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Netflix original documentary FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened dropped January 18, 2019.

#Fyre ultimately results in a six-year federal prison sentence for Billy McFarland and a lifetime ban on serving as a corporate officer or director.

rottentomatoes: 88%

metacritic: 76

imdb: 7.3

Billy McFarland, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice Studios

Billy McFarland — Fyre Co-Founder

Billy MacFarland mismanages logistical and financial aspects of a luxury event the Fyre Festival outside of Great Exuma, Bahamas.

Billy McFarland, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice Studios

Billy McFarland, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice Studios

“All right, Jason’s here on Fyre Cay, showing him the newly purchased property.  Getting set up for the Fyre festival.  Are you excited for April?  You have.  Biggest event in a decade, I promise you.” — Billy McFarland

“Thank you, guys, I’ll arrange a comment later.  Thank you.” — Billy McFarland

“I went to Instagram and found this guy named Reggie Muscles and he says ‘give me 500 bucks and I’ll get you Ja Rule.’  I paid Reggie Muscles.  The next day, Reggie Muscles brings in a guy named Gunner.  Gunner’s a little smarter now, so Gunner asked for $1,000 and he said, ‘I’ll get you Ja Rule.’  So, I have gunner $1,000.  And Gunner called me a week later saying, ‘Ja Rule hates your offer.'” — Billy McFarland

“A year and a half ago… …Ja and I were flying over the Exumas and we saw this unmanned runway.  We tried dialing it and no one responded, so we landed there.  Turns out it was Norman’s Cay.” — Billy McFarland

“A real-life treasure hunt.  Win a piece of land on the island, your own private island, right here, with the Fyre Cay team.” — Billy McFarland

“The Magic Bird.” — Billy McFarland

“So, we ran into a little issue today.  Okay.  We ran into an issue today.” — Billy McFarland

“Here go the shots, come on.  Hey, yo.  Catch this, get this.  Yeah, let me fly the drone.” — Billy McFarland

“And fucking like porn stars.” — Billy McFarland

“We’re selling a pipe dream to your average loser.  Your average guy in middle America.” — Billy McFarland

“We should tell all the girls to post one picture of them on the beach today, or on jet skis, #fyrefestival before five o’clock.” — Billy McFarland

“Today’s the big day.  Five o’clock.  We have what will be known as the best coordinated social influencer campaign ever.  We have 400 of the biggest people around the world, influencers, models, comedians, artists, actors, actresses, all at the same time posting the ambiguous burnt orange Fyre tile.  And there’s the caption saying, ‘join me @fyrefestival.com,’ so we’re expecting millions to come and visit our site, see the video, showing people that for three or four days, you can escape reality and come experience Pablo Escobar’s old island.” — Billy McFarland

“You’re going to write off– shit.  My bad.” — Billy McFarland

“Looking back to when I moved to New York, I was looking for a community.  I wanted perks and guidance and, really, I wanted to be told what to do, where to go where to find great things in my city.  So, we created Magnises.” — Billy McFarland

“So we take everybody who has a card and create a lot of networking opportunities.  And we’re partners with local merchants – fashion stores, restaurants, gyms.” — Billy McFarland

“I think we chose the right island.  We got ours for ten million.  Freehold land, no lease.  We own the land forever.  This was Pablo Escobar’s island twenty-five years ago.  So we’re taking the dream for your average person in America or wherever they are and saying, ‘for three days, you can become Pablo Escobar.'” — Billy McFarland

“We hope this is the first of many steps to ring entertainment and bring value back to the Bahamas.” — Billy McFarland

“We can figure out how to make an extra three, four, five million dollars.  Whether it’s higher-tier artist passes, food and alcohol passes, VIP party passes, the Kendall Jenner yacht party for $10,000 a head for 100 people.  There’s two things going for us: one, an audience who has cash, and us, we have the celebrity, we have the island.  There’s ways we can monetize both, we’re gonna make that happen.” — Billy McFarland

Ja Rule, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosJa Rule — Fyre Co-Founder

“We are here at the Web Summit… well, I’m gonna let, my partner in crime here, Billy McFarland give you all an introduction of what Fyre is.  So one of the problems that we’re really tackling is… the nasty business of booking.” — Ja Rule

“Let me fix you up, man.  Let me fix you up a little bit, a’ight?  A little sandy.  That’s a’ight.  We’re sandy ’cause we’re on our fuckin’ island havin’ a good time.  A’ight?  Talk to them.” — Ja Rule

“This is going to be the most incredible fuckin’ shit.  The Magic Bird.  ‘The Magic Bird’ is a phrase that me and Billy coined.  The impact that Magic Johnson and Larry Bird had on the NBA.  It changed the way people saw and thought about basketball.  And me and Billy are going to change the way people look at a young tech entrepreneur and a hip-hop mogul come together and create something incredible.” — Ja Rule

“Yeah.  Real talk.  Like, we’re spending a lot of fucking money.  If we want to go fucking see the pigs, we go see the pigs.  That’s it.  If we wanna go fucking see the pigs, and the girls wanna go see the pigs, we go fucking see the pigs.” — Ja Rule

“Here’s to living like movie stars, partying like rocks stars… Billy?” — Ja Rule

“Come on, baby.  We about to create art.  Get over here.  Just get in the water.  If y’all don’t want to put on a bikini, it don’t matter.  Let’s get in the water.  Yeah, get in the fucking water, Chanel.  We’re gonna jump in, then the girls will follow us in.  This is the money shot!  Selling a pipe dream to fucking buyers.” — Ja Rule

“Could y’all, like, hashtag some Fyre Festival shit?” — Ja Rule

“I knew it would do that, I knew the buzz… if you’re constantly going to be taking pictures here, make sure you fucking, ‘Fyre Festival,’ because it’s gonna create a small buzz that can be a big buzz.  It’s free press.  You can’t pay for that kind of press.” — Ja Rule

“So now, you know, we hope everybody comes and enjoys… the cultural experience of the decade, Fyre Festival.” — Ja Rule

