts…Connor Walsh.” — Annalise Keating

“What happened after Mr. Kaufman’s wife of 27 years, Agnes, found out about the affair?” — Annalise Keating

“So we’ve established actus reus.  What was the mens rea?” — Annalise Keating

“Day 1 and you’re unprepared?” — Annalise Keating

“I emailed the assignment to the entire class two days ago.” — Annalise Keating

Quote1Mr. Gibbins, as a defense attorney, I spend most of my time around professional liars, so you have to work really hard to fool me.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

“Let me help you out.  ‘actus reus’ means ‘guilty act’ — the poisoning of Mr. Kaufman with an aspirin — whereas ‘mens rea’ means ‘guilty mind.’  So what was Ms. Sadowski’s mens rea?  Think Mr. Gibbons.  It’s nothing more than common sense.” — Annalise Keating

“Never take a learning opportunity away from another student, no matter how smart you need everyone to think you are.  All right, before we move on, are there any other questions?” — Annalise Keating

Quote1The trial begins in two days, so tomorrow, each of you have one minute to present the best defense for this case.  See if you can beat my current plan.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

“Mr. Gibbins?  You’ll go last, an unenviable position seeing that no two students will be allowed to present the same idea.  Use the resources in this office — Gina’s discovery file, my library, the people who know me even better than myself — my associates.” — Annalise Keating

“And one more thing — every year I choose four students to come work for me.  This assignment is used to help me decide who that is.  The top student gets this.  Consider this your immunity idol.  The winner can turn this in at any point to get out of an exam.  Now go.  Find a defense that will free our client.” — Annalise Keating

“Take a seat, miss Pratt.  You’ve moved on to the next round.  Who’s next?” — Annalise Keating

Quote1No, sit.  Congratulations to those who managed to keep your seat.  That said, none of you beat my approach, which goes as follows.  Step 1… discredit the witnesses.  Step 2, introduce a new suspect.  That person is Mr. Kaufman’s jealous business partner, Lionel Bryant.  Step 3, we bury the evidence.  We throw so much information at the jury that they walk into the deliberation room with one overwhelming feeling — doubt.  That’s how you get away with murder.  See you in the courthouse at 9:00.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

“The way your whining right now makes me believe you think I’m your mother, Ms. Pratt.  Show up tomorrow or drop out of the competition it’s that simple.” — Annalise Keating

“You don’t like Gina, do you?  You would yell at her, calling her… ‘incompetent,’ ‘stupid,’ ‘podunk trailer trash?'” — Annalise Keating

“Ms. Tanner, you testified that you saw a pill on my client’s desk on the day of the accident, correct?  And you said it was a yellow pill, similar to prosecutor William’s shirt?  Prosecutor William’s shirt is blue, Ms. Tanner.  Are you color blind?” — Annalise Keating

“So whether the pill that you saw on my client’s desk was blue, like her anxiety medication she used to endure working under you, or yellow, like the aspirin used to poison Mr. Kaufman, is not something you can tell us?” — Annalise Keating

“It’s a simple question — is it possible that the pill that you saw on Gina’s desk was her anxiety medication?” — Annalise Keating

Quote1Thank you for your candor.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

Quote1I might as well hand you the trophy now, Ms. Pratt.  But I won’t.  Not until I see the rest of you step up your game.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

“What you’re suggesting is called a ‘directed verdict.’  If we ask for it and get denied, all the public will hear is there’s enough evidence to convict.” — Annalise Keating

“You had an idea.  I’m telling you it’s a bad one.  Good night, Seth.” — Annalise Keating

Quote1Then we just have to get creative.  Bonnie!Quote2 — Annalise Keating

“My husband and I have been talking about having a baby for a long time now.  And I hate making excuses, but it’s put a lot of pressure on us and our marriage.” — Annalise Keating

“Thank you for keeping this between us.  Hmm?” — Annalise Keating

“You had one job!  To let us know what bodies we needed to bury!  Texts, calls, anything we needed to destroy.  And you didn’t.  So guess what?  Guess what!  You go to jail, and I’m the shoddy lawyer who put you there!” — Annalise Keating

“Stop lying!  Get out.  I can’t think with you here.” — Annalise Keating

Quote1‘We?’  No, I’ll fix it.  You stay here, collect a paycheck.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

Quote1The good people of Philadelphia saw justice prevail today.  Ms. Sadowski was a victim here, scapegoated by a desperate, overworked D.A.’s office.  And as much as we hope the police find the real perpetrator of this act against Mr. Kaufman, Ms. Sadowsky is and always has been innocent, and I am so happy the jury agreed.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