“On the floor plans.” — Ja Rule

“What we’re doing with Magnises is growing very fast.” — Ja Rule

Shiyaun Deng, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosShiyaun Deng — Product Designer

“I remember that it was a big deal that Ja and Billy were going to the Web Summit to talk about Fyre.  It was the first real piece of press.  You go to the website, you can scroll through various types of talent.  Somebody who wants to have Ja Rule at a birthday party could, through the app, book Ja Rule for that event and that’s sort of the type of thing that you could never do before Fyre.” — Shiyaun Deng

“We interacted a lot.  He seemed very charismatic, very trustworthy.” — Shiyaun Deng

“The models posted a lot of their own pictures from the weekend that they spent shooting there.” — Shiyaun Deng

“When I saw the video, my first reaction was confusion.  I wasn’t sure who was the target market of the festival.  If you go, will there be Instagram models lounging around to feed you grapes?  So, it was a combination of confusion and excitement.” — Shiyaun Deng

“We just knew very little about what was happening on the festival side, except, you know, the persistent feeling of growing dread.” — Shiyaun Deng

“Friday afternoon, our favorite topic is, ‘did you get paid and was it for the right amount?’  And Michael once was like, ‘yeah, I got paid, but it was in a bag of cash.'” — Shiyaun Deng

“I overheard a conversation, ‘let’s put up a cabaña for $50,000 and see if anyone buys it.’  And I remember thinking, ‘do you have a cabaña to sell?  Because I’m feeling concerned that you’re not thinking about that before you’re putting it live on the site for someone to buy.'” — Shiyaun Deng

“The guy that put together Fyrecay was extorting Billy.  Billy wanted him to take the website down.  He said he would only do it if the Fyre Festival started releasing actual photos of the campsites.” — Shiyaun Deng

“Billy wanted the engineers to set up payment through this RFID bracelet.  The urgency wasn’t, ‘let’s make this a cashless experience for our festival attendees.’  It was, ‘we can’t put on the Fyre Festival because we don’t have any money.'” — Shiyaun Deng

Marc Weinstein, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosMarc Weinstein — Music Festival Consultant

“I remember I first heard about Fyre Festival at a music festival in Las Vegas.  Ja Rule was a keynote speaker and he unveiled this festival that they were doing in the Bahamas and everyone at the table I was sitting with just started laughing. They were like ‘yeah, good luck, Ja Rule, build a music festival ’cause it’s so easy.’  And there was this tinge of resentment, kind of humoring it and all that.  The industry insiders were laughing.  Fast forward two months later, before I was introduced to Billy, and I’m meeting with my friend Max at Matte Productions, who produced the influencer video.  And when I saw that video, I was like ‘these guys are either completely full of shit or they’re the smartest guys in the room.’  So I spoke to Max… and I asked him what the deal was and he’s like, ‘no, they’re legit and they sold out the festival.’  So, as a first-time festival producer to sell out your music festival, it’s a huge accomplishment.” — Marc Weinstein

“They asked me to fly down to the Bahamas to meet them.  And I flew down there.  When I was introduced to them I was super excited to, you know, to participate in what could be a really special event, if it was even half of what they had promised their guests.” — Marc Weinstein

“What’s crazy is they booked the festival during the busiest weekend of the year on Great Exuma.  It’s like the Superbowl there.  It’s called the National Regatta, and the island basically doubles in population size and all of the hotels get booked months, maybe a year in advance.  Billy had sold a villa package, and these people were essentially staying in an Airbnb, so we had to find houses all across the island for 500 guests.  To make it worse, they had oversold their ‘lodge’ packages, which were these tents on the main site.  And then the word comes down from the top that all influencers will get housing for free.  So I start calling influencers.  I was the first voice that they had heard since they posted.  Each influencer, and there were about 250 influencers, were promised, for a post, for one post… a one-bedroom, three-person villa on the beach… that didn’t exist.  I started talking to Billy… and from the get-go, it was, you know, we were all running around, scrambling, every day to find new houses.  ‘We need help from you guys, start to cut people.  These people aren’t paying for the experience.  Tell them not to come.’  And it was a constant battle because what they cared most about was the influencers.  So I’m imploring them to cancel paying guests at this point.  ‘They’re not gonna have a place to stay.’  And the response from Billy was, ‘we’re not a problems focused group.  We’re a solutions oriented group.  We need to have a positive attitude about this.  We need a good attitude.’  And he was unflappable but he was also entirely delusional.  So it was this constant battle in my mind between, ‘is this guy a genius or is he a madman?’  Because he just would not take ‘no’ for an answer and he wouldn’t take advice.  He’s a liar.” — Marc Weinstein

“They’re frantically building the site.  You know, 100 day laborers working around the clock, no sleep.” — Marc Weinstein

“The word from people that knew Billy was that he was a magician fundraiser and he just kept pulling money in, somehow.” — Marc Weinstein

“So, this website came out.  It was, like, ‘fyrecay.com.’  And this site’s sole purpose was to destroy this festival.  It was getting fed direct information and photos of the site that was totally unfinished.  News that was happening by the day that only pretty senior people in the festival knew what was happening.” — Marc Weinstein

“So we were all called to the war room to have a meeting and it was basically a witch hunt meeting.  It was ‘if you are the person or people that are sending this information to this website, we will pursue legal action, you will leave this island, you will not get paid and we will come after you.'” — Marc Weinstein

“So now we’re down to probably ten days left to the festival at this point.  They didn’t have enough tents and 350 people would have nowhere to stay and by the way, houses that we sourced weren’t getting paid.  So this was now becoming clear that there wasn’t any money.  Because homeowners were like, ‘you sent me a wire… five days ago and I haven’t received any funds.’  I had an explicit phone call from one of the management team to stop telling Carola about the housing situation, because they were trying to get more money from her… and they outright told me to be dishonest.  And you have to realize I got paid 30% of my fee, so they’re hanging– my fee’s not due until the day of the event, so they’re hanging 70% of my fee over my head like a carrot.” — Marc Weinstein

“So I sent an email.  ‘Guys, we’re running out of time.  I’ve tried to warn you multiple times, but my words have fallen on deaf ears.  We are one day out without enough beds to safely house our staff, our VIP guests and our paid customers.  You need to cancel more guests, immediately.’  And I was basically like, ‘I know that you’re worried about press blowback, but imagine a scenario where 350 people arrive onto a remote island, are herded onto yellow school buses, brought to a festival site that’s unfinished and realize they’ve no place to sleep and to make it worse, they have no way to get home, because we don’t have any charter flights booked back for them.  I know you’re worried about the press but there’s no worse situation than that.’  And the response?  The response was, ‘at least they’ll see your smiling face and yoga skills.’  ‘Cause I was supposed to be the yoga instructor for the event.  Okay.  Like, what am I supposed to do?  You know?  Like, I’m… ‘all right, sure.'” — Marc Weinstein

“I mean, this was truly a disaster.  And events always feel like a disaster.  They always feel like everything’s going wrong and you’re putting out fires.  The draw, the appeal was to be part of creating something that was special.  And that desire overcame my inner wisdom, which was like, ‘this is a mess.'” — Marc Weinstein

“Had we not pulled off these kind of crazy things like Andy finding this caterer with no time left, then there would’ve been no festival.  It’s possible that by solving problems, we were just enabling them to continue to create this monster.” — Marc Weinstein

“All I know is that people were stoked to watch this thing go down.” — Marc Weinstein

“So there was a group of Bahamian locals that built the festival site.  They were never paid.  The estimate that I heard was a quarter of a million dollars was owed in day wages to them.” — Marc Weinstein

Michael Ciccarelli, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosMichael Ciccarelli

“Billy and Ja met because Billy’s previous company, Magnises, he would have parties and special events and invite the members, and one of the events, he tried to book Ja Rule, and apparently, that was a very difficult task.  So, Billy actually pitched me the idea, let me know he was working with Ja Rule and they were recruiting engineers to build this marketplace.” — Michael Ciccarelli

“I thought that he had a vision.  He was able to maneuver and conduct himself around investors and then build teams to build his products.” — Michael Ciccarelli

“I noticed the people that were involved in going back and forth to the Bahamas, in the planning, they were becoming growingly frustrated.  They would come to me and like, ‘what are you working on with the booking platform?  I can’t wait to get back on this side of the business because the festival stuff is just becoming chaotic.'” — Michael Ciccarelli

“I wasn’t sure if it was startup woes, just like ‘unorganization,’ or if it was actually financial trouble, but sometimes payments would be late.” — Michael Ciccarelli

Brett Kincaid, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosBrett Kincaid — Director – Matte Projects

“Okay.  On you go.” — Brett Kincaid

“We were hired to do all the advertising and marketing for the festival.  They were hiring the best of the best in each category.  Best talent, best distribution, best social media company.” — Brett Kincaid

“It felt like they were basically doing  a music festival to draw attention to the bigger brand that would end up being the Uber of booking talent.  Who was playing, what the food was gonna be, all the things that typically sell a music festival wasn’t the sales point.  This was like selling a dream, selling a vacation, selling a concept.  We knew that there was a place and we knew that there was an idea of having a music festival and that was pretty much it.” — Brett Kincaid

“I directed the commercial.  When I saw the call sheet, I was like, ‘that’s crazy!’  Basically, like, ten of the top supermodels in the world.  One camera crew is shooting with the models, and they had a dedicated film crew, like, shooting the dialogue between Billy and his people.  There was no, like, ‘this is the story we want to tell.’  There was just, ‘capture everything.'” — Brett Kincaid

“Grant was a neurotic person.  He was a– he’s a smart dude.  He was just overwhelmed.  I mean, it was like a job of five people.  And he had no experience in doing music festivals no experience in doing events.  But he did work hard.” — Brett Kincaid

“But we can’t shoot it, dude.  I’m just telling you– …and you know that we don’t need to shoot it.” — Brett Kincaid

“It was like, ‘we’re gonna scratch the pigs now and we’re going to shoot it.’  We were the production company but we didn’t have the authority to organize it like we were supposed to.” — Brett Kincaid

“Our guys were partying non-stop.  Sunup to sundown, gettin’ loose.  Billy fell asleep on the beach, literally, just broad daylight.  Out like a light.” — Brett Kincaid

“Near take-off, he’s like, ‘I bought this plane six months ago, I just got my license.’  Once we were in the air, I was like, ‘what are we gonna do?’  He was pulling off the end of the runway and going straight up into the thing and killing the engine.” — Brett Kincaid

“It was definitely, like, a trying work environment.  One night, they wanted to turn the bonfire into, like, the Billy and Ja party on the beach, and that’s all on camera.  They wanted to get everyone in the water, so they made it sound as if it was gonna be a scene, but nobody was there directing that scene.  It was them partying with talent that didn’t really know what they were there to do.  But in the end, it didn’t matter.  They were selling a vision of what people want.” — Brett Kincaid

“The power of celebrity really there was, like, ‘whoa!’  The press of the trip got picked up just by those girls being there all together as a group.” — Brett Kincaid

Mick Purzycki, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosMick Purzycki — CEO – Jerry Media

“Fuckjerry had just launched a new marketing agency and we were hired by Fyre to basically run all the social media.” — Mick Purzycki

“It was the titans of the modeling industry– Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Baldwin.” — Mick Purzycki

“They captured a ton of footage that was just, really, from a marketing perspective, second to none.  And it was the thing that gave all the New York agencies some insight into what was happening down there.  They would all have a tan and be smiling and talk about the experiences that they had, which almost gave us a little bit of like, FOMO: we’re wondering what we hadn’t seen or what we’re missing out on and Fyre quickly became one of our most important clients.  They were trying to tap into a culture and zeitgeist that they believed in, and they were uncrompromising when it came to marketing.” — Mick Purzycki