“Now it’s time to find out who will be joining us in our firm.  First, the stand out in the class, and the one you should all make it your mission to destroy… come get your prize, Mr. Walsh.  The other ones joining us will be… Asher Millstone.  Michaela Pratt.  Laurel Castillo.  And because our workload has grown, I decided to hire one more of you.  And that one will be… Wes Gibbins.” — Annalise Keating

“Is my boyfriend, yes.” — Annalise Keating

Quote1We won because I did my job.  You think carefully.  Everything after this moment will not only determine your career but life.  You can spend it in a corporate office drafting contracts and hitting on chubby paralegals before finally putting a gun in your mouth, or you can join my firm and become someone you actually like.  So decide.  Do you want the job or not?Quote2 — Annalise Keating

“I bet you the boyfriend did it.” — Annalise Keating

“The question I’m asked most often as a defense attorney is whether I can tell if my clients are innocent or guilty.  And my answer is always the same.  I don’t care.  And it’s not because I’m heartless, although that’s up for debate, but because my clients, like all of us here in this room, lie.  And that makes them unknowable.” — Annalise Keating

Quote1Let’s keep it moving.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

“I asked Max to preserve the crime scene until after the trial was over.  You never know what forensic clues you’ll find to help our case later.” — Annalise Keating

Quote1Or so that’s the prosecution’s theory.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

“Don’t give them your name or mine.  Do you think you can handle that?” — Annalise Keating

“What kind of discrepancy?” — Annalise Keating

“I’m not insinuating anything.  I’m just reading from the supplemental arrest report, which says that officer Mullens found the hunting knife, not our witness here.  Or am I misreading the name, Officer Dorsey?” — Annalise Keating

“After we get the knife thrown out, we attack the motive.  Any thoughts?” — Annalise Keating

Quote1My client’s a liar.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

“Good eye contact.” — Annalise Keating

“We have an actual client waiting for us in court.  Let’s go.” — Annalise Keating

Quote1Oh, you don’t make history being liked.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

“I’ll take care of it.” — Annalise Keating

Quote1Speak of the devil and she shall appear.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

Quote1Prayers are for the weak.  I’ll stick to beating your ass in court.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

“You are not that man anymore!  And I don’t think you ever were, which is why you chose me, isn’t it?  I’ve been the window dressing for you — the black woman on your arm so you can hide, so that people only saw the good guy.  And maybe it took me 20 years to see it, but I do now — I see it!  And that’s why you killed Lila — because she was pregnant, and you knew that if it got out, people would see you for the pathetic man you are!” — Annalise Keating

“I’ve opted to depart from the syllabus today.  Ms. Chapin, can you tell us what the fifth amendment is?” — Annalise Keating

Quote1And it’s a correct one.  When clients talk to the police, they think clarifying or being helpful can aid in their case.  They’re wrong.  Whatever you say to the police can and will be misconstrued to support the prosecution.  So when in doubt, shut your mouth.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

“I have never lost you a case, Leo.  Ever since you put me on retainer 15 years ago, and, damn it, I’m not about to lose one for you now.” — Annalise Keating

“Since when did we give up on our clients, Mr. Walsh?” — Annalise Keating

“Maybe I’m a good faker.” — Annalise Keating

“No we were lucky.  We won by the skin of our teeth.  You lie to me again, and I’ll fire both of you.” — Annalise Keating

Quote1What does sex have to do with criminal law?  Everything.  Sex, after all, drives most criminal behavior.  For instance, a husband discovering his wife had an affair is one of the leading causes of murder.  We call these crime of passion, and the heat of passion defense is your most valuable tool when representing a client you know is guilty.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

“Finally someone doing their job.” — Annalise Keating

Quote1Tell me everything.  I’ll fix it.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

Quote1There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t lie to my clients.  Call it unethical or illegal.  I just call it smart.  Your job is to protect your client at all costs, from the prosecution to the judge, our failed justice system, but mostly, you protect them from themselves.Quote2 — Annalise Keating

“Clients are some of the most stupid people you’ll ever meet.  You give them too much information, they’ll act on it, and always in a way that bones you.” — Annalise Keating

“Don’t you ever feel like it’s all too hard?” — Annalise Keating

“We don’t bail on our clients, Ms. Pratt.” — Annalise Keating

“Since when has my mood been dependent on a man?” — Annalise Keating

“What, you need a prize in order to do your job?” — Annalise Keating

“Get a good nights sleep, we’ll start fresh tomorrow.” — Annalise Keating

Succinct, terse, resilient, and really good at what she does Annalise Keating is an Artisan.

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