“They came up with the idea for the orange tile.  Fyre handled all of the major models and then we had a number of other agencies were reaching out to any influencer we knew in our network.  The commercial globally got launched while there.  We had a whole edit team there.  We were editing the commercial and had a launch strategy in the Bahamas, which is crazy, ’cause there’s no internet and no infrastructure, nothing there.” — Mick Purzycki

“As soon as the models started posting, the Fyre Instagram account just started to blow up.  Overnight, basically, this massive influx of enthusiasm and awareness, a PR storm like you’ve never seen.  I had brand sponsors who had invested millions of dollars into Coachella asking if they could figure out a way to get their investment out of Coachella and put it over towards Fyre.” — Mick Purzycki

“Within 48 hours, they sold 95% of their tickets.  I think people thought this was one of the new hot things that was starting to take over the American and global market.” — Mick Purzycki

“Carola was one of the many investors.  She was a big believer in Billy.  She was there from his earliest venture, Magnesis, and then Fyre.  She had always been around, always supporting this kid and always believing in his ability to become the next big entrepreneur.” — Mick Purzycki

“The media and marketing companies in New York, we didn’t have any visibility into what was happening on the production side.  We’re building out this vision that was based around this kind of visual facade.” — Mick Purzycki

“We just started getting bombarded with all these questions.  Grant was trying to use our employees for customer service, but that wasn’t what we were hired to do.  The only thing we could do was to just keep telling people, ’email concierge@fyre.com.’  And then we would get another question saying, ‘concierge@fyre.com didn’t respond.’  The unanswered questions turned to people criticizing… and then you’d have Grant reaching out and saying, ‘these comments are killing us.  What do we do about all these people that are talking shit?’  The decision was to screenshot all of the legitimate questions and forward that over to the Fyre team and then delete all of the negative comments that were degrading the brand.” — Mick Purzycki

“I remember The New York Times came out with an article that talked about this entire Fyre Festival.  They talked about it very matter-of-fact, from an operational perspective.  What they didn’t talk about, which I think was something that was missed, was a couple of powerful models posting an orange tile is what essentially built this entire festival, and then one kid with probably 400 followers posted a picture of cheese on toast that trended and essentially ripped down the festival.” — Mick Purzycki

James Ohliger, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosJames Ohliger — Jerry Media

“We’ve got major news.  Ja Rule just called us, basically said he want us to pitch him for his new app, Fyre.” — James Ohliger

“That was an amazing meeting.  They just bought an island and they’re going to have a party in April for 10,000 people.” — James Ohliger

“The tweets just started going viral.  It was just kind of the perfect thing to consume in real-time.  Then I saw the twitter post.  The cheese sandwich.  That wass when I knew this was done.” — James Ohliger

Gabrielle Bluestone, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosGabrielle Bluestone

“I started seeing people posting kind of the promo video.  It was this very slick production that promised that it was Pablo Escobar’s private island and that they were flying in thousands of people on private jets.  It was just the coolest party that you’d ever seen advertised.” — Gabrielle Bluestone

“One of the women had posted… the Mannequin Challenge that they did.  And so Ja Rule was there and Billy was there and then ten of the top models…” — Gabrielle Bluestone

“Kendall Jenner was paid, I think, $250,000 by wire transfer just to post that one post.” — Gabrielle Bluestone

“They advertised these incredible ticket packages.  They had the ‘rustic tent,’ that was supposed to be kind of like a Coachella, glamorous scenario.  And then they had private homes and then it went up to like 250 grand for, you know, a private yacht with a private chef on board.” — Gabrielle Bluestone

“People that I’ve spoken to that were cardholders recount having their reservations canceled at the last minute, so it seemed very hard for people to actually access any of the benefits that they were promised.” — Gabrielle Bluestone

“They had told investors who had already given money that, in the event of a cancellation, that they would be covered when in fact they weren’t.  And they didn’t have festival insurance, so canceling really wasn’t an option.” — Gabrielle Bluestone

“There definitely was kind of like almost a gleeful response on social media from people that weren’t there.  The way that it seemed like it happened is funny, you know?  A Lord of the Flies situation with, you know, Instagram’s top influencers.” — Gabrielle Bluestone

J.R., Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosJ.R.

“When I met Billy, it was like, ‘man, this guy is stinking rich.  He’s bringing all his friends down here and he’s paying for everything.’  Four jet skis, four boats, and, you know, all having a wild-out time.  You know.  I think the idea just popped up in his head like, ‘ping!  We’re gonna throw a festival here.'” — J.R.

“Supermodels, I’m talking about supermodels.  I thought it was the best thing ever.  ‘It can’t get no bigger than this.'” — J.R.

“Billy didn’t have no rules.  He had everyone drinking, open bar wilding out.  It was more of a party than a promotional shoot.” — J.R.

“There was this crazy pilot, Keith.  e made the plane go zero gravity.  I don’t know how he did it.” — J.R.

“Billy and Ja made their famous toast.  That’s when I was introduced to the toast.” — J.R.

“Billy was like, ‘man, let’s catch a plane to Nassau and go on the phone and internet there, because Kendall Jenner is about to announce this live thing on Instagram.” — J.R.

“Norman’s Cay is rich in history with cocaine drug lords running their drugs through the Bahamas.  The owner of the Cay, he wanted a new reputation for his Cay.  The new owner saw the first video promotion and he kicked us off in one shot.  Like, no questions asked.  They were kicked off.  We were constantly trying to move, like, trying to find a new location and trying to find what fits.  Man, it just started to get hectic.” — J.R.

“I was waiting for some shit like this to happen in the Bahamas, to be real.  You know, we never had that many American artists, you know, on one stage.” — J.R.

“It was just this mass, big crew of local workers.  Billy paid them off and then he was like, ‘you know, we need more guys.  We need more workers.’  Billy paid them for the next three days and then… Billy’s like, ‘bring more workers.  We need more workers.’  And then it was starting to get too much for me to handle.” — J.R.

“A lot of people didn’t get paid.  A lot of my workers didn’t get paid.  He kept on saying, ‘the money is coming, J.R., the money is coming.’  It never reached.” — J.R.


“When did you first become aware of Fyre?” — Interviewer

“And so roughly, what was that number?  Thirty-eight million?” — Interviewer

“Were you aware that they said they had bought an island.” — Interviewer

“Where do you stand now?” — Interviewer

Mark Musters, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosMark Musters

“Flying over the islands from Miami and you see this water and it was magic.  I mean, I can’t even describe it to you.  Billy talked to us, talked to me and I loved his vision.  I loved his ideas, his energy.  We sat down and basically put together a budget for him in a day, presented to him the next day.  ‘Here are your hard facts, here are your costs associated to do this.’  And they said, ‘this is fine.  We can do this.’  I think it was maybe 38?  Yeah.” — Mark Musters

“It’s like you couldn’t… differentiate what was true and what wasn’t true.” — Mark Musters

“They were told not to use the word ‘Pablo Escobar’ and then they used that in the first social media tweets.” — Mark Musters

“They had the site.  They let us onto the property… and we looked at it.  And that’s when some of the questions started to arise.  You know there’s going to be hiccups, there’s gonna be things to be addressed.  It’s a first-year festival on an island and you find solutions.  We said, ‘here’s what you should think about, you know, here’s what your tenting is, you know, the geodesic domes… here’s what it’s going to cost to set up.’  And… away we went.” — Mark Musters

“We were building a city within a city in terms of waste disposal, in terms of restrooms, water.  It was a fucking shit show, but we were doing everything that we could possibly do.” — Mark Musters

“My gosh, there had to have been, probably at some point, 200 people.” — Mark Musters

“You know?  Like here’s the reality.  Just do it and people will make their own decisions on it.  Here’s what it is.  Here’s the tents, you know?  People are gonna find out sooner or later, so, like, why are you walking around… trying to dodge the inevitable?” — Mark Musters

“We all said that was insane based on the wireless communication issues.  I mean, this was never tested out.” — Mark Musters

Luca Sabatina, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosLuca Sabatini

“We were contacted perhaps… forty-five days out.  We were asked to take a shot at putting together a production for them.  The timeframe was very short, but there was definitely a chance of putting it all together.” — Luca Sabatini

“Most of the artists they were working with were expecting a certain level of production, a sufficient lighting package… a good enough sound system and, you know, we realized that they didn’t really have any idea of what it meant to book the artists that they were booking… what it meant to put up a show like that.  You know?  ‘What did this Billy do before?’  ‘He’s the visionary behind Magnises.’  That’s what they told me.  ‘The visionary behind Magnises.’  What the hell is Magnises?” — Luca Sabatini

“The site… was on a hill… and at the base, what I saw was, pretty much, a housing development construction site… that was hazardous in many ways and that needed a lot of work.” — Luca Sabatini

“The atmosphere that was cultivated there was that… nobody, no matter what, was able to cross them ad tell them, ‘no.'” — Luca Sabatini

Mdavid Low, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice Studios Mdavid Low — Fyre Creative Director

“What these guys did was identify… I think, a really beautiful ‘blindspot’ in the industry that… the way the trifecta between the three of us worked is that I oversaw product, ran the design development of the app, Ja was the entertainment industry connection and Billy had connections through what he told us was VC funding.  The Fyre app had the potential to be a billion-dollar platform.  After working on the app for three to five months, we were starting to figure out ways to promote it and in a meeting, I had actually mentioned, ‘why don’t we throw a festival, a concert for industry professionals?’  That idea, Billy kind of hooked onto and then it morphed pretty dramatically outside of any input from me or Ja into what became the Fyre Festival.” — Mdavid Low

“They were going to have celebrities there, it would be this big consumer-facing thing and that they were going to do buried treasure.  From a pure concept standpoint, it holds water.  An amazing experience in a beautiful location with beautiful people and great music.  You can’t ask for more.” — Mdavid Low

“The number of tickets they sold they couldn’t physically fit that many people on the island, let alone build some sort of insane infrastructure that could support them from a bio-waste standpoint.” — Mdavid Low

“Yeah.  Every single day, it got endlessly more tense.  We would be at standstill sometimes for weeks not being able to get that final sign off or move through on things because he was completely, you know, succumbed tot he festival needs.  Spending money at an outrageous cost and speed.” — Mdavid Low

Samuel Krost, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosSamuel Krost — Fyre Media

“Every single thing that goes into the booking process is right then and there…” — Samuel Krost

“I thought that this was a functioning platform, something that was really going– that had the opportunity to revolutionize the way, you know, the industry worked.” — Samuel Krost

“Billy was kind of nerdy, but clearly smart, clearly an incredible entrepreneur.” — Samuel Krost

“Billy came and said, ‘can you book the lineup for the festival?’  I’m a 22, 23-year-old kid, I’ve never booked talent for… forget about for a festival.  I remember the first artist I got was Major Lazer.  I mean, grossly overpaid.  And then Disclosure, Blink-182.  The talent alone was three and a half, four million dollars was spent.” — Samuel Krost

“I think it was like, he had to put a million down and then pay the rest by a certain amount of time.  I don’t know if that million was ever paid.  Then it went to another island, until you finally got to Great Exuma, where it was at least the biggest island in the Exumas so it had, you know… plumbing.” — Samuel Krost

“How is it non-negotiable?  When you guys are not the headlining act at a bigger festival, you guys don’t get top of billing.  I mean, in our contract… I understand.  I mean, it’s a font size.” — Samuel Krost

“You had people working 24 hours a day.  I had to work basically two days in one because of Fyre Media and then Fyre Festival.” — Samuel Krost

“‘You can’t have people come, this is not going to work.’  Verbatim.  It was like… ‘if you want to leave, you can leave.  If you’re not going to leave, we’re here to find solutions.'” — Samuel Krost

Andy King, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosAndy King — Event Producer

“It just became much more than anybody ever dreamed it would be.  I mean, you know the saying, ‘desperate people do desperate things.’  And now I hope Billy doesn’t go to prison for it, but I don’t know.” — Andy King

“Originally, when Billy called me, he said, ‘I’ve bought an island in the Bahamas and we’re hosting a music festival down there.’  And I said, ‘what island?’  And he said, ‘Pablo Escobar’s island,’ and I said, ‘oh, my gosh!'” — Andy King

“I’ve known Billy probably since he was 20 years old and Billy is an amazing entrepreneur.  This is a young kid who figured out how to get these millenials and lock them in.” — Andy King

“I helped Billy design wine tasting series and lecture series and many different things that brought these kids together with a sense of community.” — Andy King

“I hosted probably 40 events for Magnises and a lot of the members enjoyed being a part of that community.  That audience, I think, was the audience that Billy was focused on as far as Fyre was concerned as well… but it was a vision that was so big… that it was not something that was going to be easy to pull off.  Could you imagine trying to host a music festival, even on Miami Beach or in Boston or LA?  Almost impossible without an incredibly big infrastructure.  So, dial it up to a small island in the Bahamas.  It would probably be the most difficult place you could possibly do it.  Billy called me and he said, ‘listen, I need your help and I need you to get to the Bahamas as soon as possible.’  And I flew in, not in any role, except sort of subtly being the new leader and being kind of… Billy’s whisperer.  To do a proper music festival, I would say you should try to start the… the design and the fundraising, everything at least 12 months out.  The true core team that came in literally had six to eight weeks to build this thing and put it together.” — Andy King

“Billy was dealing with Pablo Escobar’s lawyer, he was dealing with family members.  Six or eight weeks out, he had to find a new location on a neighboring island… and then start the whole process all over again.” — Andy King

“I knew that the cash flow was becoming an issue, but Billy handled the all the finances.  At that point, Billy had said, ‘listen, we’re into this for 25 million bucks.’  I’m like, ‘oh, my gosh, Billy, jeepers.'” — Andy King

“Billy would get on a jet, he’d fly to New York and he’d come back and somehow have another three million bucks in his pocket to pull off the next level of needs.” — Andy King

“Billy had a vision, you know, and he was definitely thinking of every little twist that he could come up with to raise the money to make it happen.” — Andy King

“And I just kept saying to Billy, ‘we need to get the messaging out now that this is not a luxury music festival.  People aren’t staying on yachts, at least, most aren’t, many are not staying in villas and if you can get that messaging out now, we will be able to manage expectations.'” — Andy King

“It was a staggering amount of money.  The first batch of kids had loaded… $800,000 on these wristbands.” — Andy King

“Every day, something else would happen.  Every hour, something else would happen.  Every minute, there’d be another obstacle.  We had a $6 million contract with Star Catering to handle all the food service and we only had $1 million allocated.  And Billy fired them over the phone.  And then he hung up the phone.  I stood there and he said… ‘can you salvage this?’  And I said, ‘oh, my gosh, I have two weeks to come up… with food service for 6,000 kids?  This is going to be fascinating.’  Grant, who was on the call, pulled out the proposal from Star and said, ‘I told them I wanted sushi chefs coming in,’ and, ‘I needed to see Indian cuisine,’ and I thought, ‘gosh, Grant, you’ve missed the boat here.  We are not spending $6 million, we can only spend $1 million and I’m eliminating all of that.'” — Andy King

“Every day we met, every day, we would talk about ‘okay, should we pull the plug or should we keep this thing going?’  And every day, Billy would say, ‘we can’t pull the plug.  We’ve got to keep this thing going.’  And I would step outside, right after each meeting, literally go out on the porch and burst into tears.  Never in my career did I ever do this, but there I would be, thinking, ‘holy shit.'” — Andy King

Grant Margolin, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosGrant Margolin — Fyre Marketing Director

“Sorry, cut.  Talk to me.  Start, one more time.  No.  Start again.” — Grant Margolin

“We need genuine shots.  We need genuine people interacting, having a good time.  I need a wide yacht shot.  We have to do the cave underwater, we need the boats in a flying-V formation.  Could we tell Herbie to have a big, big, big bonfire tomorrow night?  Like a huge bonfire?” — Grant Margolin

“I’m our chief marketing officer.  I’m our chief marketing officer.  I wouldn’t call myself a perfectionist, but everything must be perfect, you know?  So I know Billy wants to go see the pigs and this is the only way to make it work.  Fair– so I– we’ll find a way to make it work.” — Grant Margolin

“They need to be fucking tagging us.  Why aren’t these people tagging us?  This is bullshit.” — Grant Margolin

“We’re not doing a cruise ship anymore.  Everybody is gonna be on the islands.  I’m not kidding.  They said it’s possible.” — Grant Margolin

Maryann Rolle, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosMary Anne Rolle

“Fyre was like the thing of the island.  REnting so much, rent-a-cars, big jets are flying in.  Everybody was saying, ‘hey, that’s Fyre, they have lots of money.  They could do anything.’  This was supposed to go on for five years, every year.  So, if you do good, you were asked for five years.  You got the contract, so you wanted to live up to the expectations.” — Maryann Rolle

“They had every living soul on the island of Exuma who could lift a towel, working.  I had to feed all the staff.  Basically, that was taking on the whole Fyre operation under my wings.” — Maryann Rolle

“I had ten persons working directly with me, just preparing food all day and all night, 24 hours.  I had to literally pay all those people.  I am here as a Bahamian.  And they stand in my face every day.  I went through about $50,000 of my savings that I could have had for a rainy day.  They just wiped it out and never looked back.  Personally, I don’t even like to talk about the Fyre Festival.  Just take it away and just let me start a new beginning.  ‘Cause they really hurt me.  I am really hurt from that.  To see nobody return to say ‘let me take care of what she’s done, we know she had done right.’  I just leave it alone, ’cause it really pains me when I have to talk about it so I just wipe it away.” — Maryann Rolle

Keith van der Linde, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosKeith van der Linde

“I flew here with Billy, just for a holiday and now this has ballooned into a full production team of girls and cameras.  I ended up teaching myself and you can use Microsoft Flight Simulator.  Microsoft Flight Simulator has lessons and it’s excellent.  You know, whenever I’m with Billy, I have to… do at least three zero Gs.” — Keith van der Linde

“So we tried to fit 800 people here and a concert for about 5,000 people.  So, Norman’s Cay is on this end.” — Keith van der Linde

“I knew the island.  I’ve been going to Bahamas for the past ten years, so my role in the beginning was just to try to map it out and do the logistics.” — Keith van der Linde

“It’s forty acres, right?  So one inch is a hundred feet.  So, this is about 200 feet.  You ruined my sewage calculations.” — Keith van der Linde

“Instead of thinking about models, you have to think about toilets.” — Keith van der Linde

“We must buy lots of toilets.  We gotta go to Home Depot and buy a thousand toilets.  I mean…” — Keith van der Linde

“I didn’t think it was possible to fit over 1,000 people on that island so I had made a plan to get a cruise ship.” — Keith van der Linde

“The tricky part is getting drunk people off the island at night.  To go to sleep on a cruise ship on a little dinghy.  You’re not doing the cruise ship?  Okay.” — Keith van der Linde

“They really wanted to do tents, so what I did is I took my wife and we tried to sleep in a tent for one night and… it was so terrible, that, you know, this tent is just not going to be safe and it’s so loud, that, you know, this tent is just not going to be safe and it’s so loud, so many mosquitoes, to do these tents without air conditioning is pretty brutal.  It’s just not possible, so I… I strongly recommend against the tents.” — Keith van der Linde

“It’s just Billy at some point told me, ‘listen, you need to step back.  You know, we’re going to go with different people and… yeah, thanks for your help so far and, you know…’ I wasn’t the only one that was changed out in February, March.” — Keith van der Linde

Calvin Wells — Financier

“Billy McFarland first got on my radar living here in New York.  He was running a company called Magnises.  I had a number of friends then that did get the Magnises card when they started offering access to elite tickets at a cost well below the market rate.  The whole thing didn’t make sense to me.” — Calvin Wells

“And so, this guy was always out out there, just running hustles… that were sort of slick, but then not necessarily, in my mind, something that was by the book.  I vividly remember the Fyre festival video.  This video was everywhere on Facebook and I see a few of the bands that I actually work with listed as headliners for the festival.  So I immediately called the agents and I say, ‘hey, look, this thing doesn’t make sense to me,’ and they start saying, ‘it doesn’t make sense to us either.  These guys are promising to pay two X what our market value is.’  I say, ‘have they sent the money?’  And they say, ‘funny that you ask, no, they haven’t sent the money for it yet.’  I say, ‘okay.  This is interesting.’  I take a more active role in investigating everything that was going on with Fyre Festival.  What I realized was that they had rented an area north of Sandals Resort and then effectively photoshopped out the bottom portion of the map to make it look like they were on a deserted island.  I thought, ‘the world’s gotta know what’s going on.’  So I create the now-infamous Twitter account, FyreFraud.  I thought, ‘okay, I’m going to put this out there and people are going to see this and everyone’s going to know it’s bogus,’ and nothing happened.  I got maybe two or three clicks on Twitter and that was it.  So I said, ‘all right, we gotta hit ’em a little harder.’  What we ended up doing was taking a plane down there and photographing the development and what they were working on.  One of the things that really struck me was that they were erecting these dome tents that were pitched as ‘luxury villas’ that I realized were leftover hurricane tents from Hurricane Matthew.  That is a far stretch from a luxury villa on a deserted island.  I realized very quickly that there was no way that these guys were going to be able to pull this off.” — Calvin Wells

“You had people asking very legitimate questions on Instagram.  They were trying to book flights, trying to understand logistics.” — Calvin Wells

“I saw them actively deleting comments and then turning comments off entirely so that you wouldn’t have 3,000 people saying, ‘hey, I don’t have any flight information.  Where do I need to go?'” — Calvin Wells

“Billy was under such immense financial pressure that he effectively had to put this festival on because otherwise he wasn’t going to be able to repay any of the factor receivables that he had raised money from.  It’s the same thing as an individual going to a loan shark.  No matter what happened, this money was going to be owed.” — Calvin Wells

Jillionaire, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosJillionaire — Musician – Major Lazer

“I’d gone down to the Bahamas with some friends and just coincidentally we actually ran into Ja Rule and Billy down there and then they offered to take us on a little tour of the site.  It was beautiful, you know, but it’s just like a big giant bluff overlooking the ocean.  There are no buildings, there’s no… access to electricity or running water or any of that type of stuff.  We were just kind of like, concerned, really, there was no infrastructure in place, you know, but at the same time, they sounded fairly confident about their ability to get this thing done.” — Jillionaire

Martin Howell, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosMartin Howell

“Keith raised a lot of concerns about these things and then I think he was asked to no longer be part of it.” — Martin Howell

“The original version was simple.  We were just kids, we’d figured out a way to turn boring, plastic cards into nice-looking, sleek, stainless steel credit cards.  We gained traction.  We started growing across the 1,500- member mark.  We then decided to turn it into a real membership club.” — Martin Howell

“Billy really is one of the world’s greatest salesman.  He can convince anyone of pretty much anything.” — Martin Howell

“We built an app, went digital.  We crossed the 10,000- member mark.  We were taking in close to $2 million in membership fees.  As we kept moving with Magnises, he wanted to penetrate the New York upper class.  He thought that the Maserati and flying to meetings in private jets were necessary in his pursuit of changing his external image and he thought that image would also be a serious driver for the company.” — Martin Howell

“It was almost like WikiLeaks.  We were having these confidential meetings and then things from that meeting were actually getting out, word for word.  So we knew someone actually in the meeting had been wired up.” — Martin Howell

Chanel Iman, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice Studios Chanel Iman, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosChanel Iman

“He’s recording us!” — Chanel Iman

“Hell, no, I’m not getting in no water.” — Chanel Iman

Jason Bell, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosJason Bell

“I like it, man.  I like your life, man, I like what’s goin’ on.  I’m ready, man.  Do I got my ticket?  All right, cool, that’s all I need to know.  I’ll be there.” — Jason Bell

Rose Bertram, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosRose Bertram

“Us jumping in after you?” — Rose Bertram

Mark Crawford, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosMark Crawford — Fyre Festival Attendee

“We were gearing up.  We were ready to go.  We’re, like, going to the gym, having this grand old time.  We would like go on these jogs every morning to get ready for Fyre Festival.  Like, powering around town.  ‘We’re going on this great vacation.  We’re going to have such a blast.  We’re going to meet all these people and have this… just truly fantastic experience.’  I mean, it was so exciting.” — Mark Crawford

“I received a call from a woman asking me, I would say, very aggressively to put money on my wristband.  They wanted you to buy jet ski things, a private plane.  You know, you’ve spent all this money on a ticket, and now the same amount of money on the wristband, it seemed… sort of peculiar.” — Mark Crawford

“At this point in time, there had been no progress pictures, no updated videos.  They were using the same footage and photographs from that first promotional video in all of the subsequent promotional content.” — Mark Crawford

“We noticed quite quickly that all of the original sketches of the rooms that we had signed up for got taken off the page.  That was sort of when we started trying to dig a little bit more and see, ‘oh, can you send us pictures of the accommodations?’  It was very annoying.  I was like, ‘this is terrible customer service.  They need to know better.  They’re throwing this luxury festival…'” — Mark Crawford

Seth Crossno, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosSeth Crossno — Fyre Festival Attendee

“On April 22nd, I get an email.  ‘I noticed you hadn’t created your Fyreband account yet.  It is your wallet for the weekend, so load it appropriately.  The majority of our guests have added $3,000 for the weekend.  But if you want to reserve tables or take part in the add-on experiences, you will want to put on much more.'” — Seth Crossno

Columbo, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosColumbo — Former Fyre Contractor

“So as me and Billy was riding back towards the site… you know, he was like… kinda like panicky look, you know?  So he’s like, ‘what do you think?  You think we can get this done?’  I said, ‘what do you mean?’  ‘You think we can get everything done before Thursday?’  So… me saying to myself right there, I say, ‘you want to lie to him or you just want to speak the truth?’  ‘Cause sometimes the truth can come pretty, and then sometimes the truth can just come ugly.  So, I was like, ‘Billy, being honest, I think we could do it.  But we need some more time.  We need to do some overtime and we need to just push… we need to do more hours.'” — Columbo

Frank Tribble Jr., Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosFrank Tribble Jr. — NYC VIP Access

“This is Fuckjerry?” — Frank Tribble Jr.

CC Clarke, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosCC Clarke

“My agency contacted me and was like, ‘hey, there’s this new festival coming up.  It’s really exclusive.’  All these models, like, in the Bahamas.  This is the first weekend this has ever happened, so, literally, I was excited.” — CC Clarke

Adam Renna, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosAdam Renna — Magnises Card Holder

“It was black, the thing was metal.  It would make a big clank when you put it down.  The girls were like, ‘holy hell, what is that?  What do you do?'” — Adam Renna

“They offer deals and discounts, and the big thing they had was this clubhouse in West Village.  You could take dates and friends there and that’s where they had the events.  The parties were unbelievable.  They had live music, booze and food… I saw Ja Rule a bunch.” — Adam Renna

The Willis Report Anchor

“Billy, I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll be working for you.” — The Willis Report Anchor

Money with Melissa Anchor

“Ja Rule is taking his talents to a new business.  The rapper lending his creative mind to an elite credit card for millenials.” — Money with Melissa Anchor

Rando Bonfire Dude

“Guys, what’s the purpose of what you’re trying to do?” — Rando Bonfire Dude

“So, The Daily Mail talks about how they’re hashtagging ‘Fyre Festival’ and that Shanina Shaik says, ‘it’s lit.'” — Rando Bonfire Dude

Bill Spadea

“Jessica, you’re chasing the story about the millenials’ version of the black card.  What have you got?” — Bill Spadea

Jessica Nutt

“This is Magnises.  It’s the newest, coolest credit card.” — Jessica Nutt

News Reporter

“American rapper, singer and actor Ja Rule, also known as Jeffrey Atkins, is in the Bahamas with his business partners to discuss the details of a concert next month.” — News Reporter

Attendee #2

“The most insane festival the world has ever seen.  Acts like Major Lazer, Disclosure, Tyga… but we didn’t know anything.” — Attendee #2

Reporter #1

“It’s become one of the most talk-about dramas on social-media.” — Reporter #1

Reporter #2

“A glamorous, luxurious Caribbean– now, the event’s co-founder is facing up to 20 years in prison.” — Reporter #2

Reporter #3

“… island getaway turned disaster–” — Reporter #3

Reporter #4

“…quickly spiraling into chaos.” — Reporter #4

Journalist #1

“Are you sorry?  Do you have anything to say for yourself?” — Journalist #1

Journalist #2

“Hey, Billy.  There’s a bunch of people who’s filing lawsuits against you today in federal court.  Did you hear about that?” — Journalist #2

Bella Hadid, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosBella Hadid, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosBella Hadid

Elsa Hosk, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosElsa Hosk

Emily Ratajkowski, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosEmily Ratajkowski

Gizele Oliveira, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosGizele Oliveira

Hailey Baldwin, Hailey Bieber, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosHailey Baldwin / Bieber

Alessandra Ambrosio, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosAlessandra Ambrosio

Shanina Shaik, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosShanina Shaik

Lais Ribeiro, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice StudiosLais Ribeiro

Hailey Baldwin, Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, Elsa Hosk, Rose Bertram, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice Studios Hailey Baldwin, Gizele Oliveira, Hannah Furgeson, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice Studios

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Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice Studios Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice Studios

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice Studios Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix, Jerry Media, Library Films, Vice Studios

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